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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Club Penguin is a Challenger Pack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate revolving around content from the Club Penguin franchise being added to the game. The most notable addition brought by this DLC is the avatar from Club Penguin, mentioned in-game as the Penguin, as a playable fighter.

The Penguin, along with their Challenger Pack, was announced in a Nintendo Direct broadcast on August 16th, 2020 as the second fighter of Fighter’s Pass 2. The pack was later released on October 24th, 2020, the 15th anniversary of the original Club Penguin virtual world.

Franchise Overview

Club Penguin was an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game developed by RocketSnail. It began life as a small gameplay test going by the names Experimental Penguins and Penguin Chat before being fully released as Club Penguin in October 2005. The game gives players a penguin avatar to customize with colors and clothing, letting them explore the online world of Club Penguin Island, a snowy island with many areas to explore. In this world, players can partake in various activities and minigames to earn coins, which they can use to buy clothing, items for their customizable igloo, and puffles, which are a species which players can adopt as pets. General access to the game was free, but paid memberships could be purchased to access more areas of Club Penguin Island.

While originally independently run by RocketSnail and his team, the game was bought by Disney in 2007. During Disney’s ownership of the game, work began on a successor game titled Club Penguin Island, which eventually replaced the original Flash-based Club Penguin in 2017. Club Penguin Island was shut down in 2018, effectively bringing an end to the Club Penguin franchise.

The Club Penguin franchise spawned a large following, with some fans giving the original game new life in the form of private (run independently from Disney) servers. The franchise also spawned lots of merchandise, character appearances in Disney parks, and even two television movies. The original game also saw spinoffs on Nintendo consoles, such as Club Penguin Game Day! and the Elite Penguin Force series.

Challenger Pack

The following content is included in the Challenger Pack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Club Penguin, costing $5.99 USD.

Fighter #XX: Penguin

SSB Club Penguin Symbol
Series Club Penguin
Availability Downloadable
Final Smash Sled Racing

The Penguin is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, being added to the game as part of the Challenger Pack.

The Penguin’s appearance is exactly as appeared in Club Penguin promotional material from 2013 onwards.They appear as a simple penguin, with colored feathers (the color of which depends on the alternate costume being used), a white stomach, and yellow flippers and beak. The Penguin can dress up in various outfits, which are seen in its alternate costumes.

The Penguin is the avatar of every player in Club Penguin and its successor Club Penguin Island. Players control their penguin as they explore Club Penguin Island, interacting with other penguins and earning coins through minigames. Each penguin also has their own igloo which they can design however they please.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Penguin is an average weight fighter with good walking/dashing speed, but a low jump and air speed, referencing the fact that penguins cannot fly. Their moveset is inspired by various items and events seen in both Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island.


Neutral Special: Snowball

The Penguin throws a snowball in any given direction. The angle at which the snowball is thrown can be determined by the control stick, but if the control stick isn’t touched, The Penguin will just throw the snowball forwards. The snowball itself deals decent damage, but doesn’t launch opponents.

This move references the ability to throw snowballs in Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island, which was used to solve puzzles in some instances.

Side Special: Hot Sauce The Penguin squeezes a bottle of hot sauce in front of themself, causing a fiery blast which deals multiple hits of damage. The move can be held out for some time, but the flame gradually shrinks as the move continues to be used, similarly to Bowser’s Neutral Special.

This move references hot sauce being an iconic food item in the Club Penguin universe, being used on pizzas and in the Card-Jitsu series of minigames.

Up Special: Jet Pack

The Penguin equips a jetpack and begins to hover. The hovering itself works identically to R.O.B.’s Up Special, limited fuel and all. However, the Jetpack’s fuel fully recovers upon the Penguin touching the ground.

This move references the Jet Pack Adventure minigame seen in Club Penguin.

Down Special: Jackhammer 3000

The Penguin pulls out the Jackhammer 3000 and quickly uses it on the ground below themselves. The drilling causes a shockwave around the Penguin which deals light damage, but has high launch power. This move has a rare chance to dig up some food which The Penguin can eat to recover health.

This move references the Jackhammer 3000 seen in Club Penguin. This item is best-known for being vital in tipping the infamous Iceberg.

Final Smash: Sled Racing

The Penguin boards a rocket-powered sled and dashes forwards. Opponents hit by the dash are pulled into a cinematic in which they are put on sleds. The sleds then zoom down the Ski Hill, where opponents collide into various obstacles such as rocks and trees. The Penguin then zooms by them all in their sled, causing the opponents to be knocked back onto the stage.

This Final Smash references the Sled Racing minigame seen in Club Penguin.


Stage Entrance

The Penguin flies onto the stage with a jet pack, putting it away once it lands before entering a battle stance.

Idle Animations

  • The Penguin yawns.
  • The Penguin pulls out an EPF phone and presses some buttons on it before putting it away.


