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Super Smash Bros. Revolution
SSBR Logo Uniju
The logo.
Developer(s) Logo
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Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
March 16, 2008 (Japan)
April 2, 2008 (Europe)
April 5, 2008 (Europe)
May 24, 2008 (Australia)
Single player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting

Super Smash Bros. Revolution is a Super Smash Bros. game for the Wii.


Each character have their own story, as shown on the site. Mario and Luigi's story involves Mario and Luigi chasing Shadow Mario through the Mushroom Kingdom after he steals Peach's crown and the two try to get it back.



Veteran Fighters
Mario Link
Mario is said to be the most balanced of characters. He has an average strength and speed; he also has very good jumping abilities. Link reappears as one of the heavier fighters with a slow movement, but still has a strong attack strength and a large amount of equipment.
Standard Special Move Fireball Standard Special Move Bow
Side Special Move Hammer Side Special Move Boomerang
Up Special Move Super Jump Punch Up Special Move Spin Attack
Down Special Move F.L.U.D.D. Down Special Move Bomb
Final Smash Super Mario! Final Smash Triforce Explosion
Kirby Pikachu
Kirby is back as a light-weight. He has retained his copy-cat style, and his multiple jumping. Pikachu is an all-around character, but is still technical due to its quick speed and strong attacks.
Standard Special Move Swallow Standard Special Move Thunder Jolt
Side Special Move Hammer Side Special Move Skull Bash
Up Special Move Final Cutter Up Special Move Quick Attack
Down Special Move Stone Down Special Move Thunder
Final Smash Plasma Kirby Final Smash Discharge
Fox McCloud Samus Aran
Fox is quite fast, but he has weak attacks. He can use his Blaster to do damage to enemies without stopping them from their actions. Like Link, Samus has a slow pace and a heavy center of gravity along with powerful attacks. After using her Phazon Suit, she becomes Zero Suit Samus for the rest of the match.
Standard Special Move Blaster Standard Special Move Charge Shot
Side Special Move Fox Illusion Side Special Move Missile
Up Special Move Fire Fox Up Special Move Screw Attack
Down Special Move Reflector Down Special Move Bomb
Final Smash Arwing Invasion Final Smash Phazon Suit
Donkey Kong Princess Zelda
Donkey Kong is heavy, strong, and slow. He has a unique ability which allows him to capture characters with him for a short distance. Light-weight yet slow, Zelda uses magical attacks that are hard to control, but do much damage when used successfully.
Standard Special Move Unknown Standard Special Move Nayru's Love
Side Special Move Clap Side Special Move Din's Fire
Up Special Move Unkown Up Special Move Farore's Wind
Down Special Move Chest Smash Down Special Move Unknown
Final Smash Rambi Final Smash Unknown
Ice Climber Emblem
Ice Climbers
Bowser is likely both the heaviest and the slowest character; this is probably due to his immense attack strength. The Ice Climbers return as duo characters. Popo is controlled by the player while Nana is CPU controlled like in the previous installment. They now have heavier and stronger hammers.
Standard Special Move Fire Breath Standard Special Move Ice Shot
Side Special Move Koopa Klaw Side Special Move Unknown
Up Special Move Whirling Fortress Up Special Move Unknown
Down Special Move Bowser Bomb Down Special Move Blizzard
Final Smash Unknown Final Smash Unknown
Pichu is the younger form of Pikachu. He is stronger and heavier this time, but is also slower.
Standard Special Move Unknown Standard Special Move
Side Special Move Unknown Side Special Move
Up Special Move Unknown Up Special Move
Down Special Move Unknown Down Special Move
Final Smash Unknown Final Smash

