Reveal Trailer

The trailer starts showing a gameplay of Pokémon Red for the Game Boy, with the main character strolling through Viridian Forest until the screen fades between black and white, indicating that a wild Pokémon encounter has spawned with the string of texts follow up:

| Wild PIKACHU appeared! |


| >FIGHT |


Pikachu uses Thundershock, striking the Squirtle and leaving its health to 5 points, and Squirtle retaliates with a Water Gun, leaving the electric Pokémon's health in half. The Trainer searches in his bag for a Poké Ball attempting to catch the Pikachu, only to have several mysterious flames spewing out of nowhere, surrounding and damaging the Pikachu, draining its health down until it faints. A mysterious dinosaur-like sprite walks in afterwards, happily cheering up, named as ??? above the health bar and the text box glitching up rubbish characters.

Agumon mockup

The Trainer attempts to catch the mysterious creature only to have the ball bounce violently, failing to catch it, glitching the game even harder, with graphics contorting and distorting everywhere before the game is lowered down revealing a Game Boy console, with fingers desperately tapping on the buttons. The Game Boy begins short-circuiting and spazzing around, prompting the Pokémon Trainer to drop hastily the console with a Pikachu on his shoulder looking worried and scared. We then zoom inside the Game Boy's circuits, with the previous dinosaur sprite disintegrating into a vortex of bytes and data, whirlpooling into a shaded creature with whose eyes glowing up, bursting out of the console before landing on the ground firing a barrage of flames around before having the splash screen cut to finally reveal the creature:


The Trainer falls backwards, startled while Pikachu rushes forward to defend its Trainer, facing Agumon and clashing with each other before cutting into a gameplay montage of Agumon entering into the battlefield and showing off his gameplay. Once the montage ends, its shown that Pikachu managed to almost beat Agumon, roaring tiredly before being enveloped in a ball of light, once again disintegrating into data and being reconstructed into what is known as:


A colossal humanoid dinosaur monster in armor stands imposed against the Trainer and Pikachu, afterwards showing a montage of WarGreymon pulling out its moves in action. Once the montage ends, WarGreymon has digidevolved back into Agumon, with it and Pikachu looking at each other with a confused look until a Poké Ball hits Agumon’s face and falls on the ground, showing a bunch of Poké Balls laying scattered in the floor while the Trainer dejectedly gives up and holds his cap in shame after failing to catch Agumon while it rubs its head.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate. X Digimon is the name of the collaboration between Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Bandai Namco's popular monster franchise, Digimon, in the form of paid downloadable content. The DLC contains content related to the Digimon series, including Agumon and WarGreymon being confirmed as playable characters, Cyberspace EDEN as a stage, a bunch of spirits related to the series, with additional bundled costumes and lastly, an update on Spirit Descriptions. Agumon is set to be the first downloadable character of the Fighter Pass: Second Season, but can alternatively be bought individually for $5.99 dollars.

Agumon was officially revealed right after the fifth and final character of the Fighter Pass: First Season was released in February 2020 and is slated to release in March 7, 2020, announcing the start of the Fighter Pass: Second Season.


Digimon is one of Bandai Namco's major franchises, to the point of being their second best selling and grossing one, only followed right after Pac-Man. To start, there’s the common fallacy that Digimon started out as an anime, which actually did not and in fact started out as a LCD game similar to the Game & Watch ones, under the name of Digital Monsters and focusing on the virtual-pet simulator genre as a branch of the Tamagotchi franchise, only marketed for boys, both franchises being originally owned by Bandai before merging with Namco in 2007. Said virtual pet games were created by Akiyoshi Hongo and first released in 1997, and were subsequently followed by several versions after, each including their own wide variety of exclusive digital monsters, with Agumon debuting in the first version. After the modest success of the virtual pets, the franchise expanded with two videogames (both equally focusing on the virtual pets genre), one being released in Japan only in 1998 for the Sega Saturn, and a year later, Digimon World, which is one of the franchise's best known games, was released for the PlayStation just a few months before the Digimon Adventure anime aired in 1999 as an attempt to promote the game and virtual pets.

Digimon V-Pet

Ever since, the Digimon franchise increased in popularity, brand expanding into merchandise which was sold alongside the anime as it continued on and produced several seasons, each being unrelated and taking place on their own universe, the virtual pet line also continued though not as successfully, until the latest ones which serve to promote the anniversary of the franchise and the anime, and of course the videogames also expanded. One issue is that the games were never really consistent between each other as they were basically experimented with every genre that there is (including a Smash Bros. clone, namely Digimon Rumble Arena and even a racing game), sold relatively alright at best with mixed reception, leading to many people to think that the franchise started out as an anime. It wasn’t until the Nintendo DS where the Digimon Story games in a RPG style similar to Earthbound were first created and expanded into a sub-series under the name of Digimon Story. The PlayStation 4 games were, however, when Digimon finally arose into popularity and became relevant again with three of them released on the platform, one being Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and its sequel, Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory, with a third one that goes back to their roots on the virtual pet genre and acts as a sequel of the first Playstation game; Digimon World: Next Order, all of these which would become Digimon’s best selling and received games.

