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Super Smash Bros Something Else
Developer(s) Bandai Namco Studios
Sora Ltd.
Lazy Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Masahiro Sakurai
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Release Date(s) April 2, 2030
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) CERO: B
PEGI: 12
USK: 16
Media Included ROM Cartridge
Digital distribution (Nintendo eShop)
Available Input Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller,
Gamecube Controller
This game sure is something else!
Super Smash Bros. Something Else's tagline

Super Smash Bros. Something Else is a 2030 crossover fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Studios, Sora Ltd. and Lazy Studios, and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. A reboot of the series' previous game, Super Smash Bros. Something, it serves as the seventh installment in the overall Super Smash Bros. series. After the sudden cancellation of the original Super Smash Bros. Something, this new game promises to "focus on quality more than quantity".

Like the original game, Super Smash Bros. Something Else's goal is to create the biggest and most fun Super Smash Bros. game. Like its predecessors, the game is a crossover between various Nintendo and 3rd-party video games in an all-out slamfest. Changes to the formula primarily included changes to all returning veterans, alongside a wide variety of new characters and game modes.


Super Smash Bros. Something Else plays very similarly to past games in the Super Smash Bros. series, as it is a fighting game for up to 8 players in which characters from Nintendo games and other third-party franchises try to knock each other out of an arena. Unlike other fighting games, which often have a health system, by default Super Smash Bros. Something Else uses a percentage system. When players are damaged, their percentage goes up, increasing the distance in which they are launched. Getting launched off-screen results in a KO, and a point for whoever landed the final blow.

Unlike other fighting games, in Super Smash Bros. Something Else each character controls virtually the same. Players have access to Normal attacks and Special attacks, which change depending on if they are in the air, or the ground, and what direction they are holding the control stick. Alongside those, the player can also Jump and utilize platforms scattered around stages, Shield against attacks, Grab enemies and toss them around, utilize a wide variety of Items that spawn on stage, or unleash a powerful Final Smash if they have broken a Smash Ball or filled up their Final Smash Meter.

Gameplay Changes

  • Character Overhauls: Many of the game's veterans have received reworks to their movesets or entire overhauls, in order to make those characters feel more modern and mesh well with newer characters.
  • Air Dashing: A new ability that many characters can perform (check a characters' moveset to see if they can perform one), inputting a dash motion in the air allows you to perform a short Air Dash. This is great for maneuvering through the air, dodging attacks or getting closer to an enemy. After an air dash, you can cancel the attack into an aerial. You can only perform one Air Dash after leaving the ground. There are two types of air dashes:
    • Standard Air Dash: Allows you to dash forwards or backwards.
    • 8-Way Air Dash: Allows you to dash in all 8 directions.
  • Air Shielding & Air Grabbing: Players can now Shield and Grab in the air, allowing for even more options while airborne. Your shield while in the air will take less damage, but attacks will knock you around more than on the ground. Air grabbing is easier to break out of than on the ground, though certain grabs change properties while in the air.
  • Float: Floating is now a mechanic that multiple characters can use, rather than just Peach.
  • Hover: Hovering is a new fighter ability similar to Float. Unlike floating, hovering does not keep your current air height, instead slowing a character's fall speed. However, hovering can be held for as long as you want until you reach the ground, whereas floating lasts only for a limited time.
  • Grab Reversal: If you're being grabbed and the enemy is about to throw you, tap the opposite direction the enemy is throwing you in to perform a Grab Reversal. It can be hard to pull off as the timing is a bit strict, but pulling it off allows you to cancel your enemy's throw and cause you to grab them.
  • Parry: Replacing Perfect Shielding, pressing the attack button while shielding allows you to perform a Parry. With a perfectly-timed parry, you'll absorb all the damage of an attack, and recover very quickly, allowing you to counterattack.
  • Shield Specials: Shield Specials have been given to more characters, mostly characters that have different transformations or characters with some kind of gimmick or ammo.
  • Stealing: Grab an enemy while they are holding an item will cause the item they're holding to be put in your hands.


  • L-Stick: Move
  • A: Normal Attack
  • B: Special Attack
  • X/Y: Jump
  • L/R: Grab
  • ZL/ZR: Shield
  • +/-: Pause
  • Directional Buttons: Taunt

Game Modes



The signature mode of the Super Smash Bros. series, up to eight players, CPUs or Amiibos can play against each other on a stage of their choosing. Before a match, players can select various rulesets, and even create and save their own for quick selections. Matches can have one of six modes:

  • Time: In Time, the winner is determined by whoever gets the most points when the timer runs out. Players gain a point when they KO an opponent, but lose a point when they get KOed themselves.
  • Stock: In Stock, the winner is determined by whoever is the last player standing. Each player has a limited number of lives, with players losing one every time they are KOed. If a player loses all of their lives, they are eliminated. Players can also add a time limit, in which case if the time runs out, the player with the most remaining stocks is the winner.
  • Stamina: In Stamina, the winner is determined by whoever is the last player standing. Unlike other game modes, rather than a percentage meter, Stamina instead uses a health bar. Once the health bar reaches zero, that player is instantly KOed, losing a stock.
  • Coin: In Coin, the winner is determined by whoever gets the most coins when the timer runs out. Coins will constantly spawn randomly all across the stage, floating in the air, and simply touching them will cause you to collect them. Hitting enemies will cause them to drop coins, and KOing enemies will cause them to drop half their coin total.
  • Crown: In Crown, the winner is determined by whoever gets the most points when the timer runs out. Players gain points by grabbing and holding onto a crown that randomly spawns on stage. With the crown on, you slowly build up points, but your movement is slowed, and taking enough damage will cause you to drop to the ground. In matches with more than 4 players, a second crown is added.
  • Tag: In Tag, the winner is determined by whoever is the last player standing. At the start of the match, a random player is tagged, and after a set time, the tagged person is KOed, losing a stock. The tagged player is given increased speed, and if they hit another player, they will transfer the tag onto them. In matches with more than 4 players, two players will be tagged at a time, though once the number of players goes back down to 4, it reverts back to one.
  • Soccer: In Soccer, the winner is determined by whoever gets the most points when the timer runs out. Each side of the stage is designated as a goal, and the player gains points by launching the ball into the goal. The higher the ball's percentage, the farther it flies. Players are automatically put into teams in this mode.

Special Smash

Special Smash includes a variety of special game modes that change up Smash Bros. formula.

  • Custom Smash: Play standard Smash with a variety of modifiers. Change everyone's size, their speed, their weight, give them wacky effects, or combine them all together for pure chaos!
  • Smashdown: After every match, the previously chosen characters will be unselectable. Test your skills with multiple characters and see how long you can survive!
  • Squad Strike: Assemble a team from 3 characters, and fight as a team! Replacing your taunts, you can switch between characters at any time. See which cool combinations of characters you can create!
  • Super Sudden Death: Everyone is at 300% and the screen will zoom in as time goes on. Be prepared for tons of KOs!

Smash Run

In Smash Run, players are tasked with navigating a large maze-like island under a time limit, tasked with defeating enemies to earn stat-boosting stickers. These stats include:

  • Attack: Represented by an orange fist, this increases the power of normal attacks.
  • Special: Represented by a red star, this increases the power of special attacks.
  • Defense: Represented by a blue shield, this reduces knockback and increases the durability of the player's shield.
  • Speed: Represented by a green shoe, this increases the player's speed in the ground and air.
  • Jump: Represented by a yellow wing, this increases the player's jumping height.
  • Arms: Represented by a purple hammer, this increases the power of items, projectiles, grabs and healing.

If a player is KOed, either by the enemies or the other players around the map, they will respawn but lose some of their stickers, leaving them to whoever happens to find them. Once time is up, the players compete in one of many matches to determine the victor, carrying over the stat boosts they gained while exploring.


Tourney allows up to 64 players to play in a tournament-style bracket to see who wins! Players can customize the rules of matches, alongside customize the number of players per round.


Adventure Mode: Reign of Darkness

Adventure Mode: Reign of Darkness serves as the game's main single player story mode, serving as a psuedo-retelling of the previous Story Mode, War of Dimensions. After the events of World of Light, the fighters of the Super Smash Bros. world lived in peace, as they began to live in the world left behind after Galeem's attack. That was until a mysterious substance known as the Glitch began raining down from the sky, and onto the land below, taking control of the villains who all seek to use its power to take over the World of Smash. Now, our heroes, with the help of a mysterious figure known as Emelga, must work together, find out the source of the Glitch, and save their home from total destruction.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode has players choose a character and difficulty, and fight through a series of 11 stages, culminating in a final fight against a boss with some connection to the player's chosen character. The characters chosen in each stage are random and the goal is to simply KO them all. Performing certain actions during a fight will earn you Points. The more points you have, the more rewards you get when you complete the mode. Like in Smash 4, the player can select a difficulty on a scale from 0.1 to 9.9. The higher the difficulty, the more powerful your enemies will be, and the more Gold it will cost to get in, but it increases the amount of rewards you get. Players are always given 1 stock per round, and if they lose them all, they can continue at the cost of some Gold.

All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode tasks players with defeating the game's entire roster in one go. Fights are split into waves, with each wave having you fight against a group of fighters before moving on. Between each round you are taken to a rest area, where you can use a limited number of healing items before your next fight. Like in Classic Mode, you can choose a difficulty, and the higher the difficulty the more rewards you get if you win. You can also equip any trophies you've collected and use them to grant you a boost during fights.

Fighter Order
Mr. Game & Watch Ball
April 1980
May 1980
Mario Donkey Kong
July 1981
Donkey Kong
Luigi Mario Bros.
July 1983
Little Mac Punch-Out!!
December 1983
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt
April 1984
Ice Climbers Ice Climbers
January 1985
R.O.B. Gyromite
July 1985
Peach Super Mario Bros.
September 1985
Bomberman Bomberman
December 1985
Link The Legend of Zelda
February 1986
Takamaru The Mysterious Murasame Castle
April 1986
Samus Metroid
August 1986
Simon Castlevania
September 1986
Pit Kid Icarus
December 1986
Snake Metal Gear
July 1987
Ryu Street Fighter
August 1987
Mega Man Mega Man
December 1987
Hero Dragon Quest III
February 1988
Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Gaiden
December 1988
Daisy Super Mario Land
April 1989
Arle Madōu Monogatari 1-2-3
November 1989
Marth Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
April 1990
Captain Falcon F-Zero
November 1990
Yoshi Super Mario World
November 1990
Chun-Li Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
February 1991
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog
July 1991
Dr. Eggman
Terry Fatal Fury
November 1991
Kirby Kirby's Dream Land
April 1992
King Dedede
Scorpion Mortal Kombat
October 1992
Wario Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
October 1992
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog 2
November 1992
Fox Star Fox
February 1993
Meta Knight Kirby's Adventure
March 1993
Nakoruru Samurai Shodown
July 1993
Doom Slayer Doom
December 1993
Zero Mega Man X
December 1993
Ness Earthbound
August 1994
Diddy & Dixie Donkey Kong Country
November 1994
King K. Rool
Kazuya Tekken
December 1994
Rayman Rayman
September 1995
Red Pokémon Red and Green
February 1996
Geno Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
March 1996
Bandana Dee Kirby Super Star
March 1996
Chris Resident Evil
March 1996
Crash Crash Bandicoot
September 1996
Reimu Highly Response to Prayers
November 1996
Cloud Final Fantasy VII
January 1997
Wolf Star Fox 64
April 1997
Adeleine & Ribbon Kirby's Dream Land 3
November 1997
Klonoa Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
December 1997
Sol Badguy Guilty Gear
May 1998
Spyro Spyro the Dragon
September 1998
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
November 1998
Banjo & Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie
December 1998
Waluigi Mario Tennis
July 2000
Paper Mario Paper Mario
August 2000
Villager Dōbutsu no Mori
April 2001
Isaac Golden Sun
August 2001
Dante Devil May Cry
August 2001
Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
October 2001
Olimar Pikmin
October 2001
Master Chief Halo: Combat Evolved
November 2001
KOS-MOS Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht
November 2001
Sora Kingdom Hearts
March 2002
Roy Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
March 2002
Shantae Shantae
June 2002
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Sunshine
July 2002
May Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire
November 2002
Krystal Star Fox Adventures
September 2002
Toon Link The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
December 2002
Lyn Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
April 2003
Soma Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
May 2003
Lloyd Tales of Symphonia
August 2003
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
March 2004
Zero Suit Samus Metroid: Zero Mission
May 2004
Dark Samus Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
November 2004
Ike Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
April 2005
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo!
June 2005
Kiryu Yakuza
December 2005
Lucas Mother 3
April 2006
Rhythm Girl Rhythm Tengoku
August 2006
Lucario Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
September 2006
Midna The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
November 2006
Neku The World Ends with You
July 2007
Heavy Team Fortress 2
October 2007
Rosalina & Luma Super Mario Galaxy
November 2007
Captain Toad
Travis No More Heroes
December 2007
Steve Minecraft
March 2009
Sunflower Plants vs. Zombies
May 2009
Ahri League of Legends
December 2007
Bayonetta Bayonetta
October 2009
Shulk Xenoblade Chronicles
June 2010
Magolor Kirby's Return to Dream Land
October 2011
Viridi Kid Icarus Uprising
March 2012
Robin Fire Emblem: Awakening
April 2012
Isabelle Animal Crossing: New Leaf
November 2012
Greninja Pokémon X & Y
October 2013
Shovel Knight Shovel Knight
June 2014
Inkling Splatoon
May 2015
Corrin Fire Emblem Fates
June 2015
Papyrus & Sans Undertale
September 2015
Susie Kirby: Planet Robobot
April 2016
Tracer Overwatch
May 2016
Joker Persona 5
September 2016
Incineroar Pokémon Sun & Moon
November 2016
2B NieR: Automata
February 2017
The Knight Hollow Knight
February 2017
Champion Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
March 2017
Min Min ARMS
June 2017
Dr. Coyle
Jonesy Fortnite: Battle Royale
September 2017
Cuphead Cuphead
September 2017
Rex Xenoblade Chronicles 2
December 2017
Octoling Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion
June 2018
Byleth Fire Emblem: Three Houses
July 2019
Officer Howard Astral Chain
August 2019
Ring Fit Trainee Ring Fit Adventure
October 2019
Hatterene Pokémon Sword & Shield
November 2019
Zagreus Hades
September 2020
Aether Genshin Impact
September 2020
Raven Beak Metroid Dread
October 2021


Stadium allows the player to compete in various minigames.

  • Target Smash: Target Smash tasks players with destroying a group of 10 targets that are scattered across an arena as quickly as possible. Each character has a unique stage, where they must use all of their unique abilities to complete it.
  • Home-Run Contest: Home-Run Contest tasks players with knocking a Sandbag as far as possible. At the start, players have 10 seconds to rack up damage, and when five seconds are left, a Home-Run Bat spawns in, allowing the player to launch the Sandbag.
  • Multi-Man Smash: Multi-Man Smash tasks players with defeating the Fighting Mii Team under various pretenses. These include:
    • 30-Man: Challenges the player with defeating 30 opponents.
    • 100-Man: Challenges the player with defeating 100 opponents.
    • 3-Minute: Challenges the player with surviving for 3 minutes while defeating as many opponents as possible.
    • Rival: Challenges the player with defeating more opponents than their Rival (either a CPU or another player) in a 3 minute time-limit.
    • Endless: Challenges the player with defeating as many opponents as possible before being KO'ed themselves.
    • Cruel: Challenges the player with defeating as many opponents as possible before being KO'ed themselves. The Miis in this mode are incredibly tough and powerful.
  • Race to the Finish: Race to the Finish tasks players with racing to the end of one of many different stages. A large black hole will slowly begin moving towards the player, and enemies will attempt to block their path. Reach the end of the stage, and you win.
  • Boss Rush: Boss Rush is similar to All-Star, tasking the player with defeating the game's bosses (excluding the story-exclusive Final Bosses) in one go. The order you fight all bosses in are in a random order. Between each round you are taken to a rest area, where you can use a limited number of healing items before your next fight.
    • True Boss Rush: A harder version of Boss Rush unlocked after beating Adventure Mode. Replaces all of the bosses with their EX Forms and adds in the two Final Bosses, who are always fought at the end. The rest area also has less effective healing items.


Training allows a player to practice and experiment without participating in an actual match. The mode allows players to control various gameplay aspects, from simple things like summoning items and setting the enemy's AI, to more technical things like showing launch trajectory and displaying hitboxes and hurtboxes.


The Workshop acts as the player's destination for creating and customizing things for the game. Players can use the things they create in the Workshop in local play, or share them online for other players to use. The different Workshop modes include:

  • Mii Fighters: Here, the player can create and customize Mii Fighters to play as in various game modes. The player can choose between three types: Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner, alongside customizing hats, outfits, specials and voice. Returning from another game, Miitopia, is a Makeup system, allowing you to add makeup to your Miis and fully customize them.
  • Custom Colors: Here, the player can create their own alternate costumes for any character of their choice. Players can choose the parts they want to color and color it to create up to 8 costumes that can be used in fights. Custom colors cannot be used Online outside of Battle Arenas that enable them.
  • Stage Builder: Here, the player can create their own custom stages by drawing platforms. Players can customize the terrain of the platforms, utilize layers to create backgrounds, move and rotate platforms, and add hazards like Cannons, Springs, Ladders and Wind.
  • Amiibo: Here, the player can use Amiibos to create Figure Fighters. Figure Fighters can be put into matches and level up as they learn from the enemies they fight against. They level up overtime, capping at Level 50, though this can be disabled at any point.



Quickplay allows the player to quickly join matches against random players on the Internet. The mode supports both singleplayer and co-op with 2 players. The game features two main modes:

  • For Fun: This mode focuses on more friendly and chaotic battles, with items being enabled, stages featuring hazards, and different rulesets being used. In this mode you can also set Preferred Rules, so you can more easily get a match with the rules you want.
  • For Glory: This mode focuses on more fair and competitive battles, with no items, the only stages being Battlefield and Final Destination, and only featuring 3-stock matches. In this mode the player has a Ranking that increases and decreases depending on their performance. The higher a player's ranking, the more likely they are to face stronger opponents.

Online Tourney

Online Tourney allows the player to play alongside many other players in a tournament-style bracket. There are various tournaments that the player can join in:

  • Standard Tourney: This tourney focuses on 4-player timed free-for-alls. These have items and stage hazards enabled.
  • 1-on-1 Tourney: This tourney focuses on 1-on-1 competitive stock matches. Items are disabled and stages are limited to only Battlefield and Final Destination.
  • Event Tourney: These tourneys are based on a specific theme, allowing only certain characters, stages or items. They rotate regularly every few days.

Battle Arenas

Battle Arenas allows the players to battle each other in private or public arenas. The creator of the arena can customize the rules, similar to normal Smash. Up to eight players can be in a Battle Arena at a time, and players can join The Ring to get into the fight, the Waiting Area to immediately join in once a match has concluded, and the Spectator Stand to spectate the match.

Online Smash Run

In Online, you can play Smash Run with up to four random players on the Internet. The rules and objectives are very similar to normal Smash Run, with players tasked with navigating a large maze and fighting enemies to obtain stat boosts, before competing against each other in one final match.


Spectate allows the players to view live online battles or replays, and bet Gold on their outcomes. If the player you betted on wins, you earn your Gold back alongside other rewards.

Shared Content

Shared Content allows players to view, share and download content created by other players. These include things like Mii Fighters, Custom Stages and Replays. The player can also Like content they enjoy, and if something has enough likes, it will appear in the Featured category in the mode's front page.



Trophies are collectible items representing various characters, items and other elements from Super Smash Bros. various represented series. Trophies are obtained throughout the game, randomly during matches, as rewards in single-player, in the shop, and in Trophy Battle. Trophies are split between four different ranks, Common, Rare, Epic and Mythical, with the higher their rank the more rare they are, alongside their value. Trophies can also be equipped in local matches or in Trophy Battle, each trophy giving the player a stat boost or item to support them in battle.

  • Trophy Gallery: Trophy Gallery allows you to view your collected trophies. Each trophy is fully modeled, allowing the player to rotate and zoom into it, and features a short description alongside a small list of appearances.
  • Trophy Hoard: Trophy Hoard allows the player to view all of their trophies in a massive hoard. The player can sort where the trophies appear, like by series or by name. The player can also create Dioramas with their trophies, allowing you to arrange them to create fun pictures, and share them with other players online.
  • Trophy Battle: Trophy Battle allows the player to fight in randomly appearing Trophy Battles, where they must play a battle that corresponds with a trophy to earn it. If you win the battle, you unlock that trophy. Trophy Battles rotate regularly, so keep checking if you want to find more trophies.
Main article: Smash Bros. Something Else / Trophies


The Shop allows the player to use Gold they obtain throughout the game and purchase things they can use in the game. These include things like Trophies, Support Items, Mii Costumes, Music and Alternate Costumes. You can also sell duplicate trophies in your collection to earn some Gold. New to this game is Shopkeepers. Every few hours a different character will run the shop, and each have special quirks that make them unique from the others.

Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png

Funky Kong

The cool surfing member of the Kong Family, Funky Kong is a relatively uncommon shopkeeper. He sells more Mii Costumes than other shopkeepers, and focuses on selling trophies based around characters and locations. He may even have an Alternate Costume if you're lucky enough. If you're selling, he'll offer extra Gold to trophies based on platforming games.


A small-time businessman found across the Legend of Zelda series, Beedle is another common shopkeeper. He almost never has anything rare, but the things he does sell come at a discounted price. If you're selling, he'll offer extra Gold to trophies based on adventure games.
Anna Heroes.png


A reoccuring character in the Fire Emblem series, Anna is the rarest of the shopkeepers. She offers the rarest items, Epic and Mythical trophies and even some alternate costumes. However, her things can be expensive, so make sure you save up when she appears. If you're selling, she'll offer extra Gold to trophies based on role-playing games and strategy games.
Timmy & Tommy ACaF.png

Timmy & Tommy

Two raccoon twins who operate the Nookling stores throughout the Animal Crossing games, Timmy & Tommy are the most common of the shopkeepers. They are the most basic, having no gimmicks to them, and their offerings vary between visits. If you're selling, they'll offer extra Gold to trophies based on retro games, puzzle games and games with relaxing tones.


A horseshoe crab who operates Ammo Knights in the Splatoon series, Sheldon is a relatively uncommon shopkeeper. He sells more Music and Support Items than other shopkeepers, and focuses on selling trophies based on items and weapons. If you're selling, he'll offer extra Gold to trophies based on shooting games, action games and fighting games.


Challenges features a wide variety of objectives that the player can perform in order to earn prizes like Gold, Trophies, Mii Costumes, Music and Alternate Costumes. Like in Ultimate, the challenges are split between various categories, including Smash, Adventure Mode, Solo, Trophies, Online and Other.


The Album allows the player to view screenshots and replays they've taken while they were playing. The player can also do things like draw on their screenshots, or edit together replays to create videos, and share them online for others to see in Shared Content.


In Sounds, the player can listen to Super Smash Bros. Something Else's extensive soundtrack. Tracks are sorted by series, and the player can create playlists or set favorite songs so they can easily access them. Sounds also allows you to listen to each character's sound effects.

Main article: Smash Bros. Something Else / Music


In Records, the player can view their stats, milestones and battle data. Everything from learning your most played character, to your largest number of KOs, to all the people you've fought Online, can be found here!


At the game's launch, Super Smash Bros. Something Else features 120 playable characters (excluding characters that are grouped into one slot), the most out for any Smash Bros. game. Of the game's roster, 74 are returning veterans, while the other 46 are newcomers to the series. Similar to Smash 4, the characters are sorted chronologically by series. Echo Fighters do not return in this game, and previous Echo Fighters from Ultimate were either given more unique movesets, or were removed.

After the release of the game, five Fighter Passes were released, each adding six characters per pass. This adds 30 new characters to the game, and increases the game's total roster to 150 characters. Each of the fighters (alongside their stage and music) can be bought either individually for $5, or bought together with the rest of the characters released for that pass for $30.

