The trailer begins in what appears to be Saffron City. A seemingly peaceful day is interrupted when Dragon Quest's very own Hero lands on the pavement, causing nearby Rattata and Pidgey to scatter. As Hero gets up, we see that surrounding him is none other than some of gaming's greatest foes; Bowser is spewing fire from his maw, King K.Rool is slowly encroaching with his blunderbuss ready, Ganondorf's fists are brimming with dark energy, and Ridley is twiddling his thumbs together with a grin on his face. The Hero gets up and uses whatever moves he can against the villains, but all fail and Hero is eventually tossed on the ground in pain as all four of the foes prepare to deliver one final strike.

Then, out of the shadows...WOOSH!

All four villains are sent flying into the sky from a mysterious figure, leaving Hero alone to get back up. The figure stands in front of the sun, their face obscured by shadow as they reach out to grab Hero's hand. The young warrior smiles and grabs their hand...

...Only for a SLASH! sound to be heard as Hero is sent blasting off into the sky just like the villains before him.

The figure turns around, their full body now visible. They laugh and smile to the camera as...
WRYN Draws First Blood!

The video switches to gameplay, revealing Wryn's full 3D model as Escape (BLEED 2) plays. In game, she performs various attacks, taunts with Pikachu on Big Blue, uses her specials individually to reveal her bullet-shooting, air-dodging, and time-slowing abilities, before greeting the four villains from the cinematic on her home stage; New Detroit, a fight on top of apartment rooftops as Valentine's airship hangs out in the background shooting debris into the sky. Wryn then uses her Final Smash, calling upon the Rival inside of his truck to deal out damage with his various gadgets and missiles.

We cut back to the cinematic, Wryn standing proud at her accomplishment when three shadows begin to loom over her. Turning around, Wryn is greeted by the Master and Crazy Hands; in between the two in her archnemesis Valentine, grinning as the hands begin to attack Saffron City. Wryn jumps up, dodging Valentine's attacks as the two prepare for a one-on-one confrontation. The camera zooms away from them, revealing that Valentine's airship has landed above the city and is preparing to launch minions into the streets below. The trailer than cuts away, revealing the following logo as Stage Clear (BLEED 2) plays.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X BLEED black

After the logo appears, we get a brief shot on the top of Valentine's ship as five figures crash down onto it. The Hero gets up as Bowser, K.Rool, Ganondorf, and Ridley all stare him down. The five prepare for a four-against-one brawl, Hero pulling his blade as the villains ready their attacks. Just before they can duke it out again, the trailer cuts to black, revealing a release date of LATE SPRING 2020.

Series image Smash Bros.

On February 13th, 2020, Wryn from the indie series BLEED was revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the first DLC fighter who hailed from the second Fighter's Pass, coming after Devil May Cry's Dante shadowdropped on the same day. BLEED is a two-game series about a perky girl named Wryn who aims to become the best hero in the world. In the first game, she slays the former heroes who had turned to villainy and preyed on the weak, defending her title against the blonde-haired Rival who tried to steal it from her. In the sequel, Wryn and the Rival must team up to take down a new threat; Valentine, Wryn's power opposite in terms of powerset and motivation. Across both games, Wryn is still an upbeat heroine who even speaks directly to the player at specific points, either joking about the situation or giving them motivation. In a game full of famous video game heroes, it only makes sense for Wryn to want to participate and defend her title.

In the BLEED games, the main goal is to bust through a gauntlet of levels that each hold a story-relevant boss at the end. A fusion of Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Contra, Bayonetta, and Touhou in terms of gameplay, each character has three mid-air dashes, a style meter, a special gimmick, and the ability to slow down time. There's a variety of weapons to choose from, whether they be katanas, dual pistols, chainsaws, lazer guns, a weapon that increases with the level on the style meter, and a reflector that comes with the previously mentioned kitana. Depending on the character you play, you're able to reflect differently colored bullets, shoot out giant laser beams, absorb projectiles, or...nothing at all. The better you perform at the stage you're on, the higher your overall rank will be when you reach it's end.