As of this writing, Digimon's most recent titles, which are both Cyber Sleuth and Hacker’s Memory, were ported as a bundle to the Nintendo Switch in October 18th, with a third unrelated game called Digimon Survive stated to release around 2020 and a fourth game that was confirmed to be under works and acts as another brand of the Digimon Story series, being unrelated to Cyber Sleuth or Hacker’s Memory whatsoever. It’s unknown if it’ll come for the Switch though.

While the franchise still continues to experiment with every genre, there’s no doubt that their most successful games are the Digimon World and Digimon Story series.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth Complete EditionDigimon World Next Order

Franchise Overview

Putting aside the inconsistency on the franchise and the notoriety of the World and Story series, each with their own lore and view on the monsters, there's usually one thing they all have in common and is that the so-called Digimon are artificial lifeform creatures formed after bytes and lost net data and come from another world, namely the Digital World, a virtual space manifestation located the internet itself and its net connections but can also inhabit on electronic devices where they all coexist and habit together, though can also transport to the Human World, known as Planet Earth, where they gain a physical body, and while a hundred of theories has been questioned towards its origins, they still remain unknown. Sometimes, the Digimon are unknown to mankind but in other series people are known to train them, of which they’re earned the title of Digimon Tamers.

As for the creatures themselves, all Digimon are born from digital eggs called DigiTama, have the basic needs of a pet such as eating, sleeping, excreting waste, etc but mostly having a strong emphasis on battling although their main strength lies going through a stage called Digivolution by downloading net data and morphing into a much stronger monster. Digimon usually have 6 different phases of digivolution, (though some of them have even more), with the usual ones starting from Baby, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Mega and finally Ultimate. As one progresses through these stages, they are also given the option to regress and devolve back to a former stage as well. Sometimes Digivolution is factored on how well the creatures have been trained which would lead to them evolving into either a much stronger Digimon or a weaker version of themselves.

  • The Baby and In-training stages usually consist of amorphous blob-shaped Digimon that have all the basic needs a baby has and are practically useless for battle. Digimon usually take this form if they unleash all their energy, lose a battle badly or die.
  • The Rookie Stage is when the Digimon actually gets competent and is able to combat against others of its own size, as they’re considered pretty fit for beginner Tamers. They mostly have the attitude of a youngster as they haven’t developed or matured yet.
  • The Champion Stage refers to when a Rookie Digimon finally matures and is able to fight better but is doomed to stay in this stage if they aren’t well treated or battled against other Digimon enough, which could also lead them to dying, either from old age or other causes.
  • The Mega Stage refers to the evolution payoff of a Champion Digimon by battling arduously though reaching the stage is impressively hard and as a result most Digimon don’t even reach to this stage.
  • Finally, the Ultimate stage is a direct upgrade of their Mega phase, as the Digimon is able to evolve into one of the ultimate lifeforms of power. However, while incredibly strong, they are more prone to unleash all their energy and destroy everything and reverting back to a DigiTama.
Digivolution Stages
Botamon KoromonArtwork Agumon spirit Greymon Artwork Metalgreymon Wargreymon spirit
Baby In-Training Rookie Champion Mega Ultimate

As for why out of all Digimon, Agumon and WarGreymon were chosen because Agumon is the face of the Digimon franchise and is an easily recognizable icon for many fans. War Greymon took priority over others like Greymon due to the creator wanting to have two different characters in one rather than having two ones that would play the same in a dull way.

Character Overview

Agumon Approaching
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
SSB Digimon Series
Universe Digimon
Availability Downloadable
Final Smash Omni Strike

Agumon is one of the many Digimon inhabiting in the Digital World. Taking the appearance of a small dinosaur, Agumon is one of the more popular Digimon, practically serving as the whole face of the franchise. Agumon may not be the brightest Digimon out there but makes it up for its reckless, ferocious and brave personality, with potent weapons on his fangs, claws and fire abilities making him a great guardian if he's well tamed enough. Evolves from the tiny Botamon and Koromon, and can evolve into Greymon, Metal Greymon and the powerful WarGreymon. Its signature ability is spewing out a huge ball of fire at the enemy, this technique called Pepper Breath.