To see a character's moveset, click on the link below or click on a character's portrait to go directly to their moveset:

Mario Luigi Yoshi Peach Daisy Rosalina & Luma
Captain Toad Bowser Bowser Jr. Wario Waluigi Paper Mario
Donkey Kong Diddy & Dixie King K. Rool Little Mac Link Zelda
Impa Ganondorf Toon Link Midna Champion Zelda Samus
Zero Suit Samus Ridley Dark Samus Pit Palutena Viridi
Medusa Ness Lucas Marth Roy Lyn
Ike Lucina Robin Corrin Byleth Captain Falcon
Kirby King Dedede Bandana Dee Adeleine & Ribbon Meta Knight Magolor
Fox Falco Krystal Wolf Pikachu Jigglypuff
Red May Mewtwo Lucario Greninja Incineroar
Hatterene Villager Isabelle Isaac Olimar Chibi-Robo
Shulk Rex Inkling Octoling Min Min Dr. Coyle
Ring Fit Trainee Mr. Game & Watch Ice Climbers R.O.B. Duck Hunt Takamaru
Sonic Tails Dr. Eggman Arle Bayonetta Joker
Mega Man Zero Ryu Ken Chun-Li Dante
Monster Hunter PAC-MAN Kazuya Lloyd Klonoa Simon
Soma Bomberman Snake Cloud Sephiroth Hero
Sora Banjo & Kazooie Steve Crash Spyro Tracer
Ryu Hayabusa Terry Rayman Sol Badguy Heavy Travis
Shovel Knight Shantae The Knight Cuphead Papyrus & Sans Mii Fighters
Geno Officer Howard Chris 2B Sunflower Reimu
Susie Cynthia Kiryu Master Chief Nakoruru Scorpion
Vaati Rhythm Girl Ahri Jonesy Aether Zagreus
Raven Beak Porky Phoenix Wright KOS-MOS Neku Doom Slayer

Mario Luigi Yoshi Peach Daisy Rosalina & Luma
Captain Toad Bowser Wario Waluigi Donkey Kong Diddy & Dixie
Little Mac Link Zelda Impa Toon Link Samus
Zero Suit Samus Pit Palutena Viridi Ness Lucas
Marth Roy Ike Lucina Robin Captain Falcon
Kirby King Dedede Bandana Dee Adeleine & Ribbon Meta Knight Fox
Falco Pikachu Jigglypuff Red May Lucario
Greninja Villager Isabelle Olimar Shulk Inkling
Min Min Ring Fit Trainee Ice Climbers Sonic Tails Arle
Mega Man Ryu Ken PAC-MAN Kazuya Klonoa
Simon Bomberman Cloud Hero Banjo & Kazooie Crash
Spyro Terry Rayman Shovel Knight Shantae Mii Fighters

Bowser Jr. Paper Mario King K. Rool Ganondorf Midna Champion Zelda
Ridley Dark Samus Medusa Lyn Corrin Byleth
Magolor Krystal Wolf Mewtwo Incineroar Hatterene
Isaac Chibi-Robo Rex Octoling Dr. Coyle Mr. Game & Watch
R.O.B. Duck Hunt Takamaru Dr. Eggman Bayonetta Joker
Zero Chun-Li Dante Monster Hunter Lloyd Soma
Snake Sephiroth Sora Steve Tracer Ryu Hayabusa
Sol Badguy Heavy Travis The Knight Cuphead Papyrus & Sans

Geno Officer Howard Chris 2B Sunflower Reimu
Susie Cynthia Kiryu Master Chief Nakoruru Scorpion
Vaati Rhythm Girl Ahri Jonesy Aether Zagreus
Raven Beak Porky Phoenix Wright KOS-MOS Neku Doom Slayer
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Unlock Criteria

At the start of the game, 72 characters will be available by default, while the other 48 characters must be unlocked. Something Else reverts back to the more task-based method of unlocking characters, similar to the method used in other Super Smash Bros. games besides Ultimate. There are three main ways of unlocking characters.

  • Performing a specific task during the various gameplay modes.
  • Competing in a certain number of matches in Smash or Online.
  • Unlocking that character in Adventure Mode: Reign of Darkness.
Unlocking Methods
Paper Mario Clear Classic Mode on any difficulty. Play 10 Smash matches.
Bowser Jr. Clear Classic Mode with a character from the Mario series without using any continues. Play 20 Smash matches.
Midna Complete 100-Man Melee. Play 30 Smash matches.
Lyn Clear Classic Mode with a character from the Fire Emblem series without any continues. Play 40 Smash matches.
King K. Rool Clear Classic Mode with a character from the Donkey Kong series, with a difficulty of 4.0 or higher and without any continues. Play 50 Smash matches.
Champion Zelda Complete a game of Smash Run. Play 60 Smash matches.
Chun-Li Finish 1 match with a Final Smash. Play 70 Smash matches.
Octoling Clear Target Smash with 10 characters. Play 80 Smash matches.
Chibi-Robo Collect 100 trophies. Play 90 Smash matches.
Wolf Clear Classic Mode with a character from the Star Fox series, with a difficulty of 4.0 or higher and without any continues. Play 100 Smash matches.
Steve Create a stage in Stage Builder and play on it. Play 110 Smash matches.
Krystal Clear Classic Mode with 10 characters. Play 120 Smash matches.
Takamaru Get at least one KO in Cruel Smash. Play 130 Smash matches.
Hatterene Summon 100 Assist Trophies, Pokémon or Personas Play 140 Smash matches.
Magolor Complete All-Star Mode on any difficulty. Play 150 Smash matches.
Byleth Play the game for 10 hours. Play 160 Smash matches.
Duck Hunt Complete Target Smash with 20 characters. Play 170 Smash matches.
Zero Clear Classic Mode with a Capcom character, with a difficulty of 5.0 or higher and without any continues. Play 180 Smash matches.
Incineroar Finish 5 matches with a Final Smash. Play 190 Smash matches.
Isaac Clear Classic Mode with 20 characters. Play 200 Smash matches.
Snake Beat Race to the Finish without getting hit or hitting any enemies. Play 220 Smash matches.
Ganondorf Clear Classic Mode with a character from the Legend of Zelda series, with a difficulty of 5.0 or higher and without any continues. Play 240 Smash matches.
Heavy Unlock 100 Mii Costume items. Play 260 Smash matches.
Monster Hunter Defeat all 12 bosses in Classic Mode Play 280 Smash matches.
R.O.B. Collect 200 trophies. Play 300 Smash matches.
Corrin Clear Classic Mode with 30 characters. Play 320 Smash matches.
Ridley Clear Classic Mode with a character from the Metroid series, with a difficulty of 6.0 or higher and without any continues. Play 340 Smash matches.
Ryu Hayabusa Complete Target Smash with 40 characters. Play 360 Smash matches.
Bayonetta Defeat 200 enemies in Adventure Mode or Smash Run. Play 380 Smash matches.
Lloyd Clear Classic Mode with 40 characters. Play 400 Smash matches.
Sol Badguy Finish 10 matches with a Final Smash. Play 420 Smash matches.
Dante Clear Classic Mode with any character at 6.6 or higher. Play 440 Smash matches.
Cuphead Complete Boss Rush Mode on any difficulty. Play 460 Smash matches.
Tracer Complete Target Smash with 60 characters. Play 480 Smash matches.
Dr. Eggman Clear Classic Mode with a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, with a difficulty of 7.0 or higher and without any continues. Play 500 Smash matches.
Joker Collect 350 trophies. Play 525 Smash matches.
Medusa Clear Classic Mode with a character from the Kid Icarus series, with a difficulty of 7.0 or higher and without any continues. Play 550 Smash matches.
Mewtwo Play the game for 20 hours. Play 575 Smash matches.
Rex Clear Classic Mode with 50 characters. Play 600 Smash matches.
Dr. Coyle Defeat 500 enemies in Adventure Mode or Smash Run. Play 625 Smash matches.
Soma Clear Classic Mode with Simon, with a difficulty of 8.0 or higher and without any continues. Play 650 Smash matches.
Travis Collect 500 trophies. Play 700 Smash matches.
Dark Samus Clear Classic Mode with 60 characters. Play 750 Smash matches.
Sora Complete All-Star Mode on Hard. Play 800 Smash matches
Sephiroth Complete Boss Rush Mode on Hard. Play 850 Smash matches
Sans & Papyrus Defeat 999 enemies in Adventure Mode or Smash Run. Play 900 Smash matches.
The Knight Clear Classic Mode with any character of 9.0 Play 950 Smash matches.
Mr. Game & Watch Clear either Classic Mode, All-Star Mode, Boss Rush or Target Smash with every character (besides Mr. Game & Watch himself). Play 999 Smash matches.

When doing the first two method, after completing the task, a "Challenger Approaching!" screen with appear, alongside a silhouette of the character. The player then must defeat them in a 1-stock match on a stage associated with the character. If they win, that character will join your roster. If they lose, they'll have to wait a few minutes before they can redo the fight via Challenger's Approach, which can be found in the Solo menu.


Enemies are non-controllable characters that appear primarily in Adventure Mode and Smash Run. They are split between three types, with Weak Enemies being the weakest and Dangerous enemies being the strongest.


The Legend of Zelda

Bokoblins are goblin-like creatures under the control of Ganon. Often found in small groups, they are primarily equipped with clubs, and will attack you with a combo of hits. Blue Bokoblins are stronger than Red Bokoblins, but generally act the same.
KTD Bronto Burt artwork 3.png

Bronto Burt

Round, pink winged enemies, Bronto Burts fly around in different patterns. When a player comes near, they will perform a spin attack, though this doesn't help much as they are easy to defeat.
Bullet Bill Art SMWU.png

Bullet Bill

Fired from Bill Blasters, Bullet Bills are missile-shaped enemies that home in on the player. If they come into contact with anything, they explode, dealing damage to anyone nearby. They are easily defeated, and can even be reflected to launch them at enemies.

The Legend of Zelda

A peaceful chicken-like creature found throughout the Zelda series. Be careful not to hit them, as if they are damaged too much, they will call out to their friends and a swarm of Cuccos will fly in and attack you!
Fire Stalking Piranha Plant.png

Fire Stalking Piranha Plant

A Piranha Plant with ... legs? It attacks by walking around, occasionally shooting a fireball directly at the player, or biting at the player if they are close.
Flea Man.png


Fleamen are a common nuisance throughout Dracula's Castle. Like their namesake, they attack by hopping around wildly like a flea, dealing damage on contact. They can be hard to hit due to their small size, so use your biggest attack to cover as much area as possible.
Fly Guy.png

Fly Guy

These Shy Guys have propellers on their heads, allowing them to fly in the air. They don't actively attack the player, instead carrying around various items. Hit them and they'll drop these items, allowing you to pick them up.
Galaga Bugs SSBSR.png

Galaga Bugs

These evil space bugs of the Galaga army will float high in the air, and attack the player when they are below. Zakos directly chases down the player, Goeis flies around and shoots projectiles, and Boss Galagas will fire a tractor beam to try and grab the player, dragging them into the air.


Small bug-like creatures, Geemers are a common enemy in the Metroid series. They crawl along surfaces, dealing damage to players with their spiky backs. Attacking them with a projectile is recommended.
Goomba walk NSMBU.png


Once loyal to the Mushroom Kingdom, the Goombas switched sides when Bowser invaded. When approached, that charge after the player, attacking with a headbutt. However, they aren't the strongest of enemies, and can be KOed with a single jump.
Iridescent Flint Beetle.png

Iridescent Flint Beetle

A beetle with a green iridescent carapace, Iridescent Flint Beetles do not actively attack the player. They'll run away from the player, eventually digging underground and disappearing if not damaged for a long time. Damaging them will cause them to drop rare items.
Klaptrap SSBUltimate.png

Donkey Kong

Small members of the Kremlings, Klaptraps are known for their large jaws which they use to bite their enemies. Because of them, the player cannot attack them from the front, otherwise they'll snap at the player. Attack them from above or behind, and they'll be defeated very easily.
Paratroopa - New Super Mario Bros.png

Koopa Paratroopa

Koopa Paratroopas are Koopa Troopas with wings on their backs. Green Paratroopas hop up and down along the ground, while Red Paratroopas hover in the air. Both deal damage on contact. After they take enough damage, they'll lose their wings and become a Koopa Troopa.
Koopa Troopa - New Super Mario Bros.png

Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopas are the main soldiers of Bowser's army. They are found wandering around, dealing damage on contact with the enemy. If they take enough damage, they will retreat into their shells, and can be used as a projectile. They come in two colors, with Green Koopa Troopas falling off ledges, and Red Koopa Troopas turning around when reaching one.
Kritter SSB for Wii U.png

Donkey Kong

A member of the Kremlings, Kritters are crocodilian foes that serve King K. Rool. They come in two varieties, with Green Kritters attacking with a bite attack, and Blue Kritters attacking with a spinning jump attack.

Medusa Head

Medusa Heads are creatures spawned endlessly from Medusa's hair, taking the appearance of a floating head. They fly up and down in a wavy pattern, ramming into the player and dealing damage. Yellow Medusa Heads have the ability to turn the player into stone, leaving them vulnerable to damage.

Mega Man

A robot designed for construction sites, the Mettaurs are a common foe Mega Man faces throughout his series. They hide underneath their indestructible helmets, occasionally popping out and firing a three-way shot before ducking back down. They are only vulnerable when out of their helmets, or when they are grabbed.

Kid Icarus

Floating one-eyed enemies, Monoeyes are members of the Underworld Army. They float around in small groups, and attack upon seeing the player. When their eye glows, it means they are ready to fire a projectile.

Moto Bug
Sonic the Hedgehog

Ladybug-like robots created by Dr. Eggman, Moto Bugs are pretty standard enemies. They'll attack anyone in front of them, and can also charge up and perform a peel out, but they are very weak.

Kid Icarus

A chestnut blessed by Viridi, Nutskis are the standard grunts of the Forces of Nature. They fly quickly and in erratic patterns, pausing periodically and firing out either a spread shot of weak bullets, or an explosive seed.
BotW Forest Octorok Model.png

The Legend of Zelda

Octoroks are octopus-like creatures that are found all across Hyrule. They attack from afar, firing rocks at the player, before going underground and hiding under a bush. Attack them when they pop out, or grab them out of the ground.

Dig Dug

Pookas are red, round enemies from the Dig Dug series. They attack by jumping towards the player, knocking them back. They also have the ability to dig through the ground, dodging the player's attacks or ambushing them. Hit them and they'll puff up, eventually exploding after taking enough damage.


Annoying rabbit-like creatures, the Rabbids are normally pretty weak enemies. Equipped with rolling pins and plungers, upon seeing you they'll relentlessly rush towards you and attack. It's best to take them out quickly, cause if they begin shrieking, they'll summon a group of Rabbids to gang up on you.


The Mouse Pokémon, Rattatas are small enemies that attack with quick speed. They are often found running around aimlessly, and if they come in contact with you they will bite you, dealing damage. Due to their small size, they can be hard to hit.


Reos are large fly-like enemies with large claws. They are found flying high in the air, and when the player is under them they will swoop down and attack them. Though they are predictable, they can deal pretty good damage, so be careful!
FE13 Risen Revenant Portrait.png

Fire Emblem

Undead soldiers under the control of Grima, the Risen, like zombies, are slow. They're equipped with swords, but while their attack is fairly damaging, it's pretty slow.
Shy Guy CTTT.png

Shy Guy

Shy Guys are masked foes common in both the Mario and Yoshi series. They attack by charging at the player while flailing their arms, dealing multiple hits. They come in different colors, Red being strong, Blue having increased defense, Green being fast and Yellow jumping high.

Dragon Quest

Slimes are blue gelatinous creatures, and the mascots for the Dragon Quest series. They are pretty weak, attacking by lunging at the player. If a group of Slimes are together, they'll combine into a stronger King Slime, which is tougher and deals more damage, but acts the same.

Sneaky Spirit
Rhythm Heaven

These unusual spirits will pop up and down at the ground, making a sound everytime they appear. They can be a bit tricky, so time your attacks to the beat that they move at and you can easily take them out.

Kid Icarus

Unusual cake-like enemies, Souflees are rare foes. They move very quickly and in erratic patterns making them hard to hit, but if you defeat them, they'll drop tons of stickers.
Spiny, New Super Mario Bros. 2.png


Spiky turtle-like foes, Spinies are known for their red spiky shells, which make them immune to jumping. Hit them from the side or below to avoid damage. They are often dropped by Lakitus in endless numbers.
Tiki Buzz.png

Tiki Buzz
Donkey Kong

A member of the Tiki Tak Tribe, Tiki Buzzes are flying enemies with a drum-like head. They hover above the player and attack by slamming themselves into the ground. If you jump on them, you can defeat them instantly and use them as a makeshift trampoline!
Tinkerbat HalfGenieHero.png


Pitch-black humanoid creatures, Tinkerbats are Risky's loyal servants. Wielding cutlasses, when approached, they will begin swinging them wildly while rushing towards the player. Thankfully, they can't turn around while attacking, leaving their backsides vulnerable.
Waddle Dee amiibo artwork.png

Waddle Dee

Carefree creatures, Waddle Dees are loyal to King Dedede. They don't really do much, and their only attack is a short-ranged lunge that ends with them falling on their face and doing minimal damage.

Waddle Doo

One-eyed creatures similar to Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos give Kirby the Beam ability in his series. They fire a beam of energy from their mouth, which they fling forward in a whip motion. The beam can also block projectiles.


The Bat Pokémon, Zubat is a weak flying enemy that chases after the player. They'll attack by swooping down, dealing damage by biting the player. Though they are weak, they often attack in small groups, or alongside bigger enemies.



The Long Leg Pokémon, Ariados are spider-like Pokémon that attempt to ambush the player. They are often found hanging from ceilings or webs, pouncing on the player if they get near. Anticipate their attacks, and strike when they're vulnerable.

Axe Armor

Acting as guards in Dracula's Castle, Axe Armors are armored zombies wielding axes. Though they are a bit slow, they can toss their axe at the player from a distance. It even comes back like a boomerang so watch out!
Bumpety Bomb.png

Bumpety Bomb
Kid Icarus

Masked bombs on wheels, Bumpety Bombs are members of the Forces of Nature. When approached, it will rush toward the player, blowing themselves up to deal damage. Their masks block frontal damage, so hit them from behind.
Cactuar Final Fantasy.png

Final Fantasy

Bizarre cactus-like creatures, Cactuars are a rare enemy often found hidden in the ground. If damaged, they'll run away, and typically you won't even be able to catch up to them without a high enough speed. Occasionally they'll jump in the air and use 1000 Needles, launching a volley of needles toward you to deal massive damage. If they are defeated, you'll get a large amount of stickers!

Chain Chomp

A black spherical dog-like creature attached to a chain, Chain Chomps are a tough foe. Though they can't move very far, they are immune to attacks and deal great damage with their lunge. They can only be damaged by hitting their stake.


A green, four-legged creature, Creepers are a common mob in Minecraft. They will attempt to walk toward the player, and if they are close, explode. However, they lack ranged attacks, so hit them from a distance and you'll be safe.
Daphne SRL.png

Kid Icarus

Floating flower-like enemies, though they look cute they can open up their flowers to reveal their true forms! They attack by shooting out slow-moving bombs.

Sonic the Hedgehog

A robot made in Eggman's image, Egg-Robos are flying robots that attack foes with their guns. They can either fire a ball of energy directly at you, or charge up and fire a laser across the screen.
Eggplant Wizard-Uprising.png

Eggplant Wizard
Kid Icarus

This one-eyed wizard will toss eggplants at the player. Though this won't deal much damage, it will transform you into an eggplant for a short time, leaving you vulnerable to damage.


The Gas Pokémon, Gastly floats around aimlessly, expelling poisonous gas as it flies. It moves slowly, but it's recommended to use a projectile as getting close to that stuff will cause you to take damage overtime.

Shovel Knight

This golden knight is equipped with a sword and shield. It is a defensive fighter, blocking attacks according to where you are. It is vulnerable for a moment after it blocks an attack, so watch where its shield is positioned and attack it where it's exposed!


A spiky black ball, don't even try to defeat a Gordo cause they take damage to nothing! They appear as hazards, often moving side to side, dealing damage to anyone they touch.
Hammer Bro. Party 8.png

Hammer Bro.

An elite member of the Koopa Troop, Hammer Bros. attack by tossing hammers at the player. These fly in an arc and bounce along the ground, making them a bit hard to dodge. They often attack in pairs.


Flying bird women who guard Dracula's Castle, Harpies are vicious predators. They attack by diving down and slashing with their talons, or by shooting their sharp feathers down at the player. They'll occasionally be seen grabbing weaker enemies, and dropping them on you.


Flying insectoid bee-like creatures, Kihunters are able to attack with quick dashes, and can spit globs of acid from far away. Thankfully, they are pretty weak.


Members of the Koopa Troop that fly in clouds, Lakitus don't directly attack the player. Instead, they toss down Spiny Eggs as an attack. If they land on the ground, they hatch into Spinies. Reflect their Spiny Eggs back at them for an instant defeat!
Lizalfos SS.png

The Legend of Zelda

Lizard-like creatures found in volcanic areas, Lizalfos are equipped with fire breath and a rocky gauntlet, which they can use as both a blunt weapon and a shield. Watch where their gauntlets are positioned and counterattack in the opposite area!
Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy.png


A Koopa wizard flying on a broomstick, Magikoopas teleport around and fire magical shots from their wands. If they hit you, they'll reduce your stats, so be careful!

Kid Icarus

A bizarre multi-eyed creature, Mahvas project a large barrier, guarding any enemy inside and preventing you from passing. Damaging the barrier enough will eventually cause it to break, leaving the Mahva vulnerable. Destroy it and it will drop defense boosts!


Humanoid fish creatures, Mermaids jump out from the bottom of the screen, and attack by launching out bubbles around them. They can also jump around and attack the player with their tridents.
MetroidSamusReturns Metroid.png


A parasitic jellyfish-like creature, Metroids follow the player around in an attempt to latch onto them and leech their health. Ice attacks are their weakness, so use that to your advantage.
BotW Moblin Model.png

The Legend of Zelda

Hulking pig-like creatures, Moblins are slow but powerful. Equipped with clubs, they can deal some high damage if you aren't careful. If you're out of range, they'll grab weaker enemies and toss them at you!

Kid Icarus

Watch out! These enemies like to disguise themselves as chests right until you try to open them. Then they grow legs and attack! It attacks with rapid kicks and is very fast. If you defeat it, you'll get those stat boosts that it was hiding!
SSBU Octoling Spirit.png


They look like Inklings, but they're actually members of the Octarian Army. Equipped with Octo Shots, they fire at the player from afar, before running in and performing a powerful strike. The ink increases the amount of damage you take, so be careful!


These Octarian snipers are equipped with a Charger-esque weapon. When it has its laser-sight on you, either shield or get behind a platform, as the shot deals some high damage. Then strike it while it is vulnerable.
Poppy Bros. Jr. enemy KSA.png

Poppy Bros. Jr.

Small elf-like creatures, Poppy Bros. Jrs. give Kirby the Bomb ability in his series. They stand in place, and attack the player by tossing bombs in an arc, which explode on impact. You can reflect their bombs back at them to defeat them instantly.
Shotzo New Render.png


These cannons might look small, but they are immune to damage. They attack by firing small cannonballs at the player, dealing damage. They can even adjust your aim!

Kid Icarus

The foot soldiers of the Underworld army, these creatures come in three types. Basic Skuttlers are equipped with a club which they can use for close-ranged attacks. Cannoneers can fire green exploding shots, blue shots that go through platforms, or red shots that home in on the player. And Mages can cast a spell from afar that reduces your stats.
MM11 Sniper Joe.png

Sniper Joe
Mega Man

Designed as guard robots, Sniper Joes are equipped with a shield and a blaster. They fire at the player from afar, occasionally jumping, using their shields to block attacks. They put down their shields while firing, so strike when they let their guard down!
Stalfos ss.png

The Legend of Zelda

With twin swords, the Stalfos is a skeletal warrior with some powerful attacks. They can perform a double slash, a jumping spin slash, and can even parry hits. Keep your guard up and strike when they're vulnerable.


Alien henchmen of Giygas, the Starmen attack by teleporting around, using PK Beam to deal powerful damage from a distance. PK Beam γ is a single focused beam, and PK Beam Ω is a barrage in all directions.
Tac New Render.png


A cat-like thief, Tac gives Kirby the Copy ability in his series. They attack by throwing a large hand that, while dealing no damage, steals your stickers. They'll then run off. Better give chase if you don't want your stat boosts stolen!
Rainbow Rocket Grunts Concept.png

Team Rocket Grunt

These members of Team Rocket attack the player with their whips. They'll also occasionally pull out a Poké Ball, and summon either Rattatas, Zubats, Gastlys or Ariadoses to attack the player. Take them out quickly if you don't want to be overwhelmed.
Twerkey assist trophy DSSB.png


A bizarre turkey-like creature with a big ... behind. They attack by jumping towards you to smash you, or ... farting, creating a cloud of gas that poisons targets. Please take it out, it's making me really uncomfortable.

