Super Smash Bros Kart is a Super Smash Bros game for the Wii and MSNES.


The story begins when an explosion occurs in Mushroom Kingdom. They were Master Hand and Crazy Hand, they were attacking, because it would destroy all worlds. Then Mario them suggested to them that would would be a Kart competition. If they lose Master Hand will destroyed their world, but if you win Master Hand and Crazy Hand would go from there.


Resembles a real Item Box, but whoever touches it wipes out.

Rapidly press the button to shoot multiple small shots, or hold down the button for a larger shot.

If another race is directly in front, behind, or next to you, throw the Mr. Saturn at them repeatedly to slow them down.

Place a Land Mine on the track and anyone who drives over it wipes out.

Shoot laser shots at other racers.

Toss a Koopa Shell at other racers.

Grants temporary invincibility and increased speed.

Toss at other racers to blow them up.

Metallizes kart, preventing wipe outs.

touch another kart to pass the Poison Flower to them, and it will make the kart go slower temporarily.

If another kart is beside you, strike it with the Beam Sword repeatedly to wipe them out.


Most straight forward track in the game. Serves as the final track of every Cup.

Beware breakable blocks in the floor.

Watch out for Dodongos, Keese, and Stallchilds. Second half is through Hyrule Castle Town.

Largest track in the game. Beware random Pokemon.

Watch out for gusts of wind from Whispy Woods. Whispy wil lalso drop item boxes from his branches on occasion.

Track consists of various spacecraft from the Star Fox series. Beware Arwings and Wolfens firing at the track.

Track goes in and out of the plant Brinstar. Watch out for rising lava and Ridley.

Track has multiple speed boost pads.

Watch out for passing cars. Watch out for attacks from Porky.

Throughout the track are F-Zero racers. Collide with one and you'll wipe out.

Cours goes in and out of castles and courtyards. Watch out for rocks thrown by catapults, and crumbling castle walls.

Course changes seasons over time, changing certain layouts.

Watch out for attacking Metal Gears



Default Fighters
Mario Link
Special Item Fireball Special Item Bomb
Final Smash Super Mario Fire Final Smash Triforce Attack
Kirby Emblem
Special Item Inhale Special Item Thunder Jolt
Final Smash Cook Kirby Final Smash Volt Tackle
Fox Samus Aran
Fox McCloud
Special Item Blaster Special Item Missile
Final Smash Landmaster Final Smash Without Suit
Samus Whitout Suit Donkey Kong
Samus W S 1
Donkey Kong
Special Item Zero Laser Special Item Banana
Final Smash With Suit Final Smash Konga
Zelda Bowser
Princess Zelda
Special Item Din´s Fire Special Item Fire
Final Smash Light Arrow Final Smash Giga Bowser
Peach Yoshi
Special Item Parasol Special Item Eat
Final Smash Peach Blossom Final Smash Super Dragon
Ice Climber Emblem
Ice Climbers
Special Item Flower Shuriken Special Item Ice Shot
Final Smash Flower Storm Final Smash Iceberg
Pit Wario
Special Item Palutena´s Arrow Special Item Chomp
Final Smash Palutena's Army Final Smash Wario-Man
Fire Emblem Emblem
Pokémon Trainer
Pokemon trainer
Special Item Sword Special Item Flamesphere, Water Gun, Bullet Seed
Final Smash Critical Hit Final Smash Triple Finish
Earthbound Emblem
Pikmin Emblem Test
Captain Olimar
Captain Olimar
Special Item PK Item Special Item Pikmin Throw
Final Smash Starstorm Final Smash End of day
Special Item Dragoon
Final Smash Fish Meoter
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