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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x DOOM would have been the name of the collaboration between Sora Ltd's crossover fighting game and id Software's first-person shooter series. As part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass, content from DOOM would appear in the game in the form of paid downloadable content, including the series' protagonist, the Doom Slayer as an additional playable character, Hell on Earth from DOOM Eternal as a stage, music from the series and additional spirits. Conversely, content in DOOM Eternal would be unlocked through Challenger Pack 11 via a account.*

The inclusion of the Doom Slayer would have been officially confirmed during a Nintendo Direct on September 23rd, 2021, with the character being fully revealed on October 5th, 2021 and released a week later. Doom Slayer would have been the sixth and final character included in Fighter Pass Volume 2, after Min Min, Steve, Sephiroth, Pyra/Mythra, and Kazuya.




The DOOM franchise is a series of first-person shooter video games developed by id Software, and related novels, comics, board games, and major film adaptation. The series focuses on the exploits of an unnamed space marine operating under the auspices of the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), who fights hordes of demons and the undead.

The original DOOM is a first-person shooter presented with early 3D graphics. The player controls an unnamed space marine — later nicknamed the Doomguy by fans and ultimately named the Doom Slayer — through a series of levels set in military bases on the moons of Mars and in Hell. To finish a level, the player must traverse through the area to reach a marked exit room. Levels are grouped together into named episodes, with the final level focusing on a boss fight with a particularly difficult enemy. While the levels are presented in a 3D perspective, the enemies and objects are instead 2D sprites presented from several set viewing angles, a technique sometimes referred to as 2.5D graphics. Levels are often labyrinthine, and a full screen automap is available which shows the areas explored to that point.

According to id Software, the key principles of the franchise's 2016 reboot are "badass demons, big f*ckin' guns, and moving really fast". The game allows players to perform movements such as double jumps and ledge climbs throughout levels of industrial and corporate fields of a Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) research facility on Mars and then levels of Hell, as the combat system puts emphasis upon momentum and speed. The approach is known as "push-forward combat", which discourages players from taking cover behind obstacles or resting to regain health while playing from the Doom Slayer's perspective. Players instead collect health and armor pick-ups by killing enemies. "Glory Kills" is a newly-introduced melee execution system; when enough damage has been dealt to an enemy, the game will highlight it and allow the player to perform a quick and violent melee takedown, rewarding the player with small health recovery.

In DOOM Eternal, players once again take on the role of the Doom Slayer. The game continues the 2016 reboot's emphasis on "push-forward" combat, encouraging the player to aggressively engage enemies in order to acquire health, ammo, and armor. The player has access to various firearms, such as the combat shotgun, Super Shotgun, heavy cannon, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, chaingun, BFG 9000, and Ballista. Melee weapons such as a chainsaw, the Crucible energy sword and a retractable arm-blade, known as the Doomblade, can also be used. In addition, DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part Two adds an energy hammer known as the Hellbreaker, which stuns all enemies within a certain radius.

Before the 2016 reboot, the Slayer was often referred to in the fan community as the Doomguy. However, whilst id Software chose a somewhat generic, male pictorial representation of the Marine for the box art, as well as gameplay purposes (damage feedback, story transitions), the true identity of the Doom Slayer was meant to be the player themselves and so these depictions should only be considered illustrative. Former id Software level designer John Romero has been quoted as stating, "...the marine's supposed to be YOU [the player]". Contrary to previous incarnations, the 2016 reboot's Slayer is more vaguely characterized: he is never seen nor heard other than from the first person, and other than gameplay at the beginning of the game that shows him having a Caucasian skin color and the muscular masculine suit seen in the introduction, practically no details are revealed. However, the Slayer's eyes and nose can be made out through the visor of his helmet on the game's box art, the 3D model viewer, and his Quake Champions appearance. It has been also noted for its visibly irreverent tone conveyed by its hand gestures, fist bumping a small Doomguy figurine, and a late-game moment where the Slayer decides to make a backup of a friendly AI (VEGA) rather than erasing it.

