Super Smash Bros 5. (tentative title)
Developer Sora Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo
Genres Fighting
Release Date TBD
Platform NX
Media Nintendo Optical Disc

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Super Smash Bros 5. (tentative title) is the next game in the incredibly popular Smash Bros franchise following after Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. This game has been confirmed to only have a console version unlike its predecessor. This is because the Wii U version was held back by the 3DS version in the last smash game. The game is once again being directed by Masahiro Sakurai who is accompanied by his team at Sora Ltd and Namco Bandai, who will be helping develop the game for the second time in the series. The game is set to be released as a launch title for Nintendo upcoming console the NX and was announced at E3 2015.


Challenger Approaching Mega Man Smash 5

The roster so far contains 19 characters. 15 of these are veterans (Including Mii Brawler, Sword Fighter and Gunner) and 3 being newcomers. Each newcomer represents a new series being added to the roster. These include the Inkling representing Splatoon, Takamaru representing Mysterious Castle Murasame and Shovel Knight representing the series by the same name. For more information on each character click on their image below:

Mario Smash 5
Donkey Kong Smash 5
Link Smash 5
Samus Smash 5
Kirby Smash 5
Fox Smash 5
Pikachu Smash 5
Pit Smash 5
Mii Smash 5
Inkling Smash 5
Takamaru Smash 5
Shovel Knight Smash 5
Marth Smash 5
Yoshi Smash 5
Lucario Smash 5
Villager Smash 5
Mega Man Smash 5


Stages within Super Smash Bros 5 just like Smash Wii U and 3DS will have an Omega version. This makes the stage be re-modeled like Final Destination. All Stages will also have a 8-Player version of both their Omega Version and Standard version. The ability to remove hazards on stages has also been added due to fan demand.

Battlefield Smash 5
Super Bell Hill Smash 5
Hyrule Field Smash 5
Turf War Smash 5
Mysterious Ninja Castle Smash 5
Plains of Passage Smash 5
DK Island Smash 5
Biosphere Smash 5
Lor Starcutter Smash 5
Tower of Mastery Smash 5
My Castle Smash 5
Craft Island Smash 5
Crossing Plaza Smash 5
Final Destination Smash 5

Returning Stages

Delfino Plaza Smash 5
Skyloft Smash 5
Pyrosphere Smash 5
Palutenas Temple Smash 5
Wilys Castle Smash5


Super Smash Bros 5. just like past smash games has many different modes. However this game is said to have more modes than any previous title.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode just like the previous Super Smash Bros games puts players up against multiple different stages. The different types of stages include Normal Smash Matches, Special Matches where you have matches such as team matches, or verse opponents with special attributes and also Stadium Stages. The player must defeat 10 stages consecutively each time you play the mode. At the end there is a boss you must defeat being Master Hand or Master Hand and Crazy Hand on Hard mode or higher. When completing classic mode you will earn a character trophy. Difficulty levels include: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Insane.

All-Star Mode

Players fight must fight against every character in the Super Smash Bros 5.roster. It starts from oldest to newest characters similarly to Smash 3DS. These characters are fought in groups of 6-8 characters. During the match you can heal yourself 3 times using Heart Containers. If you are KO'd you must begin the match all over again.

Master Orders and Crazy Orders

Both of these modes return from Smash Wii U and act exactly as they did in that game.

Home-Run Contest

Home-run Contest returns and again is able to be played with up to 4 players.

Target Blast

Target Blast returns acting actually as it did in Smash Wii U however it now has 5 different stages instead of 3.

Multi-Man Smash

Multi-Man Smash is returning to Super Smash Bros 5 with its many different modes. These include 10-Man Smash, 100-Man Smash, 3-Minute Smash, 15-Minute Smash, Endless Smash, Rival Smash and Cruel Smash.

Smash Mode

Allows for 2 - 8 Player to fight against each other or CPU's ranging from level 1 to 9 in regular smash matches. Special Mode also returns if players want to mix up their battles a little bit.


Trophy Gallery

This is where the many trophies you earned through the many modes in the game can be viewed. A shop is also include so players can buy new trophies with their earnings. There is also a Trophy Display mode where you can view all the trophies you have collected in one space.

Custom Fighters

This is where you can customize your Miis and other characters


Challenges return once again in this game functioning just like it did in Smash Wii U. These challenges can be completed in many different ways and you'll receive a reward for each challenge you complete.


