V2App SuperSpeedstarRPG
Developer(s) Toroko2018 InfiniteContent
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) V2LogoSmallglow
Genre(s) Platformer, RPG
Series Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog
Release Date(s) 2018
Age Rating(s) DeltaRating

Super Speedstar RPG is a RPG title game created by Toroko for The V². It is primarily a crossover of the Sonic and Mario franchise universes. The plot is a "redo" of Sonic Forces, having many similar elements and set-ups but is very different in terms of actual events and writing.



Super Speedstar RPG is a "redo" of Sonic Forces, featuring much of the same set up but drastically altering events, by making it a crossover with the Sonic franchise and the Mario franchise. The creator has also hinted that more series may cross over.

To sum it up, Dr. Eggman takes over the world with the help of the Phantom Ruby and Infinite. Desperate, Sonic and his friends transplant the Chaos and Super Emeralds into another dimension known as the Mushroom Kingdom, where they are unknowingly shipped out across the world. Sonic and his friends go into the Mushroom Kingdom to find them, although trouble arises when they attempt to get one of the Emeralds back from inside Peach's castle. Circumstances leads the two worlds teaming up to find the Emeralds, stop Eggman and Infinite, and restore order.



Dr. Eggman has taken over 99% of Mobius and Sonic and his friends are attempting to fight back through a resistance. Things hit a snag however, when Dr. Eggman's mysterious new right hand man Infinite appears. Faster than Sonic and hosting immense power from the Phantom Ruby, Infinite easily manages to take on Sonic and the resistance. To ensure that Sonic and his team can't take on his empire in any serious capacity, Dr. Eggman and Infinite send the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds into another dimension, which lands in the Mushroom Kingdom's mail room. The Emeralds are shipped out unwittingly across the globe. Tails is able to get a read on the Emeralds and creates a portal to the Mushroom Kingdom, where they search for the Emeralds.

Chapter 1: Strange Invaders

In the meantime, Mario and the rest of the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom are having a blissful afternoon for the most part. Princess Peach is presented with a new set of earrings... and the green Chaos Emerald. Peach is initally confused but delighted, and sets to have it displayed before Sonic, Tails, and Amy show up. Sonic attempts to snatch it but is stopped by Mario, who blasts him back with fire. Mario, Luigi, and Peach join together to fight the "invaders" and fail to stop them due to their quick attacks. Sonic snatches the Emerald, and Mario chases after him but soon loses sight of him. Peach soon learns of a strange blue robot attacking Toad Town. She leaves Toadette in charge of the castle as her and the Mario Bros. set off to stop the strange blue robot.

Mario, Luigi, and Peach encounter the blue robot, who proclaims himself as Metal Sonic. He attacks the group and nearly defeats them until a mysterious wire pulls his core out of his body, destroying him. The group is unable to see the figure, as it runs off before they can identify it. Peach attempts to get back in her castle, only to find it locked. The group soon discovers that Toadette has taken over the castle, now sitting in Peach's throne and wearing one of her old crowns. The group is booted from the Mushroom Kingdom, with no way back in. Mario, furious, sets off to find a way to get back into the castle, although every attempt fails. Mario then spots Team Sonic in the distance and runs after them, with Luigi and Peach following closely behind.

Eggman arrives in Bowser's Kingdom and attempts to strike a deal with him, although Bowser is not actually interested in making a alliance with Eggman. Furious, Eggman sends his forces against Bowser's, the two locking into a duel.

Chapter 2: The Resistance

Meanwhile in Mobius, Knuckles and Rouge check in with Sonic, Tails, and Amy. They are surprised by the fact they already have a Chaos Emerald, as well as the details of this strange dimension. Suddenly, Infinite appears, taunting the group as he destroys their headquarters, seeming to kill Knuckles and Rouge, while The Avatar watches on from afar. Scared, the Avatar hides behind some rubble but Infinite finds them quickly, threatening to kill The Avatar as well. The Avatar runs off as Infinite cackles, sending off some Motobugs to deal with what he sees as a low level pawn.

The Avatar fights off the Motobugs and runs off, trying to find a safe place. They manage to find a safe place in a demolished parking lot, where they are suddenly spooked by the sudden appearance of Shadow and Omega. Shadow learns from the Avatar's reaction that Knuckles and Rouge may be dead, and curses Infinite. He then goes into a flashback about Infinite, explaining that he was a weakling when he first saw him in his Jackal Squad, but now he has immeasurable power radiating from the Phantom Ruby on his chest. Shadow attempts to formulate a plan to pull the Phantom Ruby from Infinite during battle, getting into a battle with him with Omega and The Avatar by his side. The group is utterly annihilated by Infinite during the battle, and tells them that they're not even worth his time, appearing to teleport Chaos, Zavok, Fang the Sniper, and Sonic Adventure 2 Shadow from the past, sending them to fight the group. Shadow, knowing what they're up against, flees with Omega and the Avatar.

Shadow, feeling defeated and hopeless, tells the Avatar to find Sonic in the other dimension through a portal device, which Shadow and Omega will defend if Infinite or any of his goons find them. The Avatar nods and goes through the portal.

Chapter 3: Tanglewreck Woods

The Avatar lands in a strange neck of a woody area, nervously looking around for life in this other dimension. Suddenly, he hears Mario, Peach, and Luigi approach and hides behind a tree. Luigi glances around, wondering why they went this way. Mario explains that the forest holds several powerful items, one of which should be able to take back the Mushroom Kingdom. Intrigued, The Avatar follows in the shadows, being sure not be seen. The player takes control of Mario's party as they explore the forest.

In the forest, they find a patch of Fire Flowers, which Mario and the gang take. Now in Fire Flower form, they head out of the forest only to come across a giant green Wiggler, who is upset at them. Mario, Luigi, and Peach battle the Wiggler and defeat it, heading out of the woods. The Avatar sneaks over to the Fire Flower patch but trips, causing Mario and gang to go back and see him. The Avatar threatens to attack them, although gives up on the threat almost immediately as everyone charges up to attack. The Avatar explains the dire situation, explaining that a being known as Infinite has seized control of their world with Eggman, who is likely in this dimension as well. The Avatar offers to help Mario and his party if they help him- the group thinks about it and agrees.

Mario and the party go back to the Mushroom Kingdom, able to blow through the Toad Guards using the Fire Flower power and their newfound friend. Toadette, concerned, heads down to the basement where she calls out to the mysterious purple power well and asks for help, with three powerful purple Toads jumping out, introducing themselves as Wrath Toads. They explain that they were locked away decades ago for their power by previous rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom and will gladly serve under another Toad. Toadette sends them out to attack Mario and his party.

Chapter 4: Storm the Castle

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and The Avatar have to defeat the three Wrath Toads, which hold one part of the Chaos Key each. Once the Chaos Key has been assembled, Peach and her party can storm into the castle, taking on the guards inside. After taking on the guards, Peach comes face to face with Princess Toadette, asking her to explain her actions. Toadette informs Peach that simply desired Peach's power and appears to relinquish power to her by taking the crown off... only to throw it like a boomerang and attack the group!

The party then attacks Princess Toadette, defeating her and Peach takes back the throne, telling her guards to imprison Toadette and to put the Wrath Toads back under the castle. The guards do so, and Peach is back in control. She gets a letter from Pauline, asking about a strange blue hedgehog who was attempting to take the newly added crown jewel of New Donk City. The group realizes that it must be Sonic and pack their bags for New Donk City, leaving Toadworth in charge on the premises that he doesn't take over the throne again.

Eggman defeats Bowser and takes over his castle and forces, shunting Bowser, Bowser Jr., the Koopalings, and Kamek all out. Bowser is disgraced and the only people who stand with him are Kamek and Bowser Jr., who follow Bowser to Tanglewreck Woods. In the meantime, Eggman gloats to his alternate universe counterpart Eggman Nega about his accomplishment of taking over two worlds and sets his eyes on conquering a third... but only after he defeats Sonic once and for all.

Chapter 5: Crown Jewel

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and The Avatar arrive in New Donk City, where they meet with Mayor Pauline. Mayor Pauline informs the group that they were able to secure the blue hedgehog and his friends, but now a strange robot in a helicopter is attacking the city and Pauline isn't able to really do anything with what she has at hand at the moment. Mario suggests they make it to the New Donk City Hall, where they can jump off and attempt to hit the robot in the helicopter. Pauline figures it might work and joins the party.

