Super Smash Bros. Madness
Developer(s) Sora, HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) March 20th, 2013
Mode(s) Brawl






Age Rating(s) E10+
Media Included Wii U Disc

Super Smash Bros. Madness is the fifth game in the Super Smash Bros. francise, and is set for a 2018 release. The game has 60 characters and 56 stages overall with 165 music tracks.

Playable Characters

Starter Characters

Image Character Series Moveset Final Smash Weight Class
Mariowalking Mario (SSBM) Mario (series)

B: Fireball

Side: Cape

Up: Super Jump Punch

Down: F.L.U.D.D

Mario Finale Mediumweight
BowserNSMBUnew Bowser (SSBM) Mario (series)

B: Fire Breath

Side: Flying Slam

Up: Whirling Fortress

Down: Bowser Bomb

Giga Bowser Heavyweight
Peach-M&LDT Peach Mario (series)

B: Frying Pan

Side: Peach Slam

Up: Parasol

Down: Vegetable

Koopa Troop: Peach looks off-screen and whistles. An army of Koopa Troopas, Goombas, and Paratroopas then run across the stage. Mediumweight
Rosalina ws Rosalina Mario (series) TBA TBA Lightweight
210px-YoshiMarioParty9 Yoshi Yoshi (series)

B: Lay Egg

Side: Egg Roll

Up: Egg Toss

Down: Ground Pound

Dragon Yoshi Lightweight
WarioG&W Wario Wario (series)

B: Chomp

Side: Wario Bike

Up: Corkscrew

Down: Wario Waft

Wario-Man Heavyweight
DK Universe (1) Donkey Kong Donkey Kong (series)

B: Giant Punch

Side: Headbutt

Up: Spinning Kong

Down: Hand Slap

DK Rage: DK charges up an extremly powerful punch and releases it, dealing massive damage to enemies in its range. Heavyweight
DiddyKongFortuneStreet Diddy Kong Donkey Kong (series)

B: Peanut Popgun

Side: Monkey Flip

Up: Rocketbarrel Boost

Down: Banana Peel

Rocketbarrel Barrage Lightweight

Samus SSB4

Zero Suit SamusHB

Samus (SSBM) Metroid (series)


B: Charge Beam

Side: Missile/Super Missile

Up: Screw Attack

Down: Bomb

Zero Suit:

B: Paralyzer

Side: Plasma Whip

Up: Plasma Wire

Down: Backflip

Zero Laser (Samus)/Varia Suit (Zero Suit)



Zero Suit Samus:


Metroid Universe Ridley (SSBM) Metroid (series)

B: Pirate Teeth: If a fighter runs into Ridley while this attack is issued, Ridley chews them up.

Side: Plasma Breath: Ridley releases a blast of plasma.

Up: Dive Bomb: Ridley dives high into the air, dragging down the first fighter he picks up.

Down: Earthquake: Ridley stomps on the ground, creating a small earthquake.

Omega Ridley: Ridley grows in size and his attacks become stronger. Heavyweight
240px-Skyward-Sword-Link Link Zelda (series)

B: Crossbow

Side: Boomerang

Up: Sword Spiril

Down: Bomb Throw

Triforce Slash Mediumweight
Zelda Universe (4)



Zelda (series)

Zelda: B: Nayru's Love

Side: Din's Fire

Up: Farore's Wind

Down: Transform


B: Needle Storm

Side: Chain

Up: Vanish

Down: Transform


Light Arrow


Needle Attack: Shiek jumps in the air and releases dozens of needles from the sky.


B: Scythe Slash: Skull Kid pulls out a scythe and slashes it in front of him.

Side: Scary Face: Skull Kid makes a face, stunning anyone in a close range in his direction until the move ends.

Up: Skull Flip: Skull Kid does a backflip into the air.

Down: Mystic Trumpet: Skull Kid blows into his trumpet, doing damage to anyone near him.

The Moon: Skull Kid puts on Majora's Mask and The Moon crashes onto the stage, doing critical damage to everything on-screen. Lightweight
Pikachu jump


Pokemon (series)

B: Volt Jolt

Side: Skull Bash

Up: Quick Attack

Down: Thunder

Volt Tackle Lightweight
WhoThesePeeps Kalos Trainer Pokemon (series)

Down: Pokemon Change


B: Ember: Shoots out a small flame.

Side: Scratch: Uses a claw to scratch to the side.

Up: Fire Spin: Twirls in the air surrounded by fire.


B: Rollout

Side: Pin Missile: Shoots out three small needles.

Up: Vine Whip


B: Water Shuriken: Quickly releases a small shuriken.

Side: Mat Block: Puts up a mat, stopping any projectiles.

Up: Quick Attack

Triple Finish







GenesectBlast Genesect (SSBM) Pokemon (series)

B: Metal Claw: Genesect swipes in the air with his claws.

Side: Flame Charge: Genesect runs to the side, burning nearby enemies.

Up: Flight Mode: Genesect turns into its Flight Mode and flys into the air.

Down: Magnet Bomb: Genesect releases a bomb from his back. It sticks onto foes and the ground and explodes after five seconds, dealing heavy damage.