Agumon was added as a playable character and the first character to come out in the Fighter Pass: Second Season, enumerated as the fighter #76. Several of Agumon’s alternate costumes refer to the many Agumon subspecies, including but not limited to Black Agumon, Professor Agumon, Snow Agumon and the 2006 version of Agumon.

As a fighter, Agumon is a heavy middleweight character, who, while having KO powers and the ability to deal great knockback with little damage, Agumon isn’t the most nimble or defensive character. While its hitboxes are average -not too long but not too shabby- and it can counter attacks pretty well with a decent projectile, Agumon struggles with fast and strong characters who can either outspeed or overpower it. Agumon starts out with a pretty basic moveset that can be easy to grasp around but its true potential relies on the Digivolution gauge, a bar above Agumon’s interface, which will aid him to Digivolve into WarGreymon and unleash all of its strength.


Agumon is a heavy middleweight character who is only being slightly shorter than Mario and Yoshi, but also being taller than Ness or Lucas, with pretty average all-around stats, possessing great KO and knockback power but not very strong enough to deal notable damage. Due to that Agumon isn’t a very combo based character and mostly specializes on going all out with a decently strong projectile game and launching the fighters away.

As aforementioned, Agumon’s Fighter Ability is called the Warp Digivolution, which places a bar above the monster similar to Joker’s Awakening gauge. The difference is that instead of waiting to receive damage (which will decrease the gauge), Agumon has to put effort and go all out, excelling on the battle by dealing hits and once the gauge is full, Agumon will automatically Warp Digivolve into WarGreymon. This makes Agumon an originally unimpressive character who if put effort in, will lead him to a potent rewarding game.


Name Description
Neutral Special
Pepper Breath / Baby Burner
This move serves as a charge attack, that when uncharged it’ll behave as a short ranged projectile similar to Wolf’s Blaster with a bigger hitbox, but when it’s fully charged it can paralyze the opponent for a few seconds, afterwards following up with a strong attack.
Side Special
Dynamite Kick
Agumon kicks, leaving a strong fiery projectile forwards that deals a lot of damage but leaves him somewhat helpless due to the endlag. However, the move comes up pretty fast with few frames, making it hard to predict if it’s going to be used, especially if Agumon hasn’t had any plans to KO. If an opponent is hit by Agumon’s kick, they’ll be sent upwards, potentially being able to KO heavyweights even at 120%. The move behaves a bit different in midair, as the projectiles are sent in a 45° angled arc similar to the Ice Climbers' Blizzard.
Up Special
High Time
Claw Uppercut
Agumon does a huge leap in the air, striking an uppercut upwards and hitting the opponent away, similar to Ryu’s Shoryuken, only reaching further with a huge hitbox size and dealing more upwards knockback but not as strong though. After using the move it leaves Agumon in a helpless state.
Down Special
Cross Fire
Functioning similar to Diddy Kong’s Monkey Flip Incineroar’s Cross Chop, except this one gains more horizontal recovery, Agumon leaps forward and if he catches an opponent, he’ll gnaw at them, dealing damage and retaliating with another attack, but if he doesn’t catch anyone, he’ll slam downwards diagonally, striking opponents. Can also be used to spike them off the stage.

Miscellaneous Animations

Animation Description
Entrance A whirlpool of data appears in the battlefield, surrounding and integrating Agumon.
Idle 1 Agumon scratches his chin, thinking about something.
Idle 2 Agumon hops in place impatiently.
Taunt 1 Agumon raises both of his arms and bounces twice, cheering.
Taunt 2 Agumon pulls out a meat roll and eats it.
Taunt 3 Agumon turns into his Virtual Pet sprite, cheering to one side and flipping to the other.
Victory 1 Agumon bounces in place on all directions roaring happily and looking confident. Based on a victory animation from Digimon Rumble Arena.
Victory 2 Agumon claps and sweeps both of his hands and crosses his arms, looking proud. Based on Greymon's victory animation in Digimon Rumble Arena.
Victory 3 Agumon happily eats and chomps on a meat roll, munching it.
Loss Agumon dedigivolves back into Koromon, clapping happily with its ear-like appendages.


in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
SSB Digimon Series
Universe Digimon
Availability Downloadable
Final Smash Omni Strike

WarGreymon is the Ultimate evolution of Agumon and serves as one of the most powerful variations of Greymon out there. With an armor made of Chrome Digizoid, a highly resistent and strong metal with a shield on his back, lethal claws and diabolic speed, WarGreymon stands true as a formidable opponent, who, in spite of being shorter than most Greymon species, it trades off with power and speed. If a WarGreymon and a MetalGarurumon jogress-fuse into each other, they both will evolve into one of the ultimate strongest Digimon out there, Omnimon. WarGreymon's signature technique, Terra Force, has him raise his arms to create a colossal fiery ball of energy and fire it at the opponent, able to raid anything in its path.

