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Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Donkey Kong (1981)
Mario SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Fireball
Mario throws a single fireball from his hands. It is a rather weak projectile which bounces along the ground. However, it can be spammed and is used as a way to combo opponents.
Side Special - Cappy
Mario grabs his hat and throws it before returning to Mario. Cappy also serves as extra recovery for Mario.
Up Special - Super Jump Punch
Mario jumps up in the air. If this move hits an opponent, Coins, Regional Coins, Cappy or Baby Luma will appear.
Down Special - F.L.U.D.D.
Mario grabs FLUDD's noose and sprays out a stream of water. FLUDD's stream of water does no damage but pushes the opponents backwards.
Final Smash - Mario Finale
Mario unleashes a torrent of fire in front of him, it covers a wide range and travels far.

Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Mario Bros. (1983)
Luigi SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Fireball
Luigi fires a spammable Green Fireball, similar to Mario's Fireball but it deals more damage and isn't affected by gravity.
Side Special - Green Missile
Luigi crouches down and shoots himself forward like a missile. If this move is charged for a few more seconds, he will shoot himself further and deal more damage (if he hits them using this move)
Up Special - Burst
The Poltergust G-00 is strapped onto Luigi's back before sending out a shockwave, launching Luigi into the air and blowing nearby opponents away.
Down Special - Luigi Cyclone
Luigi spins around like a cyclone, creating a vortex that drags anyone (within range) in before blasting them upwards
Final Smash - Poltergust G-00
Luigi grabs his Poltergust G-00 and sucks any opponent caught within it's vacuum in, damaging opponents inside. Luigi will then release the trapped opponents one by one.

Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Peach SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Toad
Toad will stand in front of Princess Peach and shields her, when hit by a physical move, Toad will punch the opponent as a counter.
Side Special - Toad Tackle
Toad will run around flailing around running back and forth, and if an opponent is in range he'll tackle opponents, dealing large amounts of damage, however like Luma, he is easily destroyed with any attacks.
Up Special - Peach Parasol
Peach jumps upwards with a closed parasol above her, stabbing those in her way, then opens it and floats down to the ground.
Down Special - Vegetables
Peach will pluck a vegetable from the ground and throw it, damage varies from face and vegetable type. She can pluck Turnips, Cabbage, Pepper and Onions as well as Bob-ombs and Mr Saturns.
Final Smash - Peach Blossom
Peach will dance around as Peaches appear and the ground turns into a sleep zone. Toads will now appear to grab the Peaches and sleeping opponents to Peach, and once the Final Smash has ended, Peach can eat the Peaches to heal and do anything to sleeping opponents.

Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Bowser SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Fire Breath
Bowser will blow a stream of fire from his mouth, if you use this move too much, then the move will slowly lose it's effectiveness.
Side Special - Flying Slam
Bowser grabs an opponent, jumps up in the air and bellyflops on them upon landing. Instantly KO's any opponents at 120%.
Up Special - Whirling Fortress
Bowser hides in his spiky shell and rapidly spins around in it, which propels Bowser upwards, but it is a rather poor recovery.
Down Special - Bowser Bomb
Bowser jumps up and comes down to do a hard ground-pound. It is capable of damaging opponents nearby and breaking full shields.
Final Smash - Giga Bowser Punch
Bowser turns into Giga-Bowser then teleports to the background. Then a red marking will appear to indicates where he'll punch, the punches the screen, dragging opponents with it.

Dr Mario
Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Dr. Mario (1990)
DrMario SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Megavitamins
Dr. Mario will throw a Megavitamin from his hands. This is a useful way to put and maintain pressure on opponents as well as a good startup for KO'ing opponents.
Side Special - Super Sheet
Dr. Mario will flip a white hospital sheet upwards, which reflects any opponents or any projectiles in the opposite direction.
Up Special - Super Jump Punch
Dr. Mario will jump up doing an uppercut, which sends him going upwards. However, it is a poor recovery option and suits better as a "finisher" attack rather than a recovery.
Down Special - Dr. Tornado
Dr. Mario will spin around rapidly, like a tornado. This creates a mini vortex in the move which can suck in nearby opponents and blast them upwards.
Final Smash - Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario will teleport to the background as viruses fly around the stage, damaging opponents. This is followed by Dr Mario dropping Megavitamins onto the stage. However, there will be an explosion if a same coloured Megavitamin matches with the same colour Virus, which can KO opponents instantly if they're at 25%.

Rosalina & Luma
Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Rosalina & Luma SSBU
Neutral Special - Luma Shot
Rosalina launches her Luma forward. When this move is charged more, Luma will be invincible. However, if Luma is KO'ed, the move is unusable.
Side Special - Star Bits
Luma will fire three-star bits forwards. While keeping approachers at bay, this move is considered unless without Luma.
Up Special - Launch Star
Rosalina uses a Launch Star to launch herself upwards. If Luma is present during the recovery it can use aerial attacks, making it harder for opponents to knock her back down to the blast zone.
Down Special - Gravitational Pull
Rosalina waves a star cursor around to gravitate nearby items or projectiles near her and the item will be used. However, this could be a way to attack her if you've certain items like Bob-ombs.
Final Smash - Grand Star
Rosalina will summon a Grand Star and it sucks nearby opponents in, which damages them when in contact as well as shooting stars, then it explodes shooting trapped opponents and more stars.

Bowser Jr.
Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
BowserJr SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Clown Cannon
Bowser Jr's Clown Car's mouth will open to reveal a cannon, which blasts a cannonball from it. If charged to the max, it's speed and power increases. It can also be used to thwart recovery attempts if you space out properly.
Side Special - Clown Kart Dash
Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car transforms into a Go-Kart and dashes forwards. Moving your control stick the other way makes Bowser Jr. preform a doughnut, which is more deadly than the initial dash.
Up Special - Abandon Ship!
Bowser Jr. gets ejected from his Clown Car and falls back down onto the ground, landing in another clown car. He can still attack you with his hammer so he's not fully useless in the air in case you underestimate him and decide to strike him in air.
Down Special - Mechakoopa
The Clown Car releases a Mechakoopa from its underside hatch, once on the ground, it'll move forwards until it reaches a dead-end then it turns around and walks again. It will detonate after a while or when it hits an opponent.
Final Smash - Shadow Mario Paint
Bowser Jr. turns into Shadow Mario and with his Magic Paintbrush, paints the whole screen, damaging anyone in the paint's hitbox before blasting them away.

Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Super Mario Land (1989)
Daisy SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Tokotoko
A Tokotoko will appear in front of Daisy, acting as a shield. If hit it'll dash towards opponents then fall.
Side Special - Daisy Dice Block
Daisy will roll a Daisy Dice Block from Super Mario Party and explodes. Depending on what number it rolls on is the amount of damage it deal.
Up Special - Flower Glider
Daisy grabs a Flower Glider from Mario Kart. This acts like Peach's Parasol but as a less effective recovery.
Down Special - Sports Ball
Daisy grabs a sports ball then throws it. The damage depends on what sports ball she grabs, which is either Tennis Ball, Basketball, Football, Soccer ball, Baseball, Volley Ball and Bowling Ball.
Final Smash - Daisy Circuit
A bunch of Shy Guys in Go-Karts run over opponents, then a cinematic will show Daisy and a bunch of Shy Guys racing on Daisy Circuit, the opponents fall on the finish line and the Go-karters speed through the line, with Daisy being the first.

Piranha Plant
Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
PiranhaPlant SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Ptooie
Piranha Plant will spit a spiky metal ball up and blows it upwards, which keeps it in place. The spiky ball can be blown upwards, left and right depending on which direction you want it to go.
Side Special - Poison Breath
Piranha Plant gauges up poison and when his head changing colour, spews it out, creating a poisonous fog which blinds and damages opponents it.
Up Special - Piranhacopter
The leaves on Piranha Plant spins around, creating a propeller that lifts it upwards. It's an effective recovery that even if you're near the blast zone, you can propel yourself upwards.
Down Special - Long-Stem Strike
Piranha Plant descends into his pot then after a while strikes outwards to the nearest opponent, stretching it's stem to the limit.
Final Smash - Petey Piranha
Piranha Plant summons Petey, who'll hop around holding two cages, akin to his boss fight in Subspace Emissary. Then after a while, he'll breathe fire onto both the cages and slams them onto the ground.

Series: Super Mario
Debut Appearance: Super Mario RPG (1996)
Geno Nibroc-Rock
Neutral Special - Geno Beam
Geno charges up an energy beam from his gun and releases it. If charged for a bit more then the beam will be a lot more powerful and has better hitboxes.
Side Special - Geno Whirl
Geno creates a disc of light and throws it like a frisbee. This disc will go forwards and disappears after it reaches its full distance or when it hits an opponent.
Up Special - Geno Flash
Geno will turn into a cannon and blasts himself upwards as a sun, then he'll slowly expand, hitting anyone in the process and turns back to Geno. Overall, this works as an effective recovery and attack move. The cannon blast can be angled.
Down Special - Geno Boost
Geno will stand there and boosts his attack power by a few percentages, this is only a temporary effect and cannot be used again until the effect wears off.
Final Smash - Geno Blast
Geno will summon dozens of light beams which heavily rain down on the stage and hit opponents in its paths. This is a final smash that is difficult to avoid so be very prepared for this Final Smash.

Donkey Kong
Series: Donkey Kong
Debut Appearance: Donkey Kong (1981)
DonkeyKong SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Giant Punch
Donkey Kong will spin his giant arm, then when the special button is pressed, he thrusts his arm and does a powerful punch.
Side Special - Headbutt
Donkey Kong will headbutt an opponent this buries them into the ground. The more damage the opponent already had, the more time they stay stuck in the hole.
Up Special - Spinning Kong
Donkey Kong rapidly spins around like a helicopter, however, this isn't an effective recovery for vertical distance.
Down Special - Hand Slap
Donkey Kong will slap the ground, which causes Earth Tremors that trips opponents. Repeatedly pressing the special button will make Donkey Kong repeatedly slap the ground.
Final Smash - Kongo Bongo Slap
Donkey Kong will play his Bongo Drum, which attracts opponents near Donkey Kong and after a few seconds, Donkey Kong will do a stronger version of Hand Slap, the Final Smash ending with three more big hand slaps.

Diddy Kong
Series: Donkey Kong
Debut Appearance: Donkey Kong Country (1994)
DiddyKong SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Peanut Popgun
Diddy Kong grabs his Peanut Popgun and shoot peanuts from it. This move can be charged, but if it's charged for too long it explodes in his face and damage him.
Side Special - Monkey Flip
Diddy Kong will backflip and grab an opponent that unfortunately is in his paths. When he latches onto them, he'll attack them by scratching or chopping them then backflips off them.
Up Special - Rocketbarrel Boost
Diddy Kong will wear his Rocketbarrel and charges up the attack. Then when charged, Diddy Kong will fly upwards before falling down.
Down Special - Banana Peel
Diddy Kong throws one banana peel onto the stage. This banana peel will make opponents slip and fall down, this allows Diddy Kong to control the stage. Only a maximum of one banana peel can be on the stage.
Final Smash - Hyper Rocketbarrel
Diddy Kong will wear his rocketbarrel and flies in different directions, hitting opponents, then after a few more clashes, he finishes the Final Smash by crashing into an opponent.

King K. Rool
Series: Donkey Kong
Debut Appearance: Donkey Kong Country (1994)
KingKRool SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Blunderbuss
K. Rool puts on his Pirate Hat and takes out his Blunderbuss and shoots out a Kannonball. The Blunderbuss can also suck in his own Kannonball and opponents in then shoot them out.
Side Special - Crownerang
K. Rool grabs his crown off his head and throws it, the Crown acts like a Boomerang, flying to one direction then coming back to him. However, if he doesn't pick it up, it can be taken by an opponent and be used as an item.
Up Special - Propellerpack
K. Rool equips his Propellerpack and hovers upwards. While he's a heavyweight, the surprising thing for this recovery is that it covers great vertical distance.
Down Special - Gut Check
K. Rool puffs up his stomach. This acts as a counter as well as a reflector against projectile.
Final Smash - Blast-O-Matic
K. Rool stomps, then lunges at stunned opponents. This leads to a cutscene where the opponents land on DK Island and K. Rool laughing evilly as he blows DK Island to smithereens with his Blast-O-Matic.

Dixie Kong
Series: Donkey Kong
Debut Appearance: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest (1995)
Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Neutral Special - Bubblegum Popgun
Dixie Kong grabs out her Bubblegum Popgun then shoots a bubblegum. When it lands on the ground it serves as a trap, sticking opponents to it, the more charged the attack is, the more time it sticks to the ground and of course, the more time it keeps opponents stuck on it.
Side Special - Barrel Throw
Dixie Kong uses her Pony Tail to throw a barrel. The barrel breaks upon touching something but it deals a medium amount of damage.
Up Special - Ponytail-copter
Dixie Kong will twirl her ponytail, making her fly upwards, then after the big ascent, she slowly hovers downwards.
Down Special - Bubblegumm Bubble
Dixie Kong chews bubblegum and blows a bubble, any Items, Assist, Pokemon or Opponents that touch it get stuck in it. The more damaged opponents are the more time they stay in the bubble, of course, this move is risky because it has slow start-up and end lag, and the bubble can be destroyed with one hit.
Final Smash - Gyrocopter
Dixie Kong hops off the stage and comes back on a Gyrocopter, driven by Kiddy Kong. Dixie Kong will continue to shoot Bubblegum at opponents before Kiddy drives the Gyrocopter into opponents.
Series: Legend of Zelda
Debut Appearance: The Legend of Zelda (1986)
Link SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Bow and Arrows
Link grabs out his Traveller's Bow and fires an arrow in front of him. When charged more the arrow will go further. When an arrow falls it can be picked up and used as items, so if Link uses this move with an arrow he already fired and picked up, he fires two arrows.
Side Special - Boomerang
Link grabs his Boomerang and throws it, much like the actual thing, the Boomerang flies back to him, but not before striking opponents, dealing high knockback.
Up Special - Revali's Gale
The Spirit of Revali appears and the wind flies around him, then Link grabs a Paraglider and he flies up. This recovery is slow, but it covers a lot of vertical distance.
Down Special - Remote Bomb
Link pulls out a Remote Bomb and throws it. After throwing it, Link can either use his Sheikah Slate to detonate it or leave it for 30 seconds. It can be used as a recovery at high percentages.
Final Smash - Ancient Bow and Arrow
Link quickly pulls out his Ancient Bow and Arrow and charges the Ancient Arrow, then fires it forwards, if it comes into contact with anything it explodes. While not the best Final Smash in terms of damage output it does have a high per cent of KO'ing an opponent.

