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Fighter # 22
Universe Banjo-Kazooie
First Appearance Banjo-Kazooie
29 June 1998
Other Smash Bros.
Availability Locked
Represented Stages Spiral Mountain (Default)
Final Smash Beak Blaster
Tank Banjo
Great Jinjonator

Banjo and Kazooie are an unlikely bear and bird pair whose abilities greatly complement each other. Banjo tends to be lazy and cool-headed while Kazooie is feisty and temperamental. Their first notable adventure together was to defeat Gruntilda the witch after she kidnapped Banjo’s sister, Tootie. This has led to several conflicts with the evil witch and her cohorts.

Banjo and Kazooie are around the same size as Mario but slightly heavier with more powerful attacks. He has the added benefit of adding Kazooie to his mix of attacks which gives him excellent aerial abilities and speed. Banjo and Kazooie are light heavyweight characters with a small frame making them fairly hard to launch and KO at low percentages. Banjo and Kazooie are able to hover in the air while pressing up and falling. This causes the Breegull to pull out her wings and flap to slow their descent.

Classic Mode: Beasts of a Feather Smash Together
Banjo and Kazooie’s opponents are based on animal-inspired duo which references Banjo being a bird and Kazooie being a bird.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Pikachu and Pichu Pokefloats Battle at the Summit (Pokemon Sun and Moon)
2 Sonic and Tails Windy Hill Zone Open Your Heart
3 Inkling and Octoling Moray Towers Octoweaponry
4 Ice Climbers The Summit Ice Climbers (Brawl)
5 Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Kongo Falls Bramble Blast
6 Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Medley (Ultimate)
Bonus Stage Lusamine and Nihelgo Ultra Space Ultra Space Wormhole

Role in World of Light
Banjo-Kazooie was obliterated as Kazooie attempted to lift both her and Banjo off the ground.

He is later rescued by Pokemon Trainer and his Character Arc starts in the Jungle Area where he manages to rescue and revive Ryu. Ryu joins Banjo-Kazooie during his fight with Gruntilda and rescues Bayonetta.He later joins Bayonetta and together they find their way in playable form to the Final Battle.

Classification Name Damage Description Image
Neutral Attack Swipe, Swipe, Wing Attack Banjo performs a right paw swipe followed by a left paw swipe which is then followed by a spinning Kazooie wing attack as Banjo spins jump in place. 4%, 4%, 2.2%/1.3%/3% 200px
Dash Attack Banjo-Roll Banjo tucks and rolls forward which performs three rolls. It will launch any opponent it comes into contact with no hit stun. 4.8% 200px
Forward Tilt Paw Slash Banjo performs a double outward paw slash. 2.2%/4%
Up Tilt UnBearable Lift Banjo stretches both hands up in a volleyball-like move. 7%
Down Tilt Banjo Sweep Banjo performs a low sweep kick attack. 7.4%
Side Smash Pack Whack Banjo takes his backpack and whacks it forward in a diagonal attack. Afterwards, Kazooie will pop out and look dizzied and bewildered for a second before returning back. 13% (uncharged), 20% (charged) 200px
Up Smash Bill Drill Kazooie charges her head and thrusts it forward while Banjo spins rapidly. This creates a drill-life effect. 18.2% (uncharged), 26.8% (charged) 200px
Down Smash Turn-a-Bird Banjo spins rapidly while Kazooie stretches out her wings; dealing multiple hits of damage. 12.3% (uncharged), 18.4% (charged) 200px
Neutral Aerial Jump Peck Kazooie performs a quick peck. Has some start up lag as Kazooie emerges from the backpack. 4% 200px
Forward Aerial Rat-a-Tap-Tap Kazooie performs a triple peck attack with the last attack dealing the most damage. It launches the opponent if all the attacks connect.. 4%, 2%, 6% 200px
Back Aerial Surprise Attack Kazooie emerges from a hidden flap in the backpack and pokes backwards. 5% 200px
Up Aerial Flip Flap Banjo flips while kicking upwards. This attack is notable as it slightly propels Banjo upwards as Kazooie flaps her wings which also deals damage. 8.3% (kick clean), 6.2% (kick late), 3.2% (wing) 200px
Down Aerial Beak Bomb Banjo and Kazooie does a stall and fall attack that causes them to flip downwards and Kazooie goes straight down while slamming with her beak. Can Banjocide if performed out of the stage. 6.2% (air), 12.4% (ground center), 10.2% (outer) 200px
Pummel Swipe Banjo swipes the opponent with a paw. 2.2% 200px
Forward Throw Beat Up Banjo stuffs the opponent into the Backpack which causes Kazooie to beat the opponent up. She then launches Banjo out of the pack. 8.3%
Back Throw Bear Suplex Banjo falls back and slams the opponent into the ground. Can bury at high percentages. 7.3% 200px
Up Throw Poke Poke Poke Banjo throws the opponent up and Kazooie performs three upward beak pokes which juggles the opponent. 6% (three hits) 200px
Down Throw Drill Peck Banjo throws the opponent down and slightly jumps up. Flipping downward, he lands down with a drill peck from Kazooie. 8% (4 hits at 2%) 200px
Floor Attack (front) Leg Spin Banjo performs a low hitting spin attack with his legs which hits front and back as he rises upwards upwards.

