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Fighter # 17
Universe Bomber Man
First Appearance Bomber Man
July 1983
Other Smash Bros.
Availability Locked
Represented Stages Bomb Factory (Default)
Final Smash Dangerous Bomb
Bad Bomber
Bomber Bros.

Bomberman is just one of the individuals that makes up the Bombermen. In truth, he can be called White Bomberman but he’s usually just known as Bomberman. Courageous and brave, he can also be kind of goofy and silly. Befitting of his name, he uses bombs in battle.

Bomberman’s play style is the use of bombs. He usually many kinds of bombs actually which makes his attacks deal high amounts of damage. But it comes at a price as he often lacks significant attack lag as the bombs wait to blow their fuse. This can be used for mix ups and deception. In terms of stats, Bomberman is quite light and has a floaty jump. He’s rather on the slow side and lacks good shielding. His attacks have a wide rangex

Classic Mode: The True Bomb Master

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Toon Link Pirate Ship Molgera Battle
2 Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Medley
3 Joanna Dark Carrington Institute Perfect Dark - Main Theme
4 Young Link Great Bay Jungle Cruise
5 Samus Norfair Vs Kanden
6 Link Gerudo Valley Kakariko Village - Twilight Princess
Bonus Stage Bagura Bomb Factory Credits: Hero

Role in World of Light
Bomberman had strewn bombs prior to the combined attack and attempted to set them off but the beams of light evaporated him before he could.

He is rescued first by Snake and joins in him taking down Metal Gear Red. After Snake canid He, Bomberman sets off to investigate the urban city section and manages to rescue both Inkling and Sheik. Together, they fight Galleom. After defeating Galleon, Bomberman alone is teleported and arrives on Planet Bomber to face Bagura. After finding his way back, he participates in the final battles.

Classification Name Description Damage Image
Neutral Attack Punch, Punch, Kick Bomberman delivers a one-two lunch followed by an upward kick. 200px
Dash Attack Dashing Bomb Bomberman quickly pulls out a bomb but tripe. The bomb explodes shortly after he trips. It has a slightly extended reach. Bomb does more damage than Bomberman’s body. 9% (explosion), 2% (Bomb), 3.5% (Head), 2.8% (body)
Forward Tilt Finger Bomb Bomberman points which causes a spark to shoot out which starts a mini explosion. 7.2% 200px
Up Tilt Uppercut Bomb Bomberman lifts up his hands and releases a small blast from them which is aimed upwards. 200px
Down Tilt Footsie Bomb Bomberman performs a low kick which releases a small blast upon contact. 6% (clean), 3.4% (late) 200px
Side Smash Line Bomb Bomberman charges this up which increases the bombs from one to three. After unleashing the charge, it creates a line of bombs that is laid out and will detonate upon contact. 8% (uncharged), 24% (charged)
Up Smash Flak Bomb Bomberman releases a Bomb above his head which had enough blast radius to deal damage to both sides of him as well as above him. 13% (uncharged), 18% (charged)
Down Smash Double Bomb Takes two bombs and slams them down on both sides of him which causes an explosion and launches opponents upwards. 15% (uncharged), 22% (charged) (both sides)
Neutral Aerial Twirl Bomberman performs an aerial twirl which deals three hits. 2%, 3%, 3,4%
Forward Aerial Meteor Bomb Bomberman takes a Bomb with both hands and slams it downwards. The center of explosion is a sweet spot which will meteor Smash the opponent. 18% (sweetspot), 10% (whiff)
Back Aerial Dropkick Bomb Bomberman performs an explosive drop kick which has a sweet spot at his feet. The explosion also has outer damage. 20% (sweetspot), 10% (whiff), 8% (outer)
Up Aerial Wind Bomb Bomberman throws a Bomb upwards which doesn’t explode or deal damage but causes a massive blow of wind which has launch ability. 0%
Down Aerial Explosive Head Bomb Bomberman stalls and then falls head first. Upon contact, he explodes. Can meteor Smash. 15% (clean), 8% (whiff)
Pummel Headbutt Headbutts the opponent. 2.3%
Forward Throw Bomb Slam Bomberman takes a Bomb, slams it onto the opponent, kicks the opponent away, and covers his “ears” before it detonates. 10%, 4% (collateral)
Back Throw Bomber Suplex Bomberman jumps up while holding the opponent and flips backwards. He then slams the opponent down onto the ground which causes a explosion. 11%, 7% (collateral)
Up Throw Launching Bomb Bomberman places a Bomb quickly on the ground and then slams the opponent down onto it. This causes it to explode and launches the opponent upwards. 8.3%, 5.5% (collateral)
Down Throw Bury Bomb Bomberman takes a Bury Bomb and throws it on top of the opponent. This causes them to be buried in the ground for a short amount of time. 3%
Floor Attack (front) Bomber Roundhouse Performs a sweeping roundhouse kick that hits front and back. 4% (front), 3% (back)
Floor Attack (back) Bomber Bash Bomberman punches and then kicks around him. 6%
Floor Attack (trip) Bomber Beat Bomberman performs a spinning punch on both sides while getting up.

