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Super Smash Bros. Ingenuity is an upcoming game in the Super Smash Bros. series, and the 7th game in said series. "Ingenuity" focuses on the "creativity" part of Smash, and goes back to 64/Melee/Brawl's storyline of the characters being spawned from inanimate objects (such as plushies and trophies), thus the name "Ingenuity.". Many modes and changes are planned for the upcoming game. The game returns the Everyone is here mentality from its predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, although this time around many more newcomers will be added due to "everyone" being coded in the engine used for both this and Ultimate. It is also a bit more of an Author Appeal project than anything, where unexpected maps and characters will be making appearances- however, while stages, assists etc. might go off the rails, characters themselves will mostly stick to important characters from video game history.

The game is planned for a 2022 release date, four years after Ultimate's release.

Watch the most recent Ingenuity Direct here to view upcoming content coming to the game.

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The main gameplay is very simple but complex to master, just like its predecessors. Players must use their character to deal damage to opponents while avoiding damage themselves. Damage is in the form of a % meter, which makes players' knockback much higher as the number rises.

Games are played in the default Stock mode, which gives you an adjustable number of lives to battle your opponent with, and Time, which measures kills as points and encourages you to get the most points as possible without losing them through death. There's also the traditional Stamina which uses HP instead of percentage.

Gameplay Changes from Ultimate

  • The game has been sped up to increase competitiveness, as well as receiving a number of "physics" changes-
    • "Balloon Knockback" has been tweaked to be a bit more subtle.
  • Dodging has also gotten a number of changes
    • Directional Airdodging now is more useful, being cut down in endlag.
    • The penalty for dodging too many times has been decreased but is still present.
    • Hitting a character who just got out of a dodge roll/airdodge gives an almost 1.5x multiplier to damage done for that attack.
  • You can run past opponents again, a technique removed from Ultimate.
  • The series has taken to more visual feedback- more characters have "status" displays on their character icon; such as Olimar's Pikmin lineup, and Wario's gas tank.
  • Midair tether grabs have been changed to show their range better when used to recover.

Aesthetic Differences from Ultimate

  • Ingenuity has been given a more comic-booky style, similar to "Into the Spiderverse".
    • Colors are shaded in to appear slightly more cartoony than Ultimate's version. Also, during the "Killing Blow" effects from Ultimate, a new "KAPOW BLAMMO" onomatopoeia approach has been taken, where the floating bubbles will appear around the characters when they land these attacks (although this is toggleable.) Additionally, the smoke clouds that appear after a player has been launched, while being toned down, are now more cartoony.
  • The audience is more engaged during gameplay. The audience will cheer more often during intense battles, as well as clap after Star K.Os, etc.
  • Every character now has their own differing Victory Theme, instead of simply sporting a series one.



Ssbismash Your main Smash mode. There's not much explaining here to do. Pick your character and stage and face off against your friends or CPUs. This mode is your basic sandbox mode as well, and you can find item sliders and customizers in it. This is what you'll use when you want to have a party mode, or just simply practice against a high leveled CPU. Now, you can also add up to 16 fighters when using Local Wireless play. Spread the mayhem!


Forfunssbi For Fun is a non-serious mode for players who aren't looking for a true 1v1 battle. In this mode, your GSP will not rise or fall, nor will you be paired with players in your skill tier. Online battles can be 1v1 or Free For All. You can also add a second player for Team Battles in this mode, as well.

For Fun ruleset-

  • All stages, not including Final Destination and Battlefield (as well as their variants).
  • Items on Medium frequency.
  • Stage Morph has a 20% chance to be activated.
  • Time battle (3 minutes).
  • Final Smash Meter on.
Forgloryssbi For Glory is the serious mode for players who want to test their skills, instead of simply scrapping in For Fun. In this mode, you can either enter 1v1s or 2v2s, and fight for your GSP, which is effected by this mode only. For Glory will pair you with people of similar GSP and/or ranking.

For Glory ruleset-

  • Omega and Battlefield variants of stages only.
  • Items off.
  • Stage Morph off.
  • Stock Battle (3 stock, 7 minutes)
  • Final Smash Meter off.
  • Team Attack on.
Thearenassbi The Arena returns from Smash Ultimate's Online mode. A "private arena" type thing, the arena, like other parts of the game, takes on a "urban" style, compared to Ultimate. The Arena has a line and spectator stands, as well as the normal Arena. It basically works as it does in Ultimate, where battles go on in the arena, while other people spectate in the stands or in the waiting room. This time around, changing your preferred stage, music or chosen fighter doesn't boot you out of the waiting list.

pac-man render in for fun by nibroc-rock

Online Changes

While For Glory is indeed returning after its absence in Smash Ultimate, its matchmaking has recieved a massive overhaul. The ranking system is quite similar to Overwatch's or Splatoon's, where there are multiple tiers that you can climb up. You will only be paired with players from your skill tier. Good performance in the match will cause you to gain SP (Smash Power), while losing matches will cause your SP to drop. You will also be able to view leaderboards (overall and per character).

These are the tiers available in For Glory. You will be placed in a tier after 10 placement matches, and placements will reset about twice a year-

  • Mushroom: The lowest tier, for players 1500 SP and below.
  • Fire Flower: The second lowest tier, for players 1500-2000 SP.
  • Maxim Tomato: The intermediate tier, for players 2000-2500 SP.
  • Screw Attack: The second highest tier, for players 2500-3000 SP.
  • Triforce: The highest tier, for players 3000 and above in SP.

Single Player

Ssbiclassic Classic Mode returns to its format from Ultimate, where it serves as a unique series of challenges based on the fighter you picked. You can choose an intensity (1.0 to 5.0) which takes the challenge up higher, but gives you more rewards. The highest intensity you can get to is 9.9, which is not chosen. The intensity instead increases each time you win, letting you reach higher intensities than what you started as- but decreases each time you lose, unless you use tickets. Winning higher challenges unlocks more of the Mural, which takes on a new style- it is now based off of street art, with a dark brick background and slightly messy sprayed characters- taking on a more urban beauty, similar to movie Spiderverse's signature art style.

If you're looking for a higher level of challenge, look no further than All Star. This mode pits you against every single fighter in the game, based on their console of appearance. In an ultimate group Smash, each fighter shows up in a crowd, and defeating a character in a round of All-Star brings in another opponent in the same group. There are 11 stages in Classic Mode, and there's a rest area between each stage. Your fighter will keep their damage between rounds, but can heal with the Maxim Tomato, Fairy Bottle or Heart Crystals left in the waiting room, which you can use once each. Upon defeating All-Star, you will unlock a special costume for your fighter as well as their All-Star trophy.

This game's All-Star Order is based on the console they debuted on, in order from oldest to newest.

  • Arcade/Game and Watch era- Ken, Ryu, Little Mac, Mario, Luigi, Cranky Kong, Pac-Man, Sub-Zero, Ms. Pac-Man.
  • NES Part 1- Meta Knight, Dr. Mario, Marth, Mega Man, Palutena, Pit, Simon, Ridley, Samus
  • NES Part 2- Zelda, Link, Bowser, Peach, Piranha Plant, R.O.B, Ice Climbers, Duck Hunt, Mach Rider
  • Game Boy (Color)- Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Wario, Dedede, Kirby, Scizor, Daisy.
  • SNES- Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, King K. Rool, Ness, Falco, Fox, Captain Falcon, Yoshi, Geno, Bandana Dee.
  • N64- Villager, Sheik, Ganondorf, Young Link, Wolf, Banjo, Waluigi, Paper Mario, Tom Nook
  • Game Boy Advance/Gamecube- Lucas, Zero Suit Samus, Isaac, Ike, Toon Link, Dark Samus, Bowser Jr., Roy, Olimar, Meta Ridley.
  • DS/Wii- Lucario, Flipnote Frog, Dry Bowser, Wii Fit Trainer, Puppii, Shulk, Rosalina, Mii Fighters.
  • 3DS- Incineroar, Greninja, Corrin, Lucina, Robin, Chrom, Dark Pit, Isabelle, Taranza, Golisopod.
  • Wii U/Switch- Inkling, Octoling, Spring Man, Blight Ganon
  • Other- Joker, Cloud, Snake, Sonic, Shadow, Richter, Bayonetta, Kris, Steve

52pickupssbi A brand new mode to Ingenuity, 52 Pickup is the easiest way to earn Smash Cards. While the pass to this game isn't always open, being available once a day. In this mode, 52 "weak" Smash Cards spawn around a huge map (about the size of the Smash Run map), and you must pick up as many Smash Cards as possible within the minute and thirty seconds time limit. Collecting these Smash Cards will add them to your overall inventory. Players who attempt to cheat and make 52 Pickup open more often by changing the time on their Nintendo Switch will have said cards all be Mr. Resetti, as well as not be added to their inventory.

Arcade Modes

The Arcade Modes are extra preset modes that you can play. They are non competitive and can be accessed from a special header in Online (where they can be played in "montages" or in specific minigames, think Warioware). You can pick these from a dropdown menu in single player as well, with multiple players or CPUs. The games have special win conditions, and thus must be played differently than normal Smash.


Smash Remix is inspired by Super Mario Run's Remix 10, but it doesn't show much in the gameplay. Characters wear personalized headphones, and they show visually in game. Characters will also bop along with the beat. While you fight, the music playing in the background will have a beat meant to match the tone of the song, which will play a role in the mode. When you land powerful hits to the rhythm, you will gain points, similar to games such as Rhythm Heaven. The goal is to have as many Remix Points at the end of the match as possible.

Each character will wear their own set of headphones. These headphones are by default exclusive to this mode, however you can unlock these headphones to be added to your character (seperate from Alternate Costumes) in a pure visual effect by getting more than 100 Remix Points in a single match with said character. The character will also bop along to the music with these on, but they are purely visual, and do not effect hitboxes.

  • Mario- Mario's Headphones from Super Mario Run
  • Donkey Kong- Barrel-like headphones with DK's emblem on the sides.
  • Link- A headset designed after this.
  • Samus- Headphones based on Metroids themselves, like this GameXplain thumbnail
  • Dark Samus- A more blue-ish and dark version of Samus'
  • Yoshi- Yoshi Egg headphones
  • Kirby- Kirby's headphones from Kirby 64
  • Fox- None (he's wearing one already)
  • Pikachu- Pokeball-themed Headphones
  • Luigi- Boo-themed, white and green headphones.
  • Ness- Baseball headphones.
  • Captain Falcon- Blue headphones with Captain Falcon's emblem embedded into them.
  • Jigglypuff- Pink earbuds

The available songs for this mode are as follows-

  • Jump Up, Super Star (Super Mario Odyssey)
  • Honeylune Ridge: Escape (Super Mario Odyssey)
  • Attacking Divine Beast Vah Ruta (The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild)
  • Guardian Theme (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
  • Gourmet Race (Kirby Super Star)
  • Masked Dedede (Kirby Triple Deluxe)
  • DK Rap (Donkey Kong 64)
  • Gangplank Galleon (Donkey Kong Country)
  • Champion Red & Blue Battle (Pokemon Sun and Moon)
  • Vs. Ridley (Super Metroid)
  • Unfounded Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise (Mother 3)
  • Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • K.K Cruisin (Animal Crossing)
  • Mega Man 2 Medley (Mega Man)
  • Vampire Killer (Castlevania: Judgement)
  • Fly Octo Fly (Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion)
  • Calamari Inkantation (Splatoon)


Hedlok Smash is an Arcade Mode inspired by the mode of a similar name in ARMS. In this mode, the powerful being Hedlok joins the fray, straight from the [NAME REDACTED] labs! The mode is played with 4 players. Once the battle starts, Hedlok will lock on to a random player. You can also set who Hedlok will be in Offline modes. The other 3 players must work together in a stock match to defeat the powered-up player, while Hedlock must use his newfound power to defeat the other three players.

Hedlok's benefits are as follows-

  • 4 extra stretchy arms- When using jabs, 4 projectile ARMS will launch out with them. It's similar to Spring Man's passive, but it won't slow you down.
  • Extra defense- In this form, you take 50% less damage.
  • Grabs- Each fighter now has Spring Man's grab in Hedlok's form.
Canvassmashssbi Canvas Smash is an entirely new mode taking place on an exclusive "Canvas" stage, a flat, beige land with walkoff blastzones and no content other than a platform which spans the stage. However, the real twist comes from one of the players. One can be selected to play as an Artist on the Switch's touchscreen, who can draw freely on the paper. These drawings will immediately turn into solid after the finger leaves the screen. The others must fight a normal Smash match, but beware of the constantly occuring drawings that appear!

This mode is only available in local play for fairly obvious reasons.



The roster consists of all 66+ fighters from the previous game. These fighters are all completely unique (save for the Echo fighter category, which features characters with borrowed movesets from other characters) and all have different attacks, including their own moveset. Each fighter has an Up-B, Side-B, Neutral-B, Down-B and a super powered Final Smash which only appears when a character breaks the fabled Smash Ball.


Mario SSBUltimate
Mr. Video Game
SSB Super Mario SymbolDKlogo

Donkey Kong (1981, Arcade)

Mario is the protagonist of the hit "Super Mario" series. He's known as Mr. Video Game, as he's the most widely recognized video game character in history. He's had over 200 games and has been featured in a wide array of crossovers even outside of the Smash series. He usually can be found saving Princess Peach from Bowser, and conquering the beast. In his latest adventure, he ruined Bowser's plans on marrying Peach with the help of his great friend Cappy!

