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Fighter # 32
Universe Harvest Moon
First Appearance Harvest Moon
(August 9, 1996)
Other Smash Bros.
Availability Locked
Represented Stages Farmstead (Default)
Final Smash Harvest Sprites
Power Berry
Clinic Visit

Pete is the protagonist of the farming simulator known as Harvest Moon as well as the offshoot series, Story of Seasons. Jack is skilled at growing many kinds of vegetables and fruits on his farm and taking care of farm animals such as cows, sheeps, and horses as well as chickens, ducks, and even ostriches. Not only that, he seems to understand the natural surroundings and what natural bounties are good to forage. While we are at it, he can also mine for minerals such as silver and gold, go fishing and collect insects, cook, gathering lumber and stone for construction, increasing his friendship with townspeople, and participate in local festivals. However, all of these are nothing compared to his most difficult and dangerous goal: getting married and raising a family. The female version of Pete is known as Sara.

Pete is rather short; about the size of Ness but slightly heavier. Despite being shorter than other character, he possesses strong attacks that deal damage that’s equal to a mid to light heavy weight. This is because he uses a variety of farming equipment that tends to be heavy. This includes his hammer and axe. Pete’s Moveset focuses on his farming skills - in particular being able to store items in his Rucksack as well as planting, watering, and harvesting certain crops.

Classic Mode: The Farm Life
Pete’s opponents participate in farming-like activities in those home series.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Link Skyloft Menu Theme - Back to Nature
2 Villager Tortimer Island Summer Theme - Back to Nature
3 Ivysaur Pokemon Stadium (Grass version only) Featival - Magical Melody
4 Olimar Garden of Hope Theme of Home - Animal Parade
5 Isaac Venus Lighthouse Fall Theme - Harvest Moon 64
6 Peach Peach’s Castle Town Theme - Friends of Mineral Town
Bonus Stage Master Hand Final Destination Master Hand - 8 Bit

