Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters
Developer(s) Thorn Industries
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Thorn Gaming Consal
Genre(s) Crossover Fighting Game
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan 2025
Flag of USA 2025
Flag of Europe2025
Flag of Australia 2025
Mode(s) 1-12 Players (Local) 1-10 Players (Online)
Age Rating(s) ESRB TPEGI12+
Media Included Digital Download

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Fighters (also know as スーパースマッシュブラザーズアルティメットファイターズ in Japanese and Super Smash Bros. Luchadores Definitivos in Spanish) is an upcoming fighting game for currently unnamed Thorn Industries Console in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. After the 21st anniversary of SSB64 Nintendo gave rights for Smash to have spin-offs made by other companies. The game is one of the many sequels to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There will be over two hundred characters and stages.


Main Article Wikipedia:Super Smash Bros.#Gameplay
Working Section
SSBUF is like the other smash bros games in where you have to knock your opponents off screen by racking up percentage or until they fall towards doom. Items also spawn if turned to help turn the tide of battle. Plus stages have hazards that can be dangerous.

Menu Options

Main Article:Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters/Game Modes


Smash Modes

  • Standard Smash Regular smash battle with or without items. Stock, Time, or Both with up to 4 players. Note: after selecting characters one can select to be metallic, invisible, giant, have HP, or any other effect.
  • Special Smash Like Standard but lot more crazy and everyone is required to have it. Choices as follows.
    • Coin/Stamina Collect Coins or Have Health
    • Light or Heavy Have little weight or lots of weight.
    • Super Smash Brothers/Super Bash Sisters Play w/ only Males or only Females
    • J.Puff's shield break or no shield Instantly die when your shield breaks or have no shield at all.
    • Melee or Smash 4 Play with Melee mechanics (Wave dashing & L-Canceling) or with SSB4 mechanics (Rage)
  • 8-Player Smash Like normal smash except you can play w/ up to 8-players and use less stages.
  • 12-player Fight Play with any combination of Humans & CPUs that add up to twelve.
  • Squad Strike Players fight against each other in two teams of either 3 or 5 contestants. Each player can use up to 5 different characters for each battle. Alternately, two teams of players can control one character per team member in a manner comparable to a crew battle.
  • Smash DownEach player chooses a different character and participates in a standard Smash battle . After the battle ends, the characters used are rendered unavailable for the remaining matches.


Regular Match


  • Classic Go though these steps to unlock trophies and for fun/bragging rights. Solo or Dual


  • All-Star Mode Due to the amount of characters ASM no has you fight all the characters from a universe form Oldest to Youngest or vise versa. Your choices as follows.
    • Super Mario
    • Donkey Kong
    • The Legend of Zelda
    • Metroid
    • Yoshi
    • Kirby
    • Star Fox
    • Pokémon
    • Earthbound/Mother & F-Zero
    • Fire Emblem
    • Retro Series
    • Kid Icarus
    • Brawl & Sm4sh new series
    • Splatoon and ARMS
    • Third Party Series
    • Anime and Manga Characters
    • SSF2 Series
    • Angry Birds
    • Magical Bear
    • Magical Snowman
    • Other Thorn Industries Original Series


  • Multi-Man Fight On New Stage defeat the fighting no face team/manikins. Sub modes as follows
    • 10 Man Fight Kill 10 of the fighting no face team.
    • 100 Man Fight KO 100 of the manikins.
    • 3-Minute Fight Survive for three minutes on new stage.
    • 15-Minute Fight Don't die for 15 minutes on new stage.
    • Rival Fight Same a Smash 4's version
    • Endless Fight Kill as many as possible w/o a time limit.
    • Cruel Fight RUN! (Kill and Survive against the angry version of them)
    • Nostalgia Fight Relive Nostalgia by fighting either the Fighting Polygon Team (64) the Fighting Wireframe Team (Melee) the Fighting Alloy Team (Brawl) the Fighting Mii Team (Smash 3DS & Wii U) or the veterans (Ultimate)
  • Target Test Smash Targets on 5 different levels.
    • Training Hall The Training Mode stage
    • Hazards on A new stage that is dangerous
    • The Airship An airship based on Bowser's
    • The Woods Self explanatory
    • Custom Every character has their own stage.
  • Home-Run Contest Hit Dirt-bag as far as you can using your moves and a home run bat.
  • Race to the Finish Self expiatory.
  • Snag the Trophies Collect trophies that are falling