3%, 3%

Floor Attack (back) Foot Crush Performs a sweep kick that hits back and front as he rises upwards. 3%, 3%
Floor Attack (trip) Bear Swipe Befores a double swipe on both sides of it. 3%, 3%
Ledge Attack Bear Flop Flops forward and does a single roll. 6%
Neutral Special Egg Shot Banjo bends down and Kazooie fires a single egg from her mouth. She can spam these eggs but they slow down after continued use. They explode with yolk and shells. 9% (clean), 7.2% (late), 3.2% (collateral) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 1 Ice Eggs These eggs fire slower than the original but they have a chance of freezing the opponent at higher percentages. They can’t be spammed like the original. 5.5% (unfrozen), 9.3% (frozen) 200px
Neutral Special Custom 2 Clockwork Eggs Kazooie fires these eggs in a slight arc. They have less distance to them. Once they land, they break revealing a mechanical mini-Kazooie who will walk forward. It will explode upon impact or detonate after ten seconds of wandering around. 12-15% (explosion), 6.2% (collateral) 200px
Side Special Beak Barge/Beak Bomb Banjo can charge this attack. Upon release, Banjo will dash forward while attacking with Kazooie’s beak. When in the air, Kazooie performs Beak Bomb which uses her wings to propel her forward to slam into the opponent. Both attacks have a sweet spot at the beak. 18.5% (sweetspot), 12% (late) 200px
Side Special Custom 1 Quick Beak Badge/Quick Beak Bomb Instead it charging the attack, simply inputting Side Special causes the attack. As a result, it comes out quicker but weaker. 200px
Side Special Custom 2 Drill Beak Barge/Drill Beak Bomb It can be charged which increases the traveling distance and damage it does. Banjo sound rapidly as he dashed forward as Kazooie stabs her beak forward. 200px
Up Special Shock Spring Jump Kazooie pops out of the backpack and her feet comes out of the pack. She then pushes upwards which causes them to do a flip while doing so. It can be performed in the air. 0% 200px
Up Special Custom 1 Blast Spring Jump Prior to jumping, Kazooie releases blast which rockets the pair up. It has reduced vertical distance but deals damage. 13% (Center), 7.2% (collaterial)
Up Special Custom 2 Charging Spring Jump Charging the jump causes it to spring much higher with further increases range. It also does minimal damage. 5% (jump start), 3% (mid), 2.2% (End) 200px
Down Special Wonderwing Kazooie will use her wings to shield Banjo in the front. Unlike most shields, this one is impervious to damage. Banjo and Kazooie will always have six Golden Feathers and using Wonderwing will drain the Golden Feathers. They won’t fill up until they are all depleted. In which case, they will appear one by one after being depleted. It takes roughly two and half minutes to fully restore them back to six without any use. They can move freely during Wonderwing but they can’t attack. 200px
Down Special 1 Counter Wonderwing Kazooie will quickly Shield Banjo using her feathers. This will not use up a feather. If an attack connects, Kazooie will unfold her wings in a Wing Slap attack. This will use up a Golden Feather. It has a longer refill time as a result. 1.4x the attack received 200px
Down Special 2 Immobile Wonderwing Unlike before, Banjo is unable to move while its in use. But the strength of the Wonderwing is increased with enhanced launch resistance as well as protection not just in the front but in the back as well. It fills back up slower than the original. 200px
Final Smash Breegull Blaster Banjo and Kazooie will jump high into the air. They then appear behind the screen and a crosshair will appear. Kazooie will begin firing Grenade Eggs when the special button is pressed. She has eight shots before she is done or finished after 15 seconds. 18.2% ( per shot Center), 12.4% (collateral) .png
Final Smash Level 2 Tank Banjo Mumbo Jumbo appears and will transform Banjo into a tank. Banjo will then begin several missiles blasts from his turret followed by an upward shot of what appears to be napalm which rains down onto the stage. The final attack is dash attack that will launch anyone opponent’s it comes into contact with. Banjo then transforms back. 38% .png
Final Smash Level 3 Great Jingonator Kazooie will fly out of Banjo’s backpack and zoom across the stage. The Final Smash will begin after she makes contact and will transport the opponent and Banjo and Kazooie to the top of Gruntilda’s Lair. The Jingo Statue in the Center will begin to crumble away as Jingos flock to it to revive it. The Great Jingonator will then strike the opponent three times in dive bomb attacks before landing one final one. 42% 200px

