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Super Wario Odyssey is DLC for Super Mario Odyssey starring Wario. It is similar to Super Mario Odyssey: The Princess' Escape in that it is a new downloadable campaign for the game, but has a playable Wario instead. In this campaign, Wario learns of the riches Mario is making in his adventure and decides to go after the cash by wrangling a Bonneter called Bowler into his adventure. It will be released on The V².


Wario finds out about the plot of Super Mario Odyssey around the time that Mario arrives in New Donk City and learns about how filthy rich he has gotten. Wario decides to go after these riches himself, heading to Bonneton to find his own "Cappy". He eventually meets a Bonnetor by the name of Bowler and forces Bowler to work with him. He then sets on his own adventure by taking a airship, which are functional since Mario already visited this place.

Wario then encounters Captain Syrup while flying to Fossil Falls, which ends badly with a attack by Captain Syrup and they fall short of their destination into the Cascade Kingdom's Amber Glade. With their airship wrecked, Wario needs to look for Power Moons to repair the ship and to continue his treasure hunt and to get revenge on Captain Syrup.

When they get the airship up and running, Wario and Bowler have more of a mutual respect, although Bowler still has somewhat of distaste for Wario. Wario attempts to go to the Sand Kingdom, but Bowler hijacks the controls so that they end up in the Science Kingdom instead. While there, Captain Syrup introduces a hired hand of mercenaries from a company known as Boa & Arrow who steal Wario's airship. Wario and Bowler have to fight the first of these mercanies known as Ssslink, who uses her visor as a slingshot. After defeating Ssslink, her defeat triggers the freeing of a giant monster known as Fusenstein. After defeating Fusenstein, Wario and Bowler take off to the Magic Kingdom.



Super Wario Odyssey follows in the suit of Super Mario Odyssey in that the game is a explorative sandbox in the style of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, with Wario traveling from open world to open world to collect Power Moons and Coins. Wario has a more combat oriented moveset than Mario, although provides plenty of movement options that Mario also has. Wario has a hat he can throw at enemies to posses them, as well as use it as a boomerang attack. He can also latch it onto objects. He can also use it to extend his jump much farther by throwing Bowler and jumping off her.


  • Wario controls a bit differently from Mario, being a bit slower and having a aerial jump. He has a shoulder charge instead of a roll, which can destroy enemies and break blocks while moving faster.
    • This aerial jump is not the same as a Bowler Bounce; Wario can make up to three jumps horizontally using Bowler and bouncing off her when he throws her. The aerial jump is part of Wario's base movement without Bowler modifiers and acts as a second jump while in the air. The aerial jump is slightly higher than Mario's full normal jump, but his single jump is about half of Mario's normal jump. It can be higher through either a ground pound or after a third successive jump in a row.
  • Wario can also grab enemies and throw them, able to either punt them or charge and hold his throw to do a long toss.
  • Wario cannot wall jump on his own, although some Captures allow him to do so.
  • When throwing Bowler, Wario can charge it for a stronger throw that travels further and ricochets off walls.
  • Brochures, which include maps and information about each Kingdom, are not given to Wario right away when he enters a kingdom. He must instead buy one from the Crazy Cap store.
  • Wario's airship is considerably bigger than Mario's, having a separate souvenir and closet room, as well as a room to hang up paintings to bonus challenges that he can buy from Paintburt.


Kingdom Information
Cap Kingdom
PowerMoonNewRender Yellow

The tutorial level that is pretty much the same exact level from the original Super Mario Odyssey, except the place has already restored itself after the Broodal's attack. Wario must get a airship and capture Bowler.

Cascade Kingdom
Amber Glade
PowerMoonNewRender Amber

Just far enough away from Fossil Falls is the Amber Glade, where many of the lost dinosaurs have been entrapped in sticky amber, preserving their bodies. Much the area is a swampy amber forest, with a mountain of solidified amber preserving the biggest apex predator: the dreaded Woshisourous.

Science Kingdom
PowerMoonNewRender SteelBlue

A buzzing laboratory that's haunted by it's past test subjects! Several machines can do strange things to the level and Wario himself, and Boos and ghouls haunt the place amuck. Wario can use teleporters to get around and to fuse himself with certain creatures for a temporary amount of time.