New Modes

  • Story Mode: The Subspace Adventure (a.k.a. SSE2 and working name) Play through an new story mode with the 141 base characters.
  • Boss Battelz Battle any of the bosses form this game for fun.
  • Smash Arena A combination of splatfests and conquest.
  • RPG Similar to Brute's fight you have 3 moves plus your final smash.
  • Adventure Mode Still being though of. :(
  • Grand Prix Similar to Mario Kart's Grand Prix
  • Campaign mode Classified Information.

Multi-Player Modes

  • Smash Run Mostly same as 3DS
  • Smash Tour Don't it is totally better now.
  • Events New events and old events having being added.


For Glory

  • Smash Two minutes
  • Team Smash Two minutes
  • One v One Two Stock Five Minutes

For Fun

  • Smash Two Minutes
  • Team Smash Two minutes

For Victory

An actual competitive battles.


Records, Replays, and Save Data will be stored here.


Controls, Sound, or Quality can be changed here.


All kinds of stuff are in here. (vault key required)


Here you can purchase songs, stages, or characters with in-game currency (smash bucks and coins) or DLC with real currency.

Characters and Stages

There are about (i haven't counted) 220 characters and 240 stages. (about 120 stages currently thought of.)


Main article Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters/Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Roster

Series Picture Character Availability
Super Smash Brothers SSB Super Smash Bros. Series Mii Brawler 2 Mii Brawler Unlockable
Mii Swordfighter 2 Mii Swordfighter Unlockable
Mii Gunner 2 Mii Gunner Unlockable
Mii Wizard Mii Mage Unlockable
Placeholder other Mii Archer Unlockable
SandbagSSBC Sandbag Unlockable
Master Hand SSBU Master Hand Downloadable
Crazy Hand SSBU Crazy Hand DLC
Super Mario SSB Mario Series Mario SSBUltimate Mario Starter
Luigi SSBUltimate Luigi Starter
Peach SSBUltimate Peach Starter
Daisy SSBUltimate Daisy Unlockable
RosalinaandLuma SSBUltimate Rosalina & Luma Unlockable
DrMario SSBUltimate Dr. Mario Unlockable
Dr. Luigi Dr. Mario Miracle Cure art DSSB Dr. Luigi Downloadable
Bowser SSBUltimate Bowser Starter
Alternative bowsette render Bowsette Transformation
BowserJr SSBUltimate Bowser Jr. Starter
PiranhaPlant SSBUltimate Piranha Plant Starter
Geno Geno Unlockable
Captain Toad 3.SSB Captain Toad Series(SSBUF) Transparent Toad Artwork - Super Mario Crystalline World Toad Starter
Toadette - Mario Party 10 Toadette Starter
600px-NewSuperMarioBrosUDeluxe Peachette Peachette Transformation
WingoCaptainToad Wingo Unlockable
Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series DonkeyKong SSBUltimate Donkey Kong Starter
DiddyKong SSBUltimate Diddy Kong Starter
Dixie kong smashified transparent by sean the artist-d9bcj5s Dixie Kong Starter
Cranky Kong New Cranky Kong Starter
Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Funky Kong Unlockable
MTOCG Lanky Kong Lanky Kong Downloadable
Fig 20 critter Kritter Unlockable
KingKrool SSBUltimate King K. Rool Starter
209px-Tiki try Hypno DK Tikis Unlockable
The Legend of Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series 616px-SSB4 - Link Artwork Link Starter
Zelda SSB4 Zelda Starter
Sheik Obliteration Sheik Starter
Ganondorf-0 Ganondorf Starter
Midna Assist Trophy (SSBU) Midna DLC
YoungLink SSBUltimate Young Link Unlockable
ToonLink SSBUltimate Toon Link Unlockable
Toon Zelda HD Toon Zelda Unlockable