Techno Blast: Genesect goes onto the upper left or upper right corner of the screen (whichever is closer) and releases a huge beam of energy from its cannon. The beam can be aimed around when it is fired. Depending on its Drive (See the character page for more information), the beam has different effects. Heavyweight
FoxSSB4 Fox Star Fox (series)

B: Blaster

Side: Fox Illusion

Up: Fire Fox

Down: Reflector

Landmaster Mediumweight
Krystal SSBD Krystal Star Fox (series)

B: Staff Slam: Krystal whacks her staff in her direction.

Side: Dashing Kick: Krystal dashes ahead. If he passes fighters, she goes behind them and kicks them.

Up: Acrobatics: Krystal does another jump.

Down: Electric Current: Krystal slams her staff into the ground, sending electricity into nearby fighters.

Staff Madness: Kystal dashes across the screen and collects enemies. She than beats them with her staff before flinging them away. Lightweight


Kirby (series)

B: Inhale

Side: Hammer

Up: Final Cutter

Down: Stone

Final Smash: Burning Kirby: Kirby turns into a fireball and bounces across the stage, harming anyone he touches and setting off explosions. Lightweight
Meta Knight KRTDL-1- Meta Knight Kirby (series)

B: Mach Tornado

Side: Drill Rush

Up: Shuttle Loop

Down: Dimensional Cape

Galaxia Darkness Lightweight
KING DEDEDE King Dedede Kirby (series)

B: Inhale

Side: Waddle Dee Toss

Up: Super Dedede Jump

Down: Jet Hammer

Masked Dedede: King Dedede puts on a mask, increasing his hammer's strength and increasing his weight. Heavyweight
PitSSB4 Pit Kid Icarus (series)

B: Palutena's Arrow

Side: Upperdash Arm

Up: Wings of Icarus

Down: Guardian Orbitars

Palutena's Army Mediumweight
Claus SSBF Masked Man (SSBM) EarthBound

B: Tech Sword: Masked Man swings his sword two times, dealing burning damage.

Side: Blaster Fire: Masked Man takes out a laser gun and fires three blasts.

Up: Techno Wings: Masked Man puts on bat wings and flys into the air. Anything below him catches on fire.

Down: PSI Healing: Masked Man surronds himself in a red aura, healing 1% of health every two seconds.

PK Love: Masked Man goes high into the air. A huge ball of light appears above him and he throws it to the ground, dealing heavy damage to whatever it touches. It can be aimed and takes two seconds to charge up. Holding Z before the attack is dealt causes it to be thrown from the background instead of the top part of the screen. Mediumweight
Olimar Alpha Olimar Pikmin (series)

B: Pikmin Pluck

Side: Pikmin Throw

Up: Pikmin Chain

Down: Pikmin Order

End of Day Lightweight
Ike SSBTT Ike Fire Emblem (series)

B: Eruption

Side: Quick Draw

Up: Aether

Down: Counter

Great Aether Heavyweight
Chibi-Robo SSBG Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo (series)

B: Electric Wiring: Chibi-Robo holds his plug in front of him, hurting anyone who touches it.

Side: Robotic Run: Chibi-Robo runs to the side, running over anyone in his way.

Up: Chibi-Copter: A propeller lifts Chibi-Robo into the air.

Down: Gyro: The same move as R.O.B.'s from Brawl.

Supercharge: A golden gear winds up on Chibi Robo's back, causing him to explode, hurting anything on screen (more damage is given the closer you are). His parts then re-form. Lightweight



Villager Animal Crossing (series)

B: Pick-Up

Side: TBA

Up: Balloon Flight

Down: TBA

TBA Lightweight The Villager's female counterpart can be selected while pushing down a Taunt button as the Villager is selected.
LittleMacVR Little Mac Punch-Out (series)

B: Star Punch: Little Mac winds up a Star Punch, letting it go when B is released.

Side: Fist Frenzy: Little Mac releases a barrage of punches.

Up: Star Uppercut: Little Mac releases an uppercut which brings him into the air.

Down: Block: Very similar to Counter, but Block allows Little Mac to go behind the attacker.

Giga Mac: Little Mac grows in size, increasing his size, range, weight, and strength. However, he can still take damage and can flinch. Lightweight
Wiifittrainerssb Wii Fit Trainer Nintendo Wii Fit TBA
MegaManSSB4 Mega Man Mega Man (series)

B: Metal Blade

Side: Crash Bomber

Up: Rush Coil

Down: Leaf Shield


Unlockable Characters

Image Name Series Moveset Final Smash Weight Class
Luigi-M&LDT Luigi Mario (series)

B: Green Fireball

Side: Green Missile

Up: Super Jump Punch

Down: Luigi Tornado

Negative Zone Mediumweight Complete Classic Mode on Hard or play 550 VS matches.
PaperMarioStand Paper Mario (SSBM) Mario (series)

B: Picollo: Picollo flys around Paper Mario, curing him of burning. Also, enemies near Paper Mario have a 40% chance of falling asleep.

Side: Hammer: Paper Mario takes out a hammer and swings it on front of him.

Up: Kersti: Kersti carries Mario into the air before dropping him to the ground.

Down: Bombette: Paper Mario puts down Bombette who explodes when touched or after two seconds.

Mega Star: Paper Mario turns into a giant version of NES Mario. All of Paper Mario's attacks are disabled, causing Paper Mario to have to touch something to hurt it. Also, he cannot pick up items and cannot flinch. Lightweight Win on Bowser's Castle 5 times or play 75 VS matches.
Waluigi w00t Waluigi (SSBM) Wario (series)

B: Tennis Racket: Waluigi uses a tennis racket to hit an enemy in front of him.