  • Up: The Penguin turns towards the camera and waves, mimicking the waving animation from Club Penguin.
  • Side: A randomly colored Puffle appears and nuzzles up to the Penguin before vanishing. The Puffle's possible colors include blue, red, pink, black, green, purple, yellow, white, orange, brown, rainbow, or gold.
  • Down: The Penguin begins to dance, mimicking the default dance animation from Club Penguin. This taunt can be cancelled, and it will keep playing until it is or until the Penguin is hit by an attack.

Victory Animations

The Penguin’s victory theme is a remix of the Zone Captured music from Club Penguin Game Day!

  • The Penguin bows at the camera before striking a pose. This references the victory animation seen in the Card-Jitsu minigame from Club Penguin.
  • The Penguin rings a gong and strikes a pose. This references the victory animation seen in Card-Jitsu Water from Club Penguin.
  • TThe Penguin is seen eating some pizza before turning and winking to the camera.

Alternate Costumes

The Penguin's default costume. They have blue feathers and no clothing.
The Penguin has red feathers and wears a traditional Elite Penguin Force agent's outfit. This alt bears resemblance to Jet Pack Guy.
The Penguin has orange feathers and wears a construction outfit. This alt bears resemblance to Rory.
The Penguin has yellow feathers and wears a pizza chef's outfit.
The Penguin has green feathers and wears the Red Sunglasses, Hawaiian Lei, and the Hawaiian Shirt. This alt bears slight resemblance to Rookie (aside from the coloring of the shirt and lack of a propeller hat).
The Penguin has pink feathers and wears the DJ Cadence Hoodie.
The Penguin has purple feathers and wears both the Party Hat (commonly referred to as the Beta Hat) and the Beta Hat T-Shirt.
The Penguin wears the Ninja Outfit, Ninja Mask, and the Amulet.

Classic Mode: Waddle On!

The Penguin's Classic Mode route references many events and parties that were held on Club Penguin during its lifetime. The final battle against Rathalos references the Battle of Doom event, in which Herbert attacked the Elite Penguin Force with his Hydra Bot.

Round Opponent(s) Stage Music
1 Penguin (x3) Town April Fool's
2 Kirby (x5) Town and City Gotta Have A Wingman
3 Shadow Moses Island Donkey Kong Gear Up!
4 Ridley Reset Bomb Forest Jungle Jangles
5 Ice Climbers Tortimer Island Epic Island
6 Penguin (orange alt) Summit (Battlefield) Credits Medley
Bonus N/A N/A Race To The Finish
Boss Rathalos Rathalos' Arena Battle of Doom

The credits music for this route is I've Been Delayed, and the "Congratulations!" image shows the Penguin posing on Summit with King Dedede.

Stage: The Town

The Town
SSB Club Penguin Symbol
Series Club Penguin
Availability Downloadable
Max Fighters 8

The Town is a primary location from the original Club Penguin game. It hosts the Coffee Shop, Dance Club, and Clothes Shop, with the Dock and Snow Forts being adjacent to it. During the run of Club Penguin, the area saw lots of attention from players, with many players using it as a location to advertise igloo parties and similar activities.

The stage is a walkoff stage, with the rooftops and the Dance Club's serving as platforms. The shades above the Coffee and Clothes Shops' windows also serve as platforms which can be moved through by tapping down on the control stick. There are no major stage hazards or gimmicks.

Similarly to the King of Fighters Stadium, many characters from the Club Penguin franchise appear on the background. Certain songs will cause certain characters to be prioritized.

Gary Rockhopper Aunt Arctic Cadence
Sensei Rookie PH Herbert


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Club Penguin comes with ten spirits featuring characters from the Club Penguin franchise.

Spirit Picture/Information Puppet Fighter + Minions Stage + Music Battle Attributes

Fighter Spirit

This spirit is obtained by completing the Penguin's Classic Mode or buying it in the Shop.

Primary Spirit (Novice/Neutral)

One Slot

WreckingCrew SSBUGadget Room
  • Defeat the main fighter (Penguin) to win.
  • The opponent tends to avoid conflict.

Primary Spirit (Advanced/Attack)

Two Slots, Sword Attack ↑

KingDedede SSBUltimate
PirateShip SSBUAnchors Aweigh
  • Defeat the main fighter (King Dedede) to win.
  • The opponent is equipped with a Killing Edge.
  • High winds are in effect.
AuntArcticClubPenguinAunt Arctic

Primary Spirit (Advanced/Shield)

Two Slots

Peach SSBUltimate
TomodachiLife SSBUWelcome Home
  • The opponent will randomly turn invisible.
DirectorClubPenguinThe Director

Primary Spirit (Advanced/Shield)

Two Slots, Dodge ↑

This spirit is obtained by enhancing a Level 99 Aunt Arctic.