Magic Kingdom
PowerMoonNewRender BloodOrange

A kingdom of knights, wizards, and magic! The kingdom is huge and it's wall stretches across the entire land, keeping giant beasts out and it's residents inside. Wario's friend Ashley is taking a trip there to test out new potions and spells. Wario can use magic items to explore the castle and reveal warped pathways in the underground dungeon.

Ruined Kingdom
Hollow's Ground
PowerMoonNewRender DarkPurple


Frozen Kingdom
Icicle Keep
PowerMoonNewRender Cyan


Golden Kingdom
Sunnerton Palace
PowerMoonNewRender Gold


Garbage Kingdom
Discarded Mountain
PowerMoonNewRender PukeGreen


Syrup's Kingdom
Captain Syrup's Ship
PowerMoonNewRender Violet


Moon Kingdom
Mooncheese Dunes
PowerMoonNewRender White


Light Side
Sun's Peak
PowerMoonNewRender Black


Painted Kingdom
Artist's Alley
PowerMoonNewRender Horomoon


Wario's Kingdom
Wario's Castle
PowerMoonNewRender Wario



SMO Crazy Cap logo
Outfit Pieces Information Inspiration
Pith Hat Wario's classic outfit from Wario Land 1. Purchased at any Crazy Cap store for 200 coins (hat) + 300 coins (outfit). WarioKOFB
Long Sleeves Outfit
Biker Helmet Wario's biker outfit from Warioware. Purchased at any Crazy Cap store for 300 coins (hat) + 500 coins (outfit). Can also be obtained by tapping the Smash Bros. series Wario amiibo. Wario Biker
Biker Jacket
Sleeping Hat Wario's pajamas outfit from Wario Land 2. Purchased at any Crazy Cap store for 500 coins (hat) + 600 coins (outfit). WL2 WarioSleeping
Sleeping Outfit
Pikachu Hat This silly mascot costume makes Wario resemble a certain yellow electric rat! Purchased at any Crazy Cap store for 1000 coins (hat) + 1200 coins (outfit). PikachuWario
Pikachu Costume
Bling Bling King Studded Hat This outfit is fit for any ambitions of wealth. It is based off a Wario World ad. Purchased at any Crazy Cap for 5000 (hat) + 6000 coins (outfit). BlingKingWario
Bling Bling King Coat
White Top Hat Wario's D.I.Y from Warioware D.I.Y. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in the Cap Kingdom. Wario DIY
White Suit
Yellow Top Hat Wario's Yellow Suit from WarioWare: Snapped!. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in the Cap Kingdom. WarioSnapped
Yellow Suit
Golfer Hat Wario's Golf Outfit from Stampede Breakfast 2 (which is based off the outfits worn by Mario and Luigi in NES Golf Open). Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in the Cascade Kingdom. SB2 Wario recolor 12
Golfer Outfit
Builder Helmet Wario's Builder Outfit from Super Wario and Kirby Maker. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in the Science Kingdom. BuilderWarioSWKM
Builder Outfit
Wizard Hat Wario's Wizard Outfit from Mario Party 2. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in the Magic Kingdom. Wizard Wario MP2
Wizard Outfit
Spriteling Hood Wario wears a outfit similar to the Spritelings from Wario World. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in the Magic Kingdom. SpritelingWarioWorld
Spriteling Outfit
Striker Helmet Wario's Striker Outfit from Mario Strikers Charged. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in the Ruined Kingdom. StrikersCharged Wario Model
Striker Outfit
Captain Hat Wario's Captain Outfit from Game and Wario. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in Syrup's Kingdom. CaptainWarioGW
Captain Outfit
Ruby King Crown Wario's Ruby King Outfit from Mario vs Wario: Full Moon. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in Syrup's Kingdom. RubyKingWario
Ruby King Outfit
Luxeville Pot This outfit is based off Wario Deluxe from WarioWare Gold. Purchased at the Crazy Cap store in Wario's Kingdom. Wario Deluxe Sprite Gold
Deluxe Tuxedo

