A Superball Flower in Super Mario Land 3D

The Superball Flower is a power-up that first appeared in Super Mario Land. It turns Mario into Superball Mario, allowing him to throw superballs that bounces on walls. Like the Fire Flower, it only allows Mario to throw 1 superball at a time, so he have to wait until one of them disappears.


New Super Mario Bros. N

According to the director of the game, Superballs were supposed to appear in the game but were taken out to make room for the Shell Flower. This is comfirmed by the "sprite" of the Superball flower along with other beta elements in the coding.

String Puppet Arising

Main article: Superball Flower (SSB8)

Superball Flowers appear as items in Super Smash Bros. Endgame. It makes the user shoot superballs that bounce of walls. Most of them appear in the stage, Mario Land where they are found in blocks. Superball Flowers are also called Sphere Flowers sometimes.


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