Toon Sheik Toon Sheik Transformation
Link SSBUltimate BoTW Link Starter
Zelda-1 BoTW Zelda Starter
BotW Ganon BoTW Ganon Starter
1200px-HWL Linkle Artwork Linkle Downloadable
Impa - HW Impa DLC/Transformation
Skull Kid - HW Skull Kid DLC/Transformation
Metroid SSB Metroid Series Samus SSBUltimate Samus Starter
ZeroSuitSamus SSBUltimate Zero Suit Samus Starter
Ridley SSBUltimate Ridley Unlockable
DarkSamus SSBUltimate Dark Samus Unlockable
Placeholder other Ridley Jr. Downloadable
Yoshi SSB Yoshi Series Yoshi SSBUltimate Yoshi Starter
Yarn yoshi Yarn Yoshi and Poochy Unlockable
MagiKoopa - Super Mario 3D World Kamek Starter
Shy Guy Red SPQ Shy Guy DLC
Kirby SSB Kirby Series Kirby SSBUltimate Kirby Starter
KingDedede SSBUltimate King Dedede Starter
MetaKnight SSBUltimate Meta Knight Starter
BandannaDee B.W. Dee Starter
KnuckleJoeSSB4 Knuckle Joe Unlockable
Star Fox SSB Star Fox Series Fox SSBUltimate Fox Starter
Falco SSBUltimate Falco Unlockable
4.1.Krystal Standing Krystal Unlockable
SFZ-Peppy Hare Peppy Downloadable
Slippy SFZero2 Slippy Dlc/Transformation
Wolf SSBUltimate Wolf Unlockable
Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series Pikachu SSBUltimate Pikachu Starter
Jigglypuff SSBUltimate Jigglypuff Starter
Mewtwo SSBUltimate Mewtwo Unlockable
Pichu SSBUltimate Pichu Unlockable
Squirtle SSBUltimate Squirtle Starter
Ivysaur SSBUltimate Ivysaur Starter
Charizard SSBUltimate Charizard Starter
1200px-Pokemon Trainer SSBU Pokemon Trainer Unlockable
Lucario SSBUltimate Lucario Starter
Greninja SSBUltimate Greninja Starter
Incineroar SSBUltimate Incineroar Unlockable
802Marshadow Marshadow Unlockable
Hareta Hareta DLC
Sunmoon Sun/Moon DLC
F-Zero JSSB F-Zero symbol Captain Falcon - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Captain Falcon Starter
GX Dr. Stewart Dr. Steward Unlockable
Earthbound/Mother SSB EarthBound Series Ness SSBUltimate Ness Starter
Lucas SSBUltimate Lucas Starter
3d porky render by machriderz-d5h8arv Porky DLC
Ice Climber SSB Ice Climber Series IceClimbers SSBUltimate Ice Climbers Starter
Fire Emblem FireEmblemSymbolHC Marth SSBUltimate Marth Starter
Roy SSBUltimate Roy Unlockable
Lyn (Multiverse Mash-Up) Lyn Downloadable
Ike SSBUltimate Ike Starter
Robin SSBUltimate Robin Starter
Lucina SSBUltimate Lucina Unlockable
Chrom SSBUltimate Chrom Unlockable
Corrin SSBUltimate Corrin Unlockable
Byleth SSBUltimate Byleth Unlockable
Game & Watch SSB Game & Watch Series MrGameandWatch SSBUltimate Mr. Game & Watch Unlockable
Kid Icarus KIsymbol Pit SSBUltimate Pit Starter
Palutena SSBUltimate Palutena Starter
DarkPit SSBUltimate Dark Pit Unlockable
ViridiKIU Viridi Unlockable
Wario SSB Wario Series Wario SSBUltimate Wario Unlockable
NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi Unlockable
Pikmin SSB Pikmin Series Olimar SSBUltimate Olimar Starter
Alph SSBUltimate Alph Starter
Gyromite/Stack-Up SSB R.O.B. Series ROB SSBUltimate R.O.B. Unlockable
Animal Crossing SSB Animal Crossing Series Villager SSBUltimate Villager Starter
Isabelle SSBUltimate Isabelle Starter
Punch out! SSB Punch-Out Series LittleMac SSBUltimate Little Mac Starter
Wii Fit SSB Wii Fit Series WiiFitTrainer SSBUltimate Wii Fit Trainer Starter
Xenoblade SSB Xenoblade Series Skulk SSBUltimate Shulk Starter
XC2 Rex Rex Downloadable
Xenoblade chronicles 2 mythra dlc costume by kurokairaku-dc9cwv6 Mythra DLC/Transformation