Series: Legend of Zelda
Debut Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
Sheik SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Needle Storm
Sheik grabs 1-6 Needles that can be thrown or stored for later uses. When used in the air she'll throw the needle downwards. This is utilised as a camping/zoning move.
Side Special - Burst Grenade
Sheik throws a grenade which creates a small vortex, sucking opponents in and exploding.
Up Special - Vanish
Sheik breaks a Deku Nut to disappear without being seen, then reappears in another location, usually near the edge.
Down Special - Bouncing Fish
Sheik will flip through the air, then if the attack connects with the opponent, she backflips off them using her heel.
Final Smash - Sheikah Dance
Sheik takes out her dagger and dashes forwards. If she strikes anyone a Sheikah Eye Symbol appears and she will then slash opponents with it.

Series: Legend of Zelda
Debut Appearance: The Legend of Zelda (1986)
Zelda SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Nayru's Love
Zelda creates a Crytal Barrier around her, shield herself from projectiles and hurt opponents.
Side Special - Din's Fire
Zelda fires a controllable fireball, when the special button is released, it'll explode. The inner part of the fireball is the move's sweetspot and it can KO opponents at around 90%
Up Special - Farore's Wind
Green ribbons/winds wrap themselves around Zelda and she warps to another position on the stage.
Down Special - Phantom Slash
Zelda creates each Phantom Armour piece and pieces it together like a puzzle then when complete, she makes it attack. The attack depends on how much of the Phantom is built.
Final Smash - Triforce of Wisdom
Zelda uses her Triforce of Wisdom to create a triangular vortex which sucks opponents in it and launches them out, if the opponent is over 100% then they'll be KO'ed.
Young Link
Series: Legend of Zelda
Debut Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
YoungLink SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Fire Arrow
Young Link takes out his Fairy Bow and fires a Fire Arrow, if it's charged more, it'll travel further.
Side Special - Boomerang
Young Link throws a Boomerang, being a Boomerang, it will come back to Link.
Up Special - Spin Attack
Young Link spins around with his sword outwards, it can be charged for more vertical distance and more damage.
Down Special - Bomb
Young Link takes out a bomb. If it hits a surface or an opponent it explodes, however, it can be used as a recovery tool. When using Fire Arrow while having a bomb in your hand it turns into a Bomb Arrow which explodes when it touches a surface or leave it to automatically detonate.
Final Smash - Deity Slash
Young Link wears his fierce deity mask and turns into Fierce Deity Link, then fires a thin beam of light from his palms. If anyone get caught in the beam's hitbox, Fierce Deity Link dashes forwards and slashes opponents while the Triforce appears.

Series: Legend of Zelda
Debut Appearance: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
Ganondorf SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Fire Bats
Ganondorf spins his Trident above him and three bats made of fire appears, then they'll home in on opponents. However, just move a bit and they'll miss cause they won't home in on where you would be.
Side Special - Dead Man's Volley
Ganondorf fires a magical sphere that can be deflected back to him, the more, it's deflected, the faster it goes, making the timing for deflecting the projectile a lot more harder.
Up Special - Calamity Warp
Ganondorf throws the Trident and keeps warping to where it is. You can control where the trident goes, but it's predictable and this recovery can lead to Ganondorf's easy punish.
Down Special - Wizard's Foot
Ganondorf infuses his foot with dark energy before kicking forwards, if it's used in the air he'll kick downwards.
Final Smash - Ganon, The Demon King
Ganondorf transforms into The Demon King, then proceeding to slash downwards using his dual swords and charging forwards.
Toon Link
Series: Legend of Zelda
Debut Appearance: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (2002)
ToonLink SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Hero's Bow
Toon Link grabs out his Hero's Bow and fires an arrow. If charged for longer, the arrow travels a further distance and deals more damage.
Side Special - Boomerang
Toon Link throws his Boomerang, this will return back to him eventually.
Up Special - Spin Attack
Toon Link slashes outwards, propelling him in the air. If opponents are at a certain percentage, it'll be an instant KO.
Down Special - Bomb
Toon Link pulls out a bomb and throws it. This is like Young Link's bomb and he can use it along with his Hero's Bow to shoot a Bomb Arrow.
Final Smash - Quad-Link Slash
Toon Link dashes forward and slashes, then once an opponent is caught, the other three Links, Red, Blue and Purple (colour depends on alt) will dash towards the opponent's back and all four Links will begin barraging the opponents with slashes.

Skull Kid
Series: Legend of Zelda
Debut Appearance: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
522px-MM3D Skull Kid Artwork
Neutral Special - Majora's Beam
The Majora's Mask will shoot a laser from its eyes, this laser can be moved up and down on the short-range it can travel on.
Side Special - Puppet
Skull Kid summons a puppet, who'll drop from above, then the puppet will move around trying to strike opponents nearby.
Up Special - Hide & Seek
Skull Kid will disappear into the air, only to reappear at a higher place.
Down Special - Majora's Curse
Majora's Mask will send purple swirls from it, when these swirls come into contact with an opponent they sleep.
Final Smash - Final Hour
Majora's Mask will slowly transform into Majora's Incarnation, then Majora's Wrath, then whips it's arm forwards. The whipped opponent will be sent into a cinematic in Clock Town where the Moon lands on them.

Series: Metroid
Debut Appearance: Metroid (1986)
3DS MetroidSamusReturns char 015
Neutral Special - Arm Cannon / Bomb
Samus shoots either a Missile or Beam forwards, depending on what projectile she's using. Beams are a lot faster and can start combos while Missiles are a "finisher" sort of move.

As a Morph Ball, Samus can drop a maximum of three bombs using this move, after a short while, they detonate.

Side Special - Speed Boost / Boost Ball
Samus boosts her speed, allowing her to run as fast as Sonic for a short time, this move cannot be used again until she has been KO'ed.

As a Morph Ball, Samus boosts herself to whatever direction the analog stick in in.

Up Special - Shine Spark / Spider Ball
Samus uses Shinespark, which allows her to fly Up, Down, Left or Right. This move's power will increase and will cover more distance if used after Speed Boost has been activated.

As a Morph Ball, Samus attaches and clings onto any in-ranged surfaces she touches for a short while, although, she can be knocked off the surface.

Down Special - Morph Ball
Samus turns into a Morph Ball and stays as a Morph Ball, in this state, she can only use Special Attacks that are created for this form as well as rolling around the stage. To change back into Samus, just press the Down B button again.
Final Smash - Zero Laser
Samus will fire a large blue beam in front of her, this Final Smash lasts for four seconds before ending, dealing large amounts of damage on opponents.

Zero Suit Samus
Series: Metroid
Debut Appearance: Metroid: Zero Mission (2004)
ZeroSuitSamus SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Paralyzer
Zero Suit Samus kneels down and takes out a Paralyzer, then shoots a small bolt of lightning, stunning anyone for a few seconds when hit.
Side Special - Plasma Whip
Zero Suit Samus kneels down and unleashes her Plasma Whip then swirls it around, hitting opponents several times. Can be used as Tether Recovery.
Up Special - Boost Kick
Zero Suit Samus' Jet Boots will activate, then she'll kick upwards. This move can KO some opponents in air.
Down Special - Flip Jump
Zero Suit Samus will use a type of kick from Wushu, which makes her jump and flip through the air, if she lands on someone, they'll be buried.
Final Smash - Zero Laser
Zero Suit Samus will land on her Gunship with her Power Suit on, before a cursor shows on screen, then Samus fires a laser. This cursor will let you guide the laser.

Series: Metroid
Debut Appearance: Metroid (1986)
Ridley SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Plasma Breath
Ridley will open his mouth and charge up it's fireball, then shoots up to a maximum of five Fireballs from his mouth, which is subjected to gravity, like Mario's.
Side Special - Space Pirate Rush
Ridley dashes forward and grabs an opponent, then savagely slams them on the ground and drags them on the ground before throwing them.
Up Special - Wing Blitz
Purple Aura covers Ridley's Wings, then Ridley will push itself upwards on either direction.
Down Special - Skewer
Ridley brings his tailback before pushing it forwards, stabbing opponents. Its Sweetspot allows this move's damage to deal 50%
Final Smash - Plasma Scream
Ridley roars and dashes forwards, if an opponent is hit, they'll be stuck onto Samus' Gunship, charges a laser and engulfs the opponent and the Gunship. Instantly KOs opponents at 100%

Dark Samus
Series: Metroid
Debut Appearance: Metroid Prime (2002)
DarkSamus SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Phazon Charge
Dark Samus points her arm cannon upwards, then charges an energy blast. Then, when released, the energy projectile will suspend itself in the air before homing in on an opponent. The projectile decreases in size each second it stays in the air.
Side Special - Metroid Pool
Dark Samus summons a pool of Phazon, which summons a Metroid, who'll proceed to home in on the nearest opponent and charge at them.
Up Special - Phazon Dive
Phazon Energy surrounds Dark Samus and she will levitate upwards before diving downwards.
Down Special - Phazon Tentacles
Dark Samus slams her Arm Cannon onto the ground, releasing large, blue tentacles from the ground, which does big damage to opponents and blocks projectiles. However, this has slow start-up and ending lag.
Final Smash - Phazon Laser
Dark Samus will fire a big blue laser in front of her. This acts similarly to Samus' Zero laser.

Series: Yoshi
Debut Appearance: Super Mario World (1990)
Yoshi SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Egg Lay
Yoshi sticks out his tongue, grabs an opponent and traps them in a Yoshi Egg. The amount of time they spend trapped in there depends on their damage, so it's a useful tool for KO'ing someone at high percentages.
Side Special - Egg Roll
Yoshi encases himself within a Yoshi Egg, then proceeds to roll around, the direction Yoshi rolls in depends on the direction of the analog stick.
Up Special - Egg Throw
Yoshi preforms a Flutter Jump while throwing a Yoshi Egg, the egg is useful as a projectile but it leaves Yoshi open to be punished.
Down Special - Yoshi Bomb
Yoshi jumps up and does a ground pound, once he pounds on the ground, two stars appear that can damage opponents.
Final Smash - Stampede!
Yoshi headbutts opponents to a cinematic where the opponent falls onto a ravine while dozens and dozens of Yoshis stampede on the fallen opponent.

Yarn Yoshi
Series: Yoshi
Debut Appearance: Yoshi's Wooly World (2014)
Neutral Special - Yarn Egg
Yarn Yoshi sticks his tongue out and swallows them and traps them inside a Yarn Yoshi Egg. Like Yoshi's, the amount of time they're trapped in there depends on their damage.
Side Special - Yarn Roll
Yarn Yoshi encases himself inside a Yarn Yoshi Egg and rolls around, there is a stray string that will unravel the egg, which shows the time left that Yarn Yoshi can roll inside the egg.
Up Special - Yarn Throw
Yarn Yoshi's legs turn into propellers and throws a Yarn Ball. This move is one of those decent recoveries but isn't very good in terms of attacks.
Down Special - Yarn Bomb
Yarn Yoshi jumps up and Ground Pounds downwards, it's like Yoshi's Yoshi Bomb but the stars are replaced with Yarn Balls.
Final Smash - Wonder Spell
Yarn Yoshi hides in a Wooly Yoshi nest while Yarn Kamek and Baby Bowser flies in. A cursor will appear on screen where if you press any button, Kamek launches a spell that can launch opponents and KO them.

Series: Kirby
Debut Appearance: Kirby's Dreamland (1992)
Kirby SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Inhale
Kirby inhales an opponent, then copies their Neutral Special move. Whose Neutral Special move Kirby copied will be signified by a accessory on Kirby.
Side Special - Hammer Flip
Kirby takes out his hammer and charges it, then when the player releases the button, Kirby flips his hammer, causing great damage. If used in the air, Kirby will twirl around with it.
Up Special - Final Cutter
Kirby grabs a Cutlass, jumps up and falls back down. If Kirby lands on the ground, a slash projectile will be released from it.
Down Special - Stone
Kirby uses his Stone Ability and turns into a stone (as well as other stuff) then lands down. This grants Kirby temporary invincibility and deals a lot of damage when it hits an opponent.
Final Smash - Ultra Sword
Kirby grabs his Ultra Sword and slashes in front of him, if an opponent get caught, he'll repetitively slash the opponent.

Meta Knight
Series: Kirby
Debut Appearance: Kirby's Adventure (1993)
MetaKnight SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Mach Tornado
Meta Knight spins like a tornado and sucks in opponents, hitting them several times. He can ascend slightly when using it.
Side Special - Drill Rush
Meta Knight turns sideways and spins around then goes forwards, like a drill. This move can be blocked by shielding.
Up Special - Shuttle Loop
Meta Knight jumps up and slashes upwards, swoops downwards and slashes back upwards in a loop.
Down Special - Dimensional Cape
Meta Knight wraps himself with his cape, then teleports to a place somewhere near to where he used the move.
Final Smash - Darkness Illusion
Meta Knight's wings split into 4 smaller wings, then raises his Galaxia before a lightning bolt strikes the Galaxia, anyone caught by the lightning will be met with Meta Knight slashing opponents rapidly before ending with a large slash.