At first glance he may seem like another character, what with getting a reveal trailer and all, but actually not as he is still part of Agumon’s moveset, as he does not take up a slot in the roster, nor can be selected as a fighter. In comparison to Agumon, War Greymon serves as a tall heavyweight character with similar stats to Ganondorf, greatly enhancing Agumon’s KO power, strength, range and speed overall, but also leaving him even more defenseless, especially due to his huge size and fast falling speed, leaving him vulnerable to combos and juggling. WarGreymon has a very strong approaching game, most notably his Side Special, where he fires forward spinning and dealing multi-hit damage.

The general idea is that he might seem overpowered with his fast speed, power and range but is traded by his defensive side is pretty vulnerable and hard to get out of combos once he is trapped in one due to his large size and weight, so that the player has to use both characters.

As said with Agumon before, it has a gauge called Warp Digivolution which allows Agumon to evolve after performing well as a rewarding choice only by dealing hits and overall developing well in the battle. However, if Agumon takes way too much damage the gauge will decrease back, forcing the dinosaur to earn it back. When evolving, Agumon is granted 3 seconds of invincibility after being enveloped in a ball of light and digivolving into War Greymon. This state is permanent for the rest of the fight, unless War Greymon is KOed or performs a Final Smash.


Name Description
Neutral Special
Terra Force
WarGreymon raises both his arms in the air, creating a ball of fire energy, of which he can throw forwards and can be charged. Has a bit of startup lag but can force opponents to approach him, but in the charged version the ball thrown will be much bigger and harder to avoid but also pretty slow. Deals a lot of damage when contacting on an opponent and can KO even at lower percents.
Side Special
Great Tornado Side
WarGreymon engulfs himself in flames and rushes forward, spiraling around like a tornado dealing multi-hit damage and giving the burn effect, in a similar way to Meta Knight. However, the trajectory always goes straightforward and deals serious knockback but can be heavily punished if it misses.
Up Special
High Time
Dramon Killer
WarGreymon hovers in the air for a second, gaining super armor and rockets to the chosen direction, swiping with his huge claw knocking opponents away and leaving War Greymon into a helpless state.
Down Special
Fire Wall
Taken from it’s pre-evolution Greymon, WarGreymon creates a field of fire around him, allowing him to reflect special projectiles while also burning all the physical projectiles thrown at him. Once it’s brought up it deals a little bit of damage with shine properties.
Final Smash
Omni Strike
This Final Smash is the same for both Agumon and WarGreymon, as either Warp Digivolve into Omnimon and strike forwards, catching an opponent but if he misses, then the player can move back to the opposite direction before sending all caught fighters into a cinematic scene where Omnimon freezes them and proceeds to slash them apart with the sword on his left hand. If the opponents have more than 100% of damage, they are instantly KO’ed and if that was their last stock, the battle will instantly end in a “GAME!”, traversing to their Victory Animation afterwards, much like Joker’s Final Smash. If WarGreymon uses the Final Smash, he always reverts back to Agumon.

Miscellaneous Animations

Animation Description
Idle 1 WarGreymon looks to both sides and enters in a fighting stance.
Idle 2 WarGreymon hones his claws together and enters in a fighting stance.
Taunt 1 WarGreymon spins in place, lifting a claw and saying "I got this!".
Taunt 2 WarGreymon points at the opponent with his claw then lowers it down, saying "You're going down!".
Taunt 3 WarGreymon floats in place, crossing his arm and laughing confidently.
Victory 1 WarGreymon spins forward and slashes in front of the camera.
Victory 2 WarGreymon slashes in front of the camera twice then turns around, saying "This was fun.".
Victory 3 WarGreymon slashes in front of the camera and spins around, placing his left claw on the ground, saying "The courage is in you." Based off a victory animation in Digimon Rumble Arena.
Loss WarGreymon dedigivolves back into Koromon, clapping happily with its ear-like appendages.

Alternate Costumes

Several of Agumon's costumes are referenced towards the many Agumon subspecies out there, meanwhile WarGreymon only gets one notable recolor, that being Black WarGreymon.

Alternate Costumes
Snow Agumon Black Agumon Savers Agumon Professor Agumon Nise Professor Agumon Black WarGreymon
Snow Agumon Black Agumon Savers Agumon Professor Agumon Nise Professor Agumon Black WarGreymon

Classic Mode

Agumon's Classic mode is a direct reference to the Digimon Adventure anime, with each character being based off on the main villains.