Fire Emblem

Women who sold their souls to Duma, Witches are powerful magic users. They cast dark magic, shooting it out as exploding projectiles. They also have the ability to teleport in other enemies for support. It's recommended to take them out first.
Zebesian Ultimate Spirit.png


Members of the Space Pirates, Zebesians are aliens hailing from the planet Zebes. They are equipped with large claws that they use as close-ranged weapons, but can also fire out beams of energy to attack distant foes.

Kid Icarus

Members of the Underworld Army, Zurees are cloaked creatures with large claws. They normally appear as a small flame, which deals little damage and renders them invincible to damage. When the player gets close, the Zuree attacks, slashing with their claws. Dodge the attack, and strike when they're vulnerable!



A hammer-wielding ape, Bonkers are slow, but pretty powerful. Their hammer swings can deal some considerable damage if you aren't careful, and their Hammer Flip is basically an insta-kill for lighter characters. They can also toss exploding coconuts.
Bulborb - Pikmin 3.png


With bug-like eyes and white spots on a red body, Bulborbs are a common threat to Captain Olimar and his Pikmin. It can attack with a bite, a charging attack, a backwards jump, and a jumping bite.

Kid Icarus

Creatures so immensely powerful they are sealed up inside a giant skull, don't even attempt to fight a Clubberskull if you aren't prepared. They are easily the most powerful enemy in the game, attacking with powerful punches and a shockwave attack. Though they are hard to defeat, killing one grants the player an incredible amount of stickers.


Tall, black creatures from the End, Endermen are scarily powerful. Though they are docile at first, attacking them or looking at their eyes will cause them to begin screaming, and attack you. They attack primarily by teleporting, either beside you to perform a close-ranged slash, above you with a powerful stomp, or away from you to charge at you from far away.

Guardian Stalker
The Legend of Zelda

Large ancient machines created by the Sheikah and possessed by Calamity Ganon, Guardian Stalkers are basic, but still dangerous enemies when not prepared. They are capable of firing lasers from their eyes. Though they come out at an instant, they take time to charge, giving you a chance to dodge and escape. They are also pretty fast. Causing enough damage to their legs will cause them to break, slowing its speed.
BotW Lynel Model.png

The Legend of Zelda

A mix between a centaur and a lion, Lynels are easily the most powerful enemies in Breath of the Wild. They are the fastest of the dangerous enemies, outrunning all but the fastest players. They are equipped with a sword for close-ranged attacks, and can fire electric arrows from afar to stun you. They can also perform a charge attack and shoot a large fireball.
Malboro from FFVII Remake render.png

Final Fantasy

These tentacled, multi-eyed creatures, despite their bizarre appearance, are extremely dangerous. When you get close, they'll use their signature move, Bad Breath. It doesn't deal much damage, but if you are hit by it, you'll be inflicted with multiple status effects at once. Everything from poison, being slowed down, shrinking, to straight up dying instantly.

Kid Icarus

These evil floating skulls are some of the most fearsome members of the Underworld Army. You'll know they're nearby with their eerie 8-bit theme. Don't even think about fighting it, cause it is immune to damage and instantly KOs anything it touches.

Polar Bear
Ice Climbers

A free-spirited polar bear, it wanders around aimlessly before it suddenly jumps. Upon impact with the ground, they create an earthquake, damaging the player if they are on the ground. Fire attacks are his weakness, so use them to your advantage.
733-7338098 rathalos-png.png

Monster Hunter

Known as "The King of the Skies", Rathalos are powerful wyverns found throughout the Monster Hunter series. Swift and agile, it can attack with a charging move, slicing at you with their poison claws, performing a dive bomb, and shooting exploding fireballs that leave damaging flames.

Kid Icarus

Members of the Underworld Army, Reapers are responsible for ferrying the souls of the dead to the Underworld. Upon noticing the player, they fly into a rage, summoning Reapettes to slow the enemy down. If the Reaper gets close, they'll unleash a powerful scythe slash.

Fire Emblem

Stone titans animated through dark magic, Stoneborns are hulking creatures with large amounts of health. They can either perform a slam in front of them, slap you out of the air, or pull out a rock and either roll it along the ground, or toss it in an arc.

Territorial Rotbart
Xenoblade Chronicles

A powerful and rather infamous monster of the Gogol family, the Territorial Rotbart is a dangerous and relentless creature. Though it is initially docile, if it is damaged, it goes berserk, rushing towards you and attacking with powerful punches and slams, or using Feral Beat to cause all other nearby enemies to relentlessly attack. It's often in your best interests to not attack it.


Super Smash Bros. Something Else features 14 different bosses, which appear as powerful enemies in Adventure Mode, Classic Mode and Boss Rush. Unlike normal characters, they are much larger, deal tons of damage, are immune to grabs, and armor through all attacks. However, they are also generally slow, and telegraph their attacks before using them, allowing for you a chance to dodge. The character you play as will change which bosses you fight, while in Boss Rush, you have to fight them all in a row.

New to this game are EX Bosses. Only appearing on higher difficulties, EX Bosses are stronger versions of the game's normal bosses, boasting faster and more damaging attacks, alongside increased health.


Master Hand

Master Hand is a reoccurring final boss in the Super Smash Bros. series. He is the creator of the Smash Bros. universe, bringing together challengers from across different universes to fight for his entertainment. His existence, identity and goals are a complete mystery.

Master Hand's EX Form is Claw of Order, gaining a more bright and more angelic appearance.


Master Hand's attacks are mostly the same as his previous appearances, with a few attacks that were removed in Ultimate returning in this game.

  • Big Swipe: Master Hand makes a wide swipe across the stage.
  • Fake-Out Slap: Master Hand holds a fist above the player as if to punch them, but instead opens up and comes down with a slap.
  • Power Punch: Master Hand hovers above the player and drops down in an explosive fist. Has a meteor effect.
  • Finger Drill: Master Hand flies up and comes down onto the player, drilling into them.
  • Finger Walk: Master Hand "walks" across the stage on two fingers and "kicks" the player upon reaching them.
  • Jetstream: Master Hand points out his middle, thumb, and pinky fingers and fires into the air like a rocket and swoops in from the background.
  • Finger Bullet: Fires a pair of bullets. At low HP, fires three pairs.
  • Ring Toss: Master Hand throws two rings across the stage that circle back to attack twice.
  • Laser Nail: Master Hand fires a blue laser from each fingertip.
  • Mirror Laser: Master Hand produces a series of mirrors and fires a single laser that bounces between them.
  • Fireball Blitz: Master Hand produces a large orange fireball and squeezes it, causing it to break into fragments that scatter across the stage.
  • Icy Wind: Master Hand flaps rapidly, causing a wind that pushes to the left/right and spawns icy projectiles on higher intensities.
  • Snapper: Master Hand snaps his fingers, stunning the player.
  • Squeeze: Master Hand hovers near the player and then grabs them, squeezes them, and if not escaped from, throws them backwards.
  • Sleeper Grab: Master Hand hovers near the player and then grabs them, squeezes them, and if not escaped from, sets the player on the ground in an asleep state.

  • Cross Punch: Crazy Hand punches across the stage, with Master Hand catching him. Only appears when fighting with Crazy Hand.
  • Dual Sweep: Crazy Hand runs his fingers across the stage like a plow, shortly followed by Master Hand flying in the other direction with an uppercut. Only appears when fighting with Crazy Hand.
  • Dual Lasers: The two hands both use Laser Nail at once, sweeping across the entire stage. Only appears when fighting with Crazy Hand.
  • Mega Laser: The two cup together and charge up before firing a large laser. Only appears when fighting with Crazy Hand.
  • Static Discharge: The two hands rub the back of their hands to charge up with electricity, then slap the stage to release electricity that covers the whole stage platform. Only appears when fighting with Crazy Hand.


Crazy Hand

Crazy Hand is a reoccurring final boss in the Super Smash Bros. series. While Master Hand serves as the world's creator, Crazy Hand serves as the destroyer, taking pleasure in destroying everything that stands in his way. Though he can be fought on his own, if Master Hand's power is fading, Crazy Hand will assist him.

Crazy Hand's EX Form is Claw of Chaos, gaining a more black and sinister appearance.


Crazy Hand's attacks are mostly the same as his previous appearances, with a few attacks that were removed in Ultimate returning in this game.

  • Big Swipe: Crazy Hand makes a wide swipe across the stage.
  • Finger Drill: Crazy Hand flies up and comes down onto the player, drilling into them.
  • Frozen Rope: Crazy Hand extends his index finger to about three times its length for a poke attack that freezes.
  • Spasm: Crazy Hand drops to the ground and flops around.
  • Spider Walk: Crazy Hand skitters across the stage.
  • Jetstream: Crazy Hand points out his middle, thumb, and pinky fingers and fires into the air like a rocket and swoops in from the background.
  • Laser Nail: Crazy Hand fires a blue laser from each fingertip.
  • Laser Burst: Crazy Hand fires non-damaging blasts at several points on the stage. After a few seconds, they erupt into large lasers.
  • Finger Bombs: Crazy Hand drops a series of bombs from his fingertips.
  • Paralyzing Gaze: Crazy Hand manifests an eye between his fingers that circles a beam of light around the stage. If the player is caught within the eye's line of sight, the light beam will briefly track their movement as it charges up and unleashes a dark purple energy burst that stuns the player.
  • Pentaflame: Crazy Hand produces five blue fireballs that circle around him. The fireballs first move outwards, then back inwards, before finally spreading outwards again. All fireballs deal aura damage.
  • Boulder Burst: Crazy Hand pulls up a large boulder and launches it into the air, before slapping it at the enemy.
  • Big Rip: Crazy Hand rips open the fabric of space, revealing a vortex. The vortex sucks in the player, and if caught, deals significant damage before launching them sideways.
  • Squeeze: Master Hand hovers near the player and then grabs them, squeezes them, and if not escaped from, throws them backwards.

  • Cross Punch: Crazy Hand punches across the stage, with Master Hand catching him. Only appears when fighting with Master Hand.
  • Dual Sweep: Crazy Hand runs his fingers across the stage like a plow, shortly followed by Master Hand flying in the other direction with an uppercut. Only appears when fighting with Master Hand.
  • Dual Lasers: The two hands both use Laser Nail at once, sweeping across the entire stage. Only appears when fighting with Master Hand.
  • Static Discharge: The two hands rub the back of their hands to charge up with electricity, then slap the stage to release electricity that covers the whole stage platform. Only appears when fighting with Master Hand.


Giga Bowser

Giga Bowser is a powered up version of Bowser from the Mario series. Compared to his original counterpart, Giga Bowser is incredibly large, imposing, and violent, with massive horns and a sharp spike covered back. He may be slow, but his power and defense are unmatched!

Giga Bowser's EX Form is Fury Giga Bowser, appearing similar to the form from Bowser's Fury. He is now black in color with fiery hair.


Giga Bowser fights similarly to how he does in Ultimate. He is slow, but also immensely powerful if you are not careful.

  • Claw Slash: Scratches twice with his claws..
  • Koopa Back Fist: Lunges forward and delivers a punch surrounded by dark flames. Based off of Bowser's forward tilt.
  • Ceiling Scratch: Performs an arcing overhead slash with his claws. Based off of Bowser's up tilt.
  • Bull Head: Headbutts the opponent, creating an explosion. Based off Bowser's old forward smash.
  • Rising Spike: Lays in a prone position, then sends his body flying upwards, stabbing the opponent with his spiked shell. Based off of Bowser's up smash.
  • Buzzsaw: Retracts into his shell and spins around, creating blades of razor-sharp wind around him. Based off of Bowser's old down smash.
  • Koopa Breath: Breathes a large stream of flames. Based off of Bowser's Fire Breath.
  • Diving Press: Grabs the opponent, jumping into the air and spinning around before slamming them to the ground with a body press. Based off Bowser's Flying Slam.
  • Spinning Shell: Retracts into his shell and spins around rapidly. Based off of Bowser's Whirling Fortress.
  • Koopa Drop: Jumps into the air, slamming down with a powerful hip drop. Based off of Bowser's Bowser Bomb.


Ganon is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda series. A hulking pig-like monster, he is the form that Ganondorf takes in many Zelda games. As the possessor of the Triforce of Power, Ganon boasts incredible power, and is fated to oppose Link whenever he returns.

Ganon's EX Form is Calamity Ganon, becoming covered in Malice and Guardian-esque armor.


Ganon, despite now taking his appearence from Hyrule Warriors, fights similarly to how he does in Ultimate. While normally slow, he has powerful attacks and burst movement options. Only his head is vulnerable to damage.

  • Claw Swipe: Ganon performs a downward slash, followed by an upward slash.
  • Charge: Ganon charges forward until he is off-screen, before jumping back onto the stage.
  • Dark Slam: Ganon charges his fists before leaping into the air and slamming his fists downward.
  • Dark Uppercut: Ganon charges his fists before performing a powerful rising uppercut.
  • Dark Quake: Ganon charges his fists, before slamming his fists into the ground to create an earthquake, damaging the player unless they are in the air.
  • Grab: Ganon reels back before attempting to grab the player if they are in front of him. If the attack lands, he'll squeeze the foe before slamming them into the ground.
  • Giant Jump: Ganon leaps high into the air, before jumping down directly above the player.
  • Fireball: Ganon charges up before launching a ball of flame from his hands. The flame will follow the player, dealing damage upon touch, and will explode after a short time. Can shoot up to three at low health.
  • Ganon Bomb: Ganon gathers energy before launching a large blast of electricity from his bracer.
  • Malice Beam: Ganon charges up before firing a beam of malice across the ground.


Kraid is a reoccurring antagonist in the Metroid series. Found deep in Brinstar, he is a high-ranking member of the Space Pirates, and alongside Ridley, is responsible for protecting Mother Brain. He is known for his hulking size, towering over Samus.

Kraid's EX Form is Kraid-X, a warped clone of Kraid with some aspects of Crocomire's design. The spikes on the bottom of the screen are replaced with lava.


One of the game's largest bosses, though he starts off in a confined space, after taking some damage, he rises out of the ground and the stage opens up and he begins moving. Much of the bottom and top of the arena is covered in spikes (which instantly KOs players at over 100%), and though there are a few platforms that allow you to reach Kraid and attack him. Kraid's only vulnerable spot is his mouth, which must be opened first by hitting him in the eye. His attacks include:

  • Claw Swipe: Kraid slashes the player with their claws. This attack is only done if the player stays close to Kraid's face for too long.
  • Claw Toss: Kraid tosses his fingers as slow moving projectiles. While not powerful, they bounce off of surfaces and can fill up the screen if not destroyed.
  • Acid Breath: Kraid spews globs of acid from his mouth. These fly in a small arc.
  • Belly Spikes: Kraid fires three spiked projectiles from his belly. These stick to the wall and can be used as platforms.
  • Charge: Kraid suddenly charges forward, damaging the player on contact.
  • Earthquake: Kraid roars and stomps the ground creating an earthquake. This stuns the player if they are on the ground and causes debris to fall from the sky.


Hades is the main antagonist of Kid Icarus: Uprising. He is the ruler of the Underworld, revealed after Pit had defeated Medusa and seemingly ended their attacks. He is full of arrogance and has a genuine sense of humor, but belies his true dark and destructive nature.

Hades's EX Form is ?.

  • ?: ?

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a reoccurring antagonist in the Kirby series. An evil being under the leadership of Zero, he attempts to take over Pop Star by possessing King Dedede and attempting to shroud the world in darkness. This Dark Matter has been given power by Astazel, granting it the ability to transform into past foes that Kirby has faced.

Dark Matter's EX Form is Dark Matter Soul, now resembling Zero.


At the start of the fight, Dark Matter will be in his Blade Form. Though one of the game's smaller bosses, he is mobile, able to float freely around the screen.

  • Sword Beams: Dark Matter floats around while pointing his sword forward, firing off small blasts of dark energy. The shots, while weak, are fired quickly.
  • Focused Burst: Dark Matter floats at the same level at the player, briefly charging before firing a barrage of Sword Beams at the foe.
  • Energy Ball: Dark Matter gathers dark energy before tossing balls of dark energy as projectiles. These are fired off at different angles and bounce off of surfaces.
  • Sword Combo: Dark Matter performs a series of sword slash in front of him.
  • Flying Rush: Dark Matter readies himself, before flying towards the player while thrusting his sword.

One of Dark Matter's forms he can transform to upon reaching half health. In this form he can use powers similar to Kirby's Copy Abilities.

  • Fire: False Miracle Matter transforms into a fireball, creating four columns of fire around it. It then spins these around, attempting to damage the player with the flames.
  • Ice: False Miracle Matter transforms onto an ice cube. It will float around and generate ice cubes before launching them outward. These ice cubes cause damage on contact, bouncing off of surfaces and other ice cubes.
  • Spark: False Miracle Matter transforms into a ball of electricity. Sparks of electricity will appear on the ground, and after a second, a blast of electricity will be fired in that area.
  • Stone: False Miracle Matter transforms into a large boulder. This boulder will create four stones alongside it, hovering above the player before dropping them. After dropping all four stones, Miracle Matter will fall as well, creating an earthquake that can only be avoided by jumping.
  • Cutter: False Miracle Matter transforms into a large curved blade. It will begin spinning across the arena, bouncing off of walls, and dealing damage on contact.

One of Dark Matter's forms he can transform into upon reaching half health. In this form he fights similar to how Marx does in Ultimate, utilizing a variant of tricks and powerful attacks.

  • Teleport: False Marx teleports to a different location.
  • Shooter Cutter: False Marx launches four boomeranging cutters around him.
  • Seed Attack: False Marx flies off-screen, raining down seeds that erupt into sharp thorns.
  • Marx Beam: False Marx teleports to the side of the screen before firing a massive beam of energy besides him.
  • Ice Bomb: False Marx spits a bomb from his mouth that explodes and releases an icy wave that travels along the ground.
  • Shadow Upper: False Marx creates a dark shadow that follows the player, before it expands and he flies out of it to damage the player.
  • Black Hole: False Marx appears in the center of the screen, splitting in half and creating a massive black hole, sucking in anyone nearby. If a player gets caught, they take a large amount of damage.

One of Dark Matter's forms he can transform into upon reaching half health. In this form he attacks with a variety of sword attacks and magic.

  • Teleport: False Sectonia teleports to a different location.
  • Silver Rod Shot: False Sectonia launches three orbs of energy directly at the player.
  • Electric Shock: False Sectonia teleports around while firing blasts of thunder under her.
  • Triple Slash: False Sectonia attacks with two slashes followed by a lunging thrust.
  • Multithrust: False Sectonia unleashes a barrage of stabs forward, ending with a final slash.
  • Cross Slash: False Sectonia flies into either the background or the foreground, then rushes towards the player and performs a slash.
  • Teleport Slash: False Sectonia charges her swords with energy, as she teleports several times to create illusions. Then, she'll appear and slash the player.


Ultra Necrozma

Necrozma is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon originating from the Alola region. A creature reminiscent of the Ultra Beasts, it is in constant search of light, of which it feeds on to gain energy. Absorbing both Solgaleo and Lunala, it has transformed into Ultra Necrozma, granting it incredible power.

Ultra Necrozma's EX Form is Eternal Necrozma, gaining an appearance that resembles Eternatus.

  • ?: ?

Egg Wily Machine

The Egg Wily Machine is a giant battle mech built and piloted by Dr. Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and Dr. Wily from the Mega Man series. A massive robot that takes aspects of both the Death Egg Robot and the various Wily Machines, it uses the Glitch as a fuel source, granting it incredible power.

The Egg Wily Machine's EX Form is ?.


The Egg Wily Machine is a surprisingly mobile robot capable of moving between the foreground and the background. Only in the foreground is it vulnerable to attack. The drill hands will damage the player on touch, so players will have to be careful when to attack.

  • Drill Arm: The Egg Wily Machine charges up, before firing one of its drill arms forward. If aimed downward, the Drill Arm will get stuck in the ground, leaving the machine unable to do anything for a bit. It can use these in both the foreground and the background.
  • Stomp: The Egg Wily Machine stomps on the ground, burying anyone under him and creating a shockwave that travels along the ground.
  • Jump: The Egg Wily Machine jumps in an arc, attempting to crush anyone under it.
  • Background Jump: The Egg Wily Machine jumps, then activates its thrusters, using them to hover above the player, before attempting to crush them. Will use this attack when reentering from the background.
  • Missiles: The Egg Wily Machine fires a volley of missiles. Targeting reticles appear on the ground wherever they will land. It can use these in both the foreground and the background.
  • Hand Lasers: The Egg Wily Machine charges up, before firing a beam of energy directly at the player.
  • Flyings Lasers: The Egg Wily Machine goes into the background, flying across the screen while firing lasers from his hands. The player will need to either jump over or duck under these lasers, depending on where the hands are positioned.
  • Skull Laser: The Egg Wily Machine goes into the background and its chest opens, charging up before firing a powerful beam of energy at the player.


Akuma is a reoccurring antagonist in the Street Fighter series. He is the younger brother of Gouken, Ryu's and Ken's master. Unlike his brother, he embraced the Satsui no Hado, giving up his compassion towards others and lusting to become the strongest fighter.

Akuma's EX Form is Shin Akuma, gaining red skin and white hair.


Akuma, despite being one of the smallest bosses in the game, is still just as powerful as other bosses thanks to his wide variety of powerful moves. When at half health, Akuma begins coursing with red energy and giving all of his attacks a boost in speed and power.

  • Ground Combo: A jab, followed by a short straight-punch, followed by a hook, followed by either an uppercut if the enemy is close, or a spinning hook kick, and if the enemy is close.
  • Aerial Combo: A downward angled knee strike, followed by a kick, followed by a downward angled cross.
  • Throw: Akuma grabs the foe, and either performs a seoi nage or a tomoe nage.
  • Kongoken: Akuma performs a heavy punch forward.
  • Senpukyaku: Akuma leaps forward and performs a spin kick.
  • Kikokurenzan: Akuma performs two spinning heel kicks.
  • Zugaihasatsu: Akuma performs a palm chop. Deals high shield damage.
  • Tenmakujinkyaku: When in the air, Akuma performs a diving kick.
  • Gohadoken: Akuma gathers dark energy and shoots a ball of energy from his hands. This projectile has short-range, but deals good damage. Akuma will occasionally charge the attack, increasing its damage.
  • Zanku Hadoken: When in the air, Akuma shoots a Hadouken at a downward angle.
  • Goshoryuken: Akuma performs a rising uppercut, dealing heavy damage to anyone he hits. He will prioritize using this move if you are in the air.
  • Tatsumaki Zankukyaku: Akuma performs a series of flying kicks, dealing multiple hits.
  • Ashura Senku: Akuma glows red before gliding across the ground. Akuma is immune to attacks during the glide, and can pass through the player.
  • Shun Goku Satsu: Akuma rushes forward, grabbing the player upon contact. If the attack lands, the screen darkens as Akuma unleashes a barrage of punches, ending with Akuma striking a pose with his back to the screen. Instantly KOs the player at over 150%, but can only be used once per fight, and only after Akuma is at half health.

Dracula & Death

Count Dracula Vlad Tepes is the main antagonist of the Castlevania series. A powerful immortal vampire, he has amassed a dark army and seeks to destroy the human race. Every 100 years, he is resurrected, only to be stopped by the Belmont clan. Alongside him is Death, Dracula's second in command, who he serves and protects.

Dracula & Death's EX Forms are Nightmare Dracula & Death. Dracula gains inverse colors, while Death gains a black and bright red color.


In the First Phase, Dracula fights similarly to how he does in Ultimate. He'll primarily teleport around the stage and fire off various projectiles. Death on the other hand will occasionally appear above the player to attack them. They share the same health bar, but Dracula can only take damage if the player hits his head.

  • Hellfire: Dracula flings his cape open to launch a spread of fireballs forward.
  • Dark Inferno: Dracula flings his cape open to launch a series of large dark balls of fire forward.
  • Magic Orbs: Dracula holds out his arms to his sides and launches red and blue orbs that revolve around him and fly outward.
  • Flame Pillars: Dracula raises his arm, summoning multiple flame pillars from the ground to damage the player.
  • Bat Moon: Dracula transforms into a swarm of bats and charges forward.
  • Scythe Slash: Death floats above the player before diving down and slashing at enemies with his scythe.
  • Illusion Scythe: Death summons multiple copies of himself, before they all swing their scythe downward.
  • Flying Sickles: Death spins his scythe, summoning sickles that fly towards the player.