After making it to the roof top, the strange robot (Heavy Gunner) takes aim at them and engages in a boss fight. The party ultimately wins and Heavy Gunner is teleported away by the Phantom Ruby, back to Mobius, before his demise. Heavy King expresses his disappointment in Heavy Gunner. Back in New Donk City, Pauline holds a concert although it gets sabotaged by Sonic, who steals the crown jewel of New Donk City (which is a blue Chaos Emerald) and takes off. The Avatar, recognizing Sonic, tries to inform the group but since they're a mute, they don't do a very good job.

Bowser, Kamek, and Bowser Jr. hike in the rain, eventually finding shelter at a hotel called Nokoko Hotel. Bowser explains what happened to the hotel's owner, Hallowe, who sympathizes. Hallowe then offers him, Kamek, and Bowser Jr. a room at the hotel, which they take.

Chapter 6: Bonneton Adventures

Mario and the party track Sonic's whereabouts to Bonneton, where he has been spotted near Bonneton tower. Tiara and Cappy fill in the details to Mario and Peach, although they are unsure how Sonic entered the tower given the Golden Hat Door that blocks entry to non-Bonneton residents. Additionally, robots have begun to swarm the area, known as badniks.

As Mario and the party approach the tower, they come across a dazed Bonneton guard, Luigi's friend Helmer. Helmer informs him that he saw Sonic speed up to the top to steal the yellow tower gem that the kingdom was given in a package. The group goes up the tower, needing to fight various baddies inside.

The group enters the top of the tower, where they find only a frustrated Bonneter by the name of Bowler, who assisted Sonic inside but was planning to steal the gem herself. Sonic has long since gone, with a robot by the name of Gachapandora now attacking the tower. Mario and party battle Gachapandora and defeat it.

Eggman summons Infinite to Bowser's castle- Eggman tells Infinite to go find Sonic and to destroy him. Infinite nods and teleports away.

Chapter 7: Boiling Point

Mario and his party traces Sonic to the Luncheon Kingdom, where the Volbonans tell Mario where Sonic went. It turns out that the Volbonans are about to crush up the cyan gem they received through a parcel for their famous "Crystal Apple" recipe, although Sonic has already attacked the premises and stolen the gem. Mario finds Sonic attempting to traverse through the dangerous land slowly on a corn cob, and the two engage in another battle. Sonic is defeated and Mario recovers the yellow, green, and cyan gems. Sonic tells him what they are actually are, going over what the Chaos Emeralds are. He claims to not know exactly how they got here, but they are important to recover as they are the only thing that gives Sonic and his friends a chance at defeating the evil Eggman.

Mario hoists Sonic up and agrees to help Sonic out on the condition that Sonic leaves gathering the Chaos Emeralds to Mario, and not this reckless stealing method that Sonic has been utilizing. Sonic hesitatingly agrees. Sonic then joins Mario's party. The group returns to Peronza Plaza, only to see Infinite. Sonic attempts to fight Infinite, but Infinite dodges quickly and opens up a vortex for Sonic to fall into, which expands to suck in Mario and the rest of the party. Infinite closes the vortex, teleporting back to Egg Kingdom, the newly renovated version of Bowser's Kingdom.

Eggman removes the Phantom Ruby from Infinite's chest. Eggman explains that he had to remove the Phantom Ruby from Infinite's chest because it was extremely likely to destroy him should he continue to use it's power like he was currently. He then gives Infinite a specially manufactured version of the Phantom Ruby that registers with his body lengths better, but isn't able to replicate the Phantom Ruby's powers fully; only illusionary reflections of it. Infinite bows to Eggman, telling him that Sonic is taken care of. Eggman claps excitedly as he begins his plans for full conquest of Mario's dimension.

Intermission 1: Two Rebels

Amy Rose and Tails arrive in Bubbaline, although they find that Sonic has not been following them like he said he would. The two are suddenly attacked by two Aero-Chasers, which they easily defeat, although after their defeat they are suddenly face to face with a Death Egg Sentinel. Amy and Tails run from it. They soon locate the pink Chaos Emerald inside the Bubblaine Glass Tower and need to sneak to find it.

After making their way to the glass tower, Amy recovers the pink Chaos Emerald but causes the Death Egg Sentinel to spot them, blasting the glass tower. Miraculously, Amy and Tails survive and run off with the Emerald, although they are soon cornered by the Death Egg Sentinel. They are unable to hold their own and are nearly about to be killed by the machine when suddenly a burst of cyan light strikes the Death Egg Sentinel.

Amy and Tails look up to the sky to see Rosalina descend down. Rosalina tells Amy and Tails to run off while she tries to hold off Eggman's invasion. Amy and Tails agree and run off.

Chapter 8: Sovereign of Soleanna

Chapter 8 begins with the citizens of Soleanna celebrating the Festival of the Sun. A couple of women in white robes lights the ceremonial torch, although in doing so, the princess Elise suffers from a hallucination of a strange demonic creature composed of molten magma standing in the center of a city in flames. Elise is told to rest while the ceremony continues, sitting in a boat outside of the ceremony happens while she calms down. While doing so, she sees a strange silver blur go by her.

Mario and his party arrive out of the vortex and into Soleanna Square. A couple of fireworks go off as Elise arrives back to the Festival of the Sun. Mario glances around for a way back while Sonic follows the entrancing lights of the Festival of the Sun. He then spots Eggman in the distance and rushes over to attack the robots being deployed by Eggman in a effort to capture Princess Elise. After destroying all the robots, a stunned Elise asks Sonic who he is- Sonic gives a quick greeting before rushing off with Elise. Eggman retreats.

Elise and Sonic run through the city for a moment before Sonic puts her down. Elise asks for more information about Sonic, as Sonic explains that he came from another dimension and was banished to this one. Elise wonders what about this dimension could be deemed a punishment, and Sonic doesn't seem to know why, remarking on Elise's beauty. Sonic and Elise say goodbye, with Sonic heading back to Mario's group.

Sonic returns to Mario's group, who are trying to chart their way out, looking into the possibility of using a warp pipe to return. Ultimately nothing they have seems to really work for charting a way back home, although a friendly innkeeper recognizes Sonic and offers the group free rooms for the night. The group takes the offer and heads to rest.

In the distance, a mysterious silver-colored hedgehog remarks that he has found the Ilbis Trigger.

Chapter 9: Future Seeker

Sonic has a sensual dream featuring Elise, although it is quickly interrupted by a vision of a creature of darkness cackling as he absorbs the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic wakes up in the middle of the night in cold sweat. Sonic decides to jog it off for a bit, although is suddenly attacked by the silver-colored hedgehog, introducing himself as Silver. Silver explains that Sonic is the one that will destroy the future by releasing the Flames of Disaster. Sonic wonders how he would even be able to do that or what that even is, but Silver attacks him before Sonic can finish the question.

Sonic fights Silver, although struggles greatly in doing so. Sonic stands over Silver exhaustively, and decides to go find Elise to figure out if she knows what Silver is talking about. Suddenly, Silver holds Sonic back using his psychokinetic powers. Silver prepares to drown him in the water when suddenly a blue blur attacks him from behind, freeing Sonic. Sonic sees the figure that just saved him- which is another Sonic. The other Sonic looks at Sonic confused and asks if he's a clone. Sonic retorts back, saying that he isn't. The other Sonic believes Sonic is attempting to steal his identity and attacks him.

The two fight for a while before Mario and party find the two battling, and have to decide which one is their Sonic and join up with them to battle the other Sonic. The alternate universe's Sonic is defeated. Princess Peach hypothesizes that the Sonic they just fought must have been this universe's native Sonic. Sonic wants to go see Elise about the dream, so the group makes their way to Elise's residence.

In Mario's dimension, Rosalina battles the forces of Eggman before suddenly being confronted by Infinite, who attempts to blast Rosalina with his attacks. Rosalina is able to see through his illusions and manages to actually chip his helmet to reveal a very scared looking eye. Infinite turns away, but not without surprise blasting Rosalina with a attack she is unable to block, causing her to slam into the ground unconscious. Amy and Tails looks for a place for Rosalina to rest, coming across Bowser, who says he knows a place.

Chapter 10: Darkness Reigns

Sonic heads to Elise's residence, where they come across the Scepter of Darkness encased in glass. A close-by archaeologist called Adrianna informs them of what she knows about it, and tells them not to touch it. Elise then arrives, where the group informs them of Silver as well as Sonic's vision. Elise realizes Sonic and her are having the same vision, which must mean that the two must be linked through fate.

