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Fighter # 34ε
Universe The Legend of Zelda
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
November 22, 2013
Other Smash Bros.
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Represented Stages Temple (Default)

Hyrule Castle
Great Bay

Final Smash Light Arrow
Triforce of Wisdom
Sacred Realm

Hilda is the Princess of Lorule, an alternate dimension similar to Hyrule. It even has its own royal family and Triforce. However, it’s Triforce was lost causing the entire kingdom to begin crumbling. In an effort to revive her kingdom, she joined with the sorcerer, Yuga, to steal Hyrule’s Triforce.

Hilda is the Echo Fighter of Zelda. They share the same moves with the only difference being that Hilda’s moves have a dark magic effect as opposed to light magic. Even Din’s Fire incorporates dark flames. While they perform exactly the same, Hilda’s Phantom Slash is based off Lorule soldiers. Hilda’s expressions are also more negative and not as cheerful as Zelda’s.

Classic Mode: Lorule’s Revenge
All of Hilda's battles are against Legend of Zelda character from Hyrule.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Toon Link Pirate Ship Outset Island
2 Sheik Gerudo Valley Song of Storms
3 Young Link Great Bay Stone Tower Temple
4 Ganondorf Bridge of Eldin Midna’s Lament/Twilight Princess Medley
5 Link Great Plateau Sheikah Tower Switch Presentation Trailer Theme - Breath of The a Wild
6 Zelda Temple The Legend of Zelda Medley
Bonus Stage Dark Link and Dark Zelda Hyrule Castle Lorule Main Theme

Role in World of Light

Special Moveset

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Magic, Magic, Magic Emits a magic burst, follows up with a series of several magical bursts, and finishes with a final blast, which can KO. 2.5% (hits 1-2), 0.2% (loop), 3% (end
Dash Attack Darkness Push A double palm thrust that emits a blast of magical energy from her hands, similarly to Peach's dash attack 12% (clean sweetspot), 9% (clean sourspot), 6% (late)
Forward Tilt Lorule Zap A magically-infused, outward fanning knifehand strike. It can be angled and its sweetspot. 12% (blade), 10% (arm)
Up Tilt Miasma Wave Waves her arm in an overhead arcing motion while her hand is infused with magical energy. 7.2%
Down Tilt Lower Lorule A kneeling shin kick. 5.5%
Side Smash Magical Blast A palm thrust that emits a multiple-hitting blast of magical energy. Its last hit's respectable damage output and very high knockback. 1% (hits 1-4), 13% (hit 5)
Up Smash Triforce Blast Waves her arm twice in an overhead fanning motion while her hand is infused with magical energy. 2% (hits 1-4), 0.8% (hits 5-6), 5% (hit 7)
Down Smash Lorulian Bash A spinning shin kick. 12% (front), 10% (back)
Neutral Aerial Cursed Power Spins with her arms outstretched and infused with magical energy. 2.5% (hits 1-4, front), 1.5% (hits 1-4, back), 5% (hit 5)
Forward Aerial Miasma Kick A magically-infused flying kick. Its sweetspot is at the tip of her foot, and has both an outstanding damage output and high knockback growth. 20% (clean foot), 4% (clean leg, late)
Back Aerial Miasma Kick A magically-infused flying kick. It functions almost identically to forward aerial, with the only differences being that its sweetspot has slightly more base knockback and knockback growth. 20% (clean foot), 4% (clean leg, late)
Up Aerial Power of Lorule Leans back and turns slightly to extend her arm in order to emit a magical explosion from her index and middle fingers. 17%
Down Aerial Abyss Heel A magically-infused stomp. All of its hitboxes are meteor smashes. 16% (clean), 5% (late, leg), 4% (late, foot)
Pummel Magic Crackle Zaps the opponent with magic. 1.3%
Forward Throw Expel Magically spins the opponent in front of herself and then throws them away. 10%
Back Throw Disenchant Magically spins the opponent and turns around with them in tow before throwing them away. 12%
Up Throw Fairytale Curse Magically spins the opponent overhead and then throws them upward. 11%
Down Throw Dominate Magically shoves the opponent underneath herself and then blasts them with fiery, magical energy from her hands. 1.5% (hits 1-4), 2% (throw)
Lorule Sweep Kicks in front of herself and then behind herself. 7%
Floor Attack (back) Lorule Kick Kicks in front of herself and then behind herself. 7%
Floor Attack (trip) Lorule Spin Kicks around herself. 5%
Ledge Attack Magical Heel Performs a kick while climbing up. 9%
Neutral Special Nayru's Hate Creates a crystalline barrier around herself. The barrier deals damage and reflects projectiles with 25% more power and speed than they originally had. 2% (hits 1-3), 5% (hit 4, close), 4% (hit 4, tip) 1.25× (reflected projectiles)
Neutral Special Custom 1 Nayru’s Doom Reverses opponents and pushes them away, in addition to having more intangibility. 1% (loop), 5% (last), 1.2× (reflected projectile
Neutral Special Custom 2 Nayru’s Wrath Vacuums opponents before exploding, which deals more damage and high knockback. 15%
Side Special Din’s Orb Launches a magical fireball. It can be aimed up or down, and releasing the button causes it to explode. The longer the button is held down, the farther the fireball will travel, and it will automatically detonate when it reaches its maximum distance. 7%-14% (sweetspot), 3.5%-7% (sourspot)
Side Special Custom 1 Din’s Malady The sweetspot and sourspot's damage outputs are consistent, regardless of its how long the special button is held. 14% (sweetspot), 7% (sourspot)
Side Special Custom 2 Din’s Tear The fireball has a larger explosion and significantly better vertical maneuverability. 7.6%-18% (sweetspot), 3.8%-9% (sourspot)
Up Special Farore's Vortex Warps to a given direction. It deals damage upon contact while disappearing and while reappearing, and grants intangibility. 6% (hit 1), 10% (grounded hit 2 near), 7% (grounded hit 2 far), 12% (aerial hit 2 near), 8% (aerial hit 2 far)
Up Special Custom 1 Farore’s Cyclone Comes out much faster and has a large windbox with set knockback at its beginning that pushes opponents away.
Up Special Custom 2 Farore’s Storm The teleport can only travel directly upward, but its second hit meteor smashes opponents. 4% (hit 1), 7% (hit 2)
Down Special Lorule Slash Conjures a Phantom piece by piece and propels it forward with another button press. Serves as a projectile with varying attacks reaching various levels of damage and distance depending on charge. 4.7% (level 1), 6.6% (level 2), 8.5%/9.4% (level 3) 11.3%/12.2% (level 4), 14.1% (level 5)
Down Special 1 Lorule Breaker Propels a Phantom at a set distance, which is approximately the distance of Phantom Slash at its second charge. 5% (uncharged), 12% (charged), 9% (fully charged hit 1), 11% (fully charged hit 2)
Down Special 2 Lorule Strike Deals more damage and reaches its full charge twice as fast as Phantom Slash. 8% (uncharged), 20% (charged), 14% (fully charged hit 1), 14%-16% (fully charged hit 2)
Final Smash Light Arrow Wields her bow and fires a Light Arrow forward. It pushes the action and launches the opponent(s) with high knockback. 1% (hit 1), 39% (first opponent), 29% (second opponent), 21% (third opponent) 17% (fourth opponent), 13% (fifth opponent), 9% (sixth opponent), 7% (seventh opponent) 200px
Final Smash Level 2 Triforce of Wisdom Hilda generates a triangular portal that sucks in opponents using massive periodic shockwaves. Upon catching an opponent, they will either be launched with poor knockback, or if they reach at or above 100%, they are instantly KOed. 7% (initial vacuum), 3% (subsequent vacuum), 60% total (main) 200px
Final Smash Level 3 Sacred Realm Hilda creates a Triforce glyph in the ground. An opponent who lands in it is transported to the Sacred Realm where Seven Sages, obscured by light, fire elemental beams of light at the opponent. This causes a massive explosion of light which launches anyone caught in the Final Smash. 37% 200px

