Super Smash Keyboards
Smashed keyboard
The Smash Keyboards Logo.
Developer(s) Namco Bandai Games, Inc.
Publisher(s) Driller TV, Inc.
Platform(s) Arcade, PC
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Keyboards
Successor Super Smash Keyboards 2
Release Date(s) Arcade: 1992

PC: 1993

Mode(s) Single Player
Media Included CD
Super Smash Keyboards is an arcade-style crossover fighting game developed by Namco and published by Driller TV, Inc. It is the first title in the Super Smash Keyboards series. 

The game introduced many key aspects of the Smash Keyboards series, including the unique four-button control scheme and insane final smashes. The game focuses on the journey of the otaku Leopold Slikk to save Earth from the evil scientist Dr. Manhole, ending with their confrontation in the tournament known as The Ultimate Keyboard Smash.


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Super Smash Keyboards is a fighting game in which players battle opponents in one-on-one matches, sometimes multiple and multi-man melees. The fighter that completely knocks the opponent off the stage has their computer get the Blue Screen of Death, and the first to inflict two blue screens wins the match. Each round is timed; if the match is still running when time runs out, it goes into sudden death, where they have one-hit-KOs.

Upon smashing a Smash Ball, players have the opportunity to finish off a match using a move called a Fatality (Final Smash). The Fatalities are usually lethal, these moves can send characters flying out of the arena or hitting the screen.


There are three modes in Super Smash Keyboards:

  • Classic: Defeat each enemy to advance.
    • Normal Battle: Win two of three rounds to advance.
    • 1 vs. 2: Win three of seven rounds to advance.
    • Giant Battle: Pair up with two allies and win two of five rounds to advance.
    • Free-for-All: Win four of thirteen rounds to advance.
    • Master Hand: Has 150 HP, win three of five battles to clear the game.
  • Multi-man Melee: Visit a place around the world and smash the given number of enemies to win.
    • India: 10 enemies
    • America: 50 enemies
    • Egypt: 100 enemies
    • North Pole: 200 enemies
  • All Star: Defeat every fighter in chronological order.

Playable Characters

Character Franchise Sprite Fatality Move (Final Smash)
Leopold Slikk Angry German Kid Leopold icon Super Charged Temper Tantrum Attack
Wataru Hoshi Space Ninja Team Star Trigon Wataruhoshi** Star Trigon Chainsaw
Konata Izumi Magical Girl Team Lucky Star Konata smashbros** Tranform into Princess Konata (Damage is doubled)
Susumu Hori Mr. Driller Susumu smashbros Block Outbreak

(*)Sprite is (C) KingMTJ

(**)Original concept by KingMTJ, was modified, but sprite is still (C) KingMTJ

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