Each game includes modes specific to that game; for example, Challenge Mode is in both games, but Endless Mode is exclusive to BLEED 2. Since the game's original 2012 release on Xbox Live, Wryn hasn't been in much; she was a guest rival in Chucklefish's Pocket Rumble alongside other indie stars, gotten a sequel in the form of BLEED 2 in 2018, and has gotten a trophy in Indie Pogo. BLEED features crossovers with other small-scale indie stars; Plucky from Plucky 3D's Adventure, White MK I from Freqμency, and the Clawed Girl from They Bleed Pixels are all playable characters as of BLEED 2, along with Rex Rocket from Rex Rocket being the final boss of the third level. After a brief hiatus, Wryn has finally returned to the gaming scene, being the first playable indie character in Smash Bros. after cameos from Shovel Knight, Shantae, Commander Video from the Runner series, and even Sans from Undertale.

Fighter image Smash Bros.

TerryBDante SpookyMajoraWryn BLEED 2QuestionQuestion

As part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new round of DLC fighters...WRYN Draws First Blood!!

Wryn is an upbeat, confident, perky young girl who has three goals in mind: play video games, drink all the milkshakes she can, and become the greatest hero of all time. In BLEED, she does so by killing all previously ranked heroes who had turned on the world...except for Plucky, the kind flower-human newscaster. When she slayed the Dragon and took her title, she was forced to fight the Rival, who aimed on claiming the title for himself with none of the hard work. When the two beat each other and the day was saved, Valentine, the greatest villain of all time, aimed to destroy the world, causing both to team up and share the title at her defeat.

In Smash, Wryn is a flashy quick fighter that has various weaker attacks to compensate for both her incredible speed and her stronger attacks. Wryn has two gimmicks: the reflector on all of her Smash Attacks and her personal Style Rank, similar to that of Dante's. Wryn's specials include a barrage of bullets, a large laser beam, three mid-air dashes, and the ability to slow down time around her. While fast, she's not super durable due to her spindly frame and needs to constantly have the upper hand in order to succeed. If you win with Wryn, you win with a character who has plenty of strong tools that you can't just use with reckless abandon; she controls as if you were playing her home games in certain instances.

Moveset image Smash Bros.

Term Descriptions
Gimmick image Smash Bros black.
Like the games she comes from, Wryn comes with a Style Meter over her icon. The meter itself replicates the pixelated style of BLEED 2 and includes ranks D through S. When attacking, the meter goes up a rank over the course of Wryn inflicting and simultaneously not taking any damage. The second she takes damage, the meter drops by two letters. Each rank gives Wryn a boost in power, giving additional power to somewhat of a glass cannon.
  • Blank: No affects.
  • D: Boost of 0.5%.
  • C: Boost of 1.5%.
  • B: Boost of 2.5%.
  • A: Boost of 3.5%.
  • S: Boost of 4.5%.

Wryn’s other gimmick is all of her Smash attacks, which don’t do much in the way of damage but rather act as counters. Upon releasing the attack, Wryn swings her katana out and lightly damages anyone in her path. However, the same attack unleashes a small slash of white light in front of itself that doesn’t damage fighters; instead, this reflects any projectiles the light touches. The attack is hard to land in this state, but sends the projectile back at an incredible speed that has the power to end a match at high percents. The counter is not given extra power depending on the Style Meter, however.