King Dedede
Series: Kirby
Debut Appearance: Kirby's Dreamland (1992)
KingDedede SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Inhale
King Dedede will inhale a character, while it doesn't copy their Neutral Special, the inhaled opponent gives Dedede an invincibility armour, making him almost impossible to KO.
Side Special - Dede-Throw
King Dedede throws either a Waddle Dee, a Waddle Doo or a Gordo. These enemies serves the same function from Brawl/Smash 4. They can also be inhaled via inhaling and then spat out as a weak projectile.
Up Special - Super Dedede Jump
King Dedede jumps up, then dives down, ending the move with a stomp. However, landing back down onto the stage gives an opponent a great time to hit him as he has a very slow ending lag.
Down Special - Jet Hammer
One side King Dedede's hammer opens up to reveal afterburners, then swings it. However, if this move is charged to the max, King Dedede will gain recoil damage.
Final Smash - Dede-Rush
King Dedede swings his hammer, anyone caught within the hammer's hitbox will be knocked into a cage, where King Dedede will launch missiles at them and finishes them off by a spinning hammer swing.

Bandana Waddle Dee
Series: Kirby
Debut Appearance: Kirby Super Star (1996)
BandannaWaddleDee KSA
Neutral Special - Spear Throw
Bandana Dee charges up his move then throws a spear. Depending on how long you charged it for, Bandana Dee can throw a maximum of three spears.
Side Special - Waddle Doo Beam
Bandana Dee grabs a Waddle Doo and makes it shoot a beam-like projectile from its eyes. This move can KO opponents at 145% or higher
Up Special - Spear-Copter
Bandana Dee jumps up and spins his spear like a helicopter propeller, boosting himself up a bit before hovering down. This move serves as a great finisher for opponents at 80% or over.
Down Special - Apple Juice
Bandana Dee drinks a bottle of Apple Juice, this will increase the power of Bandana Dee's attacks by a mile for a short period of time.
Final Smash - Megaton Punch
Bandana Dee will summon a Waddle Dee Army to grab opponents, anyone grabbed by the opponents shall be dropped onto the Megaton Arena, where Bandana Dee will punch the opponent with all his might, while the opponent gets punched down to the core of Planet Popstar, severing the planet in half.

Series: Kirby
Debut Appearance: Kirby Super Star (1996)
Neutral Special - Shooter Cutter
Marx flaps both of his wings downwards to release four purple crescent projectiles that will in a North-West, North-East, South-West and South-East direction.
Side Special - Bouncy Eyes
Marx's eyes turn to a crimson-like shade, before a total of four crimson balls drop from his eyes and bounces forwards.
Up Special - Ball Bomb
Marx flies up while dropping Jester Balls, which serves as bombs. Marx can use this move in conjunction for five times.
Down Special - Shadow Uppercut
Marx dives down into the ground and a big crimson shadow will sneak over to the nearest opponents in range then jumps out using Shadow Uppercut.
Final Smash - Marx Soul
Marx will turn into Marx Soul and will use Marx Laser, firing it from his mouth. However, this Final Smash can be easily avoided by jumping over it.

Dark Matter
Series: Kirby
Debut Appearance: Kirby's Dreamland 2 (1995)
Neutral Special - Darkness Orbs
Dark Matter will fire Dark Orbs from its sword, these deal little damage and can be reflected back to Dark Matter.
Side Special - Dark Spectrum
Dark Matter slashes it's sword forwards to release a rainbow slash-like projectile. If charged for a few more seconds, the projectile will travel faster and has a wider hitbox, making it harder to dodge the projectile.
Up Special - True Form
Dark Matter will fly out of it's cloak and float around freely. However, it is prone to attacks and if it gets hit, it cannot recover.
Down Special - Dark Cloud's Reach
Dark Matter turns into a Dark Cloud and reaches for the nearest opponent in range. Once one of it's dark tentacles touches an opponent, Dark Matter possesses them, leaving them in a long unnatural sleep. However, this move has a lot of lag time and can leave him open to incoming attacks.
Final Smash - Big Bad Baddies
Dark Matter will slash it's sword forward, anyone caught in the sword's hitbox will be sent to a cutscene where notable villains from the Kirby Series will attack the opponents.

Series: Star Fox
Debut Appearance: Star Fox (1993)
Fox SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Blaster
Fox grabs his blaster from his holster then repetitively shoots red lasers that does no knockback and deals low damage.
Side Special - Fox Illusion
Fox dashes forwards at fast speed, his movement is shown by illusions of Fox dashing.
Up Special - Fire Fox
Fox engulfs himself in flames before launching himself forward. If the move is charged for a bit more time Fox will cover a lot more vertical distance.
Down Special - Reflector
Fox turns on his Reflector, protecting himself within a Blue Hexagon-like forcefield which reflects certain projectiles as well as lightly damaging opponents who touch it.
Final Smash - Team Star Fox
Fox summons Team Star Fox, if the opponent gets hit by any of their Arwings, Fox as well as his team, will shoot at the opponent then launching them away.

Series: Star Fox
Debut Appearance: Star Fox (1993)
Falco SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Blaster
Falco pulls out his Blast from his hoister and shoots a long, blue laser, while this isn't rapid-hitting like Fox's Blaster, it does stun them if the laser hits.
Side Special - Falco Phantasm
Falco dashes forward at binding speed, while he dashes, illusions of Falco dashing will appear behind him.
Up Special - Fire Bird
Falco engulfs himself in Fire then launches himself forwards, if this move has been charged to the max, Falco will fly to the maximum distance this move can go to.
Down Special - Reflector
Falco grabs his Reflector and turns it on to show a Blue Hexagonal field before kicking it, reflecting any projectiles and damaging opponents.
Final Smash - Team Star Fox
Falco summons Team Star Fox, before three Arwings appear, if anyone gets hit by the Arwing, Falco and co. will shoot at the opponent before launching them.

Series: Star Fox 64
Debut Appearance: Star Fox (1997)
Wolf SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Blaster
Wolf takes out his Blaster and fires a Purple projectile, while this move has more end lag than Fox or Falco's Blasters, it is one of the best projectiles in game due to it's large size.
Side Special - Wolf Flash
Wolf will dash upwards at an angle and slash, this move can be used as a recovery.
Up Special - Fire Wolf
Wolf engulfs himself in a Purple Aura then kicks upwards before doing a final kick.
Down Special - Reflector
Wolf will grab his Reflector which will release a Purple Cat's Eye-shaped that reflects projectiles and lightly damages opponents when it touches them.
Final Smash - Team Star Wolf
Wolf summons the Wolfen, if anyone gets hit by the Wolfen they'll be sent to a cinematic where they'll be shot by Star Wolf before being launched

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Red & Green (1996)
Pikachu SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Thunder Jolt
Pikachu crouches down and fires a ball of electricity from his cheeks, which moves quickly and can be spammed.
Side Special - Skull Bash
Pikachu slightly crouches down and charges the move before headbutting forwards. Once he hits an opponent, he takes damage
Up Special - Quick Attack
Pikachu dashes at a fast, binding speed. The direction Pikachu goes is dependent on the direction of the Analog Stick.
Down Special - Thunder
Pikachu will jump up and shout "PIKA, CHUUUUUU" before a dark cloud appears to shoot a powerful bolt that launches opponents upwards. Due to this move having a long starting lag, opponents can hit Pikachu at his vulnerable moment.
Final Smash - Volt Tackle
Pikachu will charge forward. Anyone that gets hit by Pikachu while he's charging forwards will be sent to the centre of the stage where he dashes around using Volt Tackle before being sent of by Pikachu discharging electricity.

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Red & Green (1996)
Jigglypuff SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Rollout
Jigglypuff will roll forward and slam into an opponent. If this move is charged, the power, speed and range will increase.
Side Special - Pound
Jigglypuff will rear it's arm behind her and slaps an opponent. While this move isn't useful as an attack, it's useful as a Shield Breaker.
Up Special - Sing
Jigglypuff sings, then for a few seconds, takes a nap before waking up. Anyone nearby will sleep and won't wake up until someone hits them or when they do wake up. This isn't really a recovery move that helps Jiggs get back onto the stage.
Down Special - Rest
Jigglypuff falls asleep, slightly healing herself. Anyone that touches her when she starts sleeping will be dealt a hard hit (for some reason) that can potentially KO them.
Final Smash - The Song of Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff takes out her Microphone and sings her trademark song, anyone that falls asleep shall be met with Jigglypuff drawing on their faces, then puffing up to blast them away.

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Gold & Sliver (1999)
Pichu SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Thunder Jolt
Pichu will fire a ball of electricity forwards. While this move is similar to Pikachu's Thunder Jolt, this move is faster, bigger and stronger.
Side Special - Skull Bash
Pichu charges the move then headbutts forwards. Like Pikachu's Skull Bash, it deals recoil damage but it deals more damage and it travels further than Pikachu's Skull Bash.
Up Special - Agility
Pichu will run in any given direction two times. Unlike Pikachu's Quick Attack, Pichu's Agility travels further, but doesn't deal damage. It also increases Pichu's Speed.
Down Special - Thunder
A dark cloud will appear above Pichu and it shoots a bolt of lightning down. While similar to Pikachu's Thunder it has less start-up time but deals less damage and knockback.
Final Smash - Ukelele Shock
Pichu wears his blue Ukelele before playing it, then he uses Thunder Shock, creating an electric forcefield that stuns and damages opponents before sending them off.

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Red & Green (1996)
Mewtwo SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Shadow Ball
Mewtwo conjures a sphere of spooky-shadowy energy before throwing it forwards. If this move is charged for a few more seconds, the Shadow Ball will go further and will be bigger.
Side Special - Confusion
Mewtwo swipes his hands forward to summon ripples of psychic energy which can reflect projectiles.
Up Special - Teleport
Mewtwo teleports to another location.
Down Special - Disable
Mewtwo emits a mini psy-energy that stuns any character in front of it.
Final Smash - Psystrike
Mewtwo will Mega-Evolve into Mega Mewtwo Y and conjures a ball of psychic energy. This will travel forwards and anyone caught within the psychic ball's hitbox will stay suspended in their place before their mind blows up which launches them away.

Pokemon Trainer
Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Red & Green (1996)
Pokémon Trainer SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Water Gun / Bullet Seed / Flamethrower
Squirtle charges up the move then spits out a stream of water. This acts like Mario's F.L.U.D.D, while it doesn't deal damage, it pushes opponents backwards.

Ivysaur spits out a barrage of seeds from his bulb, this lasts for two seconds. The amount of damage the seeds does depends on it's distance from the bulb.

Charizard breathes a stream of fire from his mouth, like Bowser's Fire Breath, the more it's used, the more weaker it gets.

Side Special - Withdraw / Razor Leaf / Flare Blitz
Squirtle will withdraw into his shell and slide along the stage until it hits a player. Like the Pokemon games, it raises Squirtle's endurance by a bit, but only for 10 seconds after it comes out of it's shell.

Ivysaur fires a spinning sharp leaf which can hit several opponents, useful for setting up combos with Ivysaur.

Charizard engulfs himself in flames then does a corkscrew tackle, if this move hits an opponent, Charizard gains a lot of recoil damage.

Up Special - Waterfall / Vine Whip / Fly
Squirtle surfs on a stream of water that goes upwards, hitting opponents several times if they get in the way of Squirtle.

Ivysaur sends a long vine out of his bulb and will try and reach for the stage, then once it grabs the edge of the stage, it pulls itself to it.

Charizard flies upwards while spinning around.

Down Special - Pokémon Change
Pokemon Trainer will return the current Pokemon back to it's Pokeball and send the next Pokemon out. The order the Pokemon gets sent out goes like this:

Squirtle → Ivysaur → Charizard → Squirtle

Final Smash - Triple Finish
Pokemon Trainer sends out all of his Pokemon onto the stage and they'll use the strongest moves of their type, Squirtle uses Hydro Pump, Ivysaur uses Solar Beam and Charizard uses Fire Blast to barrage the opponent. While this is happening, the dialogue box from Pokemon Sword & Shield will say "It's Super Effective!"

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (2006)
Lucario SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Aura Sphere
Lucario conjures a ball of aura between it's paws and throws it. If charged for longer, it's strength and size will increase.
Side Special - Force Palm
Lucario concentrates aura onto it's fists then punches the opponent. It even acts as a second grab if Lucario is close enough to the opponent.
Up Special - Extreme Speed
Lucario shoots a stream of aura between his paws, which propels himself upwards in a chosen direction which depends on the direction of the analog stick.
Down Special - Double Team
Lucario poses as images of him appears and moves around rapidly, if anyone dares to attack him, he'll counter back at them by attacking them
Final Smash - Aura Storm
Lucario will Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario and jump to the center of the stage before shooting a thin aura beam that can be moved. This Final Smash can KO any opponent if Aura is at max power.

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon X & Y (2013)
Greninja SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Water Shuriken
Greninja compresses water in between his hands and charges up a Shuriken, then he'll send it flying forwards. The more charged it is, the larger it is and the longer it goes.
Side Special - Shadow Sneak
Greninja, using his Ninja powers, sinks into the shadows and sneaks to the nearest opponent in range. Then with a sudden flash of some yellow eyes, comes back in view and preforms a dropkick on opponents.
Up Special - Hydro Pump
Greninja fires two long streams of water from its hands, propelling it vertically in the direction of the analog stick. This recovery can be used two times.
Down Special - Substitute
Greninja waits for an opponent to hit him, then when the time comes, he disappears and a Substitute Doll or a Log takes his place, followed by a dropkick to the opponent behind them.
Final Smash - Secret Ninja Attack
Greninja transforms into Ash-Greninja and launches them up using Mat Block, then under a full moon, Greninja rapidly strikes opponents then launches them down.

