Super Sonic Racing or Sonic R2 in Japan is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game in the Sonic (series), that will be released in all major regions around March 2013. Super Sonic Racing is a 3D racing game, in which players will not ride on hoverboards like in Sonic Riders, but they will race on foot, similar to Sonic R with the footracing concept, but without characters being able to use vehicles and also similar to Sonic Rivals in which players race eachother but in more of 3D aspect, the main concept of the game is a sequel to Sonic R, but with better and new gameplay elements. Super Sonic Racing also uses a Gyroscope feature similar to that of what on Mario Kart 7, and this allows the game to show the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, but also allow players to really feel like they're in the game.

Developer(s) Sonic Team
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Racing


Release Date(s) Japan:11/03/13

North America:15/03/13 Europe:15/03/13 Australia:21/03/13

Mode(s) Single Player

Multiplayer Online Multiplayer

Age Rating(s) 3Rating
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Card


In Super Sonic Racing there are two ways to play, the first being with Normal Controls, and the second being Gyroscope Controls. Both being very easy to master and to follow.

Normal Controls

  • 16px-3DS Stick svg (Move) (Any) Turn/Move
  • 3DSBbuttonnew (Press) (Starting Line) Charge
  • 3DSAbuttonNEW (Press) (Starting Line) Start
  • 3DSAbuttonNEW (Hold) (Any) Run
  • 3DSXbuttonnew (Press) (Any) Jump
  • 3DSXbuttonnew (Press Twice) (Any) Double Jump
  • 3DSBbuttonnew (Press/Hold) (Any) Special Ability
  • 3DSYbuttonnew (Press/Hold) (Any) Special Type Ability
  • 3DSRbuttonnew (Press) (20 Coins) Special Move
  • 3DSLbuttonnew (Press) (Item) Use Item
  • 3DSStylus2 (Tap Screen) (Selection Screens) Choose

Gyroscope Controls

Gyroscope Controls use the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS to be able to feel like your actually in the game or you are racing, when racing you are the selected character and you see what they see infront of them, you can turn in the direction you want by tilting the 3DS and you can run faster by shaking the 3DS up and down to gain speed, you can jump by lifting the 3DS up abruptly. Other controls are used with buttons like in Normal Controls.


Super Sonic Racing is a 3D racing game in which characters from the Sonic (series) participate in races from many courses from the games. The gameplay is somewhat very similar to Sonic R although all characters have to race on foot, and also it is very similar to Sonic Rivals but in 3D. Now on course at once, there will be 8 Racers. Every character will take there place at the starting line and wait for the host, Omochao, to say "Get ready!" and then the player can charge up by pressing the B button, and wait until Omochao then says "Go!" and all players must press the A button to start, the race will now begin and players will control their character through the chosen or set amount of laps, also characters will be able to take Type Shortcuts, depending on the type of shortcut, if it was a Speed type shortcut, Speed players would be able to use, if it was a Fly type shortcut, only Fly type character could use it and if it was a Power type shortcut only the Power characters could go through it. The players will race until they get to the finish and 1st place will be the winner. Players can also use their Special Ability on course such as Sonic's Spin Dash, or Tails' Tail Spin and so on, this Ability is unique to the player and only they can use it, except Metal Sonic can copy your character's ability as his ability. On every course there are coins, if a player picks up 20 coins, they can use a Special Move, a special move is similar to a Special Ability but it is much more powerful and very helpful. When the race has finished an Award Ceremony, will take place where 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are rewarded Racing Points for coming in that position, 50 points for 1st, 25 points for 2nd and 10 points for 3rd. These points can be used to buy lots of things at the shop, like new characters and courses. A new thing is Rival Race depending on your character they all have different rivals, after a race sometimes a cutscene will appear where they meet and talk then challenge eachother to a race, this is similar to the cutscenes in story mode, but these don't appear in story mode.


There are a variety of modes to choose from in Super Sonic Racing:

Single Player

Single Player mode is where you play on your own with computer oppenents and teamates, this mode has the most modes to choose from in.

Story Mode

Eggman and Metal Sonic are up to some new evil plans, will you be able to stop them as you compete with your rivals and friends?

Grand Prix

Participate in the Racing Grand Prix and choose a Cup with four races to see if you can come number one and collect the prize!


Select a Tournament against other racers to see if you can race to the top and beat the best of the best.

Free Race

Your rules, your options, you way to play! Have a normal race against oppenents on your favourite track with your favourite character!

Battle Race

In this race you have to attack your oppenents until they run out of hit points so they get knocked out of the track, will you be the winner?

Survival Race

This race is similar to a Free Race, but it has 7 Laps! Come in last on that lap and you won't be able to participate, will you be able to survive until the end and win, let's find out!

Team Race

Race in a group of three characters, one speed, one flight and one power. Work as a team and with the power of teamwork you might be able to win!

Tag Race

Work as a pair to get eachother to the end of the race, make sure the two get along well, or they won't do very good in the race!

Time Trials

Play on your own without oppenents to see if you can beat your record on a track, save your data and send it to your friends so they can try and beat you!

Relay Race

Choose 4 characters to be in your team and have a Relay Race to see if you can Relay your way to victory!


Check out all your records and achievements here.


Buy lots of new things with you points you've earned here, you can buy all sorts of things like characters and courses!


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...


In this mode you can change your options for the game so they fit your style! Don't want music on while you race, change it! Computers to challenging, change the diificulty!


Super Sonic Racing features a large roster of 24 characters altogether, most of which need to be unlocked via completing a certain task or mission. There are 6 Default Characters and 18 Unlockable Characters.

Default Characters

Icon Image Name Description Type Sp. Ability Sp. Move Stage
SonicIcon ASRT SONIC Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest thing alive is ready to race with his friends and rivals. Sonic is a Speed type character. Speed Spin Dash - Sonic preforms his Spin Dash and he can use this to pinball him down the track. Werehog - Sonic turns into a Werehog and can smash his oppenents out of the way. Green Hill
Tails Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic two tailed fox sidekick has joined Sonic to race, Tails is a Fly type character Fly Tail Spin - Tails spins his tails around attacking opponents from behind or blocking items. Tornado - Tails spins his tails at rapids speed to create a tornado which he rides him boosting his speed and spinning opponents and items away. Sky High Clouds
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