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Fighter # 08ε
Universe Castlevania
First Appearance Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
(October 29, 1993)
Other Smash Bros.
Availability Locked
Represented Stages Dracula’s Castle(Default)
Final Smash Vampire Killer
Item Crash
Grand Cross

Richter is a descendent of Simon Belmont and a famed and powerful member of the Belmont clan. Not only was he skilled in using the Vampire Killer but he had access to many supernatural abilities. He also was a master martial artist. He attacked Dracula’s Castle to rescue his fiancé, Maria. He succeeded in stopping Dracula’s resurrection but he would be eventually enslaved by the Castle and used to resurrect Dracula. This was eventually thwarted by Alucard.

Richter is the Echo fighter for Simon Belmont and the two various moves with each other. Unlike Echo Fighters like Chrom and Dr. Mario, they share the same exact attacks and stats with the only different are taunts, victory poses, and voices

Classic Mode: Smash Echoes
Both the English and Japanese names refer to Echo Fighters, which Richter fights in numerical order

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Dark Samus Norfair Multiplayer - Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
2 Daisy Golden Plains Mario Tennis/Mario Golf
3 Zack Midgar The Price of Freedom
4 Chrom Arena Ferox Id (Purpose)
5 Demise Skyloft The Imprisoned
6 Ken Suzaku Castle (Omega Form) Ken Stage
Bonus Stage Dracula Dracula’s Boss Stage Nothing to Lose, Black Night or Dance of Illusions Simon joins an ally.

Role in World of Light
He is in the Dracula's Castle sub-area, but only makes an appearance if the player manages to destroy all the purple evil ghosts that teleport the player if touched with the use of cannonballs. If the player manages to do so, he'll appear in between the spaces for Alucard and Dracula.

Classification Name Description Damage Image
Neutral Special Axe Throws an ax projectile that travels at a high parabolic arc. The angle can be changed by holding forward or back before throwing. Richter's aerial momentum is stopped eleven he throws the ax. 15% 200px
Neutral Special Custom 1 Double Shot Axe Richter throws two axes instead of one. The first axe is faster while the second axe is slower an has less distance. 5.5% (per axe) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 2 Giant Axe Throws out a very large axe that has a wide hitbox but it is slow and has lag animations. It also flies in a straight trajectory and will vanish after it hits a solid object. 22% 200px
Side Special Cross Flings a silver cross projectile that functions similarly to Boomerang , including the ability to be smash-thrown to fly further and deal more damage. Unlike Boomerang, the Cross makes no attempt to return to Richter, and only flies straight forward and back. 6%, 8% (smash thrown), 5% (returning) 200px
Side Special Custom 1 Returning Cross Functions just like the main Cross but it will home onto Richter much like Link’s Boomerang 6%, 8% (smash thrown), 5% (returning) 200px
Side Special Custom 2 Divine Cross Instead of it being set forward, it will slowly move forward only a few spaces before vanishing. While spinning, it is lite on fire thus dealing Fire-damage and deals more hits as it traps opponents. 2.8%, 4.2% (smash thrown per hit) 200px
Up Special Uppercut A rising uppercut with the Vampire Killer in hand. 2% (hit 1), 1.5% (hit 2-5), 6% (hit 6) 200px
Up Special Custom 1 Guts Upper Propels himself upwards in a leap followed by a rising uppercut attack. Doing so in the air doesn’t propel Richter upwards initially, but he has increase travel distance with the Uppercut. 3% (hit 1), 1.2% (hit 2-5), 5% (hit 6) 200px
Up Special Custom 2 URoc Wing Instead of performing an uppercut, it simply propels Richter high into the air. It has greatly enhanced vertical recovery ability. It doesn’t deal any damage. - 200px
Down Special Holy Water Drops to flask of Holy Water diagonally downwards. Once it hits the ground or an opponent, the flash bursts and unleashes to catch of red flames . Only one flask or pillar of flame can exist at one time. 2.9% (flask), 1.3% (flames, hits 1-8) 200px
Down Special Custom 1 Dynamite Throws a stick of Dynamite on the ground which will have a four second fuse before exploding. It will not explode upon contact with an opponent who can even pick it up or catch it 25% (center), 12% (outer) 200px
Down Special Custom 2 Energy Gazer Drops to flask of Holy Water diagonally downwards. Once it hits the ground or an opponent, the flash bursts and unleashes to catch of red flames . The flames will then shoot forward quickly along the ground in a straight line. 3.1% (flask), 4% (per flame initial hit), 1.3% (after hit) 200px
Final Smash Vampire Killer Richter rushes along the length of the stage while whipping the flail. He has superarmor during his rush with extended hitframes. His attacks can also reflect projectiles. 7.5% (per hit close), 13% (per hit far) 200px
Final Smash Level 2 Item Crash Richters Holy Water, Cross, and Axe all change properties while Item Crash is used. It lasts roughly 12 seconds. He also gains hitstun resistance and increase damage and launch resistance. Holy Cross is a much larger cross thats electrified which will rotate after it reach its pinnacle of travel. Inputting the Ax attack causes six axes to circle around Richter which then launch and home onto nearby opponents. Finally, activating Holy Water causes it to become Hydro Storm which generates a rain that washes over the stage and begins hurling down sacred flames everywhere. In addition, all of Richter’s whip attacks deal Fire Damage and his melee attacks deal electrical damage. He can only use each item once before its used. After the last item is used or the time runs, he reverts back to normal. 4.4% per hit (Holy Cross), 12% (ending hit Holy Cross), 8% (per Ax), 6.2% (Hydro Storm per hit) 200px
Final Smash Level 3 Grand Cross Summons a large coffin in front of him, which traps opponents that touch it the moment it appears. If successful, Richter grabs the coffin with the Vampire Killer's chain, swings it in a wide arc and hauls it skywards, then unleashes the devastating Grand Cross technique while flexing, blasting the coffin with magical crosses and sending the victims flying. 3% (trapping hit), 10% (final hit) 200px