Elise tells the group that she has Ilbis sealed inside of her. She explains the Solaris project and what her father did to try and prevent the flames of disaster, although she explains that because Ilbis is sealed inside of her, it leaves her incredibly vulnerable. As such, she must stay out of situations that would make her tense and scared. The group is suddenly ambushed by Silver the Hedgehog, although Sonic tells her to wait in another room while he takes care of him, his confidence managing to calm her. Silver attempts to attack the group but instead hits the glass case containing the Scepter of Darkness, which breaks.

The shadow contained within the Scepter of Darkness is released as it shatters, shutting off all the lights in the building. Luigi's shadow elongates and then emerges as a mysterious figure known as Mephiles. The group battles him, although they barely seem to have scratched him as he vanishes. Sonic checks to see if Elise is okay, although he witnesses her being kidnapped by Eggman and the group is dragged to rescue her.

Meanwhile, back in Mario's dimension, Amy and Tails learn that Seaside Beach is the only place that remains free of Eggman's control, although Eggman is approaching with a devastating new strategy. Amy and Tails have to convince Bowser to fight again and do so when a bunch of badniks invade the hotel. Bowser, reinvigorated, agrees to fight again and the group heads to Seaside, where they battle the Koopa Troopa Sub. Successful, Eggman becomes more infuriated and begins to bring the Koopalings back into the castle so they can pilot new machines.

Chapter 11: Trapped in the Future

The chapter begins with Knuckles and Rouge waking up in Super Bell Hill. The two must figure that they got sent here by Infinite, and look at their strange surroundings. KAOS emerges from the sky, attacking the two as it indentifies them from Sonic's universe and needing to be destroyed. KAOS ends up malfunctioning during the battle, giving Rouge and Knuckles a somewhat easy victory. As they defeat KAOS, a green Sprixie Princess pops out from behind a tree, commending the two on taking on the Eggman Forces. Knuckles and Rouge pledge to defeat Eggman, and the Sprixie Princess explains that they need to gather the other Sprixie Princesses in order to shatter his defenses.

Meanwhile, Mario's party heads to White Acropolis, where they are attacked by Alternate Eggman's forces. The group steadily infiltrates the base, although they are captured by Eggman, who uses his research of Solaris onto the group, blasting them into this dimension's future. Elise, having enough of this, kicks Eggman in the legs, causing him to collapse on the ground and giving Elise time to get a headway onto escaping.

Flung into the future, Mario and the rest of the party attempts to ditch Sonic in order to search for a way to return to the Mushroom Kingdom on their own although is stopped by Blaze the Cat. Blaze the Cat explains that she came from another universe like they did, although from her own version of Eggman, Eggman Nega. She also recongizes Sonic as the Ilbis Trigger, although unlike Silver, would rather attempt to prevent it by helping Sonic prevent his inadverdent role as the Ilbis Trigger instead of attempting to kill him.

As Blaze explains, the event of Ilbis being released is tied to Elise's emotional state. In their version of the past, Ilbis was released after Mephiles killed Sonic, with Elise's tears weakening her lock on Ilbis inside of her, releasing him after she was killed as well. Silver attempted to prevent the Ilbis releasing event by killing Sonic early, before Elise could emotionally could get attached to Sonic. Blaze thinks that by defeating Mephiles, they could possibly prevent two deaths and the release of Ilbis, as well as ridding it of it's evil side.

The party heads across Crisis City, heading to the device that allowed Silver to time travel to the past; the same Solaris prototype in Eggman's now deserted White Acropolis. They find a future version of Big the Cat who operates the machine, who agrees to send them back into the past. Suddenly, Silver arrives. Blaze and Silver get into a heated coversation, although eventually Silver takes Blaze's side. The two arrive in the past, three minutes after they were transported to the future, although they find a dazed Eggman. Eggman explains that Elise escaped, which in their case, is a bad thing as that now opens Mephiles to finding her. The chapter ends with the group rushing back to Soleanna.

Chapter 12: The Three Trials

With the group now heading to Soleanna, Blaze and Silver stay behind at the gates of White Acropolis while the group presses forward. Blaze claims she found a being on her travels that while very dangerous, could aid them going forward. Summoning them will take some time. Mario and Sonic find Princess Elise, but are suddenly attacked by Mephiles, who swats them both away. Pauline uses her hat to do damage and allow Princess Elise to get behind the rest of the group. Mephiles fights the group, with newcomer Elise in the fray.

Princess Elise makes her way to the gate of Kingdom Valley. Princess Elise explains that the valley is so heavily protected that even she isn't allowed in unless she brings someone that can pass all three trials, which she believes Sonic is able to do. The trials can only be completed by a single person, so Sonic heads ahead.

Meanwhile, back in Mario's dimension, Amy, Tails, and Bowser are traveling along various routes to look for a way to bring Sonic and Mario back so they can possibly fix this mess. Along the way, they meet Knuckles and Rouge, who are with the green Sprixie Princess. They learn they need to gather at the Star Road, where the other Sprixie Princesses are supposedly gathered at a conference with the Star Spirits. Thinking that their power may be able to create a wormhole, Tails, Amy, and Bowser agree to team up.

Back at the Kingdom Valley, Sonic begins the first trial, The Test of Intelligence. Sonic is kept inside a forest dome with a single door marked "Egress" that is completely locked. Sonic needs to find the key, which is somewhere in a maze of portals. After finding the key, Sonic unlocks the door.

A priest congratulates Sonic on completing the trial and then drains his life energy and sends a bunch of reprogrammed Badniks to attack the weakened Sonic. This, as the priest tells Sonic, is the The Test of Courage. Sonic must defeat the robots in the room and find mushrooms that can heal some of his health so that he can continue fighting.

After completing this trial, Sonic is completely trapped inside a box. Stuck inside the closing space, Sonic begins to frantically try and get out, somehow managing to run outside of the box with a incredible blue whirr of speed. The priests are completely dumbfounded, as this was the The Test of Stillness, and Sonic was supposed to get out of the box by remaining calm. Sonic claims he has no time for that. Regardless, the priests tell Sonic he has passed all three trials and allow the group entrance into Kingdom Valley.

With access to Kingdom Valley, Princess Elise is able to travel into the desolated ruins to the Underwater Ruins. The group follows her, but Mephiles shows up and fires a intoxicating projectile into Sonic's side. Disappearing before the group can fight back, Sonic tries to shrug it off and follows the group, getting weaker with every passing moment.

Chapter 13: End of the World

Chapter 14: His World

Intermission 2: Fates Intertwined

Chapter 15: Road to Eggman

Chapter 16: Whispers of the Wisps

Chapter 17: Peachy Keen

Chapter 18: Something Big

Chapter 19: Hold Me Back

Chapter 20: Sonic Forces

Chapter 21: End Game



Super Speedstar RPG takes notes from traditional RPGs, with a overworld and a battle system against enemies. However, it presents it's own twists, inspired by the Mario and Sonic franchises respectively. For example, characters can jump and do platforming segments in the overworld, as well have unique overworld abilities that allow them to interact with objects and do puzzle solving. For example, Knuckles has his glide ability that allows him to glide over to far away platforms that other characters can't reach, while Rouge the Bat has her climb ability that allows her to climb up vertically.

On the overworld, there will be several items to collect which can give bonuses in battle or unlock various elements of the game. For instance, if a party member falls in battle, they can be revived through a Buddy Barrel on the overworld should the player lack a 1-Up Mushroom.


In battles, up to five characters can participate in a battle against enemies, with timing based attacks that require the player to hit a button at the right time to deal damage and block attacks. They also have individual "Super" meters, that fill when successive attacks and blocks are done that allow them to do powerful moves that will drain their "Super" meters.

Healing can be done through moves that characters have or through items. During the story, the player will collect Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds, which have special abilities that can be triggered in battle by any character. More information will be revealed later on.


Super Speedstar RPG features several major areas that can be revisited once a chapter has been completed, and in some cases the story will backtrack to get to these areas again for new story events.

Major Areas

Location Info
Peach's Castle

Unlocked after completing Chapter 1: Strange Invaders

Where the game begins. Peach's Castle is the castle at the center of the Mushroom Kingdom, ruled by Princess Peach. Early on in the game, Toadette takes over and the castle is briefly inaccessible until story events happen that cause Toadette to fall out of power.


