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Character Description
Alpha Samurai
Alpha Samurai
Added by MR Z BRAINZ
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Alpha Samurai is a mysterious hologram debuting in Super Smash Bros. Sandbox, tailored towards beginner players. It is a nomad that travels the world, said to contain great power. It does not enjoy fighting, but will battle if needed.

NS: Sphere Program: Alpha Samurai pushes forward, creating a spherical energy projectile that travels forward. It can be charged up to travel faster and further.
SS: Pyramid Program: Alpha Samurai generates pyramids on its left arm and spikes it forward. It can be aimed vertically.
US: Pentagon Program: Alpha Samurai spins a short distance upwards, surrounded by damaging pentagons. Unlike most Up Special moves, it can be used twice while airborne.
DS: Cubic Program: Alpha Samurai projects a cube around itself, blocking attacks and projectiles. The cube can only take 50% of damage before it breaks, and it recharges while not in use.
FS: Final Program: Alpha Samurai combines the effects of all four Programs and becomes temporarily supercharged, in addition to being invincible.

EA: Alpha Samurai teleports in, charging up for a second before releasing a pulse of energy and taking a fighting stance.
VA: Alpha Samurai stops charging energy and looks away from the camera. as it walks backwards.

Alternate Costumes

Miscellaneous Info

Bubbly G.
Added by Mr. Yokai
A kind girl hailing from the planet Bonappeti; she's got a very sweet heart, preferring friendship more than fighting. This is not to imply she can also fight, but this is usually for the good of things (or if befriending isn't an option).
GMFlavorize: Bubbly Guma can flavorize herself with nine flavors. Each one changes one of her moves in one way or another.
NS: Flavorbility: Bubbly Guma uses her hair like a whip. Spyz Guma fires out a stream of flaming bubblegum at a constant rate (doesn't shrink but doesn't deal much damage), Frad Guma can throw razor sharp "leaves" that boomerang back to her (also can be controlled and rapidly thrown), and Paprak Guma is an uppercut that turns opponents into projectiles if they go fast enough.
SS: Flavorforward: Bubbly Guma turns her hand into a sword and lunges forward, slashing opponents. Osh'n Guma jumps and fires a bubblegum bubble that causes the opponent to slowly float up, Cirkit Guma starts running on a gigantic electric gumball a decent distance forward and when commanded to kicks it forward to do hefty damage and Borzt Guma charges up and creates a sound wave that pushes opponents and reflects projectile with double the strength. (Osh'n, Cirkit, Borzt)
US: Flavorecover: Bubbly Guma uses her hair like a lasso to tether onto the nearest platform or enemy. Props Guma spins up and does rapid damage anyone who touches her "propeller", Eyz Guma does a stunning jump upwards that freezes anyone hit by it, and Vyrol Guma blows a bubble to recover that explodes into poison upon popping. (Props, Eyz, Vyrol)
DS: Flavorize: Bubbly Guma eats a random berry and flavorizes herself. This can include: Spyz, Props, Osh'n, Frad, Eyz, Cirkit, Paprak, Vyrol, and Borzt.
FS: Guma Soul: Bubbly Guma puts her heart and soul into her bubblegum and creates a bubble that becomes a clone of herself that helps her for one minute. At the end, the clone explodes.

EA: Bubbly Guma comes out of a Gumpoint as she shakes her hair.
VA: Bubbly Guma does a little twirly dance, twirling two times before jumping up showing two "V" signs.

Alternate Costumes
Miscellaneous Info
Each hit the Guma Soul takes reduces 2 seconds from its countdown. Thus, it takes about thirty hits for it to expire if it doesn't tick down.
Added by erictom333
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
The Champions, individually Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa, are tba. They debuted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and play an important role in the game's lore.

Gimmick: Switch: Just like Pokemon Trainer, the Champions can switch between the four during battle. Mipha isalways out at the start.

NS: Switch: Cycles between Mipha, Urbosa, Revali and Daruk.

SS: Lightscale Trident: Mipha throws the Lightscale Trident.
US: Waterfall Ascend: A waterfall appears below Mipha, which Mipha ascends. Does small damage to any fighters Mipha hits.
DS: tba: tba

SS: Scimitar of the Seven: tba.
US: tba: tba.
DS: Urbosa's Fury: Urbosa emits an aura of lightning around her, dealing damage to and stunning enemy fighters.