Pyra SSBSM Pyra DLC/Transformation
Duck Hunt SSB Duck Hunt Series DuckHunt SSBUltimate Duck Hunt Unlockable
Splatoon SSBZSplatoonSymbol2 Inkling SSBUltimate Inkling Girl Unlockable
Inkling8 Inkling Boy Starter
Arms ARMSSymbol SpringManArms Spring Man Starter
Ribbon Girl - ARMS Ribbion Girl Starter
MasterMummy Master Mummy Starter
Mechanica Mechancia Starter
MinMin SSBUltimate Min Min Starter
Golden Sun SSB Golden Sun Series (SSF2) Gs-isaac Isaac Starter
Chibi-Robo SSB Chibi-Robo! Series (SSF2) Chibi robo smash bros style render by nibroc rock-d9ak4np Chibi-Robo Starter
Dragolia OtherSymbol Dragalia Lost Euden Izumi DLC
For whom the frog bells toll OtherSymbol Prince Sable Sablé Prince DLC
Metal Gear SSB Metal Gear Series (Brawl) Snake SSBUltimate Snake Unlockable
Sonic SSB Sonic Series Sonic SSBUltimate Sonic Starter
Tails2011 Tails Starter
Knuckles Rio 2016 Knuckles DLC
Shadow Sonic Forces Shadow DLC
Doctor Eggman Sonic Forces 2 Doctor Eggman DLC
Mega Man SSB Mega Man Series Mega Man SSBUltimate Mega Man Starter
ZeroSSBUltimate Zero Downloadable
Pac-Man SSB Pac-Man Series Pac-Man SSBUltimate Pac-Man Unlockable
Street Fighter SSB Street Fighter Series Ryu SSBUltimate Ryu Unlockable
Ken SSBUltimate Ken Unlockable
UMvC3 Chun-Li Chun-Li Downloadable
JuriHan Juri Han Downloadable
Final Fantasy SSB Final Fantasy Series (SSF2) Cloud SSBUltimate Cloud Unlockable
BlackMageSSBC Black Mage Unlockable
Noctis Final Fantasy Noctis DLC
Bayonetta SSB Bayonetta Series Bayonetta SSBUltimate Bayonetta Unlockable
Jeanne Bayonetta 2 render Jeanne Downloadable
Castlevania SSB Castlevania Series Simon SSBUltimate Simon Starter
Richter SSBUltimate Richter Unlockable
Persona SSB Persona Series Joker Arsene SSBUltimate Joker Unlockable
Dragon Quest SSB Dragon Quest Series Hero SSBUltimate Hero TBD
Banjo & Kazooie SSB Banjo-Kazooie Series BanjoSSBUDLC Banjo and Kazooie Dlc
Fatal Fury OtherSymbol Terry SSBUltimare Terry TBD
Bomberman SSB Bomberman Series (SSF2) Bomberman Smashified Bomberman Starter
Tales SSB Tales Series (SSF2) Lloydirving Lloyd Starter
Kingdom Hearts SSB Kingdom Hearts Series (SSF2) Soraart Sora Starter
Crono OtherSymbol Placeholder other Crono TBD
Rayman SSB Rayman Series Rayman Spirit Rayman Unlockable
Minecraft SSB Minecraft Series Minecraft-steve 12 Steve Starter
Jesse Jesse Unlockable
Angry Birds 4.SSB Angry Birds Series Transparent Red Bird SSBUF Red Starter
Chuck SSBUF Chuck Starter
Bomb Bird Bomb Starter
Jay Jim Jake The Blues Starter
AB2 Matilda Matilda Dlc
Bubbles Bird Bubbles Starter
Placeholder other
Silver DLC
Bobby Isaac Bird Bobby Unlockable
Red Jr. John Red Jr. + John DLC
Bad Piggies 6.SSB Bad Piggies Series Transparent Minion Pig Minion Pig Starter
Corporal Pig Army Pig Unlockable
Formen pig Foreman Pig Unlockable
Prince Porky Prince Porky Starter
Wizpig Wizpig Starter
King pig King Pig Starter
Piggy Tales III Piggy Unlockable
AB Stella 5.SSB Stella Series Transparent Stella Stella Starter
Gale Gale Unlockable
Handsome Pig Handsome Pig Unlockable
Plants vs. Zombies OtherSymbol Crazydavefullpvz2 Crazy Dave Downloadable
PvZC Zomboss@3x Dr. Zomboss Downloadable
SupErcEll OtherSymbol Barbarian Barbarian DLC
King(CR) King DLC
Shovel Knight OtherSymbol Shovel Knight (SF) Shovel Knight DLC
Shantae OtherSymbol Character-portrait Shantae Shantae Dlc
Chrous Kids OtherSymbol Chorus kids ssbi Chorus Kids Dlc