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Ledge Attack 200px
Neutral Special Bomb Select/Bomb Kick This is a fairy different neutral special. Bomberman can hold down the button to select several kinds of bombs at which he can throw by pressing the special neutral button. Once he is next to a bomb, he can kick it to move it forward using Bomb Kick. He can also kick other Bomb’s including those made by the Links, Duck Hunt, and more. Bomberman can have up to three bombs at a time on the stage. To select the bombs, simply hold down the special button and watch as Bomberman Hilda up each selectable Bomb. The kinds of Bombs he can use are:

Bomb: a basic bomb that’s light and has a small explosion. It has a midrange fuse.
Rubber Bomb: A Bomb that will bounce when thrown or kicked. It has a long fuse.
Fire Bomb: It is heavy and can not be thrown or kicked a long distance. It causes a powerful explosion that leaves a burning fire afterwards. It has a short fuse.
Gravity Bomb: It creates a powerful black hole that sucks in opponents and deals damage. It has a short fuse but is very light and can be thrown a long distance.
Skull Bomb: This gloomy Bomb doesn’t deal damage but it will slow down any opponent caught in its blast. It has a short fuse and a heavy weight.
Cross Bomb: This powerful Bomb creates an cross-shaped Blast. It has a mid range fuse and normal weight.
Speed Bomb: It has a short fuse but it can be thrown or kicked quite far quickly.
Thunder Bomb: This Bomb produces an electrical spark explosion that deals damage. It has a short fuse and normal weight.
Homing Bomb: When thrown, it will follow a nearby opponent for some distance. This is also applied if kicked. It has a light weight and long fuse.

5% (Bomb Kick), 1.5% (light weight Bomb thrown), 3% (medium weight bomb thrown), 7% (heavy weight bomb thrown), 8% (Bomb), 6.3% (Rubber Bomb), 14% (Fire Bomb), 2.2% (Fire per hit), 3.3% (Gravity Bomb per hit), 12.5% (Cross Bomb Center), 10.2% (Cross Bomb outer), 3.3% (Speed Bomb), 13.6% (Thunder Bomb), 11.4% (Homing Bomb) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 1 Analog Bomb Select/Bomb Kick Instead of holding down the special button to select the Bomb, hold it down and point the control stick to one of the Bomb images. Resembles Shulk’s neutral Alexis. 5% (Bomb Kick), 1.5% (light weight Bomb thrown), 3% (medium weight bomb thrown), 7% (heavy weight bomb thrown), 8% (Bomb), 6.3% (Rubber Bomb), 14% (Fire Bomb), 2.2% (Fire per hit), 3.3% (Gravity Bomb per hit), 12.5% (Cross Bomb Center), 10.2% (Cross Bomb outer), 3.3% (Speed Bomb), 13.6% (Thunder Bomb), 11.4% (Homing Bomb) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 2 Mashing Bomb Select/Bomb Kick Instead of holding down the special button, the player presses the button to select which Bomb they want. 5% (Bomb Kick), 1.5% (light weight Bomb thrown), 3% (medium weight bomb thrown), 7% (heavy weight bomb thrown), 8% (Bomb), 6.3% (Rubber Bomb), 14% (Fire Bomb), 2.2% (Fire per hit), 3.3% (Gravity Bomb per hit), 12.5% (Cross Bomb Center), 10.2% (Cross Bomb outer), 3.3% (Speed Bomb), 13.6% (Thunder Bomb), 11.4% (Homing Bomb) 200px
Side Special Bomb Pump/Bomb Punch +2% (Level 1), +3% (Level 2), +5% (Level 3), 8% (Bomb Punch) 200px
Side Special Custom 1 Quick Bomb Pump/Bomb Punch Takes less pumping to increase the Bomb size but at a cost of reducing the Bomb damage increase +1% (Level 1), +2% (Level 2), +3% (Level 3), 8% (Bomb Punch) 200px
Side Special Custom 2 Windy Bomb Pump/Bomb Punch The pumping produces a wind that pushes opponents back slightly. +2% (Level 1), +3% (Level 2), +4% (Level 3), 8% (Bomb Punch) 200px
Up Special Rocket Bomberman picks up a Bomb. During this time, Bomberman can use the Bomb Pump to increase the size and vertical launch. Pressing the special button causes Bomberman to place it underneath him which detonates and propels himself upwards. During this time, he activates his Rocket momentarily which gives him one extra boost. It will launch opponents away and will allow Bomberman to continue his ascent. The fire from the Rocket also deals damage. 8% (bomb), 4.5 (rocket crash), 4% (fire from rocket). 200px
Up Special Custom 1 Jet Rocket Instead of using the Bomb for extra lift, Bomberman simply just shoots up using the jet pack. He can slow his descent back down by pressing up. It has more Recovery control than the default up special. 3 (rocket crash),3% (fire from rocket). 200px
Up Special Custom 2 Power Rocket Functions much like the original but the crash animation does far more damage and knockback but it also causes Bomberman to enter into a helpless state after making contact. 5% (bomb), 12% (rocket crash), 4% (fire from rocket). 200px
Down Special Remote Bomb Bomberman can place a Normal Bomb as a remote bomb. Pressing the down Special input will place the Remote Bomb. Inputting it again causes it to explode. 14.2% (explosion Center), 7.4% (outer) 200px
Down Special Custom 1 RC Bomb Bomberman can Direct where this bomb goes to, the right or the left by pressing the control stick after setting it down. He can’t change the direction after that. It will explode upon contact with an opponent, platform, or obstacle or after 10 seconds 14% (clean), 6% (late)
Down Special Custom 2 Proximity Bomb Bomberman places a Bomb that won’t explode via timer or detonator. Instead, it will explode upon contact with an opponent. It will explode if another Proximity Bomb is placed. 18% (clean), 12% (late) 200px
Final Smash Dangerous Bomb Bomberman will take out a Bomb and hold it above his head. Mashing the special attack button causes it to grow bigger. Bomberman is unable to be launched but can’t be damaged during this time. Once the ten second timer reaches zero, it explodes. 18% (least power base damage), 52% (highest damage possible) .png
Final Smash Level 2 Bad Bomber Bomberman jumps high into the air and reappears in his bomber plane. He can fly about the sky and release bombs via the special button. The bombs will explode upon contact. The Final Smash lasts roughly 13 seconds. 5.8% (per Bomb) .png
Final Smash Level 3 Bomberman Bros. Bomberman throws a Gravity Bomb which will immediately explode which causes nearby opponents to be sucked into its effect. This starts a cutscene where Bomberman will appear with his siblings: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Cyan, and Pretty Bomber. They will all throw large Power Bombs at the opponent. They then transform into balls of fire (except White Bomberman) and charge the bombs which detonated them and deals high damage to the opponent. 41% .png