Sub-Location Info

Unlocked after completing Chapter 1: Strange Invaders

The outdoors area of the kingdom, featuring several Toad NPCs. The entrance of the castle is also here, which may be locked off once Toadette has taken over.
Toad Town

Unlocked after completing Chapter 1: Strange Invaders

While technically not part of Peach's Castle, it counts as a sub-area as the land is owned by the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. It features many toads and after Chapter 3, a Crazy Cap shop.
Castle Basement

Unlocked after completing Chapter 4: Storm the Castle

The basement of the castle, where the Wrath Toads were locked away inside of the Power Well. If you are daring enough, you can pluck a coin in the well to rechallenge the Wrath Toads.
Mobius Ruins

Accessed during Chapter 2: The Resistance
Unlocked after completing Chapter ?: TBA

During Chapter 2, this ruined part of Mobius is traveled through for a brief period. Later in the story, it is revisited.


Sub-Location Info
Headquarter Ruins

Accessed during Chapter 2: The Resistance
Unlocked after completing Chapter ?: TBA

The ruins of the headquarters. The ground around here is brittle and hard to walk across, much less run.

Accessed during Chapter 2: The Resistance
Unlocked after completing Chapter ?: TBA

Shadow and Omega hold back invaders as the Avatar travels to the Mushroom Kingdom to obtain the rest of the Chaos Emeralds.
Tanglewreck Woods

Unlocked after completing Chapter 3: Tanglewreck Woods

After completing Chapter 3, the Tanglewreck Woods area is introduced. This strange wooded area is known for it's rare items that it grows, as well as the anomalies around it. Time stops working in the woods, and compasses spin around aimlessly.


Sub-Location Info
Wooded Area

Unlocked after completing Chapter 3: Tanglewreck Woods

A maze-like area that is full of dead ends and pipes leading to bonus areas. Some areas appear to be inaccessible, but are actually accessible later on in the story.
Fire Flower Patch

Unlocked after completing Chapter 3: Tanglewreck Woods

This small farm near a giant mossy rock has rows and rows of Fire Flowers that can be taken and used by the characters.
New Donk City

Unlocked after completing Chapter 5: Crown Jewel

After completing Chapter 5, New Donk City is free to explore. This is a bustling city filled with strange humans, as well as a reverence to it's Mayor Pauline.


Sub-Location Info
Main Street Entrance

Unlocked after completing Chapter 5: Crown Jewel

The entrance of New Donk City, featuring a bustling population of people. It's a peaceful place free of enemies.
New Donk City Hall Plaza

Unlocked after completing Chapter 5: Crown Jewel

The area surrounding the City Hall of New Donk City. It features a Crazy Cap where Mario and party can buy items.
New Donk City Hall Interior

Unlocked after completing Chapter 5: Crown Jewel

A area filled with badniks and enemies galore. Mario and party must navigate the architecture of the building to get to the rooftop.
New Donk City Hall Rooftop

Unlocked after completing Chapter 5: Crown Jewel

The roof of New Donk City Hall. Jumping off will land you back in the plaza. There are a few enemies that roam on the top.

Unlocked after completing Chapter 6: Bonneton Adventures

After completing Chapter 6, Bonneton is free to explore. A fog-thick kingdom with monochromatic coloring, with it's denizens and locales being based off hats.


Sub-Location Info
Central Plaza

Unlocked after completing Chapter 6: Bonneton Adventures

The landing area of Bonneton. Leads to Top Hat Tower and features several NPCs as well as a Crazy Cap.
Inner Top Hat Tower

Unlocked after completing Chapter 6: Bonneton Adventures

The interior of Top Hat Tower, filled with frogs and enemies. Mario and the party must climb their way up.
Top Hat Tower

Unlocked after completing Chapter 6: Bonneton Adventures

Exiting from Top Hat Tower's top entrance puts the viewer at the top where there is a viewing area and where Gachapandora is first fought.

Unlocked after completing Chapter 7: Boiling Point

After completing Chapter 7, Volbono is unlocked as a explorable area, although since Sonic and the others are warped to the other dimension, this doesn't become truly explorable until Chapter 15. This is a polygeometric location covered in bright pink lava and features several strange residents known as Volobonians.


Sub-Location Info
Peronza Plaza

Unlocked after completing Chapter 7: Boiling Point

Where the Volbonians are located in a small town-like area. A Crazy Cap is located here.
Meat Plateau

Unlocked after completing Chapter 7: Boiling Point

A climbable area filled with enemies abound. Features a bunch of rolling peppers that will harm Mario and his party.
Top of the Peak

Unlocked after completing Chapter 7: Boiling Point

Near the top of Mount Volbono, featuring a ton of enemies and a boss fight with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Opal Pipe Areas

Image + Name Access Info

Green Hill Zone
Peach's Castle

You need a Raccoon Tail to activate the Tail Wheel near Peach's Castle entrance. By spinning your raccoon tail to twist the wheel, a hidden area containing the Opal Pipe will show up.

Ruined Kingdom
Mobius Ruins

Using Amy's Piko Piko hammer on the four golden nails of the rubble of the headquarters, you can summon up a Opal Pipe from the center of the rubble to take you to the Ruined Kingdom.
Lost Woods (Majora's Mask)

Lost Woods
Tanglewreck Woods

Near the Tail Tree just at the entrance of the woods, throw Pauline's hat at the extending Tail of the tree and watch it spin faster and faster until the Opal Pipe comes up from the ground to take you into the Lost Woods.
Metropolitan Highway

Metropolitan Highway
New Donk City

Use Amy's Piko Piko hammer to hammer at a pink manhole cover, which reveals a spring. Using the spring, you will access the top of a building where the Opal Pipe is.

Frog Forest

Using Sonic's ability to break Pacestopper Machines, the player can access a hidden corridor where a Giant Frog is. By startling the Giant Frog, the player can make it rain and cause the Opal Pipe to spring out of the ground.

Sweet Mountain

Using Bowser's fire breath to melt away the metal tomato in Peronza Plaza, the player can find a hidden underground Opal Pipe to Sweet Mountain.

Playable Characters

There are many playable characters in Super Speedstar RPG, although the player can only use five at a time for battles and on the overworld. They can switch out party members through the menu at any time. Each playable character has their own special overworld abilities and moves.

Story Characters

Image + Name Info
Mario MP100


Unlocked at the start of Chapter 1.

Mario is the Mushroom Kingdom's most popular hero, having defeated Bowser several times when he kidnapped Princess Peach. Now he's up against a strange blue hedgehog, who just stole a emerald from Princess Peach! What's going on?
Unique Overworld Ability
Wall Jump

Mario is the only character who possesses the ability to walljump, able to vertically jump across two flat surfaces provided there is a close gap between them. This allows him to get to high places.

Attacks Info
Blockbuster Mario runs up to the opponent and uppercuts them with a punch.
Firebrand Mario spits out a fireball with his hand, burning the opponent with a fireball attack.
Hammer Time Mario charges up a hammer and slams it into his opponent.


Unlocked at the start of Chapter 1.

Luigi is Mario's cowardly brother, but is always willing to help out his brother. They have a strong bond, although Luigi can sometimes feel jealous of Mario's accomplishments and his fame.
Unique Overworld Ability
Luigi Leap

Luigi has a mega powerful jump that can be charged up, allowing him to go high into the air with a slow descent. This allows him to go up high, reaching areas that other characters may find hard to get to.

Attacks Info
Slide Luigi slides towards the opponent, with both feet pointed towards the opponent before jumping off them and dealing damage as he flies back to his original position.
Thunderbrand Luigi spits out a lightning ball with his hand, shocking the opponent with a thunderous attack.
Cylcone Luigi spins fast around to create a mini cyclone that rips into the opponent.
Peach MP100

Princess Peach

Unlocked at the start of Chapter 1.

Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, although she tends to be known for getting kidnapped rather than being a fighter. She defies those expectations though, getting right into battle from the get go.
Unique Overworld Ability

Peach can get higher using her parasol under wind vents to take her up into the air or descend slowly down when going down.

Attacks Info
Toad Putter Peach lines up a Toad to hit with her Parasol, sending them flying towards her opponent of choice.
Waterbrand Peach lets out a slashing projectile of water that damages opponents from her hand.
Peachy Keen Peach uses her heart to heal her allies.
Shadow Render

Shadow the Hedgehog

Usable during Chapter 2.

Shadow the Hedgehog is a gruff and brooding character, known best as the ultimate lifeform due to his huge skillset and power. He can even stand toe to toe with Sonic in speed for the most part. He's at his wit's end at the start of the story, as Infinite greatly seems to overpower him.
Unique Overworld Ability
Chaos Control

Shadow can teleport quickly across a area, as well freeze enemies just about to attack him. It cannot go through walls.

