Pikachu is the Mascot/Icon for both the Pokemon series of games as well as Pokemon: Yellow Cersion, and a Default/Starter Character in Super Smash Bros. Obliteration. Known as the Electric Mouse Pokemon, Pikachu is a Electric Type Pokemon, the evolved form of Pichu through friendship and evolves into Raichu when exposed to a Thunderstone. This cute, chubby Rodent Pokemon has been seen to travel alone or in packs, and can release potent Electrical Jolts or waves that have varying intensity and can travel for varying distances. Not back and more Electirfied for a battle then ever before, Pikachu is ready to Jolt his way up to the top of the Mountain of Smahers. With a Moveset based off Electric, Tail, and Flip attacks, as well a a new devastating Gigavolt Havoc Final Smash, Pikachu is ready to Electrify the Competition against any opponent who challanges it, in a true fight for the ages.


Type Name Damage Description
Neutral  (1.4% (tip), 1.2% (mid), 1% (base). A headbutt. Deals negligible damage and knockback, but its outstanding speed makes it fairly spammable if the attack button is held, allowing it to deal more damage and potentially trip opponents.
Forward Tilt (10%)  A dropkick performed from the baby freeze, a variation of the freeze breakdancing move. It deals more damage when angled upward and has a chance to trip when angled downward. KOs around 110% near the edge
Up Tilt (5%) Flicks its tail in an overhead arcing motion. Its fast speed and low knockback make it a reliable combo option, particularly into itself and aerials.
Down Tilt (6%) Flicks its tail in an overhead arcing motion. Its fast speed and low knockback make it a reliable combo option, particularly into itself and aerials.
Forward Smash (15% = early 18% = clean, 12% = late). Rears back and then leans forward to discharge a bolt of electricity from its cheeks. Its strongest hitbox is located the inner portion of the bolt, while its weakest one is located at Pikachu's cheeks during start-up.
Up Smash (13% = clean tail), 14% = clean body), 11% = mid), 7%= (late). Backflips to strike with its tail. This move is slightly stronger when hit close during start-up and is one of Pikachu's most viable KOing options.
Down Smash (2% = hits 1-5), 3% = hit 6). Repeatedly spins around while discharging electricity. Hits multiple times and has decent knockback, but has punishable ending lag.

Aerial Attacks

Type Name Damage Decription
Neutral (8.5% = clean, 5.5% = late). A somersaulting tackle. Extremely fast start-up and deals decent horizontal knockback, making it a good aerial finisher or edge-guarding option. Can be auto-canceled when performed alongside a non-fast-fallen short hop, though it has high landing lag otherwise.
Forward (1.7% = hits 1-4, 3% = hit 5). An electrified, corkscrew battering ram. Hits multiple times, with the last hit dealing decent horizontal knock-back. The move has little landing lag, which when coupled with a fast-fallen

short hop, can allow it to potentially set up into a grounded move or grab. This move has minor meteor smashing capabilities due to most of its hits having the auto-link angle.

Back (0.8% = hits 1-7, 3%= hit 8, 4% = landing). A series of belly turns, a technique used in parachuting. Hits multiple times, with the last hit dealing decent knockback, but has high ending lag and very high landing lag if not used alongside a full hop.
Up (4% - 5% = clean, 4% (late).  Somersaults while flicking its tail in an overhead arcing motion. Extremely quick with low knockback, it can combo into itself or act as a set-up into a neutral aerial. Can be auto-canceled when performed alongside a fast-fallen short hop, although it has high landing lag otherwise.
Down (12% = attack, 4% = landing, 16% = total). An electrified, corkscrew battering ram. A lingering single hit with decent horizontal knockback, it can be auto-canceled from a short hop. If Pikachu lands during the attack's duration it causes a small shockwave to appear around it, which deals little damage and has very high landing lag.

Other Attacks

Type Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (Front) (7%) Swings its Tail in Both Forward/Back Directions, While getting Up.
Floor Attack (Back) (6%) Same As Front Attack, Just With Less Power.
Floor Attack (Trip) (7%) Swings its Tail in Both Forward/Back Directions, Near the Ground.
Ledge Attack (8%) Swings its Tail Forward, while Climbing Up.
Dash Attack Volt Tackle (8% = clean, 6% = late) An Electrified dashing tackle. Very laggy and easily punished if whiffed, but it deals high knockback, allowing it to KO near the edge at very high percents, ha a 1/4 chance or paralyzing an opponent, upon contact.