Cooking Mama OtherSymbol CookingMamaSmash Cooking Mama Dlc
Undertale OtherSymbol Sans2 Sans Downloadable
Fortnite OtherSymbol Fortniteguysforamovesetcompetitionyeah Defult downloadable
Bloons Tower Defense OtherSymbol Placeholder other Dart Monkey Final DLC
Dragon Ball SSB Dragon Ball Series (SSF2) Fukkatsu No F Goku Render Goku Starter
Vegeta DBS Vegeta DLC
Frieza by 19onepiece90-d8xpbgm Frieza Downloadable
Placeholder other Goten DLC
Future Trunks Trunks Final DLC
InuYasha OtherSymbol TSP Inuyasha InuYasha TBD
One Piece SSB One Piece Series (SSF2) Luffy-9 Luffy Starter
Zoro Roronoa Zoro DLC
Naruto SSB Naruto Series (SSF2) Naruto render by guilhermeuzumaki-d5oan6j Naruto Starter
Sasuke Uchiha with Rinnegan Sasuke DLC
Kakashi full Kakashi Dowloadable
Gaara render by destrimeitor-d4lxm8t Gaara DLC
Itachi render by xuzumaki-d49n7va Itachi Final DLC
Bleach SSB Bleach Series (SSF2) Kurosaki ichigo render by atsuyanii-d63mqhi Ichigo Starter
Renji Abarai render by animesennin Renji Downloadable
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OtherSymbol Jonathan jojoeoh Jonathan TBD
Jotaro Kujo Star Platinum Jotaro TBD
DIO jojoeoh Dio Final DLC
Yu-Gi-Oh OtherSymbol Yugi Muto render Yugi Downloadable
RWBY OtherSymbol Rwby4 ruby 2 Ruby DLC
Weiss Schnee (Cross Tag Battle) Weiss DLC/Transformation
Blake Belladonna (Cross Tag Battle) Blake DLC/Transformation
Yang Xiao Long (Cross Tag Battle) Yang DLC/Transformation
Boruto:Naruto Next Generations SSB Naruto Series(Boruto) Boruto Boruto DLC
My Hero Academia OtherSymbol Deku Deku TBD
Katsuki Bakugou KOFB Bakugo TBD
330px-Shoto Todoroki Todoroki TBD
The Incredibles OtherSymbol MrIncredibleLapis5 Mr. Incredible TBD
Cars OtherSymbol Lightning McQueen Cars 2 McQueen Downloadable
MARVEL OtherSymbol Spiderman-standing-png Spiderman Final DLC
Ironman ultimatealliance Iron Man TBD
Shrek OtherSymbol GoodShrekImage Shrek Downloadable
Star Wars OtherSymbol Anakin Skywalker 01 Anakin TBD
Darth Vader - AoV Darth Vader TBD
Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi-Wan TBD
Crystal Flares OtherSymbol Placeholder other Max TBD
Mega Racers OtherSymbol Placeholder other Jake DLC
Magical Snowman 1.SSB Magical Snowman Series Transparent Magical snow man Magical Snowman Starter
Bun Bun Bun Bun Starter
Magical Dolphin Magical Dolphin Starter
Bear Bear Unlockable
Polar bear Polar Bear Unlockable
Magical Bear 2.SSB Magical Bear Series Transparent 1.Stuffed Magical Bear Magical Bear Starter
3.Stuffed Warty Warty Starter
2.Stuffed Gerald Gerald Starter
4.Stuffed Denny Denny Unlockable
5.Stuffed Tiger Tiger Unlockable
ShaneSnake Shane DLC
Diana Official Art(SSUBF) Diana TBD
Xander(MB) Xander TBD
Aimée(MB) Aimée TBD/transformation
Detectives OtherSymbol Placeholder other Nicolas Downloadable
Placeholder other Finn Downloadable
Placeholder other Bruce DLC
Placeholder other Devin DLC
Placeholder other Kamari DLC
Magic School Academy OtherSymbol Placeholder other George Downloadable
G.O.L.D. OtherSymbol Gabor Gabor TBD
Olivia Olivia TBD/transformation
Léon Léon TBD/tranformation
Dicy Dicy TBD/transformation
Princess Bear OtherSymbol Princess Bear Princess Bear TBD
Prince Bear Prince Bear TBD/transformation
Custom Characters and Stages OtherSymbol Placeholder other Custom Character Customizable
Reality OtherSymbol Sakurai icon Sakurai Downloadable
Random SSB Random Series(SSBUF) Questionmark Random Unlockable