Side: Waluigi Slide: On the ground, Waluigi slides on the ground. In the air, Waluigi swims though the air. Either way, whatever Waluigi hits is damaged.

Up: Super Corkscrew: Very similar to Wario's Corkscrew but this move can allow Waluigi to grab onto a ledge while the move is still going.

Down: Go-Kart: Waluigi gets in a go-kart and drives a small distance. If attacked from the back or with projectiles, the go-kart explodes, dealing heavy damage to Waluigi.

Waluigi Time: Waluigi pulls out a huge bomb, running away as it explodes, with the explosion having high damage and a big radius. Mediumweight Complete Break the Targets on Level 3 or higher or play 200 VS matches.
CSyrup Captain Syrup Wario (series)

B: Double Slap: Captain Syrup slaps in front of her twice.

Side: Side Kick: Captain Syrup kicks to the side, similar to Peach's side move.

Up: Captain Syrup throws a silver chain up. If it hits a platform, she ascends to the top. The chain can be destroyed.

Down: Dropkick: Captain Syrup kicks downwards.

Syrup Ship: A huge pirate ship flys in from the side, hitting anything in front of it. Mediumweight Have a record of 500 meters on Home-Run Contest.
K.RoolShowsUp King K. Rool Donkey Kong (series)

B: Crown Toss: King K. Rool tosses his crown in front of him.

Side: Cape Deflect: This move works like Mario's Cape

Up: Jetpack: King K. Rool uses a jetpack to fly in the air.

Down: Body Slam: King K. Rool preforms a belly flop downwards. It does not work on the ground.

Crystal Banana: King K. Rool eats a Crystal Banana to grow massive in size, increasing his attack power but lowering his speed. It works very similarly to Giga Bowser. Heavyweight Complete Classic Mode on Medium.
SSBMDS Dark Samus (SSBM) Metroid (series)

B: Scatter Shot: Releases three blobs of Phazon from her Beam Cannon.

Side: Dark Tendril: Shoots out a tendril that smacks an enemy.

Up: Hyper Bomb: Dark Samus lays down a Hyper Bomb and turns into a Morph Ball. The Hyper Bomb explodes and sends Dark Samus into the air.

Down: Phazon Flash: Dark Samus surrounds itself in Phazon, protecting itself from projectiles.

Metroid Prime: Summons Metroid Prime who rampages though the stage. Mediumweight Complete Break the Targets on Level 4 or higher 5 times or play 250 VS matches.
200px-Ganondorf Ganondorf Zelda (series)

Regular Style:

B: Dark Blast: Ganondorf charges a dark ball of energy before releasing it. Anyone touching the ball while he is charging him is frozen for two seconds.


Up: Dark Dive

Down: Trident Toss: Ganondorf throws a trident in his direction.

Sword Style:

B: Dark Blast

Side: Magic Sword: Ganondorf dashes to the side. If he hits an enemy, it inflicts moderate damage. If he misses, he trips.

Up: Dark Dive

Down: Tyrant Terror: Ganondorf slams his sword on the ground, creating small explosions around him.


B: Mega Dark Blast: The same as Dark Blast, but bigger.

Side: Magic Trident: The same as Magic Sword, but no negative effects if Ganon misses.

Up: Tyrant Teleportation: Ganon uses dark magic to teleport into the air.

Down: Trident Toss

Regular Style:

Beast Ganon

Sword Style:

Ganon: Ganondorf transforms into Ganon from The Legend of Zelda. He gains a giant trident and increases his size to slightly shorter than Giga Bowser. The transformation lasts for slightly longer than Bowser's Final Smash. Ganon can flinch and gravity affects his more than Ganondorf.

Heavyweight Defeat Link and Zelda 5 times. Using Ganondorf's Down Taunt allows him to use his sword. Using his Up Taunt restores him to his usual style.
Toon Zelda (7)SSBMToon Toon Zelda Zelda (series)

Toon Zelda:

B: Din's Fire

Side: Silver Arrow: Zelda pulls out a bow and releases a Silver Arrow. It can be aimed.

Up: Phantom Climb: Zelda turns into a ghost and goes into the air.

Down: Downward Arrow: Zelda pulls out her bow and aims an arrow at the ground.

Phantom Zelda:

B: Sword Swing: Zelda releases a huge sword swing.

Side: Phantom Dash: Zelda dashes to the side slowly, hurting anything she touches. 

Up: Sword Spiril

Down: Shield: Zelda bends over and holds up a shield. She is then protected by projectiles.

Toon Zelda: Light Arrow

Phantom Zelda: Demon Train: The Demon Train rides though the stage, hurting anything it touches.

Toon Zelda: Lightweight

Phantom Zelda: Heavyweight

Have a record of 1,000 meters on Home-Run Contest. Phantom Zelda is selected by holding down a taunt button when Toon Zelda is selected.
039Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Pokemon (series)

B: Rollout

Side: Pound

Up: Hyper Voice: Jigglypuff yells loudly, hurting everything around it.

Down: Rest

Helping Hand: Dozens of bird Pokemon fly around the stage, hitting enemies. Lightweight Complete Classic Mode or play 10 VS matches.
Hoenn Trainer Hoenn Trainer Pokemon (series)


B: Scratch: Torchic scratches a nearby foe with her talon.