DOOM Eternal is far more specific about the Slayer's characterization relative to the previous episode: he is seen without a helmet in first-person, and for the first time in the series' history, he also speaks, voiced by Matthew Waterson. The Ancient Gods Part Two takes this even further when Doomguy removes his helmet in the final cutscene, the first time his face is fully shown in official DOOM media; this does not include the "Helmetless Slayer" mod created by well-known DOOM modder "proteh." According to the character description, he is 6'9" (203.2 cm) and weighs 360 lbs. (163.293 kg). He also follows the streak for irreverence: a room in his Fortress of Doom is filled with comic books, collectible figurines, guitars and a gaming computer.


As part of the Challenger Pack, the following content would have been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

FIGHTER 83: Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
SSB DOOM Series.png
Universe DOOM
Availability Downloadable
Boxing Ring Title The Scourge of Hell
Final Smash Rip and Tear

The rage-fueled, demon-killing Doom Slayer would have added as a playable character, labelled as fighter number #83. His default design would be based on his appearance on DOOM Eternal, but he'd have alternate costumes based on his appearances in other mainline games. The Slayer would be voiced once again by Jason Kelley. Mike Dopud would reprise his role as the classic Doom Marine, having recorded new voice clips while reusing almost all voice clips from the original DOOM game.


The Doom Slayer would be a surprisingly light fighter with a tremendous speed and range game, excelling when fighting opponents with guns. However, the Slayer's close range game would be weak without much options to defeat opponents nearby, requiring the Slayer to rush from his opponents in order to utilize his strongest killset to guarantee the knockout. The Slayer would be a menacing fighter, with fast but hard-hitting moves fit to (figuratively) rip and tear through opponents, however he'd need to rely on his Fighter Ability, the Ammo Count, as many of his moves would rely on it. Should his Ammo ever run out, he'd have to rely solely on hand-to-hand combat.

As previously mentioned, the Slayer would be a middleweight. He'd be rather quick on the ground, and his initial dash would be exceptionally fast, close to Mewtwo's, and he'd have a good run speed, comparable to Mario's, which would allow him to quickly get out of difficult situations. His walk speed would be slow, but his air speed would be impressive on par with Roy's. Like in his home series, when dealing with literally anything it would be better to just go all-out. However, opponents with fast moves such as grappling hooks (Joker, Byleth, etc.) could easily be a match for him.

The Slayer would have exceptionally deadly smash attacks, allowing him to quickly rack up damage, which is useful as it would tie in with his first Fighter Ability, Ammo Count. Every time the player took damage or deals physical damage, his rage would take the form of new ammunition. His second gimmick would be Weapon Select, allowing him to change his neutral special at will.

Overall, the Doom Slayer would a quick and strong character who wouldn't have trouble bringing hell upon the stage. He'd have access to a strong toolbox, allowing him to adapt to any situation. However, the Slayer would have problems with fighters that could outrun and outwit him, his over-reliance on offense and speed could be baited out with smart planning and while he'd have different options face-to-face against an opponent, approaching one could be difficult depending on circumstances.


