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Super Smash Bros. Xtreme Logo
SSB Xtreme Cover
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan Late 2010
25px-Flag of USA Late 2010
25px-Flag of Europe Late 2010
25px-Flag of Australia Late 2010
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) TenUp
Media Included DS Card

Super Smash Bros. Xtreme is a Super Smash Bros. game that was worked on by EEA Inc., but taken over by Starphare Inc. for the Nintendo DS. The game is the first Super Smash Bros. game on a hand-held game system. Super Smash Bros. Xtreme is the first Super Smash Bros. game to be spritzed, as well as the first to be rated E10+ (Mild Cartoon Violence and Mild Crude Humor).


Super Smash Bros. Xtreme was revealed in mid 2009 and planned to release shortly after. However, the creators put in so much work, that the game was held back, and later remodeled to a 2D sprite platform. in 2010, the game was near completion when the Nintendo 3DS was confirmed to release in October. The game was officially confirmed to release for the original DS in later 2010. The game has no information at E2-A1 2010 and was supposedly canceled. It is unknown if the game will be release on the 3DS or will just be canceled.

As of 2012, April 10, EEA Inc. has announced that Starphare will be taking over the project, however, Starphare may put this game on hold. due to Starphare's many other projects.


Part 1

It all begins as a normal day in the Smash World, when strange clones start impersonating Nintendo's greatest heroes and villains, leading to totally chaos and destruction. The true heroes and villains of Nintendo, including Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu and loads more come together to stop a sly unknown villain from obliterating all universes. On the way, they meet up with new heroes and challengers to the Smash World.

Part 2 coming soon


Veteran Fighters

Series Fighter Biography Sprite
File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif Mario Everyone's favorite Italian plumber, returns for some duel screen action. His jumps are better than ever, and he's brought new friends to join the fight as well. The question is, who will they be? Mario SSBX
File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif Peach She may look like your average damsel in distress, by when she gets mad, shes a real fighter! Not only is Peach tough in a way, the power of love is said to be one of the strongest things in the world... Peach SSBX
File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif Bowser The mighty king of the Koopas returns and is ready to pick a fight with Mario. This time around, he can command his minions to ether protect him or attack. Bowser also using the Vacuum Mushroom in battle! Bowser SSBX
File:Yoshi Emblem.gif Yoshi Ah, how cute! But still, don't let the cuteness of this dino brawler fool you. His tough is as fast as lightning and he's looking for a snack. You know how it gets in the Battlefield these days. Yoshi SSBX
File:Wario Emblem.gif Wario Hey, whats that smell?! It's Wario! This gross muscular man has unique abilities. Choose WarioWare, and you'll get the classic abilities from Brawl, but choose the Wario Land, and you'll all get new moves! Wario SSBX
File:Donkey Kong Emblem.gif Donkey Kong ???
File:Donkey Kong Emblem.gif Diddy Kong What do you know? Diddy Kong decided to take a second swing around the battlefield. Packed with new abilities, Diddy is better than ever but a small slip on a Banana and he might end up back in the jungle. Diddy Kong SSBX
Legend of Zelda Emblem Link No way, the swordsman Link returns?! He pretty much has the same moves from Brawl with very little changes. Some would say that Link's classic moves have grown stronger each time a new battle begins. Link SSBX
Legend of Zelda Emblem Zelda/Sheik ???
Kirby Emblem Kirby What's that pink puffball floating around? Why, it's none other Kirby. Kirby's abilities haven't changed much but he has received a new final smash, which is a total secret, saved for the game's release... Kirby SSBX
Kirby Emblem Meta Knight ???
Kirby Emblem King Dedede King Dedede, the selfish self-proclaimed king of Dreamland makes his second time around the battle field with a score to settle with Kirby. He's got a pretty big hammer, but how dangerous could it be?... Dedede SSBX
File:Pokémon Emblem.gif Pikachu Zap! The famous electric type Pokémon joins the fight once more. He's a bit feisty this time around...but ahhhh, he's so cute. But be very careful when petting him. Could his power have developed over time? Pikachu SSBX
File:Pokémon Emblem.gif Pokémon Trainer Is it really Pokémon Trainer from Brawl? The truth is, it isn't. This trainer is currently the newest trainer from Gen. IV. His clan consists of three new Pokémon, Turtwig, Monferno, and Empoleon. 27px
Earthbound Emblem Lucas ???
File:Star Fox Emblem.gif Fox What do you know, Star Fox himself decided to make his fourth time around the battlefield. Fox's abilities are pretty classic but his new final smash, Arwing Attack is something to watch out for... Fox SSBX
File:Metroid Emblem.gif Samus/Zero Suit Samus The swift bounty hunter in the bulky Power Suit returns once again to join the Xtreme rumble. She keeps most of her old moves as Samus, including the Zero Suit Samus transformation, gaining new powers. Samus SSBX
Ice Climber Emblem Ice Climbers Jump for joy! Everyone's favorite ice climbing, hammer hitting duo returns! The Ice Climbers, Popo and Nana, brawl using the classic abilities, like most fighters around here. But still, it's part of their charm. Ice Climbers SSBX
Fire Emblem Emblem Ike ???
File:Kid Icarus Emblem.gif Pit The angel kid from Angel Land makes a second appearance in the Smash Kingdom. His move set is a bit updated like most fighters, especially the fact that he can fly much longer than he could in Brawl. Pit SSBX
File:Pikmin Emblem.gif Olimar Olimar, the little spaceman rockets in for round 2. He controls many different Pikmin, including Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, and his newest addition, Green Pikmin. Now that's a lot of minions. Olimar SSBX
Sonic Emblem Sonic The blue blur makes a speedy return the Xtreme battle and it looks like he's faster than ever before. It also looks like you won't have to unlock him this time around. Wait, does that mean something... Sonic SSBX