Items and Stage Elements

Items and Stage Elements
Item/Stage Element Information
QuestionBlock - 2D artSuperMarioBlastBrickBlock
Question Blocks and Brick Blocks
Question Blocks will usually contain a coin or heart, and brick blocks can be broken by Wario and may sometimes contain something inside of it.
Coin 2D
Coins are found in every kingdom and are really common. Sometimes they can be found in stacks or burst out of treasure chests. They can be exchanged for a variety of things in the Crazy Cap stores, like outfits, Power Moons, Life-Up Hearts, and Brochures.
SMO Art - Regional Coin (Cascade)SMO Art - Regional Coin (Cap)RuinedKingdomCoin
Regional Coins
Every Kingdom in the game has their own exclusive coins to them, usually 100 needing to be found in total in order to exchange them for Kingdom-exclusive outfits and Souvenirs at Crazy Cap.
SMO Art - Heart (Vector)
Revives a single hit point to Wario or will give him five coins if his health is already full.
SMO Art - Life-Up Heart (Vector)
Life-Up Heart
Expands Wario's heart counter to allow him to take up to 6 hits; the effects of this instantly vanishing when Wario gets down to three hits without healing.
Power Moon
Power Moons are what Wario needs to collect to get to the next Kingdom as well as complete certain objectives and unlock items in the Crazy Cap stores. Power Moons will revive all of Wario's health and will reward him with ten coins should he collect them again.
Multi Moon
When Wario completes important Power Moon missions, he will be rewarded with three Power Moons in a bunch called Multi Moons. These can sometimes change the environment and time of day when collected and will always send Wario back to his airship.
Purple Block
Purple Blocks block off certain areas and need to be destroyed by a Captured target with greater strength than even Wario.
Checkpoint Wario Colored
Wario must insert 10 coins to mark a location as a checkpoint permanently, allowing him to fast travel there.
Gameboy Pipe
Going into these pipes will send Wario onto the black and white pixel murals on walls, floors, and ceilings, where his movement is closest to Wario Land 1, with his shoulder charge and ground pound his only viable moves aside from his jump. Enemies that look straight up ripped from the Gameboy era will go after Wario in these murals.
Universal Key
These mysterious Wario-like figures have a key on their head that can open distant doors and chests. They copy the movements of the player, following every motion they do. They have no method of attacking and only follow the player when they have a wand. They are usually behind a glass wall, preventing Wario from directly interacting with them.
Ice Skate Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Ice Skate
Ice Skates appear in the Frozen Kingdom and can be Captured by Wario to skate across the ice instead of slipping around helplessly.
Volbono Pepper
Volbono Peppers appear in the Magic Kingdom, needing to be gathered for a couple of Ashley's recipes. Wario holds it over his head, and cannot use Bowler or pick up other objects while holding this up.