Side: Ember: Torchic stands still and flames surround her.

Up: Fire Spin: Torchic goes into the air as fire surrounds her.

Down: Quick Attack (variant): Torchic dashes to the side, hurting anyone she touches.


B: Tackle: Marshtomp travels a short distance, hurting those he touches.

Side: Water Gun

Up: Take Down: Marshtomp jumps in the air. If he touches a fighter, he dive bombs with the fighter until grounded or out of bounds.

Down: Earthquake: Marshtomp creates a miniture earthquake, hurting fighters.


B: Screech: Sceptile yells extremly loud, hurting fighters.

Side: X-Scissor: Sceptile uses two blades of grass to hurt foes in a short distance.

Up: Pursuit: Sceptile rides a giant leaf into the air.

Down: Leaf Blade: Sceptile throws a razor-sharp leaf, hurting those it touchs.


Sunny Day: The sun grows red-hot, constantly dealing damage to foes for twenty seconds until returning to normal.


Surf: Marshtomp rides a tsunami as the wave pushes foes out of the stage dealing massive damage.


Leaf Storm: Dozens of leafs swarm the stage, hurting those they touch.







Complete 100-Man Brawl.

Torchic is selected by holding down the Up taunt when selecting the Hoenn Trainer. Marshtomp is selected by holding down the Down taunt when selecting Hoenn Trainer. Sceptile is selected by holding down the Side taunt when selected Hoenn Trainer. Otherwise, the Pokemon is chosen at random.

Mewtwo x two equals this image Mewtwo Pokemon (series)

B: Shadow Ball

Side: Confusion

Up: Teleport

Down: Disable

Mega Mewtwo: Mewtwo transforms into Mega Mewtwo X (Y if Z is held during the Final Smash), increasing his strength, speed, and making him invincible for a short time.

Mewtwo: Mediumweight

Mega Mewtwo X: Heavyweight

Mega Mewtwo Y: Lightweight

Have a Brawl save file or complete Break the Targets on Level 5 with 30 characters.
73px-LeonAssault1 Leon Star Fox (series)

B: Reptile Tail: Leon's tail extends, hurting anyone behind him.

Side: Lizard Rush: Leon preforms several kicks to his side.

Up: Hovering Device: Leon holds up a small machine as he floats into the air.

Down: Reflector: This Reflector works like Falco's did in Melee and Brawl.

Wolfen: Leon hops into an Wolfen and goes into the background. He then fires energy beams onto the stage. Mediumweight Defeat Fox 10 times or play 150 VS matches.
Galacta Knight-1- (1) Galacta Knight (SSBM) Kirby (series)

B: Lance Charge: Charges up a lance strike, and finally releases it, doing damage.

Side: Galaxy Dash: Galacta Knight dashes to the side, hurting anyone in his way.

Up: Angel's Wings: Galacta Knight uses his wings to gain a quick boost into the air. It knocks nearby fighters away.

Down: Energy Burst: A small explosion surrounds Galacta Knight.

Sword Frenzy: Galacta Knight summons a storm of swords that fall from the sky, hurting enemies. Lightweight Complete Break the Targets on Level 5 or higher 10 times or play 1,000 VS matches.
LucasHD Lucas EarthBound

B: PK Freeze

Side: PK Flash: Lucas surrounds himself in a gray aura, hurting anything he touches.

Up: PK Thunder

Down: PSI Magnet

PK Love Lightweight Complete Classic Mode with Masked Man or play 750 VS matches.
NessHD Ness EarthBound

B: PK Flash

Side: PK Fire

Up: PK Thunder

Down: PSI Magnet

PK Starstorm Lightweight Complete Classic Mode with Ninten or play 800 VS matches.
Marth3 5 Marth Fire Emblem (series)

B: Shield Breaker

Side: Dancing Blade

Up: Dolphin Slash

Down: Counter

Critical Hit Mediumweight Play 15 hours of gameplay or play 1,500 VS matches.
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon F-Zero (series)

B: Falcon Punch

Side: Raptor Boost

Up: Falcon Dive

Down: Falcon Kick

Ultimate Falcon Punch: Captain Falcon kicks his enemy into the air. He then drives into space in the Blue Falcon. Once in space, he jumps out the Blue Falcon and delievers an amazingly powerful punch that is a 1-hit KO. Heavyweight Complete Classic Mode 10 times.
BlackShadow Black Shadow (SSBM) F-Zero (series)

B: Darkness Frenzy: Black Shadow delievers a quick series of punches.

Side: Shadow Kick: Black Shadow slides to the side, hurting anything he hits.

Up: Shadow Rise: Black Shadow levitates in the air.

Down: Dark Chains: Black Shadow throws a chain at a foe and flings them around.

Ultimate Punishment: Black Shadow charges up a punch and punches. If the punch hits a fighter, Black Shadow throws the fighter off the planet and proceeds to beat up the fighter in space before throwing the fighter back onto the planet. Heavyweight Defeat Captain Falcon 5 times or play 2 hours of gameplay.
MrGameAndWatch Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch

B: Chef

Side: Judge

Up: Fire

Down: Oil Panic

Octopus Lightweight Win on Wuhu Island 10 times or play 10 hours of gameplay.