Type Name Damage Decription
Grab (N/A) Reaches out, Pikachu's grabs are quick, but short-ranged.
Pummel (1.9%) Electrocutes the Opponent, A Fairly Fast and Good Pummel, Due to its Fast Speed and Damage Output.
Forward (2% = hits 1-4, 2% = throw, 10% = total) Places the opponent on its back and zaps them. It can be followed up with a dash attack, a dashing neutral aerial, or a dashing up smash at low percents.
Back (5% = hit 1, 4% = throw, 9% = total). Rolls backward repeatedly with the opponent in tow before performing the tomoe nage, a Judo throw. Best used near the edge to set up for an edge-guard. Appears almost identical to the anime's depiction of Submission.
Up (3% = hit 1), 2% = throw, 5% = total). Places the opponent on its head and then headbutts them upward. Can be followed up by Thunder at high percents, allowing for potential KOs, but DI can make this difficult.
Down (3% = hit 1, 5% = throw, 8% = total). Places the opponent on the ground, then jumps on them. Can be followed up with any aerial at low percents. Like up throw, it can be used as a set-up to Thunder at high percents, but DI can make

this difficult.


Up Taunt = Twitches its ears, then scratches its right ear.

Side Taunt = Jumps up and somersaults while saying "Pi!", then spins around once before happily facing the camera. It is almost identical to its "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.

Down Taunt = Sleeps while laying sideways on the ground, while saying "Piiika" drowsily.

Special Moves

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Thunder Jolt (4.8% = ball, 6% = jolt clean, 4% = jolt mid, 3% = jolt late). Discharges a semi-circular bolt of electricity. Pikachu's primary projectile and a very useful move

for keeping on-stage opponents at bay and threatening off-stage opponents. The grounded version travels forward while bouncing along the ground, it can also travel up walls, below the edge, and along ceilings. The aerial version travels downward diagonally and in the shape of a ball. Disappears after about three seconds.

Side Special Skul Bash 6% = uncharged), 15% = Halfway Charged, 22% = fully charged) Crouches and then shoots itself forward to perform a flying battering ram, similarly to Luigi's Side Smash "Green Missile". It is chargeable and when nearly or fully charged, it has KO power. Primarily used as a recovery move due to it granting considerable horizontal distance, especially when charged, and because it does not render Pikachu helpless. On the ground, it has high landing lag and is very punishable.
Up Special Quick Attack (2% = hit 1, 3% = hit 2, 5% = total). Dashes at a blindingly fast speed in two directions that can be selected via the control stick. Pikachu's main recovery move, its speed and unpredictability also enable it to partake in combos,

The second dash is optional, but if used, the direction must be at least 45° different than the first direction in order to be used. Renders Pikachu helpless when used in the air. Massively expands Pikachu's hurtbox when used.

Down Special Thunder (6% (thunderbolt meteor), 8% (thunderbolt), 15% (shockwave). Generates a thunder cloud to drop a large thunderbolt onto itself. The move is laggy overall, although the shockwave around Pikachu deals high damage and knockback. The immediate beginning of the thunderbolt deals moderate vertical knockback, which allows for Thunderspiking. However, Thunderspiking is both very difficult to land and less effective compared to how it was in Brawl and 4, due to the thundercloud shortening the thunderbolt's length. As a result, Thunderspiking is only effective against opponents that are very slightly above the thundercloud, or when using it alongside a jump in order to surprise them while they are near the upper blast line. It also has a meteor smash hitbox near the thundercloud that launches opponents straight down, which allows for potential combos and KO set-ups, although landing it in a favorable position to do so is difficult.

Final Smash

Type Name Damage Description
Final Smash Gigavolt havoc (KO) (150%). Pikachu Cries Out Next To an Opponent Then Triggers an Animation Where He Puts together a large amount of Electric Type Attacks Including, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Discharge Wild Charge, and Volt Tackle, Pikachu then Releases a Gigantic Volt From Charging up so mush Electricity from Those Attacks With Fires at An Opponent, The Attack Electrocutes Them into Submission, sends them flying, automatically KO'ing Them in the process.
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