Neutrals image Smash Bros. black
  • Neutral Attack: Wryn slashes her katana in front of her in a quick vertical slice. When repeatedly pressed, it goes into her jab, which has her repeatedly swing her sword around in a similar comedic manner as Toon Link’s down taunt.
  • Dash Attack: Wryn does a small spin as she launches her katana out in front of her at the end of the spin, sliding along the floor slightly before she gets back up.
  • Forward Tilt: Wryn swipes the katana above her, damaging anyone in front of her before tackling anyone above her.
  • Up Tilt: Wryn begins to move the katana above her head before stabbing it upwards instantly, doing surprise damage to those who touch it.
  • Down Tilt: Wryn kicks her foot out in front of her before immediately impaling foes with her katana if the foot connects with them.
Smashes image Smash Bros. black
  • Forward Smash: Wryn thrusts her katana in front of her and does minimal damage to whoever she touches. In front of the blade is a line of white light that reflects any projectiles it touches, sending them back at the sender at high speeds.
  • Up Smash: Wryn moves her katana over her head in an arc, doing multiple hits to anyone who touches it. Like her forward Smash, it comes with a reflect, although the line is much smaller than her forward Smash is.
  • Down Smash: Wryn thrusts her katana downwards, slicing through anyone who dares touch her. This also has the reflect, but only on the start-up of the move; the rest of the attack lets the sword do the talking.
Aerials image Smash Bros. black
  • Neutral Aerial: Wryn wields a chainsaw and spins it around her in a circle. While not doing much damage, it can do multiple hits to whoever touches it, covering Wryn in a circular hitbox.
  • Forward Aerial: Wryn forcefully shoves the chainsaw out in front of her, the blade doing chip damage but acting as a good tool for catching foes off-guard.
  • Back Aerial: Wryn flips 90 degrees backwards as the chainsaw goes with her, acting as a slightly awkward yet powerful spike if timed right.
  • Up Aerial: Wryn juts out the chainsaw above her, acting as a good way to keep opponents up in the air if they touch the blade while leaving Wryn herself open.
  • Down Aerial: Wryn pushes the chainsaw out below her, causing her to plummet to the ground while pinning anyone she catches to the blade for a few frames.
Grabs image Smash Bros. black
  • Grab: Wryn wraps her arms around her foe, embracing them in a playful hug while grinning.
  • Pummel: Wryn whacks one of her guns against the foes head, holding it by the barrel rather than the handle.
  • Forward Throw: Wryn forcefully lets go of her opponents and shoves them away with all of her might. While not incredibly strong, this can lead into combos when timed right.
  • Back Throw: Wryn jumps up in the air slightly, throwing her opponents underneath her legs and behind her. While not doing much damage, this can be a kill throw at high percents.
  • Up Throw: Wryn tosses her opponents up into the air. The foes fly in a small arc in front of Wryn after their vertical ascent, Wryn treating it as a game rather than a real fight.
  • Down Throw: Wryn lifts her opponent above her head before slamming them down into the ground head-first. This doesn’t bury her foes, however.
Floors image Smash Bros. black
  • Forward Floor: Wryn forces her leg outwards and performs a slight breakdance-like motion, having the chance to trip her affected foe. If they don’t trip, they do take slight damage.
  • Back Floor: Wryn slams both of her boots on the ground, sending her opponents back slightly as she’s able to lead into combos.
  • Trip Attack: Wryn sticks her foot out slightly, causing whoever touches her to trip on the floor as she giggles to herself.
  • Edge Attack: Wryn climbs up the eye and slams her boot down on her opponent’s foot, causing them to take damage as she gets back up on stage.