In the Second Phase, Dracula uses Soul Steal on Death, absorbing him to become True Dracula. This form is much more aggressive, flying around and covering the screen in attacks.

  • Slam: True Dracula swoops downward and punches the ground in front of him.
  • Stomp: True Dracula flies above the foe before performing a powerful stomp.
  • Hellfire Breath: True Dracula breathes a stream of fireballs that spread out as they fly.
  • Rain of Hellfire: True Dracula flies slowly, while raining down fireballs from the sky.
  • Blood Scythe: True Dracula summons a large red scythe, which he tosses at a downward angle before it curves up. He will usually toss these three times.
  • Wing Crush: True Dracula flies into the background and expands his wings, attempting to crush the player from both sides. The player must attack the wings to prevent them from closing together, otherwise the attack is unavoidable, and can instantly KO you at over 100%.
  • Demonic Megiddo: True Dracula summons a massive orb of Chaos energy, tosses it into the air, and slams it into the middle of the stage, creating a massive explosion. Can only be dodged by going to the sides of the stage. Always performed after Wing Crush.


Giga Mermaid

The Giga Mermaid is a main boss in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. The Queen of the Mermaids, during the events of the game she was captured and mind-controlled by the Techno Baron, who was using her kind (alongside a bunch of maidens he kidnapped and turned into more "mermaids") in a plan to sell them as Monster Chow.

Giga Mermaid's EX Form is Abyssal Giga Mermaid, gaining a black color and a blue bioluminescent glow.


Giga Mermaid primarily fights in the background, attacking the stage with her massive attacks and lightning spells. On the sides of the stage, switches will summon metal structures from the water, acting as platforms. These platforms however will slowly go back down, and can be destroyed with some of Giga Mermaid's attacks. Only the gem of her head is vulnerable to damage.

  • Fist Slam: Giga Mermaid winds up before punching under her. This attack will destroy metal structures.
  • Claw Swipe: Giga Mermaid winds up before slashing along the ground. This attack will destroy metal structures.
  • Tail Slam: Giga Mermaid raises her tail out of the water before slamming it onto the stage. This attack will destroy metal structures.
  • Lightning Orb: Giga Mermaid surges with blue electricity, before firing multiple blue orbs of electricity. These orbs float in place before homing towards the player.
  • Lightning Rain: Giga Mermaid surges with purple electricity, before raining down lightning bolts from the sky. These are signified by purple reticles that appear on the ground.
  • Lightning Beam: Giga Mermaid surges with red electricity, before firing a beam of electricity that travels along the stage.
  • Tide Call: Giga Mermaid appears in the background and roars. A wave of water will approach the stage, and upon reaching it, will create a massive blast of water. This can only be dodged by going on top of the structures that appear. After the wave subsides, Mermaids will appear and attack the player.
  • Ship Wrecker: Giga Mermaid dives into the appear and pulls out a wrecked ship from the ocean, before tossing it at the stage. It can only be dodged by going under the metal structures.


Astazel is the main antagonist for the majority of Reign of Darkness. An intergalactic conqueror with a black ghost-like appearance, he arrives in the World of Trophies with the goal of taking it over. He is the creator of the Glitch, a substance which he uses to take over the minds of the Fighters, granting them immense power at the cost of control over their wills.
  • ?: ?


  • ?: ?


Super Smash Bros. Something Else features ? stages. Something Else cuts a majority of the game's old stages, though many were either replaced with other stages, or combined together into new stages. Like in the previous game, each stage has an Alpha Form, giving it a layout similar to Battlefield, and an Omega Form, giving it a layout similar to Final Destination. New to this game, is the ability turn on and off specific stage hazards and transformations, allowing you to truly customize how the stage acts during the fight.

New Stages


Super Smash Bros.

Battlefield takes place in some ancient ruins, surrounded by waterfalls and temples. The stage consists of a central platform, with three floating platforms, the middle one being higher than the other two. This stage features no hazards, making it great for those who want a fair fight.
Big Battlefield (Ultimate).png

Big Battlefield
Super Smash Bros.

Big Battlefield is similar to Battlefield in-appearance, taking place in the same ancient ruins. Unlike Battlefield, it is much bigger, with six floating platforms above the much larger central platform, all in a triangle-esque formation. Thanks to its large size, it's great for matches that involve more than 4 players.
Final Destination SSBU Stage.jpg

Final Destination
Super Smash Bros.

Final Destination takes place in the middle of space. The stage is very simple, consisting of one central platform. This stage features no hazards, making it great for those who want a fair fight.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 is a stage inspired by the titular game. Serving as a sequel of the Super Mario Maker stage, the stage itself is similar. The stage has a new layout everytime you play on it, containing various objects and hazards like platforms, various blocks, warp pipes, ice blocks, conveyor belts, ON/OFF blocks and switches, and lava. The stage will constantly change styles between Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D World.
Bowser’s Castle MK8.png

Bowser's Castle

Bowser's Castle takes place in the titular location throughout the Mario series. The stage consists of a large platform in the middle, the iconic bridge, with a moving platform in the middle. Alongside that, there are two smaller platforms to the side of the large one. The stage is surrounded by lava, and Lava Bubbles will pop out of the lava to damage players. The biggest hazard is the axe, which will occasionally raise upward and shine, showing it is active. Anyone who hits the axe in this state will cause the bridge to fall, temporarily creating a large chasm in the middle of the stage.

Battle Theater

Battle Theater takes place on a large stage, inspired by the battle screens from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The background will be one of many designs, which is chosen based on the current song playing. The layout is simple, consisting only of a flat stage with walk-offs. The stage's unique aspect is the Audience. Performing combos, dealing powerful hits, parrying attacks, and taunting, will cause more of the audience to begin cheering for you. Audience members will throw out healing items towards the player they like, and may even occasionally throw random objects, or even drop spotlights on players who they don't like.

Last Resort

1200px-YCW screen1.jpg

Crafted World

Warioware gold all mixed up.jpg

WarioWare Gold

WarioWare Gold is an updated version of the original WarioWare Inc. stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Taking place in the series' signature elevator stages, the layout consists of a flat platform, alongside four smaller platforms stacked on either side. It features more microgames from throughout the series.
List of Microgames
  • Arrow Step: Arrows rain down from the sky, and the player must dodge them by moving between the gaps in the arrows.
  • Blowin' Up: Hit all of the party poppers to reveal the picture in the background.
  • Butterfingers: Hit the toast when it pops out of the toaster. First to hit in wins!
  • Cavity Calamity: Find a gap in between the teeth and avoid getting crushed.
  • Clog It!: Keep hitting the roll of toilet paper until it is unrolled.
  • Crack Down: Jump when the man in the background hits the rock. Anyone who is on the ground will be buried.
  • Crazy Cars: Avoid the car by jumping over it. Just be careful, it can suddenly stop or even jump in an attempt to trick you.
  • Dance Party: Taunt when the camera flashes.
  • Don't Move: Don't move at all.
  • Gold Digger: A hand is seen moving back and forth. Hit it, and it will go upwards. If the finger goes up the nose, you win! If it misses, everyone else but the one who hit it wins!
  • Jumpin' Rope: Jump the rope and avoid getting hit.
  • Kitty Cover: Stay under the umbrella and avoid getting wet from the rain.
  • Lose Your Marble: Chisel the block of marble to reveal the creation behind it.
  • Sole Man: Watch for the shadow and dodge out of the way of the massive foot that attempts to stomp on the player.
Stonecarving City.jpg

Stonecarving City

Tropical Freeze SSBL.jpg

Frozen DK Island
Donkey Kong


Gangplank Galleon
Donkey Kong

PSSB 25m.png

Donkey Kong

25m takes place on the classic first level of the original Donkey Kong. It consists of 6 platforms, each sloping downward and connected by ladders. There is also a small platform on top. Occasionally, the 8-bit Donkey Kong will pop out of the background, and begin tossing barrels. These barrels will roll across the stage, occasionally rolling down the ladders, dealing damage to anyone they touch. The oil drum on the bottom will also summon fireballs which will patrol the bottom areas of the stage and damage anyone they touch.
Hyrule / Lorule Castle
The Legend of Zelda
B.S.L. Research Station
SSBA Underworld.png

Kid Icarus

Floral fields sst.jpg

Dreamstalk Tour

KSA Another Dimension.jpg

Another Dimension

Another Dimension takes place in the dimension of the same name from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. The stage primarily takes place on the Lor Starcutter. Occasionally during the match, the Starcutter will stop and go into a scrolling section with various platforms, some of which move. After that, the Lor Starcutter will reappear and the stage repeats.
Krazoa Palace
Star Fox
Pokemon Stadium SSBU.jpg

Pokémon Stadium X

Pokémon Stadium X takes place in a massive stadium. Basically, it combines both the original Pokémon Stadium, alongside Pokémon Stadium 2, into one stage. In its base form, it comprises of one large platform, with two smaller platforms on the side. It can transform into one of 8 forms.
300px-Pokémon League SM.png

Alolan Pokémon League

Wild Area.jpg

Wild Area


New Horizons
Animal Crossing

Venus Lighthouse - Brawl Hack.png

Venus Lighthouse
Golden Sun


Living Room


Dark Lord's Castle

The Reef Thumbnail.jpg

The Reef

Snipperclips Stage 2.jpg

Noisy Notebook

Transient Temple
Ring Fit Adventure
SSBI Gyromite.png


Murasame CastleV.png

Murasame Castle
The Mysterious Murasame Castle

Ruby Illusions stage DSSB.jpg

Ruby Illusions
Sonic the Hedgehog

Tropical Resort (Opening) Screenshot 1.png

Tropical Resort
Sonic the Hedgehog

Puyo Puyo Tetris.jpg

Puyo Puyo Tetris
Puyo Puyo / Tetris


Gear Fortress
Mega Man


Central Highway
Mega Man

43985791 277934659520730 4668237282542105013 n.jpg

Bustling Side Street
Street Fighter

Apex of Temen-ni-gru.jpg

Devil May Cry


Ancient Forest
Monster Hunter


Tower of Salvation



? scale.size 2698x1517.v1569486684.jpg

Bomber Arena

Bomber Arena takes place in the classic grid-based mazes found throughout the Bomberman series. The stage on its own is flat, consisting of one large platform with walkoffs. As time goes on, metal blocks and brick blocks will spawn on the stage. Bricks can be destroyed, but metal blocks can't. After some time, a Bomb may appear, creating a cross-shaped explosion that damages anyone they hit.

N. Sanity Beach
Crash Bandicoot

Artisans stage DSSB.jpg



Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Sky City Tokyo.jpg

Sky City Tokyo
Ninja Gaiden

Glade Of Dreams Obliteration.jpeg

Glade of Dreams

Back ggxxac paris.png

Guilty Gear


Team Fortress 2

2Fort takes place on the titular map originating from the first Team Fortress game. Players fight on the large bridge in the middle, with the roof of the bridge also acting as a platform. The stage has two buildings on the sides, meaning the only way to get KOed is through the top. Occasionally, a Sniper can be heard, and will fire a shot from his Sniper Rifle across the roof of the bridge, dealing high damage to anyone it hits.

No More Heroes

Plains of PassageV.png

Plains of Passage
Shovel Knight

Scuttle Town.png

Scuttle Town

City of Tears.png

Hollow Knight


Inkwell Isles

Inkwell Isles takes place in the main world of Cuphead. It is a travelling stage taking you to various boss arenas in the game.
List of Transformations
  • Botanic Panic: A flat stage with walkoffs. Occasionally, either Sal Spudder or Chauncey Chantenay will appear and attack the player. Sal Spudder will appear on the right side of the screen and spit out balls of dirt. Chauncey Chantenay will appear in the background, firing homing carrots and shooting a psychic blast from his third eye.
  • Floral Fury: A flat stage with three floating platforms and a tree on the right acting as a wall. Cagney Carnation is on the right side of the stage, and attacks by either lunging his face across the screen, shooting either acorns or a sycamore seed that boomerangs across the stage, or turning his head into a gatling gun to rain down seeds that grow into attacking plants.
  • Sugarland Shimmy: A flat stage with a platform in the middle. Baroness Von Bon Bon will pop out of her castle and summon out her subjects to attack the player. Lord Gob Packer chases the player while followed by a trail of his minions, Muffsky Chernikov jumps across the stage and launches frosting wherever he lands, Sargent Gumbo Gumball runs across the screen and rains down gumballs, and Sir Waffington III flies around the screen and occasionally splitting himself to attack anyone around him. The castle acts as a wall, and if a player tries to climb into it, Baroness Von Bon Bon will pop out and fire a blast from her candy cane, dealing damage.
  • Fiery Frolic: A scrolling stage consisting of small cloud platforms. Grim Matchstick will appear on the right side of the stage, shooting large fireballs that travel across the screen in a wave fashion, firing blasts from his eyes, and stabbing players from below with his tail.
  • High Seas Hi-Jinx: Consists of three floating platforms on the left side of the stage that will move in a circular pattern. Cala Maria will appear on the right side of the stage, and attack either by diving into the water and shooting projectiles from a giant fish (Electrifying Elma shoots dolphins which home into enemies, while Fiery Fred shoots bursts of fire that spread out as they fly) or summoning ghost pirates to charge at players.
SanguineBloodShed Stage Snowdin.png



Returning Stages

1200px-SSBU-Princess Peach's Castle.png

Peach's Castle

800px-SSBU-Delfino Plaza.jpg

Delfino Plaza

Mario Galaxy OSSB.png

Good Egg Galaxy

New Donk City Hall (Ultimate).jpg

New Donk City

Mario Circuit SSBU.jpg

Mario Circuit

800px-SSBU-Luigi's Mansion.png

Luigi's Mansion

800px-SSBU-Yoshi's Island (SSBM).png

Yoshi's Island

800px-SSBU-Yoshi's Story.png

Yoshi's Story



KongoFalls SSBU.png

Kongo Falls
Donkey Kong

1200px-SSBU-Jungle Japes.png

Jungle Japes
Donkey Kong

BoxingRing SSBU.png

Boxing Ring

Temple SSBU Stage.png

The Legend of Zelda

800px-SSBU-Bridge of Eldin.png

Bridge of Eldin
The Legend of Zelda

SSBU-Pirate Ship.png

Pirate Ship
The Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda

Great Plateau SSBU Stage.jpg

Great Plateau Tower
The Legend of Zelda



Norfair SSBU.png


Skyworld Beyond Ultimate.png

Kid Icarus

PalutenasTemple SSBU.png

Palutena's Temple
Kid Icarus

SSBU-Reset Bomb Forest.png

Reset Bomb Forest
Kid Icarus

Onett SSBU Stage.png


Magicant SSBU.png


SSBU-Castle Siege.png

Castle Siege
Fire Emblem

Coliseum SSBU Stage.png

Fire Emblem

300px-SSBU-Garreg Mach Monastery.jpg

Garreg Mach Monastery
Fire Emblem

SSBU-Port Town Aero Dive.png

Port Town Aero Dive

150px-SSBU-Big Blue.png

Big Blue

Dream Land SSBU.jpg

Green Greens

800px-SSBU-Fountain of Dreams.png

Fountain of Dreams




Star Fox

Venom SSBU.jpg

Star Fox

LylatCruise SSBU.png

Lylat Cruise
Star Fox

Prism Tower SSBU.jpg

Prism Tower


Animal Crossing

SSBU-Garden of Hope.png

Garden of Hope

Wuhu Island SSBU.jpg

Wuhu Island
Wii Sports

Gaur Plains-0.png

Gaur Plains
Xenoblade Chronicles

SSBU-Cloud Sea of Alrest.jpg

Cloud Sea of Alrest
Xenoblade Chronicles

MorayTowers SSBU.png

Moray Towers


Spring Stadium

SSBU-Flat Zone X.png

Flat Zone X
Game & Watch

Summit SSBU.png

Ice Climbers

800px-SSBU-Duck Hunt.png

Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt

SSBU-Umbra Clock Tower.png

Umbra Clock Tower



Suzaku Castle SSBL.png

Suzaku Castle
Street Fighter

Pac-Maze Stage (Centered).jpg



Mishima Dojo

DraculasCastle SSBU.png

Dracula's Castle

800px-SSBU-Shadow Moses Island 2.jpg

Shadow Moses Island
Metal Gear

Midgar SSBU.png

Final Fantasy

1600px-SSBU Northern Cave.png

Northern Cave
Final Fantasy


Yggdrasil's Altar
Dragon Quest

HollowBastion SSBU.jpg

Hollow Bastion
Kingdom Hearts

800px-SSBU-Spiral Mountain.jpg

Spiral Mountain


New World

KingofFightersStadium SSBU.png

King of Fighters Stadium
Fatal Fury

DLC Stages

Forest Maze stage DSSB.png

Forest Maze


This stage was released alongside Geno.

Harmony Square.jpg

Harmony Square
Astral Chain


This stage was released alongside Officer Howard.

Raccoon City Police Department
Resident Evil

This stage was released alongside Chris.


This stage was released alongside 2B.


The Lawn
Plants vs. Zombies


This stage was released alongside Sunflower.


Hakurei Shrine
Touhou Project


This stage was released alongside Reimu.

Access Ark

This stage was released alongside Susie.


Distorted Spear Pillar


This stage was released alongside Cynthia.


This stage was released alongside Kiryu.


This stage was released alongside Master Chief.

Samurai Shodown

This stage was released alongside Nakoruru.


The Pit
Mortal Kombat

The Pit takes place on the titular stage featured throughout the Mortal Kombat series. It consists of one large platform, with pits on the sides, and a small platform that floats from side to side. The pillars holding up the bridge you're fighting on are lined with spikes, which instantly KO targets at over 100%. Random characters from throughout the Mortal Kombat series can be seen fighting in the background.

This stage was released alongside Scorpion.

The Legend of Zelda

This stage was released alongside Vaati.

Rhythm Heaven Remix
Rhythm Heaven

This stage was released alongside Rhythm Girl.

Summoner's Rift
League of Legends

This stage was released alongside Ahri.

Fortnite TiltedTowers.png

Tilted Towers


This stage was released alongside Jonesy.

Genshin Impact

This stage was released alongside Aether.


This stage was released alongside Zagreus.


This stage was released alongside Raven Beak.

Devil's Machine

This stage was released alongside Porky.

Ace Attorney

This stage was released alongside Phoenix Wright.


This stage was released alongside KOS-MOS.

The World Ends with You

This stage was released alongside Neku.


Hell on Earth


This stage was released alongside Doom Slayer.



Kahoot! takes place in the game's lobby. The layout consists of one large platform, with two smaller platforms on the side. Occasionally during the match, the screen in the background will display a random trivia question related to the Super Smash Bros. series, and the players will need to move to the section where the right answer is. Similar to WarioWare Gold, if the player gets a correct answer, they'll get a power-up.

This stage was released as a bonus for players who purchased all of the Fighter Passes.

List of Questions & Answers
  • When did [Super Smash Bros. game] release? - 1999 (64), 2001 (Melee), 2008 (Brawl), 2014 (4), 2018 (Ultimate), 2030 (Something Else)
  • How many characters does [Super Smash Bros. game] have? - 12 (64), 25 (Melee), 35(Brawl), 51 (4), 89 (Ultimate), 150 (Something Else)
  • What was [character]'s fighter number? - The fighter number of the corresponding character (this question does not include newcomers and echo fighters)
  • What game did [character] debut in? - The name of the corresponding character's debut game
  • What is the name of [character]'s Final Smash? - The name of the corresponding character's Final Smash
  • Which series has the most characters? - Mario / Pokémon (Both answers won't appear at the same time)
  • Which character in this game is the oldest? - Mr. Game & Watch
  • Which character in this game is the youngest? - Aether
  • Which character survived Galeem's attack at the start of World of Light? - Kirby
  • Who was the main villain of the Subspace Emissary? - Tabuu
  • Who was the character that was requested the most in the Smash 4 Fighter Ballot? - Sora
  • True or False: Is Ridley too big? - False
  • TBA


Items are objects that randomly spawn during matches, and can be picked up and used. Many of these items can be picked up, and can either be used as a weapon, or be picked up to provide healing or some kind of status effect. The game features 94 items, with 75 returning from past games, and 19 being new.

AlrunaRender (1).png


A whip containing the soul of a demon who shares the same name as a flower that blooms in Inferno. It possesses long range, and though it causes little damage, every successful attack will drain your target's health, healing you in the process.
Echoes Devil Axe concept.png

Devil Axe
Fire Emblem

An axe that can deal high damage to anyone you hit it with. Just be careful, cause if you miss, the axe might damage you instead!

Energy Tank
Mega Man

Hold it out above you and you will steadily begin restoring health until you're back to 0%. You are left vulnerable while healing, so be careful!
Super Smash Bros.
Toss it and after a delay, it flies into the air, blowing up in a colorful explosion. Deals damage to anyone that touches it as it rises.
Furniture NH Inv Icon.png

Animal Crossing

Toss this leaf and, upon hitting the ground, it creates a random piece of furniture. Most act as platforms and hitting them will move them. They despawn after enough time has passed.
List of Furniture
  • Clothesline: A tall piece of furniture. The clothesline acts as a soft platform.
  • Den Chair: A small piece of furniture. Flies farther than other furniture.
  • Double Sofa: A medium piece of furniture. Acts similar to a Trampoline.
  • Elephant Slide: A medium piece of furniture with a slope on its side, allowing players to walk up it.
  • Fan: A medium piece of furniture that blows away nearby enemies. If it is hit, it will turn around.
  • Froggy Chair: A small piece of furniture. The rarest of all the furniture.
  • Gas Range: A small piece of furniture. If it is hit, it creates fire that damages enemies standing on it.
  • High-end Stereo: A medium piece of furniture. Places a song when hit.
  • Monster Statue: A very large piece of furniture.
  • Refrigerator: A tall piece of furniture.
  • Rocket: A very tall piece of furniture.
  • Toilet: A small piece of furniture. If it is hit, it creates a blast of water upwards that pushes enemies.
  • Tree Standee: Appears in the background. If it is hit, it falls over, damaging enemies and spiking them if they're in the air.
  • Wooden Bookshelf: A large piece of furniture.
  • Wooden Chair: A small piece of furniture.
  • Wooden Table: A medium piece of furniture.

HP Juice

Toss it on the ground and it will spray out a healing juice around it, steadily healing anyone standing in it.
Ice Flower NSMBUD.png

Ice Flower

Shoots a stream of icy wind in front of it, damaging enemies and having a chance to freeze them.


Fires arcing blasts of ink, dealing good damage and covering foes in ink, increasing the damage they take. You cannot turn around while wielding this weapon, but holding up and down allows you to adjust your aim.
SSBS Jarate.png

Team Fortress 2

A jar filled with a strange yellow liquid, if tossed at enemies, it explodes and covers enemies in the stuff. Anyone covered will take increased damage from attacks.
Antispark Jinjo.png


Walks around the stage and can be picked up and thrown, in which it will fly in the direction it is tossed. The color it is determines the pattern it flies in: Purple flies straight, Blue performs a loop, Green curves at an upward angle, Orange curves at a downward angle and Yellow loops around before flying backwards.
Phoenix Down Final Fantasy DSSB.png

Phoenix Down
Final Fantasy

This magical feather will float above the user when it is grabbed. If you, or a teammate are KOed at any point with the item equipped, you will not lose a stock, and will come back to the stage with half of your health restored. The effect however will go away after some time has passed.