R.O.B/Ancient Minister

Nintendo/Super Smash Bros. (series)


B: Robo Beam

Side: Arm Rotor

Up: Robo Burner

Down: Gyro

Ancient Minister:

B: Robo Beam

Side: Arm Rotor

Up: Antigravity: The Ancient Minister floats in the air.

Down: Missile: A Missile R.O.B. appears below the Ancient Minister and lanches a missile.


Diffusion Beam

Ancient Minister:

Subspace Gunship: A giant Subspace portal appears in the background, releasing a giant energy beam.

Heavyweight Play on one Brawl stage. Holding a Taunt button while selecting R.O.B. causes him to turn into the Ancient Minister
409px-Sheriff Sheriff Nintendo

B: Pistol: Sheriff pulls out a pistol and fires.

Side: Giddy Up: Sheriff gets on a horse and rides to his side.

Up: Lasso: Sheriff uses a lasso to grab onto something in the air. If it hits an enemy, Sherrif jumps high into the air and jumps on the enemy.

Down: Time Bomb: Sheriff puts down a bomb that explodes in five seconds or when the move is used again.

Platinum Gun: Sheriff pulls out a platinum pistol and shoots one shot to the side. It does massive damage to anyone hit by the bullet. Mediumweight Play 1,250 VS matches or complete Break the Targets on Level 4 or higher with 25 characters.
SSBMTacky Takumaru Nintendo

B: Shuriken: Takumaru throws a shuriken.

Side: Deflection Sword: Takumaru swings his swing to the side, deflecting projectiles and dealing damage.

Up: Spinning Sawblade: Takumaru backflips while holding out his sword, dealing damage.

Down: Katana Swipes: Takumaru swings his sword in front of him several times.

Lightning of the Gods: Bolts of lightning flashes across the screen, bouncing around the stage and dealing damage to enemies. Mediumweight Unlock Mr. Game and Watch, R.O.B., and Sheriff.
SnakeBrawlArtwork Snake Metal Gear (series)

B: Hand Grenade

Side: Homing Missile

Up: Cypher

Down: C4

Grenade Launcher Heavyweight Play 250 VS matches.
Sonic 2002 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog (series)

B: Homing Attack

Side: Spin Dash

Up: Spring

Down: Slide: Sonic slides sideways, allowing him to hurt enemies.

Down (air): Stomp: Sonic boosts to the ground, hurting anything on impact.

Super Sonic Mediumweight Play 300 VS matches.
SSBMNight Nightmare SoulCalibur (series)

B: Nightmare Swing: Nightmare swings his sword, dealing damage to anyone near him

Side: Night Foot: Nightmare puts out his foot, tripping anyone who touches it.

Up: Soul Bound: Nightmare swings his sword in the air. He then teleports to where the sword lands.

Down: Grapple: Nightmare grabs in front of him. If he hits anything, he grabs it and it explodes.

Night Terror: Nightmare gains the ability to fly, has increased speed and strength, and his Special Moves are upgraded. However, he can still flinch from damage and can be knocked out. Heavyweight Play 20 hours of gameplay.

DLC Characters

Image Name Series Moveset Final Smash Weight Class
Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Dixie Kong Donkey Kong (series)

B: Ponytail Swing: Dixie Kong spins around, using her ponytail as a sword.

Side: Barrel Blast: Dixie Kong dons a jetpack and flys to the side, hurting those who she touches.

Up: Helicopter Twiril: Dixie Kong flys in the air with her ponytail.

Down: Banana Peel

Rambi Stampede: Rambis fall from the sky and swarm the stage, hurting anyone they touch. Lightweight
Younglinkstance Young Link Zelda (series)

B: Slingshot: Young Link reafires a slingshot. Holding down B charges the shot.

Side: Boomerang

Up: Sword Spiril

Down: Navi: Young Link throws Navi at a foe, dealing damage to the enemy.

Fierce Deity Link: Young Link puts on the Fierce Deity Mask, increasing his strength and cannot flinch. He however cannot double jump and is slower until the Final Smash is over. Lightweight


Deoxys spinning



Deoxys (SSBM) Pokemon (series)

Normal Form:

B: Wrap: Deoxys uses its tentacles to wrap a nearby foe up, draining their health.

Side: Zen Headbutt

Up: Teleport

Down: Recover: Deoxys regenerates 2% of health every second.

Attack Form:

B: Psycho Shift: Deoxys uses one of its tentacles to put a foe to sleep.

Side: Telekineses: Deoxys grabs a nearby fighter with its mind. Pressing Side again makes Deoxys fling them.

Up: Teleport

Down: Recover

Defense Form:

B: Safeguard: Works as a counter, but deals more damage than usual.

Side: Swift: Deoxys launches a swarm of stars in the air.

Up: Fling: Deoxys flings itself in the air.

Down: Thunder

Speed Form:

B: Wrap

Side: Poison Jab: Deoxys launches one tentacle forward, poisoning anyone it touches.

Up: Quick Attack

Down: ExtremeSpeed

Wonder Room: Deoxys uses its psyhic powers, creating random effects on all the fighters and draining their health. Each time the Final Smash is used, Deoxys changes form (Normal to Attack, Attack to Defense, Defense to Speed, and Speed to Normal).

Normal Form:


Attack Form:


Defense Form:


Speed Form:


Bandana Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Kirby (series)

B: Spear Swarm: Waddle Dee makes several strikes with his spear.

Side: Waddle Dash: Waddle Dee slides on his stomache to the side.