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Sun & Moon (2016)
Incineroar SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Darkest Lariat
Incineroar spins around with his arms stuck out which hits opponents several times. Each hit will become weaker.
Side Special - Alolan Whip
Incineroar grabs an opponent and does an Irish Whip by throwing an opponent onto the rope. He can attack the opponent in three ways, if timed perfectly, he'll do a Lariat, if timed a bit off, Incineroar does a back body drop. If Incineroar doesn't attack, the opponent will collide with Incineroar, dealing damage to the opponent and Incineroar.
Up Special - Cross Chop
Incineroar engulfs himself in flames, leaps up and cross-chops downwards. This move can be a recovery, or an instant self-KO.
Down Special - Revenge
Incineroar puffs his chest, anyone who dares to attack Incineroar will be countered and Incineroar's attack power increases.
Final Smash - Max Malicious Moonsault
Incineroar activates his Incinium Z and charges forward, then Incineroar throws the opponent into a wrestling ring, hits them with two uppercuts and a dropkick before finishing them with a diving batter ram, which ends the final smash with the bell of the wrestling ring dinging.

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Red & Green (1996)
Neutral Special - Swift
Eevee will flick his tail forwards to unleash a barrage of stars headed for the opponent.
Side Special - Take Down
Eevee jumps up and tackles the opponent with great power, upon hitting an opponent, he takes recoil damage.
Up Special - Sky Lift
Eevee drives an aerial vehicle in the sky until someone pops the balloons or when Eevee lands on the ground. This recovery acts like Villager's or Isabelle's Up Special.
Down Special - SOS Call
Eevee will shout "EIEVUI" before a either Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon appears. They will follow Eevee around like Arsene and attack opponents in conjunction with Eevee.
Final Smash - Eevoboost Volley
Eevee charge at opponents, then Eevee will use Extreme-Eevoboost to power all it's stats up before using Veevee Volley.

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire (2002)
Pokken Sceptile
Neutral Special - Bullet Seeds
Sceptile shoots two to five seeds in a row at opponents.
Side Special - Dual Chop
Sceptile uses it's arms to chop in a diagonal line, if this chop connects with an opponent, Sceptile will do the same thing again but this time it stuns the opponents before launching them away
Up Special - Leaf Storm
Sceptile whips up a storm of leaves around it before it launches Sceptile upwards.
Down Special - Leech Seed
Sceptile will launch a seed from it's back, if it hits an opponent the seed is planted on their head. It will sprout into a fungi before sucking the opponent's energy and using that energy to heal Sceptile.
Final Smash - Forest Flash
Sceptile Mega Evolves then uses Leaf Blade and dashes forwards, if anyone is caught in this dash, they'll be transported to Ferrim Stadium where it uses Frenzy Plant to wrap the opponent around it before it explodes.

Series: Pokemon
Debut Appearance: Pokemon Black & White (2010)
Neutral Special - Techno-Beam
Genesect fires a beam from its cannon, depending on which Drive is equipped of Genesect, the beam can burn, stun or freeze opponents. If Douse Drive is equipped, Techno-Beam just pushes the opponent away and put out fires.
Side Special - Lock On
A reticle appears and locks onto the nearest opponent, then Genesect will shoot a Signal Beam at the opponent.
Up Special - Magnet Rise
Electric force rotate around while Genesect transforms into high-speed flight configuration before launching itself upwards.
Down Special - Drive Change
Genesect switches out one of its drives on its cannon for another drive, the drive that's attached to his cannon affects Techno-Cannon. These drives that can be switched out and used are: Normal Drive, Burn Drive, Chill Drive, Douse Drive and Shock Drive.
Final Smash - Fusion-Beam
Five other Genesects appear on stage with Genesect before firing a powerful form of Techno-Beam at opponents. Each Genesect will have a different Drive attached to them.

Series: Mother/Earthbound
Debut Appearance: Mother 2/Earthbound (1994)
Ness SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - PK Flash
A green orb will fly upwards before exploding, stunning opponents before launching them away. Can be charged for extra damage.
Side Special - PK Fire
Ness throws a lightning bolt, once it hits the ground a geyser of fire sprouts, burning opponents.
Up Special - PK Thunder
Ness releases a ball of electricity. This can be moved around by the user and depending on what it's used for, can be used as a self-hitting recovery or an attack.
Down Special - PSI Magnet
Ness surrounds himself with a purple forcefield, this forcefield can absorb projectiles. When a projectile is absorbed, it heals Ness by a few percentages.
Final Smash - PK Starstorm
Ness summons his two friends: Paula and Poo, and then he'll send a shower of stars down onto the stage.

Series: Mother/Earthbound
Debut Appearance: Mother 3 (2006)
Lucas SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - PK Freeze
Lucas launches a snowflake from his head. If the snowflake it hits an opponent, they'll freeze.
Side Special - PK Fire
Lucas fires a lightning bolt from his hands which'll light a geyser of fire when it hits something.
Up Special - PK Thunder
Lucas conjures a ball electricity. This can be moved around and depending on how you use it, it can be used as a self-damaging recovery or an attack.
Down Special - PSI Magnet
Luca creates a magnetic field in front of him to absorb incoming projectiles. Absorbing a projectile will heal Lucas.
Final Smash - PK Starstorm
Lucas summons Boney and Kumatora and together, they'll summon a star storm, making the sky rain dozens of stars onto the stage.

Series: Mother/Earthbound
Debut Appearance: Mother 2/Earthbound (1994)
3d porky render by machriderz-d5h8arv
Neutral Special - Orb Laser
Porky creates an orb of energy before shooting a laser that can be guided by the player.
Side Special - Porky Bot
Porky releases a Porky Bot, that tries to follow the player before self destructing near them.
Up Special - Levitating Laser
Porky creates an orb of energy below him before it fires a laser downwards, making Porky levitate in the air.
Down Special - Stinky Gas
Porky releases a whiff of stinky gas which damages opponent when they’re in the gas’ range.
Final Smash - Pig Mask Army
Porky summons a bunch of Pigmask Soldiers onto the stage who’ll start shooting at opponents, Masked Man will then fly onto the stage and use PK Love, which’ll release a blue aura onto the stage.

Captain Falcon
Series: F-Zero
Debut Appearance: F-Zero (1990)
CaptainFalcon SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Falcon Punch
Captain Falcon rears back his hand, engulfs his hand with fire and then punches with power. He'll also say his well known catchphrase: "FALCON PUNCH!!!!!"
Side Special - Raptor Boost
Captain Falcon dashes forwards and with his flame-engulfed fist, uppercuts an opponent.
Up Special - Falcon Dive
Captain Falcon does an uppercut, if he hits an opponent, he grabs them and backflips off of them.
Down Special - Falcon Kick
Captain Falcon rushes forward with a fast, flaming kick. Captain Falcon will go forwards if this move is used on the ground, but he'll kick downwards if used in the air.
Final Smash - Blue Falcon
Captain Falcon snaps his fingers to call his Blue Falcon, then it flies onto the stage in front of him and runs over opponents. The run over opponents will then land on an F-Zero Racetrack before Captain Falcon runs them over with his Blue Falcon.

Ice Climbers
Series: Ice Climbers
Debut Appearance: Ice Climbers (1984)
IceClimbers SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Ice Shot
Both Ice Climbers summons a stalagmite of Ice, which slides across the ground, dealing low damage and knockback to opponents.
Side Special - Squall Hammer
Popo and Nana will spin around with their hammers outwards, summoning snowy winds around them. This can also be used as a recovery.
Up Special - Belay
The leading Ice Climber (either Popo or Nana) uses a belay rope to throw the other Ice Climber into the air, then the process repeats again, but the other wat around.
Down Special - Blizzard
Both Ice Climbers blows chilly, icy air, which freezes opponents. If it's used on a frozen opponent, they'll stay frozen for a few more seconds.
Final Smash - Iceberg
The Ice Climbers will high-five before a giant iceberg appears in the middle of the stage, if opponents touch it, they get damaged. Now, strong, chilly winds will blow opponents on the iceberg or off the stage.

Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (1990)
Marth SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Shield Breaker
Marth rears his Falchion backwards before thrusting it forwards. This move will break shields if it has been charged to it's potential.
Side Special - Dancing Blade
Marth slashes his sword rapidly. If the button is pressed rhythmically, this move will damage opponents more.
Up Special - Dolphin Slash
Marth jumps up into the air and slashes upwards.
Down Special - Counter
Marth poses in a defensive way, if an opponent tries to hit him, Marth will counter them with his sword slash.
Final Smash - Critical Hit
Marth rises his Falchion and lunges forwards, striking opponents before launching them away. A Fire Emblem HP bar will appear above the opponent and depletes.

Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem Awakening (2012)
Lucina SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Shield Breaker
Lucina rears her Falchion backwards and stabs in front of her. This move can break shields when fully charged.
Side Special - Dancing Blade
Lucina does a series of sword slashes, the more times a button has been pressed rhythmically, the more damage is dealt to opponents.
Up Special - Dolphin Slash
Lucina jumps up and slashes upwards, which brings her soaring upwards.
Down Special - Counter
Lucina poses, anyone who dares to attack her with a punch will be countered by a Falchion Slash.
Final Smash - Critical Hit
Lucina raises her Falchion upwards and lunges forwards, unlike Marth's critical hit, the HP box from Fire Emblem Awakening appears.

Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (2002)
Roy SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Flare Blade
Roy rears back and the Blazing Blade ignites. He would then do a lunging two-handed downwards slash afterwards.
Side Special - Double-Edge Dance
Like Marth's and Lucina's Dancing Blade, Roy will do a series of slashes which increases the damage dealt on opponent the more times the button is hit rhythmically.
Up Special - Blazer
Roy's Sword ignites and he jumps upwards.
Down Special - Counter
Roy parries, deflecting any attacks away from him before he counters opponents with an outwards slash using his fiery blade.
Final Smash - Youthful Gifts
Bright light engulfs Roy and he appears in a romantic outfit. Roy then charges up an arrow before he shoots it.

Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem Awakening (2012)
Chrom SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Flare Blade
Chrom rears his sword backwards and does a downwards slash, which creates a shockwave.
Side Special - Double-Edge Dance
Chrom will slash several times, like Marth's Dancing Blade, the more times you press the button rhythmically, the more damage he deals to opponents.
Up Special - Soaring Slash
Chrom throws his Falchion upwards, then he jumps up and slashes downwards.
Down Special - Counter
Chrom parries, if anyone tries to attack him during this time, Chrom will counterattack them.
Final Smash - Awakening Aether
Chrom strikes his opponents with his Falchion, then the opponent will slowly fall backwards before the camera angle changes and Chrom strikes the opponents again.

Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (2005)
Ike SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Eruption
Ike lifts his Ragnell upwards and plunges it into the ground, which produces a pillar of blue flames.
Side Special - Quick Draw
Ike kneels down before he lunges forwards and uses his Ragnell to slash an opponent in front of him.
Up Special - Aether
Ike throws his Ragnell upwards, causing it to spin, then he'll jump up and drag his Ragnell down.
Down Special - Counter
Ike parries and counterattacks any opponents who dares to attack him while parrying.
Final Smash - Great Aether
The Ragnell gets engulfed in flames and Ike slashes upwards. Anyone who gets hit by Ike will get slashed by Ike several times before he slams them down into the ground.

Black Knight
Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (2005)
Black Knight Path of Radiance DSSB
Neutral Special - Alondite Geyser
Black Knight plunges his Alondite into the ground, making a geyser of fire spurt from the hole.
Side Special - Black Luna
Black Knight lunges forward and slashes in front of him, which creates a dark-coloured arc projectile.
Up Special - Aether
Black Knight throws his Alondite upwards, then he jumps up and drags it downwards. The difference between this move and Ike's Aether is that Ike's Aether covers more vertical distance while Black Knight's Aether covers less vertical distance.
Down Special - Counter
Black Knight parries, then delivers a powerful downwards slash to anyone who tries to attack him.
Final Smash - The "Stronger" Arm
Black Knight slashes his Alondite in front of him, this is followed by a cinematic where Black Knight slashes the opponent several times before ending them with a powerful sword slash with his Alondite held by his strong arm.

Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem Awakening (2012)
Robin SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Thunder
Robin casts Thunder magic from his Tome, depending on how long you charge it, it can either be Thunder, Elthunder, Arcthunder and Thoron.
Side Special - Arcfire
Robin conjures a small fireball which bursts into a pillar of flames as soon as it hits the ground.
Up Special - Elwind
Robin casts two arc shaped wind magic which blows him slightly upwards.
Down Special - Nosferatu
Robin casts a curse on a nearby opponent which drains their health to heal Robin.
Final Smash - Pair Up
Robin summons his Daughter/Son Morgan before she/he charges forward. If the opponent gets caught by Morgan, they'll be attacked by a flurry of attacks from the two magicians.

Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem Fates (2015)
Corrin SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Dragon Fang Shot
Corrin turns his left arm into a Dragon mouth and it fires a water projectile at opponents, if it hits anyone, they'll be stunned for a bit before being launched away.
Side Special - Dragon Lunge
Corrin jumps up and lunges downwards, during the lunge phase of the move, Corrin's arm will turn into a Dragon Fang Spear and he'll plunge it into the stage, impaling anyone in it's path.
Up Special - Dragon Ascent
Using his Dragon Fang, Corrin grows wings and flies into the air, this move is kinda like a combination of Roy's Blazer and Rosalina & Luma's Launch Star.
Down Special - Counter Surge
Corrin turns into his Dragon form and goes into a defensive stance, if hit he'll slam the ground, creating two water geysers which launches the opponent into the air.
Final Smash - Torrential Roar
Two pillars of light will appear around him, anyone who gets hit shall be met with a Dragon Corrin trapping them into a whirlpool and launching them away.