SS: Great Eagle Bow: Revali fires his Great Eagle Bow, creating one arrow that flies straight forward dealing significant damage and two at 5° off dealing less damage. The move can be aimed. If the special button is held for long enough, the arrows become bomb arrows, which explode upon impact.
US: Revali's Gale: Revali creates and ascends an updraft, dealing moderate damage
DS: tba: tba

SS: Lightscale Trident: Mipha throws the Lightscale Trident.
US: Waterfall Ascend: A waterfall appears below Mipha, which Mipha ascends. Does small damage to any fighters Mipha hits.
DS: tba: tba

FS: Divine Beasts: All four Divine Beasts appear onstage. They charge up their lasers and unleash one coordinated strike on enemy fighters, dealing huge damage.


Alternate Costumes

Miscellaneous Info

Revali has five jumps, while the other Champions have two.
Dragon Queen
Added by erictom333
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Dragon Queen is a character appearing in Super Smash Bros. and Fantendo Smash Bros. games, ideal for beginners to use. She is said to be from a long lone of Dragon Kings, of which she is the first woman to take the title.

NS: Burning Knuckle: Dragon Queen breathes fire on her glove and jabs it forward, landing it in her opponent's stomach, causing them to fly back horizontally.
SS: Dragon Flame: Dragon Queen blasts a burst of flame in front of her, releasing it as a giant ball of fire that goes horizontally. She can charge up this burst of flame to deal even more damage.
US: Tail Sweep: Dragon Queen soars upwards, allowing her extra height to use her jumps while her tail reflects projectiles and does minor damage on contact with opponents. Acts as both a loose recovery move and a loose counter, although the timing needs to be concise.
DS: Dragon's Gate: Dragon Queen charges up a burst of flame and blows it out forwards, able to burn up projectiles and keep foes away from her.
FS: Loyalty to the Scales: Four dragons surround Dragon Queen in a wheel behind her as she unleashes four flaming geysers to the left and right of the stage (which deal 25% damage), able to shoot flaming projectiles (dealing 5% damage) to toss her opponents towards the flames on the left and right of the stages until the timer runs out.

EA: Dragon Queen enters out from a flaming hoop, spreading her wings as she cracks her knuckles.

Alternate Costumes

  • Freezing Dragon Queen
  • Shocking Dragon Queen
Miscellaneous Info

Added by Mr. Yokai
GR-18 is the latest model in the GR line; if pronounced in a certain way, it sounds like "Great Teen", but that's not what it really is. It's more of a "dumb robot baby" because its knowledge from the GRs that precede it was wiped out due to being a shrunken down model. They go through LEVELs to regain their skills and know what to expect in a delivery! Including calculators for TAXES! Oh, and despite his strength and awesome recoveries, he's incredibly lightweight, being able to be smashed off at 80%.
GMGrappler: GR-18's grab uses the Grappler. As opposed to actually holding onto the opponent, GR-18 instead carries it on its back and can kick it by using its pummel, though the opponent can mash out of it. It's also useful for flinging yourself up ledges and it can be aimed. Also can be used for easier item grabbing (can't grab weapon items).
NS: Rebound: GR-18 can shoot up to two face orbs out in succession (before having to wait a second) which bounce and are on a timer as opposed to a bounce counter. This comes with recoil that's useful for recovering, but unlike what happens in Levelhead, the face orbs don't recover while you're in mid-air.
SS: Waylay: GR-18 dashes forward, punching enemies backwards. It goes farther while you're running and if you're in mid-air it instead goes diagonally upwards, though it's not a really good recovery tool as just using it rapidly to save yourself may make you just fall to your death.
US: Ripcord: Highly similar to ROB's Robo-Rocket except it comes with a propeller. If GR-18 is hit, however, he will enter a free-fall state.
DS: Shade: GR-18 places down a Rune of Teleportation that lasts for four seconds. It can be grabbed and thrown in other places. Pressing the Special button again allows you to warp there; even while performing Smash Attacks!
FS: Solar Plexus: GR-18 jumps into a Blaster and launches himself towards enemies. Enemies hit enter a scene where GR-18 punches them in their "solar plexus", as the Bureau of Shipping jingle plays afterwards with enemies flying... a really far distance away.