Classic Mode Route
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Final Boss

Joker (Arsene)

Diddy Kong

Meta Ridley (Gold, Giant)

King Dedede

Bowser (Metal)


LuigisMansion SSBU

Luigi's Mansion
Mushroomy Kingdom

Mushroomy Kingdom
GreatBay SSBU

Great Bay
SpiralMountain SSBU

Spiral Mountain
ShadowMosesIsland SSBU

Shadow Moses Island
Cyberspace EDEN

Cyberspace EDEN
DraculasCastle SSBU

Dracula's Castle


  • Joker having Arsene out in the Luigi's Mansion stage refers to Devimon, who first appears in the Grey Lord Mansion and defeats the chosen Digidestined.
  • Diddy Kong in Mushroomy Kingdom is a reference to Etemon, who was fought in the Server Continent's desert.
  • Meta Ridley in Great Bay is a reference to MetalSeadramon, one of the Dark Masters who was fought and killed in a lake. The golden and gigantic advantages refer to the huge size and coverage MetalSeadramon has.
  • King Dedede in Spiral Mountain refers to Pinocchimon, one of the Dark Masters, who is fought incidentally on the place with the same name. King Dedede is an allusion to Pinocchimon's Hammer.
  • Bowser is fought on Shadow Moses Island, a clear reference to Machinedramon and his Metal Empire.
  • Hero is fought on the Cyberspace EDEN which refers to the final battle in the anime against Piedmon, a clown killer-like Digimon. Hero was chosen due to his randomness on Command Selection, referencing Piedmon's unpredictable arsenal of toying around with their prey.
  • Dracula is a literal reference to another villain, namely Myotismon, a Digimon inspired by Dracula.

Cyberspace EDEN

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Cyberspace EDEN
Cyberspace EDEN
SSB Digimon Series
Universe Digimon
Home Stage Agumon
Availability Downloadable
Max. Players 8

Cyberspace EDEN takes place in an established space where people take a virtual reality form. In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, EDEN is one of the main online hubs frequented by the player, created by Kamishiro Enterprises where people can meet and travel to other locations easily by logging in and out. For legal reasons, it is imperative that whoever enters EDEN their avatar must look the same as their physical appearance, though hackers can break the rules and get around it.

In Smash, Cyberspace EDEN aesthetically looks the same as in the core series with a blue and overall cyber futuristic theme going on, the stage morphing into several phases by logging in and out, similar to Castle Siege. The stage starts in the Entrance Area, the main part of EDEN, which consists of a simple wide and elliptic platform with the silhouettes of several people's avatars walking off and minding their business. Small floating platforms may come in where fighters can stand on them, with the ocassional rainbow colored boxes that usually contain an item.

As the battle continues, the stage can either log into the Kamishiro Enterprizes, Kowloon or the Devil Forums, doing so at random.

In the Kamishiro Enterprizes version, the stage moves to inside the lobby of the Enterprizes itself, changing the appearance into a futuristic orange color and the stage morphing into a walkoff arena with no platforms, where Yuuko Kamishiro and Matayoshi make a small cameo spectating the battle.

In Kowloon, which is said to take place in the depths of EDEN and is feared by many people for hackers inhabiting the place, making it a very dangerous one to walk around, but also where Digimon inhabit. Taking place in the main park of Kowloon, resembling a bizarre playground with several giant teddy bear structures and swings, the arena is round and several platforms swoop in, with an additional two that lift up and down, with the same rainbow boxes containing a random item. Several small Digimon such as Koromon, Gabumon, Palmon, Terriermon, etc make a cameo, along with Arata Sanata, Nokia Shiramine and the Protagonist spectating the battle.

Finally, in the Devil Forums, the arena takes a much more sinister and purplish tone, resembling something like a rock-music themed scenery with Jimiken and a few Digimon like Machinedramon and Piedmon contemplating the battle. The arena is rigged into several platforms where players can jump around.

As a hazardless stage, it takes place on the Main Entrance and doesn't change location.


Fighter Spirits

Spirit Alternate Artwork Origin Game Acquisition
Agumon spirit AgumonSmash Digital Monsters Ver. 1 (1997)
  • Clear Classic Mode with Agumon
  • Purchase in the Vault Shop for 300G (after downloading Agumon)
Wargreymon spirit WarGreymonSmash Digimon Pendulum Ver. 5.0 Metal Empire (1999)
  • Purchase in the Vault Shop for 300G (after downloading Agumon)