Additionally there are many pallet swaps for different characters.

Series Picture Character Availability
Super Mario SSB Mario Series 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111200px-NSMBU LarryKoopa Larry Palette
0000000000000000000000250px-RoyNSMBU Roy Palette
157px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU Lemmy Palette
Wendy O. Koopa, New Super Mario Bros. U Wendy Palette
191px-IggyNSMBU Iggy Palette
175px-MortonNSMBU Morton Palette
240px-LudwigNSMBU Ludwig Palette
The Legend of Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Linkmeleeclear Link Palette
Zeldameleeclear Zelda Palette
Sheik Artwork-0 Sheik Palette
Zeldaultimate Zelda Palette
Sheik SSBUltimate Sheik Palette
Ganondorf SSBUltimate Ganondorf Palette
Metroid SSB Metroid Series Ridley SSBUltimate (Meta) Meta Ridley Palette
Yoshi SSB Yoshi Series Yoshi SSBUltimate (Crafted World) Crafted Yoshi Palette
Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series Pikachu SSBUltimate (Libre) Pikachu Libre Palette
Pokken Shadow Mewtwo Shadow Mewtwo Palette
PokemonTrainer SSBUltimate (Female) - Solo Leaf Palette
Fire Emblem FireEmblemSymbolHC LeifSGY Lief Palette
Ike SSBUltimate (Radiant Dawn) Ike Palette
Robin SSBUltimate (Female) Robin Palette
Corrin SSBUltimate (Female) Corrin Palette
Gyromite/Stack-Up SSB R.O.B. Series ROB JPN SSBUltimate R.O.B. Palette
Final Fantasy SSB Final Fantasy Series (SSF2) Cloud SSBUltimate (Cloudy Wolf) Cloud Palette
Bayonetta SSB Bayonetta Series Bayonetta SSBUltimate (Classic) Bayonetta Palette
Persona SSB Persona Series Joker Uniform Arsene SSBUltimate Joker Palette
  • more characters will be added the numbers will be redone. DLC Pack 2. (Dec. 20, 2018.