EA: GR-18 teleports in just like Mega Man.
VA: GR-18 falls down with a package onto the Goal and gives a thumbs up.

Alternate Costumes
Miscellaneous Info
If idling for long enough, GR-18 sits down and hums.
GR-18 has a special death animation during Stamina battles or if one-hit attacked. GR-18's face flashes with an exclamation mark as he explodes.
Inkbuster.PNG Another_Kinkbuster.PNG
Inkbuster & Kinkbuster
Added by Mr. Yokai
A duo who's pretty disagreeable. Inkbuster is the crazy, won't shut up dude while the Kinkbuster is the laid back and neutral dude who's perfect at copycat. They make the worst tag team in the neighborhood, often times being mocked up as "Inko and Kinko as DISAGREEABLE OBJECTS!" because... their appearance, and how they talk to each other.
GMKinkbuster: Most of Inkbusters attacks actually utilize Kinkbuster in some way or another. Having Kinkbuster killed causes Inkbuster to not be able utilize Kinkbuster-related moves.
NS: Get Something from Kinkbuster: Inkbuster rummages through Kinkbuster and gets something (often a throwable). If hit, he'll be trapped in Kinkbuster as he tries to punch his way out.
SS: Heerf Tactics: Inkbuster gets onto Kinkbuster and pulls out a Heerf Gun. It has 200 projectiles and can only be refilled by hurting opponents, but otherwise it's a rapid-fire no pity weapon.
US: Cannon Kinkbuster: Kinkbuster launches Inkbuster out as Inkbuster uses the Wower Whip to pull Kinkbuster. Kinkbuster acts as the weapon of sorts during this. It descends fast, since Kinkbuster's heavy.
DS: Flamethrower Counter: A counterattack. Inkbuster hides behind Kinkbuster as Kinkbuster flamethrowers the opponent.
FS: BUSTS-ALL EVEN OURSELVES BROFIST: Inkbuster and Kinkbuster do a glorious brofist which decimates everything, including themselves.

EA: Kinkbuster falls from the sky as Inkbuster does to, landing on Kinkbuster and screaming "OWWWWWWWWWWW!"
VA: Inkbuster does the Default Dance on Kinkbuster. After the dance, Kinkbuster facepalms.

Alternate Costumes
Miscellaneous Info
Inkbuster is visibly confused on how the Heerf Gun reloads by hurting people, often commenting every time he uses Heerf Tactics after it reloads.
Heerf Tactics was originally Gun Tactics but it sounded too violent.
If Inkbuster uses Flamethrower Counter without Kinkbuster, instead of hiding behind Kinkbuster, Inkbuster instead does a dance as he walks backwards.
Yoshikage Kira
Added by CrakaboLazy4090
Yoshikage Kira is the main antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable, the fourth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He possesses the stand Killer Queen, which grants him the ability to create deadly bombs.

NS: Bomb Transmution: Killer Queen floats forward, attempting to touch the first object that comes in its way. This object can be anything, an item, a wall, or a player. Upon touching an object, Killer Queen charges the object, and disappears. Then, by pressing B again, Killer Queen will send the charge off to the touched object, creating a powerful explosion.
SS: Air Bomb: Killer Queen opens his stomach, revealing Stray Cat. Stray Cat creates an air bubble which Killer Queen charges to transform it into an invisible air bomb. The bomb will fly forwards, exploding upon contact with an enemy, though Kira can detonate the bomb by pressing Side Special again.
US: Stray Cat: Killer Queen opens his stomach as Stray Cat manipulates the air around them to launch Kira into the air. Damages anyone under Kira if used in the air.
DS: Sheer Heart Attack: Killer Queen detaches Sheer Heart Attack from its left hand. From there, the bomb will travel towards the nearest enemy, before exploding. Sheer Heart Attack is capable of moving at a fairly high speed, and it is indestructable to most damage. However, it cannot go up ledges or jump. It will last for around 15 seconds before it deactivates if it doesn't find an enemy.
FS: Killer Queen Bites the Dust: Kira grabs Hayato Kawajiri and tosses him forward. If he hits an enemy, he screams in fear as a miniature copy of Killer Queen appears in front of his enemy. Soon after, the enemy blows up, instantly KOing them if they are over 100%. After the attack, a time loop occurs, with Kira jumping backwards in time and restoring any health he lost within a 1 minute period. (this does not affect the time in a time match)