Attacks Info
Chaos Control Shadow freezes a opponent using Chaos control, allowing others to attack them or following up with a attack on his next turn.
Black Tornado Shadow jumps up into the air and creates a black tornado that tears through opponents.
Chaos Spear Shadow throws a spear of Chaos energy at the opponent, dealing damage.
E-123 Omega by Nibroc-Rock

E-123 Omega

Usable during Chapter 2.

E-123 Omega is a cold calculating robot formerly from Eggman's line of robots before he deflected, and has a heart of gold under his steel exterior. He mostly follows a line of command from his friends, although he tends to have suggestions that tend to be overly violent and over the top.
Unique Overworld Ability
Omega Machine Gun

Omega launches a flurry of bullets from his machine gun hands, able to break objects with red cracks on them or to unleash a first attack on a enemy.

Attacks Info
Bullet Spray Omega releases a spray of bullets from his hands, dealing damage. This attack will be used the instant a battle happens should Omega use Omega Machine Gun on the overworld.
Omega Fire Omega releases flames from his hands, roasting his target.
Omega Missile Omega releases six missiles that all go to one target, dealing massive damage.
SMO Pauline (no mic)


Unlocked in Chapter 5.

Pauline is done standing idly by when her city is back in chaos, throwing her hat in the ring. Pauline is able to use her sunhat as a projectile, having learned the optimal hat throw from Mario. Her singing prowess is also super strong here.
Unique Overworld Ability
Hat Throw

Pauline is able to throw her hat, which allows her to get the first attack on foes if she tosses it to them. She can also activate switches from afar.

Attacks Info
Hat Toss Pauline throws her hat as a projectile, which comes back to her after hitting the opponent. This attack will happen first if she throws it at a enemy on the overworld.
Solo Notes Pauline sings into the microphone, sending song note projectiles to random opponents.
Pauline's Purse Pauline can store projectiles thrown by other enemies in her purse and release them for later.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Art by Nibroc-Rock

Unlocked in Chapter 7.

Sonic has been running around to gather the Chaos Emeralds in Mario's world, seemingly stealing them from various kingdoms. After a second encounter with Mario, Sonic finally explains things and joins the party.
Unique Overworld Ability
Sonic Speed

Sonic can build up speed quickly, making traversal much faster overall and use his speed to make Pacestopper Machines explode so that the group can explore whatever they're barring off.

Attacks Info
Drop Dash Sonic goes up in the air and then slams down into ball form, dealing damage.
Spin Dash Sonic builds up speed for a turn before releasing, dealing moderate damage.
Insta-Shield Sonic can block attacks by quickly forming a shield around him, blocking it. This requires incredibly precise timing.

Amy Rose

Usable in Intermission 1 and Chapter 10.

Amy Rose and Tails escaped from Luncheon, leaving Sonic behind at his own insistence. When they arrive at Bubblaine, coated in various badniks, they've realized their mistake...
Unique Overworld Ability
Piko Piko Hammer

Amy can use her hammer to get the first hit on enemies as well as use it on various objects to hammer them in or to break them, allowing for the player to find secrets.

Attacks Info
Piko Piko Slam Amy slams her hammer into her target, dealing damage. If she uses her hammer on a enemy on the overworld, she will do this attack upon entering battle.
Tarot Read Amy reads her tarot cards to predict what the opponent will do next, able to dodge and counter their attack.
Slam Bam Piko Amy juggles a opponent with swings of her hammer, dealing immense damage but completely draining her of energy, requiring a turn to cool down.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Usable in Intermission 1, and Chapter 10.

Amy Rose and Tails escaped from Luncheon, leaving Sonic behind at his own insistence. When they arrive at Bubblaine, coated in various badniks, they've realized their mistake...
Unique Overworld Ability
Twirl Tails

Tails can use his flying ability to fly horizontally and vertically for a limited time, allowing him to access areas that others may not be able to.

Attacks Info
Tail Spinner Tails spins his tails quickly to cancel projectile attacks coming to him.
Tornado Drone Tails sends a drone to drop a ring bomb onto the opponent.
Super Tail Swipe Tails swipes his twin tails forward to deal moderate damage to his foe.


Usable in Chapter 10: Darkness Reigns.

Bowser, having been kicked out of his own kingdom by Eggman, is now in a depressive slump. He assists Tails and Amy by giving them a place to put the unconscious Rosalina in, although he must be convinced to help take back his own kingdom.
Unique Overworld Ability
Fire Breath

Bowser can spit out fire any time, as well as heat up metal and wooden objects to destroy them. He can also attack foes from far away to initiate a battle.

Attacks Info
Fire Breath Bowser breathes fire onto his opponent, doing serious damage.
Megaton Punch Bowser revs up a punch and then releases it a turn later to deal some damage.
Body Slam Bowser leaps into the air and then a turn later lands on a opponent to deal some serious damage.
Knuckles Render


Usable in Chapter 11: Trapped in the Future.

Caught in the building when Infinite smashed it, him and Rogue landed in the Mushroom Kingdom where they defended the Green Sprixie from a reworked KAOS. Knuckles is the protector of the Master Emerald, although it tends to get stolen by either Eggman or Rogue the Bat. While not the smartest, Knuckles has his brute strength to make up for his weakpoints.
Unique Overworld Ability

Knuckles can glide over pits and from high places to reach other areas. He can also glide straight into enemies to get the first attack on them.

Attacks Info
Spiral Upper Knuckles inflames his fists and gives a flaming uppercut to a single foe.
Punch Attack Knuckles lets out a bunch of flaming punches to launch against a foe.
Drill Claw Knuckles does a spinning attack as he heads towards the ground, able to do damage to multiple foes at once.
Rouge Rio2016


Usable in Chapter 11: Trapped in the Future.

Rouge hails from the same incident that brought Knuckles and her into the Mushroom Kingdom. Now searching for the rest of the Sprixies, Rouge and Knuckles will have to fight against Eggman almost by their lonesome unless they can meet up with the other group in time. She is a master thief, although almost works exclusively for the good guys at this point.
Unique Overworld Ability

Rouge can climb up vertical walls and open up hatches attached on the walls, as well as activate switches or buttons. It can also be used to gain more height for a jump.

Attacks Info
Screw Kick Rogue takes up to the sky and does a flying kick that twists her body in a spiral, similar to how a screw rotates, dealing damage to a single opponent.
Bomb Snipe Rouge targets a foe to surround them in Heart Bombs, doing massive explosive damage three turns later.
Hip Drop Rouge drops onto the ground with her hips, creating big tremors that hit multiple opponents.

Blaze the Cat

Usable in Chapter 12: The Three Trials.

Blaze the Cat has had a interesting journey. Hailing from a dimension similar to Sonic's, she was apparently sent into the future of another dimension, where she came across Silver. Blaze is wise and knows what will happen if they don't get their act together- hoping to prevent the future from happening as well as to stop the rising threat of Eggman Nega.
Unique Overworld Ability
Heat Resistance

Blaze can ignore blazing flames on the overworld, able to walk through them to access secret areas, as well as being able to use them to attack enemies in the distance.

Attacks Info
Burst Dash Blaze charges up a dash attack before speeding towards the opponent to launch a blazing attack.
Spinning Claw Blaze spins around with her claws alit, able to hit multiple foes as she spins on the battleground.
Fire Boost Blaze launches herself as a firey projectile towards a single opponent, homing onto them. Has a high hit rate.

The Avatar

The Avatar is a odd character, as his gameplay and appearance is decided by the player. Depending on what weapon is chosen, The Avatar can have a variety of moves and a unique overworld ability.

Image + Name Info

The Avatar

Unlocked at the start of Chapter 2.

The Avatar is part of the Resistance on Mobius, the very few left behind. While somewhat of a coward at first, they grow in bravery and strength over the game and become one of the most important party members in the game. They are also the most unique as well.
Burst Wispon selection screen

Burst Wispon

Unique Overworld Ability
Burst Explosion

This attack releases a large explosion, destroying surfaces with red cracks and can propel the Avatar high into the air.

Attacks Info
Crimson Explode The Avatar releases a large red explosion from the Burst Wispon.
Flame Thrower The Avatar lets out a stream of flames onto their opponent.
Red Burst The Avatar turns into a fireball and quickly makes contact with the opponent, creating a big explosion.

Cube Wispon

Unique Overworld Ability
Cube Platform

This ability creates a single platform that The Avatar and their party can jump on.