Primary Spirits

Spirit Fighter + Condition Stage When Equipped Rank + Type
Greymon Artwork AgumonSmash
Giant Agumon
1200px-SSBU-Kongo Falls
Kongo Falls
Power: 1,997-7,991 ★★☆☆
  • The enemy has increased melee damage.
  • The enemy has Super Armor
Can be enhanced to MetalGreymon SpiritTypeAttack
Metalgreymon Enhance Greymon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 2,980-9,591 ★★★☆
MetalGreymon Made of Metal SpiritTypeAttack
GabumonArtwork Pichu SSBUltimateYoshi SSBUltimateWolf SSBUltimateMiiBrawler SSBUltimateLucario SSBUltimate
(Small Pichu, Mii Brawler has WereGarurumon Costume, Giant and Metal Lucario)
Great Bay SSBU
Great Bay
Power: 307-3,999 ★☆☆☆
  • The enemy has a Sword Beam.
  • The enemy favors Side Specials.
  • Item Tidal Wave: Freezie
Can be enhanced to MetalGarurumon SpiritTypeShield
Metalgarurumon Enhance Gabumon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 3,001-9,990 ★★★☆
MetalGarurumon Undamaged Attack & Speed ↑ SpiritTypeShield
Palmon PiranhaPlant SSBUltimateIvysaur SSBUltimateLittleMac SSBUltimateMiiGunner SSBUltimateBayonetta SSBUltimate
(Small Piranha Plant, Mii Gunner wears Lilimon Costume)
DistantPlanet SSBU
Distant Planet (Battlefield)
Power: 450-3,700 ★☆☆☆
  • The enemy favors Up Specials.
  • The floor is poisonous.
  • The enemy is equipped with a Super Scope and an Unira.
Can be enhanced to Lilimon SpiritTypeGrab
Lilimon Enhance Palmon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 2,968-9,831 ★★★☆
Lilimon Lip's Stick Equipped SpiritTypeGrab
Patamon Kirby SSBUltimatePikachu SSBUltimateMiiSwordfighter SSBUltimatePit SSBUltimatePit SSBUltimate
(Small Kirby, Mii Swordfighter wears Angemon's costume, both Pit are giant, last one is gold)
Skyworld SSBU
Power: 250-4,000 ★☆☆☆
  • The enemy often avoids conflict.
  • The enemy has floaty jumps.
Can be enhanced to Angemon SpiritTypeShield
Angemon2 Enhance Patamon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 1,998-7,894 ★★☆☆
Angemon Star Rod Equipped SpiritTypeShield
Gatomon Isabelle SSBUltimateIncineroar SSBUltimatePalutena SSBUltimatePalutena SSBUltimateCharizard SSBUltimate
(Small Isabelle, last Palutena and Charizard are giant)
PalutenasTemple SSBU
Palutena's Temple (Omega)
Power: 1,700-8,000 ★★☆☆
  • The enemy's attacks are stronger
  • Stamina Battle
Can be enhanced to Angewomon SpiritTypeAttack
Angewomon Enhance Gatomon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 3,003-9,273 ★★★☆
Angewomon Jump ↑↑ SpiritTypeAttack
Devimon Joker SSBUltimateMetaKnight SSBUltimate
(Joker has Arsene out)
SSBGR DraculasCastle
Dracula's Castle
Power: 1,864-8,648 ★★☆☆
  • Assist Trophy: Alucard
  • The enemy heals up when landing a smash attack.
Can be enhanced to Myotismon SpiritTypeGrab
Myotismon Enhance Devimon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 3,643-9,967 ★★★☆
Myotismon First-Strike Advantage SpiritTypeAttack
Leomon Incineroar SSBUltimate GaurPlain SSBU
Gaur's Plains (Omega)
Power: 2,042-8,950 ★★☆☆
  • The enemy is equipped with aa Sword Beam.
  • The enemy's physical attacks slightly increase.
  • Entei constantly spawns from Poké Balls.
Can be enhanced to BanchoLeomon SpiritTypeAttack
BanchoLeomon Enhance Leomon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 4,890-12,384 ★★★★
BanchoLeomon Critical Hit Immunity SpiritTypeAttack
Numemon Wario SSBUltimateBanjo&Kazooie SSBUltimate
(Team Wario of x8, Banjo & Kazooie are giant)
800px-SSBU-Mario Bros
Mario Bros. (Battlefield)
Power: 300-2,240 ★☆☆☆
  • The enemy is equipped with a Smoke Ball.
  • The floor is sticky.
Can be enhanced to Monzaemon SpiritTypeNeutral
Monzaemon Enhance Numemon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 3,120-9,621 ★★★☆
Monzaemon Giant SpiritTypeNeutral
Etemon DiddyKong SSBUltimateJigglypuff SSBUltimate Mushroomy Kingdom
Mushroomy Kingdom (Omega)
Power: 3,690-10,040 ★★★☆
  • The enemy favors Up Specials.
  • Meloetta constantly spawns in Poké Balls.
  • Assist Trophy: Squid Sisters
N/A SpiritTypeGrab
Piedmon Dynamic Hero SSBUltimateJoker SSBUltimateJoker SSBUltimate
(Joker has Arsene out)
Cyberspace EDEN
Cyberspace EDEN
Power: 5,202-12,657 ★★★★
  • The enemy favors Down Specials.
  • The enemy's Final Smash Gauge fills faster.
  • The enemy randomly gets a Final Smash.
Double Final Smash SpiritTypeAttack
Guilmon2 MetaKnight SSBUltimateAgumonSmashBowser SSBUltimateRidley SSBUltimate (Meta)Ike SSBUltimate (Radiant Dawn)
(Small Meta Knight, Giant & Metal Ike)
FindMii SSBU
Find Mii (Omega)
Power: 2,003-7,094 ★★☆☆
  • The enemy's melee attacks are stronger
  • Assist Trophy: Rathalos
Can be enhanced to Gallantmon SpiritTypeAttack
Gallantmon Enhance Guilmon's Spirit at Level 99 N/A Power: 5,648-12,980 ★★★★
Gallantmon Armor Knight SpiritTypeAttack
Alphamon AgumonSmashAgumonSmash
Finaldestination ssbustage
Final Destination
Power: 6,009-13,000 ★★★★
  • The enemy gets a double Final Smash.
  • The enemy randomly gets a Final Smash.
  • Assist Trophy: Black Knight
Metal Killer SpiritTypeNeutral