Entrance Animations
Jigsaw Piece B&K Teleport Trot
A jigsaw piece appears and Banjo and Kazooie jumps out of it. A pad bearing Banjo and Kazooie’s face appears and Banjo and Kazooie will teleport into onto. Kazooie comes walking in on the left using the Trot ability. She then retreats back into Banjo’s backpack.
Set # Up Taunt Side Taunt Down Taunt
1 Banjo folds his arms while Kazooie spreads her wings out. Banjo spins in place and then does a peace sign while going “Huh-Hyuh!” Banjo waves at the screen and Kazooie pops up and waves her head back and forth.
2 Banjo turns his back to the screen and Kazooie flaps her wings and slightly lifts herself in the backpack. A jinjo flies around Banjo and Kazooie as they look around in wonder. Banjo lays down and begins to to fall asleep. Kazooie pecks him in the head and he wakes up.
3 Banjo ducks low to the ground as Kazooie wildly flaps her wings. Banjo pulls out his banjo and Kazooie pulls out her kazoo and they begin playing a quick song. Banjo sits down and assumes a relaxed pasture until Kazooie shrieks at him.
Idle Poses
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Banjo looks begins and then to the right. Banjo scratches his neck. Kazooie pops her head out looks around and then goes back it..
Banjo scratches the upper right portion of his chest. Kazooie pops up and pecks him in the head. Banjo adjusts his backpack.
Victory Animations
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Kazooie enters in via the trot with Banjo on her back. They then pose with Banjo doing a fist pump and Kazooie raising one wing. Banjo ducks low and Kazooie fires three eggs toward the screen. Banjo comes from the top it screen using flutter. He then lands and both Banjo and Kazooie performs a thumbs up.
Banjo holds a piece of Jiggy which causes Kazooie to pop up and gulp it down. Banjo comes flying in using Kazooie’s wings. They then perform the down air and descend downwards using Kazooie’s beak. After that, they sit down and laugh together. Banjo performs three swipes followed by a close punch towards the screen.
Banjo pulls out his banjo and Kazooie plays her kazoo and they play a longer version of the main theme. Kazooie hope out of the backpack and starts running circles around Banjo as he jumps up and down. Severa Jinjo’s apparat and fly around Banjo and Kazooie as they jump up and down.
Kirby Hats

File:Kirbyhat banjo.png

Boxing Ring Title: The Bird and Bear Combo
Victory Chants/Victory Theme
Related Spirits
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