Attacks Info
Blockade The Avatar creates a blue pillar that defends against attacks.
Bit by Bit The Avatar slams into opponents with a massive hammer with blue cubes around it, doing damage.
Blue Cube The Avatar turns into a blue cube and slams into the ground, having strange effects on the opponent with it's shockwave, usually turning them into a defenseless blue cube themselves.

Void Wispon

Unique Overworld Ability
Void Vanish

Teleports The Avatar in a direction where the stick is pointing to. The player will get a marker of where they are teleporting to. This can be used to teleport to areas behind walls.

Attacks Info
Telebrand The Avatar quickly appears behind the opponent to hit them.
Voidcaster The Avatar creates a black hole to suck in projectiles and enemies with 10 HP or below.
Violet Void The Avatar turns into a massive black orb that sucks health from the opponent, adding it into their strength stat for three moves.

NPC Characters

Image + Name Info
Toadette - Mario Party 10


Toadette is told to keep watch of the castle after Peach goes off to fight the strange blue robot attacking Toad Town. She quickly starts acting strange after the group leaves, before usurping Peach's power for herself when she sits in her throne and wears one of her old crowns, jettisoning the group from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Crazy Cap Salespeople

These NPCs appear in various locations, beginning with Chapter 3's Tanglewreck Woods. They act as shopkeepers, accepting both coins and purple currency as money for their goods. Purple currency allows the player to buy exclusive items to that area, while coins are for general goods.
Toadsworth Brawl


Toadsworth is ordered to keep watch over the Mushroom Kingdom after Peach packs a trip to New Donk City to help Mayor Pauline. Hopefully he doesn't try to take over the kingdom like Toadette!
Zellen by Drybones157

Zellen Harley Quimbleson

Zellen Harely Quimbleson allows the player to scan amiibo to unlock alternate outfits for the characters as well as help locate one Red Star Ring per amiibo. She can be very helpful but also very flirty. Also, nobody seems to know where she's from. So, that's interesting.
SMO Cappy


Cappy previously joined Mario's world-traveling adventures in Super Mario Odyssey, but he has since resettled back home with his sister Tiara. He has been trying to stop Sonic from getting the yellow gem that was delivered to the Cap Kingdom, sitting on top of the Bonneton Tower.
SMO Tiara


The princess of the Cap Kingdom, Tiara tells the group where Sonic is, urging them to stop him. She is close friends with Princess Peach, being sure to catch up with her.


Bowler is a thieving Bonneter working with Sonic to take the yellow gem, although she plans to keep it for herself. Her plan doesn't go as well as she thinks it will, due to how fast Sonic is.


Helmer was attempting to stop Sonic, but lost in the battle with him. He urges Luigi to go after him and to kick his blue butt for him.


Volbonans are found in Mount Volbono, often cooking up delectable gourmet food. Various Volbonans give Mario and his party hints where Sonic might have gone to.

Sonic Man
Art by Nibroc-Rock

Sonic Man is first encountered in Chapter 9 in Soleanna, who challenges Sonic to a race. The player must race him to earn a prize; he begins to appear in various locations as the story progresses.
001 (5)-1515861593


The residents of the Seaside Kingdom, who tend to be skittish towards things they see as monstrous. As such, they refuse to talk with Bowser, curling up into their shells.

Green Sprixie

Found at Super Bell Hill, the Green Sprixie is a straight-shooting character that gets to buisness, although tends to cower whenever anything scary or bad shows it's ugly face.


Image + Name Info


Goombas are common in the Mario world, although are easy to vanquish. They have a single attack, although if there are more Goombas around, they will stack up and be harder to deal with.

15 HP

Attacks Info
Headbutt The Goomba runs to the player and attempts to headbutt them.
Mini Goomba Icon SMO

Mini Goomba

These Mini Goombas are smaller, weaker but more numerous than your normal Goomba, although they're way easier to deal with and can't stack.

5 HP

Attacks Info
Mini-Headbutt The Mini Goomba runs to the player and attempts to headbutt them.
Motobug generations


These strange robotic ladybugs aren't too bad to deal with, but they are faster than a Goomba.

15 HP

Attacks Info
Rev and Zoom The Motobug speeds towards their opponent quickly, attacking them with their claws.

Infinite Motobug

These Motobugs summoned by Infinite have more health, but are generally just as easy to deal with.

30 HP

Attacks Info
Rev and Zoom The Motobug speeds towards their opponent quickly, attacking them with their claws.


Flutters are metamorphosed Wigglers, able to fly. Flutters act as barricades in Tanglewreck Woods and must be defeated to progress.

30 HP

Attacks Info
Fuzzy Spore Flutter sends a Fuzzy spore to confuse their opponent.


Uproots are common foes in foresty areas and can stretch their legs high to reach places and to jump down on people they don't like.

15 HP

Attacks Info
Uprooting Uproots stretch up and then plop down onto a foe.

Mud Trooper

Zombie like enemies that summon other Mud Troopers to come in to fight with them. They run towards your characters and bite to deal an attack.

25 HP

Attacks Info
Mud Bite Bites the target to deal damage. Very slow.
From the Dirt Summons another Mud Trooper to come into battle.
MKDX Fire Yellow Toad

Fiery Toad Guard

Toad Guards protect the current ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, no matter what, even if the past ruler is coming back for her spot. These fiery Toad Gaurds fire off with fireballs.

25 HP

Attacks Info
Firebrand Fiery Toad Guards spit out a fireball with their hands, burning the target with a fireball attack.
MKDX Ice Blue Toad

Icy Toad Guard

Toad Guards protect the current ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, no matter what, even if the past ruler is coming back for her spot. These chilly Toad Guards fire off with iceballs.

25 HP

Attacks Info
Freezebrand Icy Toad Guards spit out a iceball with their hands, freezing the target with a iceball attack.


These robots fly around and shoot at anyone they deem as a threat. They also accompany Heavy Gunner in his boss fight.

35 HP

Attacks Info
Gun Fire Eggrobo shoots with his gun at a target.
Egg Pawn model

Egg Pawn

Egg Pawns aren't especially powerful, but their numbers make them deadly. Five Egg Pawn battles aren't a rarity, and taking them all out quickly can be tricky.

35 HP

Attacks Info
Charge Egg Pawns charge towards their target, dealing damage.
Reinforcement Egg Pawns call for more enemies to assist and back them up.

Buzz Bomber

Buzz Bombers are badniks that fly around, and in battle will launch a bullet from their stinger cannon. They aren't really much to deal with, all things considered.

35 HP

Attacks Info
Rail Detonator Cannon Buzz Bomber shoots five bullets for each party member, doing small amounts of damage.

Cop Speeder

Cop Speeders patrol areas until the player gets close to them, causing them to go after the player until they activate a battle. They activate their sirens when chasing after the player.

45 HP

Attacks Info
Aerial Dodge Cop Speeder dodges out of the way by moving their speeder upwards and to the left.
Court Drop Cop Speeder drops onto their target, dealing damage.
001 (1)-1512134164

Meat Bun Goomba

Meat Bun Goombas appear around Mount Volbono, being a tastier version of the regular Goomba. They can uniquely dip into the Volbono pink Lava to add heat to their headbutt.

45 HP

Attacks Info
Heated Headbutt The Goomba runs to the player and attempts to headbutt them, dealing scorching damage that lingers over three turns.

Volbono Bubble

Volbono Bubbles appear dipping in and out of the pink lava in the Luncheon Kingdom, jumping on the player if they get too close.

35 HP

Attacks Info
Scorch Volbono Bubble jumps out of the lava they're in and strikes their target.
Simmer Volbono Bubble rests in the lava, being unable to attack or be attacked for a single turn.


Moles crawl underground, rising up when someone is above them to surprise attack them. They move quick and stay underground where others can't hit them.

25 HP

Attacks Info
Drill Stab Moles get under the ground for a turn, and then pop up on the ground to hit one target.


A model of badnik capable of flying and shooting at targets, as well as setting fire traps.

30 HP

Attacks Info
Aerial Fire Aero-Chaser blasts at one opponent with it's cannons.
Fire Trap Aero-Chaser leaves a lingering ring of flame on one opponent that sticks for three turns.


Choppers are fish-like badniks that wait in water for the perfect time to chomp into a target.