Series: Fire Emblem
Debut Appearance: Fire Emblem: Three Houses (2019)
Byleth SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Failnaught
Byleth charges an arrow using the Failnaught, once the arrow is charged at a certain point, Byleth can fire it at opponents. If the arrow is fully charged, Byleth fires a powerful beam of light, just be careful there isn't a reflector on stage or else the beam of light can severely damage Byleth.
Side Special - Areadbhar
Byleth lunges forwards while swinging the Areadbhar forwards, this move has extreme range, allowing Byleth to strike opponents from afar.
Up Special - Sword of the Creator
Byleth flings the whip sword upwards, if the whip sword connects with an opponent, Byleth reels himself to them before bouncing off them.
Down Special - Aymr
Byleth channels energy into a single, powerful axe strike. While charging, Byleth can turn around and drop through platforms, allowing him to surprise opponents. Even if Byleth misses the targeted opponent, anyone nearby will be launched upwards and gains damage.
Final Smash - Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven
Byleth lashes out with his whip sword before transitioning to a cutscene where Sothis empowers Byleth before he readies his whip sword and lashes at opponents with extreme force.

Mr. Game & Watch
Series: Game & Watch
Debut Appearance: Ball (1980)
MrGameandWatch SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Chef
Mr. Game & Watch turns into a chef and launches raw sausages from it's frying pan, knocking opponents back slightly while dealing small damage to them.
Side Special - Judge
Mr. Game & Watch turns into the Judge person and holds up a sign with a number from 1-9 and swings a hammer in front of itself. The damage the move deals on opponents depends on the number on its sign, but all you need to know is that you cross your fingers and hope you get a 9.
Up Special - Fire
Two firemen will hold a trampoline under Mr Game & Watch, then he'll be launched up into the air and slowly descends onto the ground via its parachute. This move deals damage when Mr Game & Watch launches into the air.
Down Special - Oil Panic
Mr. Game & Watch holds an Oil Drum, which absorbs any projectiles that go in it and he'll spill the oil onto the stage once it gets to its maximum capacity. The amount of oil that fills the bucket depends on the projectile, if it's Fox's spammable lasers, it fills it up slowly, while if it's a strong projectile, it'll instantly fill it up.
Final Smash - Octopus
Mr. Game & Watch turns into a Giant Octopus before grabbing opponents with its eight tentacles before flying off the stage.

Series: Kid Icarus
Debut Appearance: Kid Icarus (1986)
Pit SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Palutena Bow
Pit shoots a light arrow from his Palutena Bow, this arrow can be angled at certain directions.
Side Special - Upperdash Arm
Pit puts on his Upperdash Arm and preforms a dashing uppercut, this has the potential to KO opponents at 110%.
Up Special - Power of Flight
Pit's Wings glow as he flies upwards at an angle, this move can reflect projectiles.
Down Special - Guardian Orbitars
Two shields appear to the left and to the right of Pit. This shields him from opponent's attacks, but leaves him open for opponents to strike him from above.
Final Smash - Lightning Chariot
Pit summons the Lightning Chariot, jumps aboard it then flies offscreen. Then he charges wherever the player cursor is, running over opponents.

Dark Pit
Series: Kid Icarus
Debut Appearance: Kid Icarus Uprising (2012)
DarkPit SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Sliver Bow
Dark Pit fires a dark-purple arrow at whatever direction the player aims at. Sliver Bow's Arrow is faster than Palutena Bow's Arrow.
Side Special - Electroshock Arm
Dark Pit equips his Electroshock Arm and preforms a dashing uppercut. While dashing, Dark Pit gains a Super Armour.
Up Special - Power of Flight
Dark Pit's wings glow and he flies upwards at whatever direction the player points at.
Down Special - Guardian Orbitars
Dark Pit creates two shields around him which defends him from opponent's attack, but this move leaves him open from above.
Final Smash - Dark Pit Staff
Dark Pit pulls out his staff and then shoots a thing purple beam in front of him. The closer to Dark Pit the opponent is, the more damage they take.

Series: Kid Icarus
Debut Appearance: Kid Icarus (1986)
Palutena SSBUltimate 2
Neutral Special - Autoreticle
Palutena's staff glows and aims at an opponent, then she shoots several light orbs at the aimed opponent.
Side Special - Explosive Flame
Palutena creates a small explosion that hits opponents several times. It can be used as a Smash Attack.
Up Special - Warp
Palutena warps herself from one area to another area.
Down Special - Counter / Reflect Barrier
Palutena uses her shield to block opponent's attacks, if it blocks a physical attack, she uses Counter by thrusting her staff out and shooting a ball of light but if it's a projectile, she uses Reflect Barrier by creating a shield that reflects projectiles.
Final Smash - Black Hole Laser
Palutena creates a Black Hole, which sucks opponents in it then shoots a Mega Laser which damages opponents severely.

Series: Kid Icarus
Debut Appearance: Kid Icarus (1986)
Neutral Special - Autoreticle
Medusa aims at the nearest opponent and begins shooting small dark bullets at the aimed opponent.
Side Special - Venomous Flames
Medusa creates an explosion which does decent damage to opponents as well as damaging them overtime.
Up Special - Underworld Warp
Medusa gets engulfed in dark energy and warps from one area to another area.
Down Special - Counter / Dark Barrier
Medusa goes into a defensive stance, if anyone attacks her up close she hits them with her staff, if anyone tries to attack her by projectiles her creates a barrier which blocks and destroys the projectiles.
Final Smash - Final Form
Medusa turns into her final form from Kid Icarus and begins firing shooting deadly rays and snakes at opponents.

Series: Wario
Debut Appearance: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)
Wario SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Chomp
Wario opens his mouth and closes it, if anyone gets caught between his jaws, Wario will chew them. Each time Wario chews an opponent, it heals 0.06% of his damage.
Side Special - Wario Bike
Wario mounts on a motorcycle and drives around the stage, Wario can dismount the bike, which he can destroy it or use it as a way to attack opponent, or even food?!
Up Special - Corkscrew
Wario launches himself upwards and spins, hitting opponents several times.
Down Special - Wario Waft
Wario farts, that's it. The longer Wario stays on stage without being KO'ed, the more stronger the waft is.
Final Smash - Wario-Man
Wario swallows a garlic to transform into Warioman. He then charges forwards, and deals a series of blows on opponents in a comical way.

Series: Wario
Debut Appearance: WarioWare Touched! (2004)
Neutral Special - Hocus Pocus
Ashley conjures up a magic spell and fires it, the damage dealt to opponent depends on how long you charge the move.
Side Special - Red
Ashley's wand will turn back into Red and Red will jab opponents with his Pitchfork.
Up Special - Magic Broom
Ashley's wand turns into a Flying Broom and Ashley flies upwards for a period of time.
Down Special - Purple Fog
Ashley conjures a large Purple Fog that covers part of a stage, anyone in this fog will gain damage.
Final Smash - Final Spell
Ashley mounts on her broom and charges forward, anyone caught by the broom shall be met with an angry Ashley as she zaps them with one spell, launching them away.

Series: Wario
Debut Appearance: Mario Tennis (2000)
MTA Models Waluigi
Neutral Special - Serve!
Waluigi throws up either a Tennis Ball or a Bob-omb and hits it with his tennis racket. The Tennis Ball can be bounced everywhere and deals light damage, but Waluigi can throw the Tennis Ball at opponents again like an item while a Bob-omb will just explode when it hits something, but it deals a lot of damage to opponents.
Side Special - Waluigi Kart
Waluigi mounts on his Go-Kart and begins driving around. While this move is similar to Wario Bike, Waluigi cannot eat it.
Up Special - Air Arts
Waluigi begins swimming Butterfly strokes in the air, this move is an effective recovery whenever Waluigi is knocked off the stage.
Down Special - Dice Block
Waluigi rolls a giant Waluigi Dice Block before it explodes, revealing either a -3, 1, 3, 5, 5, 7. The damage output depends on the number you get, unless it's -3, then Waluigi gets 3% damage.
Final Smash - Showtime!
Waluigi puts a rose between his mouth and begins spinning, he then jumps up into the air. During this phase of the move, a cursor will appear and Waluigi slams a Tennis Ball at wherever the cursor is.

Series: Metal Solid
Debut Appearance: Metal Gear (1987)
Snake SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Hand Grenade
Snake grabs out a Hand Grenade and unpins it, Snake can either hold it and let it explode or throw it at opponents.
Side Special - Remote Missile
Snake grabs out his Nikita missile launcher and fires a controllable missile at opponents.
Up Special - Cypher
Snake grabs a flying camera before floating upwards and dropping, however he cannot hitch a ride on another flying camera until he lands on the ground or grabs the ledge.
Down Special - C4
Snake bends down and plants a C4 on where he is, it will detonate when someone walks over it or when enough time has passed.
Final Smash - Covering Fire
Snake tosses a Flare Grenade, crouches and hides before a supporting helicopter shoots a bunch of missiles on stage.

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
Debut Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Sonic SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Homing Attack
Sonic curls into a ball and slowly ascending before ramming at the nearest opponent.
Side Special - Spin Dash
Sonic curls up into a ball and starts rolling forwards, hitting opponents several times before being launched away.
Up Special - Spring Jump
A Spring appears under Sonic and he jumps on the Spring, sending him flying upwards in the air.
Down Special - Spin Charge
Sonic curls up into a ball and starts spinning rapidly by the player
Final Smash - Super Sonic
Sonic gathers the Chaos Emeralds and flies around the stage rapidly, making this Final Smash almost impossible to dodge.

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
Debut Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)
Tails 2018 legacy render by nibroc rock-dcg3zmv
Neutral Special - Rsy Blaster
Tails grabs out a ray gun similar to the gun in his Mii Fighter Outfit and shoots a laser from it, this acts like the Ray Gun item.
Side Special - Spin Dash
Tails curls up into a ball and spins forwards.
Up Special - Two Tails
Tails uses his two tails to fly upwards, any opponents that goes near him while he's flying, Tails will grab them and throw them away.
Down Special - Chu² Bomb
Tails grabs out his Mouse-shaped Bomb and tosses it, the bomb will walk forwards and backwards until it explodes.
Final Smash - Super Tails
Tails grabs all the Chaos Emeralds and transforms into Super Tails before flying around the stage.

Series: Pikmin
Debut Appearance: Pikmin (2001)
Olimar SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Pikmin Pluck
Olimar plucks some Pikmins from the ground, he can either pluck a Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, White, Winged or Rock Pikmin.
Side Special - Pikmin Throw
Olimar tosses his leading Pikmin at opponents, if it's a Blue, Red, Yellow, White or Winged Pikmin, they'll hold onto the opponent and attack them, if it's a Purple or Rock Pikmin, they'll just slam the opponent.
Up Special - Winged Pikmin
Two Winged Pikmins will just grab Olimar and fly. Olimar will carry his Pikmins, depending on how many Pikmins he has or the type of Pikmin he has affects how long the Wing Pikmins carry Olimar. Any Winged Pikmin he has will assist Olimar by carrying him.
Down Special - Pikmin Order
Olimar blows into his whistle, ordering any Pikmins away from him, back to him.
Final Smash - End of Day
Olimar jumps into his Hocotate Ship before launching into space, any opponents left on the stage shall be attacked by Red Bulborbs.

Series: Pikmin
Debut Appearance: Pikmin 3 (2013)
Alph SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Pikmin Pluck
Alph plucks some Pikmins from the ground, he can either pluck a Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, White, Winged or Rock Pikmin.
Side Special - Pikmin Throw
Alph tosses his leading Pikmin at opponents, if it's a Blue, Red, Yellow, White or Winged Pikmin, they'll hold onto the opponent and attack them, if it's a Purple or Rock Pikmin, they'll just slam the opponent.
Up Special - Winged Pikmin
Two Winged Pikmins will just grab Alph and fly. Alph will carry his Pikmins, depending on how many Pikmins he has or the type of Pikmin he has affects how long the Wing Pikmins carry Alph. Any Winged Pikmin Alph has will assist him by carrying him.
Down Special - Pikmin Order
Alph blows into his whistle, ordering any Pikmins away from him, back to him.
Final Smash - End of Day
Alph jumps into his S.S. Drake before launching into space, any opponents left on the stage shall be "cared" for by Plasma Wraith.

Series: R.O.B
Debut Appearance: Stack-Up (1985)
ROB SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Robo-Beam
ROB shoots a pair of lasers from his eyes, there are three states, the Uncharged Robo-Beam, Robo-Beam, and Super Robo-Beam.
Side Special - Arm Rotor
ROB rapidly spins his arms before finishing the move with an uppercut.
Up Special - Robo Burner
ROB activates his thrusters to fly upwards, this move won't last forever though, this move will fail when ROB's fuel runs out.
Down Special - Gyro
ROB charges a Gyro before launching it at opponents. This Gyro can be used as an item by anyone.
Final Smash - Guided Robo Beam
ROB reconfigures his body into a cannon before charging energy, while this is happening, he fires smaller red lasers that home in on opponents before ROB fires a powerful Green Laser.