Support Spirits

Spirit Fighter + Condition Stage + Music When Equipped Rank + Type
KoromonArtwork Kirby SSBUltimateKirby SSBUltimate
Team Kirby of x7
800px-SSBU-Distant Planet
Distant Planet
Critical-Health Attack ↑ ★☆☆☆
  • The enemy favors Neutral Specials.
  • The enemy avoids conflict often.
Omnimon AgumonSmashAgumonSmash
Giant & Metal
Unova Pokemon League SSBU
Unova Pokémon League
Critical Hit ↑ ↑ ★★★★
  • The enemy's Final Smash meter fills fast.
  • The enemy is granted a second Final Smash after using it.
Biyomon Villager Female SSBUFalco SSBUltimateCharizard SSBUltimateCaptainFalcon SSBUltimatePit SSBUltimate
(Small Villager and Falco, big Pit)
Gerudo Valley SSBU Stage
Gerudo Valley
Lightweight ★☆☆☆
  • The enemy favors Up Specials.
  • The enemy often jumps around.
Tentomon Jigglypuff SSBUROB SSBUltimateRidley SSBUltimateBowser SSBUltimateBowser SSBUltimate
(Small Jigglypuff and R.O.B., one Giant Gold Bowser)
WreckingCrew SSBU
Wrecking Crew (Battlefield)
Electric Attack ↑ ★☆☆☆
  • The enemy has a Ray Gun.
  • The floor is electrified
Gomamon Pichu SSBUltimateSquirtle SSBUltimateCorrin SSBUltimateKingDedede SSBUltimateBowser SSBUltimate
(Small Pichu, Giant King Dedede and Bowser)
Summit SSBU
Swimmer ★☆☆☆
  • Poké Balls containing Goldeen constantly spawn.
  • Item Tidal Wave: Freezies
Mamemon Pac-Man SSBUltimate
Pac-Man is made of metal.
WreckingCrew SSBU
Wrecking Crew (Omega)
Bob-omb Equipped ★★☆☆
  • The enemy favors Neutral Specials.
  • Bob-ombs constantly fall on the battlefield.
Ladydevimon Bayonetta SSBUltimateJoker SSBUltimateMetaKnight SSBUltimate
(Meta Knight is small)
SSBGR DraculasCastle
Dracula's Castle (Omega)
Black Hole Equipped ★★★☆
  • Assist Trophy: Alucard
  • The floor is poisonous
  • Stamina Battle
Metalseadramon2 Ridley SSBUltimate (Meta)Squirtle SSBUltimate
Meta Ridley is Giant & Gold
GreatBay SSBU
Great Bay
Critical Hit ↑ ★★★☆
Metal Seadramon
  • The player loses any capacity of swimming.
  • Kyogre constantly spawns from Poké Balls.
  • Stamina Battle
Pinocchimon KingDedede SSBUltimatePiranhaPlant SSBUltimatePiranhaPlant SSBUltimate 800px-SSBU-Spiral Mountain
Spiral Mountain
Hammer Equipped ★★★☆
  • The enemy favors Down Specials.
  • The enemy has a boomerang.
  • Stamina Battle
Machinedramon Bowser SSBUltimateMega Man SSBUltimateROB SSBUltimate (Bowser is Giant & Metal) ShadowMosesIsland SSBU
Shadow Moses Island
Giant & Metal ★★★★
  • The enemy has Super Armor.
  • Bob-ombs fall on the battlefield.
  • Stamina Battle
Veemon Yoshi SSBUltimateRyu SSBUltimateChrom SSBUltimate YggdrasilsAltar SSBU
Yggdrasil's Altar
Physical Attack ↑ ★★☆☆
  • Assist Trophy: Black Knight
Wormmon Olimar SSBUltimateDarkSamus SSBUltimate 800px-SSBU-Big-Battlefield
Rage Blaster Equipped ★★☆☆
  • Spewpas constantly spawn from Poké Balls.
  • Item Tidal Wave: Beehives
Terriermon Lopmon IceClimbers SSBUltimateSheik SSBUltimateSamus SSBUltimate LivingRoom SSBU
Living Room
Strong-Wind Resist ★☆☆☆
Terriermon & Lopmon
  • The enemy has a Bunny Hood.
  • The enemy has an Ore Club.
Renamon2 Pichu SSBUltimateLucario SSBUltimateFox SSBUltimateRobin SSBUltimate (Female)Sheik SSBUltimate SuzakuCastle SSBU
Suzaku Castle
Magic Attack ↑↑ ★★☆☆
  • The enemy's Aura attacks are stronger.
  • The enemy is equipped with a Staff.
  • You'll receive continuous damage.
Gaomon2 LittleMac SSBUltimateLucario SSBUltimateMiiBrawler SSBUltimateWolf SSBUltimate
(Mii Brawler is wearing WereGarurumon's outfit)
BoxingRing SSBU
Boxing Ring
Fist Attack ↑ ★☆☆☆
  • The enemy's melee attacks are stronger.
  • The enemy is equipped with a Jetpack.
  • Stamina battle.
Shoutmon2 Ike SSBUltimateDQIV Hero SSBU
Mementos SSBU
Hothead Equipped ★☆☆☆
  • Meloetta constantly spawns from Poké Balls.
  • Item Tidal Wave: Hotheads.
  • The enemy favors Up Specials.