Entrance Animations
Magic Princess Triforce Farore
Teleports onto the stage with magic glowing between her hands and emanating from the ground around her. A Triforce appears on the ground and Hilda jumps out of it. Appears while warping jn via Farore’s Wind
Set # Up Taunt Side Taunt Down Taunt
1 She slams her foot down which issues forth a wave of dark energy. She folds her arms and looks away in disgust. Holds out her hand and forms a magical orb and then crushes it.
2 Holds our both hands while surrounding them in dark energy. She then says “Heh!” She holds out her hand and gestures mysteriously while creating magical participles. Levitates slightly in the air and then sound.
3 Creates an upside-down Triforce on her fingertip and then spins it. Spins on her feet while her dress billows out. She then faces the opponent and leans forward while putting her hands in her knees. Holds the upper part of her chest with her hand and then points forward into the air as if praying.
Idle Poses
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Strokes the back of her hair. Loosely holds one arm and then looks around. Waves her hand in the air with trails magical sparkles.
Adjusts her forehead circlet. Turns and winks at the screen. With one hand on her elbow, she puts one hand on her neck, puts it back down and then taps her arm with one finger.
Victory Animations
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Engulfs her hand in dark magic and then smashes forward; leaving a trail of magic. Summons an upside-down Triforce under her. She then causes it explode in rays of light. She turns which causes both her hair and dress to billow. She then stretches out her hand and holds it palm first.
She pulls out a magical staff and twirls it in her hands before pointing it at the screen. Powers a Din’s Orb and throws it forwards the screen. Levitates it the air and then strikes down, causing an explosion of dark energyX
Slams her staff onto the ground. She turns as her hair and dress billows out and then vanishes away. She turns her head away in disgust and then tilts it back to stare daggers at the screen while folding her arms. Summons a Lorule Knight who dashes and slashes forwards the screen.
Kirby Hats

File:Kirbyhat Hilda.png

Boxing Ring Name: Princess of Lorule
Victory Chants/Victory Theme
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