EA: Kira walks in, shadows surrounding him, as Killer Queen materializes behind him. It strikes a pose in front of Kira, before disappearing.
VA: Kira walks away from the camera before looking back and sending out Killer Queen. Killer Queen appears in front of the camera before detonating a bomb as the freeze-frame occurs. The camera is engulfed in the explosion, leaving behind nothing but darkness.

Alternate Costumes
  • Kosaku Kawagiri
Miscellaneous Info

Mario ver. Mr. Yokai
Added by Mr. Yokai
Mario is a famous plumber that with Super Mario Bros. and mascot of Nintendo. His moveset here focuses on lesser-known (or more known) attacks. He's not as balanced as he was before, so he's not really the universal starter option.
NS: Cappy: Mario throws Cappy forward which acts as a boomerang. If it hits an enemy in Smash Run, Mario captures the enemy and can attack as them for a limited amount of time. 
SS: Bwahnzai Bill: Mario prepares his Bwahnzai Bill and shoots it forward. It can be charged for not just more damage but also higher knockback. 
US: Rocket F.L.U.D.D: A move which consists of Mario blasting upwards with a pressurized burst of water that pushes opponents downwards heavily. Freefall after this attack.
DS: Super Hammer: Mario gets out a Super Hammer that can smash items into oblivion and does massive (30%) damage to enemies, but stales out very quickly (-5% each use) and freshens up very slowly (5%+, fifteen moves each). 
FS: T-Rex Mario: Mario throws Cappy in to the air and captures a T-Rex as he falls back down in T-Rex form. He can do devastating attacks and is absolutely massive in this form. Lasts as long as Giga Bowser lasts.

EA: Same as usual, coming from a pipe.
VA: Victory animation is the same Victory 3.

Alternate Costumes
Miscellaneous Info
The main reason for the drastic special changes is because Mario has such a great moveset yet he mostly fires out fireballs, uses a cape, and doing essentially a flighty version of his famous jump.
Pipe Dragon
Added by Mr. Yokai
This dragon hails from Dragon Mania Legends and is a Water/Earth/Electric dragon. It's really weird, with tubes that seem to have... something in it. Is this supposed to be water? And most of all, why Electric?
NS: Restorative Recourse: Pipe Dragon, after 1 second, removes all status effects on it. In team games, this also removes its ally's status effects.
SS: Draco Attack: A gauge will apper and go from top to bottom for five seconds. Hitting the red section causes Pipe Dragon to fumble and trip, while the green section will do 2x damage. Hitting any other section is a basic attack.
US: Electric Jolt: Pipe Dragon jumps up and slams the ground, creating an electric shockwave. Using it like a Smash Attack causes Pipe Dragon to charge energy and jump super high, and then slam super hard that it creates a larger electric shockwave.
DS: Stone Shield: Pipe Dragon creates a shield that can absorb 50% damage and destroys projectiles instantly but forces it to stand still. While extremely durable, there is a flaw, which is that it not recharges slowly but the opponent can still hit you from behind.
FS: Mania Battle: Pipe Dragon charges forward. If you get hit in the attack, the opponent will see Pipe Dragon with two other dragons at max level as their mouth is wide open. They proceed to all use their own attacks on the opponent with Pipe Dragon going last.

EA: Pipe Dragon hatches from an egg as a baby, eats a fruit that came with it and suddenly grows up.
VA: Pipe Dragon does a short victory dance that ends with a "VICTORY" sign appearing overhead.