Series: Animal Crossing
Debut Appearance: Animal Forest (2001)
Villager SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Pocket
Villager grabs a projectile or an item and stores it in his pocket, using the move again will make Villager use the pocketed item.
Side Special - Lloid Rocket
Villager launches a Lloid Rocket which'll proceed to fly forwards. Holding the Side Special Button will make Villager ride the Lloid.
Up Special - Balloon Trip
Villager wears a helmet similar to Balloon Rider's helmet. Villager would then fly upwards.
Down Special - Timber
Villager plants a tree then waters it, then he takes out his axe and begins chopping it down. If the chopped tree falls on an opponent, it deals massive damage to that opponent.
Final Smash - Dream Home
Reese and Cyrus comes and builds a house for Villager, trapping the opponent inside it. Once the house is completed, the trio will then celebrate before the house explodes.

Series: Animal Crossing
Debut Appearance: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2012)
Isabelle SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Pocket
Isabelle takes nearby projectiles or items and pockets it, using this move again will make Isabelle use the pocketed item.
Side Special - Fishing Rod
Isabelle grabs her Fishing Rod and casts it out before reeling it back. This acts as a second grab as well as a tether recovery.
Up Special - Balloon Trip
Isabelle sits on a bench which is attached to two bunny balloons, making her fly upwards.
Down Special - Lloid Trap
Isabelle uses her spade and plants a Lloid Rocket into the ground. The Lloid will blast off from the ground when an opponent walks over it or when Isabelle uses the move again.
Final Smash - Dream Town Hall
Reese and Cyrus will start building a Town Hall, trapping opponents in it. When the Town Hall is finished, Cyrus and Reese will celebrate and Isabelle congratulates them before the Town Hall explodes, much to Isabelle's horror.

Tom Nook
Series: Animal Crossing
Debut Appearance: Animal Forest (2001)
200px-Tom Nook
Neutral Special - Pocket
Tom Nook pockets nearby projectiles or items. He can either use it as an attack or sell it to opponents using his Down Special move.
Side Special - Bell Tax
Tom Nook will stop opponents in his tracks before grabbing a sack of bells from their pockets. A sign will appear above the opponent's head that says -1000 Bells/Any currency from their series before dropping onto the opponent. This sign deals little damage and knockback.
Up Special - Nookington's Balloon
Tom Nook will take out his balloons from the opening of Nookington's before he floats into the air.
Down Special - Nooks 'n Crannies
Tom Nook places an opponent in front of him on a shop counter before he sells an item to them. The pocketed item that Tom Nook sells to opponents will explode in their faces when they try to use it.
Final Smash - Dream Shop
Tom Nook and Timmy & Tommy will build a shop on opponents before celebrating the opening of their new shop before it explodes. The shop they build depends on the amount of bells Tom Nook has, they vary from Nook's Cranny, Nook 'n Go, Nookway and Nookington's.

Series: Mega Man
Debut Appearance: Mega Man (1987)
Mega Man SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Metal Blade
Mega Man throws a saw blade in front of him, the saw blade can be used as an item.
Side Special - Crash Bomber
Mega Man fires a bomb, when it hits something, the Bomb will attach to the thing it hits before exploding.
Up Special - Rush Coil
Mega Man summons his pet dog Rush below him. Mega Man will proceed to bounce on the spring on Rush's back until he disappears.
Down Special - Leaf Shield
Mega Man throws a leaf unit in front of him, which blocks projectiles.
Final Smash - Mega Legends
Mega Man fires a black hole. If anyone gets sucked in it they'll be confronted by Mega Man X, MegaMan.EXE, Mega Man Volnutt, Geo Stelar, Proto-Man and Bass who'll fire a laser at them in unison.

Wii Fit Trainer
Series: Wii Fit
Debut Appearance: Wii Fit (2007)
WiiFitTrainer SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Sun Salutation
Wii Fit Trainer does a Sun Worship Yoga Pose, charging a yellow sphere projectile before launching it. If the projectile is fully charged, it heals 2% of Wii Fit Trainer's damage.
Side Special - Header
Wii Fit Trainer heads a Soccer Ball at an angle.
Up Special - Super Hoop
Wii Fit Trainer hula hoops in three hoops before ascending upwards. If the player button-mashes or taps the button rhythmically, she'll ascend higher.
Down Special - Deep Breathing
Wii Fit Trainer will take a deep breath, healing a maximum of 2% if it's used correctly.
Final Smash - Wii Fit
Wii Fit Trainer does a Yoga Warrior pose to emit several multi-coloured silhouettes of Wii Fit Trainer posing in different Yoga poses before releasing a giant Wii Fit silhouette posing in the Yoga Dancer pose.

Little Mac
Series: Punch Out!!!
Debut Appearance: Punch Out!!! (1983)
LittleMac SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Straight Lunge / KO Uppercut
Little Mac steps back and rears his arm back before delivering a powerful sliding punch.

If Little Mac's power meter is full, he'll deliver a powerful uppercut which has the potential to KO opponents early in the match.

Side Special - Jolt Haymaker
Little Mac leaps forwards and delivers a punch, dodging low attacks along the way.
Up Special - Rising Uppercut
Little Mac jumps up and punches upwards while twisting. This move is the worse move to be used as a recovery.
Down Special - Slip Counter
Little Mac crouches down, if anyone hits him, he counterattacks by slipping before uppercutting the opponent.
Final Smash - Giga Mac Rush
Little Mac transforms into Giga Mac and rushes forwards. Anyone caught in this rush shall be attacked with a flurry of punches.

Mii Fighters
Series: Mii
Debut Appearance: Nintendo Wii (2006)
Fighting Mii Team
Neutral Special - Shot Put / Gale Strike / Charge Blast / Magic Spell
Mii Fighter will toss a Shot Put in the air, this move is a great tool for edge-guarding.

Mii Fighter uses it's sword to create a small tornado and sends it forwards. The more it travels across the stage, the weaker it gets.

Mii Fighter will charge a projectile before firing it, the more charged the projectile is, the more powerful the move is.

Mii Fighter will grab it's wand and conjures a magical projectile. The more the projectile is charged, the more powerful the move is.

Side Special - Onslaught / Airborne Assault / Flame Pillar / Rabbit in the Hat
Mii Fighter rushes forwards, if he hits an opponent he'll deliver a flurry of punches and kicks before ending the move with a backflip kick.

Mii Fighter flips forwards and strikes the opponent then backflips off them.

Mii Fighter fires an energy shot downwards which will erupt into a pillar of fire, hitting opponents caught in the pillar several times.

Mii Fighter takes off her hat and pulls a rabbit out of it before tossing it. The Rabbit will hop around the stage for three seconds, tripping opponents over.

Up Special - Soaring Axe Kick / Stone Scabbard / Lunar Launch / Vanish!
Mii Fighter preforms an upwards flip kick on an opponent before doing an axe kick that meteor smashes the opponent.

Mii Fighter jumps and slashes upwards followed by a firm downwards stab.

Mii Fighter fires a explosive projectile below it, launching her upwards.

Mii Fighter vanishes in the air, leaving behind smoke, it will then appear in a different place.

Down Special - Head-On Assault / Blade Counter / Echo Reflector / Card Trick
Mii Fighter jumps up and flips over, landing on it's head, the impact buries anyone nearby

Mii Fighter assumes a defensive stance, if anyone attacks them, it'll counterattack with an upwards slash.

Mii Gunner activates two hexagonal energy shields that reflect projectiles.

Mii Fighter assumes a defensive position, if anyone hits it, they'll be met with a stream of playing cards hitting them in the face.

Final Smash - Omega Blitz / Final Edge / Full Blast / Double Trouble
Mii Fighter knocks the opponent in the air before attacking them with flurries of punches or kicks.

Mii Fighter slashes rapidly, releasing dozens of multi-coloured shockwaves around the stage.

Mii Fighter fires a giant, powerful laser which deals a lot of damage to opponents.

Mii Fighter will summon a giant cauldron and uses her magic to drag opponents in the cauldron before stirring the cauldron then the cauldron spews out the cooked opponents and random items.

Mii Doppelganger
Series: Mii
Debut Appearance: Nintendo Wii (2006)
Mii Mario
Neutral Special - Any character's neutral special
Side Special - Any character's side special
Up Special - Any character's up special
Down Special - Any character's down special
Final Smash - Negative Zone
Mii Doppelganger creates a forcefield which sucks in all opponents in the forcefield and launches them away.

Series: PAC-MAN
Debut Appearance: Pac-Man (1980)
Pac-Man SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Bonus Fruit
PAC-MAN tosses a bonus fruit, the fruit can either be a Cherry, Strawberry, Melon, Apple, Orange, Galaxian, Bell or a Key which has their own elements.
Side Special - Power Pellet
PAC-MAN summons a row of Power Pellets then turns into 2-D PAC-MAN and gobbles them up. The final Power Pellet will send him forwards.
Up Special - Pac-Jump
A trampoline appears under PAC-MAN and he jumps up from it, the more times he jumps on it, the higher he rises. The colour of the trampoline can change depending on how much longer anyone can jump on it.
Down Special - Fire Hydrant
PAC-MAN summons a fire hydrant which falls downwards until it hits the ground. It would then squirt water to the east, west and above it, which pushes opponents away.
Final Smash - Super Pac-Man
PAC-MAN eats a Power Pellet and a Super Pellet before transforming into the classic 2-D PAC-MAN. He'll then zoom around the stage in a straight line angled by the player to eat other opponents.

Series: Xenoblade Chronicles
Debut Appearance: Xenoblade Chronicles (2010)
Shulk SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Monado Arts
Shulk activates one of five Monardo Arts: Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster, or Smash which enhances one element of Shulk. For e.g. Speed enhances his Running and Walking Speed.
Side Special - Back Slash
Shulk leaps up and slashes downwards. This move deals more damage to opponents if it hits them from behind. His Monardo blade will glow red.
Up Special - Air Slash
Shulk lifts his opponents into the air with a rising slash from the Monardo. His Monardo blade will glow pink.
Down Special - Vision
Shulk foresees an attack before evading the attack and counterattacks the opponent with a swift slash from his Monardo.
Final Smash - Chain Attack
Shulk traps opponents in a ball of light before summoning Riki, Dunban and Fiora to attack an opponent. The Final Smash ends with Shulk preforming a powerful slash on opponents.

Series: Xenoblade Chronicles
Debut Appearance: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)
Rex Xenoblade 2
Neutral Special - Prominence Revolt / Photon Edge
Two pillars of flames appears around Rex, hitting opponents several times.

Rex dashes forward at light speed to cut through opponents.

Side Special - Anchor Shot
Rex fires his anchor forwards, if it hits an opponent, Rex can slam them onto the ground and toss them or reel them back to him so he can attack them.
Up Special - Double Spinning Edge
Rex spins his sword around him, making him rise. This move is similar to Link's Spin Attack.
Down Special - Blade Swap
Rex swaps between his Pyra and Mythra.
Final Smash - Burning Sword / Sacred Arrow
Rex and Pyra grabs a gigantic flaming sword and splits the opponent in half, before they detonate.

Rex and Mythra grabs a gigantic sword which'll rain down many light arrows onto the stage.

Duck Hunt
Series: Duck Hunt
Debut Appearance: Duck Hunt (1984)
DuckHunt SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Trick Shot
The Dog kicks a tin can in front of him, pressing the Special button again will make the off-screen sharpshooter shoot it, keeping it in the air. Shooting it nine times will make the can explode.
Side Special - Clay Shooting
The Dog throws a Clay Pigeon, pressing the Special Button will make the off-screen sharpshooter to destroy it with quick shots.
Up Special - Duck Jump
The Duck carries the Dog with it's webbed feet and flies upwards before it gets tired and falls to the ground.
Down Special - Wild Gunman
Duck Hunt summons one of five gunman from Wild Gunman who'll then fire their gun for some time before disappearing.
Final Smash - NES Zapper Posse
The Dog barks to summon a flock of 8-Bit Ducks, if the flock hits an opponent, they'll be teleported onto a field and met with a bunch of 8-Bit Gunman firing bullets at them.

Series: Street Fighter
Debut Appearance: Street Fighter (1987)
Ryu SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Hadoken
Ryu thrusts his cupped hands forward to release a blue-fiery projectile. Charging the move will result in the projectile travelling faster and dealing more damage to opponents.
Side Special - Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Ryu preforms a powerful spinning kick that drives him forward, holding down the special button will make him travel further.
Up Special - Shoryuken
Ryu jumps up and does an ultra-powerful uppercut.
Down Special - Focus Attack
Ryu focusses while black ink-like aura is emitted from him before preforming a single punch that stuns opponents.
Final Smash - Shin Shoryuken / Shinku Hadoken
If Ryu is near from his opponent he'll use Shin Shoryuken by trapping the opponent before doing a three hit combo ending with a Shoryuken.

If Ryu is away from his opponent, he'll use Shinku Hadoken by launching a larger and more powerful Hadoken which can suck opponents into it before travelling off the stage and exploding.

Series: Street Fighter
Debut Appearance: Street Fighter (1987)
Ken SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Hadoken
Ken cups his hands together and fires a blue fiery projectile. This move is weaker than Ryu's Hadoken, like in Street Fighter.
Side Special - Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Ken preforms a spinning crescent kick which unlike Ryu's version of a move, hits opponents several times and has less endlag.
Up Special - Shoryuken
Ken preforms a leaping uppercut, Ken's version of the move deals more damage to opponents.
Down Special - Focus Attack
Ken focusses before preforming a spinning kick on opponents.
Final Smash - Shippu Jinraikyaku / Shinryuken
If Ken is near his opponents, he'll preform a furious series of kicks on opponents which is then followed by hurricane kicks.

If Ken is away from his opponents, he'll preform an uppercut which releases a giant pillar of flames.