Specials image Smash Bros. black
  • Neutral Special: Bullet Barrage. Wryn whips out her dual pistols and fires off in front of her, repeatedly striking her target with low damage yet fast bullets. While similar to Bayonetta’s, the bullets cannot be charged, come out faster, and can be angled in eight directions around Wryn if she's in the air; on the ground, she can angle them in five directions.
  • Side Special: Valentine’s Laser. Wryn stands still as a shield of purple energy surrounds her. Once the B button is let go off, Wryn fires a large laser beam in whatever direction she’s facing. The power of the beam depends on the time the button is held, is easy to telegraph, and leaves Wryn open to attacks while charging. However, its power when fully charged surely makes up for it. In addition, Wryn is pushed backwards in the opposite direction when using this move in the air, a detail that can save or end your game depending on its use
  • Up Special: Three-Way Dash. Wryn can use her up special three times before being locked in a helpless state; in it, she propels herself upwards as she leaves afterimages behind. The height she travels isn’t much, but she’s also able to angle each use of the attack in any direction she desires, differing it from Bayonetta's pre-set movements..
  • Down Special: Bullet Time. Wryn creates a sort of forcefield around herself that slows down anything within it. Shielding gets rid of the forcefield (it can also disappear over a few seconds), but anything within it, projectile or not, is immediately slowed down. This gives Wryn the chance to dodge attacks, save her from certain doom, or just mess with her opponents. This is a move to be used sparingly, as it drains fast and fills extremely slowly. It can finishing draining when you least expect it, making it quite dangerous for the player to spam.
  • Final Smash: The Rival Express. Wryn laughs as the Rival’s truck rams into a foe, sending them into the air and beginning a cutscene. The Rival, from his truck, shoots them with a massive laser, fires at them with multiple missiles, and ends the attack with a single large missile that sends the foe flying further. The attack ends after this, the Rival driving away into the background.
Extras image Smash Bros. black
  • Stage Entrance: Wryn rides in on the Rival’s flying truck before hopping off, getting ready for battle. If you’re playing as the Rival, he himself hops out of the truck instead.
  • Idle Pose 1: Wryn pulls out a game controller and fiddles with the buttons before putting it away.
  • Idle Pose 2: Wryn looks into the camera and gives a thumbs up before returning to her original position.
  • Side Taunt: Wryn stops and looks both ways, a ! and a ? appearing above her head. These symbols pop up in the opening of BLEED 2 when the story begins.
  • Up Taunt: Wryn jumps in the air, letting out a small giggle as she throws her fist into the sky. Reference to the taunt button used in BLEED 2.
  • Down Taunt: Wryn takes a sip of a milkshake before tossing the glass behind her. Milkshakes are one of Wryn’s favorite things and is seen in both games.
  • Victory Screen 1: Wryn sits down as a Kitteh runs up to her, allowing her to hug them as the victory screen ends. This is a reference to an image in the credits of BLEED 2.
  • Victory Screen 2: Wryn jumps into the air as the Rival stands next to her, laughing maniacally. This is a reference to an image in the credits of BLEED 2 and changes who you see first depending on if you’re playing as Wryn or the Rival.
  • Victory Screen 3: Wryn sits at a desk, crumbling up a piece of paper before throwing it at the camera and knocking it over. The desk is a reference to the main menu from the original BLEED.
  • Victory Theme: Game Clear (BLEED 2). This theme plays when the final boss is beaten and is an extended (and more victorious) version of the Stage Clear (BLEED 2) theme.
  • Alternate Costumes:

Wryn Ultimate Costume 1Wryn Ultimate Costume 2Wryn Ultimate Costume 3Wryn Ultimate Costume 4

Wryn Ultimate Costume 5Wryn Ultimate Costume 6Wryn Ultimate Costume 7Wryn Ultimate Costume 8

  • Costume 1 is Wryn's default appearance from both BLEED games.
  • Costume 2 is based on Valentine, the main antagonist of BLEED 2.
  • Costume 3 is based on Player 2 Wryn from the original BLEED.
  • Costume 4 is based on the Clawed Girl from They Bleed Pixels.
  • Costume 5 is a Smash original that gives Wryn a monochrome look.
  • Costume 6 is Robo-Wryn, Wryn's robotic duplicate from BLEED.
  • Costume 7 is a model swap of the Rival, Wryn's frenemy who shares her movepool in the games.
  • Costume 8 is based on Plucky, the flower-human newcaster and protagonist from Plucky's 3D Adventure.
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Wryn's hair and her neutral special, Bullet Barrage.
    Wryn Kirby

Stage image Smash Bros.

BLEEDNew Detroit layout Smash Ultimate

New Detroit is the starting level of BLEED 2, taking place right when Valentine's ship begins to attack the city. While not present in the rest of the game, this is easily the most recognizable of all the locations even if it's only present in half of the first stage. The stage itself is set on top of the roofs of the city, recreating a portion of the start of the level complete with the slanted bridge and semi-solid platforms. All thin platforms (including the slanted bridge) can be dropped through, giving this stage more vertical ways of fighting. The stage features two bottomless pits on the sides, isolating this battlefield from the rest of New Detroit.

In the background is Valentine's ship, debris flying up in the background. Some of Valentine's drones fly in on the stage and can easily be K.O.'d, but act as temporary hazards by firing off small or giant shots depending on the weapon they wield. Their bodies can be used as projectiles that can be flung at foes if they're K.O.'d, as they lay on the ground for a few seconds before disappearing.

Oh, and one more thing...

Boxing Ring Smash Ultimate BLEED 2 skin

While not a new stage, Punch-Out's!! very own Boxing Ring gains an entirely new skin to go along with the DLC! It keeps the walk-offs, ropes, and lights from the regular stage while completely changing up the aesthetic! Who knows...maybe a certain someone would like to fight here...

Spirit Board image Smash Bros.

Wryn's brought a large chunk of Spirits to the fray; three Fighter Spirits, nine standard Spirits, and one upgradable Spirit not on the board.

Spirit Fighter + Condition Stage + Music Rank + Type When Equipped
Wryn Smash Ultimate Fighter Spirit image N/A N/A N/A N/A
Wryn (Fighter Spirit) N/A N/A N/A
Robo Wryn Smash Ultimate Fighter Spirit image N/A N/A N/A N/A
Robo-Wryn (Fighter Spirit) N/A N/A N/A
Rival Smash Ultimate Fighter Spirit image N/A N/A N/A ???
Rival (Fighter Spirit) N/A N/A N/A
Plucky BLEED Piranha Plant Smash Ultimate alt BLEED
New Detroit
Critical Hit ↑
  • The enemy is equipped with a Super Scope.
  • The enemy constantly taunts.
Hioctane (BLEED 2) SpiritTypeNeutral
White MK I Smash Ultimate Spirit image Rob 01 Luigis Mansion SSBU
Luigi's Mansion
Fire & Explosion Attack ↑

Shooting Attack ↑

White MK 1
  • The enemy is equipped with a Super Scope.
  • The enemy deals more damage when critically damaged.
Rooftop Assault (BLEED) SpiritTypeAttack
Clawed Girl Smash Ultimate Spirit image Corrin Smash Ultimate alt Luigis Mansion SSBU
Luigi's Mansion
Fist Attack ↑

Critical-Health Attack ↑

Clawed Girl
  • The enemy starts battle with a Fairy Bottle.
  • The enemy's attack power increases at high percents.
Rooftop Assault (BLEED) SpiritTypeGrab
Bleed Emoticon kitteh(1) Jigglypuff 02Jigglypuff 02Jigglypuff 02 BLEED
New Detroit
This Spirit can be enhanced at level 99.
Kitteh The enemy starts with a Beast Ball. Hioctane (BLEED 2) Secondary
Kitty Chopper Smash Ultimate Spirit image N/A N/A ★★☆☆
Jump ↑

Rocket Belt Equipped

Kitty Chopper N/A N/A Secondary
Bazooka Invaders Smash Ultimate Spirit image Ice Climbers (3) BLEED
New Detroit
Steel Diver Equipped

Fire & Explosion Attack ↑

Bazooka Invaders

The enemy starts with a Steel Diver.

The enemy dodge and rolls often.

Higherway (BLEED 2} Secondary
Red Sprite Smash Ultimate Spirit image Inkling Smash Ultimate alt Midgar SSBU
Staff Equipped

Additional Midair Jump

Red Sprite

The enemy starts the battle with a Staff.

The enemy has multiple jumps.

Wreak Havoc (Boss Rush) (BLEED 2) SpiritTypeAttack
The Ninja Smash Ultimate Spirit image Greninja Smash Ultimate alt Midgar SSBU
Move Speed ↑

Killing Edge Equipped

The Ninja

The enemy starts battles with a Killing Edge.