Mario is an all around character, a medium-weight fighter who excels in most categories, but isn't too special in any. Mario's moveset has received an overhaul to his moveset since Ingenuity. While specials are detailed in the other category, Mario has received a number of changes to other parts of his moveset-
  • Mario's Forward Smash has been changed to a charged swing of his hammer, like his move in the Mario and Luigi series.
  • Mario's Up Smash is waving his hat powerfully above his head.
  • Mario's Down Throw now juggles opponents with Cappy's spin attack before launching them.
  • Mario's Dair is now a ground pound.
  • Mario now does damage during footstool.
  • Mario's dash attack is now a roll forward.
  • Mario has had numerous animation changes to make him look more joyful than in past installments in the Smash series
    • He now has his run animation from 3D World
  • NEUTRAL B- Fireball has Mario shoot a bouncing Fireball projectile, which will damage opponents and briefly stun them.
  • SIDE B- Super Cape sees Mario pull out his cape in front of him for a split second, which will deflect projectiles, turn opponents around, and give Mario a small boost in mid air.
  • UP B- Super Jump Punch is Mario's Up B, where he does an uppercut which can do multiple hits of damage to opponents as coins spout from Mario's fist.
  • DOWN B- FLUDD is a chargeable move where Mario uses his water pump FLUDD to shoot water at opponents, pushing them away but not doing any damage. Pushes Mario back when used in midair. Can be aimed by tilting the control stick.
  • FINAL SMASH- Dinosaur has Mario capture a T-Rex from off screen, which will then dash through the stage, dealing enormous damage to players caught in his path.

Alternate Costumes

  • Up Taunt- Mario grows giant briefly, before returning to normal. Cannot be cancelled.
  • Left Taunt- Mario does a thumbs up at the screen, winking and smiling.
  • Right Taunt- Mario spins Cappy around on his finger.
  • Down Taunt- Mario replicates his death animation from Donkey Kong.
Special Accessory
Mario's Special Accessory is the Troopa Shell. Replacing his Down B, Troopa Shell is a kicked projectile which with high speeds and very good damage output. It is effected by gravity as well. Downside is that other fighters can jump on it deflect it, sending it back towards Mario.
Luigi SSBUltimate
Lean, Green, Fighting Machine
SSB Super Mario SymbolMariobroslogo

Mario Bros. (1983, Arcade)

Luigi is one of the two Mario Bros. and the second in the popularity line after Mario. He's often forgotten and used as the spare choice until recently- where Luigi's popularity is nearing, if not higher than his brother's! Luigi is the shy and awkward one of the Mario cast, and while his bravery shows know limits in facing his own fears, he still shows it a bit during his solo outings. He is often characterized with slippery traction and high jumps- but in his ghosthunting adventures to save his bro, his trusty force is his Poltergust and bravery.

Luigi has recieved a massive overhaul to his moveset, though it is mainly in the specials. Luigi has a more "risky" playstyle than his brother, and many of his moves are more powerful but with more margin of error. Luigi has a higher jump than Mario, and his aerials are overall more strong than his bro's.
  • Luigi's dash attack sees Luigi now spin forward with a tornado effect, spinning his hammer around.
  • Luigi's bair is now a slap with an electrical charged hand.
  • Luigi's dair now has a small windbox and a "tornado" effect around him.
  • NEUTRAL B- Thunderhand is functionally similar to his original Green Fire, a projectile shot in the form of a ball that is unaffected by gravity. Now, it is represented with electricity, and while slower than his original Neutral B, it will stun the opponent before launching them.
  • SIDE B- Hammer Spin sees Luigi charge himself up, before releasing himself in a horizontal spin which carries him forward and launches opponents. It's almost the same as his old Green Missile move but slightly stronger yet slower. When overcharged, the top of the hammer will fall off and Luigi will look down as if disappointed, but the hammer tip will act as a falling weak projectile such as Snake's box.
  • UP B- Super Jump Punch is functionally similar to Mario's, an uppercut which brings him upwards. Luigi's doesn't travel as much of a distance, but it sweetspots at the beginning of the move, sending enemies flying. He will also be left helpless upside down after use.
  • DOWN B- Poltergust has Luigi pull out his Poltergust (design from Luigi's Mansion 3). It will bring Luigi's enemies in towards him and shoot them out, similar to King K. Rool's Blunderbuss- however, pressing a directional button while using the move (other than when he's about to fire off an opponent) will change the mode. They can be swapped between freely, and your setting will be saved for future uses of the mode until the mode is swapped again.
    • Strobulb (a move that will stun opponents in its short Line of Sight, similar to Mewtwo)
    • Dark-Light Device, which Luigi will point at the ground for 3 seconds with the Poltergust before it reveals a random object of a healing food item (other than Spicy Curry), a Mr. Saturn, a Turnip, a Soccer Ball, or a Bob-Omb (the latter of which promptly exploding in Luigi's face.
  • FINAL SMASH- Boolossus has Luigi shoot a Boolossus to the left side of the screen, who will then move quicky across the stage by going left to right and right to left back and forth at insane speeds. It will damage people who are looking away- but its tough to keep up with him!

Alternate Costumes

  • Up Taunt- Cartoonishly jumps into the air, frightened, and yells "Mario!"
  • Left Taunt- Points his Poltergust out, moves it left and right suspiciously and worriedly, before putting it away.
  • Right Taunt- Appears to nod off to sleep for a second, before jolting awake.
  • Down Taunt- Luigi sadly kicks the ground. This taunt will spike opponents at 0%.
Special Accessory
Booltergust replaces Luigi's usual Down Special with an older model of Poltergust, which is now infested with Boos. Now, Luigi has the ability to fire 3 boos out at a time as projectiles. They will move forward in a straight line, cowering as they barrel forward. Luigi can also shoot them in the air to shoot one boo which will move on their own terms, chasing down opponents facing away from them and doing a bit of damage by ramming into them. Luigi can have up to 3 minion boos out at a time, and you can use the "fire 3 boos forward" ability about once every 1.5 seconds.
Bowser SSBUltimate
King of the Koopas
SSB Mario SeriesSuper Mario Bros. logo DSSB
Super Mario Bros. (1985, Nintendo Entertainment System)
Bowser is the fierce leader of the koopas.... or so we think he's fierce. While he presents himself as a villain in front of Mario and the gang, and seems to have a huge crush on the leader of the Mushroom Kingdom (or just wants to rule it for himself), everyone know's he's really just a huge softie on the inside. In fact, in one outing, he saved Mario himself! It's truly debatable if he's really a "villain". Either way, Bowser is a brutal opponent, and you're in his way in battle- so take this reptile seriously.
Bowser is a living fortress, meaning he is the heaviest fighter in the game. While he is very heavy, he is also quick on his feet, meaning it's easy to keep on the pressure. While he excels in attack and defense, his recovery is pretty bad. His air moves aren't very powerful, either.
  • Bowser now has his correct voice from the Super Mario series.
  • Bowser's Shield animation now has him retract into his shell- it has a similar effect to Yoshi's egg as it does not shrink. It also will damage people who attack it from above- however, it has more lag getting in and out of it.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Fire Breath sees Bowser fire a single, large fire ball forward, launching out of his mouth. While large and powerful, it travels in a horizontal line, and it has a very slow fire rate. When used in midair, it will push Bowser backwards a little bit.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Goomba Storm has Bowser point forward, as Goombas run in from out of no where and dash forward, before disappearing. A grounded projectile, these Goombas are fired forward and do minimal damage, but come in lots. While they might not seem very powerful, the real power comes in repositioning the enemy to be vulnerable- like usual, stomping on a goomba will force you to be launched in the air, meaning the Goombas can act as a "juggle" to keep opponents on their toes. This attack can be held for as long as you want, but of course Goomba troops are in limited supply, so eventually you'll run out of ammo.
  • UP SPECIAL- Whirling Fortress sees Bowser spin in his shell, bringing him upwards if uses in air.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Bowser Bomb is a simple ground pound attack which sees Bowser launch into the air before pounding the ground with his rear, doing heavy damage to opponents caught in the bomb.
  • FINAL SMASH- Giga Bowser causes Bowser to turn into his Giga Form, and launch into the background. Then, you can move a reticle to control where Bowser will punch, and by doing so, he will greatly launch opponents caught in the area. If the opponent is above 100%, they will launch forward and hit the screen, K.Oing them.
  • Up Taunt- Bowser strikes a pose and says "SHOWTIME!"
  • Left Taunt- Bowser pulls out a comically sized cup of tea, sips from it, and returns to battle.
  • Right Taunt- Bowser lets out a mightly roar
  • Down Taunt- Bowser stomps the ground, as assorted members of his army scurry around him.
Special Accessory
Hammers replace Bowser's Neutral Special. They are rapid firing arced projectiles that do little damage, are small, and don't have much range, but they can catch the opponent and land multiple hits at once. Think a more limited but stronger version of Game and Watch's Chef.
DonkeyKong SSBUltimate
Donkey Kong
King of the Jungle
SSB Donkey Kong SymbolDKlogo

Donkey Kong (1981, Arcade)

Like Mario, Donkey Kong is high on the list of the top video game icons. Hailing from Kongo Bongo, Donkey Kong is a gorilla who "almost" rules the jungle. He's expected to next rule the island. Him and his best friend Diddy Kong like to spend a lot of time lounging around, but when the Kong's banana hoard gets stolen, it's up to DK, Diddy or the rest of the DK crew to take down King K. Rool! (Or..... Frederik...). He's big, fast, and strong too. He's the first member of the DK Crew!

Donkey Kong is a heavyweight character with high power and speed at the cost of an "eh" recovery. He jumps pretty low and while his new Up B is effective it's hard to use, however he's an unending powerhouse in all other categories.
  • Donkey Kong now has his modern voice instead of gorilla grunts.
  • Donkey Kong's attacks have overall been sped up, making him have more viable combos.
  • Donkey Kong can now Z-drop opponents while using forward throw's carry.
  • NEUTRAL B- Wind Up Punch has DK wind up his arm while you hold the button. When fully charged, it will then store the move. When you press again, DK will unleash a powerful punch that can do up to 35% damage.
  • SIDE B- Barrel Toss has Donkey Kong toss a barrel in an arc, similar to how he does in the Donkey Kong Country series. It will break on contact with the ground, however it is a powerful arcing projectile.
  • UP B- Barrel Jump has Donkey Kong enter a barrel, where it will then spin around. While he is hittable in the barrel, he will stay in there immobile until he presses A, allowing him to shoot out of the barrel in the direction the barrel was facing.
  • DOWN B- Slap sees DK slap the ground as long as he holds the button. If it sweetspots, it will bury the opponent.
  • FINAL SMASH- Banana Slamma has DK rush forward, with his fist out. If he lands the attack, a cutscene initiates where he repetitively punches the opponent, before landing a mighty punch through a barrel launcher.

Alternate Costumes

  • Up Taunt- Donkey Kong beats his chest, letting out a battle cry.
  • Left Taunt- Donkey Kong imitates the motion he does in the opening of the DK Rap (the thumbs to him animation)
  • Right Taunt- Donkey Kong rises slighty up into the air cartoonishly as his eyes pop out of his skull.
  • Down Taunt- Donkey Kong turns towards the camera and shrugs obnoxiously.
Special Accessory
Coconut Gun
Donkey Kong's Coconut Gun replaces his neutral B, allowing him to fire a slow moving, powerful ball projectile which will break on impact with an opponent. It can be fired quickly, but might misfire if overused.
Yoshi SSBUltimate
Prehistoric Pal
SSB Yoshi SeriesSuper Mario World logo DSSB

Super Mario World (1990, Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Yoshi is Mario's best friend (well, best friend who he's not related to or romantically involved with). Yoshi and Mario go a waaaaay back. Yoshi's first game in his series (Yoshi's Cookie discounted) was him trying to help Mario get back to his parents as a small baby, defeating Baby Bowser and successfully returning him to his parents, saving little Luigi in the process. Yoshi now goes on many adventures with Mario, showing up from eggs to assist him whenever he needs it! Yoshi also has his own slew of adventures, usually dabbling in the arts & crafts areas!