Pikmin Emblem Test
Captain Olimar
Princess Daisy
A lightweight with weak attacks, Captain Olimar can use his attacks very rapidly to make up for the low amount of power. Princess Daisy has a moveset unique to her, including powerful attacks and strong recovery moves.
Standard Special Move Pikmin Toss Standard Special Move Unknown
Side Special Move Unknown Side Special Move Flower Shuriken
Up Special Move Onion Save Up Special Move Unknown
Down Special Move Unknown Down Special Move Crystal Smash
Final Smash Olimar's Ship Final Smash Flower Storm
Dark Samus King Dedede
Basically just a clone of Samus, but major differences are that she is slower, stronger, and has less tracking than Samus. A clone of Kirby, but much larger in size and stronger. He has the same moveset as Kirby, but his attacks differ a bit.
Standard Special Move Phazon Blast Standard Special Move Swallow
Side Special Move Ultimate Missle Side Special Move Hammer Slam
Up Special Move Unknown Up Special Move Unknown
Down Special Move Unknown Down Special Move Unknown
Final Smash Ridley Final Smash Unknown
Earthbound Emblem
Shadow Ness
A mysterious character who shares similar moves to Ness, being a clone. One key difference is that his moves power strongly surpasses those of Ness. A very technical character, Pit appears with strong recovery moves and a powerful bow.
Standard Special Move Dark Flash Standard Special Move Unknown
Side Special Move Dark Fire Side Special Move Unknown
Up Special Move Dark Thunder Up Special Move Unknown
Down Special Move Shadow Magnet Down Special Move Unknown
Final Smash Unknown Final Smash Unknown
Baby Mario Bros.
Sonic Emblem
Sonic The Hedgehog
The baby forms of Mario and Luigi, these two toddlers act similar to the Ice Climbers, in that they have powerful combination moves and become weak when seperate. They use a Chain Chomp to grab. Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog joins the fray with lightning fast movement, and good speedy combo attacks. Most of his moves last quite long.
Standard Special Move Shell Toss Standard Special Move Spin Dash
Side Special Move Goo Goo Buggy Side Special Move Spin Kick
Up Special Move Unknown Up Special Move
Down Special Move Unknown Down Special Move Sonic Cyclone
Final Smash Unknown Final Smash
Tales Of Emblem
Lloyd Irving
A semi-fast character, he uses his two swords for powerful attacks.
Standard Special Move Unknown Standard Special Move
Side Special Move Unknown Side Special Move
Up Special Move Unknown Up Special Move
Down Special Move Unknown Down Special Move
Final Smash Unknown Final Smash


  • Ness- Kirby has been seen wearing what appears to be Ness' hat..
  • Zero Suit Samus- After Samus has used her Phason Suit, she loses her armor and appears as Zero Suit Samus.
  • Captain Falcon- A song and a logo are revealed.
  • Final Fantasy character- Same as Captain Falcon.
  • Solid Snake- Same as Captain Falcon.
  • Fire Emblem character- A logo, a track, and a stage, are revealed.
  • Meta Knight- Revealed as a boss in Story Mode.
  • Megaman-An item from his series, a song, and his symbol, were revealed on the site.
  • Luigi-Was seen as a partner in Story Mode.
  • Falco-Same as Luigi.
  • Louie-Same as Luigi.
  • Mr. Game & Watch- A Kirby with Mr. G&W's power was seen to be fought in Butter Building of story mode, in addition, a shadow Mr. Game & Watch is fought in the Underworld.
  • Sora- A shadow of what resembles like Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series is fought in the Underworld.



Stage Description Songs
Asteroid Belt
Asteroid Belt 20px An area from the original Star Fox game. It has lower gravity than most of the stages, and has different planets and asteroids that make up the platforms. Obstacles include black holes and asteroids. Unknown
Brinstar 20px
A simple stage based on Metroid:Zero Mission. Lava occasionally fills the stage, and the Chozo Statues shoot lazers. Unknown
Dreamland 20px
A stage comparable to the Mushroom Kingdom. The beginning of the stage starts in a location similar to past Whispy Woods stages before it begins scrolling. Unknown
Green Hill Zone
Green Hill Zone Sonic Emblem The first level from Sonic the Hedgehog's very first game, is now a playable stage in SSBR! As the battle starts, Eggman will appear and drop a cannonball on the field, forcing players to run away. If the cannonball is touched, it is an instant KO. Players can now fight freely on hills and trees while cannonballs occasionally come rolling on the screen. Unknown
Hyrule Temple 20px
A stage consisting of two seperate roads connected by a warp, it is similar in structure to the Mushroom Kingdom stage. Unknown
Jungle Japes
Jungle Japes 20px An area comparible to the stage from Melee of the same name. It is rendered with Donkey Kong Country graphics and features a river containing Klaptraps. Unknown
Links House
Link's House 20px
A large stage with Link's house in the background, along with tree platforms. Occasionally, Octoroks and Malon appear. Unknown
Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom 20px A very large side-scrolling stage. A section of it takes place in the Underground. Super Mario Bros.
Mushroom Kingdom 2 (conjectural) 20px A stage identical to the one featured in Super Smash Bros. Melee of the same name. Unknown
Pikmin Land Pikmin Emblem Test
A stage that takes place mostly underground. Platforms consist of floating dirt platforms and sleeping Bulborbs. Unknown
Poké Floats 20px
An area similar to the Melee level of the same name. However, this level contains completely different Pokémon. Unknown
Pokémon Square
Pokémon Square 20px A simple stage set in the town square of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Pokémon occasionally stampede across the level, and the Kecleon Bros. throw items. Unknown
Princess Peach's Castle 20px
A stage similar to the one found in Melee, it takes place in front of the castle. A large boulder sits on the center platform. Unknown
Stonehenge Earthbound Emblem A stage that takes place on top of ruins located in the continent, Winters. The Bubble Monkey, Sky Runner, and Tessie occasionally appear, acting as additional platforms. EarthBound: Winters (Conjectural)
Underworld 20px
A stage based off of the first level in Kid Icarus. Mario must climb up through the level and fight Shadow Clones at the same time. Unknown


  • The name is the same as the working title for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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