Input Description
Ext3 0a0.png The first jab is a simple jab. Second jab is a left hook. Third jab is a downward stomp that randomly has a meteor effect. Multijab is a series of alternating punches.
Ext3 0b2.pngExt3 0a0.png The Slayer delivers a devastating right hook. This attack can be angled up or down.
Ext3 0af.pngExt3 0a0.png A simple slice upwards. Great for trapping opponents in combos.
Ext3 0b0.pngExt3 0a0.png The Slayer slams his leg down, similarly to Bayonetta's down-air. This attack does not have a meteor effect.
Ext3 0ee.pngExt3 0a0.png The Slayer rushes forward with the Doomblade out, dealing decent knockback and damage.
Ext3 0a2.pngExt3 0a0.png The Slayer spins his Doomblade in a circle, similar to Joker's neutral aerial.
Ext3 0b2.pngExt3 0e0.png A simple slash in the air. Deals minimal knockback and light damage.
Ext3 0b1.pngExt3 0e0.png The Slayer slashes down with the Doomblade. No meteor smash effect.
Ext3 0af.pngExt3 0e0.png The Slayer delivers an uppercut slice that focuses on an upward hitbox.
Ext3 0b0.pngExt3 0e0.png The Slayer slams downward in the same fashion as his Glory Kill. This has a special variation of the meteor smash effect, as the (first) opponent hit by this attack will travel down with him to the ground. If there is no ground, the opponent will lose their stock first. Yikes!
Ext3 0a7.png The Slayer grabs the opponent by the neck.
Ext3 0e7.png The Slayer brings his knee to the opponent's face. Deals moderate damage, but is slow.
Ext3 0b2.pngExt3 0a7.png The Slayer delivers a swift but forceful punch that sends the opponent flying.
Ext3 0b1.pngExt3 0a7.png The Slayer grabs the opponent by the leg and throws them with enough force to send them flying.
Ext3 0af.pngExt3 0a7.png The Slayer trips the opponent and slams them upward with great force.
Ext3 0b0.pngExt3 0a7.png The Slayer slams the opponent to the ground, Doomblade ready, and digs the blade right into them, before retracting it inside the opponent, which sends them flying afterwards.
Ext3 0e0.png The Slayer charges his neutral jab. When the input is released, the punch releases a devastating shockwave.
Ext3 0b2.pngExt3 0c2.png The Slayer unleashes his Crucible and holds it above his head. When the input is released, he swings it to the ground, similar to Ganondorf. If the stick is tilted up before the attack, he uses his chainsaw, which deals numerous light hits in a short span of time, but has significantly less endlag. If the stick is tilted down, he uses the Sentinel Hammer, which stuns the opponent for 3 seconds and instantly breaks shields, but leaves the Slayer wide open for a punish.
Ext3 0af.pngExt3 0c2.png The Slayer unleashes his Crucible and prepares to swing. When the input is released, he will swing it above his head. If the stick is tilted left before the attack, he uses his chainsaw, which deals numerous light hits in a short span of time, but has significantly less endlag. If the stick is tilted right, he uses the Sentinel Hammer, which stuns the opponent for 3 seconds and instantly breaks shields, but leaves the Slayer wide open for a punish.
Ext3 0b0.pngExt3 0c2.png The Slayer unleashes his Crucible and holds it like a golf club. When the input is released, he swings it around himself. If the stick is tilted left before the attack, he uses his chainsaw, which deals numerous light hits in a short span of time, but has significantly less endlag. If the stick is tilted right, he uses the Sentinel Hammer, which stuns the opponent for 3 seconds and instantly breaks shields, but leaves the Slayer wide open for a punish.


Input Name Description
Ext3 0a5.pngExt3 0a1.png Weapon Select The Slayer can select one of seven weapons by holding B and Shield, then selecting with the left stick.
Ext3 0a1.png Weapon The Slayer fires forwards with the selected weapon. All of the gun's stats depend on which gun is selected. When he's out of ammo, this move is useless, as the weapon will click to signify the lack of ammo. Like Banjo and Kazooie's neutral special, the Slayer can move while firing.
Ext3 0b2.pngExt3 0a1.png Equipment Launcher The Slayer launches a projectile from his Equipment Launcher. There are 3 types of projectiles he can launch.
  • Ext3 f03.png: Launches a Frag Grenade. The grenade will detonate after 2.5 seconds. Unlike Snake's neutral special, the grenade cannot be "cooked" and will be launched at the first chance.
  • Ext3 f09.png: Launches a Siphon Grenade. The grenade will detonate on impact. When an enemy is in the radius of the grenade, their health is depleted while the Slayer's is replenished.
  • Ext3 f08.png: Launches an Ice Bomb. The grenade will detonate on impact. When an enemy is in the radius of the ice bomb, they will be frozen if their damage is high enough.

When his Ammo Count is empty, the grenade is replaced with a short Flame Belch, which works exactly like it sounds. Flame Belch has a long cooldown, however, so use it wisely.