Yoshi is a glass cannon. He has an advantage in the air- yet is still pretty light. He has a special second jump called "Flutter", similar to Ness & Lucas' midair jump.
  • Yoshi's "Egg Shield" will crack instead of simply darkening in shade.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Tongue has recieved an overhaul to how it worked in previous games. Yoshi unleashes a command grab using his tongue. If it hits, the opponent will be dragged into Yoshi's mouth- however, this time, Yoshi will simply have them fly out above his back, while an Egg will now be carried behind him. Yoshi can carry up to 5 eggs at a time. These eggs will also be used in Standard Attacks- such as this Nair having eggs spin around him while he does the normal nair, and his forward smash gaining extra range with the eggs. However, Yoshi will slow down if he carries too many eggs- making him trade off between having power or speed.
    • He can also eat up projectiles and items. In fact, sometimes the color of egg and how it works will be reflected in its eggs. For example, eating fire-based projectiles like Mario's fireball will grant him a red egg which has an explosive property, and shocking projectiles grant him a stunning egg.
    • Taunting will shuffle the order of Yoshi's eggs.
    • Yoshi's Tongue also now acts as a grapple, similar to its role in Odyssey.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Egg Roll has Yoshi spin forward encased in an Egg. It can be acted out of by letting go of Side+B, but otherwise it acts mostly like other similar moves. With more eggs following Yoshi, they will snake behind him, increasing his range, but slowing down the Egg.
  • UP SPECIAL- Egg Toss throws one of Yoshi's eggs in an arc, taking on any traits the egg might have and using it as a projectile. It also gives Yoshi a bit of vertical height. The damage has been buffed since Smash Ultimate, due to Eggs now being a scarce material.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Yoshi Bomb is a simple Ground Pound move, where Yoshi slams down on his opponents with his butt. He will also jump in the air before using this move if used in the air. Can bury opponents if you have above 3 eggs.
  • FINAL SMASH- Yoshi Stampede has Yoshi dash forward, trapping opponents on the ground as tons of Yoshi stampede over them, launching them afterwards.
  • Up Taunt- Yoshi dances in a circle, chanting his name.
  • Left Taunt- Yoshi chases his tail, pumping his arm at the finish
  • Right Taunt- Yoshi looks at a random Baby Yoshi out of thin air-
    • The Pink Baby Yoshi will inflate in his arms as Yoshi looks on in surprise, before disappearing.
    • The Blue Baby Yoshi will blow bubbles at Yoshi and Yoshi pats his head, before putting him away.
    • The Yellow Baby Yoshi will be held out as Yoshi looks in wonder, as it glows a bright yellow light.
  • Down Taunt- Yoshi munches on a cookie from Yoshi's Cookie.
Special Accessory
Yoshi's eggs will spawn as Para Eggs. Para Eggs cannot have elemental traits nor are they as powerful as normal eggs- however, they negate the negative side effects of holding too many eggs due to the weight issue not being a problem (they hover over the ground.).
Link SSBUltimate
The Resurrected Champion
SSB The Legend of Zelda SymbolThe Legend of Zelda 1986 logo DSSB

The Legend of Zelda (1986, Nintendo Entertainment System)

Link is a hero with various incarnations. He appears over and over in the Zelda timeline, with his appearance changing each time. This incarnation is Link's appearance from Breath of the Wild. Unlike other variations of the character, Link in Breath of the Wild has access to multiple tools with semi high tech, such as Ancient Arrows to slay mighty mechanical beasts. Usually, Link appears to save Princess Zelda and destroy Ganon- and it's no different in BoTW, where Link must defeat the four Divine Beasts and seal the Calamity away.

Link is a heavy swordfighter, who specializes in projectiles. Link is good with setupts and is basically another all around fighter. Link has a bit of trouble landing a final blow, though his bombs might do the trick for that one.
  • Parrying with Link now has a special visual, and allows him to reflect projectiles.
  • Rolling at the right time with Link (similar to Bayonetta) will stun the opponent very shortly, allowing for him to squeeze in a quick attack.
  • Link now has his Grappling Hook back from previous games.
  • PASSIVE- Beams causes Link's Fsmash, Ftilt and jab to shoot small projectiles when he is at 0% damage.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Arrow has Link charge up an arrow in his bow before releasing it, an extremely quick but weak projectile, damaging the opponent. Charging it will give it higher air speed and damage.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Boomerang allows Link to toss a boomerang, which will damage opponents and come back to Link, but only one boomerang can be fired at a time.
  • UP SPECIAL- Spin Attack makes Link spin around with his sword in hand, damaging opponents multiple times as he spins. In midair, the spin attack will bring him upwards.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Remote Bomb has Link pick up a bomb, which can then be thrown where he pleases. It will lie there until it disappears (after 8 seconds), or when Link presses Down B again, exploding the bomb. Can be used for clutch recoveries.
  • FINAL SMASH- Beast Attack makes a crosshair appear on screen, where 4 lasers are meeting together. When they lock on an area where people are present, it will then initiate a small cutscene where it quickly shows all four Divine Beasts with their respective Champions firing off their laser beams, centering on where the crosshair is. When you get hit by it, it will rapidly damage you before launching you.
  • Up Taunt- Appears to take a selfie with the Sheikah Slate.
  • Left Taunt- Holds the master sword above his head triumphantly
  • Right Taunt- Holds the master sword in front of him with both hands.
  • Down Taunt- Throws a rock into the air, stills it in midair with Stasis, and then lets it drop.
Special Accessory
The Forest Dweller's Bow allows Link to fire 3 arrows in a fan shape in front of him with his neutral B, with the downside being it taking longer to charge.
3DS MetroidSamusReturns char 015
Intergalactic Bounty Hunter
SSB Metroid SymbolMetroid logo DSSB

Metroid (1986, Nintendo Entertainment System)

Samus is a bounty hunter usually employed by the Galactic Federation. She specializes in destroying alien lifeforms and exploring foreign planets. She was raised by Chozo after her mom and dad were killed by the Space Pirates. Not pointing fingers on this one, but let's just say a certain space dragon was the cause for Samus' parents' death, and now is Samus' #1 biggest enemy. Samus is extremely skilled with her Power Suit, often taking down enemies of huge sizes and traversing hostile planes with little to no fear (except that one time... we don't talk about that one time...),

Samus is another simple fighter who's main focus is projectiles. She's pretty heavy but passably agile, and is good at spacing. She has a tether grab to use, as well as many explosion attacks and kicks at her disposal.
  • Samus now has a projectile jab, similar to Mega Man's. This jab shoots small blasts at a steady pace, and can be used to space- however, after firing off for a while it needs to recharge. You can hold the button down to charge up a larger blast that multi hits.
  • Samus can now crouch again while crouching, putting her in morph ball form- allowing her to move around quickly and juke out opponents.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Charge Shot is an energy projectile that Samus can charge up. She can shoot it as it is for minimal knockback and damage, or she can charge it up. At maximum charge, it is a force to be reckoned with- doing extreme damage from far away.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Ice Missile shoots an missile with ice powers- this missile will freeze enemies in place in a block of ice temporarily, allowing Samus to follow up.
  • UP SPECIAL- Screw Attack is a mutli-hitting move where Samus jumps up, spinning in a ball, with energy coursing around her, rapidly hitting people she hits and also acting as a recovery.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Bomb allows Samus to turn into Morph Ball for a split second and drop a bomb, which will create a small explosion after a bit. Charging it up will allow her to drop a Power Bomb, a greater damaging counterpart.
  • FINAL SMASH- Zero Laser has Samus fire a large, wide laser that will rapidly damage opponents before launching them, doing heavy damage.
  • Up Taunt- Samus looks around as a Baby Metroid spins around her.
  • Left Taunt- Samus scans her surroundings, turning left and right with her gun readied.
  • Right Taunt- Examines her arm cannon, letting some parts of the gun open out and become visible.
  • Down Taunt- Gives a thumbs-up towards the camera, replicating her Super Metroid ending pose.
Special Accessory
Homing Missiles will cause Samus' Ice Missiles to lose their Ice quality, but instead home in on opponents to a limited degree- like the homing Bullet Bills from Mario, they will home in for a quick second before going straight in the direction they face. Fired at a slower rate.
DarkSamus SSBUltimate
Dark Samus
Alien Doppleganger
SSB Metroid SymbolMetroid Prime logo DSSB
Metroid Prime (Nintendo Gamecube, 2002)

Dark Samus is a/the Metroid Prime, an alien menace to Samus. The Metroid Prime took the form of a weirded-up version of Samus' suit, and as it's a grossed up copy, there's nothing but alien flesh and veins under the suit- making the suit of Dark Samus actually organic. A merciless killer, Dark Samus will constantly destroy her opponents with no remorse. But is imitation the highest form of flattery? Uhhhhhhh.....

Dark Samus has been almost entirely decloned from Samus, now classifying her as a unique fighter. Since it'd take too long to list each individual change, here are the major differences-
  • Dark Samus doesn't have a tether anymore.
  • Dark Samus is now lighter and floatier than Samus.
  • When being heavily hit, the alien structure of Dark Samus will be shown briefely in her model.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Sharpnel Beam has Dark Samus shoot tons of tiny projectiles in a funnel with her arm cannon. These small projectiles do minimal damage and don't travel for very long, but your enemies can get caught in a storm of them, doing repetitive damage that adds up. It must be recharged after a bit.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Phazon Pillars will have DS strike the ground, releasing tentacle like pillars from the ground. These will damage opponents around Dark Samus, being a good close range attack.
  • UP SPECIAL- Levitation causes DS to turn invisible and move freely in all directions for a second. She's still hittable in this form, and will be left helpless with landing lag. If she uses this above the stage and flicks the stick straight down, she will strike the stage with a powerful shockwave, damaging opponents around her but rendering her vulnerable.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Dark Echo is DS' main tool. When used, Dark Samus will charge up. It takes about 3 seconds to charge up this move. Afterwards, DS's power will be reduced, but she will spawn a copy of herself. This Dark Echo acts like Nana to Popo, but it will move on its down. It has simple AI. If an opponent is in front of it, it will release a powerful jab in front of it. If Dark Samus grabs the opponent, the Dark Echo will damage it during the grab. It will automatically grab items that are on the floor and transfer it to Dark Samus, allowing her to heal. However, it comes with a disadvantage, in that Dark Samus' damage power is greatly reduced. Pressing Down B will cause DS to slowly charge before swapping places with the Echo. It will be destroyed in a few hits, so use it wisely.
  • FINAL SMASH- Dark Echo Finale has Dark Samus summon 5 other Dark Echoes to cause havoc. Each will fire a super beam one at a time, each being telegraphed so it's dodgeable. After they complete this sequence, the real Dark Samus rises to the top of the stage and releases a charge blast through the middle, damaging opponents with tons of force, before they get launched. Each summoned echo will then disappear.
  • Up Taunt- Dark Samus strikes a pose, as three copies of her fade in and out of her.
  • Left Taunt- Dark Samus stares towards the camera, her three eyes glowing.
  • Right Taunt- Dark Samus rises into the air dramatically, phazon coursing through her.
  • Down Taunt- Crouches while holding her cannon.
Special Accessory
In a reference to Metroid Fusion's SA-X, the X Parasite increases Dark Samus' overall speed and attack, in favor of being much less tanky. This means that Dark Samus will survive for nearly 1/3 as long in combat, making her an extreme glass cannon.
Ridley SSBUltimate
The Cunning God of Death
SSB Metroid SymbolMetroid logo DSSB
Metroid (1986, Nintendo Entertainment System)
Ridley is a leader of the Space Pirates and the arch nemesis to Samus. Ridley is probably one of, if not the, most evil and violent fighters on the Smash roster. Ridley is a powerful pterodactyl-like being. He's intelligent, but has one goal: kill anything that gets in his way. He has a past with Samus, and appears on almost every one of her missions to get in her way. You don't want to be on Ridley's bad side.
Ridley keeps most of his Ultimate arsenal, however his stats have been changed to better suit his design.
  • Ridley's air speed is now much higher, giving him more air proficiency.
  • Ridley's weight has been increased to match Incineroar.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Plasma Breath has Ridley charge up, before releasing a stream of rapid but weak bouncing projectiles. These fireballs don't do much damage at all, but stack up and trap opponents in the stream if they're caught in it. The amount of fireballs shot depends on how long you charge up the move.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Space Pirate Rush is a command grab where Ridley charges forward. If it connects, Ridley scrapes the opponent across the ground before tossing them once they reach a certain distance, or an edge. The opponent can mash out of it if they're at a low percentage, and if it's used midair, Ridley will drag the opponent down towards the lower blast zone.
  • UP SPECIAL- Wing Blitz, similar to Fox's Firefox, has Ridley ready himself before launching himself in the direction you choose, with his wings covering his head. This is a recovery move which greatly damages those it hits. However, it is very punishable.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Skewer is an extremely powerful move which has Ridley stab his tail forwards. The move has a REALLY small sweetspot at the tip of its tail, however this sweetspot does tremendous amounts of damage (upwards to 60%) if it hits, and doesn't do any knockback. If it doesn't sweetspot, it does just a little amount, as well as wimpy knockback. This move breaks shields if it sweetspots.
  • FINAL SMASH- Plasma Scream is a cutscene final smash where Ridley flies forward extremely fast, trapping any enemies it hits into a cutscene where Ridley pins them on Samus' ship and then fires a deadly laser at it, exploding the ship with the enemies on it. This attack insta-kills if the enemy is over 100% in damage.
  • Up Taunt- Ridley roars and crazily flaps his wings.
  • Left Taunt- Ridley spins in a circle, striking a menacing pose at the end.
  • Right Taunt- Ridley puts his arms in front of him and lets out a piercing shriek, referencing his appearance in Fusion
  • Down Taunt- Ridley straightens out his spine, showing his true height.
Special Accessory
Meta Parts gives Ridley his appearance as Meta Ridley, making him heavier yet slower. His Neutral Special is replaced with missiles, which act similarly but aren't effected by gravity, move faster and yet take a lot longer to charge up.
KSA Kirby Artwork
The Pink Puffball
SSB Kirby SymbolKirbys Dream Land logo DSSB

Kirby's Dream Land (1992, Game Boy)

Kirby is a powerful being and crowned inarguable the most adorable character to ever enter Smash. The likes of Isabelle and Pikachu fail to compete with this dimension-eating sweetie pie. Kirby is stronger than he seems, with godlike powers that you wouldn't guess he has from just looking at him. He's conquered things like the actual incarnation of evil and universe-destroying beings. But he's a very good boy and loves his friends, and likes to defend Dream Land when he's not having a picnic with his friends- most of which were his enemies, until they couldn't help but love the Pink Puffball!