30 HP

Attacks Info
Bite Chopper jumps out of the water they're in and strikes their target with their killer jaws.
Egg Gunner Profile v2

Egg Gunner

The backbone of alternate Eggman's army, using twin cannons to blast at whatever the doctor orders. Despite their high health, they have a high miss rate and not much to do in terms of actual attacks, making them weaker than they may seem.

55 HP

Attacks Info
Gunner Fire Egg Gunner fires off with their twin cannons, although they have a high miss rate.

Iblis Goomba


66 HP

Attacks Info
Iblis Bite The Iblis Goomba bites with a fierce flame attack that leaves it's victim roasting.


Image + Name Info

Team Sonic

This strange group of animals is attempting to steal the emerald that came in Peach's package... they're also incredibly powerful...? Who is this group?

350 HP

Encountered in Chapter 1: Strange Invaders.

Attacks Info
Drop Dash Sonic goes up in the air and then slams down into ball form, dealing damage.
Tail Spinner Tails spins his tails quickly to cancel projectile attacks coming to him.
Piko Piko Hammer Amy slams her hammer into her target, dealing a ton of damage.
Metal Sonic Forces

Metal Sonic

A mysterious blue robot that is attacking Toad Town. Can the group take him on? Or will they succumb to his superior skills?

100 HP

Encountered in Chapter 1: Strange Invaders.

Attacks Info
Metal Dash Metal Sonic charges up and blows through one character.
Rocket Blast Metal Sonic sends a barrage of rockets at his target.


Dr. Eggman's mysterious new righthand man, which according to Shadow, was a weakling when he first faced him and his Jackal Squad. Now, he's unstoppable and seems to be capable of everything with immeasurable power through the Phantom Ruby.

∞ HP

Encountered in Chapter 2: The Resistance.

Attacks Info
Infinite Cubes Infinite ensnares his target in red cubes, trapping them in a dimension where they are momentarily unable to do anything.
Infinite Strike Infinite sends a red slash of energy against his foe, severely damaging them.
Infinite Teleport Infinite avoids attacks by teleporting away.

Grouchy Wiggler

A fierce green Wiggler that appears in Tanglewreck Woods. He seems peeved at Mario and his party appearing in these woods, although he seems to be generally grouchy.

115 HP

Encountered in Chapter 3: Tanglewreck Woods.

Attacks Info
Steam Rush Grouchy Wiggler blows steam out of it's nose before slamming into the party, dealing damage to all party members.
SuperMarioRun WrathToad

Wrath Toad

These metallic purple Toads are known as Wrath Toads, locked underneath Peach's Castle due to their immense power. They were freed by Toadette, and now Mario and his party must defeat the three Toadette summoned. They have vast electrical powers.

150 HP

Encountered in Chapter 4: Storm the Castle.

Attacks Info
Thunderbrand Wrath Toads shoot out electrical balls that hurt characters when they are hit.
Storm of Power Wrath Toads release a thundering blast that hurts the whole party.
Thundering Boom Wrath Toads clap their hands to release shocking soundwaves that paralyze members of the party.

Princess Toadette

Toadette, having upsurped the throne while Peach said to keep watch, has gone more or less mad with power and kicked Peach out of the Mushroom Kingdom. Now that Peach has gotten back in, Toadette has one last stand to keep herself on the throne.

100 HP

Encountered in Chapter 4: Storm the Castle.

Attacks Info
Acorn Bomb Toadette throws a acorn that explodes after two turns.
Diamond Pickaxe Toadette smashes the group with a fast diamond pickaxe attack.
Veggie Toadette pulls out a vegetable and throws it at her target.

Heavy Gunner

While Sonic is captured by the New Donk police force, a new foe arrives on the scene in a helicopter and nobody can seem to stop it! It has a cowardly side, getting out of the way of missiles so that the eggrobos flying with it take the hit instead.

450 HP

Encountered in Chapter 5: Crown Jewel.

Attacks Info
Heavy Missiles Heavy Gunner fires off three missiles at the party, usually hurting three party members with a single attack.
HeliDodge Heavy Gunner dodges attacks by making one of the Eggrobos he has around him take the bullet. There are only three of them.
Barrage of Torpedoes Heavy Gunner launches off five torpedoes that attacks the full party.


This vehicle is manned by a Eggrobo on the top of Bonneton tower, presumbably it was around for Sonic, but Sonic already sped away with the tower gem. It releases orbs containing small enemies.

450 HP

Encountered in Chapter 6: Bonneton Adventures.

Attacks Info
Amy Doll Gachapandora releases a small doll-like robot that resembles classic Amy Rose, which latches onto it's target to continually do damage. It also halves the damage output of it's target.
Mini Egg Mobile-D Gachapandora releases a tiny drilling vehicle that rams into it's opponent to deal damage.
Mini Burner Mobile Gachapandora releases a tiny version of the Marble Zone boss that spits fire onto one target.
Modern Sonic Render


The strange blue hedgehog Mario and his party have been chasing. He appears on his lonesome, as Amy and Tails have already gotten out of Luncheon Kingdom, while he has had to slow down to try and navigate his way out.

500 HP

Encountered in Chapter 7: Boiling Point.

Attacks Info
Drop Dash Sonic goes up in the air and then slams down into ball form, dealing damage.
Spin Dash Sonic builds up speed for a turn before releasing, dealing moderate damage.
Insta-Shield Sonic can block attacks by quickly forming a shield around him, blocking it.

Death Egg Sentinel
Art by Nibroc-Rock

A enormous robot that resembles a Death Egg Robot, although far more powerful and able to raze cities in minutes.

1000 HP

Encountered in Intermission 1: Two Rebels.

Attacks Info
Death Laser Charges up a laser for 5 turns before blasting it's target for immense damage.
Egg Slam Slams the ground to produce a shockwave that does moderate damage.

Eggman (Alternate Dimension)
Art by Nibroc-Rock

A alternate version of Eggman with none of the power or will that his main counterpart has, fleeing away the instant his plan goes wrong. He plans to kidnap Elise, although for what purpose?

400 HP

Encountered in Chapter 8: Sovereign of Soleanna.

Attacks Info
Egg Gunner Call Calls in a Egg Gunner to protect him. He can only do this move four times.
Angry Stomp A ineffective move that just sees Eggman become frustrated.
Silver 2006

Silver the Hedgehog

A silver hedgehog hailing from the future, seeking to stop Sonic. He has vast telekinetic powers that he uses on his enemies to toss them around as well as keep them frozen. He can also toss around objects around him.

500 HP

Encountered in Chapter 9: Future Seeker.

Attacks Info
Telekinetic Hold Slams his opponent against the wall with his telekinesis and keeps them there for a full turn.
Chair Throw Silver slams a chair telekinetically into his target.
Sonicrun 2006

Sonic the Hedgehog
(Alternate Dimension)

A alternate version of Sonic that natively lives in this dimension. He is confused by this version of Sonic and calls him a identity thief, battling him.

500 HP

Encountered in Chapter 9: Future Seeker.

Attacks Info
Light Dash Sonic uses a row of rings to kick into his target at light speed, dealing massive damage.
Tornado Kick Sonic spins around and then preforms a kick, trapping his target in a tornado for 1-5 turns.
MephilestheDark Luigi

Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles is the malevolent conscience, mind and will of the sun god Solaris. He wants to reform with his other split soul known as Iblis to reform Solaris, and will stoop to every trick to do so. Mephiles assumes the form of Luigi's shadow, as he senses darkness in him that he can use after he is freed from the scepter.

200 HP

Encountered in Chapter 10: Darkness Reigns.

Attacks Info
Shadow Absorb Mephiles absorbs shadows to heal himself.
Mist of Darkness Mephiles surrounds his target in black mist, poisoning them over 1-5 turns.

Koopa Troopa Sub

Sent out to the Seaside Kingdom, the Koopa Troopa Sub is Eggman's design using Bowser's forces. It's devastating power can topple water kingdoms in hours, but it's not without it's weaknesses.

300 HP

Encountered in Chapter 10: Darkness Reigns.

Attacks Info
Dark Typhoon The Koopa Troopa Sub sends out a typhoon made of dark water to damage the target.
Diamond Missile The Koopa Troopa Sub sends out a missile to hit the target.
Phase 2 Missiles The Koopa Troopa Sub transforms, becoming bulkier and launching three missiles at once.
KaosDonkeyKong Speedstar


Eggman rebrands this machine as his own, simply by slapping his logo onto the robot. He has made some improvements to what he considers the "lame machine", although these tend to be faulty due to a lack of quality assurance.

350 HP

Encountered in Chapter 11: Trapped in the Future.

