Super Smash Bros. Swap

Swap Box Art

Developer(s) Sora logo


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Fighting
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. 4
Release Date(s) August 24, 2019
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E10Pegi 12Cero aOFLC-PG
Media Included Media Switch Nintendo Switch cartdridge

Super Smash Bros. Swap is the 7th game in the Super Smash Bros. Series, and is being developed by Sora Ltd. and C's Entertainment for the Nintendo Switch.


Super Smash Bros. Swap play similar to every other game in the Smash Series so far, but uses the Joy Cons instead of a standard controller.

The game has many returning modes, including Smash, 8 Player Smash, Special Smash, Classic Mode, All-Star Mode, Training, Stage Builder, Masterpieces, Trophies, Sounds, Replays, Movies, Challenges, and some new modes, including Swap Smash, System Raid, Food Fight, and the Story Mode: Glitch in the Motherboard.

Swap Smash

To Be Announced

System Raid

System Raid is one of the four new game modes in Super Smash Bros. Swap. In System Raid, the players are split up into 2 teams. They are placed in a stage akin to the Smash Run World or Master Fortress.

The players run around trying to find a boss, and when the boss is found, the players must defeat it. There are 3 bosses spread around the world. Who ever beats two of them activates the final boss. If both teams fight a boss at the same time, the team who places the killing shot will receive the point.

When two of the bosses are defeated, Master Hand appears somewhere on the map,taking the place, and the currently winning team is targeted. The team that defeats Master Hand wins the round.

Food Fight

Food Fight is one of four new game modes in Super Smash Bros. Swap. In Food Fight, the player(s) can either split up, or be fought by CPUs. The goal of the game is to get as much food eaten as you can in a certain amount of time.

Food randomly spawns around the stage, and your fighter has to eat as much as they can. If a player gets KOed, they lose all their food. If a player has over 100% damage, the value of the food doubles.

When the victor is decided, you can scan an amiibo to give it multiple upgrades that increase the value of healing items.

Story Mode: Glitch in the Motherboard

To Be Announced


Super Smash Bros. Swap has a roster of 90 playable characters, 40 of which are unlockable.

Starting Characters

Mario Icon SwapLuigi Icon SwapPeach Icon SwapBowser Icon SwapRosalina Icon SwapYoshi Icon SwapDonkey Kong Icon SwapWario Icon SwapLink Icon SwapZelda & SheikSamus & Zero Suit Samus Icon SwapPit Icon SwapPalutena Icon SwapKirby Icon SwapFox Icon SwapCaptain Falcon Icon SwapPikachu Icon SwapLycanroc Icon SwapMarth Icon SwapNess Icon SwapVillager Icon SwapLittle Mac Icon SwapOlimar Icon SwapShulk Icon SwapIce Climbers Icon SwapInkling Icon SwapTempo Icon SwapStarfy Icon SwapWonder-Red Icon SwapEmperor Fynalle Icon SwapSpring Man Icon SwapDillon Icon SwapSonic Icon Swap To Be Continued

Unlockable Characters

Kamek Icon SwapKing K. Rool Icon SwapGanondorf Icon SwapDark Samus Icon SwapDaroach Icon SwapWolf Icon SwapKrystal Icon SwapSamurai Goroh Icon SwapZoroark Icon SwapMasked Man Icon SwapMr. Game and Watch Icon SwapR.O.B. Icon SwapDuck Hunt Icon SwapMike Jones Icon SwapTakamaru Icon SwapIsaac Icon SwapSaki Amamaya Icon SwapUnten Icon Swap To Be Continued

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