Ext3 0af.pngExt3 0a1.png Meathook The Slayer will equip his Super Shotgun and fire the Meathook upwards. Identical to Byleth's up special, it works as a tether and an attack option. Unlike Byleth, the up special shares a move with his neutral special, as the Meathook is used as the hold fire for the Super Shotgun when it is equipped. It can only tether 2 times as opposed to the normal 3.
Ext3 0b0.pngExt3 0a1.png Mod Swap The Slayer swaps the modification on his selected weapon. This affects Neutral Special, and most mods do not use Ammo Count. It's a relatively simple and quick move, but it can change the tide of battle quickly.
Rip and Tear The Slayer activates the Haste powerup and rushes towards anything that is in front of him. If successful, he uses the Sentinel Hammer to slam the opponent(s) into a UAC corridor as a cutscene begins. He will load his shotgun and move towards the opponent(s), launching them through a cracked wall into a red void. What proceeds is a brutal beatdown with his melee weapons, followed by a hurricane of ammunition, before the Slayer pulls out the BFG-9000. He steps back and aims at the opponent(s). The ball of energy creates a tendril that pierces the opponent before creating a MASSIVE explosion, ending the cutscene and sending the opponent(s) flying off. Ammo Count does not affect this move.


Weapon Description
Combat Shotgun
The weapon you start with in DOOM Eternal, this famous firearm packs a punch, and...that's about it. Tapping the B button once will fire one shell from the Combat Shotgun.
Heavy Cannon
You have no idea how much convincing we had to do to get this in the game. Tapping the B button once will fire a burst of 3 bullets. Rapidly tapping will fire the Heavy Cannon normally.
Plasma Cannon
Pulled straight out of a cult classic sci-fi epic, this blocky weapon fires fast and for a good while. Rapidly tapping the B button will fire the Plasma Cannon normally.
Super Shotgun
Tapping the B button once will fire two shells from the Super Shotgun at once. Holding the button will always activate the Meathook, which whill grapple the Slayer towards an opponent.
Quickly chews through Bullet ammo, but deals damage for long periods of time. Rapid tapping fires the Chaingun normally.
Tapping the B button once will fire an explosive bolt that deals heavy damage but inconsequential knockback.
Rocket Launcher
Tapping the B button once will fire a rocket projectile that deals heavy knockback but light damage.


Combat Shotgun
Full Auto Sticky Grenade
With this mod equipped, holding the B button will activate a "street sweeper" mechanism in the gears, which chews through Shells but deals a helluva lot of damage. With this mod equipped, holding the B button will launch a Sticky Grenade that detonates shortly after contact.
Heavy Cannon
Micro Missiles Precision Bolt
With this mod equipped, holding the B button will fire a volley of micro-missiles that detonate upon impact. With this mod equipped, holding the B button will Fire a Precision Bolt that deals heavy damage, especially when hitting a hurtbox on the head.
Plasma Cannon
Heat Blast Microwave Beam
With this mod equipped, holding the B button will release a blast of stored heat that can blast and burn opponents with ease. With this mod equipped, holding the B button will activate a homing beam that will deal MASSIVE damage after 4 seconds of locking on.
Turret Mode Energy Shield
With this mod equipped, holding the B button will activate a 12-barrel turret mode, which burns right through Bullet ammo but tears the opposition apart FAST. With this mod equipped, holding the B button will activate an energy shield that blocks oncoming attacks.
Destroyer Blades Arbalest
No, that wasn't a typo. With this mod equipped, holding the B button will charge an attack that, when ready, launches 5 incremental slashes of Argent energy that deal about the same damage as Mythra's Photon Edge. With this mod equipped, holding the B button will charge an attack that, when ready, launches an explosive bolt that deals damage twice: first on impact, then by exploding.
Rocket Launcher
Lock-On Burst Remote Detonation
With this mod equipped, holding the B button will charge an attack that, when locked on, launches 2 smaller rockets that hone in on a specific target. The Revenant's Spirit ability adds the ability to lock onto two targets at once. With this mod equipped, holding the B button will fire the rocket normally. Releasing the input while the rocket is airborne will detonate it instantly.