Every character has a home stage (except for Toad & Toadette and Toon Shielda, who share a home stage) for their respective universe. Plus there are 10 special stages.
Main article super smash bros. ultimate fighters/stages

Home Stage Picture Character Availability
New Donk City Hall MarioStageSSBUF Mario Starter
Kongo Jungle DonkeyKongstageSSBUF Donkey Kong Starter
Hyrule Castle LinkStageSSBUF Link Starter
Planet Zebes SamusstageSSBUF Samus Starter
Yoshi's Island YoshiStageSSBUF Yoshi Starter
Dream Land KirbyStageSSBUF Kirby Starter
Meteo Campaign FoxStageSSBUF Fox Starter
Pikachu Valley PikachuStageSSBUF Pikachu Starter
Onett NessStageSSBUF Ness Starter
Port Town Aero Drive FalconStageSSBUF Captain Falcon Starter
Luigi's Mansion LuigiStageSSBUF Luigi Starter
Pokémon Stadium J.PuffStageSSBUF Jigglypuff Starter
Bowser's Castle 100px Bowser Starter
Princess Peach's Castle 100px Peach Starter
Icicle Mountain 100px Ice Climbers Starter
Temple 100px Zelda Starter
Bridge of Elden 100px Sheik Starter
Tetris 100px Dr. Mario Unlockable
Darkness 100px Ganondorf Unlockable
Orbital Gate Assult 100px Falco Starter
Young Castle 100px Young Link Unlockable
Baby Forest 100px Pichu Unlockable
Ultra Worm Hole 100px Mewtwo Unlockable
Flat Zone + 100px Mr. Game and Watch Unlockable
Castle Siege 100px Marth Starter
Still Being Thought of 100px Roy Unlockable
Norfair 100px Zero Suit Samus Starter
Jungle Hijinx 100px Diddy Kong Starter
Skyworld 100px Pit Starter
Halbert 100px Meta Knight Starter
The Lab 100px Squirtle Starter
TBA 100px Ivysaur Starter
TBD 100px Charizard Starter
unknown 100px Pokémon Trainer Starter
yikes 100px Ike Starter
The Great Cave Offensive 100px King Dedede Starter
Gamer 100px Wario Starter
Distant Planet 100px Olimar Starter
Fourside 100px Lucas Unlockable
Shadow Moses Island 100px Snake Unlockable
Star Wolf 100px Wolf Unlockable
Distortion World 100px Lucario Unlockable
Green Hills Zone 100px Sonic Unlockable
Wind Waker 100px Toon Link Unlockable
Mario Maker 100px R.O.B. Unlockable
Smashville 100px Villager Starter
Boxing Ring 100px Little Mac Starter
Wii Fit 100px Wii Fit Trainer Starter
Guar Plain 100px Shulk Starter
Duck Hunt 100px Duck Hunt Duo Unlockable
Mario Galaxy 100px Rosalina and Luma Starter
Bowser Jr.'s Playhouse 100px Bowser Jr. Unlockable
Kalos Pokémon League 100px Greninja Starter
Coliseum 100px Robin Starter
Arena Feroxen 100px Lucina Unlockable
Palutena's Temple 100px Palutena Starter
UNKNOWN 100px Dark Pit Unlockable
Miiverse 100px Mii Brawler Starter
Battlefield 100px Mii Swordfighter Starter
Nintendo 3DS 100px Mii Gunner Starter
Castle Willy 100px Mega Man Starter
Pac-Maze 100px Pac-Man Starter
Unknown Street Fighter Stage 100px Ryu Unlockable
Midgar 100px Cloud Unlockable
TBA Fire Emblem Fates Stage 100px Corrin Starter
Umbra Clock Tower 100px Bayonetta Starter
Morry Towers 100px Inkling Girl Starter
??? 1000px Ridley Starter
Daisy Cruiser 100px Daisy Starter
Dracula's Castle 100px Simon Starter
Dracula's Castle 100px Richter Unlockable
Unknown FE Awakening Stage 100px Chrom Unlockable
Unknown Metroid Prime Stage 100px Dark Samus Starter
Unnamed DKC 1 stage 100px King K. Rool Starter
Town & City 100px Isabelle Starter
Ken Stage 100px Ken Starter
The Ring 100px Inceniroar Unlockable
Plant Town 100px Piranha Plant Unlockable
Mementos 100px Joker Unlockable
Bear Home World MagicalbearstageSSBUF Magical Bear Starter
The Forest GeraldstageSSBUF Gerald Starter
Battle WartystageSSBUF Warty Starter
The Oceania DennystageSSBUF Denny Starter
Jungle TigerstageSSBUF Tiger Unlockable