Kirby's playstyle is heavily geared towards beginners, so his moveset is rounded out, with no categories being too strong or too weak. Kirby is relatively light but can easily chain up combos. Compared to the normal 1 midair jump, Kirby has 5, making him easy to recover with.
  • Kirby's Dtilt is now his slide attack from the Kirby games.
  • Kirby now has a few standard attacks based off of Copy Abilties-
    • Kirby's Fair is now a swipe forward with a paintbrush.
    • Kirby's grab now traps enemies in the Cook abilty's pot.
    • Kirby's Fsmash now uses his Yo-yo
    • Kirby's Dash Attack now uses his Water ability to dash forward on a wave.
  • NEUTRAL B- Inhale has Kirby inhale his enemies, bringing them into his mouth in a gust of wind if they're in front of him. He can either spit them out as a star, or press down to use their Copy Ability- replacing Kirby's Neutral B with theirs, and giving Kirby a hat. Kirby can get rid of copy abilities with his taunts.
  • SIDE B- Hammer has Kirby slowly charge up a hammer, it slowly gaining fire. After six seconds, it will be fully charged, and the fire will damage Kirby the longer he holds it. When he releases, a powerful swing with the hammer will damage opponents, the damage being boosted the longer he charged it- up to 40% damage in one blow, and shield breaking. If he holds it too long (nine seconds) the hammer will explode, damaging Kirby.
  • UP B- Sword makes Kirby swing his sword upwards, and then downwards. It can be used as a recovery, but make sure not to go plummeting into the abyss.
  • DOWN B- Stone has Kirby turn into a random stone object (Thwomp, BOTW's chest, a pink brick, etc.) and plummet onto the stage, greatly damaging opponents but leaving Kirby vulnerable on the ground, as there's lag breaking out of said stone.
  • FINAL SMASH- Hypernova Kirby sees Kirby become his giant Hypernova Kirby form and begin using inhale at a huge degree, sucking opponents in his vicinity into his mouth. This will rapidly damage opponents, and if they're above 130% at the end of this ability, they will immediately destruct. Kirby will be healed for each opponent he sucks up.

"Void Termina" alt art by Bearjedi (tbc)

  • Up Taunt- Strikes the "get an ability" pose from his home series
  • Left Taunt- Lifts a pink heart above his head with a smile and then puts it away.
  • Right Taunt- Does a shortened version of his Victory Dance.
  • Down Taunt- Waves "Haiii~~" at the camera.
Special Accessory
Ability Star Poison
Poison ability replaces Kirby's Down B with Poison Gush, an anti-air move where Kirby gushes a geyser of poison above him, dealing rapid damage to people caught in it. It basically acts as an inverse to his Stone ability.
KingDedede SSBUltimate
King Dedede
Self Proclaimed King of Dreamland
SSB Kirby SymbolKirby's Dream Land Logo
Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy, 1992)
King Dedede is the fierce, obnoxious, yet somehow kind leader of Dream Land. While initially he was portrayed as simply a villain, King Dedede has grown past this mold, and now even helps Kirby- though, it seems like higher villains seem to enjoy taking over his body. He's strong and will lend a helping hand when Dream Land is in danger.
King Dedede is a heavyweight, yet has no trouble in the air. His main power comes from his hammer, which has a sweetspot in most of its attacks, and his Side+B Gordo projectile.
  • King Dedede now uses voice clips from his canon appearances.
  • King Dedede's attacks are now overall less clunky.
  • Dedede's dair is now a downwards hammer spin, like his uair.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Inhale sees Dedede open his mouth really wide, as a vortex of air courses through it. It acts like a more powerful version of Kirby's- without the copy abilities, as King Dedede is already perfect. It's good for misplacing opponents. Can also spit projectiles back like a reflector.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Gordo has Dedede use his hammer to whip a Gordo forward. While it can be knocked back towards Dedede extremely easily, the Gordo is extremely powerful, and is effected by gravity- it bounces across the ground. Gordo can be aimed by tilting the control stick to make it go near Dedede or launch forward. Dedede can suck up his own Gordo and spit it back as well.
  • UP SPECIAL- Super Dedede Jump sees Dedede launch high into the sky, before plummeting down. It's an amazing recovery tool and can be cancelled in midair. Also, it's good at breaking shields.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Jet Hammer brings Dedede's hammer to a higher amount of power, as fire courses around it. He can charge this up for 8 seconds at maximum, before releasing a powerful swing that can insta-kill at 50%. While it is incredibly powerful, it takes a long time to charge up, leaving Dedede vulnerable.
  • FINAL SMASH- Masked Dedede is a cutscene final smash where Dedede strikes forward, sending the characters he swings at into a cutscene in Super Star's Boxing Ring. Masked Dedede then pins the enemy onto the cage wall, before spinning around, delivering a powerful blow with his axe.
  • Up Taunt- Dedede spins around, bouncing his belly and laughing, before striking a pose at the end.
  • Left Taunt- Dedede points towards the camera and laughs, tear drops fountaining out of his eyes.
  • Right Taunt- Spins his hammer excitedly
  • Down Taunt- Pumps his hammer above his head triumphantly.
Special Accessory
Dedede's Masked Dedede getup changes his stats a bit- now, due to his axe, his abilities are less focused on knockback and more about damage: his attacks doing less knockback but more damage, making him kill later but do damage faster.
Roy SSBUltimate
Etrurian Commander
SSB Fire Emblem SymbolBinding blade logo
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (Game Boy Advance, 2002)
Roy is a strong leader and a fierce warrior entrusted with wielding the Binding Blade, a legendary sword sealed away for decades. Roy has a strong sense of justice and fights for what's just, and is very protective of the army he commands. He and the Etrurian army prevented an evil king from exterminating humanity. Talk about high stakes.
Roy is a fast and powerful fighter, although lacking in the defense quality. His sword gives him good range, and while his air play isn't shabby, his recovery is. His attacks also tend to have some ending lag. Look out!
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Flare Blade allows Roy to charge up his sword before striking the ground with a powerful burst of fire. If fully charged, it can kill at extremely low percents, but while charging it he is stationary. It's very easy to play around this move, just don't get caught offguard.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Double-Edge Dance has Roy do a single, slower slash with his blade. If it connects, he then does a combo of up to 4 slashes in a row, sending the opponent flying after the fourth with a fire-charged slice. Even if it doesn't connect, Roy can continue to press the button to slash forwards at you.
  • UP SPEICAL- Blazer is Roy's recovery, where he slices upwards in a multi-hit arc. Good for recovery as well as cheap damage.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Counter is a basic counter move, Roy readying his blade before delivering a powerful counterstrike if someone attacks him.
  • FINAL SMASH- Critical Hit has Roy deliver an incredibly powerful strike forward, the Fire Emblem U.I. appearing with the bar in the background, as flames emit from Roy and his blade. This will kill at low percents, and at high percents, it can simply delete the opponent without having them fly off.
  • Up Taunt: Roy points the Binding Blade towards the sky.
  • Left Taunt: Flaunts the binding blade before holding it out in a reverse grip, shouting I won't lose.
  • Right Taunt: Points the Binding Blade in front of him, as it combusts into flames.
  • Down Taunt: Kneels and spins the Binding Blade behind him.
Special Accessory
Steel axe
The Steel Axe gives Roy a zoning weapon, similar to Marth's tipper. It swings slower but deals major damage at the end of it, where the head is.
Ike SSBUltimate (Radiant Dawn)
The Radiant Hero
SSB Fire Emblem SymbolFire Emblem Path of Radiance Logo DSSB
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (Nintendo Gamecube, 2005)
Ike is the leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and the main character of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. A heroic figure, Ike is brave and passionate if not blunt. He's a very matured soldier as well. Ike has many clashes with the Black Knight, and has learned the mighty technique of Aether through their fights.
Ike is a tanky yet fast swordfighter- he's heavy, bulky and agile, but suffers in recovery. His sword gives him powerful disjoints, but he's low in the projectile category. Ike has received no major changes in Ingenuity.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Eruption allows Ike to charge up a powerful downwards strike with his sword, which will cause it to erupt in flames. It will do major damage in the highest tiers of eruption, as well as shoot some spires as very short range disjoints in front of him, but it will recoil up to 10% to Ike at full charge.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Quick Draw is a chargeable dash strike which sends Ike forward after he... prepares himself...., damaging opponents he hits. Does not go off ledges.
  • UP SPECIAL- Aether is Ike's recovery, where he throws his sword upwards before catching it in midair, then slamming down with said sword. Damages opponents and is good for vertical recovery.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Axebreaker is a repurposed counter ability. While the original ability only works on Axes, this ability works on all weapons. Axebreaker, once pressed, activates a counter similar to Ike's old counter. If it works, it will disable the ability/attack method (such as the weapon) the enemy used to attack for about 2 seconds.
  • FINAL SMASH- Great Aether has Ike strike forward, before delivering multiple strikes to whoever he traps in midair, before using his normal Aether ability to slam the opponent into the ground, doing big amounts of damage.
  • Up Taunt- Ike brings his sword behind him, posing, and then says "Prepare Yourself"
  • Left Taunt- Ike grunts, holding his sword in front of him.
  • Right Taunt- Ike strikes his sword into the ground and humphs smugly.
  • Down Taunt- Ike spins his sword as it glows with blue fire.
Special Accessory
Counter brings back Ike's standard Counter ability. Pressing Down+B will cause him to pose, ready to strike. If hit, he will strike the enemy with a powerful blow.
Fox SSBUltimate
Shine from the Stars
SSB Star Fox SymbolStar Fox logo DSSB

Star Fox (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1993)

Fox is the leader of the Star Fox team. He is a vigilant leader, serving the skies and making sure justice is served. While arrogant, Fox is brave and a great person to lead the Star Fox team. He is an extremely good airwing pilot, his skills being among the best. He's always trying to prevent the villain Andross from destroying the Lylat System. In Smash, however, since piloting a giant airwing isn't ideal, he mostly pulls original moves.

Fox is an extremely fast but light fighter. He excels in most categories, but his weaknesses are huge. Learning to exploit them is the key to beating Fox.
  • Fox's Down Smash now drops a micro land master from thin air, burying opponents.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Fox pulls out his Blaster, allowing him to rapid fire laser beams in front of him. They don't do any knockback or flinch the opponent, but it's easy to rack up damage with. Must reload briefly.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Illusion has Fox dash quickly in the direction he's facing, cutting through opponents.
  • UP SPECIAL- Fire sees Fox ignite in flames before launching in the direction inputting, being a great recovery.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Deflector has Fox use his reflector over his body, deflecting incoming projectiles.
  • FINAL SMASH- Team Star Fox is a cinematic FS where Fox calls upon the Star Fox team to trap others in a cutscene, assaulting them with an incoming flight of Star Fox flyers.
  • Up Taunt- Charges up with flames and yells "Let's go!"
  • Left Taunt- Whispers something into a Walkie Talkie
  • Right Taunt- Twirls his blaster around.
  • Down Taunt- Beckons the enemy, stating "Come at me!"
Special Accessory
Blaster Upgrade gives Fox an aimable Blaster, which can be aimed in any direction- downside is that it had less ammo capacity, with Fox needing to reload more often- plus, the lasers do slightly less damage.
Pikachu SSBUltimate
Trainer's Best Friend

SSB Pokémon SymbolPokemon Red and Blue logo DSSB

Pokemon Red/Blue (1996, Game Boy)

Pikachu is one of 800+ Pokemon, but is inarguably the most well known. The mascot of the Pokemon series, Pikachu is a cute electric rat. His harmless appearance and chubby pinchable cheeks might seem good to pat, but be warned that if you mess with a Pikachu you're in for a sour surprise. Pikachu uses electrical attacks mainly, but also has attacks along the lines of Iron Tail. Pikachu also has a unique Z-move!