Role in World of Light

Special Moveset

Classification Name Damage Description Image
Neutral Attack Hammer, Hammer, Hammer Pete hits his Hammer downwards, again from the side, and follows up with an upward hammer slam that knocks opponents up. 3.5%, 3.5%, 4.3% 200px
Dash Attack Sickle Pete spins in a circle while slashing with his sickle which hits four times before launching. 2.3%, 2%, 2%, 3% 200px
Forward Tilt Shears Pete cuts with the Sheep Shears. It is a quick cutting scissor attack. 7.5% 200px
Up Tilt Cowbell Waves the Cowbell from right to left which makes it clanging. 5% (first), 3.8% (last) 200px
Down Tilt Rock Pete takes the rock and drops it downward. It will then remain on the ground for a period of time. Smashing it with the Hammer neutral attack causes to explode into pebbles. 8% (clean), 5% (late), 6.3% (rock crush close), 4.2% (rock crush outer) 200px
Side Smash Brush Pete takes the Brush and scrubs violently up and down. It’s close combat oriented attack that can even reflect projectiles back. The smash attack will scrub the opponents into the air and into ground. 13.2% (uncharged), 19.1% (charged) 200px
Up Smash Axe Pete swings the axe from right to left in an overhead arc in the uncharged version. The charged version does a full circular motion that starts from the left and goes full circle which launches opponents upwards. 16.7% (uncharged), 20.8% (charged) 200px
Down Smash Hoe Pete takes the Hoe and slams it downwards. This unique Smash causes it to travel some distance as the force of earth moves forward. This launches opponents upwards upon contact. 15.6% (uncharged), 23.3% (charged) 200px
Neutral Aerial Fertilizer Pete takes the bag of fertilizer and slams it downward. 10% 200px
Forward Aerial Lumber Pete takes a piece of cut lumber and jams it forward in a stabbing-like attack. 12% 200px
Back Aerial Ore Pete takes a piece of Ore and slams it downwards in a fisted punch attack. Pete pulls out a randomized ore which each deals different damage. 3.4% (Junk Ore), 4.2% (Iron Ore), 5% (Bronze Ore), 8% (Silver Ore), 10% (Gold Ore), 14% (Rare Ore) 200px
Up Aerial Bird Seed Pete takes a bag of bird seed and throws it upward which deals multiple hits of damage and then launches them. 2.3% (multi hits 5 hits total), 3.8% (final hit) 200px
Down Aerial Milk Pete takes a jug of recently milked Milk and slams it upwards. It has a sweetspot at the tip of the milk jug which launches opponent. 16% (sweetspot), 9% (late) 200px
Pummel Milker Pete uses the Milker to squeeze….something...out of the opponent. Slow pummel. 3% 200px
Forward Throw Hammer Time Pete takes the opponent and slams them down onto the ground. He then takes the hammer and slams it downwards. 8.4% 200px
Back Throw Bug Net Pete stuffs the opponent into a Bug Net and throws them out; ejecting them backwards. 6.3% 200px
Up Throw Fishing Rod Pete takes the opponent and hooks them with the Fishing Rod and then launches them upwards into the air. 5% 200px
Down Throw Bush Slams the opponent down and then pulls bush along with the opponent. This deals up to five hits of damage as the leaves scatter after pulling up the bush. 1.6% (per hit five hits total) 200px
Floor Attack (front) Seed Bag Takes a random seed bag and hits front and right. 6% 200px
Floor Attack (back) Bag Slam Takes a random seed bag and hits back and front. 5% 200px
Floor Attack (trip) Sprinkler Takes a Sprinkler and twirls it causing damage around him. 4% 200px
Ledge Attack Junk Boot Pete pulls out a boot and chucks it up as he pulls himself up from the stage. 7% 200px
Neutral Special Crops Pete can choose between six different seeds and then plant them. Watering them causes them causes them to fully grow though some of them require more waterings than earlier. They can then be harvested and either eaten to regain some health or thrown for damage. These can be damaged by attacks and will vanish if they get more damage or if more time passes. Players can also pick up fully matured crops.Here are the following crops that can be planted and harvested:
  • Tomato: They require only one watering. They are the weakest projectile but can be thrown very quickly in a far range.
  • Cabbage: This requires one watering. They are bigger and heavier than the Tomato. When thrown, they can bounce on the ground which can deal a little more damage.
  • Corn: This requires two waterings. They have a higher arc than the Tomatoes or Cabbages. They function a bit like Simon’s Axe but can’t pass through stage platforms.
  • Hot Pepper: This requires three waterings. When thrown, it ironically deals fire damage which burns whenever it is touched. It is the lightest and rotates when it's thrown.
  • Pineapple: This requires three waterings. When thrown, it will explode with a juicy explosion much like the Pineapple Launcher. It can’t be charged.
  • Watermelon: They require four waterings but they deal heavy damage. They can’t be thrown a far distance as a result.
3% (Tomato), 5.2% (Cabbage), 5.8% (Corn), 1.6% (per burn Hot Pepper), 12% (Pineapple), 15/2% (Watermelon) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 1 Quick Crops These crops have less animations for planting and harvesting and also require less watering for Hot Pepper, Pineapple, and Watermelon but they deal less damage as a result. 1.5% (Tomato), 2.8% (Cabbage), 4% (Corn), .8% (per burn Hot Pepper), 7% (Pineapple), 10% (Watermelon)
Neutral Special Custom 2 Strong Crops They crops are more durable and can withstand more damage than the original. It also deals more damage. 4% (Tomato), 6.2% (Cabbage), 7.8% (Corn), 2% (per burn Hot Pepper), 15% (Pineapple), 18% (Watermelon)
Side Special Giddy-Up! Peter summons his horse and rides forward in a single path which pushes opponents backwards. He can’t turn backwards. Pressing up causes Pete to jump up off the horse. 6% (first hit), 2.3% (subsequent hits), 6.8% (last hit) 200px
Side Special Custom 1 Bovine Bash Pete jumps onto of a cow and rushes forward. Stronger but slower than the horse. It launches the opponent upon contact. 12% 200px
Side Special Custom 2 Ostrich Rally Pete jumps onto of a Ostrich and sprints forward. Weaker than the original but much quicker. Passes by oppoennts. 5.5% 200px
Up Special Teleport Stone Pete takes out a Teleport Stone which causes him to vanish and reappear by moving the control stick to where you want Pete to move to. Functions much like Zelda’s Up Special. 5.2% 200px
Up Special Custom 1 Vanishing Stone Pete pulls out a Vanishing Stone which won’t deal damage but has extended traveling distance with better control. 0%
Up Special Custom 2 Warp Stone This attack will deal damage upon warping out and then reappearing. 6% (warp out), 8% (reappear)
Down Special Rucksack Pressing and hold down the Down Special causes the Rucksack Inventory to appear. It has six spaces which Pete can use to store various items, objects, and other elements. However, be careful as this will increase Pete’s weight a bit so don’t keep too heavy items. Pressing Down Special close to an item causes Pete to pick and put the item into the Rucksack. Accessing the Rucksack allows the player to choose which item to unpack via a bubble box that flows above Pete. Players can view what's in the rucksack under the character icon. Items will stay in the Rucksack for 50 seconds. 0%| style=";text-align:center;background-color:rgba();"|200px
Down Special 1 Easy Rucksack It’s easier to access the rucksack and select items. In addition, Pete can easily acquire an object than before with longer extended grabbing animation. However, the items only stay in the Rucksack for 30 seconds than 50 before vanishing.| style="b;text-align:center;background-color:rgba();"| [
Down Special 2 Expanded Rucksack The Rucksack can store eight spaces but is affected by weight and time. 0%
Final Smash Harvest Sprites Pete summons the Harvest Sprites which will move about the stage; damaging the opponents they run into. This causes the Flower Status on any opponent as well. They will tend to pick up opponents and toss them as well. They can also take out crops and throw them at will. 8% (collision), 4.8% (pick up), 13% (throw), crops (see above Neutral Special and plus it by +5) 200px
Final Smash Level 2 Power Berry Pete pulls out a Power Berry and chows down which causes all crops that are planted to instantly grow. He also has an increase in attack power, attack speed, movement speed, and superarmor. He can also now store energy-like projectiles. ½% more damage dealt 200px
Final Smash Level 3 Clinic Visit Jack will teeter and then fall down while fainting. Coming into contact with him causes the screen to darken. It then transitions to the opponent laying in bed. The doctor will come and say they over-extended themselves and they should rest. The screen grows dark again which the transitions to the match which launches any opponent that was caught in the Final Smash. 33% 200px

