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Note: Some Fantendo characters will appear as unlockable fighters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Universe (or SSBUU) is the 8th installment to the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Mashiro Sakurai wanted a musical expirience to players around the world. He was planning this game since 2018. It is a 2.5D musical platformer/ 3D game that you can interact with. There will be many songs and musicals. The original game will be released in October 12, 2018 but was delayed because of budget cuts.

"Get ready to smash your way to the top with 100+ different fighters. Some of Them Nintendo, some of them Fantendo, some of them are... Anime! So get your controllers ready and start smashing!" - The Game's Description


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Controls

Up Attack - Push the arrow up and press the A button to do a Up Attack

Down Attack - Push the arrow down and press the A button to do a Down Attack

Left Attack - Push the arrow to the left and press the A button to do a Left Attack

Right Attack - Push the arrow to the right and press the A button to do a Right Attack

Final Smash - When you attack a Smash Ball, you absorb the energy. Press the Y button multiple times to do your FInal Smash

Guard - Press the R or L button or ZL or ZR to guard

Dodge - When pressing the R, L, L2, or R2 buttons, press the left, right. up, or down arrows to dodge

Movement - Move the L-Stick to move around

Pause - Press the +/- to pause of resume

Taunt - Press your Directional Buttons to taunt in different ways

Jump - Press Y/X to jump

Special Attack - Press the B button to use your Special Attack

Xbox One

Xbox One Controls

Up Attack - Push the arrow up and press the O button to do an up attack


Game Modes




The story begins at Halberd, where Tomelle was telling Meta Knight about a strange crystal. "That's all I know about the crystal" Tomelle said disappointedly. "It's ok, Tomelle. Who knows what that crystal can do. Maybe it can... change the world!" Meta Knight said. "Umm, M-Meta Knight. Corrin and Kirby are coming!" Tomelle yelled. Corrin and Kirby ride Dyna Blade and accidentaly crashes on the Halberd. "Whoopsie," Corrin said emberassingly. Kirby sighs as he pulls out his sword. Corrin takes out his sword too. "What crystal are you talking about?" Corrin said. Tomelle cries. "THE CRYSTAL THAT POWERS UP THE UNIVERSE!!" Tomelle screams. "Crystal?" Kirby said. "Yes. The crystal that powers up the universe. If it gets into the wrong hands..." Meta Knight says.

SONG: I Got a Plan

Corrin: Guys, I got an idea

Kirby: What is it?

Corrin: (sings) Let's make a barrier. It will be a piece of cake. What do you say? 

Tomelle: Will it work?

Corrin: (sings) Of course. I know everything! (winks)

Kirby: (sings) A barrier that can save the universe from harm's wa-a-a-ay

Tomelle: (sings) Well, what's the blueprint?

Corrin: I forgot...

Meta Knight, Kirby, and Tomelle: WHAT!?

Corrin: I left it... Sorry!

Everyone: (sighs)


"Now what should we do? The blueprint is at Corrin's house" Kirby said. Tomelle looks at Meta Knight, looking smug. "Why are you staring at me?" Meta Knight said confused. "Fine, I'll retreive it. Meta Knight said"

As Meta Knight flies around, searching for Corrin's house. He finds Mario and Bowser boxing and training together. Tomelle calls Meta Knight. Meta Knight answers the phone. "Meta Knight, I found Corrin's house. You flew over it" Tomelle said. 


Nintendo Characters (Roster) (W.I.P.)

Characters (Nintendo)


Mario is the main protagonist of the Super Mario Bros. franchise and is the first Smash Brother to ever be announced. He is mostly number one while Luigi is number two.

He uses Fire Flower attacks like throwing fireballs at enemies. His echo fighter, Dr. Mario, has the same moves like Mario. The only difference he has is that his attacks are mostly pills

He uses F.L.U.D.D to spray away enemies until they are soaked and out of Mario's way. His Final Smash, Ultra Flame, is based on the Super Mario RPG move, Ultra Flame


Kirby, the Star Warrior, is the main hero of Dreamland. Assisted by Adeleine and Bandana Dee (sometimes King Dedede and Meta Knight), they go on great adventures and save the world from evil

He inhales enemies and can copy their abilities in almost all of his games. But in Epic Yarn, he uses a whip to copy enemies' abilities. The two forms are quite similar

His Final Smash, Ultra Sword, is based on the Return  to Dreamland ability, Ultra Sword


Luigi is Mario's little brother and the main protagonist of the Luigi's Mansion series. He can be a bit cowardly at dire situations. But when his brother is in trouble, he will show so much power you will never doubt him again.

He has the same fireball ability like Mario, just with a green color instead of red.

He has a move called Green Rocket, he lauches himself like a rocket. he also has a different up smash and down smash

His Final Smash, Poltergust, is the same as the Poltergust 3000 from the Luigi's Mansion franchise


Adeleine first appearence was in Kirby's Dreamland 3 as one of the corrupted minions of Dark Matter, now she and kirby can work togther to save the world.

She can paint 5 enemies in over 80 choices and use them to attack enemies. Mostly from the Kirby series She can also create 12 midbosses from the Mario or Kirby series. Her Final Smash, Magical Ink, involves her painting a rainbow tsunami, immediently K.Oing enemies.

Peach (MP10) 7.png

Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Even though she looks cute and bubbly on the outside, She is holding a dangerous demon in the inside.