Entrance Animations
Path of Light Vampire Slayer Draw Bridge
Appears on screen surrounded by light. Appears while dashing and slashing with his Vampire Killer. A draw bridge crashes down and Richter steps out of the darkened doorway.
Set # Up Taunt Side Taunt Down Taunt
1 Raises his hand in the air with an open palm, referencing his Grand Cross in the opening of Rondo of Blood, leading into the pose from his render while saying "It's time!" Whips the flail in a full circle saying “I’m your doom!” Flicks his air up while looking downwards with his head tilted up and says “Death to you!”
2 Tightens his glove while saying "Prepare yourself!" Holds the flail shaft in his hand and punches forward while going “Ha!” Turns his back to the opponent and goes “Enough” and slashes his hand to the right and then turns around.
3 Looks to the screen and performs a thumbs up while saying “That’s what heroes do!” Punches his Vampire Killer holding hand into his palm. Whips the Vampire Killer above his head and says “You’re a blight on this world!”
Idle Poses
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Stands upright with his right hand on his hip. Based on Richter Belmont's pose before his fight in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night . Regrips the shaft of the Vampire Killer. Wipes away sweat from his brow.
Straightens his back slightly. Thrusts his hand downwards. Cracks his neck twice on both sides.
Victory Animations
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Swings the Vampire Killer around himself while saying "You don't belong in this world!" before striking the ground with it and pulling the chain taut. Cracks the flail once before crossing his arms and saying “You did well...for an agent of darkness.” Coils the Vampire Killer around his arm and says “You devour men’s souls! You have no place here!” He then dashes at the camera.
Whips the flail over his head in an arc and then spins it downward before striking forward with a “Hmmph!”. Jumps and whips the ground before making a pose identical to his official render Crosses his arms and sighs before slashing his arm to the right. He then says “Be wary. Evil never sleeps.”
Holds up the Vampire Killer before being startled. He looks to the right quickly and says “Dracula…!”. Appears alongside Maria who pays his back as to soothe him. He grabs her shoulders and grasps the Vampire Killer firmly in his hand. Poses with his back facing the camera, similarly to his idle stance in Symphony of the Night, and makes a parting gesture saying "Farewell!" This is from the cutscene where he rescues Tera in Rondo of Blood.
Kirby Hats
Victory Chants/Victory Theme
Richter victory theme

Richter victory theme

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