Attacks Info
Kaotic Blades Kaos rams into a opponent as blades spin around him. After three uses, this move jams up and the knifes no longer appear and damages KAOS as he collides with a opponent.
Boxing Gloves KAOS attacks with his boxing gloves, which break off after five uses.
Lasers KAOS deattaches his head and attacks with a devastating laser attack, although his head wanders around aimlessly without further input from the main console.

Phantom King Boo

It appears to be King Boo, the leader of the Boos, enhanced by the powers of the Phantom Ruby. It's hard to say for sure though... he seems to be entirely an illusion. His powers may seem great, but all you need is clarity to see through this specter's tricks!

400 HP

Encountered in Chapter 12: The Three Trials.

Attacks Info
Bowser Blast Phantom King Boo summons five Bowser Heads, which spew out fire. Each fire blast is directed at a different party member, which means you'll have to do your best to dodge these attacks.
Gemstone Power Phantom King Boo attacks with a red crystal lightning bolt which inflicts fear on his target. When inflicted with fear, the target becomes more susceptible to his attacks.
Phantom Specter King Boo shrinks down to no longer be selectable as a target as three red boos are created to attack the party. When all three are dealt with, he reappears.


Overworld Collectibles

These are collectibles that can be found on the overworld and various uses.

Image + Name Info


These coins can replenish a single unit of health when picked up (which isn't much) and can be used to purchase items at Crazy Cap stores. They are collected on the overworld.
RedCoin SM64S

Red Coin

Red Coins activate eight coins that have to be collected quickly. If all are found and collected before time runs out, the game rewards the player with a 1-Up.
Ring SatSR


Rings are collected on the overworld map and when in battle, can be used to take a free hit from any enemy with no damage reflected.
Super Ring Sonic the Hedgehog 4-1509683843

Red Star Ring

Red Star Rings are found on the overworld map and can be collected. They unlock potential in abilities for each of the characters, allowing them to do more damage or increase the effects of moves. There are three found in each major area.

Bonus Medal

Bonus Medals can be found hiding in the major Overworld areas. There are ten for each major overworld area, as well as four found in every single Opal Pipe secret area. When collected, they can boost a stat of a character by 1+.

Healing Items

These items can be found on the overworld and can be purchased at the Crazy Cap stores. They can be used during battle or on the overworld to heal characters.

Image + Name Info
ACL Super Mushroom

Super Mushroom

Super Mushrooms are the cheapest and most common healing item in the game, healing 25% of depleted HP points to a party member when consumed.
ACL Ultra Mushroom

Ultra Mushroom

Ultra Mushrooms are the second cheapest and second most common healing item in the game, healing 50% of depleted HP points when consumed.
ACL Hyper Mushroom

Hyper Mushroom

Hyper Mushrooms are the third cheapest healing item and are semi-rare to find. They heal 75% of depleted HP points when consumed.
ACL Max Mushroom

Max Mushroom

Hyper Mushrooms are one of the more costly healing items and are very rare to find. They heal 100% of depleted HP points when consumed.

Buddy Barrel

Buddy Barrels appear on the overworld as a way to revive a single party member and disappear after use. They do not reappear until the player does three more battles. They are cheap, but far from convenient.
ACL 1-Up Mushroom

1-Up Mushroom

1-Up Mushrooms are rare items that allow players to revive party members in battle or on the overworld without needing to use a Buddy Barrel.
ACL Silent Shroom

Silent Shroom

Silent Shrooms are odd mushrooms that will heal all party members and revive fallen ones, however it will not activate on it's own, so the player needs to be cautious about it's use. They are not sold at Crazy Cap stores and are incredibly rare.

Life Mushroom

Life Mushrooms are incredibly rare mushrooms that have to be used by a party member with full health, or else their effects won't be fully felt- they effectively double the health a party member has, at least until their health dips back to their base stat, in which it will disappear.

Stupendous Stew

Only sold at the Crazy Cap store in Mount Volbono, this is a bowl full of the legendary Stupendous Stew. It will fully heal the party member that eats it as well as give them a boost to their "Super" meter, filling it half way at the start of the next battle.


Power-Ups are special items that give characters more attacks, although they wear off on a condition like health or even time. They can be equipped on the overworld or in battle.

Image + Name Info

Fire Flower

Fire Flowers give characters additional fire-based attacks that they can use at no cost, although the moves will disappear once the character has 25% of their health gone.
Attacks Info
Fireball The character releases a fireball from their palm, doing some damage.
Charged Fireball The character charges up a huge fireball with their palm and releases it onto a single target. This move takes three turns to charge but does a ton of damage when released.

Super Leaf

Super Leaves give characters a Raccoon Tail and ears, allowing them to swing a tail as a melee attack and perform a flying leap on the overworld. The effects of this will vanish after the character's health dips to 25% or lower.
Attacks Info
Raccoon Spin The character swings their tail to deal some damage.
Flying Kick The character charges up their P-Meter for three turns before releasing a flying kick that does a lot of damage to a single target.
Metal Box Icon

Metal Box

The Metal Box gives characters a metallic appearance as well as slowing them somewhat down on the overworld. However, they greatly increase in strength and durability and can walk under the water without drowning. The Metal Box has a strict timer of 3 minutes, and when that runs out the character will return back to normal.
Attacks Info
Meta Crystal The character defends themselves with a crystal shield that reflects damage..
Metal Slam The character leaps into the air and does a incredibly powerful body slam attack.

Flame Shield

The Flame Shield provides the character that collects it with complete immunity to fire attacks, although it will pop the instant that any other kind of attack connects. It will however, not count against the player's damage. On the overworld, it can be used to burn down wooden objects.


Image + Name Info


Increases a character's speed for a limited amount of time after walking through one of these.


Makes a character jump to areas where they may otherwise not be able to reach.

Mega Mack

A unpleasant liquid that covers areas in stages. If a character descends into it, they will be poisoned within a minute's time. Using giant syringes, Mega Mack can be converted into cyan jelly that characters can safely walk across and bounce on.

Rainbow Ring

Rainbow Rings launch characters in a specific direction when a playable character passes through them. They can be used to get to areas far away over ledges.

Coin Ring

Coin Rings give the players five coins when passed through. They are often found floating in the air.

Warp Pipe

Warp Pipes are used to access other areas, including bonus areas. They can be used to transport the people going inside of them to long distances and other worlds; Warp Pipes can be used to go to past areas if needed.
Opal Pipe Artwork - Super Mario Elemental Journey

Opal Pipe

Opal Pipes act similarly to Warp Pipes, except they transport the user to a secret area. They are very rare and require specific character abilities or power-ups to access. These go to mini areas full of bonuses and contain four Bonus Medals in each.

Opal Ring

Opal Rings can be found to activate a string of Opal Coins, which can be collected to unlock the Opal Pipe in a level.

Opal Coin

Opal Coins are activated by Opal Rings, and by collecting them all in a short time limit, the player can make the Opal Pipe appear.





  • The game was inspired by things like the Neverworld series and the Sonic Speedball RPG series (with it's title being the most obvious influence), although obviously lifts some heavy influences from Sonic Forces. However, this game is very much also it's own thing and not necessarily a remake of any of it's inspirations.
    • The combat and overworld mechanics were inspired by Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and the Mario and Luigi series, while also providing fresh new twists.
    • The game also references the plot and setting of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) during Chapters 8-14, serving as a "redo" of that story as well.
  • The logo in the inbox will change to reflect major developments in the story. When the page was originally created, the infobox had a yellow colored logo. When Chapter 7 was finished, the logo changed to blue. This may be a small nod to how the original Fighters of Lapis games had flavor text that changed over development.
  • Sonic was pushed to be more of an antagonist role in the early game as it was the more interesting path to take for this game, as the creator noted in many of the Sonic and Mario crossovers she had seen, the two tend to get along easily when that really wouldn't be the case.
    • Interestingly, Sonic is one of the most frequent boss fights in the game, with versions of Sonic being fought three times.
  • Toadette was also made a antagonist as the creator felt it would showcase how unpredictable the story would be for people used to the idea of Sonic and Mario crossovers. As it unfolded from a interview, Toadette being twisted into a antagonist role would have indicated to players that they could no longer "trust" the icongraphy they knew so well.
  • The Ultra, Hyper, Max, and Silent Mushrooms come from Super Mario RPG: Silent Stars of the Arcane and their art was created by Mirai Moon (tbc).
  • Helmer and Meat Bun Goomba were created by Computerboy64 (tbc).
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