Name Description
Entrance The Slayer emerges from a VEGA portal, entering his fighting stance.
Idle 1 The Slayer inspects his Doomblade before retracting it.
Idle 2 The Slayer inspects the selected weapon from his arsenal.
Up Taunt The Slayer looks to the Intern and gives a thumbs up.
Side Taunt The Slayer readies his weapon, hungry for a fight.
Down Taunt The Slayer enters a stance, unleashing the Doomblade briefly before retracting it.
Victory 1 The Slayer calls his Meathook back to the shotgun, making sure to strike a pose for the name card.
Victory 2 Ridley will swoop down to attack the Slayer, only to be met with a Doomblade impale and a ground slam.
Victory 3 The Slayer strikes down a Cyberdemon with ease, before leaving via VEGA portal.
Victory 4 The Slayer and Isabelle team up to give a Cacodemon a beatdown, before sharing a high five. This is only possible when in a Team Battle alongside Isabelle.
Defeat The Slayer will stand still. Full of rage, but in a very chill and nonchalant way.


Costume Image Description
Costume 1
Default appearance from DOOM Eternal.
Costume 2
Golden armor from DOOM Eternal.
Costume 3
Praetor suit inspired by the 2016 reboot.
Costume 4
Phobos Slayer armor from DOOM Eternal.
Costume 5
Clearly a color swap to resemble Master Chief from Halo.
Costume 6
Red armor with yellow accents, inspired by Davoth, the Dark Lord.
Costume 7
The classic color palette from the originalDOOM.
Costume 8
White armor with blue accents inspired by the Night Sentinels.


DOOM Eternal
Hell on Earth
SSB DOOM Series.png
Universe DOOM
Home Stage Doom Slayer
Availability Downloadable
Max. Players 8

Hell on Earth is a moving stage inspired by the many levels of DOOM Eternal. In the normal version, the stages are almost immediately overrun with demons of increasingly varying sorts. The stage has nine phases that all appear as levels in DOOM Eternal, as a subtle references to the Nine Circles of Hell. See below for each phase.

  • New York Ruins: This phase is a mostly harmless one, minus the demons running amok across the stage, minding their own business. Attack one, and they will become hostile to all players, regardless of who did it. Demons can be launched into the blast zone, and will count towards your KO score.
  • Cultist Base: This frigid phase takes place in the Cool, Cool Mountain UAC Cultist Base in the Arctic center. This is where Cacodemons and Mancubi join the fun. Cacodemons can charge at fighters with a strong bite, and Mancubi are literally just walking flamethrowers. Demons will still count towards your KO score.
  • Doom Hunter Base: This phase takes place in the Doom Hunter Base, where the second Hell Priest retreats. This is where the first stage boss shows up: the Doom Hunter. Use ranged attacks to temporarily disable its shield, then quickly destroy the rocket sled to render the shield completely useless.
  • ARC Complex: This phase isn't much different from Hell on Earth, only it's more vertically demanding. After lots of jumping and climbing, we reach the second stage boss; the Marauder. When his eyes flash green, stun him with an attack. Keep doing this until he is defeated. Essentially, stun him until he dies.
  • Mars Core: This phase takes place in the BFG 10000 Facility on Sentinel Prime. Yes, the BFG Division. A switch can be found mid-level. When hit, there is a 95% chance of a Smash Ball appearing.
  • Taras Nabad: This phase is a side-scrolling stage that keeps you on your feet, pushing the message of the newer games: NEVER. STOP. MOVING. A new stage boss, the Arch-vile, is introduced here. The Arch-vile is also an Assist Trophy, and can summon demons onto .
  • Nekravol: Unlike the actual level, the fighters have to actually climb the Tower of Nekravol. Demons will automatically be hostile from the start, and will try to knock the fighters into the bottom blast zone. The phase ends when the players reach the top of the tower. But this fight is far from over.
  • Urdak: The penultimate phase of the stage. The stage boss actually starts the stage, followed by a swarm of Maykr Drones. Deal damage to their heads to get stronger items, or even a Smash Ball! This phase ends when the rings are re-aligned, leading into the final battle...
  • Final Sin: The final phase brings the Icon of Sin into the background, as demons swarm the stage. It's gonna be tough focusing on your opponent when two of all three stage bosses EACH are all trying to KO you. Defeat all the demons on the stage, and the Icon of Sin will fall. A VEGA Portal will appear after, resetting the stage to phase one.

In the hazard-less variant, the stage remains at the first phase without leaving and has no demons on the stage. Even then, the bottom of the stage is still replaced with lava.