Enemy Information
Mini Goomba Icon SMO
Mini Goomba
Mini Goombas often appear in a cluster and run towards Wario; however Wario will not be damaged by the Mini Goombas, just knocked back a bit. Pays to be big, I guess. He can dispose of them quickly with Bowler.
Goombas run towards Wario on sight, although they tend to be scattered when they do appear in groups. They have great traction on ice and can stack themselves on top of each other. They damage Wario on contact and have to be stomped or killed with a projectile that's not Bowler. They are Capturable.
Metal Goomba
Metal Goombas run towards Wario on sight, although there tends to only be three or so in a single area. They sink underwater, being able to walk under there at a great pace. Wario must ground pound them to kill them, projectiles will usually just reflect off them. They are Capturable.
Kugs act similar to Goombas, except they vomit out noxious black fluid on the ground before running towards the player. If stomped or hit with a projectile, they will shatter and become a pool of noxious black fluid. If they make contact with Bowler, they just shatter as opposed to becoming Captured. They cannot become part of a Goomba Tower.
Burrbo Render
Burrbos pop out from the ground in a cluster, and can only move through leaping. They cannot be stomped but can easily be cleared away with an attack from Bowler. They regenerate extremely quickly, however!
Furrbos pop out similarly to Burrbos, and can only move through leaping. They can be stomped and taken out with a attack from Bowler, but regenerate quickly. They also are statically attracted to electrical surfaces, becoming magnetized to anything with a electrical charge.
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Boos only approach Wario when he isn't looking in their direction, otherwise they hide and become partially invisible, being impossible to attack. They can be defeated by going into light, which will destroy them.
Biddyboos are a crossbreed of Biddybuds and Boos, coming in groups of five and in a circle, usually surrounding a Power Moon or a stack of coins. They can't be stomped and harmful to the touch. They only move when Wario is looking away. Wario must hop into the center of their circle to get the item they are surrounding.
SMW Eerie
Eeries appear in packs of three, usually floating in simple lines across a gap. Wario must time his jumps to avoid getting hit by them. Some Eeries, on their lonesome, will simply zoom towards Wario when he's looking away from them.
Chargin' Chuck
Chargin' Chucks get irritated on sight at Wario, charging towards him with a powerful shoulder attack. Wario, if he charges towards him, will not take any damage and cause them to both fly back. Using Bowler, Wario can remove their helmet and then stomp on them; they can also be defeated with a single Ground Pound. They are Capturable.
Pirate Goom
Pirate Gooms wander around with spears, running towards Wario if they spot him. If they get decently close, they will ready their spears and attempt to poke Wario. They wear a bandanna on their head, although it can be knocked off with a Bowler throw. Wario can then possess them.
Draglets appear in the Magic Kingdom, flying close to the ground. When they spot Wario, they'll shoot a fireball at Wario with a sneezing sound, alerting Wario that they are close. They can be defeated with a stomp or a projectile. They are Capturable.
Polluted Piranha
Polluted Piranhas appear in the Garbage Kingdom, periodically spawning Goobles. They have to be defeated through the use of a Gushen when their mouths are open; when they have swallowed enough water they will be defeated.
Goobles generally stroll in random directions before spotting Wario, and then swooping towards him. They can be safely stomped in the air, although on the ground they will leave a trail of goop behind that Wario can be harmed from touching.
Poison Piranhabeak
Poison Piranhabeaks spit out gobs of poison, coating the area around them in a harmful poison. They fly around similar to flies; picking themselves up and dropping themselves down in another area to coat as much land around them as possible. They are Capturable.
Polluted Piranhabeak
Polluted Piranhabeaks act similar to Poison Piranhabeaks and Polluted Piranhas, shooting out Goobles and generally staying in one spot, momentarily taking off from the ground to get a better shot at Wario. They are Capturable.
Lava Piranhabeak
Lava Piranhabeaks shoot out lava, creating lava puddles that will make Wario leap high into the air if he touches them, damaging him. They can also fly from area to area to cover more ground. They are Capturable.


Enemy Information
Woshisourous is the first boss in the game, awakened when Wario breaks the preserving amber around it by accident. It's a cross between a T-Rex and a lemon, and let me tell ya, this thing is sour!

Boss Battle
The Woshisourous begins it's fight by spitting acidic lemon juice everywhere, harming Wario if it gets on him. The Woshisourous will then attack the amber arena, destroying walls and charging towards Wario. Wario needs to Capture a Stegosaurus and charge towards him when he's standing still or spitting lemon juice, which will knock it on it's side. Wario then needs to Capture a T-Rex and attack it. The Woshisourous will be defeated after three T-Rex strikes. When it gets back up after a hit, it will go through it's attacks quicker.

Ssslink is the first boss of the Science Kingdom, and is a mercenary part of the company known as Boa & Arrow hired by Captain Syrup. She is known for her cool attitude but can quickly become angered.

First Encounter
She attacks by using her visor as a slingshot to impale herself into Wario; if she misses him, she becomes stunned. After being stomped, she will attempt to attack Wario with her horn, slinking across the arena very quickly. After a while, she will attempt to fire herself at Wario again. It takes three stomps to defeat her, or just two ground pounds.


Boss Battle

Hisstara is found in the Magic Kingdom and acts as the single boss of the kingdom. She is a mercenary part of the company Boa & Arrow and was hired by Captain Syrup. She has a nerdy attitude and got into manhunting because she likes to collect "trophies" of her opponents, wanting Wario's hat for herself.

First Encounter
Hisstara attacks using her glasses to reflect light off them, burning Wario if either of the reflected light beams hits him. After a while, the lenses will become too hot and she will curl up, before unleashing her hot glasses in a spinning attack. If Wario avoids the glasses and stomps on her head before they come back to her, she will take a hit. After being hit, she leap up into the air and attempt a kick, which will knock Wario back if he's too close. She will then use her glasses to reflect light again, except with bigger beams. Wario needs to stomp her three times or just two ground pounds.