Shield Monitor
Sonic the Hedgehog

Destroy this item and you will gain a random shield. These shields absorb the damage of some attacks before eventually breaking or wearing off.
List of Shields
  • Fire Shield: Replaces forward air and back air with the Fireball Dash, launching yourself forward to damage enemies. Also causes minor damage to anyone touching the shield and grants immunity to fire attacks.
  • Thunder Shield: Grants an additional jump and causes you to draw in nearby items. Also causes minor damage to anyone touching the shield and grants immunity to electric attacks.
  • Aqua Shield:Replaces your down air with the Bound Jump, launching yourself downward before bouncing you back into the air upon hitting the ground. Also reduces your falling speed and grants immunity to ice attacks.
Stealth Suit Smash 5.png

Stealth Suit
Star Fox

Pick this up and you'll become temporarily invisible. Sneak up on your enemies and ambush them, but be careful not to reveal your location!
Stomper Boot
Jump inside of this large boot and you gain the ability to stomp on your foes to deal damage. Press down while you're in the air to perform a powerful ground pound, spiking enemies. Be careful however, cause if you take too much damage, you'll be knocked out of the boot.
Super Bell Build.png

Super Bell

Grab this bell and you will gain cat ears and claws. Your attack speed is faster and has less lag, and you gain the ability to crawl, wall climb and wall cling.
Tarot Card
Grab it to summon a Persona to assist you in battle. It will follow you around and perform attacks whenever you attack.
Ultra Hand.gif

Ultra Hand

Fires out a claw that can be used to grab onto distant enemies, pull in items, and grab onto ledges.
UltraSpicySpray Pikmin4.png

Ultra-Spicy Spray

Pick it up and you will gain a red glow, increasing the power of all of your attacks for a short time.
Wario Bomb.png

Wario Bomb

A bomb that explodes on contact, creating a cloud of ... fart gas, dealing damage to anyone inside the cloud while obscuring part of the screen.

Assist Trophy-0.png

Assist Trophy
Super Smash Bros.

Grab it, and you can summon a random Assist that will support you in battle.
Back Shield OSSB.png

Back Shield
Kid Icarus

Gives you a shield that follows behind you, protecting against attacks aimed at your back.

Banana Gun
Super Smash Bros.

Fires a powerful banana as a projectile. Afterwards, you can toss it like a Banana Peel.

Banana Peel

Toss this on the ground and anyone who walks over it will trap, leaving the vulnerable to attacks.

Beam Sword
Super Smash Bros.

A sword that extends in reach depending on the strength of the attack you use.
Beastball SSBU.png

Super Smash Bros.

Toss this baseball and it will suddenly disappear, only to reappear near an enemy to hit them.

Animal Crossing

Toss it at an enemy, and a swarm of bees will follow them and deal damage.

Black Hole
Super Smash Bros.

Upon impact, this item explodes into a black hole, sucking in any nearby enemies and items.

Blast Box
Super Smash Bros.

An explosive crate, it only explodes when it takes a large amount of damage, or if it comes into contact with fire.
Bob-omb walking.png


Can be thrown to blow up an enemy. If left alone, it will come to life and blow up anyone that touches it.

The Legend of Zelda

Toss this bomb and it will crawl along surfaces until it finds an enemy, in which case it explodes.
Boomerang SSBU.png


Toss it at enemies to damage them. Then it returns to you and you can throw it again!
Boss galaga.png

Boss Galaga

Toss this, and it will fly to the top of the screen. Then, it will fly towards an enemy and send down a tractor beam, catching the enemy and dragging them to the blast line.
Bullet Bill Art SMWU.png

Bullet Bill

Transform into a Bullet Bill and blast yourself towards enemies, dealing high damage to anyone in your way.

Super Smash Bros.

Place this on the stage and anyone who touches it will be knocked away. The player who throws it is affected as well.

Bunny Hood
The Legend of Zelda

Grants whoever picks it up bunny ears, increasing the user's speed and jump height.

Super Smash Bros.

Break it or throw it and it will release other items for you to use.

The Legend of Zelda

Throw it at enemies or hit it and it will call out, summoning a hoard of Cuccos to attack the player.
Daybreak Spirit.png

Daybreak Parts
Kid Icarus

Pick up all three parts and you can fire a powerful beam of energy in front of you.
Death's Scythe.png

Death's Scythe

A weapon that instantly KOs an enemy if they are at a high enough percentage.
Deku Nut Legend of Zelda.png

Deku Nut
The Legend of Zelda

Toss this at enemies to stun them, leaving your enemies vulnerable to attacks.

Dragoon Parts

Pick up all three parts and you can fly into the stage and charge into enemies for an instant KO.

Drill Arm
Kid Icarus

Allows you to fire a drill that deals multiple hits and can carry an enemy to the blast line. After being fired, the base can be thrown as a weapon.
Fairy Bottle.png

Fairy Bottle
The Legend of Zelda

Heals you for 100% if you are at 100% or higher. If you have low health, you can throw it at enemies to damage them. Just be careful not to throw it when they're at 100%.
Fake Smash Ball Ultimate.png

Fake Smash Ball
Super Smash Bros.

Flies around similar to a Smash Ball. If it takes enough damage, it creates an explosion that damages anyone nearby.
Super Smash Bros.
Swing this at enemies for rapid damage! Also breaks through shields very easily.
Fire Bar SSBL.png

Fire Bar

A damaging bar of fire that grows shorter with each attack.
Fire Flower Artwork - New Super Mario Bros.png

Fire Flower

Shoots a stream of fire in front of it, damaging enemies.

Super Smash Bros.

Heals you for a small amount of percent.
List of Food
  • Apple: A juicy red apple with a yellow bottom. Restores 4%.
  • Banana: A bunch of three yellow bananas. Restores 5%.
  • Bread: A large loaf of bread. Restores 10%.
  • Carrot: A long carrot with a green stem. Restores 5%.
  • Cheese: A wedge of Swiss cheese. Restores 6%.
  • Cherries: Two cherries attached by a stem. Restores 4%.
  • Chili Dog: A hot dog covered in cheese and chili. Restores Restores 7%.
  • Chocolate Bar: A 3-by-5 partially wrapped in foil. Restores 5%.
  • Coffee: A white cup on a saucer with black coffee in it. Restores 3%.
  • Decorative Curry: A plate of curry, rice on one side and meat on the other, made to resemble an Eevee and a Pikachu. Restores 10%.
  • Donut: A donut with the top glazed in chocolate icing. Restores 5%.
  • Dubious Food: Food so bad you can’t even look at it. Restores 1%.
  • Eggs: A plate with two sunny-side up fried eggs and two strips of bacon. Restores 5%.
  • French Fries: Fries served in a grey box with the Smash Bros. symbol on it. Restores 3%
  • Grapes: A cluster of red grapes. Restores 5%.
  • Hamburger: A burger with a sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a beef patty. Restores 7%.
  • Ice Cream: A wafer cone with a mix of vanilla and strawberry ice cream. Restores 6%.
  • Invincible Candy: A white and red lollipop on a stick with a yellow star. Restores 4%.
  • Lemon: A pair of lemons with leaves. Restores 6%
  • Lon Lon Milk: A bottle of milk from Lon Lon Ranch. Restores 5%.
  • Meat: A cartoony chunk of grilled meat with a bone in the middle. Restores 7%.
  • Onigiri: Rice molded into a triangle and held by a strip of seaweed. Restores 5%.
  • Orange Juice: A glass of orange juice with an orange slice on it. Restores 3%.
  • Pineapple: A whole pineapple with its rind and stem. Restores 5%.
  • Pizza: A thin-crust pizza with sauce, cheese and pepperoni, inside a pizza box. Restores 10%.
  • Popcorn: A red-and-white striped bucket filled with popcorn. Restores 6%.
  • Ramen: A bowl filled with ramen noodles, seaweed, egg, fish cake and roast pork. Restores 7%.
  • Rare Candy: A candy with a blue wrapper. Restores 15%.
  • Salad: A mixed-vegetable salad in a bowl topped with dressing. 6%.
  • Soda: A glass of cola with ice. Restores 3%.
  • Steak: A slab of grilled steak. Restores 12%.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: A two-layer shortcake with whipped cream and strawberries. Restores 10%.
  • Sushi: A wooden tray with various sushies. Restores 10%.
  • Tempura: A plate with three pieces of shrimp tempura garnished with parsley. Restores 6%.
  • Turkey: A whole roast turkey on a plate. Restores 15%.
  • Watermelon: A round watermelon. Restores 8%.

Franklin Badge

Equip it and all projectiles fired at you will be reflected.
Freezie SM3DW.png


Toss this at enemies to freeze them, leaving them vulnerable to damage.

Gooey Bomb
Super Smash Bros.

A bomb that sticks to enemies and explodes after a set time. You can pass it by touching other players.

Golden Hammer
Wrecking Crew

A more powerful version of the regular Hammer. You can float by pressing the attack button repeatedly while using the item.
Green Shell.png

Green Shell

When thrown, attacked or jumped on, it slides along the ground and damages anyone in its way. It also bounces off of walls.
Gust Bellows - Smash Bros.png

Gust Bellows
The Legend of Zelda

Shoots out a gust of wind that pushes back enemies.


Pick it up and you'll begin rapidly swinging this hammer in front of you, dealing high damage to anyone you hit. You cannot use any other attacks or double jump until the Hammer's attack is over.
Heart Container.png

Heart Container
The Legend of Zelda

Heals you for 100%.

Home-Run Bat
Super Smash Bros.

Perform a forward smash and you can perform a powerful baseball swing, instantly KOing anyone you hit.

Insight Staff
Kid Icarus

Fires a blast that increases in damage the farther you are from your target.

Killer Eye
Kid Icarus

When placed on a surface, it begins firing blasts of energy from its eye. Hitting it will cause it to turn around.
Killing Edge SSBU.png

Killing Edge
Fire Emblem

A blade that increases in strength and knockback when it is glowing.
Launch Star.png

Launch Star

Toss this item and it will expand into a launch star, catching enemies that touch it and launching them in the direction it was first thrown.


When touched, it strikes all your enemies, shrinking them and increasing the knockback they take. Can backfire.

Lip's Stick
Panel de Pon

Hit enemies with this and a flower will grow on them, causing them to begin taking damage overtime.

Master Ball

Toss it and you can summon a Legendary Pokémon to support you in battle.

Maxim Tomato

Heals you for 50%.

Metal Box

Pick it up and you will become coated in metal, increasing your weight and falling speed and also reducing the effects of flinching.

Motion-Sensor Bomb
Super Smash Bros.

A bomb that sticks to surfaces, and explodes whenever an enemy steps on it.

Mr. Saturn

Walks around the stage and can be knocked away with attacks. It deals minor damage when thrown, but instantly breaks shields.
Ore Club SRL.png

Ore Club
Kid Icarus

A heavy weapon that launches tornadoes when performing a Smash Attack.

Animal Crossing

Embeds itself into the ground after being thrown. If an enemy touches that spot, they will be buried.
Poison Mushroom.png

Poison Mushroom

Slides across the stage. Anyone who touches it will be shrunk, increasing the knockback they take.
Poké Ball OSSB.png

Poké Ball

Toss it and you can summon a Pokémon to support you in battle.
POW Block - Dry Bones Kart Wii.png

POW Block

When thrown, it creates an earthquake that launches away anyone standing on the ground.

Ramblin' Evil Mushroom

Shoots spores that place a mushroom on the enemy's head, reversing their controls.

Ray Gun
Super Smash Bros.

Shoots blasts of energy with infinite horizontal range.
Red Shell.png

Red Shell

When thrown, attacked or jumped on, it slides along the ground and homes into the nearest enemy.

Rocket Pack

Gives you a jetpack that allows you to fly freely for a short time.

Super Smash Bros.

Hit it and it will produce random items for you to use.

Screw Attack

Allows you to perform a Screw Attack every time you jump, damaging nearby enemies.

Smart Bomb
Star Fox

Creates an incredibly large explosion that expands overtime.
Smash Ball Ultimate.png

Smash Ball
Super Smash Bros.

Flies around the screen. If it is broken, the player can perform their Final Smash.

Soccer Ball

A soccer ball that can be hit to send it flying into enemies. The harder you hit it, the farther it flies.
Special Flag DSSB.png

Special Flag

Hold it above your head and if you are not hit for long enough, you gain a special boost, depending on the mode.
Special Flag Effects
  • Time: Gives the user an extra point.
  • Stock: Gives the user an extra stock.
  • Stamina: Gives the user an extra stock.
  • Coin: Gives the user 50 coins.
  • Crown: Gives the user 20 points.
  • Tag: Grants immunity to being tagged for a short time. If you are tagged while using this item, the tag will transfer to the player closest to winning.

Spiny Shell

Toss it and it will begin hovering a lead player, before eventually crashing downward and creating a powerful explosion. A well-timed dodge or platform can be used to avoid it.

Star Rod

A wand that can not only be used as a melee weapon, but also launches star projectiles to hit enemies from afar.
Steel Diver Blue Shark item Smash Bros.png

Steel Diver
Steel Diver

Fires out missiles that, while slow at first, can deal good damage.

Stop Watch

When touched, it slows down all of your enemies for a short time. Can backfire.
Super Leaf - Mario Kart X.png

Super Leaf

Gives the player raccoon ears and a tail, allowing them to hover in the air by holding the jump button.

Super Mushroom

Slides across the stage. Anyone who touches it will grow, increasing your damage and reducing knockback.

Super Scope

A gun with two firing modes, small but rapid energy pulses, or a chargeable energy blast that deals considerable damage.
Super Star NSMB2.png

Super Star

When touched, it gives the user temporary invincibility.

Superspicy Curry

Causes the player to begin spewing spicy flames from their mouth, damaging anyone in front of them. Also grants a speed boost.

Clu Clu Land

Toss it on the ground and it will extend its spikes and damage anyone that touches it.
KRTDL Warp Star.png

Warp Star

Pick it up and you will fly into the air, before crashing down. Hold a direction to move a slight bit, but be careful not to fly off the stage!
X Bomb - Kid Icarus- Uprising.png

X Bomb
Kid Icarus

A bomb that creates a large cross-shaped explosion.


Assist Trophies

Assist Trophies are characters summoned when using their namesake item, the Assist Trophy. Something Else features 80 Assist Trophies, 54 returning from previous games, and 26 being newcomers. Like in Ultimate, KOing an Assist Trophy awards the player with a point.

Aerith Gainsborough from FFVII Remake battle render.png

Final Fantasy

Aerith Gainsborough is a main character in Final Fantasy VII and its remake. A girl selling flowers in the slums of Midgar, she is the last of the Cetra, an ancient race capable of sensing the planet's life force. Because of this, she had been hunted down by the Shinra Electric Power Company for much of her life. After meeting Cloud in Midgar, the two become close, leading to her joining Cloud on his quest to fight Shinra and hunt down Sephiroth.

When summoned, Aerith will cast one of four spells that are chosen at random. Healing Wind heals the summoner for half their percentage, Fury Brand increases the summoner's damage and fills up any meters or ammo they have, Planet Protector grants the summoner temporary invincibility, and Seal Evil prevents all of the summoner's enemies from using special moves for some time. She can't be defeated.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy Rose is a main character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, having a crush on him ever since they met and attempting to win his heart by any means during their adventure. She is cheerful, energetic and doesn't let anyone stop her, much to Sonic's dismay.

?. She can be defeated.

Bald Bull.png

Bald Bull

Bald Bull is a reoccurring boxer in the Punch-Out!! series. A man hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, and like his namesake, boasts incredible strength and an extremely bad temper. His signature Bull Charge can KO Little Mac in his home games if he gets hit by it.

When summoned, Bald Bull will wind up, standing in place and armoring through all attacks, before rushing forward and unleashing a powerful uppercut. This attack is capable of KOing enemies at low percentages. He can be defeated.

Birdo MP9.png


Birdo is a reoccurring character in the Mario franchise. A pink dinosaur with a large bow, she first made her appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2 as an antagonist. Ever since however, she has often appeared as an ally, and is often partnered up with Yoshi in the spin-off games.

When summoned, Birdo will pace back and forth, firing eggs out of her mouth as projectiles. These deal damage on contact, but the player can also jump on top of these eggs and ride them as they fly across the screen. She can be defeated.

Caeda Fire Emblem Warriors.png

Fire Emblem

Caeda is a playable unit in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and its sequel, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. She is the pure-hearted princess of Talys, daughter of King Mostyn, and a childhood friend and later wife of Marth. After Marth helps her defeat a group of pirates, she joins him on his quest to defeat Medeus.

?. She can be defeated.

Conker SSBUltimate.png


Conker the Squirrel is the main protagonist of the Conker series. An anthropomorphic red squirrel, while in his first few appearances he was nice and friendly, in Conker's Bad Fur Day he becomes more brash, greedy and alcoholic. After getting drunk, he stumbles into the Panther Kingdom, forcing him to fight against the Panther King's minions in order to get back home to his girlfriend Berri.

When summoned, Conker pulls out one of several weapons. If he pulls out a Frying Pan, a Chainsaw or a Katana, he'll rush toward the nearest enemy and attack them. The Frying Pan deals less damage but has higher knockback and the Chainsaw deals multiple hits. If he pulls out twin SMGs or a Bazooka, he'll stand in place and fire the weapon. The SMGs deal rapid damage but don't cause enemies to flinch. The Bazooka deals heavy damage but the projectile is slow. He can be defeated.

IAT Doctor Neo Cortex.png

Dr. Neo Cortex
Crash Bandicoot

Dr. Neo Cortex is the main antagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series. Born to a family of clowns, his love of science got him teased and eventually got a large N tattooed on his head. Now an evil doctor, he seeks to take over the world using an army of mutated animals. Unfortunately, this plan would create Crash as we know him, and he would stop Cortex from his plans of ever taking over the world.

When summoned, Cortex flies into the background on his Hoverboard, and attacks by firing various shots from his Ray Gun. Pink shots are fired in three-shot bursts and aimed directly at enemies, blue shots will fly across the screen in a wavy pattern, and green shots take a bit to charge but create an explosion and deal the most damage. He can't be defeated.


Taiko no Tatsujin

Don Wada, better known as Don-chan, is the main protagonist of the Taiko no Tatsujin series. He and his twin brother Katsu were born where a pair of tamashii were fused into taiko drums. Taken care of by Master Bachio, a pair of drum sticks, they were taught how to play taiko drums.

When summoned, Don-Chan will begin playing to the beat of some Japanese-styled music, as various characters from the series are seen dancing in the background. Anyone nearby enemies will begin taunting uncontrollably, leaving them vulnerable to damage. He can't be defeated.


Untitled Goose Game

The Goose is the main character of Untitled Goose Game. Your ordinary goose living in an English village, the player controls the goose as they spend their day performing a variety of tasks on a to-do list. These often involve stealing a variety of things, or annoying the town's inhabitants.

When summoned, the Goose will walk towards the enemy, and begin grabbing and pulling at them. This will briefly stun them. The Goose will also steal any nearby items, including items held by other players. It can't be defeated.

Horney Hollow Knight.png

Hollow Knight

Hornet is a major character in Hollow Knight, and the protagonist of its sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong. The daughter of the Pale King and Herrah the Beast, she is the mysterious princess-protector of Hallownest's ruins, chasing off those who seek to desecrate them. Sensing the awakening of the Infection, she started wandering Hallownest and worked to find a way to stop its impending doom.

When summoned, Hornet will swiftly jump around the stage, and attack either by lunging at the player with her needle, launching her needle as a projectile before having it return to her, or use the Gossamer Storm to unleash a slicing attack with a thread all around her. She can be defeated.

Jibanyan ssbc.png

Yo-kai Watch

Jibanyan is a main character and mascot of the Yo-kai Watch series. A Rank-D Fire-attribute Yokai of the Charming tribe with a love for Chocobars, he was originally a cat named Rudy, owned by a girl named Amy. After getting run over by a truck, he mistakenly believes that Amy was disappointed with how easily he died, and so, he became a Yo-kai, inspiriting the street where he died and fighting any trucks that come by. After meeting a boy named Nate, they form a friendship, and he would help out Nate on his many adventures.

When summoned, Jibanyan lunges toward nearby enemies and attacks with his Soultimate, Paws of Fury. This attack deals rapid damage and ends with a final blow that launches foes. He can be defeated.

Mai Shiranui.png

Fatal Fury

Mai Shiranui is a reoccurring playable character in both the Fatal Fury series and The King of Fighters series. A beautiful kunoichi from Japan best known for her outfit (or lack thereof), her grandfather trained Terry's brother Andy and she herself has a bit of a crush on him.

When summoned, Mai will generally attempt to rush towards the enemy. At long range she'll use Kachousen, tossing her fan forward as a projectile to open the enemy up. When she gets close, she'll attack with either a combo of kicks and fan strikes, Hissatsu Shinobi-Bachi, a cartwheel before striking with her elbow, or Musasabi no Mai, a jump into the air before diving downward. She can be defeated.

Community Medic Strategy Header.png

Team Fortress 2

The Medic is one of the 9 playable classes in Team Fortress 2. A German man of medicine (he lost his medical license when he pulled out someone's skeleton) with no regard for the lives of others, he acts as the game's primary healing class, utilizing his Medigun to heal teammates, while staying out of the line of combat.

When summoned, the Medic will follow behind his summoner, using his Medigun to heal them over time. He can be defeated.


Plague Knight
Shovel Knight

Plague Knight is a character in Shovel Knight. He is a member of the Order of No Quarter, serving the Enchantress as her master alchemist. He is also the protagonist of Plague of Shadows, a parallel story in which he seeks to create the Ultimate Potion.

When summoned, Plague Knight jumps around the stage, tossing bombs that explode upon contact with the ground. He can also launch himself into the air and launch down a volley of bombs, or summon vats that explode upon contact with explosives. He can be defeated.



Poochy is a dog that appears throughout many of the Yoshi games. He is Yoshi's loyal dog companion, allowing Yoshi to ride on his back to traverse across hazardous terrain like lava and spikes.

When summoned, Poochy will wander around and, after noticing something, will begin digging into the ground, pulling out items or dirt chunks that damage enemies on hit. He'll push anyone that's in his way, and players can even ride on him as a moving platform. He can't be defeated.

Pyramid Head.png

Pyramid Head
Silent Hill

Pyramid Head, is a reoccurring monster throughout the Silent Hill series. First appearing in Silent Hill 2, he stalks the protagonist, James Sunderland, who comes to the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Mary. A creature of vengeance and justice who inflicts punishment on those who deserve it, he is a manifestation of James' wish to be punished for murdering his wife.

When summoned, the stage transforms into Silent Hill as Pyramid Head slowly makes his way towards the nearest enemy. Swarms of Creepers will litter the stage, trapping foes and dealing constant damage to them. If Pyramid Head gets close to an enemy he'll perform a powerful downward slash. If the enemy is at over 100%, he'll instead attempt to grab the enemy, raising them into the air before stabbing them with his blade, instantly KOing them. He can't be defeated.



Qbby is the main protagonist of the BOXBOY! series. A white cube with two small eyes and legs, he has the ability to generate boxes from his body, which he uses to navigate levels and solve puzzles.

When summoned, Qbby will walk around the stage, and begin summoning lines of boxes. While he is summoning them, anyone touching these boxes will take damage. Once he is done, he'll either drop them on the ground, or use them to teleport to another part of the stage. He can be defeated.


Cave Story

Quote is the main protagonist of Cave Story. A combat robot, he, alongside another robot named Curly Brace, were sent to a floating island to destroy an artifact known as the Demon Crown, and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

When summoned, Quote attacks primarily with his signature weapon, the Polar Star, firing out rapid shots in front of him while jumping around. He can also toss the Blade as a projectile, which boomerangs back to him. He'll generally try to stay away from the enemy. He can be defeated.

Rambi DKCR.png

Donkey Kong

Rambi the Rhino is a reoccurring character in the Donkey Kong series. An ally of the Kongs, he is one of the series' many Animal Friends. Finding him inside of a crate allows the player to ride him, charge into enemies, and break down walls.

When summoned, Rambi will run around the stage, charging into any enemy in his way. Players can also use his back as a temporary platform. He can be defeated.


Kingdom Hearts

Riku is a reoccurring character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Sora's best friend and rival whose desire to see something greater beyond his tiny, secluded island home led to him being seduced by the forces of darkness. But once he realizes the harm he's caused, he begins working in the shadows to assist Sora in whatever way possible, eventually wielding his own Keyblade and tempering his inner darkness to channel it for the forces of light.

When summoned, Riku jumps into the air and spins forward, traveling straight forward and back while delivering a circling slash with the Soul Eater. He can be defeated.

Sylux mph Artwork 2.png


Sylux is an antagonist in Metroid Prime Hunters. A powerful Bounty Hunter who came into possession of several Federation prototype technologies which he uses to deadly effect. Very little is known about Sylux, other than that he harbors a strong hatred for the Galactic Federation, and Samus Aran by association.

When summoned, Sylux will attack players with the Shock Coil, a beam of electric energy. He'll also go into his Lockjaw form and drop down Electric Bombs, which create an electric current between each other that damage enemies. He can be defeated.