Pikachu is a quick attacker, who doesn't have much in the way of range. Players of Pikachu should try to chain up attacks and make Pikachu worthwhile. Pikachu is light and fast, and has a great recover. Try not to get knocked away!
  • Pikachu's cheeks now light up a bit when at above 100%.
  • Pikachu's grab pummel now has him light up his body with electricity while touching the enemy.
  • Pikachu now has updated voice acting and sounds a bit more enthusiastic, similar to the anime.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Thunderbolt has Pikachu say "Pee-ka-chu!" while firing a small lightning bolt forward. This can be spammed but doesn't do a lot of damage. Use it to make an enemy flinch! It sticks to the surface it first hits.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Iron Tail has Pikachu do a front flip forward with his tail sticking out, lightened up. The tail sweetspots here, and has the ability to spike opponents. While easily dodgeable, look out for its shield damage.
  • UP SPECIAL- Quick Attack allows Pikachu to zip upwards at the speed of light. He can change the direction in the middle of the recovery, but he will be left helpless after use.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Thunder has a lightning cloud spawn over Pikachu, which will then shoot a lightning bolt down to his position. This has the opportunity for combos, but if you spam it too much, it will begin to recoil damage Pikachu.
  • FINAL SMASH- Volt Tacke encases Pikachu in an invincible ball of electricity, that he will then use to rapidly hit players in his vicinity with a trapping attack before launching them.
  • Up Taunt- Stands ready for combat on all fours with a serious expression, electricity coursing through the floor.
  • Left Taunt- Pikachu waves towards the camera happily.
  • Right Taunt- Pikachu tapes his feet on the ground excitedly, jumping for joy.
  • Down Taunt- Pikachu rolls around on his back.
Special Accessory
Razz Berry gives Pikachu a heal once a stock when he reaches above 100%, healing him 15%. Before he hits 100%, he is slowed down, as if weighed down by holding the berry.
Ness SSBUltimate
PSI Powerhouse
SSB EarthBound SymbolEarthbound Logo DSSB
Earthbound (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1994)
Ness is a boy hailing from Onett, who possesses amazing psychic powers. Blessed with PSI powers, Ness is a powerful user of them. Ness goes on an adventure with his friends Paula, Jeff and Poo, and eventually come upon an incomprehensible foe in Giygas, which they will then defeat. Ness uses ordinary equipment (like baseball bats and yo-yos) but also uses PSI attacks to defeat the opponent.
A light and slow fighter, Ness specializes in air fighting. He has good ranged skills as well, which will get annoying for the opponent to deal with.
  • Ness's FSmash can now be tilted to aim reflected attacks.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- PK Flash causes Ness to summon a hexagonal projectile above him. This projectile is slow and hard to control, but does amazing amounts of damage. Ness is left vulnerable during this move.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- PK Fire has Ness shoot a projectile which will ignite into flames upon contact with an enemy, rapidly damaging them and trapping them in the fire for its short duration.
  • UP SPECIAL- PK Thunder summons an electricity projectile, leaving Ness immobile. Ness can control this easily, and use it to launch himself or hit enemies.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- PK Magnet is a force-field that will surround Ness and consume any energy-based projectiles, and convert them into healing for Ness.
  • FINAL SMASH- PK Starstorm summons Paula and Poo to assist Ness in a super attack which summons large meteor-like projectiles to fall from the sky in random directions, damaging opponents.
  • Up Taunt- Nods "Okey" at the camera.
  • Left Taunt- Stars up at the sky in thought, as a thought bubble with an image of a steak appears next to him.
  • Right Taunt- Swings his bat around and then poses.
  • Down Taunt- Moves his hand around, PSI surrounding it.
Special Accessory
Brain Stone works a bit differently than it does in its source material. The Brain Stone powers up Ness' special attacks, not including PSI Magnet- PK Flash and PK Fire do more damage, and PK Thunder launches Ness higher and also grows in size. Problem is, the Brain Stone will cause slight recoil from these abilities, dealing damage to Ness with unsuccessful uses- and damaging him even when he hits with PK Thunder.
CaptainFalcon SSBUltimate
Captain Falcon
Speed Demon
SSB F-Zero SymbolF-Zero logo DSSB

F-Zero (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1990)

Captain Falcon is the pilot of the Blue Falcon who takes part in F-Zero races. In the 26th century, the main form of entertainment is the F-Zero Grand Prix, where hovercar pilots take part in death races at firey speeds. Captain Falcon, alongside being the best F-Zero racer in the world, also takes up work as a bounty hunter. He may be known in his series for piloting the iconic vehicle Blue Falcon, his main claim to fame in the real world is his appearance in Super Smash Bros.

Captain Falcon is a fast paced bruiser who excels in speed. He's powerful and speedy at the cost of low weight and damage tolerance. Captain Falcon is great on land, but is not good in the air.
  • "The Knee" will now always get the dramatic slowdown effect if it lands.
    • This also stands true for Falcon Punch.
  • Captain Falcon now appears to have tire marks on his body after hard hits. The cause is unknown, but rumors say he puts it on to look cooler.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Falcon Punch, inarguably the most iconic move in the series, has Captain Falcon deliver a mighty firey blow while yelling "FALCON PUNCH!". You can change directions if you move in the beginning of the move. Useful for breaking shields as well as styling on cocky opponents.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Raptor Boost has Captain Falcon dash forward in a firey blaze, delivering an uppercut at the end of his dash- damaging opponents. Will shoot them downwards when used in midair.
  • UP SPECIAL- Falcon Dive sees Captain Falcon jump upwards with a firey hand. If he hits someone, he will damage them, grabbing onto them, before releasing backwards off of them, launching them and restoring Falcon's recovery.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Falcon Kick sends C. Falcon dashing forward in a kick, doing great damage but leaving him vulnerable. If used in midair, it will send Falcon downwards.
  • FINAL SMASH- Blue Falcon has Falcon call upon the Blue Falcon to dash and catch the enemy, before a cutscene plays where he runs over the victim, launching them.
  • Up Taunt- Captain Falcon charges himself with fire
  • Left Taunt- Does a backflip and says "Try harder!"
  • Right Taunt- Beckons the enemy and says "Come on!"
  • Down Taunt- Turns to the enemy/camera and says "Show me your moves" while doing a motion with his hands.
Special Accessory
Blue Falcon Tune-Up has Captain Falcon modify his car, which somehow, by force of will, affects his own stats too. It will increase Captain Falcon's overall defense and speed, but tones down his own attack power. It will also apply super armor to some of Falcon's attacks.
Inkling SSBUltimate
Take Names, Splat Fools!
SSB Splatoon SeriesSplatoon logo DSSB
Splatoon (Wii U, 2016)
Inklings are the dominant species in the Splatoon universe; a universe where climate change flood the surface, causing mammals to go extinct and for aquatic life to thrive. Inklings are squids after years upon years of evolution- their new ink-composed body allows them to both walk on land and swim in ink as a squid. They now participate in Turf War battles for sport; even when Inkopolis is on the verge of destruction.
Inklings are fast and excel in ground combat. Their stage control is superb, with ink being layed on the ground with their Splat Roller. You'll never be able to get away from a good Inkling! Inkling has a limited supply of ink at their disposal, which can be refilled by pressing Shield+B.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Splattershot allows Inkling to fire an aimable, consistent stream of ink from their gun, covering enemies in the substance. It can be used as an anti-air, as well as to keep opponents back. Good for shield breaking as well!
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Splat Roller gives Inkling the ability to dash forward with the Splat Roller, covering the ground with ink that will slow the enemy, as well as burying opponents they roll over.
  • UP SPECIAL- Super Jump has Inkling spring upwards in their squid form, leaving a puddle of ink below them. They're helpless after reaching their highest point.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Splat Bomb has Inkling toss a Splat Bomb to explode in Ink. You can change the trajectory by holding down the B button for longer. Uses a lot of ink.
  • FINAL SMASH- Killer Wail gives Inkling their Killer Wail to aim a powerful blast of rapid damage to those caught in it. Can be aimed with the control stick during the attack, and Inkling can walk freely during it.
  • Up Taunt- Pumps their splattershot into the air, mimicing the This Way! gesture from Splatoon.
  • Left Taunt- Fires the splattershot into the air.
  • Right Taunt- Does a short move from the Splatfest dance from Splatoon 2.
  • Down Taunt- Mimics the Booyah! gesture from Splatoon.
Special Accessory
Curling Bomb
Curling Bombs replace the Inkling's down B, and move across the ground- detonating earlier based off of how long they were charged.
MrGameandWatch SSBUltimate
Mr. Game and Watch
Man of Many Faces
SSB Game & Watch SymbolGame & Watch logo DSSB
"Ball" (Game & Watch, 1980)
Mr. Game and Watch is the main... well, only character in the Game & Watch games. Game & Watch is the oldest character in Smash, representing Nintendo's old games that came before even the arcade games became popular. As a relic of history, Mr. Game and Watch transforms from model to model, representing his old appearances in his own titles. He appears in only 2 dimensions in his appearance, making him 1 of 3 characters to have this trait. He is also animated one frame at a time, making him truly unique.
Mr. Game and Watch is a strange fighter. He's quite light and has a ranged option, but some of his attacks rely on pure luck. Two of his specials are insta kill. It's all or nothing with Mr. Game and Watch.
  • The moves that were changed the most in his appearance in Smash Ultimate (notably his Uair, Dtilt, and Down Throw) have been reverted to their style from Smash 4.
  • Game and Watch's up throw now has them attached to the Balloons from the Game and Watch version of the balloon fight, floating them upwards before popping, which sends them flying.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Chef has Mr. Game and Watch pull out a frying pan and shoot a series of arcing sausage projectiles, which will cause the opponent to flinch, but do minimal damage.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Judge makes Mr. Game and Watch pull out a hammer and a judge sign above it, and swing the hammer in front of him. He will get a random number 1-9, and the number will determine which effect it gets-
    • 1- Will not do any damage, hurts Mr. Game and Watch
    • 2- Does not do much damage, may trip the opponent.
    • 3- Good at shield breaks, doesn't do much damage but launches the opponent.
    • 4- Slashes the opponent, sending them forward.
    • 5- A multi-hitting electric attack.
    • 6- An explosive strike with high knockback, can spike.
    • 7- An average strike which spawns healing apples.
    • 8- A strong strike that freezes the opponent.
    • 9- An instakill move, an electric charged swing will destroy the opponent immediately.
  • UP SPECIAL- Fire is a vertical recovery that sends Mr. Game and Watch upwards, where he will then parachute down to slow his fall. Can be acted out of, but he is left vulnerable during the jump.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Oil Panic is a projectile consumer that uses projectiles it touches and stores it as oil. When 3 gauges of Oil are filled up, he will then be able to shoot a projectile, which has the combined power of all 3 projectiles consumed.
  • FINAL SMASH- Octopus sees Mr. Game and Watch turn into Game and Watch's octopus, causing him to dash forward, trapping people he touches in his tentacles, before dashing off stage, destroying enemies he grabbed that can't mash out of it fast enough.
  • Up Taunt- Mr. Game and Watch dings his bell above him.
  • Left Taunt- Mr. Game and Watch does a small dance, palms facing the screen, as a reference to the shopkeeper in Wario Land.
  • Right Taunt- Mr. Game and Watch dings his bell in front of him.
  • Down Taunt. Mr. Game and Watch sits down and breathes a sigh, a cartoony wind gush going out of his mouth
Special Accessory
Throwback Badge is a strange piece of equipment, in that it reverts the moves changed in this game (noted in the "changes" section's second bullet mark) to their Ultimate appearances, for Game and Watch players who preferred the old playstyle.
Pac-Man SSBUltimate
Ghost Munchin' Classic
SSB Pac-Man SymbolPAC-MAN logo DSSB

PAC-MAN (Arcades, 1980)

Pac-Man is the other THE gaming icon. As one of the first video games to make it big, Pac-Man is clearly a respectable figure in the gaming industry- the simple pizza-cut circle that made the ball roll for it. Pac-Man is a Pac-Person who is usually found being chased by ghosts, chasing ghosts, or eating power pellets. He also can be found saving his family from "Toc-Man" in one specific outing. When he's not chasing ghosts in a labyrinth, he's spending time with his family!

