Super Smash Bros. Universe (Often abbreviated to SSB6 or SSBU) is the sixth entry in the popular Super Smash Bros. franchise. Following the announcement of Masahiro Sakurai's retirement in April of 2022, Nintendo announced that the position of developer has been passed on to Mystix. Mystix wanted to follow in Sakurai's footsteps and keep making the fans happy, creating new content for the next game. The next Smash Game was teased at E3 2024. The following year, The game was officially revealed in a dedicated Super Smash Bros. Direct! The game was released in April 2026. This game was in production for 4 years.


There are many modes within the game, both old and new! They are sorted into 5 different categories!

  • Smash: The simple gamemode from every smash game! up to 8 of your players duke it out on an arena of your choice! Or test your skill against CPU's. There are 3 ways you can do this;
    • Time: Get the most KO's within the time limit
    • Stock: Choose how many lives each player has, once they lose them all, they're out!
    • Stamina: Choose how much stamina each player has, once it's been drained, they're out!
  • Special Smash: Choose one of these special game modes that change up the regular Smash formula!
    • Custom Smash: Change the statistics of the players to your hearts content!
    • Smashdown: Fight against up to 3 of your friends/CPU's. Every time you use a character, the next match you are unable to use them. Player with the most wins, wins!
    • Super Sudden Death: TBA
    • Boss Smash: A new addition to this game, Boss Smash lets one player select a boss and 3 players select a fighter. The fighters have to attempt to take down the boss!
  • Tag Team: This mode replaces Squad Strike from Ultimate. Select upto 5 different characters to play as! Each will act as their own stock and everytime one fighter is defeated, the next one spawns in!
  • Tournament: Select upto 32 fighters to duke it out in a massive tournament! The last fighter standing will be crowned the Ultimate Champion!


  • Classic: Go through a bunch of battles and minigames! The game ends with a boss
  • All-Star: Fight against every fighter in the game in order of gaming debut.
  • Smash Tower: A new mode, Traverse the tower fighting in battles with randomised Rulesets!
  • Story: TBA
  • Stadium: This is where you can find every minigame in this game!
    • Target Smash: Break all the targets before the time limit! The harder the difficulty, the lower the time limit and harder the stage!
    • Home-Run Contest: Batter the shit out of a Sandbag, before sending him flying as far as you possibly can!
    • Multi-Man Smash: Fight through an army of Mii fighters
      • Century Smash: Fight a total of 100 Mii Fighters.
      • Timed Smash: Choose a time limit before fighting the army!
      • Endless Smash: Fight an army of Mii Fighters for as long as you can!
      • Cruel Smash: Test your skill and fight against an army of overpowered fighters!
    • Boss Blitz: The new Boss Rush for the game. Fight against every boss in order of difficulty! (Final Boss always comes last). This mode becomes available after completing the Story
  • Training: Test your skills!


New to this game, are Party modes! These are modes that can be played with your friends!

  • Smash Run: Smash Run returns from Smash 4! Choose from 4 maps. Fight through an army of enemies collecting things and gaining boosts!
  • King Of The Hill: TBA
  • Smash Tag: TBA
  • Be The Ball: This mode consists of 2 teams on an exclusive stage, resembling a football pitch inside a colliseum! You have to smash players into the net! The team with most points at the end wins!


  • Trophies: Returning from Smash 4 and replacing Spirits, are Trophies, there are over 1000 trophies to collect! They can be obtained in 3 separate ways, which are listed below!
    • Trophy Board: Like Spirits, you can fight against a fighter with different statistics. Defeating the fighter will let you obtain the trophy!
    • Trophy Gallery: This is where you can see all your collected trophies! Each trophy has a description, as well as a few games that they appeared in! To see a full list of trophies, Click Here
    • Trophy Pinball: A new and improved version of the coin launcher from ball! Put one of your coins into the Pinball Machine and then fire a ball into the arena! Several randomised trophies are scattered around. See how many you can collect! This mode also has a remixed version of the Coin Launcher!
  • Album: This is where you can view your photos and replays! These can be edited and uploaded to Social Media!
  • Challenges: Like Ultimate, the challenges are set out in a comic strip style! You can gain exclusive Trophies, Character Costumes, Masterpieces, Stage Creator pieces, Stages and Music tracks!
  • Stage Creator: Stage Builder has had a major overhaul and is now dubbed the Stage Creator. This time, the Stage Editor is as complex as Super Mario Maker 2. Place different assets such as ground and backgrounds from different games! You can also place down enemies and background NPC's!
  • Masterpieces: Play demo's of classic Nintendo games!
  • Records: This is where you can find all your records! 
  • Music: Listen to this games soundtrack! You can also listen to the Characters voice during Battle and within the cutscenes!
  • Store: Buy Trophies, Character Costumes and Music Tracks

Online: TBA


Within the base game, there is a total of 106 fighters (Counting both Pokemon Trainers as 1)

New to this game are unlockable costumes! Most fighters can have upto 4 costumes to unlock! (Mii's are the only exception)


Almost every stage returns from throughout the Smash series, as well as a plethora of new ones!

New Stages



Assist Trophies


Pokeball Pokemon


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