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Mii Costumes

Digimon is bundled with 10 Mii Costumes, all belonging to the Bandai Namco company, most notably Tekken, Tales of, Klonoa, Xenosaga and Katamari Damacy. Tamagotchi also gets a hat, with Mametchi representing it.

Heihachi mishima
MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU Angemon MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU WereGarurumon MiiGunnerHeadSSBU Lilimon MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU Heihachi Mishima MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU Lloyd Irving
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x Digimon logo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x Digimon logo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x Digimon logo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x Tekken-logo-600x257 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x Talesofsymphonia ssbulogo
Velvet Crowe
Katamari Roller Prince ASSB
Klonoa (Namco X Capcom)
MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU Velvet Crowe MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU KOS-MOS MiiGunnerHeadSSBU Prince MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU Klonoa Mametchi Hat
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x Tales of Vesperia - Logotipo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x XenosagaLogo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x Katamari Damacy REROLL logo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x 1605Klonoa-Logo-alt TM Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo (White) x Tamagotchi! logo


  • Shamelessly ripped off from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Devil May Cry and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x NieR:Automata. Seriously, go check them out, they're amazing articles and a gazillion times much better than this one.
  • Credit for the Agumon render goes to Turb0k in Smashboards. [1]
  • Digimon has the highest number of Spirits out of all DLC franchises, with a total of 36 Spirits. Additionally, Etemon, Piedmon and Alphamon are the only Spirits that are not enhanceable, as the others were made so to reference Digimon's evolutionary nature.
  • There were plans to make Greymon and Metal Greymon, and even Koromon as playable stages of Agumon but later were scrapped as they'd make the gimmick more complicated than it already is.
  • This DLC wasn't bundled with a mode but instead, it actually added Spirit Descriptions, which was already a popular request.
  • Terry and Byleth are the only DLC content that are not represented in any way in Digimon's content. Joker and Hero both appear in Agumon's Classic Mode route and serve as puppet fighters for a few Spirits, along with Banjo and Piranha Plant. Mementos, Yggdrasil's Altar and Spiral Mountain appear on Spirit Battles.
  • In Home-Run contest, playing as Agumon will always result in a War Greymon.
  • Agumon's moveset takes partial cues from Digimon Rumble Arena, which was previously considered as a Smash Bros. clone.
  • The DLC takes heavy references off the Digimon Adventure anime, mostly being notable in the Spirit Battles and Agumon's Classic Mode
  • Yes, I know every Digimon's name ends in -mon. It's theorized that it's a file extension, just like .jpg mp3 or .exe. Don't bother pointing it out.
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