Pac-Man is one of those fighters where you need to plan each and every move ahead of time. You've gotta use your brain to play the Pac. He doesn't have much kill confirms and such, but otherwise he's an extremely well equipped fighter if you use him right.
  • Pac-Man's grab now acts as a tether.
  • Pac-Man's Nair now is multi hit.
  • Pac-Man's dash attack can now be cancelled at will.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Bonus Fruit, Pac-Man cycles between 8 projectiles automatically, and can pick one to throw at will by rolling out of the move at the right time, or pressing B again to throw instantly. In order,
    • Cherry is a weak projectile that simply bounces along the floor with minimal momentum.
    • Strawberry is a more powerful version of the cherry.
    • Orange travels at a medium pace, doesn't do much damage, isn't effected by gravity.
    • Apple bounces four times along the ground traveling quickly, goes faster when thrown in midair.
    • Melon is an extremely powerful projectile that moves slowly.
    • Galaxian is a low-damage projectile that loops, so it hits multiple times.
    • Bell moves up and then drops down, and will stun opponents but not do much damage.
    • Key is a high damage and insanely fast projectile that is small and thus hard to aim.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Power Pellet lets Pac-Man draw a trail with his power pellets before during into ball form to eat them all up, allowing him to aim himself as a projectile and fling himself at opponents. If hit during it, the power pellet at the end of it will drop as a food item.
  • UP SPECIAL- Pac Jump spawns a trampoline below Pac-Man. After each bounce, it will become blue, yellow, red, and then darker red- up to red it will bounce you higher, but darker red will put you in free fall. Others can use it, but Pac Man gets an attack upwards out of it.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Fire Hydrant spawns a Fire Hydrant under Pac that will shoot out water spouts twice before disappearing. Water spouts will push you and your opponents, allowing for insane set ups. Also can be attacked and launched as a projectile.
  • FINAL SMASH- Super Pac returns to its Smash 4 rendition, where Pac-Man fully controls a giant version of his classic appearance, allowing him to eat opponents and send them flying off stage before returning to his normal form.
  • Up Taunt- Namco Roulette. Pac-Man summons one out of 30 sprites from classic Namco games.
  • Left Taunt- Mimics his death animation from the original Pac-Man.
  • Right Taunt- Turns into circle form and chomps left to right.
  • Down Special- Goes on the floor while 2 Pac-Man ghosts twirl above his head as a jingle plays.
Joker SSBUltimate
The Shapeshifter at Poe's Masquerade
SSB Persona 5 SeriesPersona 5 Logo
Persona 5 (Playstation 4, 2016)
Joker is the protagonist of the game Persona 5, the sixth entry in the JRPG series. Joker, also known as Ren Amamiya, was sent to Shibuya after a false assault charge and soon after discovered the existence of the Metaverse, another dimension in which people's twisted desires bear fruit. Joker leads the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, where he and his ragtag group of misfits go into people's "palaces" and change their hearts. They also can summon their Personas, who are culminations of their rebellious spirit that fight alongside them.
Joker's playstyle revolves mostly around his Persona, Arsene, who he summons through taking damage. You must attack and retreat based on whether you have the powered up attacks of your Persona or not. Joker is otherwise a fast but light fighter who struggles to defeat enemies without the usage of his Persona.
  • Joker's Back Throw now uses part of his ambush animation from Persona 5.
  • Joker's Rebellion Gauge has been altered to charge less without the use of Rebel's Guard.
  • PASSIVE- Arsene is Joker's Persona, which will spawn and assist him by giving him altered specials and more powerful attacks after he fills his Rebellion Gauge. Rebellion Gauge can be filled through the use of his Down-B, as well as by taking damage. It also fills a little bit after a short while. Arsene only lasts for a little while, so get the most out of him while you can.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Gun allows Joker to fire bullets out of his pistol. He can fire them forwards at a slow fire rate, which allows him to dodge between shots and make enemies flinch, but he can also fire them in the air below and around him. When he has Arsene out, the gun shoots 3 bullets at a time.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Eiha has Joker fire a purple projectile in a diagonal angle facing the ground. It doesn't have much range, and is slow, but it gives enemies a poison effect upon contact.
    • SIDE SPECIAL (ARSENE)- When Joker has Arsene out, Eigaon replaces his Side Special. With Eigaon, it works similarly, but it's a bigger, faster, and longer ranged projectile which has an AoE radius and does more damage. Basically, it's a complete improvement.
  • UP SPECIAL- Grapple latches on to the nearest ledge in its range when used off stage, quickly putting Joker in a ledge grab state. It can also be used on stage as a command grab against airborne opponents.
    • UP SPECIAL (ARSENE)- Wings of Rebellion replaces Grapple with Arsene, which allows Joker to use his Persona's wings to soar up, making him invulnerable as well as giving him a good recovery. However, he loses the ability to grab opponents out of the air.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Rebel's Guard has Joker grab his mask while emitting blue fire. It acts like a counter, however instead of delivering a counter attack, Joker can hold it while people attack him and it will charge his Rebellion Gauge at an increased rate, however he still takes 25% of the damage he absorbs. Afterwards, he has a short animation which leaves him vulnerable.
    • 'DOWN SPECIAL (ARSENE)- Tetrakarn/Makarakarn allows Joker to preform either Tetrakarn (a counter attack against physical moves) or Makarakarn (a reflector against projectiles). It's a counter ability which has the same weaknesses as others, however its circular nature makes it project all sides of Joker with Makarakarn.
  • FINAL SMASH- All Out Attack has Joker dash forward, before he delivers an All Out Attack with the help of the Phantom Thieves against his opponents. This ability will instantly K.O. any enemy above 100%. The glass shatter effect in the beginning has been altered, and instead of simply calling upon 3 others, the attack now calls upon the entirety of his team, including Kasumi and Akechi, into his attack- although, this is simply visual.
  • Up Taunt- Joker smirks and pulls at his glove while Morgana appears beside him and says "Looking Cool, Joker!"
  • Left Taunt- Joker poses with his Gun and Dagger, with Morgana posing with starry eyes beside him.
  • Right Taunt- Joker spins his knife in one of his hands, while smirking and doing the "Aloha!" animation from Persona 5 sarcastically. Morgana appears as well, cleaning himself as a cat would.
  • Down Taunt- Joker turns his back, wind blowing his costume. Morgana appears and jumps up and down.
Special Accessory
Phantom's Grapple allows Joker to use his Grappling Hook even with Arsene, improving his combo power. However, the loss of Wings of Rebellion give him a worse recovery, coupled with the grappling hook's speed being decreased when used to recover.
Banjo&Kazooie SSBUltimate
Banjo & Kazooie
The Bombastic Bear & Bird Duo
SSB Banjo Kazooie SeriesBanjo Kazooie logo
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64, 1998)
Banjo & Kazooie are an unlikely duo residing in Spiral Mountain. Banjo, the lazy bear, often spends his days lazing at home- easygoing and friendly, Banjo always attempts to be kind. Meanwhile, Kazooie, the breegull, is proud and cranky; lacking a filter, she often gets the duo into trouble with her nasty insults. When tragedy strikes the animal friends and Gruntilda kidnaps Banjo's little sister, they set off on a grand platforming adventure through her lair and to save Tooty from becoming Gruntilda's lab rat!
Banjo & Kazooie are relatively unchanged, moveset wise.
  • Up-Tilt now has a "kick-up" animation which allows Banjo to hit people on the ground with a longer range.
  • Forward Air can now spike.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- With Egg Shot, Banjo ducks down, allowing Kazooie to fire a single egg out of her mouth, which bounces on the ground. If the button is held down, Banjo will then hold the breegull like a shotgun, firing faster, shorter ranged eggs that launch opponents into the air.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- During, Wonderwing, Banjo dashes forward with Kazooie covering him with her wings. This damages opponents greatly, and also makes the duo completely impervious to damage. However, this attack has a limited stock, where they can only use the ability 5 times per stock due to their inventory of Golden Feathers draining. They have a maximum of five golden feathers, which replenishes if you lose a stock. Also, you replenish one golden feather when taking off an opponent's stock.
  • UP SPECIAL- Shock Jump Pad has Kazooie stand on a Shock Jump Pad, Banjo in tow. After a short charge up, the duo launches into the air. This move does not leave you helpless, and the range can be increased by holding down the B button as the move is done. The shock jump pad will be left behind as you jump as a gravity-effected projectile, allowing you to gimp opponents.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Rear Egg has Banjo duck as Kazooie drops a grenade egg from her rear. This will initially bounce and explode on impact or after a short time, but skilled players can also grab the grenade and throw it as an item.
  • FINAL SMASH- A cutscene final smash, Banjo first summons a statue, which throws players it hits into a cutscene. The cutscene has Banjo and Kazooie harness the power of the jinjos to awaken the godlike Mighty Jinjonator, who will attack the opponents rapidly at first before delivering a devastating final blow with the other, smaller Jinjos.
  • Up Taunt- Banjo stretches, as Kazooie pokes her head out.
  • Left Taunt- Banjo and Kazooie strike a pose, moving from left to right.
  • Right Taunt- Banjo strums his banjo, while Kazooie uses her kazoo to belt out her signature "NYA NYA NYA BOO BOO" tune.
  • Down Taunt- Banjo takes a bow, saying "Guh-huh! Guh-huh!"
Special Accessory
Flying Pad replaces Banjo's Up-B with a Flying Pad, causing the two to soar into the skies before gliding out. It improves as a recovery option, however it lacks the ability to attack out of
Terry SSBUltimate
The Legendary Wolf
SSB Fatal Fury SeriesFatalFury
Fatal Fury: The King Of Fighters (Neo Geo, 1991)
Terry Bogard is a very American martial artist hailing from South Town. Charismatic and kind, Terry Bogard's heart is apparently almost as big as his muscles. He grew up as an orphan before being taken in, and now participates in a fighting tournament known as the King of Fighters. He even took in his enemy's child as his own at one point!
Terry's fighting style remains mostly unchanged, with his control inputs and comeback mechanics returning. He relies on combos to rack up damage, and is a great character for fans of arcade fighting games. Terry always faces his opponent. Attacks will increase in power when inputs are used.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Power Wave has Terry punch the ground, shooting an energy projectile across the ground. It doesn't do much damage, but it does stun your opponent briefly, leaving them open. Holding B for longer allows the Power Wave to move further.
  • SIDE SPECIAL (v \ >)- Burn Knuckle has Terry charge forward, fist in front of him. As he charges forward with fire burning around him, he does great damage to any opponent that meets his fist. This also overpowers certain moves.
  • BACK-SIDE SPECIAL (< / v)- Crack Shoot is executed when the Side-B input is done in the opposite direction that Terry is facing. Terry does a flipkick forward, speeding through opponents and damaging them. It works similar to Burn Knuckle, and while it does less damage, the trajectory is different, it does multiple hits, and has slightly farther range.
  • UP SPECIAL (v (hold), ^)- Rising Tackle has Terry do a spinning kick upwards, rapidly damaging opponents and carrying them upwards with him. Mainly used for recovery, but is also a reliable out of shield option.
  • DOWN SPECIAL (> v \)- Power Dunk has Terry leap into the air, surrounding himself in fire, and then crashing back to the ground diagonally. If you hit someone with the initial leap, you will hit the entire attack. The attack is powerful, but is also predictable.
  • SUPER SPECIAL A (v < v >)- Above 100%, Terry gets access to two "Super Specials", that are insanely powerful yet slow and can only be accessed through their commands. Power Geyser has Terry slam his fist on the ground, as a powerful, firey blast emerges from the ground in front of him, It does tremendous damage, but can be easily shielded.
  • SUPER SPECIAL B (< v > < v >)- Buster Wolf has Terry exclaim "ARE YOU OK?", charging forward. A command grab, if Terry connects, he will grab the opponent, before yelling "BUSTER WOLF", and sending a powerful burst of energy through the opponent, launching them. It's powerful, however it can be predicted and dodged, and is easy to spot due to Terry's loud exclamation.
  • FINAL SMASH- Triple Wolf has Terry first send forward a powerful stream of geysers. If a hit, it then moves on to a cutscene, where Terry combines his Power Dunk and Buster Wolf skills into an ultra powerful super attack.
  • Up Taunt- Terry outstretches his hands, gesturing "Hey! Come on, come on!"
  • Left Taunt- Points in front of him with a pose, saying "Stand up!"
  • Right Taunt- Dusts his cap off on his leg, before returning it to his head.
  • Down Taunt- Spins his hat on his finger
Special Accessory
Arcade Devotion Trait is only for expert Terry players- this greatly powers up all of Terry's special moves, however it completely removes the ability to use the B button inputs for the special moves, restricting you to inputs. The exception is Up B, due to its importance in midair.


mach rider render made by "bullock seamus", edited by me

Spring Man
Spring of the Ring
SSB ARMS SeriesArmslogo

ARMS (Nintendo Switch, 2017)

Spring Man is a fighter from the ARMS league, the newest to the sport. In the ARMS universe, some people gain the rare ability to extend their arms in a coil- some find out at birth, and some, like Spring Man here, just woke up with them one day. Spring Man is optimistic and loves a good fight, and he seems to always have a pep in his step. He seems to have a lot in common with the ARMS League champion Max Brass.

