Zoroark is an Unlockable Character in Super Smash Bros. Obliteration. This Dark Type Pokemon, known as the Illusion Fox Pokemon is the evolved form of Zorua. Zoroark and its pre evolution Zorua are both known for creating illusions that cant be distinguished from reality, thus tricking many People and Pokemon alike in the process. Zoroark tend to live in groups, and are incapable of human speech unless it transforms in the form of a human however and can then telepathically communicate. Tricky, Fast, Dark, and Deceptive Zoroark takes great pride in facades and is ready to cast mutiple illusions as it battles to the top of the Mountain of Smashers. With a moveset based arounf Claw, Biting, Arm, Kicking, and Illusion based attacks, Zoroark is ready to facade the match regardless of the opponent that faces it, in a true fight for the ages.


Type Name Damage Description
Neutral (3% = slashes 1-2, 4% = headbutt, 10% = total). Two claw swipes are followed up by a headbutt in this combo attack.
Forward Tilt (9%) Performs a biting attack at an opponent.
Up Tilt (10%) Swings its arms/claw upward in an arcing motion to damage opponents.
Down Tilt (7%) Performs a sweeping kick while crouched.
Forward Smash Sucker Punch (15%) Charges up while holding its arm behind itself before unleashing a corkscrew punch attack similar to Skull Kid's Cursed corkscrew Up Special, only forward in direction instead of upward, this attack has quick ending lag and good knowkback.
Up Smash (7% = hit 1, 8% = hit 2, 17% = total). Performs a backflipping kick while aiming/leaping upward, hits twice.
Down Smash (12%) Performs a charged up slashing attack while crouched near the ground.

Aerial Attacks 

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral (4% = hit 1, 8% = hit 2, 12% = total). Pushes both of its arms forward while airborne.
Forward (13% = clean, 8% = late). Zoroark swipes infront of itself, This is Zoroark's main killing aerial move but it has

some ending lag and Large knockback, it can KO most middleweights above 85%, lightweights above 75%.

Back (7% = hit 1, 9% = hit 2, 16% = total). Performs a full body spinning attack behind itself, has small range, but it hits twice

with large knockback.

Up (12%) Performs an arcing hair first headbutt upward while airborne.
Down (8% = impact, 7% = landing, 5% = shockwave, 20% = total). Stomps on an airborne opponent as they are sent crashing down to the

earth at great speed, its ending shockwave can damage adjacent opponents as well.

Other Attacks 

Type Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (Front) (7%) Swipes Its Claws In Both Forward/Back Directions, While Climbing Up.
Floor Attack (Back) (6%) Same As Front Attack, Hust With Less Power.
Floor Attack (Trip) (6%) Claw swipes In Forward/Back Directions, close to the ground.
Ledge Attack (8%) Performs a biting attack while climbing up.
Dash Attack Shadow Sneak (12% = clean, 10% = late) Turns invisible for 3 seconds and dashed forward with its claws at blinding speed.


Type Name Damage Description
Grab (N/A) Grabs An Opponent.
Pummel (3%) Stabs the opponent with claws, a relatively quick/powerful pummel.
Forward (5% = bite, 2% = throw, 7% = total). Pushes the opponent forward, and then bites them for damage.
Back (9% = kick, 3% = throw, 12% = total). Throws opponent behind itself, then kicks them backward.
Up (5% = bite, 2% = throw, 7% = total). Throws the opponent upward, and bites them.
Down (6% = claws, 3% = throw, 9% = total). Throws the opponent downward, then drills into them with its claws, this attack

can be easily followed by a jab or aerial.


Up = Beats its chest then flings its claws in a scissor formation to the sky.

Side  = Creates an Illusion of the closest opponent.

Down  = Yawns and then sleeps on the ground out of pure boredom.

Special Moves

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Dark Pulse (7% = 1/4 charged, 13% = half charged, 19% = 3/4 charged, 27% = fully charged). Focuses its mind before unleashing a wide sinister aura across the stage, this attack does more

damage based on charge.

Side Special Shadow Claw Slashes twice with razor sharp claws made of shadows, thick attack has both high knockback

and ending lag.

(8% = hit 1, 10% = hit 2, 18% = total).
Up Special Night Slash (5%) Performs a curving slash much like most Fire Emblem characters to attain vertical support and

get up while in the air.

Down Special Faint Attack (21% = clean sweetspot, 17% = clean sourspot, 16% = late sweetspot, 12% = late sourspot).  Zoroark draws up disarmingly to the foe before sucker-punching them with a fist of

dark energy, can cause massive damage if sweetspotted.

Final Smash 

Type Name Damage Description
Final Smash Night Daze (75% = close, 55% = mid, 35% = far, 20% = edge). Zoroark lets out an ear splitting roar before charging up and creating a massive

dark energy explosion Full of power and illusions to cause massive damage to opponents, this attack can affect a whole arena and has heavy knockback which will easily KO most light and middleweight opponents over 45%, opponents who even remotely are touched by the attack will recieve around 20%,

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