Boss Battle


Boss Battle

Capture Targets

Capture Targets
Target Information
Leapin' Lizard

Wario's first capture is a lowly Leapin' Lizard from the Cap Kingdom. He can bounce pretty high, but also stick to walls, allowing vast verticality. Wario can stick to a wall, jump off, and then stick on again in mass loop to get to extremely high areas very quickly.

Spark Pylon

Using a Spark Pylon, Wario can turn into a ball of electricity and move across power lines to travel to locations quickly.


Can stack on top of other Goombas to create a tower to reach new heights. Avoids slipping on ice when walking across it.

Metal Goomba

Can stack on top of other Goombas to create a tower to reach new heights. Can walk underwater at normal speeds.


Can dash and attack using it's tail to break obstacles. Can also munch on grass.


Can temporarily be controlled, breaking anything in it's path. It can attack using it's mouth and dash to cover more ground quickly.


Allows Wario to get a good view of the stage from a great height. It can also be used to spot strange things in the sky.


Luigi has all of the same moves as Mario does in Super Mario Odyssey, bar the cap throwing mechanics, although has a increased jump and less friction against the ground. Wario can capture Luigi only for a short amount of time, but can use his increased jump to collect timed Moons.

Chargin' Chuck

Charging Chuck can't jump but he can tackle indefinitely once his tackle is fully charged and obliterate anything in his path.

Wario Baseball

Wario can Capture giant baseballs, able to roll around and jump a little bit. When he gets attacked by a enemy, he will just bounce in the direction of the attack, flying to wherever the ball lands. Wario can also get to new areas through giant steel boot machines that kick him to secret areas.


When Wario captures a Draglet, he can fly in the air, although he can only go slightly higher than the original ground he was on. He can additionally spit out fireballs.


The Bully has a short jump but it can go up against foe without taking any damage, knocking them back.


Whomps have no jump but can flatten enemies and objects when they slam into the ground and are generally invincible. Whomps can also use their slam to push into heavy objects. They are weak in the back area, however.


The Whimp capture is easily one of Wario's weaker forms, as it can't jump and it doesn't really go that fast either. It's main attack also causes Wario to leave the form as it disintegrates. However, it can be handy for getting into small areas, as well as smashing objects that are made of silver.

Pirate Goom

The Pirate Goom can jump similar to the Goomba and has great traction on ice, but cannot stack on top of each other. However, they can use their spear to poke bombs away and use it to climb walls.

Thunder Draggadon

The Thunder Draggadon is one of Wario's more powerful forms, able to fly in the air by repeatedly smashing the button and breathing down massive balls of thunder on homed targets, but it's also one that comes with a time limit, as even Bowler can't keep this Capture down forever. It'll absolutely spook any bystanders!

PictureMatch PirateGoom'
Picture Match Part (Pirate Goom)

Wario can Capture pieces of a Pirate Goom picture and rotate them around. Should the pieces match up, Wario will be rewarded a Power Moon.

Wario IceSkate
Ice Skate

The Ice Skate allows Wario to skate with great speed and agility across icy surfaces, as well as damage foes in his way. Outside of icy surfaces though, it's worthless.

Wario DryBones
Dry Bones

Capturing a Dry Bones allows Wario to become immune to most forms of damage, as he will simply shatter into bones, which also allows him to go into grates.

Wario BananaPeel
Banana Peel

The Banana Peel allows Wario to scoot around and walk at a small size, as well as cause enemies to slip under him.

PictureMatch Wario
Picture Match Part (Wario)

Wario can Capture pieces of a Wario picture and rotate them around. Should the pieces match up, Wario will be rewarded a Power Moon.