Up: Parasol: Waddle Dee gently floats down with a parasol.

Down: Spear Throw: Waddle Dee throws a spear in his direction.

Waddle Dee Army Lightweight
SSBClashedLyn Lyn Fire Emblem (series)

B: Bow

Side: Sword Swings: Lyn uses her sword to strike in her direction.

Up: Dolphin Slash

Down: Reflexes: Lyn travels to te side, similar to Ike's Quick Draw

Sol Katti: Very similar to her Assist Trophy in Brawl, but deals more damage and can target two enemies at once. Mediumweight

New to each character is a special outfit, unlocked by completing All-Star Mode with the specific character.


Each stage has a Regular Version and a Balanced Version, each selectable in the options.

Madness Stages


Stage Series Description Balanced Music Tracks Home Stage To
CastleSmash Peach's Castle Mario (series) Fight outside of Peach's castle, and watch out for Koopa Troopa Shells which fly across the screen. No Koopa Shells fly across.
  • Peach's Castle (Melee Original)
  • Inside the Castle (Super Mario 64 Remix)
  • The Princess' Secret Slide
  • Royal Raceway (Original)
  • Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Wii Original)
  • Grandmaster Galaxy (Original)
SSBMice Freezy Flake Galaxy Mario (series) This stage is going to tough. Dodge the ice statue's ice breath, rolling snowballs, and knock your enemies out of the galaxy. The statue is now removed and replaced by two giant Penguins.
  • Freezy Flake Galaxy
  • Puzzle Plank Galaxy (Original)
  • Airship (Super Mario Bros. 3)
  • Good Egg Galaxy
  • Forest Maze
  • Bowser's Galaxy Generator (Original)


SMSB-Bowser'sCastle Bowser's Castle Mario (series) This stage has lava pits that deal massive ammounts of damage. Sometimes, fast Blue Koopas run around the stage. The Koopas now watch from the background.
  • Bowser's Road
  • Bowser's Castle (New Super Mario Bros.)
  • Final Bowser Battle (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
  • Brobot L-Type
  • Shadow Mario
  • Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart 7 Original)
  • Volcano- Outside (New Super Mario Bros. Wii Original)
  • Bowser Land (Mario Party 2)
YNIM Yoshi's New Island Yoshi (series) Players fight on a slope in a cave. Nothing interesting happens, but sometimes boulders roll down the slope, damaging players. The cave is now flat and the roof is removed. The boulders are also gone as well.
  • Underground- Yoshi's Island
  • Yoshi's Island Theme
  • Flower Garden
  • Castle Theme- Yoshi's Island
  • Yoshi's Island DS Final Boss
  • Baby Koopa's Castle!
  • Vs. Baby Bowser
  • Yoshi
  • Kamek
SSBMWonk Wonky Circus Wario (series) This stage takes place on a giant stage. Watch out for rampaging clowns, circle balls, and even exploding confetti ballons. The obstacles are now gone.
  • Wario World Theme
  • Wario's Gold Mine (Original)
  • Wario's Battle Canyon
  • Starring Wario (DDR Mario Mix)
  • Waluigi Stadium
  • Waluigi Pinball
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
SSBRool Gangplank Galleon Donkey Kong (series) This stage takes place on K. Rool's legendary pirate ship. Cannonballs may fall from the sky, so be careful! Also, waves may come onto the boat, dragging fighters into the sea. The cannonballs are waves are now removed.
  • Vs. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country)
  • Vs. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country 3)
  • Donkey Kong Country Theme
  • Fear Factory
  • Rocket Barrel 1 (Donkey Kong Country Returns Original)
  • Final Boss- Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber

Donkey Kong

FFM Fungi Forest Donkey Kong (series) The stage takes place inside a water mill. Occasionally, a giant spider runs across the web. The spider is now always watching from the background.
  • Fungi Forest
  • Aquatic Ambience
  • Stickerbrush Symphony
  • Web Woods
  • Vs. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country 2)
  • Jungle Japes
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns- Final Boss
King K. Rool
SSBMShiver Shiver Star Kirby (series) Shiver Star takes place in a factory shown in the image to the left. Occasionally, nearby machines will release steam, knocking players backwards. The machines now go into the background to let off steam.
  • Shiver Star
  • Masked Dedede Theme
  • Outer Rings (Original)
  • Green Greens
  • Vs. Magolor (Phase 1 Original)
  • Drawcia Soul
  • Vs. Galacta Knight
  • Vs. Squashini (Original)
  • 0² Theme (Brawl)
  • Kirby
  • Galacta Knight
Poke Float Pokefloats 2 Pokemon (series)

This stage takes place on flying Pokemon balloons. The balloons include Charizard, Bayleef, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Crobat, Groudon, Spiritomb, a Pokeball, Zekrom, and Pikachu.

