Banjo & Kazooie is the Main Protagonist/Mascot of the Banjo - Kazooie series of games, and a Downloadable/Free DLC Character in Super Smash Bros. Obliteration. This Furry, Laid Back, Honey Bear, and his Sharp Beaked Breegull Sidekick have returned from the wreckage of the highly panned Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, to make their main and first entrance into the big stage. Throughout this duo's quests, they have come toe to toe with the Evil Witch Gruntilda, and have saved the world three times, collecting Jigsaw Piece relics called Jiggy's to aid them in their quest. Now back from the grave, and ready to show that teaming up is better than flying solo, Banjo & Kazooie are ready to take flight with feathers, defating multiple opponents in their way, to the top of the Mountain of Smashers. Armed with a Moveset based off Claw, Roll, Beak, Pack, Wing, ad Egg attacks, Banjo & Kazooie are ready to get jiggy with it against any opponent they face, in a true fight for the ages.


Type Name Damage Description
Neutral (2% = Claw Swipes 1-2, 3% = Claw Swipe 3, 5% = Pecking Attack, 12% = Total/All Hits Connect). Three Claw Swipe attacks are followed by a forward pecking attack, this attack has good knockback against lightweight opponents and can allow Banjo & Kazooie to follow up with a Dash Attack while on the ground, thanks to its lower ending lag.
Forward Tilt (9%) Kazooie slashes her beak in a horizontal motion at an opponent while inside Banjo's backpack, has high ending lag.
Up Tilt Rat - A - Tat Rap (8%) Performs their signature jumping peck attack at an opponent while the control stick is tilted upward, it is one of the strongest Up Tilt attacks in the game.
Down Tilt (10%) Banjo swings his pack at an opponent while crouching has high ending lag and good knockback against lightweight opponents.
Forward Smash (8% = Hit 1 clean, 5% = Hit 1 late, 10% = Hit 2 clean, 7% = Hit 2 late). Kazooie Charges up her wings and then diagonally slashes them forward at an opponent, damage is determined depending on whether the hit was clean or late.
Up Smash (12%) Performs an arcing backflip like kick at opponents after charging up, has low ending lag and can allow Banjo & Kazooie to follow up with another ground or dash attack.
Down Smash Pack Whack (7% = Hits 1-3. 21% = Total/All Hits Connect). While aimed towards the ground Banjo swings his pack in a fan like rotating formation at an opponent,This attack hits 3 times and deals heavy damage and knockback against lightweight and middle weight opponents if all hits connect,.

Aerial Attacks

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral (4% = Hit 1, 5% = Hit 2, 9% = Total/All Hits Connect). Performs a vertical wing-spinning attack while in mid air at an opponent, has little knockback and low ending lag, while hitting the opponent twice.
Forward Scissor Claw (10%) Banjo lunges forward at an opponent while airborne and slashes his claws at an opponent in a forward motion, Is one of the weaker Forward Aerial Attacks in the game with little knockback and only moderate damage dealt to opponents
Back (14% = Clean, 7% = Late). Kicks behind themselves with both legs while airborne, damage is determined by whether the hit on the opponent was clean or late.
Up (8%) Kazooie performs a clamping  beak - peck attack at an opponent facing upward, while airborne, this

aerial attack has the lowest damage and lowest ending lag of all of Banjo & Kazooie's Aerial's

Down Beak Buster (15% = Sweetspot, 13% = Sourspot). Slams her beak downward at a foe while airborne slamming them to the ground back first, this is the Bear and Bird's Strongest Aerial Attack and deals shockwave damage upon impact with the ground which sends opponents flying upward regardless of weight more damage is dealt if the move is sweetspotted resulting in a Meteor Smash.

Other Attacks

Type Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (Front) (7%) Swipes her wings around her in both Forward/Back Directions  while getting up.
Floor Attack (Back) (5%) Same As Front Attack, Just With less Power.
Floor Attack (Trip) (7%) Swipes her wings in Forward/Back Directions near the ground.
Ledge Attack (8%) Performs A Pecking Attack, While Climbing Up
Dash Attack Forward Roll (4% = Hit 1, 6% = Hit 2, 10% = Total/All Hits Connect). Runs forward and rolls in both Forward/Back Directions, the attack hits twice and is based

off of the "Forward Roll" Attack from "Banjo Kazooie" and "Banjo Tooie".

Grabs And Throws

Grab (N/A) Grabs An Opponent
Pummel Wing Whack (2.1%) Kazooie Slaps The Opponent With Her Wings, One Of The Games Slowest Pummels
Forward (4% = Hit 1, 3% = Throw, 7% = Total). Throws the opponent forward and kicks them, has best knockback against

middleweight opponents,

Back (4% = Kicks 1-2, 2% = Throw, 10% = Total). Throws the opponent behind themselves and kicks them twice sending the foe

backward, has decent damage but little knockback and high ending lag.

Up (3% = Hit 1, 2%= Throw, 5% = Total). Throws the foe upward and pokes them, this throw is Banjo & Kazooie's weakest throw,

but has low ending lag and average knockback against lightwight opponents.

Down Bill Drill (7% = Drill, 5% = Throw, 12% = Total). Throws the opponent to the ground then jumps and skewers them with Kazooie's Bill Drill attack, to send the opponent upward, this is Banjo & Kazooie's strongest throw and has the highest ending lag out of all of the pairs throwing attacks.


Up = The Bear and Bird walk across the stage performing their "Talon Trot" move.

Side = Banjo smiles and looks at the camera while shouting "Uh-Huh" as seen in both Banjo Kazooie and Tooie.

Down = Kazooie pecks Banjo on the head while the pair are sitting.

Special Moves

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Egg Aim (Normal Egg (30%) = 10% Per Hit),

(Fire Egg (20%) = 13% Per Hit), (Ice Egg (20%) = 13% Per Hit), (Grenade Egg (20%) = 17% Per Hit), (Clockwork Egg (10%) = 21% = Per Hit).

The pair crouch while Kazooie has a one in five chance of firing one of five different type eggs, Normal, Fire, Ice, Grenade or Clockwork, Each Egg deals different damage, and the Grenade, Fire and Ice have a one in 3 chance of Burying, Burning or Freezing the Opponent respectively, Adjusting the Control Stick can manpulate the direction in which the Egg is fired.
Side Special Breegull Bash (6% = Hits 1-2, 15% = Total/All Hits Connect). Kazooie Pecks and Then Banjo flings Kazooie by her talons down at an opponent, the attack hits both in forward and back directions, and deals heavy damage and knockback against opponents regardless of weight if both hits connect.
Up Special Flight Pad (8%) A Flying, Red Feather appear beneath them as they fly upward for Vertical

Support, the control stick can be adjusted to control the direction of the Flying Attack, the damage dealt however will remain the same.

Down Special Beak Barge (12%) Banjo crouches while Kazooie spears her beak forward at an opponent has good knockback for a Down Special but very high ending lag

Final Smash

Type Name Damage Description
Final Smash Wonderwing (12% = per hit) Kazooie tucks her wings over Banjo and the pair use the power of their gold feathers to become invincible for up to 20 seconds, the pair are immune to any type of attacks during this time and can deal heavy damage and knockback to opponents regardless of weight or power class.
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