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Fighter # 27
Universe F-Zero
First Appearance F-Zero
November 21, 1990
Other Smash Bros.
Availability Locked
Represented Stages Port Town Aero Dive (Default)
Mute City
Big Blue
Final Smash Falcon Blast
Falcon Soul
Blue Falcon

Captain Falcon is a renowned F-Zero pilot and bounty hunter who has made quite a name for himself. Fighting for both fame and justice, all who crosses his path fears his power and tenacity.

Captain Falcon excels in close combat fighting and possesses a wide amount of powerful attacks including his Falcon Punch and Falcon Dive. He is most quick and strong but rather hard to control for these very reasons.

Classic Mode: Up Close and Personal
All of Captain Falcon’s opponents are either martial artists or use close-combat attacks.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Donkey Kong Windmill Hills Windmill Hills
2 Ganondorf Gerudo Valley Gerudo Valley
3 Ryu Suzaku Castle Theme of Ryu - Street Fighter IV
4 Mii Brawler (6) Colosseum The Devoted
5 Son Goku Planet Namek Super Sayjan Son Goku
6 Little Mac Boxing Ring Mr. Sandman
Bonus Stage Bowser and than Giga Bowser Final Destination Bowser’s Castle

Role in World of Light
Captain Falcon attempted to escape to fight another day it was evaporated along with his racer by the beam of light.

He is later revived during Ness’s Arc and sets off to discover what exactly happened. He ends up joining with Olimar and Gooey and helped them fight against Rathalos. His racer crashes and is found by Wario. Together, they liberated the Volcano area and freed the Pokemon Trainer. He joined them at the Final Battle.

Special Moveset

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Falcon Punch Winds up and releases his iconic fiery punch, yelling "Falcon Punch!" while doing so. Turning around while using the move increases its power. 25% (ground), 28% (ground reverse), 22% (air), 25% (air reverse) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 1 Falcon Dash Punch Captain Falcon dashes forward a fair distance forward before unleashing his Falcon Punch. 20%/16%/13%/11% (ground), 22%/18%/15%/13% (ground reverse), 17%/15%/13%/11% (air), 20%/18%/16%/14% (air reverse) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 2 Mighty Falcon Punch Has a very large hitbox that lasts a while, but has less power and longer startup lag. 22%/18%/9%/6% (ground), 25%/18%/6% (ground reverse), 19%/18%/6% (air), 22%/18%/6% (air reverse) 200px
Side Special Raptor Boost Dashes forward, performing an uppercut on the ground if the move connects with an opponent, or a downswing in the air. 10% 200px
Side Special Custom 1 Heavy Raptor Boost More startup and travels a low distance, but has more power and super armor. 12% (ground), 12% (air) 200px
Side Special Custom 2 Turbo Raptor Boost Captain Falcon dives straight forward and will do damage as well as push opponents. This results in a slamming uppercut as usual. 2.3% (perhit), 10% (uppercut)
Up Special Falcon Dive Leaps upward and grabs any opponent that comes in range, launching them away with an explosion. If successful, Captain Falcon will flip backward while shouting "Yes!", and can use the move again instead of becoming helpless. 5% (hit 1), 13% (throw) 200px
Up Special Custom 1 Falcon Strike Jumps up and punches in the sky, damaging opponents above him. Travels higher than Falcon Dive and grants very high air acceleration. 8% 200px
Up Special Custom 2 Explosive Falcon Dive Charges longer and doesn't go as high as Falcon Dive, but has much more launching power. 10% (hit 1), 15% (throw) 200px
Down Special Falcon Kick Bursts forward with a flaming high-speed kick, uttering "Falcon Kick!" in the process. If used on the ground, he will travel horizontally. 15%/11%/7% (ground), 15%/12%/9% (air), 9% (landing) 200px
Down Special 1 Falcon Kick Fury Hits multiple times, with the last hit launching the opponent. 1% (ground loop hits), 7% (ground last hit), 2% (air loop hits), 5% (air last hit), 5% (landing) 200px
Down Special 2 Lightning Falcon Kick A faster-moving kick that is much weaker and has more startup, but goes right through opponents. 12%/10%/6% (ground), 14%/12%/10% (air), 4% (landing) 200px
Final Smash Falcon Blast Captain Falcon charges up a super powered Falcon Punch. The damage dealt can increase by pressing the special button during this process. He then releases a gigantic fire blast that travels a little over half of the screen. 28% (minimum), 39.8% (maximum)
Final Smash Level 2 Falcon Soul Captain Falcon charges up fire energy within himself and then compresses it - transforming himself into a being made of Fire. All of his attacks now have fire attributes and deal fire damage as well as increase damage by 1.8%. His speed, launch resistance, and jump also increases. Increased damage by 1.8%
Final Smash Level 3 Blue Falcon Calls in the Blue Falcon, which flies through the stage in front of him. If the Blue Falcon hits any opponents, a short cutscene plays where Captain Falcon is seen piloting the Blue Falcon, who then runs over the caught opponents and sent flying. 10% (hit 1), 20% (hit 2), 10% (throw) 200px

Entrance Animations
Blue Falcon Falcon Kick Crash
The Blue Falcon flies in and spins to a stop, Captain Falcon jumps out, and then the Blue Falcon speeds off. Captain Falcon performs a Falcon Kick from the side. A fire explosion explodes with Captain Falcon jumping out of it.
Set # Up Taunt Side Taunt Down Taunt
1 Charges himself up with a fiery aura, similar to Falcon Dive's startup. Captain Falcon stands up straight and folds his arms while laughing. Captain Falcon dabs.
2 Captain Falcon punches his fist into the air while going “GO!” Thrusts his arm out and gestures for his opponent to come closer, exclaiming "Come on!". Captain Falcon thrusts his knee up and performs a slow kick.
3 Captain Falcon puts a fist under his chin and then performs a finger snap before saying “No sweat!” Captain Falcon does a strong man pose and then punches forward. He then says “Oh yeah!” Gives a salute to his right side while saying "Show me your moves!" When facing left, Captain Falcon extends his saluting arm behind him; this also shortens the taunt.
Idle Poses
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Leans forward and thrusts his arm out. Stretches his arms. Pumps both arms close to his side.
Holds up his hand and closes it while shaking his fist slightly. Similar to the first one, but he crouches slightly and thrusts his elbow out instead of his arm. Steps backwards and performs a low strong pose.
Victory Animations
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Performs two jump kicks, then a pose. Performs several punches followed by a fire engulfed uppercut. Lands down onto the ground while engulfed in fire, spins, and then punches toward the screen.
Jumps into his parked F-Zero racer, zooms off the screen. He is seen in the distance and drives full force to the camera before skidding to a sliding stop and then smikles and performs a thumbs up. Charges up fiery energy. He charges up a Falcon Punch and then punches towards the screen.
He takes up an F-Zero trophy and holds it up as cameras flash and confetti blows around him. Turns his back to the screen and then turns around and does a thumbs up pose and smiles. He then says “Nice!”. Does three roundhouse kicks and then strikes a pose.
Kirby Hats

File:Kirbyhat capfalcon.png

Victory Chants/Victory Theme
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