Villager is the Main Protagonist/Mascot of the Animal Crossing series of Games, and a Default/Starter Character in Super Smash Bros. Obliteration. Villagers come in both the Male and Female Variations and throughout the Animal Crossing Universe they are known to perform a series of tasks depending on the season, such tasks could include fishing, harvesting, foraging, and building to state a few things. For a Villager's average lifestyle they generally live in town with a max population of up to 15 residents, once the capacity reaches 15 one villager will move out to allow others to move in. Though not very strong in power Villager is willing to lay it on the line by stating that creativity can come from basic things such as a piece of timber or wood can go a long way in creativity. Wielding a moveset based off of Punch, Stick and Wood Attacks, as well as building a Deeam Home for his Final Smash, Villager is willing to build his way up against any opponent, in a true fight for the ages.


Type Name Damage Description
Neutral (3% = Hit 1, 2% = Hit 2, 5% = Total). Quickly punches with boxing gloves. The hitbox starts very quickly on frame 3. Can be done rapidly by holding the button (and even more rapidly by mashing it), but has no finisher. Its speed and lack of a finisher gives it good use as a protection move to cover Villager's slower attacks. It is also useful for protecting himself from grabs against characters who lack long ranged ones, as he can effectively place a large hitbox in front of him for as long as he wants. The first initial hit of his jab can true combo into an axe at kill percent against most floaty lightweight characters.
Forward Tilt (9%) Swings an umbrella horizontally. Good disjointed range and can be used for spacing or as a quick punish on nearby foes.
Up Tiilt (5% = Hit 1, 5% = Hit 2, 10% = Total). Waves a stick upwards in a circular motion. Hits twice, with the second hit having vertical knockback that can KO at high percentages. The first hit has a very long duration and can be useful for catching dodges or ledge getups, and it is a decent anti-air against shorter-ranged characters.
Down Tilt (12% = Weed, 6% = Shockwave). Pulls a weed out of the ground, knocking foes upwards. Like up tilt, it hits hard for a tilt of its speed, being able to KO at high percentages. Has deceptively long disjointed range, though it is strongest close up.
Forward Smash (17% = Clean, 13% = Late), Leans forwards and drops a bowling ball. Is safe on shield and is among the most powerful forward smashes in the game, with enough knockback to KO reliably around 95% (60% fully charged). However, it has poor horizontal range and moderately high startup as well as some endlag. Notably, the ball can fall off edges if the Villager stands near one, making it great for edge-guarding if the opponent recovers low. The bowling ball does slightly more damage and knockback if it falls a certain distance before hitting opponents. However, as the bowling ball is considered a projectile, it can be reflected even at point blank range.
Up Smash (3% = hit 1 on grounded opponents, 1% = hits 2-5, 4% = hit 6, 8% = total). Detonates a fountain firework, creating an explosion above himself. Hits six times for a total of 11% (15% fully charged). Has a fairly large hitbox and pulls opponents to the center of the blast, although it does not always connect properly and opponents can be knocked out of the move by any of the first few hits, especially at very high percentages. It can KO most characters at about 120%.
Down Smash (6% = clean, 3% = farther opponents on ground). Takes out a shovel and digs in front, then behind. Fast startup for a smash attack, making it a decent out of shield option. It can bury grounded opponents; opponents in the air instead have weak knockback inflicted to them. This is the only smash attack in the series that cannot KO when grounded, though it can still be deadly thanks to its followup potential. Up smash is an effective followup at high percentages, as its first hit will unbury the victim, circumventing the knockback reduction on buried characters. Up smash will also cover the area right above the opponent which is where they will be as soon as they escape, making the room for error a little better in case villager underestimates how long the opponent will be buried. At lower damage the opponent will be freed very quickly, but may be hit by an aerial attack as they pop out of the ground.

Aerial Attacks

Type Name Damege Description
Neutral (7% = Clean, 5% = Late). Does a cartwheel. Acts as a decently long sex kick that deals good knockback in the first frame. Has very fast startup (hits on frame 3), allowing Villager to use it as an extremely safe out-of-shield option and combo breaker, and the length of time its hitbox stays out also gives Villager a lot of protection.
Forward (6% = Clean, 4% = Mid, 3% = Late). Fires a slingshot pellet that travels slightly less than half the length of Final Destination. The pellet deals low knockback and deals even less knockback if hit in the final frames, similar to Mega Man's neutral air. The pellet deals moderate knockback at point blank range, which is deadly especially offstage.
Back (7% = Clean, 5% = Mid, 3% = Late). Like the forward aerial, but aimed backwards. Slightly slower startup, but deals more knockback and damage compared to his forward aerial. Useful for KOing opponents if Villager's forward air becomes too stale to do so reliably due to excessive use.
Up (One, 8% = clean), 4% = late, Two, 10% = clean), 5% = late, Three = 13% clean, 6% = late). Randomly swings one, two or three turnips upward. Damage depends on number of turnips, and the attack acts as a sex kick with a very long duration.
Down (One, 8% = clean, 4% = late Two, 10% = clean), 5% = late, Three, 13% = clean), 6% = late). Randomly swings one, two or three turnips downwards. Same damage values as up aerial, and is also a sex kick. It comes out slightly slower but is still quite fast. A clean hit with three turnips is a meteor smash if the ends of the turnips hit the opponent, however even the early hits of his turnip that do not meteor have high horizontal knockback. The late hit can be used to true combo into almost any projectile Villager might have pocketed if he hits it while landing, due to the small amount of horizontal knockback from the sex kick even at very high damage. It can also heavily damage a shield when used after Timber's axe at the apex of a jump if three turnips get a clean hit in the opponents' shield.

