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Fighter # 07ε
Universe Kid Icarus
First Appearance Kid Icarus Uprising
(March 22, 2012)
Other Smash Bros.
Smash 4
Availability Unlocked
Represented Stages Reset Bomb Forest (Default)
Palutena’s Temple
Lightning Chariot Base
Final Smash Lightning Chariot
Viridi’s Army
Dark Pit’s Staff

Dark Pit is the mirrored doppelganger of Pit created by Pandora to destroy Pit and Palutena. However, he is incomplete due to Pit smashing apart the Mirror of Truth before he could be completed. While he possesses most of the same abilities as Pit, he comes packaged with an edgy personality and a rebellious streak.
Dark Pit is an Echo Fighter of Pit which means he possesses the same type of attacks as Pit does. However, he does possess slightly different specials compared to Pit. Other than that, he is basically the same as Pit.

Classic Mode: Created Warriors
Dark Pit's opponents (with the exception of Pit) are characters that were man-made creations or genetically enhanced fighters. His boss, Galleom, while never explicitly mentioned to be artificially created, could be assumed to be, due to being a robot.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Mewtwo Spear Pillar Battle! (Dialga / Palkia) / Spear Pillar
2 Dark Samus Frigate Orpheon Opening / Menu - Metroid Prime
3 Link x3 Temple Great Temple / Temple All Links have the Dark Link alt.
4 Cloud Midgar One-Winged Angel (Advent Children)
5 Captain Falcon Port Town Aero Dive Devil's Call in Your Heart Captain Falcon is in his red costume, referencing Blood Falcon.
6 Pit Palutena’s Temple Dark Pit's Theme
Bonus Stage Galleom Galleom Boss Arena Boss Battle - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Pit appears as a teammate.

Role in World of Light
He can be found in the Dracula's Castle sub-area.

Classification Name Description Damage Image
Neutral Special Silver Bow Shoots to purplish-black arrow from his bow. Can be slightly angled up or down while flying and can be aimed up while charging. The arrows deal considerably more damage and knockback than Pit's, and they are slightly faster, although they can not be curved as strongly. 5.5% (uncharged), 14% (fully charged) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 1 Darkness Bow Fires a powerful arrow that has less control than the Silver Bow. It has the added effect of dealing melee damage when used next to an opponent.. 5% (uncharged), 10.3% (fully charged), 4% (melee) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 2 Phosphora’s Bow Fires a single arrow which can be directed much like the Silver Bow. It deals less damage but applies electrical damage and has long hitstun. 1.8% (uncharged), 5.4% (fully charged) 200px
Side Special Electroshock Arm Performs a dashing electrical uppercut. 12% (grounded), 9.5% (aerial), 1 × (reflected projectiles) 200px
Side Special Custom 1 Volcano Arm Performs a dashing uppercut that has less range but causes fire damage and a pillar of fire to appear with upon contact which deals continuous damage. 14% (grounded), 3% (aerial), 2.3 (continuous damage) 200px
Side Special Custom 2 Crusher Arm Performs a short-range dashing uppercut which has very high knockback and great against shields. 10% (grounded), 7% (aerial), 1× (reflected projectiles) 200px
Up Special Power of Flight Soars through the air with a boost of his wings. Doesn’t deal any damage. - 200px
Up Special Custom 1 Short-range Flight Has very limited recovery distance but Pit gains super Armor while traveling allowing to to safely return to the stage.. - 200px
Up Special Custom 2 Armed Flight Has fairly limited recovery ability compared to Power of Flight but deals damage as he flies upwards. 6% 200px
Down Special Guardian Orbitars Summons two energy shields which reflects projectiles back as well as protects Dark Pit from harm. 1.5× (reflected projectiles) 200px
Down Special Custom 1 Shock Orbitars These orbitals has the added benefit of both reflecting attacks as well as adding an electrical discharge attack upon impact that can harm nearby opponents. 1.2× (reflected projectiles), 3% (impact) 200px
Down Special Custom 2 Paw Pad Orbitars Functions much like the Guardian Orbitars but reflects at a higher damage and also increases the reflected projectile travel speed by 1.2x. 1.8× (reflected projectiles) 200px
Final Smash Lightning Chariot Calls the Lightning Chariot, then jumps aboard it and flies offscreen. Afterwards, Dark Pit says "Phos! Lux! Get over here!!", and a player-controlled crosshair appears onscreen, much like that of the Dragoon item; if the attack button is pressed, Pit will then swoop in atop the chariot to strike opponents, dealing very high damage and knockback. 40% 200px
Final Smash Level 2 Forces of Nature Dark Pit summons Viridi who appears in an image in the sky and unleashes Nutski and Lurchthorn. Nutski’s will attempt to fire projectiles at the opponent while the Lurchthorn travels about the top while raining projectiles down. 6% (per Nutsky blast), 14% (per Lurchthorn blast) 200px
Final Smash Level 3 Dark Pit’s Staff Pulls out his namesake weapon, and fires an extremely powerful charged shot with nearly infinite horizontal range. Opponents are sent flying diagonally, and the closer they are to Dark Pit when the Final Smash activates, the more damage they take. 1% (startup), 39% (beam) 200px

Entrance Animations
Dark Doppleganger Dark Wings Mirror of Truth
Slowly descends onto the stage while surrounded by rays of purple darkness that shine down from the sky. Comes zooming in from the screen, circles around, and lands. The Mirror of Truth appears and it shatters; revealing Dark Pit.
Set # Up Taunt Side Taunt Down Taunt
1 Taps his shoulder with one of his blades and motions with his left hand, saying "Who wants some?" Uses his free hand to motion the opponent to come to him. He says “Bring it, fool!” Stands up straight and folds his arms saying “Hah, you aren’t worth it!”
2 Slashes three times with his swords and poses saying “You like my moves?” Levitates slightly then strikes back down to the ground with black feathers rising up around him. Spins his bow in front of him while facing the screen, before swinging one of his blades and saying "Watch out!"
3 Takes out Dark Pit’s Staff, spins it, and stabs it into the ground while saying “You’re good as gone!” Gives a thumbs up down and says “Get gud, brah!” while making a trollish expression. Turns around by bit, then points with his right blade, saying "Game on!"
Idle Poses
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Briefly fiddles with his Silver Bow. Dark Pit will split it into its blades if it is in its bow form. Smooths his hair with a free hand. Slightly stretches his wings.
Tilts his head side to side. Taps the tips of his buskins on the ground and then impatiently hops in place. Lifts up his buskins and checks the bottom of his shoe.
Victory Animations
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Flies down, sticks his Silver Bow to the ground, then crosses his arms before saying "Can not help but feel sorry for ya." Turns his back to the camera and looks over his shoulder saying “Seek me out after you leveled up a bit.” and then takes off into the air. Performs three slashes before a jumping slash downwards. He then sends “Don’t confuse me for that weakling, Pit.”
Spins his swords and and then combines them into the Silver Bow and stabs it to the ground before saying “I only help the Forces of Nature. I’m not an officer.” Twirls the Dark Pit Staff, then points it outward, while saying "Looks like I'm the last man standing." Holds out his hand and then clentches it before swiping it away and saying “I am done with you! Begone!” with an angry face.
Puts his arms behind his back and yawns while saying “Man, that was a boring fight.” Lands down causing a flurry of black feathers to swirl about while saying “Black is in, don7t you know that?! Spreads his right hand to the side before pumping his fist out in front of him, saying "Nice try."

If Pit was present in the match, there is a chance he will instead say "Where's your goddess now?"

Kirby Hats
Victory Chants/Victory Theme
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