Elma is the Main Protagonist/Mascot of Xenoblade Chronicles X and an Unlockable Character in Super Smash Bros. Obliteration. In the Post-Apocalyptic Setting of the game Elma is a Builders Od The Legacy After The Destruction Of Earth or, B.L.A.D.E Colonel who is first tasked in the Prologue of the game with retriveing the life pods that were ejecte from the United States Ark Ship, and was the first party member to join another human named Cross after waking him from his/her Life Pod. Elma was a subordinate to the unarmed hero protecting him from the White Whale as it crashed on Planet Mira. After defeating her treacherous former friend Lao and saving the post apocalyptic world, Elma has finally made her long awaited Smash Debut in what is said to be a thrilling fight to the finish. Brave, and relentless in the pursuit of her goals, Elma is ready to fly her Skell Battleship to the top of the Mountain of Smashers. Using a moveset based around, Slash Attacks, Energy Blasts, Datapod's and her signature Skell, Elma is ready to take on any opponent undaunted, in a true fight for the ages.


Type Name Damage Description
Neutral Dual Edge Sword (4% = slash 1, 3% = slash 2, 1.3% = loop, 3% = finisher, 11.3% = total). Elma slashes forward once with her blade followed by a second slash. She then repeatedly stabs forward; stabbing the opponent followed by a final upward slash as the jab finisher, 
Forward Tilt (1% = per hit) Elma fires forward, dealing continuous damage. While the A button can be held down to elongate the attack, it slows down within time and the hitstun applied to opponents as well.
Up Tilt B.L.A.D.E. Slash (8%) Resembles the Jab Finisher as Elma slashes upwards from a downward angle but spins while performing it. It knocks opponents upwards,
Down Tilt (3% = hit 1, 4% = hit 2, 7% = total). Elma fires a single round of simultaneous fire from her Dual Guns with the right one hitting slighter earlier than the left.
Forward Smash X Blade (15% = uncharged, 18% = half charged, 22% = fully charged). Elma crosses her swords together like an X and then slashes forward; dealing damage. It has a wide hitbox and great priority. Her strongest move but also has lag near the end of the attack.
Up Smash (5% = uncharged, 10% = half charged, 16% = fully charged). Charges an energy blast and fires it which travel some distance away before exploding. It has a small blast radius but has great knockback. It will not explode upon contact with an opponent up close and will explode only when it reaches the end of the traveling portion of the animation. Charging it further increases the range and damage.
Down Smash (16% = uncharged, 20% = half charged, 25% = fully charged). Slashes backwards with one sword and then forwards with the other sword. It does the most base damage for a Smash attack but has a short span between charged and uncharged damage. It comes out quick and is a reliable attack.

Aerial Attacks

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral (5% = hit 1, 4% = stab, 9% = total) Slashes downwards and then stabs forward with her sword. It has ending lag if short-hopped but does two attacks at 9% damage. The stab has the most knockback if it connects at the very tip.
Forward (7% = hit 1, 9% = hit 2 clean, 4% = hit 2 late). Elma slashes once, spins, and uses her momentum to perform a second swing The second swing does the most damage if Elma is mpbomh forward quickly rather than slowly while in the air
Back (7%) A weaker dual sword attack. Elma slashes backwards while slightly looking back. It does more knockback at the tip of the sword. Fairly quick.
Up (4% = hit 1, 5% = hit 2, 8% = hit 3, 17% = total). Elma stabs upward three times with her swords; first the right, then the left, and then the lift. It will catch the opponent and then launch them with the final stab. It has good range for a Dual Blade attack, this is Elma's strongest Aerial Attack.
Down (3% = loop, 8% = impact, 5% = descent, 16% = total). Performs a full rotation with her sword; dealing up to 2 hits with her swords at 3% damage. She then descends to the ground with her swords. It can Elmacide if performed over the ledge.

Other Attacks

Type Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (Front) (7%) Spins on her hands and kicks both Forward/Back directions, While Getting Up.
Floor Attack (Back) (5%). Same as front attack, only with less power.
Floor Attack (Trip) Handstack Kick (7%) Handstack kicks both Forward/Back Directions, near the ground.
Ledge Attack (8%) Performs a Hook Punch While Getting Up.
Dash Attack (6% = Dash, 4% = Slash 1, 2% = Slash 2, 12% = total). Dashes low to the ground with her foot facing forward. As she passes, she slashes with her swords on both sides. Both of them do 12% total if they connect or 4% if only one connects. The foot can also

do damage.


Type Name Damage Description
Grab (N/A) Grabs An Opponent.
Pummel (2.8%) A Knee Jab, a Fairly Fat Pummel
Forward (5% = hit 1, 1% = throw, 6% = total). Elma throws and then kicks the opponent forward
Back (5% = hit 1, 4% = throw, 9% = total). Elma takes the opponent and slams the them behind her using her fist.
Up (3% = kicks 1-3, 4% = throw, 13% = total). Kicks the opponent three times which launches them upwards, This is

Elma's most deadly throw.

Down (4% = kick, 4% = throw, 8% = total). Elma jumps up slightly and then slams her heels into the opponent; spiking

the opponent upwards.


Up = Fluffs out her hair and looks back behind her.

Side = Points her right sword/arm at the opponent and says "You will be defeated.

Down = Elma does a stretch by bending down and stretching out her leg.

Special Moves

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Fullmetal Jaguar (N/A = Weapons and Gear Change). Elma equips either her Dual Guns or Dual Blades, depending on which ones was equipped first. It takes time to switch the item out. This special move is important as the Dual Gun and the Dual Blades dull after time and need to be switched out to maximize their damage. If she switches out for either the Dual Gun or the Dual Swords before a begin to deteriorate; it causes severe start up lag with switching them out. This is the only Special that is both on the Set A and Set B.
Side Special Shadow Strike (12%) Elma will vanish much like Greninja and then reappear. During this vanishing time, Elma can slightly indicate where she will appear. She can only move horizontally, not vertically. She performs a strike that does damage and, if the attack is a clean hit, causes the opponent to become dazed. Not getting a clean hit results in the opponent just receiving hit-stun.
Up Special Lightning Saw (5.3 = total/loop) Elma spins upwards while using her dual blades. They release an electrical element that stuns opponents and carries them upwards followed by a hit that has more knockback. It has a diagonal trajectory but is more vertical than horizontal.
Down Special Datapod (N/A) Launches a Datapod onto the stage. It will embed itself into the ground or hover in the air when launched. It will then release a scanner which will scan a nearby opponent. It will scan the nearest opponent within its field and then relate its findings back to Elma, to ensure that the next ground attack will hit, When this happens, her stats are altered to give her a slight edge over the opponent. If it cannot scan an opponent, it will vanish after scanning. The pod is fairly weak and can be destroyed easily. In addition, after performing a scan and transfer successfully, Elma is unable to perform that is attack for a while as it it has avery long cooldown period. The stat alteration it typically lasts for 19 seconds.

Final Smash

Type Name Damage Description
Final Smash Skell (3% = gattling gun per hit, 9% = missile per hit, 7% = beam sword per hit, 12% = vehicle ram per hit). Elma summons the Skell, Formula. She is capable of piloting the Skell in the area for 20 seconds, and deliver powerful gattling gun attacks, missile attacks, and beam sword attacks. In addition, by pressing the special button, she can transform the Shell into it's Vehicular mode and ram into opponents. The vehicle will begin to hover if it goes over the ledge.
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