Three Mage Sisters

Francisca, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne, collectively known as the Three Mage Sisters are a trio of antagonists in the Kirby series. They are followers of Hyness and priestesses of the Jambastion religion, who worship a being known as Void. Each has control over the elements, with Francisca controlling ice, Flamberge controlling fire, and Zan Partizanne controlling electricity.

When summoned, each of the Mage Sisters will follow a random player, and attack them. Francisca attacks with her labrys which has a chance to freeze enemies. Flamberge attacks with her sword, which launches foes far. Zan Partizanne attacks with her partisan, which racks up damage quickly. They can each be individually defeated.


Tron Bonne
Mega Man

Tron Bonne is a reoccurring character in the Mega Man Legends series. She is the only daughter of the Bonne family, a group of Air Pirates. She is a genius mechanic who handles the construction of the family's machines, and is the creator of the Servbots.

Piloting the Gustaff, when summoned, she'll jump around the stage, creating earthquakes wherever she lands. The Gustaff will attack either by firing out Servbots, which will grab onto enemies and leave them vulnerable to attacks, pulling out and tossing large boulders, or rushing foes with a multi-hitting drill. She can be defeated.



Undyne is a major reoccurring character in Undertale. A fish-like monster, she is the leader of the Royal Guard, a group responsible for protecting Asgore and finding the 7th human SOUL. She is loud, brash and strong, but is very stubborn and hates losing.

When summoned, Undyne jumps around and tosses spears towards enemies. When these spears come near enemies, they spin around before flying towards their current location. She can't be defeated.

Zangief Real.png

Street Fighter

Zangief, also known as the Red Cyclone, is a reoccurring playable character in the Street Fighter series. A professional wrestler, he is a Russian national hero who fights for the glory of his country and his love of wrestling and bodybuilding.

When summoned, Zangief will walk slowly towards the enemy. He has super armor, but will flinch against more powerful attacks. If he gets close to the enemy, he'll grab them and perform his signature Spinning Piledriver, jumping into the air and slamming the enemy into the ground. He can also attack with a spinning lariat, dealing damage to anyone nearby and absorbing projectiles. He can be defeated.

Zeke Xenoblade.png

Xenoblade Chronicles

Zeke von Genbu is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. A tall, flamboyant swordsman with a flair for dramatic threats and an unlucky streak as long as history who seeks the Aegis, leading him into conflict with Rex and the party on multiple occasions. He's accompanied by his Blade (and all-around handler, much to her exasperation) Pandoria.

?. He can be defeated.


Virtua Fighter

Akira Yuki is the mascot of the Virtua Fighter series. He is a practitioner of Bājíquán, of which he is the foremost in this style. When he learns of the World Fighting Tournament, he joins in order to further hone his Bājíquán techniques and to understand what "true fighting" is about.

Appearing in his classic appearance, when summoned, Akira will attack his enemies with a variety of martial arts attacks, including his signature Tetsuzanko, grabbing his opponent and slamming them. He can also block incoming attacks. He can be defeated.

Alucard Spirit 1.png


Alucard, full name Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş, is a reoccurring main character in the Castlevania series. The half-human, half-vampire son of Dracula, after his mother Lisa is killed and his father declares war on humanity, Alucard chooses to oppose him, and fight for humanity.

When Alucard is summoned, Alucard will attack with the Crissaegrim, dealing rapid damage to anyone in front of him. He can also transform into a bat and charge at enemies, or assume a mist form to dodge incoming attacks. He can be defeated.

Andross class.png

Star Fox

Andross is the main antagonist of the Star Fox series. A gifted scientist employed by the Cornerian Army, when his research had gone too far, he was banished to the planet Venom. Declaring himself emperor, he seeks to exact his revenge and one day rule the Lylat System.

Appearing in his classic appearance from the original Star Fox, when summoned, Andross will appear in the background and begin spinning metal tiles onto the stage. He can't be defeated.

Arcade Bunny 2.png

Arcade Bunny
Nintendo Badge Arcade

The Arcade Bunny is the mascot of Nintendo Badge Arcade. An anthropomorphic rabbit, he acts as the guide to players in the application. He has described working at the Badge Arcade as his dream job and employs a vast array of expressions and humor.

When summoned, the Arcade Bunny begins operating a large claw machine that will attempt to grab enemies. The higher a player's percentage, the harder it is to break out. The claw machine will attempt to grab three enemies before going away. He can't be defeated.

Ashley SSB4 Trophy.png


Ashley is a reoccurring character in the WarioWare series. A young witch-in-training, she lives in a haunted mansion in Diamond City. Her partner Red transforms into her magic wand and broomstick. Though she is shy and quick to anger, she secretly wants to find more friends.

When summoned, Ashley will create a large purple cloud around her. Anyone within the cloud will be slowed, alongside gaining other negative effects like becoming invisible, causing food to damage the player, and making recovery moves useless. She can't be defeated.

Black Knight Path of Radiance DSSB.png

Black Knight
Fire Emblem

Black Knight, real name Zelgius, is a major antagonist in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its sequel Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. One of Daein's Four Riders, he and Ike have a rivalry after he killed his former mentor and Ike's father, Greil, in a duel. Though at first thought to be defeated after a duel with Ike, he manages to survive and protects Micaiah, the leader of the Dawn Brigade.

When summoned, the Black Knight will slowly make his way toward the enemy, armoring through all attacks. If he gets close to an enemy, he'll swing his sword, Alondite, dealing high damage. He can be defeated.

Burrowing Snagret.png

Burrowing Snagret

The Burrowing Snagret is a reoccurring boss in the Pikmin series. A member of the Snavian family, they have a blue snake-like body and the head of a bird. They are often found underground, hiding from its prey before striking from below.

When summoned, the Burrowing Snagret will attack by pecking at the nearby enemies. If no one is nearby, it will burrow into the ground and suddenly reappear in another location. It can be defeated.


Chain Chomp

Chain Chomps are reoccurring enemies in the Mario series. They're large dog-like creatures in the shape of a large iron ball, with eyes and incredibly sharp teeth. They will attack by lunging at Mario, though because of the post they are attached to they can't go very far.

When summoned, the Chain Chomp will stay near its post and lunge at nearby enemies, dealing damage. They are immune to and armor through all attacks, but hitting their stake allows you to defeat them.

ChefKawasaki SSBUltimate.png

Chef Kawasaki

Chef Kawasaki is a reoccurring mid-boss and occasional ally in the Kirby series. This chef attacks with a wide variety of cooking based attacks, from frying Kirby in a pan to cooking his foes in a large pot. When Kirby inhales him, he gains the Cook ability.

When summoned, Chef Kawasaki will use his ladle to grab nearby enemies. If the attack lands, he'll stick the enemy into a pot and cook them, dealing damage and causing food to pop out. He can be defeated.

Color TV Game 15 black bordered.png

Color TV-Game 15
Color TV-Game

Color TV-Game 15 is a console from the Color-TV Game line of consoles. One of Nintendo's first forays into the video game industry, it features 15 games such as tennis and hockey.

When summoned, two paddles will appear and begin rallying a dot back and forth. The dot will ricochet off of surfaces, and both it and the paddles deal damage to anyone who touches them. They can't be defeated.


Devil World

The Devil is the main antagonist of Devil's World. In his origin game he tries to thwart the efforts of the heroic dragon Tamagon to destroy him and seal Devil World away for eternity.

When summoned, the Devil flies up to the top of the screen, and begins pointing in various directions. Whichever direction the Devil points, the screen and blast lines will move. He can't be defeated.

Dillon - Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers.png

Dillon's Rolling Western

Dillon, the Red Flash, is the main protagonist of Dillon's Rolling Western. A silent armadillo, he protects villages from rock monsters known as Grocks, who seek to eat their livestock.

When summoned, Dillon will curl into a ball and charge at enemies to damage them. After some time, he'll attack with his signature move, the Arma-Charge, which deals more damage than his normal roll attack. He can be defeated.


Dr. Kawashima
Brain Age

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima is the host and creator of the Brain Age series. A neuroscientist from Chiba City, Japan, in his game he helps the player through various activities like math and reading.

When summoned, Dr. Kawashima floats into the background, and numbers will begin floating around the screen. Players can hit these numbers to have them fly in a different direction. If two numbers meet, they will add together. If the resulting number is 10, it creates a very powerful explosion. If the resulting number is over 10, it creates a less damaging explosion. He can't be defeated.


Dr. Wily
Mega Man

Dr. Albert Wily is the main antagonist of the classic Mega Man series. Once a respected scientist and colleague of Dr. Light, they had a falling out after Dr. Wily's inventions and experiments were deemed unethical and dangerous. Years later, he would amass a robotic army, of which he would try to use to conquer the world.

When summoned, Dr. Wily attacks in his Wily Capsule. It will either attack by shooting off four homing projectiles of fire, ice or lightning, the latter of which can freeze and stun enemies respectively. The capsule can also perform a spinning ram attack, which deals heavy damage. He can be defeated.


Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright is a character from the SNES version of SimCity. He acts as your adviser, providing various tips and advice on how to manage and run their own city, alongside warning the player of any natural disasters.

When summoned, Dr. Wright will use his baton to summon three massive skyscrapers which launch enemies into the air. If he is damaged, the skyscrapers he summons will be even larger and deal even more damage. He can be defeated.



The Excitebike is a brand of high-performance motocross bike featured in the game Excitebike. Riding on by Excitebikers, they are capable of performing a turbo boost that speeds them up, though it causes the engine to overheat if it is used for too long. They are also capable of performing incredibly large jumps.

When summoned, multiple Excitebikers are spawned and begin riding around the stage, damaging anyone in their way. They can be defeated.

Ghirahim Official.png

The Legend of Zelda

Ghirahim is a major antagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A demon lord, he constantly switches between someone who is flamboyant and confident, to someone psychotic and remorseless. He seeks to revive his master Demise by using Zelda's essence.

When summoned, he'll attack enemies with his sword, and also toss a flurry of knives on the enemy. He is capable of teleporting, and can use it to dodge attacks and sneak up on enemies. He can be defeated.



Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde, collectively known as the Ghosts, are the main antagonists of PAC-MAN. In-game, they chase down PAC-MAN, and a single touch will cause PAC-MAN to lose a life. If PAC-MAN gets a Power Pellet, he can eat them, causing them to be reduced to eyes and retreat to the middle of the maze.

When summoned, the Ghosts will float around and attempt to run into enemies to damage them. Blinky actively chases enemies, Inky moves opposite of Blinky, Pinky tries to get in front of the enemy, and Clyde moves randomly. After some time has passed, they will speed up before disappearing. They can be defeated.

Gray Fox Spirit.png

Gray Fox
Metal Gear

Gray Fox, real name Frank Jaeger, is a character from the Metal Gear series. A mercenary and former agent of FOXHOUND, he was once friends with Snake before he was forced to combat him. Following the battle, he was outfitted with an exoskeleton and transformed into a cyborg. He dedicates his life to fighting against Snake.

When summoned, Gray Fox rushes towards enemies, and attacks at blinding speed with his sword. If a projectile is fired at him, he'll use his sword to reflect it. He can be defeated.

Guile SF×TK.png

Street Fighter

Guile is a reoccurring playable character in the Street Fighter series. Hailing from the United States, he was taught to fight by his friend Charlie Nash. When Charlie goes missing during an investigation of Shadaloo, Guile swore to find his friend and bring him home.

When summoned, Guile will crouch in place, firing off Sonic Booms at distant enemies, and blocking attacks. If an enemy tries to attack him from above, he'll perform his signature Flash Kick. He can be defeated.

Hammer Bro. Party 8.png

Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bros. are a reoccurring enemy in the Mario series. These elite members of the Bowser's army are among the most annoying enemies Mario will face. Often found in pairs, they are equipped with an endless supply of hammers, which they toss at Mario.

When summoned, Hammer Bro. will pace back and forth and toss hammers that arc across the air and pass through platforms. He'll also occasionally jump if there is a platform above him. He can be defeated.


Infantry & Tanks
Nintendo Wars

Infantry & Tanks are two types of units from the Nintendo Wars series. They are basic ground units in their games. Infantry are weak but can capture enemy properties. Tanks are more powerful than Infantry, but are outclassed by other more powerful units.

When summoned, an air raid siren will sound and groups of these units emerge, firing projectiles at enemies in their way. Infantry are faster than Tanks, but Tanks deal more damage. They can be defeated.

Jeff Spirit.png


Jeff Andonuts is one of Ness' friends and a party member in Earthbound. He is an intelligent kid who attends school in Winters, but after getting a telepathic call for help from Paula, he joins their adventure. Unlike other party members, he lacks PSI powers, fighting with guns and rockets instead.

When summoned, Jeff will set up before firing bottle rockets into the air. These home in on the nearest enemy and explode on contact. He can't be defeated.


Animal Crossing

Kapp'n is a reoccurring character in the Animal Crossing series. A kappa, he often transports the player to new places, by sea, by taxi, or by bus. His family lives on Tortimer Island, including his wife, Leilani, his daughter, Leila, and his mother, Grams.

When summoned, Kapp'n will hop in his bus and begin driving across the stage. If he runs into an enemy, they will become trapped in his bus, and he will begin driving off-stage in an attempt to drive the player off-stage. The higher an enemy's percentage is, the harder it is to break out. He can't be defeated.


Kat & Ana

Kat and Ana are a duo of characters from the WarioWare series. They are ninja twin sisters who attend Diamond Kindergarten and Mystical Ninja Academy. Kat is more focused and mature while Ana is quiet and cautious, but both are rather naïve and have a love for nature.

When summoned, Kat & Ana will begin flying across the screen, crossing over wherever the enemy is and slashing at them with their swords. They can't be defeated.


Knuckle Joe

Knuckle Joe is a reoccurring enemy in the Kirby series. A small humanoid being with spiky hair, a bandana and a bodysuit, he is a skilled martial artist who attacks with a wide variety of moves. When inhaled, he grants Kirby the Fighter ability.

When summoned, Knuckle Joe will jump around and attack with the Vulcan Jab, a barrage of punches. Afterwards, he performs one of two attacks: Smash Punch, a short-ranged but powerful punch, or Rising Break, a leaping uppercut. He can be defeated.

Knuckles Render.png

Sonic the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna is a main character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The last remnant of the ancient Knuckles clan, he lives on Angel Island and acts as the guardian of the Master Emerald, which holds incredible power. Though at first tricked by Eggman into fighting Sonic in his debut, upon realizing his mistake, they have since become allies.

When summoned, Knuckles attacks by punching enemies. He can also perform a Homing Attack, dig into the ground and perform an uppercut. He can be defeated.


Lakitu & Spinies

Lakitu and Spinies are reoccurring enemies in the Super Mario series. Lakitus are members of the Koopas that ride on clouds, and attack Mario from above by dropping down Spiny Eggs. These Spiny Eggs hatch into Spinies, small turtle enemies with spikes on their backs, making them immune to being jumped on. Lakitus often take up more friendly roles in spin-offs like Mario Kart and the sports games.

When summoned, Lakitu will fly up to the top of the stage, flying back and forth and dropping down Spiny Eggs. These become Spinies when they touch the ground, walking across the stage and damaging anyone they touch. They can be defeated.


Kid Icarus

Magnus is a reoccurring character in Kid Icarus: Uprising. He is considered the strongest human in the world, and is a skilled mercenary who fights monsters. He at first expresses hostility towards Dark Lord Gaol, but it is later revealed that they worked together before Gaol was corrupted by the Underworld Army.

When summoned, Magnus will attack his opponents with his sword. It's slow, but it deals heavy damage. He can be defeated.

MetroidSamusReturns Metroid.png


Metroids are the namesake enemies in the Metroid series. Created by the Chozo to prey on the X Parasites, they are equipped with sharp jaws which they use to latch onto and drain the life from their prey. The Galactic Federation commissions Samus to eliminate them, but Space Pirates want to harness their power.

When summoned, a Metroid will float around the screen and try to latch onto enemies. If they latch onto someone, they'll begin draining their health, dealing constant damage and making it hard for them to move. They can be defeated, but only if they are frozen.

Moon assist.png

The Legend of Zelda

The Moon is the main threat of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Controlled by Skull Kid and Majora's Mask, it looms in the sky above Clock Town, and threatens to destroy it and the rest of Termina after three days have passed. Thanks to Link's help, he manages to defeat Majora's Mask, causing the Moon to disappear and save Termina from ruin.

When summoned, the Moon will appear in the sky before flying towards the stage and crashing into it. This creates a massive explosion, which traps anyone touching it before launching them away. It can't be defeated.

Mother Brain SSBL.png

Mother Brain

Mother Brain is a major antagonist in the Metroid series. Created by the Chozo, when the Space Pirates invaded Zebes, she became their leader and increased their efficiency in their attacks against the Galactic Federation. She has fought against Samus several times.

When summoned, Mother Brain will grow in size as Rinkas begin flying across the screen, damaging players if they touch them. After a bit of time, Mother Brain will charge up her Laser Brain attack, which while slow, deals high damage. She can be defeated.

Nightmare SSB4.png


Nightmare is the true main antagonist of Kirby's Adventure. He seeks to spread bad dreams to the people of Dream Land by infecting the Fountain of Dreams. Sealed away by King Dedede, he dismantled the Star Rod and scattered it across Dream Land, only for it to be reassembled by Kirby. Kirby then fought against Nightmare, defeating him, and bringing dreams back to his home.

When summoned, Nightmare's orb form flies into the sky before going into his true Wizard form, covering the screen in darkness for a time and leaving players unable to see anything. He can't be defeated.

SSBUltimate Nikki.png


Nikki is a character from Nintendo's messaging applications, like Swapnote and Swapdoodle. She acts as the app's host, giving tips and rewards to users. She has since made appearances in other Nintendo media, including her own game, Nikki's Travel Quiz.

When summoned, Nikki will appear in the foreground, drawing various pictures on the screen. These include a Bullet Bill which flies across the screen to deal damage, a Monster that breathes damaging fire, a Ghost that chases enemies and stuns them, some Birds which charges upwards towards opponents, launching them vertically, a Pinwheel to blow enemies away, or a Smash Ball to give whoever touches it their Final Smash. She will draw three pictures before disappearing. She can't be defeated.



The Nintendogs are dogs that appear in the Nintendogs series. In the game, the player takes the role of a dog owner and looks after puppies by walking them, feeding them, and training them for competitions. The Nintendog breed in this game is a Shiba Inu, which are one of the oldest dog breeds and are known for their loyalty.

When summoned, the Nintendog will appear in the foreground, staring at the player and sometimes pawing at the screen, preventing players from viewing the fight. They can't be defeated.


Kid Icarus

Phosphora, full title Lightning Flash Phosphora, is a supporting character in Kid Icarus: Uprising. A young, beautiful and fierce woman who serves as a captain of Viridi's Forces of Nature, she has control over lightning and can move at shockingly quick speeds.

When summoned, Phosphora teleports around the stage and launches electric attacks, in the form of either a big blue sphere, three small yellow spheres, or three white shots that move very quickly. She can be defeated.


Prince of Sablé
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru

The Prince of Sablé is the main protagonist of Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru. He is a naïve but well-meaning prince who sets out to rescue Princess Tiramisu of the Mille-Feuille Kingdom after she is kidnapped by Lord Delarin.

When summoned, the Prince of Sablé will transform into either a frog or a snake, and move across the battlefield. If he runs into an enemy, he'll trap them in a dust cloud and deal continuous damage. The frog bounces across the stage in large arcs, and the snake slithers back and forth on the platform its on. He can be defeated.

Ray Mk III.png

Ray Mk III
Custom Robo

Ray MK III is a Robo from the Custom Robo series. Used by the player in Custom Robo Arena, they are part of the Ray series, and are a well balanced 'Power Model' from the Shining Fighter line.

When summoned, Ray MK III jumps and dashes across the screen, firing off either a quick volley of lasers or an explosive charge from its bomb launcher. It can be defeated.



Riki is one of Shulk's party members in Xenoblade Chronicles. A Nopon from Frontier Village, he is assigned the yearly position of "Heropon" by Dunga the village elder. Despite his appearance, he is a middle-aged father of 11, and was only given the role in order to pay off his massive debts.

When summoned, Riki will randomly use three arts. These arts include Happy Happy, providing a damage boost, Freezinate, freezing nearby enemies, Yoink!, pulling in nearby items, Bedtime, putting nearby enemies to sleep, You Can Do It, healing nearby allies, and Roly-Poly, causing enemies to trip. He can't be defeated.



Rodin is a supporting character in Bayonetta. He is the owner of the Gates of Hell bar, but is also a demonic weaponsmith, forging weapons from the souls of demons. He considers Bayonetta a loyal customer.

When summoned, Rodin will attack with his own versions of Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves and After-Burner Kick. After fighting for long enough, he'll toss an item towards his summoner. He can be defeated.

Saki SSB4.png

Sin & Punishment

Saki Amamiya is the main character of Sin and Punishment: Successor of Earth. Alongside his companions Airan Jo and Achi, Saki is a member of the "Savior Group", who seek to take down a government organization called the "Armed Volunteers", and protect people from Ruffians, creatures mutated from a genetically-modified alternative food source.

When summoned, Saki uses his Dolphin Gun to either shoot enemies at a distance, or slash at enemies with an energy blade. He is very quick and can even fire at enemies while jumping. He can be defeated.


Samurai Goroh

Samurai Goroh is a racer from the F-Zero series. He is a rival bounty hunter to Captain Falcon, and is also the boss of a notorious bandit group. His racing machine is the Fire Stingray, which has incredible speed and weight but poor acceleration.

When summoned, Samurai Goroh runs towards enemies and attacks them with his katana. He can be defeated.

Shadow Render.png

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is a major character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Engineered to be the ultimate life-form by the brilliant Professor Gerald Robotnik, he is Sonic's rival, and compared to him is more of an anti-hero who will accomplish his goals by any means necessary.

When summoned, Shadow pulls out a Chaos Emerald and uses Chaos Control, slowing down everything except the summoner. Eventually after some time, time will freeze completely, leaving the summoner free to deal damage to the enemy. He can't be defeated.

Sheriff SSB4.png


Sheriff is the main protagonist of Sheriff. Among one of the oldest of Nintendo's arcade games, it utilized a joystick for movement, and a dial control for aiming and firing. The goal is to save a captured woman from a group of bandits.

When summoned, the Sheriff will move across the screen, and fires his gun in eight directions, independent of where he is moving. He can be defeated.

Skull Kid.png

Skull Kid
The Legend of Zelda

Skull Kids are characters from the Legend of Zelda series, said to be children who have transformed after becoming lost in the forest. A particular Skull Kid appears in Majora's Mask as the main antagonist, who, after stealing Majora's Mask from the Happy Mask Salesman, becomes a powerful sorcerer bent on bringing ruin to the land of Termina.

When summoned, Skull Kid will create various effects that can be detrimental to both his enemies and his summoner. These include flipping the screen, inverting player's controls, or turning everyone invisible. He can't be defeated.

Spring Man SSBL.png

Spring Man

Spring Man is the mascot of ARMS. A young and enthusiastic fighter and the newest contestant in the ARMS League, his ARMS are made out of metallic-springs. Though it can be hard to take him seriously (especially with his ridiculous hairstyle), he's got an indomitable spirit.

When summoned, Spring Man jumps around and attacks enemies from a distance with his Toaster ARMS. If he takes enough damage, he'll begin glowing yellow and can perform a Rush, a powerful flurry of punches. He can be defeated.

Squid Sisters Crash.png

Squid Sisters

Callie and Marie, together making up the Squid Sisters, are supporting characters from the Splatoon series. They are a pair of pop idols who host Inkopolis News, and announce what stages are available for online multiplayer. During Splatfests, you can see them performing in Inkopolis Plaza.

When summoned, the Squid Sisters will appear in the middle of the stage and perform a concert, causing the screen to zoom in and shrink the blast lines, making it easier to get KOed. They can't be defeated.

Starfy T SSB4.png


Starfy is the main protagonist of The Legendary Starfy series. The prince of Pufftop, he is a star-shaped creature who lives with his sister Starly and best friend Moe. Though he is childish and clumsy, he gives things his all when people are in trouble.

When summoned, Starfy will wander around and attack enemies with his signature Star Spin, which deals multiple hits and traps enemies. He can be defeated.



Starmen are reoccurring enemies in the Earthbound series. These extraterrestrial creatures are the original users of PSI, and work under Giygas as part of its army. They are among the strongest enemies that both Ninten and Ness face throughout their adventures.

When summoned, Starman will teleport around the stage and use PK Beam. PK Beam γ is a single focused beam, and PK Beam Ω is a barrage in all directions. They can be defeated.