No changes.
  • Pokemon Main Theme
  • Spear Pillar
  • Team Rocket Battle
  • Vs. Legendary Pokemon- Black and White
  • Vs. Black Kyurem (Original)
  • Vs. Arceus
FallsSmash Tohjo Falls Pokemon (series) This takes place in a secret room behind a waterfall. Watch an interesting Pokemon battle between Gyarados and Alakazam while fighting your enemy. No changes.
  • Vs. Red
  • Vs. Team Plasma (Black and White 2 Original)
  • Mt. Coronet
  • Vs. Giratina
  • Spear Pillar
  • Route 1 (Kanto Remix)
  • Vs. Team Galactic Cyrus
  • Vs. Ghetsis (Black and White 2 Remix)
HoennSmash Hoenn Pokemon (series) Similar to Delfino Plaza from Brawl, players ride bird Pokemon across Hoenn, stopping at Littleroot Town, the Cave of Origin, the Battle Frontier, and Sky Pillar before beginning the loop again. In Sky Pillar, Rayquaza blows players in the wind and can launch fireballs. Rayquaza now watches from the sky.
  • Littleroot Town
  • Vs. Frontier Brain- Emerald
  • Vs. Deoxys
  • Vs. Rival- Ruby and Sapphire
  • Vs. Groudon/Kyoger/Rayquaza
  • Vs. Trainer- X and Y
  • Elite Four Theme- Ruby and Sapphire
Hoenn Trainer
TowerSmash Dragonspiril Tower Pokemon (series) This takes place on the top of Dragonspiril Tower. If Reshiram appears in the beginning, he sends out attacks based on fire. If Zekrom appears, he sends out attacks based on electricity. Each one however, he the ability to produce swords made of light to swipe at you. Reshiram and Zekrom are placed by Kyurem who curiously watches the fighters.
  • Reshiram/Zekrom Battle
  • Vs. Trainer (Red/Blue Remix)
  • Regi Battle
  • Vs. Cynthia  (Original)
  • Vs. Kyurem (Black and White Original)
  • Victory Road (SSBB)


SSBMship Bottle Ship Metroid (series) This hallway in the Bottle Ship is the arena of this stage. Avoid the Metroids that fly around the stage! The Metroids now fly outside the glass.
  • Ridley Theme
  • Brinstar Depths (SSB Melee)
  • Gandryda Fight
  • Brinstar
  • Theme of Samus Aran
  • Dark Samus Theme (Metroid Prime 2 Original)
  • Omega Ridley (Original)
  • Sector 6 (SSBB)


SkySSBM Skytown Metroid (series) The stage takes place on a floating platform. Occasionally, Samus' Gunship fires rapid-fire energy blasts at the stage before flying off. The Gunship now fires at towers nearby, making Space Pirates fall off into the abyss.
  • Skytown
  • Title Theme- Metroid Prime 3
  • Torvus Bog
  • Mother Brain (Super Metroid)
  • Vs. Rundas (Original)
  • Thardus Battle
Dark Samus
SSBMY Sector Y Star Fox (series) This takes place on the Great Fox, and is very similar to Venom from Melee. No changes.
  • Sector Y
  • Star Wolf
  • Break Though the Ice (Original)
  • Star Fox 64 Title Screen
  • Sector Z
  • Corneria
  • Boss B (Star Fox 64)


SSBMSR Silent Realm Zelda (series) This is a basic stage, just don't land in lava! Also, gravity is lower here, meaning you jump a little higher and fall a little slower. The gravity changes are now removed.
  • Skyward Sword Main Theme (Original)
  • Forest Temple
  • Koloktos/Moldarach Theme
  • Vs. Twinrova
  • Ganondorf Battle (Ocarina of Time Original)
  • Dungeon Theme (Legend of Zelda Remix)


Phantomroad01 l Phantom Road F-Zero (series) Phantom Road takes place on F-Zero Machines driving around the stage, similar to Big Blue from Melee. The cars however, go into the background and may even fall out of the stage. The cars now always stay on the road.
  • Phantom Road
  • Aeropolis
  • Big Blue
  • Mute City (F-Zero GX Original)
  • Theme of Black Shadow- F-Zero GX
  • Theme of Captain Falcon- F-Zero GX
  • White Land I
  • Death Wind

Captain Falcon

SSBMFF Fire Field F-Zero (series) Fighters brawl on a platfom moving though Fire Field. Occasionally, lava floods the stage, damaging fighters. Lava now shoots into the road below the platform, burning cars.
  • Fire Field I
  • Outer Space
  • Cosmo Terminal
  • Lightning
  • Port Town
  • Dream Chaser
  • Rainbow Road
Black Shadow
SSB4Wuhu Wuhu Island Nintendo

The stage begins on a floating platform. The platform travels to a castle on a mountain, and players must fight on lily pads in the lake slowly going towards a waterfall. The lily pads then fall off, leading in an aireal battle.

The players fight in the air for 30 seconds then land on a flying plane. The plane is then the stage and it flys around the island. It then dive bombs into the volcano and exits. It then lands on the flying platform and the stage restarts.

No changes.
  • Nintendo Land Theme
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 Overworld
  • Super Mario Bros. Overworld
  • Wii Shop Theme
  • Punch-Out Theme
  • Dr. Mario (Melee)
  • Pictochat (Brawl)


SSBMTowertop Tower of Rememberance SoulCalibur (series) The players fight on top of a giant tower. It has no obstacles and is flat. No changes.
  • Tower of Rememberance- Degradation
  • Confrontation
  • Wings of Despair
  • Thanatos
  • Afterglow
  • World Distortion (Original)
  • Forsaken Sanctuary
  • Sacred Dawn (Original)
FinalDSmash Final Destination Super Smash Bros. (series) This interesting battle takes place in a rift between time and space. A beautiful scene happens while you fight, lighting up the stage. No changes.
  • Final Destination
  • Final Destination (SSBB)
  • Final Destination (SSB Melee)
  • Giga Bowser (SSB Melee)
  • Metal Mario (SSB)
  • Tabuu Battle (SSBB)
Stage01 070522a-1- Battlefield Super Smash Bros. (series) Battlefield stays the same though the games, like a tradition. However, Battlefield is high into the air, and you can see mountains below you and the clouds next to you. No changes.
  • Battlefield
  • Battlefield (SSBB)
  • Battlefield v2 (SSBB)
  • Cruel Brawl (SSBB)
  • Opening Theme (SSB Melee)