Other Attacks

Type Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (Front) (7%) Swings A Stick In Both Forward/Back Directions, While Getting Up.
Floor Attack (Back) (6%) Same As Front Attack, Just With Less Power.
Floor Attack (Trip) (7%) Swings A Stick In Both Forward/Back Directions, Near The Ground.
Ledge Attack (8%) Kicks With His Right Leg While Climbing Up.
Dash Attack (8% = Clean, 6% = Late). Falls over and drops a potted sapling, which flies a short distance and shatters on the ground. Sometimes the pot bounces instead of breaking, but it does no damage afterwards. The pot deals less damage if it hits the opponent while it flies, but this gives the move a good range. It can be dropped from ledges to allow it to fly further.


Type Name Damage Description
Grab (N/A) Grabs An Opponent.
Pummel (3%) Yanks the net backwards to damage the opponent inside. Somewhat slow Pummel,
Forward (5% = hit 1, 2% = throw Swings net overhead again, tossing the opponent out. Decent base knockback but very low knockback growth.
Back (6% = hit 1, 5% = throw, 11% = total) Turns around swinging his net horizontally. The second strongest back throw in the game (behind only Ness's back throw), KOing even the heaviest characters reliably at around 153% without rage and with optimal DI from the opponent. However, it possesses very low base knockback making it difficult to set up edgeguards with this throw at low percentages.
Up (6% = hit 1, 3% = throw, 9% = total) Flips net over and tosses opponent upwards. Good for juggling,

(4% = hit 1, 2% = throw, 6% = total)

Turns net horizontally and slams it into the ground. Knocks opponent upwards. Can combo into a forward tilt at very low damage on most characters as well as aerials from low to mid percent ranges, but not very reliably. A good way to combo into a pocketed projectile.


Up Taunt = Digs Up a Fossil and Shows It Off.

Side Taunt = Captures a horned dynastid and then shows it off.

Down Taunt = Does a short dance and then poses similar to the character artwork.

Special Moves

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Pocket (1.8x damage = pocketed projectiles, 0.5x damage = pocketed teammate's projectiles). Villager grabs a nearby projectile or item, stowing it away; using the move again will release the projectile or item with greatly increased damage and knockback, acting as a delayed reflector. The damage of a pocketed projectiles is reset to its base damage before the multiplier is applied. Grants Villager brief invincibility during the first few frames. Items and projectiles will stay in his pocket for 30 seconds before disappearing, however items that can be held can be taken out of his pocket and then put back in to refresh the 30 second timer.
Side Special Lloid Rocket (6% = early, 4% = late, 2.3x damage = riding the Lloid; 10% = ending explosion, 12% = explosion after hitting a wall). Launches the Gyroid Lloid sideways as a relatively slow projectile. Villager can choose to ride on it, which increases the damage and knockback dealt. Using the move in this fashion leaves Villager helpless unless the rocket explodes from hitting an opponent or damageable object.
Up Special Balloon Trip (N/A) Villager uses two balloons, both of a set color determined by the player's number, to fly Balloon Fight-style. As of 1.0.8, the move gives less distance if it is used consecutively in a short amount of time. Boasts the longest recovery potential in the game and travels quite fast, however Villager is vulnerable while using it. He will move slower if one balloon is popped and will be left helpless if both balloons are hit. However, if Villager himself is hit he can simply use the move again, at least until he runs out of 'fuel' due to the nerf.
Down Special Timber (0% = sprout, 0% = water can, 11% = tree, when it grows, 25% = clean tree, 15% = weak tree, 8% = trunk, 3% = trunk as an item, 6% = axe). A move of 3 different attacks in order, where Villager plants, waters, and chops down a tree, which hits opponents as it falls, even bouncing off near edges to lower areas. However, the tree can be destroyed by other characters, and is a fairly slow move to use altogether - using the move once only advances through one of the four stages (plant, water, first chop, second chop), so completing the attack takes four total usages in the same location. The tree itself is extremely powerful, even as it grows. The axe can be swung during the chop stages regardless of distance from the tree, as long as that Villager's grown tree currently exists on the map. Has a chance of creating a woodchip or a rare chance of spawning a fruit once chopped down.

Final Smash

Type Name Damage Description
Final Smash Dream Home (23% = House-building/23 hits of 1%), 5% (before explosion), 15% (explosion), 10% (to other opponents during house-building). Builds a House To Trap Enemies Inside Before it Explodes, Dealing High Knockback.
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