SSBUltimate Sukapon.png

Joy Mech Fight

Sukapon is the main character in Joy Mech Fight. Created by Dr. Little Emon and Dr. Ivan Walnuts, when Dr. Walnuts declared his intent to rule the world, Dr. Emon used Sukapon to defeat Dr. Walnuts' robots and stop his evil scheme.

When summoned, Sukapon moves around the stage while spinning around. He attacks with various special moves like the Tondeker, tossing his head as a projectile, the Sukapon Toss, a close-ranged grab and toss into the air, and the Sukapon Roll, a rolling attack. He can also block oncoming attacks. He can be defeated.

Tiki (Fire Emblem Awakening).png

Fire Emblem

Tiki is a reoccurring character in the Fire Emblem series. She is a member of the manaketes, a race of dragonkin who are able to change between humanoid and dragon forms. She debuts as a child in the first Fire Emblem, awakened and protected by Bantu, who both join Marth's army. Thousands of years later she would return thousands of years later in Fire Emblem: Awakening, where she would help Chrom, Lucina and Robin during the war against Emperor Walhart.

When summoned, Tiki uses her Dragonstone to turn into her dragon form. She will then fly across the stage before breathing fire across the stage to attack enemies. She can be defeated.

Tingle The Wind Waker HD.png

The Legend of Zelda

Tingle is a reoccurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. An odd, middle-aged man dressed in a green suit, he believes himself to be the reincarnation of a fairy. He often appears as a shopkeeper, selling Link maps in Majora's Mask and Triforce Charts in The Wind Waker.

When summoned, Tingle summons random effects while chanting, "Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!". These effects include creating Hammers, throwing out Banana Peels to make the whole stage slippery, releasing flowers to make cameras zoom in to the summoner, giving everyone a Superspicy Curry effect, or flies away while releasing balloons. He can't be defeated.


Art Academy

Vince, real name Vincent, is a character from the Art Academy series. He's a skilled artist who teaches the player all sorts of techniques to help them produce magnificent pieces of art.

When summoned, Vince will draw various paintings on top of your enemies, making it hard for them to see. He can draw statues, tomatoes, seashells, cats and birds. He can't be defeated.

Yuri Kozukata SSBU.png

Yuri Kozukata
Fatal Frame

Yuri Kozukata is the protagonist of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. A 19-year old woman, after surviving a car crash that killed her family, she gained a sixth sense that allowed her to see ghosts. Throughout the game she helps out other characters in solving strange cases around Mt. Hikami, using her Camera Obscura to take photos of ghosts to exorcise them.

When summoned, Yuri aims her Camera Obscura at fighters, taking pictures of them. The flash temporarily stuns enemies, and inflicts a poison effect. After taking three pictures, she disappears. She can't be defeated.

Poké Ball

Something Else features 68 different Pokémon that can be summoned out of Poké Balls, 41 of which are returning and 27 of which are new. They are split between Normal Pokémon, and Legendary Pokémon, which are rarer but can be guaranteed to be summoned with a Master Ball.

026Alolan Raichu.png

Alolan Raichu

Known as the Mouse Pokémon, Alolan Raichu is an Electric/Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. They are the Alolan form of Raichu, and as a result of their environment develop Psychic abilities unlike their mainland form. They primarily use this power to ride on their tails like a surfboard.

When summoned, Alolan Raichu uses Wild Charge, surfing on its tail and charging at enemies, ramming into them while coated in electricity



Known as the Fox Pokémon, Vulpix is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. These fox-like Pokémon can control balls of fire. As they grow, their tail splits from the tip, and more tails are formed.

When summoned, Vulpix uses Ember, shooting a fireball that explodes into a flame, trapping enemies and dealing constant damage.

037Alolan Vulpix.png

Alolan Vulpix

Known as the Fox Pokémon, Alolan Vulpix is an Ice-type Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. They are the Alolan form of Vulpix, changing typing as a result of their snowy homes. It can exhale extremely cold air.

When summoned, Alolan Vulpix uses Powder Snow, shooting a short-ranged blast of ice that freezes enemies on contact.



Known as the Scratch Cat Pokémon, Meowth is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. A cat-like Pokémon, it is mostly active at night, lying around during the day. It has a love for shiny things and wanders around in search of loose change.

When summoned, Meowth uses Pay Day, throwing a barrage of coins at the nearest enemy, dealing rapid damage.



Known as the Psi Pokémon, Abra is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It sleeps 18 hours a day, but can use its psychic powers even while it is asleep. It avoids others, often teleporting away when found.

When summoned, Abra floats towards the nearest enemy and uses Teleport, teleporting them somewhere. They'll often teleport the enemy into hazards.



Known as the Ball Pokémon, Electrode is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It is attracted to electricity, often travelling to power plants in order to feed on their generated power. When provoked, they are known to violently explode.

When summoned, Electrode uses Explosion, charging up before unleashing an incredibly powerful explosion. It can be grabbed just before it explodes.

103Alolan Exeggutor.png

Alolan Exeggutor

Known as the Coconut Pokémon, Alolan Exeggutor is a Grass/Dragon-type Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. Compared to their mainland variants, they can grow to incredible heights thanks to Alola's abundance of sunlight.

When summoned, Alolan Exeggutor stands in place, acting as a wall. It will block all attacks.



Known as the Poison Gas Pokémon, Weezing is a Poison-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It grows by feeding on the gas released by garbage. They alternately shrink and inflate to mix the toxic gases inside of them.

When summoned, Weezing uses Smog, creating a toxic cloud that obscures part of the screen and poisons anyone touching it, dealing damage overtime.

110Galarian Weezing.png

Galarian Weezing

Known as the Poison Gas Pokémon, Galarian Weezing is a Poison/Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. It first appeared when Galar was filled in many factories, absorbing the particles that contaminate the air and cleaning it.

When summoned, Galarian Weezing uses Strange Steam, creating a cloud that causes weird effects like slowness or reversing your controls.



Known as the Star Shape Pokémon, Staryu is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. At its center is a large red core, which radiates a bright light. If its body is torn, it can regenerate as long as the core is intact.

When summoned, Staryu floats near an enemy, before using Swift, firing a rapid stream of stars.



Known as the Fish Pokémon, Magikarp is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It is well known for being the world's weakest Pokémon, only capable of splashing and flopping. In the past, it was said to be very powerful, but as time went on, they've grown weaker.

When summoned, Magikarp uses Splash, flopping around and doing absolutely no damage.



Known as the Transform Pokémon, Ditto is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It is formless, and can rearrange its cell structure to transform into objects or even other Pokémon. If it tries to transform on memory, it may get details wrong.

When summoned, Ditto uses Transform, turning into a near copy of the summoner (albeit with their face replaced with Ditto's).



Known as the Evolution Pokémon, Eevee is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It has an unstable genetic makeup, allowing it to mutate and quickly adapt to the environment it is in. It is well known for having the most evolutions out of any Pokémon.

When summoned, Eevee uses Take Down, charging into enemies when they get near it.



Known as the Sleeping Pokémon, Snorlax is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It typically spends its days just sleeping and eating, requiring hundreds of pounds of food to be satisfied. It is capable of digesting any kind of food, even if it's moldy or rotten.

When summoned, Snorlax jumps into the air and offscreen, before increasing in size and using Body Slam, dealing damage to anyone in his way as he plummets back to the ground.



Known as the Leaf Pokémon, Chikorita is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. It releases a sweet aroma that it gently wafts from the leaf in its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun's rays.

When summoned, Chikorita uses Razor Leaf, shooting off sharp leaves in front of it.



Known as the Spike Ball Pokémon, Togepi is a Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. It gains energy from the positive emotions from other people and Pokémon, storing it in their shell. It carries this positive emotion and shares it around with others.

When summoned, Togepi uses Metronome, causing it to unleash one of five moves in a radius around it. Leech Seed creates a flower effect. Powder Snow freezes enemies. Sleep Powder causes enemies to fall asleep. Magnitude buries nearby enemies and spikes those that are airborne. Night Shade covers the area around it in darkness, preventing players from seeing in it.



Known as the Light Pokémon, Ampharos is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. The tip of its tail is able to give off a bright light that can be seen far away. In the olden days, it was used to send signals.

When summoned, Ampharos jumps around and attacks by using Thunder, creating a bolt from the sky to damage enemies. It does a few times before going away.



Known as the Flower Pokémon, Bellossom is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. Plentiful in the tropics, they gather in groups and perform a dance, which is said to summon out the sun. The dance they perform causes its petals to rub together, creating a ringing sound.

When summoned, Bellossom uses Sleep Powder, creating a cloud around it that causes anyone nearby to go to sleep.



Known as the Single Horn Pokémon, Heracross is a Bug/Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. It gathers in forests to search for tree sap, its favorite food. It is a powerful Pokémon, thrusting its prized horn under its enemies' bellies then lifts and throws them.

When summoned, Heracross will fly around. If it comes in contact with an enemy, it uses Megahorn, grabbing them with its horn and tossing them into the air.



Known as the Embrace Pokémon, Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in the Hoenn region. It has the ability to read the future. It is very protective of its trainer, risking its own life to do so.

When summoned, Gardevoir uses Reflect, creating a large barrier around it that, while can be passed through, causes all projectiles fired within it to be reflected.



Known as the Mushroom Pokémon, Shroomish is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in the Hoenn region. If it senses danger it shakes its body and scatters spores on the top of its head. They are very painful when inhaled, and can even cause plants and trees to wilt.

When summoned, Shroomish will walk around not doing anything. If it is damaged by anything, it uses Stun Spore, stunning anyone nearby.



Known as the Iron Leg Pokémon, Metagross is a Steel/Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in the Hoenn region. They are the result of two Metang fusing together. They have four brains, and are capable of solving difficult calculations, faster than any supercomputer.

When summoned, Metagross uses Earthquake, slamming its claws around it to bury enemies before launching them away.



Known as the Rabbit Pokémon, Lopunny is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in the Sinnoh region. It is an extremely cautious Pokémon, cloaking its body with its fluffy ear fur when it senses danger. Despite having a dislike for fighting, its kicks are incredibly powerful.

When summoned, Lopunny leaps backwards before performing High Jump Kick, flying across the screen and striking the enemy with a powerful kick.



Known as the Frost Tree Pokémon, Abomasnow is a Grass/Ice-type Pokémon introduced in the Sinnoh region. It lives quietly on mountains that are always covered in snow. They hide themselves by whipping up blizzards.

When summoned, Abomasnow will use one of two moves. It can either use Blizzard, circling himself in an icy vortex to pull in nearby enemies and damage them, or Ice Punch, a rushing attack that freezes enemies on hit.



Known as the Sharp Claw Pokémon, Weavile is a Dark/Ice-type Pokémon introduced in the Sinnoh region. Living in snowy regions, they form groups and hunt prey with impressive coordination. It claws patterns into trees and rocks as a way to signal others.

When summoned, Weavile will use False Swipe, rushing back and forth. It deals very little damage, but anyone hit will be stunned, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.



Known as the Otter Pokémon, Oshawott is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in the Unova region. It fights with the scalchop on its stomach, retaliating to attacks by immediately slashing. It also uses it to chop hard berries.

When summoned, Oshawott uses Surf, charging forward while damaging and pushing away anyone in its way.



Known as the Illusion Fox Pokémon, Zoroark is a Dark-type Pokémon introduced in the Unova region. It has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery.

When summoned, Zoroark uses teleports behind an opponent and uses Fury Swipes. If the attack lands, they will launch the enemy into the air and unleash a barrage of slashes before launching the foe away.



Known as the Luring Pokémon, Chandelure is a Ghost/Fire-type Pokémon introduced in the Unova region. It waves its arms in a hypnotic trance, absorbing the spirits of its prey. The spirits they absorb eternally burn, and wander the world forever.

When summoned, Chandelure uses Will-o-Wisp, flying around while six fireballs swirl around it. Anyone that the fireballs touch will take damage overtime.

618Galarian Stunfisk.png

Galarian Stunfisk

Known as the Trap Pokémon, Galarian Stunfisk is a Ground/Steel-type Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. Unlike their mainland variants, they live in mud with high iron content, the source of its steel body. Its conspicuous lips lure prey in as it lies in wait, clamping its jagged steel fins down on them when they get close.

When summoned, Galarian Stunfisk hides and blends in with the ground. If a player stands on its location, it uses Snap Trap, snaring the enemy and preventing them from moving.



Known as the Spiny Nut Pokémon, Chespin is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in the Kalos region. It has a shell on its head and back that can withstand large amounts of damage. Though its quills are normally soft, when it flexes them they become sharp enough to cut rock.

When summoned, Chespin uses Seed Bomb, launching multiple seeds around it which explode shortly after, launching nearby enemies.



Known as the Tiny Robin Pokémon, Fletchling is a Normal/Fire-type Pokémon introduced in the Kalos region. They are normally friendly Pokémon that send signals to one another with beautiful chirps and tail-feather movements. However, when an intruder enters its territory, it will not hesitate to attack.

When summoned, Fletchling uses Peck, jumping and flying towards the nearest enemy and dealing damage on contact.



Known as the Mount Pokémon, Gogoat is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in the Kalos region. Living in mountainous regions, it can tell how its trainer is feeling by subtle shifts in the grip on its horns. This empathetic sense lets them run as if they were one being.

When summoned, Gogoat uses Take Down, charging around the stage and damaging anyone in its way. Players can also ride on Gogoat's back and use it as a platform.



Known as the Revolving Pokémon, Inkay is a Dark/Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in the Kalos region. It emits flashes from the light-emitting spots on its body. Anyone that looks at these become dazed, losing their will to fight, allowing Inkay to scuttle away or strike back.

When summoned, Inkay uses Topsy-Turvy, headbutting the ground. Anyone that is on the ground near it when it does so will trip.



Known as the Antennae Pokémon, Dedenne is an Electric/Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in the Kalos region. Its whiskers act as antennae, communicating between each other across vast distances by sending and receiving electrical waves.

When summoned, Dedenne uses Discharge, hovering in the air while unleashing a spinning electric attack around itself.



Known as the Strong Arm Pokémon, Bewear is a Normal/Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. It is a normally friendly Pokémon, having a habit of hugging companions. However, due to its overwhelming strength, anyone who falls victim to this hug will mostly have their spine broken.

When summoned, Bewear walks around the stage. If anyone comes close to it, it uses Hammer Arm, performing an incredibly powerful uppercut.



Known as the Sea Cucumber Pokémon, Pyukumuku is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. It lives in shallow seas, such as areas near beaches. It can eject its internal organs, which it uses to engulf its prey or battle enemies.

When summoned, Pyukumuku will stand in place. If it is hit, it uses Counter, slamming the enemy with its hand-like organ.



Known as the Disguise Pokémon, Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. A lonely Pokémon, it conceals its terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pokémon. Anyone who looks at its true form may die from the pure terror and shock.

When summoned, Mimikyu uses Shadow Claw, attempting to grab anyone nearby. If it grabs, Mimikyu will trap the enemy inside of its cloak, dealing constant damage. If the enemy stays trapped in it while at 100% or over, they will be instantly KOed.



Known as the Rabbit Pokémon, Scorbunny is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. It has special pads on its feet and on its nose, which radiate with heat when Scorbunny is raring for a fight. It needs to warm up before getting this fiery energy coursing through it.

When summoned, Scorbunny uses Flame Charge, winding up before charging at the nearest enemy with a flaming kick.



Known as the Bite Pokémon, Drednaw is a Water/Rock-type Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. Its jaws are capable of chomping through steel rods and other hard objects. In combination with its long neck, it can take down distant enemies by sinking their sharp fangs into them.

When summoned, Drednaw wanders around. If someone comes near, Drednaw uses Jaw Lock, dealing high damage and briefly stunning the enemy.



Known as the Puppy Pokémon, Yamper is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. This Pokémon is very popular as a herding dog in the region, though often only works because it receives treats. As it runs, it generates electricity from the base of its tail.

When summoned, Yamper will jump towards enemies. If it comes into contact with an enemy, it uses Nuzzle, dealing damage and stunning them.



Known as the Cream Pokémon, Alcremie is a Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. It is known to take on a variety of forms and flavors. When Alcremie is content, the cream it secretes from its hands becomes sweeter and richer.

When summoned, Alcremie uses Decorate, increasing the damage of the summoner for a short time.



Known as the Flame Pokémon, Moltres is a Fire/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It is one of the three legendary birds, with its arrival said to indicate the coming of spring. It scatters embers with every flap of its wings.

When summoned, Moltres uses Fly, flying into the air. Contact with it will cause large amounts of damage.



Known as the New Species Pokémon, Mew is a Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Kanto region. It is believed to be the common ancestor of all Pokémon, as it can learn an incredible amount of moves. It only appears to people who are pure of heart and have a strong desire to see it.

When summoned, Mew uses Fly, flying off-screen and dropping items, Coins and Trophies for the player to pick up.



Known as the Volcano Pokémon, Entei is a Fire-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. It embodies the passion of magma. One is said to be born every time a new volcano appears, when it roars, nearby volcanoes suddenly erupt.

When summoned, Entei uses Fire Spin, pulling in nearby enemies before summoning a massive pillar of fire around it to deal damage.



Known as the Aurora Pokémon, Suicune is a Water-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. It embodies the compassion of spring water. It travels across the wild with north winds, and is said to purify polluted water.

When summoned, Suicune uses Aurora Beam, firing a beam of icy energy in front of it for high damage.



Known as the Diving Pokémon, Lugia is a Psychic/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. It is said to be the guardian of the seas, quietly spending its time deep in the ocean due to its incredible power. It is rumored to have been seen on the night of a storm.

When summoned, Lugia flies into the background and uses Aeroblast, firing a vortex of wind that launches anyone who touches it.



Known as the Rainbow Pokémon, Ho-Oh is a Fire/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Johto region. Its feathers glow in seven colors depending on the angle at which they are struck by light. Anyone who sees it is said to be promised eternal happiness.

When summoned, Ho-Oh flies into the background and uses Sacred Fire, creating swirling pillars of fire that rack up large amounts of damage.


Latias & Latios

Both known as the Eon Pokémon, Latias and Latios are Dragon/Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Hoenn region. Latias communicates with others telepathically, and its down is capable of refracting light in order to make itself invisible. Latios is a highly intelligent Pokémon capable of flying faster than a jet plane.

When summoned, Latios & Latios begin flying across the screen, using Steel Wing to charge into enemies.



Known as the Sea Basin Pokémon, Kyogre is a Water-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Hoenn region. It has the power to create massive downpours, capable of covering the entire sky and widening the seas. After a battle with Groudon, it sleeps deep under the ocean.

When summoned, Kyogre follows the nearest enemy and uses Hydro Pump, firing water that pushes them back.



Known as the Continent Pokémon, Groudon is a Ground-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Hoenn region. It has the power to create and expand the land by scattering rainclouds and creating massive amounts of heat to evaporate water. After a battle with Kyogre, it sleeps in underground magma.

When summoned, Groudon uses Precipice Spikes, charging up before suddenly creating large spikes all across the stage.



Known as the DNA Pokémon, Deoxys is a Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Hoenn region. Once an alien space virus, it underwent a sudden mutation upon being exposed to a laser beam. The crystalline organ on this Pokémon's chest appears to be its brain, and is capable of firing lasers.

When summoned, Deoxys flies up to the top of the screen and uses Hyper Beam, firing a powerful beam downward.



Known as the Spatial Pokémon, Palkia is a Water/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Sinnoh region. It has the ability to distort space, and can control its boundaries in order to transport itself to faraway places or even other dimensions.

When summoned, Palkia uses Spacial Rend, temporarily turning the screen upside-down.



Known as the Renegade Pokémon, Giratina is a Ghost/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Sinnoh region. It was banished long ago for its violence, forced to live in the Distortion World, a place on the reverse side of ours. It silently gazes upon the old world from its prison.

When summoned, Giratina uses Dragon Breath, firing large vortexes that trap enemies and push them back.



Known as the Pitch-Black Pokémon, Darkrai is a Dark-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Sinnoh region. It chases people and Pokémon away from its territory by causing them to experience deep, nightmarish slumbers. It is said to appear only during the night of a full moon.

When summoned, Darkrai uses Dark Void, pulling in nearby enemies and putting them to sleep to deal continuous damage.



Known as the Alpha Pokémon, Arceus is a Normal-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Sinnoh region. It is said to have emerged from an egg in a place where there was nothing, then shaped the universe with its 1,000 arms.

When summoned, Arceus uses Gravity, creating a shockwave that meteor smashes anyone nearby if they are in the air.



Known as the Victory Pokémon, Victini is a Psychic/Fire-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Unova region. It creates an unlimited supply of energy inside its body, which it shares with those who touch it. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter.

When summoned, Victini uses its ability, Victory Star, giving the summoner their Final Smash.



Known as the Boundary Pokémon, Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Unova region. It generates a powerful, freezing energy inside itself, but its body became frozen when the energy leaked out. It waits for a hero to fill in the missing parts of its body with truth or ideals.

When summoned, Kyurem uses Icy Wind, creating icy vortexes on both sides of itself to freeze enemies.



Known as the Colt Pokémon, Keldeo is a Water/Fighting-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Unova region. It was taught to fight by the Swords of Justice, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. It dashes across the world, seeking more opportunities to further its training.

When summoned, Keldeo uses Secret Sword, rushing towards enemies and slashes in a wide area in front of them.



Known as the Melody Pokémon, Meloetta is a Normal/Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Unova region. Its melodies are sung with a special vocalization method that can control the feelings of those who hear it. Many famous songs have been inspired by the melodies that Meloetta plays.

When summoned, Meloetta uses Echoed Voice, shooting out sound waves that bounce off of surfaces.



Known as the Paleozoic Pokémon, Genesect is a Bug/Steel-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Unova region. Over 300 million years ago, it was feared as the strongest of hunters. It was altered by Team Plasma, equipped with a large cannon on its back.

When summoned, Genesect uses Techno Drive, jumping while firing blasts from its cannon. It will also occasionally charge up before firing one large energy beam.



Known as the Life Pokémon, Xerneas is a Fairy-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Kalos region. It slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its revival. When the horns on its head shine in seven different colors, it is said to be sharing everlasting life.

When summoned, Xerneas uses Geomancy, turning its summoner gold and giving them a large power boost.



Known as the Jewel Pokémon, Diancie is a Rock/Fairy-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Kalos region. Born when a Carbink undergoes a mutation, its pink, glimmering body is said to be the loveliest sight in the whole world. It can instantly create many diamonds by compressing the carbon in the air between its hands.

When summoned, Diancie uses Diamond Storm, firing off a barrage of diamonds around itself to damage enemies. While these diamonds don't deal much damage, they are fired in incredibly large amounts.

785Tapu Koko.png

Tapu Koko

Known as the Land Spirit Pokémon, Tapu Koko is an Electric/Fairy-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. The guardian deity of Melemele Island, it is brimming with curiosity. It summons thunderclouds and stores their lightning inside its body.

When summoned, Tapu Koko uses Discharge, creating a large field of electricity around it, while launching blasts of electricity around itself.



Known as the Sunrise Pokémon, Solgaleo is a Psychic/Steel-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. When light radiates from its body, this Pokémon could almost appear to be the sun. It was once known as the Beast That Devours the Sun.

When summoned, Solgaleo uses Sunsteel Strike, charging up before launching itself in the form of a large beam of fire. It repeats this a few times before disappearing.



Known as the Moone Pokémon, Lunala is a Psychic/Ghost-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. It steals the light from its surroundings and then becomes the full moon, showering its own light across the night sky. It was once known as the Beast That Calls the Moon.

When summoned, Lunala flies into the background and uses Moongeist Beam, charging up before firing a beam of energy onto the stage.



Known as the Gloomdweller Pokémon, Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in the Alola region. It slips into the shadows of others and mimics their powers and movements. It never appears before humans, so its very existence was the stuff of myth.

When summoned, it will appear under the enemy as a shadow, stunning them. Then it will perform Spectral Thief, hitting the enemy with a powerful punch.



Known as the Warrior Pokémon, Zacian is a Fairy/Steel-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. Able to cut down anything with a single strike, it became known as the Fairy King's Sword, wielding a weapon it used in ancient times. It inspired awe in friend and foe alike.

When summoned, Zacian readies, before using Behemoth Blade, attacking the enemy with an incredibly powerful smash.



Known as the Warrior Pokémon, Zamazenta is a Fighting/Steel-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. Its ability to deflect any attack led to it being known as the Fighting Master's Shield, wielding a shield it used in ancient times. It was feared and respected by all.

