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Fighter # 19

Street Fighter

First Appearance Street Fighter
(August 30, 1987)
Other Smash Bros.
Availability Locked
Represented Stages Suzaku Castle (Default)
Final Smash Shinku Hadoken
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Shin Shoryuken

Ryu is a legendary warrior who walks the road of the master. He is constantly searching for strong opponents to test his strength on. He was once a student, along with Ken, to the master known as Gouken. Or was until Gouken was killed by his brother, Akuma. This has fueled Ryu’a lifelong wandering and his path between both light and dark.

Ryu is your classic fist fighter with very few options open to him in terms of projectiles. His most noteworthy is his Hadouken. Many of his moves can be powered up through directional input as a nod to his source material. In addition, he will always be facing the opponent.

Classic Mode: Seeking a Challenge
Ryu's opponents are all references to characters that appear in Street Fighter II and are stamina battles with all of the stages being in Ω form. The Bonus Stage also comes earlier, similar to the car mini-game from said title.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Ken Suzaku Castle Ken Stage Type A
2 Zero Suit Samus Onett Chun-Li Stage Type A
3 Incineroar Abandoned Factory Zangief Stage Type B
4 Green Donkey Kong Kongo Falls Blanka Stage Type A
Bonus Stage
5 Giant Little Mac Boxing Ring Balrog Stage Type B
6 Meta Knight Arena Ferox Vega Stage Type A
Final Master Hand and Crazy Hand Final Destination M. Bison Stage Type A

Role in World of Light

Classification Name Description Damage Image
Neutral Special Hadoken 6%, 6.5%, 7% (Standard); 7.5%, 8.1%, 8.7% (Input);

1.1% (Shakunetsu Hadoken, hits 1-4), 5% (Shakunetsu Hadoken, hit 5)

Ryu gathers his energy and releases a Hadoken. He can upgrade it to a more powerful form through a directional input. 200px
Neutral Special Custom 1 Simple Hadoken This version doesn’t require to input the directional command. Instead, it just requires a charge to perform the Hadoken. 4.5%,6% (Standard); 6.6%, 7.5%, 8.1% (Input);

.7% (Shakunetsu Hadoken, hits 1-4), 3% (Shakunetsu Hadoken, hit 5)

Neutral Special Custom 2 Denjin Hadoken

Releases an electrified Hadōken no matter the input.Using it with the directional input causes a large electrical projectile to be shot out with an electrical blast.

8%, 9% (Standard); 8.5%, 9%, 9.9% (Input); 2.2% per hit (input) 200px
Side Special Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Ryu launches himself forward while kicking in the air. Can be used as a Recovery move. Inputting the directional command increases the distance covered and damage dealt. 9%, 10%, 11% (Standard); 10.4%, 11.5%, 12.4% (Input) 200px
Side Special Custom 1 Simple Tatsumaki Senpukyaku The attack only needs to be charged. It doesn’t need the directional input. As a result, it’s weaker. 6%, 8%, 10% (Standard); 6.4%, 8.2%, 10.2% (charged) 200px
Side Special Custom 2 Bofu Tatsumaki Senpyaku Ryu generates thunderclouds and lightning. It has longer traveling distance and deals more damage but has animation lag. 8%, 10%, 14% (Standard); 9%, 12%, 16% (Input) 200px
Up Special Shoryuken Ryu rises up using a flying uppercut. Inputting the directional command increases the damage and length.

13%, 14%, 15% (Standard, grounded); 12%, 13%, 14% (Standard, early air); 7% (Standard, late air); 15.6%, 16.8%, 18% (Input, grounded); 14.4%, 15.6%, 16.8% (Input, early air); 8.4% (Input, late air)

Up Special Custom 1 Simple Shoryuken A

shoryuken that doesn’t need a directional input. Simply charging and release gives it more power and vertical traveling distance.