Series: Final Fantasy
Debut Appearance: Final Fantasy VII (1997)
Cloud SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Blade Beam
Cloud slashes his Buster Sword in front of him to release a green slash like projectile. Although it moves slowly, it travels a long distance.
Side Special - Cross Slash
Cloud dashes forwards and slashes downward, if the slash hits an opponent, he'll follow it up with a series of slashes which spells the Kanji word for misfortune.
Up Special - Climhazzard
Cloud jumps and thrusts his sword up into the air before going back down with a downwards slash.
Down Special - Limit Charge / Finishing Touch
Cloud holds out his Buster Sword and stays still, charging his Limit Gauge.

When his Limit Gauge is full, Cloud uses Finishing Touch. He'll slash around himself, creating a whirlwind around him that deals tremendous knockback.

Final Smash - Omnislash
Cloud dashes forward and throws the opponent upwards before slicing them several times, the final smash concludes with an explosion.

Series: Bayonetta
Debut Appearance: Bayonetta (2009)
Bayonetta SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Bullet Climax
Bayonetta fires bullets from her guns, if the move is charged, she'll shoot charged bullets which are bigger bullets.
Side Special - Heel Slide / After Burner Kick
Bayonetta slides on the grounds while the guns attached to her foot fires several bullets.
Up Special - Witch Twist
Bayonetta preforms an ascending corkscrew pistol whip, which hits opponents several times but it covers minimal distance. However, it isn't useless as it allows Bayonetta to double jump again and use this move again
Down Special - Witch Time
Bayonetta uses magic to slow down opponents or projectiles. The more damage the opponent already has, the longer they stay affected by Witch Time.
Final Smash - Infernal Climax
Bayonetta uses Witch Time to affect the whole stage before she has to beat up for opponents to fill up her Climax Gauge on limited time, if she is successful on filling the gauge to the max, she summons Gommorrah to finish her opponents.

Series: Splatoon
Debut Appearance: Splatoon (2015)
Inkling SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Splattershot
Inkling takes out her Splattershot and rapidly shoots ink from it, covering opponents with a ink coat that lets Inkling deal more damage to them.
Side Special - Splat Roller
Inkling takes out her Splat Roller and slides it forwards, burying opponents and covering them in a bit of ink when she runs them over.
Up Special - Super Jump
Inkling turns into her squid form and preforms a Super Jump. This move can be angled.
Down Special - Splat Bomb
Inkling tosses a pyramid-shaped bomb which detonates when it hits an opponent or when enough time has passed, which covers opponents in ink.
Final Smash - Killer Wail
Inkling slams down the Killer Wail and activates it, when on, it emits waves of sound waves that are replaced with Ink, sucking in opponents before blasting them away.

Series: Splatoon
Debut Appearance: Splatoon (2015)
Agent 8 - Splatoon 2
Neutral Special - Octoshot
Octoling takes out her Octoshot and rapidly shoots ink at opponents, coating opponents in it which allows the opponent to gain more damage from attacks.
Side Special - Octobrush
Octoling grabs her Octobrush and brushes it forwards, sliding opponents while coating them in ink before throwing them away.
Up Special - Super Jump
Octoling turns into her Octopus form and preforms a Super Jump.
Down Special - Auto-Bomb
Octoling throws the Autobomb, it will then follow the nearest opponent, detonating when it's near the opponent or when enough time has passed.
Final Smash - Tenta Missiles
Octoling jumps off the stage and appears on a helicopter, she'll then take out the Tenta Missiles and fire several ink missiles at opponents.

Series: Castlevania
Debut Appearance: Castlevania (1986)
Simon SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Axe
Simon tosses an axe, which'll travel at a high arc before falling down on opponents from above.
Side Special - Cross
Simon flings a cross which acts like Link's Boomerang, but it doesn't make an attempt to return back to Simon.
Up Special - Uppercut
Simon preforms an uppercut with his whip in hand. This move functions better as an attack rather than a recovery move.
Down Special - Holy Water
Simon throws a bottle of Holy Water downwards, releasing a pillar of red flames when the bottle breaks.
Final Smash - Grand Cross
Simon summons a large coffin which sucks in opponents near it. Simon then grabs the coffin with his whip, swings it and flings it upwards before using the Grand Cross, releasing magical crosses that sends the opponents flying.

Series: Castlevania
Debut Appearance: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (1993)
Richter SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Axe
Richter tosses an axe, the axe will travel in an arc before hitting unsuspecting foes from above.
Side Special - Cross
Richter throws the Cross, which'll go forwards and straight back, however, it won't make an effort to get back to Richter.
Up Special - Uppercut
Richter uppercuts with his whip in hand, like Simon's move, this is better suited as an attack rather than a recovery move.
Down Special - Holy Water
Richter throws a flask of Holy Water downwards, which erupts into a pillar of blue flames when the flask breaks.
Final Smash - Grand Cross
Richter traps opponents in a coffin before dragging the coffin with the Vampire Killer, swinging it in an arc before hauling it upwards and using the Grand Cross on the coffin.

Series: Persona
Debut Appearance: Persona 5 (2016)
Joker SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Gun / Gun Special
Joker fires his gun once, tapping the Special button will make Joker fire his gun several times. In the air, Joker will fire in a circle around himself.

When Arsene is present, Joker will fire three bullets per shot, and two bullets when the move is used in the air.

Side Special - Eiha / Eigaon
Joker snaps his fingers to release a small projectile that travels downwards, while the move is weak, it curses opponents, meaning that damage is inflicted on them over time.

When Arsene is present, the projectile will travel faster and further, hits opponents several times and more damage is inflicted on affected opponent.

Up Special - Grappling Hook / Wings of Rebellion
Joker grabs out his grappling hook and shoots it upwards. This functions as a tether recovery but also functions as a second grab.

When Arsene is present, he'll inspirit Joker, using his wings to let Joker fly upwards.

Down Special - Rebel's Guard / Tetrakarn or Makarakarn
Joker will place his hand on his mask, if anyone attacks him, his Rebellion Gauge will fill up until it's full, which is when Joker summons Arsene.

When Arsene is present, this move this transformed into a counter, Tetrakarn is used for countering physical attacks while Makarakarn reflects projectiles.

Final Smash - All-Out Attack
Joker dashes forward trapping opponents before Joker and three other members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts preforms an All Out Attack on the opponents, while Futaba or Morgana comment on the attack.

Series: Dragon Quest
Debut Appearance: Dragon Quest (1986)
Hero SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Frizz / Frizzle / Kafrizz
Hero unleashes a fireball at opponents, if charged for a few more seconds, Frizz turns into Frizzle and if charged to the max, Frizzle turns into Kafrizz.
Side Special - Zap / Zapple / Kazap
Hero fires a lightning bolt from his sword, if charged for a few more seconds, Zap turns into Zapple, if charged to the max, Zapple becomes Kazap.
Up Special - Woosh / Swoosh / Kaswoosh
Hero summons a series of Tornadoes that launches the Hero upwards to get back onto the stage, if charged for a few more seconds, Woosh becomes Swoosh, if charged to the max, Swoosh becomes Kaswoosh.
Down Special - Command Selection
Hero thinks while the player chooses between 4 out 21 Spells to use. Shielding closes the menu.
Final Smash - Gigaslash
Hero slashes forwards, if opponents get slashed by Hero, they'll be transported to a cutscene where Hero, with assistance from the other unplayable Heroes, charges Hero's sword with electricity before Hero slashes the opponents.

Banjo & Kazooie
Series: Banjo Kazooie
Debut Appearance: Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Banjo&Kazooie SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Egg Firing / Breegull Blaster
Banjo gets down on all fours as Kazooie shoots an egg, like Mario's Fireballs, those eggs will bounce on the ground.

If the Special Button is held, Banjo takes Kazooie out of his backpack and uses her like a Super Scope. Kazooie can be placed back into Banjo's bag when Banjo crouches or shields.

Side Special - Wonderwing
Kazooie covers Banjo with her wings while Banjo charges forwards. This move can be used 5 times and cannot be used again until Banjo gets KO'ed. The only way to counter against this move is to either shield or grab Banjo just in time.
Up Special - Shock Spring Jump
Banjo uses a Shock Spring Pad to propel himself upwards, the longer the player holds the special button, the higher he jumps.
Down Special - Rear Egg
Banjo kneels over to reveal Kazooie firing a Grenade Egg from behind. The Grenade Egg can be used as an item by anyone. If you grab it beware, it detonates in two seconds.
Final Smash - The Mighty Jinjonator
Banjo charges forwards, if anyone gets caught in the dash, they'll be transported to Gruntilda's Castle where the Mighty Jinjonator is summoned. It'll then tackle the opponents several times before followed by one last tackle.

Series: Fatal Fury
Debut Appearance: Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (1991)
Terry SSBUltimate
Neutral Special - Power Wave
Terry punches the ground, releasing a wave of energy that travels the stage. If used in the air, he'll release a short-ranged burst of energy.
Side Special - Burning Knuckle / Crack Shoot
Depending on the input Terry will use one of two attacks:

Burning Knuckle is used when ↓ ↘ → + special/attack button is inputted. Terry charges forwards with an energy punch.

Crack Shoot is used when ↓ ↙ ← + attack/special button is inputted. Terry preforms a flying axe kick.

Up Special - Rising Tackle
Terry jumps into the air while spinning upwards, dealing multiple hits on opponents.
Down Special - Power Dunk
Terry jumps upwards pulling opponents with him by a knee strike before punching them downwards with an energy punch.
Final Smash - Triple Wolf
Terry uses Triple Geyser where he punches the ground to summon three giant geysers, followed by a Power Dunk on opponents before preforming Max Buster Wolf on them.

Min Min
Series: ARMS
Debut Appearance: ARMS (2017)
SSBUltimate Min Min
Neutral Special - Punch
Min Min attacks with her right arm, which, depending on the ARMS, can have different effects. The Ramram (which is the default for right arm) will send an orange ring out, which I'll boomerang back to Min Min, the Dragon will allow Min Min to fire a laser (if B button is held of course) while the Megawatt is a generic ARMS but slower and deals more damage if it hits an opponent.
Side Special - Punch
Min Min attacks with her right arm, see above.
Up Special - ARMS Jump / ARM Hook
Min Min's up special will be different depending on what she's on. When on ground, Min Min slams her fists into the ground, lifting her into the air while in the air, she reaches upwards with her left arm, basically a tether recovery.
Down Special - ARMS Change
Min Min switches her ARMS between the Ramram, Megawatt and Dragon.
Final Smash - ARMS Rush
ARMS Rush in SSBV is different to the one in SSBU, rather than having a cinematic occurring after Min Min's punch hits someone, she will deliver a flurry of punches (akin to Donkey Kong's Jungle Rush from SSBU) before firing a laser from her Dragon, finishing her opponents.

Spring Man
Series: ARMS
Debut Appearance: ARMS (2017)
Neutral Special - Punch
Spring Man delivers a punching attack from his right arm, depending on the ARM he has equipped, different effects will occur (I will say that they're similar to Min Min's ARM) The Boomerang is basically the Ramram but rather than going in an arc, it'll go in a direction akin to Simon's Cross while the Tribolt will fire three missiles from it (if the button is held down)
Side Special - Punch
Spring Man attacks with her right arm, see above.
Up Special - Special Throw
Spring Man extends his arms upwards, grabbing opponents before grabbing opponents to him, punches them and then uppercuts them.
Down Special - ARMS Change
Spring Man changes the type of ARMS on his Boxing Glove, these can either be Toaster, Boomerang and Tribolt.
Final Smash - Rush Attack
Spring Man rushes forward, in anyone gets his by Spring Man’s dash he’ll perform a flurry of punches on the opponents.

Ribbon Girl
Series: ARMS
Debut Appearance: ARMS (2017)
Ribbon Girl - ARMS
Neutral Special - Punch
Ribbon Girl uses her right arm to attack opponents, depending on the ARM she's equipped with, there will be different effects. If the Party Poppers are equipped, she'll fire a pair of Party Poppers at opponents, if they successfully hit the opponent, they’ll be dizzy. If the Slapamander is equipped she'll use it to sweep the stage with it, slapping anyone in range. (FYI the Sparky has no effect)
Side Special - Punch
Ribbon Girl attacks with her right arm, see above.
Up Special - Special Throw
Ribbon Girl stretches out her arms to grab opponents, before pulling them back down to her, punching them and finishing the move with an uppercut.
Down Special - ARMS Change
Ribbon Girl changes the ARMS she has on her boxing gloves, the options can either be Sparky, Popper or Slapamander.
Final Smash - Rush Attack
Ribbon Girl punches, if she hits anyone she’ll perform a flurry of punches on the opponent.

Paper Mario
Series: Paper Mario
Debut Appearance: Paper Mario (2000)
Neutral Special - Hammer Slam
Paper Mario will hold his camera above him and once fully charged, slams the hammer down with incredible force.
Side Special - Hammer Swing
Like Hammer Slam, Paper Mario will hold his hammer in a swinging position and hold it, then once fully charged, swings the hammer.
Up Special - Parakarry
Parakarry will appear and grab Paper Mario, carrying him. However Parakarry will have struggles carrying him so Paper Mario is vulnerable during this time, strike him at this moment.
Down Special - Smooch
Ms. Mowz will appear and smooch Paper Mario, healing him by 3.4% This move has slow ending lag, allowing for opponents to strike him.
Final Smash - Papercraft Mario
Paper Mario will knock opponents into a cinematic scene where as the opponents fall, Paper Mario will appear on Papercraft Mario and punch the opponents.