When summoned, Zamazenta runs around and attacks with Behemoth Bash, ramming into enemies, reflecting projectiles and breaking shields.



Known as the King Pokémon, Calyrex is a Psychic/Grass-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in the Galar region. It is known in legend as a king that ruled over Galar in ancient times. It has the power to cause hearts to mend and plants to spring forth.

When summoned, Calyrex uses Aromatherapy, creating a large area around it that heals its summoner and their allies when they are in it.

Tarot Card

Something Else features 34 different Demons that can be summoned out of Tarot Cards. Unlike other summons, Demons directly follow the player, and attack when the summoner attacks.

Abaddon POA.png


Abaddon is a demon of the Tyrant race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and either the Devil, Tower or Judgement Arcana in the Persona series. Known as the "Angel of the Abyss", whose depictions vary from him either being a righteous figure, to being associated or even being another name for Satan. He controls swarms of locusts capable of destroying crops and villages.

When summoned, it will hide in a puddle of shadows a distance away from you. When an enemy is in that area for a bit of time, Abaddon will use Deathbound, popping out and eating the enemy, dealing heavy damage and trapping them. The player can break out, though after some time, Abaddon will spew the enemy out before disappearing again.

Alice POA.png


Alice is a demon of the Fiend race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Death Arcana in the Persona series. She is said to be the ghost of a young English girl who died a tragic death. Despite her innocent appearance, she has formidable magic powers.

When summoned, Alice uses her signature move, Die For Me!, summoning exploding teddy bears that fly forward and explode on impact, having a random chance to instantly KO their targets. The chance increases the higher the enemy's percentage is.

Angel SMTV.png


Angel is a demon of the Divine race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Justice Arcana in the Persona series. They are the ninth and lowest order of angels, being the closest in nature to humans. They watch over individuals and warn those who stray from the path.

When summoned, Angel uses Hama, creating pillars of light in front of them to damage enemies who touch them.

Beelzebub POA.png


Beelzebub is a demon of the Tyrant race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Devil Arcana in the Persona series. He is the demonic "Lord of Flies", and a powerful prince of Hell. A bastardization of the Canaanite god Ba'al, his insect minions carry souls down to the abyss.

When summoned, Beelzebub uses Death Flies, summoning a swarm of flies to follow enemies, dealing constant damage and poisoning targets.

Black Frost SSBSR.png

Black Frost

Black Frost is a demon of the Night and Jaki race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Fool Arcana in the Persona series. They are a Jack Frost that have grown powerful and evil through endless training as a demon. Though once peaceful pranksters, they are now a powerful entity strong enough to earn the title of overlord.

When summoned, Block Frost uses Mabufudyne, creating large icicles around the summoner, then launching them outward. These icicles have a chance to freeze targets.

Cerberus POA.png


Cerberus is a demon of the Beast race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and either the Strength, Hierophant or Chariot Arcana in the Persona series. Born from Typhon and Echidna, Cerberus is Hades' loyal guard dog, preventing anyone from entering or exiting the underworld. He is typically depicted with three heads.

When summoned, Cerberus uses Assault Dive, jumping into the air before diving downward for a bite attack.

Cu Chulainn POA.png

Cu Chulainn

Cu Chulainn is a demon of the Genma race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and either the Tower or Star Arcana in the Persona series. Originally known as Setanta, he gained his new name, meaning "Culann's Hound" when defeated a vicious guard dog and took up its role as guardian. His spear, Gae Bolg, came from his mentor, Scathach.

When summoned, Cu Chulainn uses Dormin Rush, flying forward a short distance while attacking with a flurry of stabs. Cu Chulainn can attack separately from his summoner, allowing you to create combos while Cu Chulainn is attacking.

Daemon SMTV.png


Daemon is a demon of the Brute race in the Shin Megami Tensei series. Daemons were divine spirits in ancient Greece whose name means "godlike" or "divider." When Christians saw statues of these creatures, they saw them as pagan, leading to their name being used to denote any evil supernatural being.

When summoned, Daemon uses Eiha, shooting small blasts of dark energy that are angled at a downward angle. Upon hitting an enemy it applies a curse effect, dealing damage overtime.

Decarabia POA.png


Decarabia is a demon of the Fallen race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Fool Arcana in the Persona series. One of the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia, it is an odd demon appearing as a pentacle, though can also appear as a human if the summoner wishes. It has incredible knowledge on ores, gems and herbs.

When summoned, Decarabia uses Tetrakarn, spinning around the summon while blocking all damage in front of it and dealing damage to anyone it touches.

Eligor SSBSR.png


Eligor is a demon of the Fallen race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and either the Tower, Chariot or Emperor Arcana in the Persona series. One of the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia, he is a knight who has the power to see things to come. He has incredible knowledge on war.

When summoned, Eligor uses Lunge, charging forward while damaging anyone in his way before reappearing with its summoner.

Fortuna SSBSR.png


Fortuna is a demon of the Megami race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Fortune Arcana in the Persona series. The Roman goddess of luck, she spins the Wheel of Fortune, bringing both good and bad luck. She was believed to originally be a fertility goddess, and her Greek counterpart is Tyche.

When summoned, Fortuna uses Garu, firing off a cluster of wind that pushes back anyone it touches.

Girimehkala SSBSR.png


Girimehkala is a demon of the Jaki race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Moon Arcana in the Persona series. A giant monster from Sri Lankan mythology, it was said to be ridden on by the Evil One, Mara. Whoever looks into its evil eye is said to be met with misfortune.

When summoned, Girimehkala uses Guillotine Cut, slashing nearby enemies with his sword. His body will absorb all physical attacks.

Hell Biker SSBSR.png

Hell Biker

Hell Biker is a demon of the Fiend race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and either the Hanged Man or Death Arcana in the Persona series. Once a motorcyclist, his violent nature transformed him into a demon. His hatred for himself and the world causes anyone who stands in his way to suffer as well.

When summoned, Hell Biker uses Hell Spin, spinning his motorcycle to strike enemies in front of you with its flaming wheel. He'll also use Sukukaga, boosting his summoner's speed for as long as he is out.

Jack Frost.png

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a demon of the Fairy race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Magician Arcana in the Persona series. They are a winter spirit from European folklore, leaving ice patterns on windows and nipping people's noses. Though normally innocent, when provoked, it will freeze its victims to death.

When summoned, Jack Frost uses Bufu, launching slow-moving ice balls. Anyone that touches them has the chance to freeze on contact.



Jack-o-Lantern is a demon of the Fairy race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Magician Arcana in the Persona series. Originally a drunkard named Stingy Jack, he tricked the Devil into becoming unable to go into Hell. When he was refused entry into Heaven, he was forced to wander the Earth with only an ember as a light.

When summoned, Jack-o-Lantern uses Agi, shooting fireballs that arc downward. Upon contact with something, they erupt, trapping enemies and dealing damage to anyone in them.

Kikuri-Hime SSBSR.png


Kikuri-Hime is a demon of the Lady race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Priestess Arcana in the Persona series. The goddess of life and love in Shinto myth. She once mediated between Izanagi and Izanami during their confrontation in Yomi, the land of the dead.

When summoned, Kikuri-Hime uses Lullaby, launching slow-moving blasts that put the enemy to sleep.

Kurama Tengu SSBSR.png

Kurama Tengu

Kurama Tengu is a demon of the Genma race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Hermit Arcana in the Persona series. They are a type of tengu said to live on Mt. Kurama in Kyoto. They are the most powerful and well-known of the tengu, having the power to fend off disease and bring good fortune.

When summoned, Kurana Tengu uses Garudyne, summoning a tornado around you that pulls in nearby enemies and deals damage to them.

Legion SSBSR.png


Legion is a demon of the Spirit race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the Fool Arcana in the Persona series. The spirit who said, "For we are many," in scripture, they are a conglomeration of evil spirits that experienced similar pains. They are named after the Roman military term for an army unit of 3,000 to 6,000 men.

When summoned, Legion uses Life Drain, flying forwards a short distance and damaging enemies it touches. A successful attack will drain the enemy’s health, and Legion will give that health to you.

Lucifer SSBSR.png


Lucifer is a demon of the Tyrant race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and either the Star or Judgement Arcana in the Persona series. A fallen angel in Judeo-Christian lore, he led a rebellion with an army of angels against God and lost. He waits in Hell for his chance to challenge God once more and strike him down.

When summoned, Lucifer uses Morning Star, summoning flashes of light on top of a random enemy, before firing down beams of energy downward at that area to deal powerful damage.

Matador SSBSR.png


Matador is a demon of the Fiend race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Death Arcana in the Persona series. A master sportsman who entertains the audience in exchange for his own life: one mistake can mean his death. Some believe that matadors who die while performing remain in this world.

When summoned, Matador uses Swift Strike, quickly slashing enemies with its sword. He'll also use Focus, increasing the user’s damage for as long as he is out.

Metatron SSBSR.png


Metatron is a demon of the Herald race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and either the Sun, Judgement or Justice Arcana in the Persona series. He is the greatest angel in Judeo-Christian legend, known as the Voice of God and the Angel of Contracts. Despite his duty to maintain the world's order, he shows no mercy towards humanity.

When summoned, Metatron uses Megidolaon, charging up before throwing a ball of energy in front of the user to create a large explosion.

Mot SSBSR.png


Mot is a demon of the Reaper race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Death Arcana in the Persona series. He is the Canaanite god of death. Every year he attempts to kill his brother Baal, the god of fertility, only to see him raised from the dead with the help of Ball's sister, Anat.

When summoned, Mot uses Tentarafoo, opening his coffin and creating a large blast around it that stuns nearby enemies.

Mothman SSBSR.png


Mothman is a demon of either the Wilder or Vermin race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and either the Hermit or Moon Arcana in the Persona series. A cryptid sighted during the 60s-80s in West Virginia. It has shining red eyes and is named for the fin-like appendages on its sides. It uses its keen sense for blood to track down the source and feed on it.

When summoned, Mothman uses Mazionga, creating blasts of thunder on both sides that crawl along the ground.

Nekomata SSBSR.png


Nekomata is a demon of the Beast race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Magician Arcana in the Persona series. They are cats that live for a long time, turning into malevolent demons. Their powers vary according to how long they have lived, ranging from shape-shifting to controlling the dead.

When summoned, Nekomata uses Feral Claw, jumping toward nearby enemies and slashing them.

Ose SSBSR.png


Ose is a demon of the Fallen race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Fool Arcana in the Persona series. One of the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia, he is capable of shapeshifting between a human and a leopard. He can reveal the truth behind divine mysteries and can send his summoner's enemies with blind rage.

When summoned, Ose uses Power Slash, charging up before performing a heavy slash that deals big damage.

Pixie SSBSR.png


Pixie is a demon of the Fairy race in the Shin Megami Tensei series, and either the Lovers or Magician Arcana in the Persona series. They are fairies from English myth, living in the forests and staying away from humans, though they also enjoy playing tricks on lazy people. It is said they are the souls of dead, unbaptized children.

When summoned, Pixie uses Zio, quickly firing rapid but short-ranged blasts of electricity.

Raja Naga SSBSR.png

Raja Naga

Raja Naga is a demon of the Snake race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and either the Emperor, Aeon or Temperance Arcana in the Persona series. He is the king of the Nagas, a half-man, half-snake tribe in Hindu lore. The dragon kings Nanda and Takshaka of Buddhist myth fall into this royal category.

When summoned, Raja Naga uses Ziodyne, charging up before thrusting his spear forward while firing a beam of electricity forward.

Sarasvati SSBSR.png


Sarasvati is a demon of the Megami race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Priestess Arcana in the Persona series. She is the goddess of knowledge, music and the arts in Hindu. She is the consort of Brahma, and alongside Lakshmi and Parvati, form the Tridevi.

When summoned, Sarasvati uses Mediarama, healing you over time.

Seth SSBSR.png


Seth is a demon of the Vile race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and either the Tower or Moon Arcana in the Persona series. The Egyptian god of the desert, chaos, and evil, he murdered his brother, Osiris, and tried to become chief god, but was stopped by Osiris's son, Horus.

When summoned, Seth flies above its summoner and uses Agidyne, raining down fireballs to damage enemies below him.

Shiva SSBSR.png


Shiva is a demon of the Fury race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and either the Tower or Judgement Arcana in the Persona series. He is one of the three main deities in Hindu myth, being known as the destroyer but also being associated with regeneration. His wife is Parvati.

When summoned, Shiva uses Psycho Force, firing balls of pink energy that float in the air before flying towards the nearest enemy.

Succubus SSBSR.png


Succubus is a demon of the Night race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and either the Moon or Devil Arcana in the Persona series. They are female demons of European lore in medieval times, visiting sleeping men in their dreams. The victims don't wake up but may dream of the encounter.

When summoned, Succubus uses Marin Karin, creating a slow-moving blast that, upon hitting an enemy, causes them to reverse their controls.

Surt SSBSR.png


Surt is a demon of the Tyrant race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Magician Arcana in the Persona series. He is a fire giant from Norse mythology, ruling the fire realm, Muspelheim, and brandishing a burning sword. At Ragnarok, he will set the world ablaze.

When summoned, Surt uses Ragnarok, slowly charging before plunging his sword into the ground to create a powerful blast of fire that launches foes away and breaks shields.

Thor SSBSR.png


Thor is a demon of the Kishin race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Chariot Arcana in the Persona series. He is the Norse god of thunder and the son of Odin. He wears the power enhancing belt, Megingjard, and wields Mjolnir, a hammer that causes lightning to strike and returns to its owner after thrown.

When summoned, Thor uses Wild Thunder, smashing the ground while creating random thunderbolts around him to strike enemies.

Yoshitsune SSBSR.png


Yoshitsune is a demon of the Hero race in the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Tower Arcana in the Persona series. A Japanese general of the Genpei War near the end of the Heian era and start of the Kamakura era. His bold ingenuity and ruthless skill with a blade are still praised in Japan today.

When summoned, Yoshitsune uses Hassou Tobi, unleashing a barrage of constant slashes in front of the summoner.



  • The game's original name was going to be Super Smash Bros. Something Redux, and the game was even teased Project Redux before its release. However, it was changed as the game's name didn't flow very well.
    • Eventually Super Smash Bros. Something Else was chosen by the Fantendo Discord, referencing the fact that while it is a reboot of Super Smash Bros. Something, it tries to be something different, thus, being "something else".
  • Super Smash Bros. Something Else was started after the cancellation of the original Super Smash Bros. Something, which was caused by:
    • Technical difficulties as a result of UCP, which made it almost impossible to edit the original page without it lagging constantly.
    • A wish for a blank slate, as the creators felt like the game was too big for its own good, and felt outdated compared to Lazy Studio's other works.
  • This is the first game in the Super Smash Bros. series in which true non-videogame characters would appear in the Super Smash Bros. series, with Donald and Goofy appearing in Sora's Final Smash, and Mickey Mouse appearing as a trophy.
    • Their inclusion was kept as according to the creators, "Half of Kingdom Heart's identity is Disney, so we felt it was important to include them even if they don't originate in videogames."


  • This game cut several characters from Ultimate. These include, Chrom, Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Piranha Plant, Pyra & Mythra, Richter, Sheik, Wii Fit Trainer and Young Link. Some cuts were done to remove clones (Like Dr. Mario and Young Link), while others were replaced by other characters on the roster (Like Sheik with Impa, Pyra & Mythra with Rex, and Wii Fit Trainer with Ring Fit Trainee).
    • Of the cut characters, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, Wii Fit Trainer and Richter were instead added as unlockable alternate costumes for Mario, Pit, Ring Fit Trainee and Simon respectively. Sheik is referenced in one of Impa's unlockable costumes. Piranha Plant, Pyra and Mythra appear as part of Waluigi and Rex's movesets respectively, and Chrom still makes a cameo in Robin's Final Smash.
  • Currently, the series with the most playable characters is Pokémon, with a total of 13 characters (if Red and May's Pokémon are counted as separate characters), beating out the Mario series by 3 characters.
  • At the game's launch, Hatterene was the most recent character to appear in Something Else, debuting in November 2019. This was beating out the previous record holder, Byleth, by four months. After the release of Fighter Pass Season 3, the record would taken from her by Aether, who debuted in September 2020.
    • This record would be broken further after the release of Fighter Pass Season 4, as Raven Beak would be Aether, first appearing a year later in October 2021. As of right now, he is the youngest character in the roster.
  • Red is currently the only veteran character in the Super Smash Bros. series to be renamed, formally being called Pokémon Trainer. The name change was made to differentiate him from May, another Pokémon Trainer character.
  • As with every game, Kirby has a variety of stones that he can transform into with his Stone special attack. Many have been included These stones include:
List of Stone Transformations
  • A pink stone with its eyes closed. A common transformation in the Kirby games.
  • A statue of Kirby waving at the screen.
  • A spiked iron ball.
  • A 100-ton weight
  • An anvil
  • A stone statue of Master Hand punching downward.
  • A Brick Block from the Mario series.
  • A Thwomp from the Mario series.
  • A statue of Mario's Stone form while using the Statue Leaf from Super Mario 3D Land.
  • An oil drum from Donkey Kong.
  • An Ancient Treasure Chest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • A small version of the Chozo Statues from Metroid.
  • A statue of Palutena.
  • A statue of Rick, Kine and Coo from Kirby.
  • A Geodude from Pokémon. It will look around confused if you keep the transformation for some time.
  • A golden statue of Tom Nook from Animal Crossing holding bags of Bells.
  • A Garbage Block from Panel de Pon.
  • A statue of Qbby from BOXBOY! and Jobski from Part Time UFO.
  • The Master Emerald from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • A small Arcade Cabinet of either Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Darkstalkers, Tekken or Fatal Fury.
    • After the game's release, a Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet can appear if the player has bought Scorpion.
  • A 3D statue of PAC-MAN in his classic 8-bit form.
  • A statue of a Moogle riding a Chocobo, both from Final Fantasy.
  • A Sand Block from Minecraft.
  • A gravestone. The name of your opponent will be on the grave.
  • A golden block with the HAL Laboratory logo on it. This is the rarest of the transformations, with only a 1% chance of appearing.
  • There are various little easter eggs that are found throughout various animations and properties of the characters.
    • When Peach is under a Metal effect, instead of turning metal, she turns into a pink gold color, referencing Pink Gold Peach.
    • Charizard, Blaziken, Incineroar, Inkling, Octoling and Sonic take damage while they are in water. This is because Fire-type Pokémon are weak to Water-type attacks, Inklings and Octolings die when touching water, and Sonic is unable to swim.
    • Squirtle, Mudkip, Greninja and Shantae can swim longer than other characters. This is because Squirtle, Mudkip and Greninja are Water-types, and Shantae, while in water, goes into her Mermaid form.
    • When Red and May's Pokémon use a Poké Ball, they will call out of the name of the Pokémon brought out. Joker does the same when he summons a Demon with a Tarot Card.
    • When Inkling and Octoling have their Final Smash ready, their hair will glow, similar to when they have a Special Weapon fully charged in their games.
    • Certain characters have special effects that appear when they are KOed.
      • Inkling and Octoling have an inky effect to their explosion. If they are KOed from the bottom blast line, their ghost will rise upward a short distance before disappearing.
      • Sonic and Tails drop a cluster of rings.
      • Mega Man and Zero explodes into blue and yellow orbs respectively.
      • When Steve is KOed, a text box from Minecraft will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen, with text displaying how Steve was KOed.
      • When either Tracer or Heavy are KOed, a kill feed will appear on the top right of the screen, showing which character defeated them, as well as the way they did. Its appearances changes to resemble their home games.
      • The Knight's explosion is a dark color, resembling SOUL.
    • When Zero is Star KOed, he yells out "What am I fighting for!" an infamous line from Mega Man X4.
    • There is a small chance that after Scorpion's Final Smash is over, a small voice saying “Toasty!” can be heard.
  • Jonesy is unique in that he wields a weapon from other game, as the Infinity Blade is from a game series of the same name. The creators however felt it was okay to include it as part of his moveset as not only are both games owned by the same company, but the Infinity Blade itself is infamous among the Fortnite community for being incredibly overpowered.

Scrapped Content

  • Several new characters were also considered to appear in Super Smash Bros. Something Else, but were cut for various reasons.
    • Gen 8 Pokémon: Many Pokémon introduced in Generation 8 were considered to be included, like Rillaboom, Cinderace, Toxtricity, and even weirder picks like Dracovish and Dragapult. Eventually, Hatterene was chosen, as the creators wanted to experiment with a moveset involving Trick Room.
      • Rillaboom and Cinderace were cut specifically because the creators felt there were too many starter Pokémon in the roster (8 as of right now).
      • Snom was also considered to appear but the creators felt they shouldn't include them as they appeared in the original version of Something.
    • Spring Man & Ribbon Girl: Were considered as ARMS reps as they were the game's mascots. Eventually it was decided to scrap Ribbon Girl for Min Min as she had already appeared in Smash and had a larger fanbase. Spring Man was then cut as well, being replaced with Dr. Coyle, as it would add another villain to the roster.
    • Ichiban: Was considered to appear instead of Kiryu as part of Fighter Pass 2, primarily since the creator of the series does not think it's fit for Kiryu to appear in fighting games, as it is against his character. Eventually however, Kiryu was kept anyway, as he was the series' mascot and main character for most of the series.
    • Roll: Was originally considered as the second Mega Man representative, but was replaced with Zero late in development, as the creators were unhappy with how her moveset ended up.
    • Heihachi: Was part of the game's base cast, but when Kazuya was announced to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, was scrapped as the creators couldn't find a way to make a moveset for him similar to Kazuya's, primarily because of the Devil Gene. Notably, with how Kazuya's moveset is modeled, they couldn't figure out a way for Heihachi to recover. Ultimately, Kazuya was added and Heihachi was cut.
    • Other League of Legends Characters: Several other League of Legends characters were considered to be included: the ones in highest consideration being Jinx, Yasuo, and Teemo. Ahri was chosen due to a combination of popularity and moveset potential.
    • Lazy Studios Characters: Many characters from Lazy Studios' original franchises, like KillGames, Kingdombound and Sugar Cannon, were planned to appear as DLC. However, after complications figuring out unique movesets for them, the creators felt dissatisfied with the results, and thus cut them in order to make room for other characters.
  • Alongside characters, some assist trophies were cut as well.
    • Bastion: Would have attacked in his Turret mode and fired at enemies around him. Replaced by Dr. Neo Cortex as the creators didn't want to include more than one character from Activision Blizzard.
    • Crewmates: Would have wandered around in a group, with one of them being an impostor trying to attack one of the other players. Replaced by the Goose for unknown reasons.
    • Riptor: Attacked by rushing towards the enemy and either perform a series of combo attacks, or pouncing on them and mauling them. Was replaced by Conker as the creators felt it would be more appealing to fans.
    • Snip & Clip: Were originally assist trophies but were scrapped as the creators had trouble figuring out what they would do. They were instead added as part of the Noisy Notebook stage.
  • Various demons from across the Shin Megami Tensei franchise were considered to be included, but were later scrapped. These include: Ame-no-Uzume, Arahabaki, Berith, Dominion, Lamia, Lilim, Mara, Naga, Nebiros, Norn, Odin, Pale Rider, Parvati, Shiki-Ouji, Throne and Yamata-no-Orochi.
    • Of the scrapped demons, Cybele and Mermaid and were planned to appear but were scrapped as including them would increase the game's age rating.
  • Several bosses were considered but scrapped during the game's development.
    • Queen Sectonia & Dyna Blade: Both were cut as a result of not lining up with the structure of the story. Dark Matter was chosen instead, though was given the ability to transform into Sectonia.
    • Metal Overlord: Was cut as the creators felt he was too similar to Ultra Necrozma appearance-wise. He was replaced with the Egg Wily Machine.
    • Perfect Chaos: Was cut as a result of not lining up with the structure of the story. He was replaced with the Egg Wily Machine.
    • Lagiacrus: Was originally the game's 12th boss, but was scrapped after the creators felt there were too many Capcom bosses. Was eventually replaced with Giga Mermaid.
    • Behemoth: Was briefly considered to replace Lagiacrus, but the creators struggled to make a moveset for this that differentiated from Ganon.
  • Originally, every character was going to have a Shield Special. However, the creators felt most of the new shield specials did not mesh well with most character's moveset. Though most were cut, a good chunk of them, including ones that involve transforming or are important to a character's gimmick, were kept.


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