The online features of this game have not yet been announced.


There are a lot of items in Smash 5. To get to the Items page click on the image below:

New Items Smash 5

Assist Trophies

Here are all the assist trophies announced so far all of which return from Smash 4.

Returning Assist Trophies Smash 5

Pokeball Pokemon

Here are all the Pokeball Pokemon announced so far. All of which are retuning from previous Smash Bros games.

Returning Pokeball Smash 5

New Features

Super Smash Bros 5. has many new features concerning stages, characters and much more. Most of these features either give the player more control over the game or enhance the experience of playing the game. The new features announced so far include:


Stages now all have an 8 player version and players are given the ability to remove stage hazards.

Character Aesthetics

Characters now even more closely resemble their looks in their respective franchises. Within battle characters now seem more conscious of what's going on. If they are about to be hit by a move they will look scared or shocked. Another change is that characters will now look toward their opponents no matter where they are. If an opponent is above them they will look up and if one is behind them they will look over their shoulder etc. Also as characters take damage they will look more and more as if they were beat up. For example the more damage Samus takes the more cracked her visor looks and the more scratches there are on her suit. This is a feature that was scrapped from Super Smash Bros Brawl.


All characters now have a unique victory theme when winning a match. Characters now only have one custom version of each of their special moves.


Development for Super Smash Bros 5. began straight after development of Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS's DLC finished. Nintendo had asked him to do this as they wanted the game to be a launch title for their upcoming NX console. Sakurai for the first few months of development was given a break and only worked on the design aspects of the game from his home. Meanwhile Sora Ltd. and Namco Bandai began developing the game. After his break Sakurai then rejoined the team and continued making the game. Sakurai's goal for this game was to make this "the best Smash Bros game ever made".

Sakurai wanted this smash game to not only add new characters to the game but to add to the existing characters as well. Sakurai has stated that, "We will be adding many surprising and unique fighters to the game". He also stated, "We want fans to be able to play as characters from past games and them feel new again". In an interview after the games announcement Sakurai was asked why the character Shovel Knight was added to the game. Sakurai said, that "during development Yacht Club Games reached out to me and asked about adding Shovel Knight to the game. We agreed due to Shovel Knight's popularity in the to the Smash Ballot".

Weekly Updates

Just like with Smash 4 this game will get small announcements on a regular basis. However instead of the pic of day Smash 5 will have weekly announcements. These have been confirmed to happen every Saturday until the games release. This is when Sakurai will post new information up on Miiverse about the games contents. The weekly announcements will be listed below.

June 16 - The game was officially announced along with the characters Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Pit, Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner, Mii Swordfighter, Inkling, Takamaru and Shovel Knight. Stages including Battlefield, Super Bell Hill, Hyrule Field, Turf War, Mysterious Ninja Castle and Plains of Passage were also announced as well as all returning items.

June 20 - The stages Biosphere, Lor Starcutter, DK Island and Tower of Mastery were confirmed

June 27 - For the release of Fire Emblem If in Japan Marth and the stage My Castle were confirmed. Some returning Assist Trophies were also confirmed

July 4 - Character pages for all veteran characters announced at E3 were added to the official website. These pages detail the characters moves and abilities as well as their custom moves. All returning Pokeball Pokémon were also confirmed.

July 11 - Marth and the Inklings character pages were added to the official website.

July 18 - For the release of Yoshi's Woolly World and Pokken Tournament in Japan Yoshi and Lucario were confirmed. The Craft Island stage was also announced.

July 25 - Character pages for the characters Yoshi, Lucario, Takamaru and Shovel Knight were added to the official website making it so all characters announced to date have got pages.

August 1 - Villager and the Crossing Plaza stage were announced for the release of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer in Japan.

August 8 - The stage Final Destination was confirmed along with the returning stages, Delfino Plaza, Skyloft, Pyrosphere and Palutena's Temple. The assist trophies Tingle, Ghirahim and Isabelle were also confirmed to return.

August 15 - Some New Items were confirmed including the Double Cherry, Lantern, Zap Fish and many others.

August 22 - An Items page was added to the official website detailing all the items announced so far.

August 29 - Mega Man aswell as the stage Wily's Castle and the assist trophy Elec Man were all confirmed to celebrate the release of Mega Man Legacy Collection.

September 6 - Character pages for Villager and Mega Man were added to the Official Website.

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