NPC Information
Crazy Cap Salespeople
Crazy Cap stores are located in every single kingdom bar a couple of the smaller ones. They accept Coins for general goods that are sold in every kingdom, and regional purple currency for exclusive costumes, souvenirs, and brochure maps for each kingdom. Crazy Cap Salespeople tend to reflect the people that live in the Kingdom.
NewDonker RenderNewDonker Female Render
New Donkers
These incredibly lost New Donkers appear in levels, asking Wario directions to New Donk. Wario can get Crazy Cap brochures and point them in the right direction for a Power Moon.
This Goomba holds Power Moons that she will only release if she sees Wario as a Goomba on top of a tower of Goombas. When Wario gets close to her and is not in a Goomba form, she will run away.
Luigi 2 - RabbidsKingdomBattle
Luigi can be found in every Kingdom, usually looking for his brother Mario. Wario can knock his hat off to capture him in order to earn special Luigi-specific timed moons. Oddly, these appearances seem to contradict the events of Super Luigi Odyssey, although since Super Wario Odyssey seems to be taking place a bit later in the story of Super Mario Odyssey, it's possible Luigi was just finished with his story beforehand.
Cosmic Wario
Cosmic Wario can be found in levels, ready to challenge the player to a race. Cosmic Wario will go down a pre-set path and Wario must beat him or he will have to redo the race again.
Red Cosmic Wario
Red Cosmic Wario is extremely similar to Cosmic Wario, except his races are fast more challenging due to his more complicated maneuvers that are aimed to get a much faster time on the race. Wario needs to beat him to the Power Moon or he will have to redo the race again.
9-Volt appears in various Kingdoms, looking for his pet Fronks that have run off. Should Wario find them all, he will award Wario with a Power Moon for his efforts.
GameWario Fronk
Five Fronks are hidden in each of the Kingdoms, and all must be collected to earn a Power Moon from 9-Volt. They are found on walls- Wario must toss his hat at them to collect them.
Dr. Kask
The lead scientist at the Science Kingdom, who is haunted by her past work and subjects. She gives Wario the task of defeating both Ssslink and Fusenstein. In the post-game, Dr. Kask is able to quiz Wario on facts about herself. She says that she would rather open a noodle restaurant than work in the Science Kingdom, that garlic is her favorite thing to season food with, and that she would love to see the Luncheon Kingdom someday, but her funds aren't sufficient enough. Wario can donate money to the Science Kingdom so she can afford the trip, awarding Wario with a Multi-Moon if he does.
Jaxis can be found in the Magic Kingdom and the Golden Kingdom, able to travel fast distances over a large stretch of land. When Wario pays it 30 coins, he can summon and ride it from any Jaxi stop in the Kingdom. They can run over water, poison, lava, and acid.
Ashley resides at the Magic Kingdom, practicing magic in a variety of ways and is a major character in that Kingdom's storyline. She has several moons which she will reward Wario with if he does a task for her like bring a black seed to dump into a cauldron or assisting her down a twisted hallway in the kingdom.
Cosmetta 3D by Ziegs
Cosmetta can be found in the Ruined Kingdom, claiming that the Kingdom is now her's, but will allow Wario to to explore and find riches as long as she gets to take a tax of half of it. Wario needs to find a way to get around her tax...
Thunder Draggadon
The giant Thunder Draggadon is sleeping in the Ruined Kingdom, but Wario can Capture it to control it. If Wario is too noisy around the Thunder Draggadon, it will take off while shooting thunder balls.
Dr. Arewo Stein Artwork - Wario Land 4
Dr. Arewo Stein
Appears when the boss of the Kingdom is vanquished; Mad Scientein assists Wario in finding Power Moons for a fee of 100 coins each hint he gives him.
Uncle amiibo
Appears when the boss of the Kingdom is vanquished; Uncle amiibo assists Wario in finding Power Moons in exchange for a amiibo scan. He can also trigger amiibo functionalities that can assist Wario or give him a costume.
Paintburt appears in the post game to sell Paintings, since Peach has given them back to him during a remodeling of her castle, stating she doesn't want them anymore. As Paintburt reveals, he is the original painter of the paintings and will sell them to Wario for a hefty price. These paintings contain some of the levels from Super Mario 64 and it's remakes, with Horomoons to collect.





  • The game is loosely based off EnderLegends (tbc)' comment on the Super Mario Odyssey: The Princess' Escape page, as well as observations on Resetera comparing Super Mario Odyssey to Wario Land.
  • Bowler was originally a male Bonneter, but was changed to a female one as there was a Bonneter in Super Mario Odyssey that was EXACTLY the design that was intended for Bowler but was female as opposed to male. Since the difference is an eyelash, all previous art of Bowler was modified. It also fits Wario's personality better, as the eyelashes gave his hat a horned look not unlike Bull Wario.
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