Spring Man has a special ability in his normal attacks. He has the ability to extend his arms during nearly all of his non-special attacks by holding down the button used. This includes grabs. While he slows down to a halt while extending, he can extend and aim his attacks as projectiles, making him technically have the most projectile attacks in the game! Pretty weird for a boxer, right?
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Charge: Spring Man begins to charge his arms. If the animation is completed, he will gain an increase in firepower- literally. His gloves will burn in fire and gain an attack boost, however if he is attacked during this animation, it'll restart. He can also release early to give off a small wave around him which will dissipate incoming projectiles, but it will also reset his charge.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Boomerang: Spring Man uses his right ARM to shoot a Boomerang projectile that will return to him momentarily, but will also disable his right ARM during the attack.
  • UP SPECIAL- Spring Trampoline: A Trampoline from Spring Stadium appears under him, causing him to launch into the air. Has more vertical speed than horizontal, so you should get near the edge first.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Weigh Down: Spring Man drops both of his ARMS on the floor, causing him to be resistant to knockback but also immobile. It is a good counter to heavy hitting attacks, but on release of the attack, it'll take some time for him to get up- perfect time for a counterattack!
  • FINAL SMASH- Flurry Rush: Spring Man throws a long punch forward, and if it hits, he'll unleash a flurry of energized punches at said opponent, which will rapidly deal damage to them before launching them away.
  • Up Taunt- Spring Man pulls out a piece of pizza, and pulls a long string of cheese of it with his teeth, before returning to battle.
  • Left Taunt- Spring Man does a backflip in place, flipping off of his arms to push him upwards.
  • Right Taunt- Spring Man rapidly punches his arms with limited range, similar to when you shake the Joycons before a match starts in ARMS.
  • Down Taunt- Spring Man lifts a weight with one arm.
Special Accessory
Chillas will replace Spring Man's normal ARMS glove. While it takes longer to charge up the ARMS with his neutral b, once completed his next punching move will freeze the opponent instead of burning them, allowing for a follow up attack.
Octoling Girl Shadowless
Fly, Octo, Fly!
SSB Splatoon SeriesSplatoon Logo
Splatoon (Wii U, 2015)
Octolings are the Octopus equivalent to the Squid's Inkling! These humanoid octopuses aren't bad guys like the rest of the Octarian Army or even the rest of the Octolings- these Octolings were blessed by the Calamari Inkantation and switched over to the good side. This particular Octoling is called Agent 8, and they escaped the underground facilities of the Deepsea Metro and now live among the Inklings.
While Inkling uses weapons from the first Splatoon game, Octoling uses a different set of weapons from Splatoon 2, such as the Dualies, Brella, and even the Tenta Missiles! The Octolings have a slower but stronger playstyle than the Inklings' fast paced gameplay. They both share the same inking mechanics, as well as both having the same ability to swim through ink, too. Both male and female variants of this character are available as Alternate Costumes.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Splat Dualies: Octoling dons the Splat Dualies, which allows them to fire off ink, like the Inkling's Splattershot. Octoling can dodge roll while using the Splat Dualies by holding B and using the toggle stick while doing so. Rolling costs ink and you can only do it twice at a time. They do more damage than the Splattershot but they consume ink faster.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Octobrush: Fittingly, the Octoling uses the Octobrush to spray ink. Like the Splat Roller, Octoling can "roll" with it, and it goes quite faster than the Roller counterpart- however, it can't bury or go past opponents. Octoling can also spam the button to spray ink everywhere, which is a powerful melee attack.
  • UP SPECIAL- Super Jump: A move it shares with Inkling, Super Jump allows it to jump high into the air. Octoling Super Jumps are slower but take the Octoling higher.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Curling Bomb: The Curling Bomb is a gravity-effected bomb with a cylindrical shape. Octoling will throw it, and it will slide across the ground, leaving an inky trail. Afterwards, it'll explode. It does more damage than the Splat Bomb but it's harder to land a hit with. It can also be charged before throwing to make it explode sooner.
  • FINAL SMASH- Tenta Missiles: Octoling uses Tenta Missiles to launch ink missiles at opponents, which will land around them. They will damage opponents greatly when they land, AND cover ground for Octoling. There are warning "dots" on the ground to show where they'll land, so it's easier to dodge. The more players are grouped up in one place, the more powerful this Final Smash is. Sixteen Player Smash is where this ability truly shines.
  • Up Taunt- Octoling spins around in midair in Octopus form.
  • Left Taunt- Octoling puts its chin on its hand, as if in thought, smiling.
  • Right Taunt- Octoling examines a Mem Cake, based on Mario.
  • Down Taunt- Octoling attempts to call on their CQ-80. If used on the Metro stage, Octoling will begin their Agent 8 Intercom sequence.
Special Accessory
Dualie Squelchers
Dualie Squelchers are longer range versions of the Splat Dualies, however rolls, while distance is increased, are a bit slower than their normal counterparts, and the ink shot by the dualies do less damage.
The One Who Doesn't Cheat
SSB Super Mario SymbolMariotennislogo
Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64, 2000)
Waluigi is somewhat of an enigma. He doesn't make much appearance in Mario's main adventures, however he does make face in the numerous sports and spinoffs that Mario participates in along with his friends. He debuted in a Tennis game of all things as no more than Wario's tennis partner and Luigi's "rival", although he became a fan favorite and began gaining his own wacky abilities. Waluigi is a cheating liar who does anything to win. Most characters respectfully clap on other's victory screens, but Waluigi will throw a fit.
Waluigi is a glass cannon. He is fast and powerful but he's also launched extremely easy. He is very good with combos, and many of his moves are fluent. He is a powerful midair fighter, notably. Waluigi uses his Mario Tennis Aces outfit, although costumes are available for him to don his original plumber outfit.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Tennis Racket: Waluigi's Tennis Racket has him pull out his flagship racket and charge it up, with the release resulting in incoming projectiles to be deflected and enemies it hits to be sent flying. The strength and the speed of reflected projectiles is effected by the length of your charging. It also shoots out a tennis ball projectile that's speed and damage will be effected by the duration of your charge. You can also hold a charge.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Wall-Luigi: Straight from Mario Strikers Charged, Waluigi dashes forth, leaving a border of brambles behind him as he runs. This wall will disappear very quickly and has limited resources, but any unfortunate opponents to touch it will get damaged. Waluigi cannot attack during his run.
  • UP SPECIAL- Swim: Waluigi...... SWIMS IN MIDAIR?????, allowing him to do a breaststroke three times which will increase his height in bursts of three. You can aim Waluigi during each "stroke", like a much slower but easier to control Pikachu up special. Waluigi will damage opponents he touches in this state, but he is easily punished out of it.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Bullet Bill Launcher: Waluigi uses the modified Bob-Omb Launcher he used in Mario Super Sluggers' campaign, where he attempted to defeat Mario with the launched bullet bill- but their plan was miraculously foiled by Bowser, who knocked the bullet back into the wicked WAs. Waluigi sits still for this one, hiding behind the tool, and launches the Bullet Bill out of the launcher, and he can do so repeatedly without leaving it (though with cooldown). The Bullets are immensily powerful and will explode on contact, however they can be deflected and easily evaded.
  • FINAL SMASH- Destruction Dance: Based on his appearance as the villain in the obscure DDR: Mario Mix (yes, that's a real thing), where he wanted to steal the world's music keys for his own personal use to conquer the world. Yeah, Waluigi really did that. Waluigi jumps into the background (starting to dance), playing a remixed Destruction Dance from the source game, and converts the stage into a (sideways) DDR arena, where damaging arrows will come from the left and fall into their holes in the right side. The arrows will launch opponents they touch but are predictable as well. They also can be powered up by Waluigi using directional inputs- Waluigi can press the direction button on the d-pad or joystick to go along with the song and increase the speed of the arrows, though the song will end sooner than usual. It usually lasts about 10 seconds.
  • Up Taunt- Waluigi turns towards the camera and lets out a mighty WAAAAH
  • Left Taunt- Waluigi pulls an "assist trophy"-esque capsule and then crushes it.
  • Right Taunt- Waluigi pulls out a Bob-Omb, and gets angry when it explodes in his face.
  • Down Taunt- Waluigi throws a fit on the ground.
Special Accessory
Waluigi MSS
Waluigi's Baseball Bat will change his neutral special to Baseball Bat. It acts functionally similar to his normal racket, however it does not require charging to move at highest speed. However, since it cannot be charged, the damage stays mediocre.
Paper Mario
Paperthin Superstar!
SSB Paper Mario SeriesPaperMarioLogo
Paper Mario (Nintendo 64, 2000)
Paper Mario is..... the paper version of Mario. He's literally paperthin, meaning that he's the second 2D character in Super Smash Bros. since Mr. Game and Watch joined the battle! Paper Mario, in his main series, used many different tactics than Mario did- he had many paper-based abilities, obviously. His main use of battle has changed between every entry in the series- Paint, Stickers, Pixls, and Partners. He tends to go on wildly different adventures than his 3D counterpart, mostly including RPG elements and dimension ripping beasts.
Paper Mario's attacks sometimes use some of the partners and pixls he's used during the series. He will also harness paint from Color Splash, however Sticker mechanics seem to be (luckily) completely gone. His flipping mechanics from Super Paper Mario are also in his moveset in a completely different manner. His Hammer attacks are used in Smash attacks and such, however they leave a completely visual Paint effect. Paper Mario is a greatly air-based fighter, with his most power coming from being in the air.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Admiral Bobbery: Paper Mario picks up Admiral Bobbery, and holds him atop his head. He will explode after 4 seconds, so Paper Mario must toss it wherever he wants him to explode. Bobbery's explosion will damage anyone caught in its blast radius including Paper Mario, so place it wisely. Bobbery, after exploding, will simply walk to PMario's position and disappear, returning to his arsenal.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Paper Airplane: Paper Mario transforms into a Paper Airplane, which allows him to fly forward until he hits the ground. He will damage anyone in his path. It's a great way to gain vertical distance, but you have to jump first, making it a fairly predictable move.
  • UP SPECIAL- Parakarry: Paper Mario is lifted up by Parakarry, who will lift him up some distance before leaving. Paper Mario is unable to do anything but move left and right during his elevation. Mario is left in freefall after this ability.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Thudley: Paper Mario calls upon Thudley to allow him to do a powerful Ground Pound. The higher the Ground Pound starts, the more powerful it is. Similar to Yoshi, if he uses Ground Pound while on the ground, he'll jump up into the air before slamming.
  • Final Smash- Paper Panic: Paper Mario harnesses his abilities from all FOUR games. Paper Mario first "flips" a portion in front of him, taking any enemies with him to a "flipside" void. Then a cutscene starts. He calls upon the Star Spirits to circle around the caught enemies and do massive damage. During this, all of his partners from TTYD enter the scene, using their respective special moves on the enemies while the Star Spirits continue to do their damage. Finally, PMario moves in for the finisher, swinging his Hammer like a helicopter with paint swirling everywhere, as he hits directly in the center of the chaos, sending opponents flying. When he smacks the opponent at the end of the cutscene, the audience from Paper Mario's series shows up.

note: "Color Splash" costume for PM will cause a small "paint" trail to emit from Mario, colors emerging from his silhouette. Luigi costumes will be instead dubbed "Paper Luigi" by the announcer.

  • Up Taunt- Paper Mario looks at the camera, winks and gives a thumbs up.
  • Left Taunt- Paper Mario points his finger towards the screen, winks and wags his finger as if to say "nuh-uh-uh"
  • Right Taunt- A random Pixl, Tippi, Huey or Kersti will pop out of Paper Mario, confusing him as do a little animation.
  • Down Taunt- Paper Mario pulls out his sticker book and adds a random sticker to it.
Special Accessory
Carrie replaces Parakarry in Mario's Up B. Carrie acts as a platformer, so Paper Mario can act out of it and move however he pleases, however Carrie only lifts Mario half the distance Parakarry can.
Blight Ganon
Scourge of the Divine Beasts
The scourges of each ancient Divine Beast were none other than the villianous Blight Ganons, “Henchmen” of Malice created by Calamity Ganon to defeat the four Champions of Hyrule. They succeeded, and now torment the innards of the Divine Beasts today, until Link put a stop to them. There's a rumor that each of these monsters was tailored directly to the champions they were fighting. It'd make sense, Ganon's cheeky.
Blight Ganon is a mishmash of all four Blight Ganon bosses: Fireblight, Windblight, Waterblight, and Thunderblight. It has the appearance of Windblight mostly, with the cannon arm, but is more akin to the size of Thunderblight. Its other hand is twisted into a Guardian-like energy Sword. It is a high skill character, and requires precise timing for some of its moves. He is slow but has great aerial combat techniques.
  • NEUTRAL B- Ancient Cannon: Blight Ganon fires off a quick energy projectile that’s small but speedy. It isn’t very powerful, but it can be fired quickly. It requires precise aim, however after firing off 4 it needs to “reload” for a quick half second to prevent spam.
  • SIDE B- Malice Illusion: Straight out of Thunderblight’s boss battle, Malice Illusion has Blight Ganon teleport forward 2-3 times (decided by length you held the b button) and deliver a powerful strike with its arm sword. It requires precise timing/spacing, but the attack is extremely powerful. It is also a good recovery option, although very punishable
  • UP B- Energy Orb: BG turns into a blue orb of energy as seen in his boss fights after a short lag, allowing him to move freely invincible for a short duration of time in all directions as a blue orb, until he reappears in a destination. However, as he reappears there will be a delay before he can move, giving enemies a chance to punish.
  • DOWN B- Fire Bomb: BG starts sucking in air through his arm for a while, and then throws a projectile in an arc that will explode on contact with the ground, doing massive damage.
  • FINAL SMASH- Calamity: Calamity Ganon makes a brief appearance at the left side of the screen, and then fires off several projectiles at once- 4 homing Ice Blocks which are breakable but do heavier damage, 3 Tornado Gusts which will go to the surface of the map and travel along it, and carry away players it hits with it, and launch a stronger version of Fire Bomb at the battlefield, doing massive damage.
  • Up Taunt- Blight Ganon transforms into the blue-ish energy that Link forms into when he teleports, then quickly back.
  • Left Taunt- Blight Ganon dramatically folds his hands back, malice spewing out of his stomach before returning to his senses.
  • Right Taunt- Eyes spawn out of Blight Ganon's Malice, which will stare at the camera intently for a second, with a small sound effect playing along with it.
  • Down Taunt- Blight Ganon stares at his arm gun, as energy unravels around it.
Special Accessory

"Water Bomb" is an alternate version of Fire Bomb. Water Bomb will fire almost instantly, and will do less damage than Fire Bomb- not even doing an explosion. However, if the projectile flies long enough, it will freeze up into a Cryonis pillar, which is a heavy projectile that does major damage similar to Dedede's Gordo.
Master Builder, Master Miner
SSB Minecraft SeriesMinecraft-logo
Minecraft (PC, 2009)

Steve is the player character of Minecraft, a sandbox game where you can do whatever you want! You can build skyscrapers or underground bases, underwater domes and more! But in the night, danger arises, and you must defend your structures. You can also get materials and craft things, or go underground and mine things! Hey.... Mine-craft!

