Superball Mario

Superball Mario - Super Mario Land

Superball Mario in Super Mario Land

Superball Mario - Super Mario Maker 2

Superball Mario in Super Mario Maker 2

Original Character(s) Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette
Achieved By Collecting a Superball Flower
Forfeited By Taking damage
First Appearance Super Mario Land (1989)
Main Ability/ies
Throwing superballs that ricochet off surfaces

Superball Mario is a transformation Mario can enter by collecting a Superball Flower. In this form, Mario can throw Superballs, which will travel diagonally downwards. They will ricochet off of surfaces they hit, bouncing in 90-degree angles. The Superballs will defeat enemies they hit on contact. The form debuted in Super Mario Land as a replacement for Fire Mario, even though the latter appeared in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. After three decades of absence, Superball Mario reappears in Super Mario Maker 2, and can be used in levels with the Super Mario Bros. style.

In Super Mario Land, Mario's appearance isn't changed whatsoever. Though in Super Mario Maker 2, Mario's colors are changed into dark shades of green, matching the color of the Game Boy. The ground theme from Super Mario Land also plays in the background while in this form.


Super Mario Land 3D

Superball Mario reappears in Super Mario Land 3D

Super Mario 2D Land

Superball Mario returns in Super Mario 2D Land, but is now referred to as "Black and White Mario". Despite this name change, he has the same abilities.


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