Image Alt Name Origin
Doomslayer transparent.png SMASHSLAYER1.png Doom Slayer DOOM Eternal


Image Name Type Rank Ability Origin
Unwilling.png The Unwilling
Physical Attack ↑ DOOM (2016)
Zombieman.png Zombie Soldier
Shooting Attack ↑ DOOM (1993)
Imp render.png Imp
Can be upgraded at lvl. 99 DOOM (1993)
StoneImp Spirit.png Stone Imp
★★ Dash Attack ↑ DOOM Eternal
Samhayden.png Samuel Hayden
Can be upgraded at lvl. 99 DOOM (2016)
DoomEternalSeraphim.png Samur Maykr
★★ Easier Dodging DOOM Eternal
Cacodemon.png Cacodemon
★★ Physical Attack DOOM (1993)
Pain.png Pain Elemental
★★ Aerial Speed DOOM 2
HellKnight.png Hell Knight
★★ Can be upgraded at lvl. 99 DOOM 3
DreadKnight.png Dread Knight
★★★ Impact Run ↑↑ DOOM Eternal
Prowler Spirit.png Prowler
★★ Can be upgraded at lvl. 99 DOOM (2016)
CursedProwler Spirit.png Cursed Prowler
★★ Poison Immunity DOOM Eternal
Pinky small.png Pinky (DOOM)
★★ Can be upgraded at lvl. 99 DOOM (1993)
Doom spectre.png Spectre (DOOM)
★★ Assist Killer DOOM (1993)
DOOM Revenant.png Revenant
★★ Dual Lock DOOM 2
MANcubus.png Mancubus
★★ Can be upgraded at lvl. 99 DOOM 2
CyberMancubus.png Cyber Mancubus
★★★ Poison Immunity DOOM (2016)
Doom hunter.png Doom Hunter
★★★ Shield Strength DOOM Eternal
Archvile.png Arch-vile
★★★ Fire Attack ↑↑ DOOM 2
Marauder.png Marauder
★★★ Running Start DOOM Eternal
BaronofHell.png Baron of Hell
★★★ Can be upgraded at lvl. 99 DOOM (1993)
FireborneBaron.png Fireborne Baron
★★★ Fire Attack ↑↑ DOOM Eternal
DOOM Tyrant.png Tyrant
★★★ Can be upgraded at lvl. 99 DOOM (1993)
Cyberdemon.png Cyberdemon (UAC)
★★★ Shooting Attack ↑↑ DOOM (2016)
Khan Maykr 3.png Khan Maykr
★★★★ Super Armor DOOM Eternal
Absolute unit.png Icon Of Sin
★★★★ Giant Super Armor DOOM 2



Image Name Type Rank Ability Origin
DarkLordLifeSphere Spirit.png Davoth (Life Sphere)
★★★ Can be enhanced at level 99 DOOM Eternal
DarkLord Spirit.png Davoth
★★★★ Ammo Attack ↑↑ DOOM Eternal


  • "Eternal Horizons" is unlocked after clearing 2P Classic Mode with Doom Slayer and Isabelle on 9.9 Difficulty.


Alongside the Fighter Pack, 5 additional costumes were made available for download. They can downloaded as part of the Fighter Pack or individually.

  • The Master Chief costume includes a new arrangement of the Halo theme composed by Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, and the Super Smash Bros. Orchestra.


  • The Doom Slayer is the 4th and final character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to originate from an M-rated game, after Snake, Bayonetta, and Joker.
  • This article was inspired by a seemingly endless wave of similar pages, all originating from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Devil May Cry.
  • The Icon of Sin Spirit battle almost instantaneously became infamous due to how unbearably difficult it was, overshadowing the Pauline, Jeff, and Sothis Spirit battles. From this, countless memes spawned about its difficulty, even to the point where id Software and Nintendo themselves got in on the fun. A difficulty adjuster for DLC Spirits was added in the 12.1.0 update.
  • While not as a full-fledged fighter, the Slayer was confirmed as a Mii Costume on October 5th, 2021, alongside the reveal of Sora as the final fighter.



Min Min

Steve and Alex


Pyra and Mythra


Doom Slayer