Entrance Animations
Good Morning Horse Race Crash Landing
Pete wakes up from his bed and jumps out. Arrives on his horse and jumps off. Falls from the top as if he fell through a nine hole.
Set # Up Taunt Side Taunt Down Taunt
1 Puts his hands to his hips and looks at the screen while smiling. Jumps up and punches the air. Holds a chicken and gives the chicken a hug as a heart icon appears.
2 Blows the dog whistle. Teeters on one leg and falls down as if fainting. Then gets back up. Takes out a piece of cake and eats it.
3 Jumps up in surprise as a exclamation mark shows above his head. Rocks back and forth on his feet while smiling and humming a tune. Rolls up his sleeves and pumps his arm up in happiness.
Idle Poses
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Yawns and nods off quickly, Stretches. Adjusts his cap.
Slightly squats down and pats his legs. Uses his hand to scan the horizon. Nods his head back and forth while happily smiling.
Victory Animations
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Pete's dog runs in circles around him and then jumps where Pete then catches it. Holds up a Shiny Tomato and

jumps up and down in glee.

Rides in on his horse and then pats the horse.
Digs into his Rucksack and polls our a roll cake and eats it. A Boulder appears and Pete takes out the hammer. He then uses it to break apart the rock. A group of ducks and chickens happily walk around Pete as he looks as them with a smile.
Takes out his watering can, charges it up, and unleashes a huge spray of water at the screen. A sheep trots in the right as Pete runs up and places his hand in the wool. He then turns to the caverns and gives a thumbs up. A Blue Feather is seen on the ground. Pete runs up and picks it up while pondering and looking at it.
Kirby Hats

Kirbyhat pete

Boxing Ring Title: Hero of the Farmland
Victory Chants/Victory Theme
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