The Knight
Series: Hollow Knight
Debut Appearance: Hollow Knight (2017)
Knight Action
Neutral Special - Shade Soul
The Knight conjures a Shady Soul and releases it. This projectile can go through walls and opponents. This move drains some of the Knight’s soul
Side Special - Dream Nail
The Knight takes out it’s Dream Nail and slowly activates it before swiftly swinging the Dream Nail to collect soul from Opponents. This also acts as a Smash taunt, where The Knight can read the opponent’s thoughts, these thoughts depend on whether they’re winning or loosing.
Up Special - Monarch Wings
Shining wings sprout from the Knight’s cloak and it flaps, sending the Knight flying upwards.
Down Special - Focus
The Knight will slightly crouch and heal himself, draining some of it’s soul. If any opponents attack the Knight while healing, it’ll take damage and the healing process is cancelled.
Final Smash - Dream No More
The Knight will swiftly slash opponents with it’s Dream Nail, transporting them to the Dream Realm where the Knight slashes the opponent once before the Hollow Knight’s shade rips off their faces. The Knight then breaks it’s shell and repeatedly attacks the opponents with it’s void tendrils.

Series: Hollow Knight
Debut Appearance: Hollow Knight (2017)
Neutral Special - Water Shuriken
Hornet throws her needle forward before pulling it back to her. This move has a long lag time so you can strike Hornet before she pulls her needle back. This can also be used as a tether recovery.
Side Special - Pimpillo
Hornet drops a grenade which explodes when it hits an opponent, this move damages both friends and foes alike.
Up Special - Spike
Hornet uses her silk threads to suspend spiked balls in the air. If she pogos on it, it allows her to jump again and set up another spiked ball and vice versa. If the move's not used for recovery it can also be used as a trap.
Down Special - Parry
Hornet bends down with her needle above her head, if anyone hits the needle, she'll counter them by using a wide ranged arched slash.
Final Smash - Gossamer Storm
Hornet jumps to the centre of the stage before her thread travels around her rapidly, slicing anyone in range of Hornet.

Series: Undertale
Debut Appearance: Undertale (2015)
Neutral Special - Gaster Blaster
A Gaster Blaster appears by San’s side before firing a laser, this move can be charged for more power.
Side Special - Bone Slides
San summons a row of bones to travel across the ground, moving the analog stick up and down will make each individual bone go up and down after one another.
Up Special - Teleport
Sans teleports to a higher place to get back onto the stage.
Down Special - MISS
Sans goes off screen and moves to the left/right, avoiding projectiles. The word MISS will appear besides Sans when he dodges the move.
Final Smash - A Bad Time
Sans goes off stage and summons a bunch of Gaster Blasters to shoot the stage while he summons bones after bones to attack opponents.

Shovel Knight
Series: Shovel Knight
Debut Appearance: Shovel Knight (2014)
Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
Neutral Special - Dig
Shovel Knight digs into the stage, before throwing the dirt and treasure at opponents. Sometimes, an item will be dug up and thrown along with the dirt too.
Side Special - War Horn
Shovel Knight blows into his War Horn, blowing opponents away from him.
Up Special - Throwing Anchor
Shovel Knight holds onto the anchor’s ropes and throws the anchor, anchoring onto the nearest object and pulling him onto the stage.
Down Special - Phase Locket
Shovel Knight holds the Phase Locket in front of him, if an attack hits him, Shovel Knight will be invincible for half a second.
Final Smash - Dream Team
The stage changes appearance to look like the Dream Sequence before Shovel puts on his Dust Knuckles and dashes forwards. Anyone struck by Shovel Knight will be knock to the centre of the stage before Shovel Knight and Shield Knight repeatedly strike the opponent.

Series: Shantae
Debut Appearance: Shantae (2002)
Shantae default pose
Neutral Special - Fireballs
Shantae throws a fireball from her hands, if the move is charged to the max, she can throw three fireballs at once.
Side Special - Pikeball
A Pikeball circles around Shantae, if the move is charged, there could be a maximum of three Pikeballs circling her.
Up Special - Cannon
Shantae gets in the cannon with her Pirate Hat before being blasted horizontally.
Down Special - Transformation Dance
Shantae dances to transform into either a Monkey, Elephant, Spider or Harpy Shantae. These transformations can only use two attacks, A Button for their basic attack and B Button for powerful attack. Once using the move Shantae can only transform again after One and a half minutes. Below are a list of moves that the transformation uses.

Monkey: A for Monkey Claw, Shantae swifts her monkey claws swiftly. B for Monkey Bullet, Shantae dashes in any direction, this move can be used while clinging onto the wall.

Elephant: A for Elephant Stomp, Shantae jumps up and stomps back onto the ground. B for Elephant Charge, Shantae runs a short distance before ramming the unlucky opponents headfirst.

Spider: A for Spider Silk, Shantae shoots silk from her abdomen, if the silk hits the opponent, she preforms a Zip Line Kick, this can also be used as a tether recovery. B for Spider Venom, Shantae summons three balls of venom before shooting them at opponents, it doesn’t do much damage upon impact but the opponent will gain little damage overtime.

Harpy: A for Harpy Flight, Shantae flaps her wings to fly a great distance, the move doesn’t deal damage to opponents but can get Shantae back onto the stage even if she’s near the bottom of the stage. B for Razor Feather, Shantae shoots numerous amounts of sharp feathers from her wings.

Final Smash - Genie Dance
Shantae belly dances to summon a great amount of gems constantly being thrown onto the stage, each individual gem doesn’t damage opponents that much but many can be a risk to them.

Rabbid Mario
Series: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Debut Appearance: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (2017)
Rabbid Mario
Neutral Special - Boomshot
Rabbid Mario shoots a wide ranged shot from his Boomshot. This move has long start and end lag time, but in return, the shot is able to wound opponents that are far away from him.
Side Special - Melee
Rabbid Mario grabs his Melee Hammer and slams it down, the move deals the most damage when the hammer slams down on opponents, but the tremors caused by the slam also deals a fair amount of damage.
Up Special - Team Jump
Rabbid Mario jumps off either Rabbid Peach, Luigi or Yoshi, each with their own effects. Rabbid Peach heals Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Luigi grants Rabbid Mario the Vampire Ability, where everytime Rabbid Mario hits an opponent, he gains some of their health and Rabbid Yoshi grants Rabbid Mario an ability similar to Outer Shell, where the opponent’s attack damage on Rabbid Mario is halved.
Down Special - Magnet Dance
Rabbid Mario dances, dragging items at him to be used, this is similar to Rosalina & Luma’s Gravitational Pull.
Final Smash - Time Washing Machine
The Time Washing Machine appears and sucks any nearby opponents inside it before teleporting to Ancient Gardens and crashing there.

Series: Golden Sun
Debut Appearance: Golden Sun (2001)
Neutral Special - Move
Isaac conjures a hand made of Psynergy that pushes opponents away.
Side Special - Vine
Isaac tangles opponents in vines, once the opponent is tied down by the vines then it’ll start constricting them, the more damage the opponent already has, the longer they’ll be constricted.
Up Special - Planet Diver
Isaac jumps skywards, engulfing himself in flames before lunge back downwards.
Down Special - Quake
Isaac raises his hands and claps them while shouting before the ground shakes, tripping opponents over.
Final Smash - Judgement
Isaac summons the spirit Judgement, who’ll then proceed to fire down at Isaac’s opponents.

Series: Tales
Debut Appearance: Tales of Symphonia (2003)
Lloyd Irving
Neutral Special - Demon Fang
Lloyd fires two demon fangs, which travels along the ground. The projectile is fast but also weak in terms of damage.
Side Special - Tempest
Lloyd flips and lunges at the same time while holding both swords outwards. This move can deal severe damage when it hits, but if it misses an opponent, Lloyd is in big danger.
Up Special - Tiger Blade
Lloyd jumps and slashes upwards with both his swords. This move is a poor recovery and a horrible attack.
Down Special - Rising Falcon
Lloyd rises into the air and dives downwards at an angle.
Final Smash - Falcon’s Crest
Lloyd takes out his Material Blades and fuses them in the Eternal Sword before trapping opponents and smashing them downwards.

Series: Chibi-Robo
Debut Appearance: Chibi-Robo: Plug into Adventure! (2005)
Neutral Special - Chibi Blaster
Chibi-Robo takes out it’s Chibi Blaster and fires a projectile from it. The projectile deals very little damage and little knockback.
Side Special - Toothbrush
Chibi-Robo brushes the stage floor with a Toothbrush, sweeping anything that’s in the way.
Up Special - Chibi-Copter
A flap in Chibi-Robo’s head opens and out pops a propeller which propels Chibi-Robo into the air.
Down Special - Recharge
Chibi-Robo plugs it’s tail into the ground, letting it recover health.
Final Smash - Super Chibi-Robo
Chibi-Robo turns into Super Chibi-Robo and lassos any opponents nearby before using a flurry of attacks on them, before ending the Final Smash with with a whip lash.

Chorus Kids
Series: Rhythm Heaven
Debut Appearance: Rhythm Heaven (2011)
The Chorus Kids Megamix
Neutral Special - Glee Club
Each individual kid sings loudly before singing in unison, if each kid sings in time, the damage dealt by the unified singing will double.
Side Special - Topple
The two kids climb the lead one before toppling over. The player can swing the analog stick left or right to make them topple in the respective direction. If the player does nothing, the kids will fall under their weight, damaging themselves.
Up Special - Night Walk
Blue platforms appear out of nowhere and the player has the guide the Chorus Kids to jump on these platforms to get back on stage.
Down Special - Conductor
The Conductor appears on stage and starts conducting, if the Chorus Kids attack at the COnductor's Rhythm, the attack will deal more damage.
Final Smash - Rhythm Heaven
The Chorus Kids appear in the background and starts singing while a horde of Rhythm Heaven characters dance on stage trampling opponents.

Series: Rayman
Debut Appearance: Rayman (1995)
Rayman Spirit
Neutral Special - Wind-Up
Rayman winds up one of his limbs and throws it away, dealing a powerful punch/kick at the opponent.
Side Special - Kung Foot
Rayman’s torso drops as one of his feet kicks it away, the rest of Rayman will follow the kicked torso and reunify with it.
Up Special - Propeller Hair
Rayman’s hair spins like a Helicopter Propeller, slowing his descent. This move is not useful as a recovery or as an attack alone but Rayman can use his normal attacks while using this moves.
Down Special - Rabbid
Rayman plucks a Rabbid from the ground and tosses it at opponents. The Rabbid would then run around the stage wreaking havoc by plunging opponents with plungers or running them over with a trolley.
Final Smash - Moskito Swarm
Rayman hops on a Moskito before a swarm of them floods the stage, with the swarm of Moskitoes impaling opponents with their long proboscis.

Series: Minecraft
Debut Appearance: Minecraft (2011)
Neutral Special - Inventory
Steve opens his inventory and takes out an item, these can vary from an Ender Pearl, Apple, Bucket of Water, Snowball, Splash Potion and either a Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel or a Hoe. Each item has their own use.
  • The Ender Pearl will teleport Steve to the location the pearl lands on
  • The Apple will heal Steve
  • The Bucket of Water will have Steve release a stream of water that pushes anything in it’s direction
  • The Snowball is just a simple, weak projectile
  • Splash Potions are a unique projectile, as it can have multiple effects like damage the opponent, have the opponent gain damage overtime or maybe heal them?

The tools are different as they affect Steve’s moveset, for e.g. Steve’s Smash attacks use a Sword, but if you switch take out an Axe, Steve will use an Axe instead which deals less damage than the sword but has higher knockback than it.

Side Special - Blocks
Steve takes out his block and places it down, Steve can only place a maximum of ten blocks. These can be used for a variety of purposes like being a weak shield but it cannot be used as a tool to prevent an opponent from recovering as the blocks can be easily broken.
Up Special - Creative Flying
Steve starts floating in the air, allowing him to fly around the stage, however this only lasts for a few seconds before Steve falls down.
Down Special - Tamed Wolf
Steve summons a Tamed Wolf who’ll proceed to bite the nearest opponent.
Final Smash - Ender Dragon
Steve will build an Ender Portal, trapping opponents above it before slamming them in the portal. The opponents will land in the End before the Ender Dragon burns them with it’s Dragon Breath.

Series: The Mysterious Murasame Castle
Debut Appearance: The Mysterious Murasame Castle (1986)
Takamaru Spirit
Neutral Special - Pinwheel Knife
Takamaru throws four Pinwheel Knives, each going north, south, east and west respectively.
Side Special - Deflect
Takamaru holds his Katana upside down, deflecting any weak projectiles that make contact with it.
Up Special - Rising Sun
Down Special - Invisibility Technique
Takamaru disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a scroll, Takamaru is now invisible for half a minute before the invisibility wears off. This move cannot be used again until you get KO’ed.
Final Smash - Inazuma Lightning
Takamaru holds his katana upwards and unleashes a lightning storm, with lightning bolts striking the stage.

Series: Crash Bandicoot
Debut Appearance: Crash Bandicoot (1996)
220px-Crash Bandicoot
Neutral Special - Cyclone Spin
Crash performs his signature spin, this move is similar to Incineroar's Neutral Special: Darkest Lariat.
Side Special - Wumpa Bazooka
Crash takes out a Wumpa Bazooka and he aims at opponents with a red laser before he fires a Wumpa Fruit at the targeted location.
Up Special - Bouncing Crates
Crash jumps on a Bouncing Crate to propel himself into the air, Crash can only jump on this 10 times, after 10 jumps the crate breaks and releases a bunch of Wumpa Fruits.
Down Special - Aku Aku
Crash wears an Aku Aku mask and spins forwards, this deals a lot of damage so in order to you know, be destroyed by a Bandicoot with a mask, try avoiding Crash or try to grab him.
Final Smash - Nitro Crates
Nitro Crates suddenly spawn around the stage, if any contact is given to them by opponents, they'll explode, blasting opponents away.
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