Entrance Animations
Bomber Bomberman’s Best Friend Soft Block
A Bomb appears and explodes. Bomberman appears after the smoke fades. Bomberman appears riding a Blue Louie. A Soft Block appears and it explodes with Bomberman running past it.
Set # Up Taunt Side Taunt Down Taunt
1 Bomberman folds his arms and winks at the screen. Bomberman pulls out a Bomb, tosses it slightly, catches it, and then puts it away Bomberman does a look boogey dance.
2 Bomberman takes his first and pumps it into the air twice with a happy expression. Bomberman spins once and then does a peace sign. Bomberman bows low to his opponent.
3 Bomberman uses his arm to shield his eye as he looks around. Bomberman pulls out a Bomb and twirls it on his finger like a basketball before putting it away. Bomberman goes to run but slips and falls down. He runs his back while looking somewhat happy by embrassed.
Idle Poses
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Bomberman pats his sides. He dusts off his legs. He rubs his head.
He shuffles how feet. He slightly dozed off but surprises himself awake. He stands slightly on his tiptoes and bounces on them with a happy look on his face.
Victory Animations
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Bomberman spins and punches high into the air. A dialog then appears and reads “Looks like my Bomb Training paid off!” Bomberman takes out a Bomb and tosses it up and down. A dialog box appears and reads “Phew. I thought my fuse was smothered there for a second…” Bomberman jumps high into the air while punching and then lands with a peace sign. A dialog box appears and says “Hey! No worries! That battle was a blast!”
Bomberman appears on his jet pack and lands down while then punching toward the screen.A dialog box appears and reads “You tried hard but you’re nothing compared to my bombs!” Bomberman takes his Bomb, throes it upwards, and juggles it with his knees before catching it. A dialog box then appears and says “You’re no match for my bomb-dexterity!” Bomberman puts both hands on his hips and does a Superman-esque pose. A dialog box appears and says “I’m the hero Planet Bomber deserves!”
Bomberman wipes his brow with his hand and then gives a wink. A dialog box appears and reads “You had me by the ropes! You almost out-blasted me!” Bomberman takes out three bombs and juggles them. A dialog box appears and reads “I could defeat you just with one Bomb!” Bomberman takes out a Bomb and throws it down with explodes. This causes Bomberman to vanish. A dialog box appears and reads “......”
Kirby Hats

Kirbyhat bomberman

Boxing Ring Title: The White Bomberman


Victory Chants/Victory Theme
Bomberman victory theme-0

Bomberman victory theme-0

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