SSB4 Stages

Image Name Series Balanced Home Stage To
SSBM3D Super Mario 3D Land Stage Mario (series) The obstacles are removed. Peach
SSBMSpirit Spirit Train Zelda (series) No changes. Toon Zelda
SSB4GV Gerudo Valley Zelda (series) The fire never spreads.

Skull Kid

SSBMSky Skyloft Zelda (series) No changes.


ArenaF Arena Ferox Fire Emblem (series) No changes. Marth
SSB4Fit Wii Fit Stage Nintendo No changes. Wii Fit Trainer
NintenDogz Nintendogs Stage Nintendo No changes. Chibi-Robo

Brawl Stages

Image Name Series Balanced Home Stage To
SSBMushroomy Mushroomy Kingdom Mario (series) The stage is now fixed in one place. N/A
SSBMDelfino Delfino Plaza Mario (series) No changes. Paper Mario
SSBMWW WarioWare, Inc. Wario (series) The stage is always in the main room.

Captain Syrup

SSBM75 75 m Donkey Kong (series) The obstacles are removed.

Little Mac

SSBMRumble Brumble Falls Donkey Kong (series) The fight takes place at the top of the waterfall and doesn't move.

Diddy Kong

SSBMFrigate Frigate Orphean Metroid (series) The stage never flips over.


SSBMhal Halberd Kirby (series) The fight now always takes place on the Halberd with no cannons, blasts, or mechanical hands.

Meta Knight

SSBMElden Bridge of Elden Zelda (series) The riders never show up. Ganondorf
SpearPillar Spear Pillar Pokemon (series) The Pokemon are replaced with Regigigas who watches the fight.


SSBMLayla Lylat Cruise Star Fox (series) No changes.


Skyworld SSBET Skyworld Kid Icarus (series) No changes. Pit
SSBMPik Distant Planet Pikmin (series) No changes. Olimar
SSBMCastle Castle Siege Fire Emblem (series) The second phase in the stage is now removed.


250px-Smashville1 Smashville Animal Crossing (series) No changes. Villager
SSBMSum Summit Ice Climbers (series) The fight now always takes place in the sky. Ice Climbers
SSBMPC PictoChat Nintendo The drawings are removed. R.O.B.
SSBMGreen Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog (series) Now one flat platform with two rotating platforms at the side. Sonic

Melee Stages

Image Name Series Home Stage To
SSBMBD Brinstar Depths Metroid (series) N/A
SSBMGG Green Greens Kirby (series) King Dedede
PSM Pokemon Stadium Pokemon (series) Mewtwo
SSBMCorn Corneria Star Fox (series) Leon
SSBM4 Fourside EarthBound


DLC Stages

Image Name Series Description Balanced Music Tracks Home Stage To
Caverns Chimp Caverns Donkey Kong (series) Fighters ride minecarts though a dark factory. Sometimes rocks fall from the ceiling and hurt fighters. The rocks now fall into the background.
  • Fear Factory
  • Jungle Japes (Melee)
  • Vs. Wizpig
  • Mad Jack
  • Frantic Factory
Dixie Kong
ClockT Clock Tower Zelda (series) Fighters brawl on the top of the Clock Tower. The Four Giants can be seen walking around in the town. No changes.
  • Clock Tower
  • Stone Temple
  • Zelda's Lullaby
  • Dark World
  • Faron Woods
  • Midna's Theme
Young Link
SSBMLum Lumoise City Pokemon (series) In this new town, fighters battle near a giant tower. Occasionally, trainers riding Gogoats stampede though the city. The Gogoats avoid the players.
  • Lumoise City
  • Vs. Xerneas/Yveltal
  • Vs. Team Flare Grunt
  • Darkrai's Theme- Movie 10 (Original)
  • Mewtwo Theme- Pokemon Rumble (Original)
TheTA The True Arena Kirby (series) This stage is a flat landscape with a few rocks in the way. Gravity is slightly lower in this stage. The gravity gimmick is gone.
  • Vs. Marx
  • Marx Soul
  • Drawcia Soul
  • Vs. Zero
  • Boss Theme- Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Original)
Waddle Dee
Leonster Leonster Fire Emblem (series) The stage is set on a bridge over a lake. Leonster can be seen in the background. No changes.
  • Leonster
  • Mastermind
  • Id (Purpose)
  • Conquest
  • The Devoted


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A DLC package will be released a month after the game's releases. It features five characters and five stages as well. The pack will cost $9.99 in the US.

Limited Edition

A Limited Edition of the game will be released with the regular game. It features all the DLC characters and stages already in the game. Also, small 4' statues of Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Samus, Pikachu, Fox, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, and Ness come with the Limited Edition. The Limited Edition costs $74.99 all together.


  • The game's name, Super Smash Bros. Madness is inspired by the massive amount of content in the game compared to the other Smash titles.
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