All items from previous games will return!

Series Name Picture Effect
Super Smash Bros. Smash Ball SSB Icon Allows you to use your Final Smash
Super Mario Mushroom Super-mushroom Doubles your size
Captain Toad Turnup 200px-Turnip An item that can be thrown to deal damage.
Donkey Kong Barrel Canon Barrel Cannon A canon that can thrown.
The Legend of Zelda Coco A chicken that will call chickens to attack if attacked
Metroid Screw Attack ScrewAttackSSB4 Turns your jump in Samus' Up B
Yoshi Yoshi Egg SMO Yoshi Egg Turns your dash attack into Yoshi's old Side B
Kirby Dragoon Fig 20 dragoon Collect all three parts for a OHKO
Star Fox Smart Bomb SmartBombSSBC Explodes
Pokémon Poké Ball PokeBallSSBC Summons a random Pokémon
Earthbound Franklin Badge 200px-Franklin Badge Reflects any and all projecties
F-Zero ??? ???
Smash Bros. Fake Smash Ball SSB5 Icon Doesn't let you use your final smash.
Ice Climber Vegetable Can be Thrown
Pokémon Master Ball MasterBallSSBC Summons a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon or Magikarp.
Magical Bear Club of Victory Lets you use MB club as a weapon
Angry Birds Mighty Eagle's Dish Throw it at someone and summon Mighty Eagle
Kirby Warp Star KRtDL Warp Star model Fly low to the ground a light speed.
Naruto Explosive Tag Stick to an opponent and watch them explode.
Fortnite Assault Rifle A gun to shoot with
Fire Emblem Blazing Blade Roy's Sword
Bad Piggies TNT Explodes


Main Artlice Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters/Music
There will be a lot of Music in SSBUF include new, old, remix, original, and complete made up music.
Note:At first each stage will only have a standard and alternate songs (being one of each) then you unlock more songs (since SSBU had you unlock almost everyone SSBUF will have you unlock most every song.) Also like Ultimate songs are shared within a Universe.
SSB Music Series (SSF2)

Major Changes

More Coming Soon!!!

  • Echo Fighters have been decloned to be different from their base counterpart.
  • Some Series have different series symbols than in Ultimate
    • Metal Gear has had its symbol reverted to the one in brawl.
    • Final Fantasy now uses the one in SSF2
    • Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, and F-ZERO use symbols that don't just represent Marth, Pit, & Captain Falcon respectively.
    • Splatoon uses the unofficial symbol given to it by ssbwiki
    • There is now 2v2 damage multiplier


  • The name comes from the fact of there are over 150 characters and Nathaniel Bandy's joke of Smash 3DS could be called Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • It has been on Fantendo for about a year.


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