Secret Fighters

Series Fighter
File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif Luigi
File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif Daisy
File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif Bowser Jr.
File:Yoshi Emblem.gif Baby Mario Bros.
Legend of Zelda Emblem Ganondorf
Legend of Zelda Emblem Toon Link
Legend of Zelda Emblem Toon Zelda
File:Pokémon Emblem.gif Jigglypuff
File:Pokémon Emblem.gif Lucario
File:Pokémon Emblem.gif Plusle & Minun
File:Star Fox Emblem.gif Falco
File:Star Fox Emblem.gif Wolf
Earthbound Emblem Ness
Fire Emblem Emblem Marth
File:Pikmin Emblem.gif Louie
Sonic Emblem Knuckles
Sonic Emblem Dr. Eggman
Pac-Man Emblem Pac-Man
File:Animal Crossing Emblem.gif Tom Nook
File:F-Zero Emblem.gif Captain Falcon
BrawlGandW Mr. Game & Watch
File:ROB Emblem.gif R.O.B.

Assist Trophies

Retro Assist Trophies

New Assist Trophies


Classic Mode Bosses

Adventure Mode Bosses

Craze Maze Bosses

All the Koopalings are found in Craze Maze in Adventure Mode. The player must defeat the Koopalings in the order listed and then fight Bowser Jr. to make him join his/her team.


New Stages

Series Stage Description
File:Super Smash Bros. Emblem.gif Battlefield A simple stage with no gimmicks added, just like the Brawl version. The stage's design hasn't changed much, but with the new theme and new scenery, you'll see it as a whole new stage.
File:Super Smash Bros. Emblem.gif Final Destination Like the Battlefield, no gimmicks added and hasn't changed much since Brawl. This stage is famous for being the last stage in Classic Mode, where the epic battle of Master Hand and Crazy Hand take place.
File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif Good Egg Galaxy The one of the first ever galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy comes to Super Smash Bros. Xtreme! As you fight, your brawler floats though space, landing on unique planets and meeting strange alien-like Goombas.
File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif New Mushroomy Kingdom Hmm, this stage look familiar. And why is everyone and everything saying bah every ten seconds. Anyway, this stage is a lot like the Mushroomy Kingdom stage in Brawl but has a bit of New touch to it.
Legend of Zelda Emblem Hyrule Marketplace What do you know, a new Legend of Zelda stage! Hyrule Marketplace, officially named Castle Town, is quite peaceful these days. Well, there still are a few surprises. Maybe a riot or two, but nothing major.
Legend of Zelda Emblem Train Station ???
File:Pokémon Emblem.gif Safari Zone Wow, what a crowded place, the Safari Zone. Pokémon Trainers come from all over to find and catch rare Pokémon. And when theirs rare Pokémon that can, well, lets just say, stay away from the Poké battles.
File:Star Fox Emblem.gif Area 6 Well what do you know, another Star Fox stage appears! Since your out in space, black holes appear now and then and even Arwings fly back and try to snipe you. If your lucky, you might even see the Wolfen.
File:Metroid Emblem.gif Federation Ship ???
Sonic Emblem Eggman Land A strange new gizmo stage that was build by Eggman or maybe it was his robots. Anyway, this stage his many things to watch out for, like conveyor belts and other robotics that can blast you clear off the globe.
Pac-Man Emblem Pac-Land ???

Retro Stages

These are stages that previously appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For more information on them, see here.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Melee



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