10%, 12%, 13% (Standard, grounded); 10%, 11%, 12% (Standard, early air); 5% (Standard, late air); 13.6%, 14.6%, 16% (Input, grounded); 10.4%, 12.4%, 13.8% (Input, early air); 6.4% (Input, late air) 200px
Up Special Custom 2 Metsu Shoryuken This version is far more powerful but attacking an opponent causes Ryu to pause slowly before launching them with a Shoryuken. As a result, it is a slower attack with less vertical traveling distance. 13%, 14%, 15% (Standard, grounded); 12%, 13%, 14% (Standard, early air); 7% (Standard, late air); 15.6%, 16.8%, 18% (Input, grounded); 14.4%, 15.6%, 16.8% (Input, early air); 8.4% (Input, late air) 200px
Down Special Focus Attack Ryu delivers a powerful lunch that can break through shields and leaves opponents crumpled up in a stunned stage. He has invisibility frames during the attack. Charge it to do more damage. 12% (Level 1), 10% (Level 2), 17% (Level 3) 200px
Down Special Custom 1 Kako Fubatsu Ryu performs a pose which can catch an opponent. He then launches into a crumpling Counter attack lunch. 12.5% (clean), 8% (late) 200px
Down Special Custom 2 Hashogeki Ryu releases a double palm strike infused with Hadoken energy. Instead of crumpling the opponent, it has high knockback and launching capabilities. 15-22% 200px
Final Smash Shin Hadoken Ryu unleashes a powerful Hadoken that has a vacuum effect and will do continuous hits of damage before launching the opponent. 1% (initial hit), 10% (hits 1 and 2), 20% (last hit) .png
Final Smash Level 2 Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Ryu pauses, gathers energy, and then releases a powered up stationary version of Tatsumaki Senpūkyaku. It had a strong vacuum effect pulls in opponents. It will juggle the opponents within the maelstrom of energy before ejecting then in the last hits. 35% all hits .png
Final Smash Level 3 Shin Shoryuken Ryu performs a devastating three bit combo with the last hit being a powerful and glorified Shoryuken. 1% - 1.5% (multi-hits), 10% (explosion) .png

Entrance Animations
Enter the Warrior Breaking Down Walls Hurricane Kick
Ryu walks forward as smoke billows out in front of him. A brick wall appears which breaks as Ryu walks in. Ryu enters in via Tatsumaki Senpukyaku from the left.
Set # Up Taunt Side Taunt Down Taunt
1 Pulls his headband's ends taunt, while stating "Come on!" Ryu punches his fists together and says “You got what it takes?” Charges up a fake Hadōken while saying “Feel the power of my Hadoken!”
2 Ryu takes his first and punches it forward before bringing it up in front it his face. He says “Hmmmph” during the last part. Ryu holds his fist forwards, and declares "Talk is cheap!" Ryu steps forward and holds his fist up while saying “Talk with your fists!”
3 Ryu punches into the air while saying “Bring your all!” Ryu sits down in the ground and briefly closes his eyes. He then gets up and says “Clearing one's mind is the key to victory.” Stomps on the ground and grunts.
Idle Poses
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Adjusts his gloves. Ryu stretches his shoulders. Thu slightly hops in place.
Quickly cracks his neck. Wriggles the fingers on both hands, then crosses his arms and pumps them. He uses his hand to rub his chin as if dabbing off sweat.
Victory Animations
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Winds back and does a pose with his right fist facing the camera; his victory pose from Street Fighter IV. In English, he says "Give it your all!", Powers up a Hadoken and fires it off towards the screen. Punches upwards while flexing his arm. He then says “It seems the win is mine. Train some more before challenging me again.”
Performs three punches followed by a jump kick while he says “Hiyah!” Slings his bag over his shoulder while saying "The journey has just begun." Ryu takes a look at his hand, Hilda it up, closed, and walks away. Then then says “This is the path to victory.”
Ryu performs a Hurricane Kick before landing. He then says “I know you can do better!” Ryu holds out his arms and folds them. He then turns away and says “Throws and hard blows are are a dangerous combo...but your fundamentals need work.” Punches once before doing a victorious uppercut, referencing one of his more recurring win poses. In English, he says "Your range is one fist short"
Kirby Hats

File:Kirbyhat ryu.png

Victory Chants/Victory Theme
Victory! Street Fighter Series Super Smash Bros

Victory! Street Fighter Series Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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