The enemy has super armor when running.

Wreak Havoc (Boss Rush) (BLEED 2) SpiritTypeAttack
Rex Rocket Smash Ultimate Spirit image Samus Smash Ultimate alt Lylat Cruise SSBU
Lylat Cruise
Rocket Belt Equipped

Weapon Attack & Move Speed ↑

Rex Rocket

The enemy is equipped with a Rocket Belt.

The enemy has increased power on their projectile weapons.

Escape (BLEED 2) SpiritTypeShield
Valentine Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit image Zero suit samus 01 Boxing Ring Smash Ultimate BLEED 2 skin
Boxing Ring

Shield Durability ↑

Air Defense ↑

Energy-Shot Resist ↑

  • The enemy starts with a Rocket Belt.
  • The enemy shields often.
  • The enemy constantly taunts.
Big Boom Stadium (BLEED 2) SpiritTypeShield

Classic Route image Smash Bros.

Wryn's Classic Mode is titled "Hall of Heroes" and is inspired by the first BLEED's overall story; each fighter is designed to specifically reference the bosses of that game and ends in a fight against the Rival himself. Upon beating it for the first time, you gain Wryn's Fighter Spirit and randomized goodies.

Kirby StockKirby StockKirby StockKirby StockKirby StockKirby StockKirby StockKirby Stock Luigis Mansion SSBU Based on Guppy's fight in BLEED's first level.
Ridley StockRidley Stock Brinstar Depths SSBU Based on Gibby and Stu's fight in BLEED's second level.
R.O.B. Stock Shadow Moses Island SSBU Based on White MK II's fight in BLEED's third level.
Inkling Stock 300px-SSBU-Big Blue Based on Bunny Rockette's fight in BLEED's fourth level.
Pac-Man StockPac-Man StockPac-Man StockPac-Man StockPac-Man StockPac-Man StockPac-Man StockPac-Man Stock Spear Pillar SSBU Based on Battalion's fight in BLEED's fifth level.
Bowser Stock Norfair SSBU Based on the Dragon's fight in BLEED's sixth level.
N/A Bonus Stage SSBU Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's bonus minigame.
Wryn Ultimate Costume 7 New Donk City Hall SSBU A boss fight between the Rival, just like the end of BLEED. Uses Wryn's 7th alternate costume.

Mii Costumes image Smash Bros.

Along with Wryn, content from all over gaming is present when discussing the Mii Costumes. While two out of the seven new additons come from BLEED, the rest are all additions for other series, indie or not! These include the return of the Runner series to Smash along with a few surprises...

Costume Descriptions
Ado and ribbon

SSB Kirby SeriesSmash Ultimate Mii Costume HatSmash Ultimate Mii Costume

Kirby Logo


Dreamland's plucky painter, Adeliene, is a unique Mii costume, as she changes depending on the type of Mii being used. When used by a Swordfighter, she wields her paintbrush, but when used by a Gunner, Ribbon appears and acts as the gun.


SSB Other SeriesSmash Ultimate Mii Costume HatSmash Ultimate Mii Costume

Bit.trip Runner logo Smash Bros.


BIT.TRIP RUNNER's Commander Video returns to Smash Bros. after being a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Now a costume for Brawlers, the costume even leaves rainbow afterimages when you run!

Bleed Emoticon kitteh(1)

BLEED Smash Icon Ultimate 70Smash Ultimate Mii Costume Hat



Based on BLEED's most common mook, the Kitteh Hat is sure to protect your head from any any attack that comes your way! Plus, it makes you extra huggable as well!

Meat Boy

SSB Other SeriesSmash Ultimate Mii Costume Hat

Super Meat Boy logo Smash Bros.


Super Meat Boy's very own Meat Boy joins the fray as a Mii Fighter hat, allowing your Mii to wear the cube of meat atop their head. Somehow, Smash is calmer and less challenging that Meat Boy's own world...