Primary Spirit (Ace/Neutral)

Two Slots

Ryu SSBUltimate
SuzakuCastle SSBUDojo
  • Take your strongest team into this no-frills battle.
HerbertClubPenguinHerbert P. Bear

Primary Spirit (Legend/Attack)

Three Slots, Weight ↑

Donkey Kong Charged Alt 5
Summit SSBUOne Very Grumpy Polar Bear
  • Time: 1:00
  • Defeat the main fighter (Donkey Kong) to win.
  • The opponent is equipped with a Drill.

Support Spirit, Novice

One Slot, Jump ↑

WuhuIsland SSBUApril Fool's
  • The opponent likes to jump a lot.
  • The opponent prefers aerial attacks.

Support Spirit, Advanced

One Slot, Speed ↑

ClubPenguinTownThe Party Starts Now
  • Time: 1:00
  • The opponent has enhanced speed.
  • The opponent heals over time.

Support Spirit, Advanced

Two Slots, Authoheal

Isabelle SSBUltimate
YoshisIsland SSBUGotta Have A Wingman
  • The Kirbies must be defeated before Isabelle will spawn.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Club Penguin comes with a large variety of music from Club Penguin, Club Penguin Island, and their spinoff titles.

Track Name Original / Remix Source
I've Been Delayed Original Penguin Chat
April Fool's Original Club Penguin
Club Penguin Medley

(Town, Coffee Shop, Charlie’s Here)

Remix Club Penguin
Dojo Remix Club Penguin
Jet Pack Adventure Original Club Penguin
Sled Racing Original Club Penguin
Hydro Hopper Original Club Penguin
Thin Ice Remix Club Penguin
Let's Bounce Remix Club Penguin
Puffle Rescue Medley Remix Club Penguin
Pizzatron 3000 Remix Club Penguin
Cart Surfer Remix Club Penguin
Card-Jitsu Medley Remix Club Penguin
Command Room Original Club Penguin
Battle of Doom Original Club Penguin
Gear Up! Original Club Penguin
Jungle Jangles Original Club Penguin
Puffle Circus Remix Club Penguin
The Party Starts Now Original Club Penguin
Anchors Aweigh Original Club Penguin
Ghosts Just Wanna Dance Original Club Penguin
Gotta Have A Wingman Original Club Penguin
Party In My Iggy Original Club Penguin
Epic Island Original Club Penguin Island
Welcome Home Original Club Penguin Island
Operation Blackout Original Club Penguin Island
Theme of Herbert Original Club Penguin Island
Credits Medley Original Club Penguin Island
An Agent's Work Is Never Done Remix Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Gadget Room Original Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
One Very Grumpy Polar Bear Remix Club Penguin: Herbert's Revenge
Ice Sculpting Original Club Penguin: Game Day!

Character Related Songs

Certain characters are guaranteed to appear when certain songs are played on the Town stage.

Gary Command Room, Gear Up!, Operation Blackout, An Agent's Work Is Never Done, Gadget Room
Rockhopper Hydro Hopper, Jungle Jangles, Anchors Aweigh, Epic Island
Aunt Arctic I've Been Delayed, Welcome Home, Credits Medley
Cadence Let's Bounce, The Party Starts Now, Ghosts Just Wanna Dance, Gotta Have A Wingman, Party In My Iggy
Sensei Dojo, Card-Jitsu Medley
Rookie April Fool's, Jet Pack Adventure, Thin Ice, Ice Sculpting
PH Puffle Rescue Medley, Puffle Circus, Gotta Have A Wingman
Herbert Battle of Doom, Theme of Herbert, One Very Grumpy Polar Bear

Mii Costumes

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Club Penguin comes with a series of Mii costumes available for purchase (each costing $0.75 USD). Nearly every costume released relates to the Club Penguin franchise, with one costume hailing from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Being considered a "deluxe" costume, the Sora costume comes with a remix of Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts II.

Sora 03 KHIII
Gary (Gunner) Rockhopper (Swordfighter) Herbert (Brawler) Beta Hat (Headgear) Sora (Swordfighter)


  • The challenger's pack was created because the creator wanted to honor a beloved childhood game and design an absurd, yet enjoyable DLC pack for Smash Ultimate.
  • The Penguin was originally going to have a Side Special inspired by Card-Jitsu, being able to use three elemental attacks depending on their choice, with each attack only being usable once per stock. This was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • The inspiration for the Sora Mii Costume was the fact that both Club Penguin and Kingdom Hearts are both Disney-related properties. In addition, the creator believed that having Sora as a Swordfighter rather than a fighter would add to the absurdity of the pass.
  • The stage included in the challenger's pack was originally going to be Club Penguin Island as a whole, with the background transitioning through various areas of the island. This was scrapped because the creator wanted to focus on one area.
  • The creator would like to thank OrchidSomnium for correcting an inaccuracy in which the Jackhammer 3000 was called the Drill.
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