Alternate Costumes
Miscellaneous Info
Pipe Dragon secretly always heals 3% HP from eating fruit.
Added by Mr. Yokai
After being overused, their brain has cracked and they can no longer perfectly relay music. This has lead them to retreating into mansions, and well, changing, such as gaining fingers, making their headphone-like ears more sophisticated, and stuff. They also gained a neck!
Credit goes to SarancthaTFFM for the artwork and Pyra for Kotomo.
NS: Sonar Burst: Hold B to charge Sonar Burst. Depending on how well charged this is, it's either gonna just be a pushback move or a large damaging soundwave.
SS: Shade Blast/Slide Kick: SHD-Beebox punches up a shadowy wave that reflects projectiles. While dashing, it becomes Slide Kick as SHD-Beebox at first does a flying kick and ends with a sliding kick. Slide Kick hits two times.
US: Disco Headbutt: SHD-Beebox does a headspin that has more horizontal than vertical momentum, and once he starts falling, anyone who gets hit gets damaged by him.
DS: Black Shards: SHD-Beebox throws three black shards in front of it. Anyone touching it gets 1% damage and flinch from it.
FS: V-Shadow: SHD-Beebox darkens the screen as all but it becomes visible. He does 1.5x more damage to opponents and opponents deal 1.2x damage to each other. At the end, whoever racked up the most damage experience knock back that's likely to kill them. If they're above 100% they immediately die.

EA: A Kotomo Trainer can be seen as it chooses what to select. There are cameos of Customo, Teemana, BUG-Rookid, Wuzat?, and Unmyot in it before SHD-Beebox is chosen.
VA: The Kotomo Trainer pats SHD-Beebox on the head as it bows down rather slowly. That's because it's supposed to be solemn.

Alternate Costumes
Miscellaneous Info
Originally there was Pterrotom, Sucobra, Koperwatt, and Punkila in its entrance animation but it was scrapped due to the rules possibly restricting it.
Added by MR Z BRAINZ
Spike is a Legendary Brawler in Brawl Stars. His special moves all require Ammo, which builds up in a three-segment meter. This gives him a very risky playstyle, as one misfire could give him a major disadvantage. To make up for it, his special moves are very powerful.

NS: Needle Grenade: Spike throws a cactus bomb forward that explodes and sends needles scattering in an area around it.
SS: Cactus Crash: Spike curls up and rolls through the air for a short distance. If Spike makes contact with an enemy, the move will go further.
US: Growth Opportunity: Spike places a cactus bomb into the ground, where it roots. If it is activated again, the cactus bomb will grow into a large cactus, launching any enemies touching it. If the move is started in midair, Spike will launch himself with a cactus bomb, putting him into freefall.
DS: Protective Pincushion: Spike blocks and extends his spikes. Enemies who attack Spike while his spikes are extended will be counterattacked, filling Spike's Ammo bar.
FS: Super-Spike: Spike tosses a large cactus grenade off the stage, which grows into a colossal clone of Spike who attempts to crush enemy fighters.

EA: Spike's head pops out of a pot, which then explodes as Spike fully grows.
VA: Spike jumps for joy while rasing his left arm, then wiggles side-to-side.

Alternate Costumes

  • Sakura Spike
  • Robo Spike
Miscellaneous Info
If Spike attempts to use his Specials without any Ammo, the move will fail.


Added by Mr. Yokai
A gigantic, confusing Numroid that despite its number, isn't just Millyrain but bigger. Whatever it is, get ready for absolute mayhem when Winch walks in, as he can easily pummel you. You can only damage him from the central eye!
  • HP: 500
  • Attacks:
    • Eye Lasers: Winch shoots a laser beam from his eye. Every time he loses 1/3rd of his HP he shoots another laser beam from another eye.
    • Winch Slam: Winch attempts to crush the player under his big hands three times. Fast move.
    • Windup Breath: Winch breathes in and then breathes out, obscuring the screen for a while.
    • Blink Bullets: One of Winch's eyes glows and he blinks, causing projectiles to fly out from his blinking eye.
    • Winch Superjump: Winch jumps into the foreground and does massive damage if he lands on anyone.


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NS: {*Neutral Special*}: {Move Description}
SS: {*Side Special*}: {Move Description}
US: {*Up Special*}: {Move Description}
DS: {*Down Special*}: {Move Description}
FS: {*Final Smash*}: {Move Description}

EA: {Entry Animation}
VA: {Victory Animation}

Alternate Costumes

Miscellaneous Info
{Miscellaneous Info}
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