Plucky BLEED

BLEED Smash Icon Ultimate 70Smash Ultimate Mii Costume HatSmash Ultimate Mii Costume



BLEED's very own flowery newscaster appears as a fullbody costume for the Mii Gunner, shooting out of his hand by making finger gun motions. Show those newcomers how the older heroes handled things back in their day!


SSB Street Fighter SeriesSmash Ultimate Mii Costume HatSmash Ultimate Mii Costume

Street Fighter


The outfit of Street Fighter III's mysterious Q is now available for your Mii to wear! Slip on the iron mask and trenchcoat to take on video gaming's greatest world warriors!


SSB Other SeriesSmash Ultimate Mii Costume HatSmash Ultimate Mii Costume



The richest duck in the world makes it to Smash due to his iconic NES game! Scrooge McDuck's fullbody costume uses his walking cane as a sword, giving the world (and space) traveling duck a wider moveset overall.
Cd SSB:The Moon (Ducktales)

Music image Smash Bros.

Wryn comes with a total of 20 new music tracks that play on New Detroit; like Terry before her, the music she comes with doesn't just span BLEED and also includes tracks from other indie games such They Bleed Pixels, Evil Factory, Nuclear Throne, Celeste, MINIT, and Scott Pilgrim VS the World: The Game. Jukio Kallio's music returns from BLEED 2, Evil Factory, and Nuclear Throne, Celeste, and MINIT with no new remixes.

Song Title Origin Game
Center of the Earth
Go Go Bullet Train
Hall of Heroes
Rooftop Assault
Big Boom Stadium
BLEED 2 logo Our Mario Maker
BLEED 2 logo Our Mario Maker
BLEED 2 logo Our Mario Maker
BLEED 2 logo Our Mario Maker
I'll Show You
BLEED 2 logo Our Mario Maker
The Duel (Final Boss)
BLEED 2 logo Our Mario Maker
To the Sky
BLEED 2 logo Our Mario Maker
Wreak Havoc (Boss Rush)
BLEED 2 logo Our Mario Maker
They Bleed Pixels logo
EF Logo Final
EF Logo Final
Kings and Queens of Wasteland
Lil' Hunter
Reflection (Center of the Earth)
Celeste Logo Alt
Sharp Business
Minit logo
Another Winter
Scott Pilgrim VS The World The Game logo

Trivia image Smash Bros.

  • This article was inspired by the numerous Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan DLC packs on Fantendo; in additon, it was also inspired by PizzaDudeManGuy's For Smash series on Youtube.
  • Wryn's Boxing Ring title is "The Greatest Hero of All Time", while the Rival's title is "That Blonde Guy" in reference to what Plucky calls him in BLEED 2.
  • Robo-Wryn was originally going to have a different alternate; it would've been a white and gray version that's a reference to White MK I from Freqμency.
  • With Wryn's addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a total of 12 new series have been introduced to Smash. In addition, the BIT.TRIP RUNNER series has made a return after being absent from Ultimate's base form.
    • BLEED (fighter, stage, Spirits, Mii Costumes, music)
    • They Bleed Pixels (Spirits, music)
    • Freqμency (Spirits)
    • Plucky's 3D Adventure (Spirits, Mii Costumes)
    • Rex Rocket (Spirits)
    • Super Meat Boy (Mii Costumes)
    • Evil Factory (Music)
    • Nuclear Throne (Music)
    • Celeste (Music)
    • MINIT (Music)
    • Ducktales (Mii Costumes, music)
    • Scott Pilgrim(Music)
  • The music, with the exception of the four BLEED tracks and the one track from They Bleed Pixels, are all composed by Jukio Kallio.
  • Wryn's up air was originally completely different: she would've said something that appeared in the form of a speech bubble that damaged anyone who touched it. Leftover code was found in patch 8.0.0 that referenced the attack; it was cut for unknown reasons.
  • In patch 7.0.0., the fighters Bayonetta and Mega Man had glitches to them that weren't present in past patches; it is likely that Wryn used them as a base of some sorts for specific attacks.
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