Steve's playstyle is oriented around environmental manipulation, and his ability to build blocks out of thin air. Steve has an "inventory" of 6 blocks (the type of block depending on which skin, although they don't have any difference, default being dirt) which he can use to his disposal. They can be destroyed, but they have multiple uses for Steve himself- he can build barriers, bridges, and more. He can even make it harder for the enemy to get back on the stage!
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Build: Steve places a block. He can place up to six blocks. Blocks are relatively small cubes that act as an object to be interacted with as if part of the stage. Blocks are instant place, but he must choose where to place it by holding B down, which will bring up a "choice menu" type thing like Shulk's new Monado Arts selector, where you can press the direction you want to place the block. A single block can take 6% damage, and after a block is destroyed, Steve's inventory must refill. A single block takes 5 seconds to refill. Unlike in the game, you can place blocks without there being a block below it. Blocks will float in midair, and you can also place blocks in midair.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Minecart: Steve drives forward in a Minecart, burying people he runs over. By jumping during it, he can also remove himself from the Minecart while it's still going, allowing it to work as a projectile. It will ramp off of his own blocks if they're one block high, allowing for some pretty cool set ups- like launching into an opponent in midair.
  • UP SPECIAL- Ender Pearl: Steve launches an Ender Pearl, an aimable projectile. After throwing it, it'll be affected by gravity, but it usually moves in arcs. Steve will teleport where the Ender Pearl lands, but he'll also take slight damage from it.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- TNT: Steve drops a TNT block. This block acts like Villager's tree- it must be detonated by physically walking up to it and detonating it. After its detonation, you have 3 seconds to run away before it explodes, which will destroy blocks and greatly damage enemies. Due to its long detonation time, it is an extremely powerful explosion. It also has a cooldown, so you can't play with too many explosions. Setting it up surrounded by blocks will cause the blocks to be launched around it, doing slight damage if the block hits you.
  • FINAL SMASH- Creative Mode: Steve enters creative mode by visually typing in a command "/creative" in the bottom left corner. Steve will then build a 3x3 block of TNT, which will last for 5 seconds and then explode, dealing huge damage to anyone in its range. Steve is completely invincible to the explosion.
  • Up Taunt- Steve writes something down in a book & quill, then puts it away
  • Left Taunt- Steve shuffles through a Shulker Box, before breaking it.
  • Right Taunt- Steve places a bed and attempts to sleep, but a message in the left corner of the screen states "You cannot rest now. There are challengers nearby."
  • Down Taunt- Steve fiddles with a note block.
Special Accessory
Obsidian replaces the blocks placed in Neutral B with Obsidian. Obsidian is harder to break, instead taking 15% damage to break a block. However, Steve can only place three Obsidian blocks at a time. Plus, a block will recharge only every 7 seconds as opposed to the usual 5.
BandannaWaddleDee KSA
Bandana Dee
Not your ordinary mook!
SSB Kirby SymbolKirbySuperStarLogo
Kirby Super Star (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1996)
Bandana Dee is no ordinary Waddle Dee; and you better not say he's the equivalent of a Hat Goomba, either! Bandana Dee has made almost perfect attendance in the Kirby series since Kirby Mass Attack, and it's about time he makes his debut! Bandana Dee is Dedede's right hand man, but he's no villain. Although incredibly loyal to the king of Popstar, Bandana Dee sometimes helps Kirby out on his adventures. He's a strong, fearsome opponent with his trusty spear, which will cut through the competition!
Bandana Dee, like most of the Kirby fighters, is incredibly floaty. However, what sets him apart from other weapon users is that he's the first character in Smash history to make use of a spear, unless you count Ridley's tail. He uses this spear in many ways, and a special part about his normal attacks is that each makes use of a sweetspot at the tip of his spear which does a lot more damage than usual. Despite this, Bandana Dee is meant to be a bit of a beginner's character like Mario, although he's easy to learn, he's also hard to master. His spear isn't the only weapon in his arsenal- he also uses Parasols and more!
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Tri-Spear Toss: Waddle Dee briefly charges up before launching 3 spears outwards in three directions in front of him. Each spear does a low amount of damage, but spears can be shot out quite quickly despite the slight charge-up.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Beam: An attack borrowed from a Waddle Dee subspecies, Waddle Dee dashes forward and unleashes a short beam attack in front of him, which will stun opponents it hits.
  • UP SPECIAL- Waddle Copter: Waddle Dee uses his spear as a helicopter, allowing him to rise up long distances and damage opponents above him. He can cancel at any time, however he's left helpless after using this ability.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Parasol Shot: Waddle Dee uses his parasol to shoot a large ball of water, which will bounce along the ground. It does a lot of damage, but it has startup and ending lag. Use it wisely!
  • FINAL SMASH- Waddle Dee Ball: A huge ball made entirely of Waddle Dees crashes through the stage from Left to Right, rolling over enemies for massive damage. Even touching the ball will cause the toucher to be forced to stick to the Waddle Dee ball until they touch the ground and get squished. This Final Smash will last until it reaches the far right of the stage.
  • Up Taunt- BWD does a small, Kirby-like dance.
  • Left Taunt- BWD dozes off to sleep, before waking up ready to fight.
  • Right Taunt- BWD "stretches", standing on his tippy toes, with his eyes closed happily (^.^)
  • Down Taunt- BWD sips on some apple juice.
Special Accessory
Apple Juice replaces Bandana Dee's Down B. Apple Juice causes BWD to sit down and relax while sipping from an Apple Juice carton. There's a limited supply of Apple Juice (so you can't overuse it) but BWD can heal by remaining idle using this ability for one second.
Itsy Bitsy Spider up the Dreamstalk
SSB Kirby SymbolKirby triple deluxe logo

Kirby Triple Deluxe (Nintendo 3DS, 2014)
Taranza is a spider-like creature hailing from the Kirby series, as the franchise's second newcomer for Ingenuity! Taranza is less of a villain, just like King Dedede was in his early days, and more of a misguided spirit. In his original appearance in Kirby Triple Deluxe, he was serving under Queen Sectonia- apparently, he and Sectonia had been great friends in their early days. However, Sectonia ended up being corrupted, and an oblivious Taranza continued to serve under the now evil queen. However, in a big twist, Taranza realized what was happening and helped Kirby take down the bee queen reluctantly.

In Smash, Taranza's moveset is heavily inspidered by the Spider copy ability in Kirby Star Allies, as well as his own Friend Abilities in the said game. Taranza can use webs to trap opponents in stickiness, as well as recover by summoning a bouncy one. His grab traps enemies in a sticky ball and can kick them, for instance. Taranza is a zoner, relying on keeping his opponents at bay- and has great tools for controlling other people's position.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Dreamstalk: Taranza holds his hands in front of him, allowing him to charge up his attack. Then, when he releases, a downsized Dreamstalk will appear in front of him. If it hits an opponent near the base, it will send them near the top of it, while damaging them simultaneously, allowing for great follow ups. If it hits an opponent near the top, there's a sweetspot that will do great damage. The dreamstalk, while short ranged to be close to Taranza, will grow higher the longer you charge the move. It even has a lingering effect for protection.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Web Hold: Taranza controls a web net, leaving him vulnerable, but allowing him to encase his opponents in a controllable net. You can mash out of this move, and it does no knockback, but Taranza can secure easy set ups or kills by using this tool well. To keep things fair, your recovery will be restored if he hits you with it in midair.
  • UP SPECIAL- Bouncy Web: Taranza bounces upwards on a web, leaving him in freefall but giving him extreme vertical movement.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Taranza Burst: Taranza forms a ball of energy in his hands, which will then burst if you charge it for long enough, stunning and then launching opponents. Since it takes a lot of energy, Taranza will be temporarily slowed down after use of this move.
  • FINAL SMASH- Queen's Phantom- Taranza summons a giant phantom of Queen Sectonia, who will then cover the stage with electric bolts from her staff, damaging opponents greatly. Taranza is invincible during the duration of this ability.
  • Up Taunt- Taranza tightens his scarf as if it were a bowtie, and then brushes his hair.
  • Left Taunt- Taranza stretches while yawning, using one pair of hands to fan his yawn and the other pair to stretch his arms out.
  • Right Taunt- Taranza spins around, putting his hands out around him. (doing that adorable hands spread thing)
  • Down Taunt- Two of his hands cover his mouth as he jumps slightly up and down, giggling.
Special Accessory
Gem Apple causes Taranza's Dreamstalk move to drop a single Gem Apple at its base when it hits, allowing Taranza to eat and heal off of it. While this is a useful utility, Gem Apple Dreamstalks deal less damage than normal ones, as well as have lower range.

Guzma's #2

SSB Pokémon SeriesPokemonsumo
Pokemon Sun and Moon (Nintendo 3DS, 2016)

Golisopod (the Hard Scale Pokemon) is an arthropod Pokemon creature. Golisopod has made a strange evolution from the extremely weak and wimpy Wimpod in a Magikarp-esque transformation. Golisopod still shares some traits with his old Wimpod self, though, and he has an Emergency Exit ability in the Pokemon games, an ability that allows him to immediately switch out of battle when the situation gets dire. This particular Golisopod is none other than Team Skull leader Guzma's partner Pokemon, and Guzma himself, while he won't appear in gameplay, does appear in Golisopod's victory animations.

Golisopod in battle uses many of the moves he can use in the Pokemon series. He is a brawler and likes to fight up close. He's somewhat of a glass cannon despite his bulky appearance, albeit relatively heavyweight and large. To play Golisopod, you must know your boundaries. A notable bit of Golisopod is that he possesses an exclusive ability called Emergency Exit. Once Golisopod goes over 80%, the next time his shield is hit, he will gain invincibility for 4 seconds, but lose some attack power.

  • PASSIVE- A notable bit of Golisopod is that he possesses an exclusive ability called Emergency Exit. Once Golisopod goes over 75%, the next time his shield is hit, he will gain invincibility for 4 seconds, but lose some attack power during this period. It can be used once per stock- unless Golisopod gets healed under 60%. It allows for a quick getaway, but not good for follow up attacking.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- First Impression: Golisopod deals out a powerful melee strike in front of him. This move does more damage the earlier it is performed relative to the opponent's stock. This attack starts out doing a hefty 25 percent damage at the beginning of the opponent's stock, but will lessen 1% every 6 seconds. The damage reduction caps out at 15 percent damage. This encourages Golisopod to get the job done quickly.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Razor Shell: Golisopod dashes forward slightly and shoots 2 glowing razor-sharp projectiles forward in a fan formation. They do mediocre amounts of damage but can pierce opponents. They're also a great anti air tool, as they shoot in the fan shape- they can also be fired relatively quickly.
  • UP SPECIAL- Waterfall: A gush of water shoots up below Golisopod, sending him upwards. He can move the "Waterfall" left and right, and can jump off of the waterfall on command, however it will lower down after it reaches its peak, and Golisopod will not automatically leap off, so timing will need to be correct to get the most height. It won't damage enemies, but it will carry them upwards and spit them out the top if they touch the "neck" of the spout.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Fury Cutter: A command grab-like move, Golisopod does an attack forward. If this attack hits, he'll initiate a small combo where he delivers 3 quick slashes to said opponent before launching them. If the enemy knows how to keep their distance, you're in trouble with this move, and if it misses, you're left vulnerable for quite some time.
  • FINAL SMASH- Savage Spin-Out: The Bug type Z-Move from Pokemon Sun and Moon, Savage Spin Out has Golisopod deliver a long range slash in front of him. If he hits anyone, a cutscene starts, where Golisopod surrounds victims with thick webs and then uses a web "rope" at the end to swing it and slam it against the ground, before slashing through the middle of the web, cutting it open and launching opponents.
  • Up Taunt- Golisopod beckons forward, the Team Skull emblem shining behind him.
  • Left Taunt- Golisopod cowers in "fear", before releasing from the fake cowardice in a fighting pose.
  • Right Taunt- A Wimpod slowly emerges from behind Golisopod, before ducking behind him, startled.
  • Down Taunt- Golisopod squats down, as Team Skull does.
Special Accessory
TM54 grants Golisopod False Swipe, an ability that replaces Fury Cutter as his Down Special. This ability is a powerful blow in front of Golisopod, which leaves him vulnerable at the end of it. However, while it does do a lot of damage, it also doesn't do any knockback. It's perfect for follow ups!

Flipnote Frog
Amphibious Animator

SSB Smash Bros SeriesFlipnotelogo
Flipnote Studio (Nintendo DS, 2008)
The Flipnote Frog is the mascot of the obscure-ish game Flipnote Studio, where Nintendo DS users (and eventually 3DS users) could make special animations using simply pencil lines of red, blue and black. The Flipnote feature was extremely popular and, in fact, even sees popularity today on sites like Youtube! The frog herself is a little gal who's happy to help animators who are new to the system. She makes an appearance at the bottom corner of the screen, too!
In Smash, the Flipnote Frog, like Duck Hunt, isn't the only fighter. Behind the many drawing attacks is an unknown human with a stylus, capable of drawing attacks onto the battlefield to assist the Frog. These attacks have varying levels of power, and some are chargeable. With the mystery person having to draw bigger things fully, it takes longer to make bigger and stronger attacks. Along with this, Flipnote Frog, while noticably upscaled from a normal frog (to about the size of Squirtle on all fours). However, she's still very light, one of the lightest characters in the game. Her running speed isn't anything wonderful either- however, she automatically hops low along while she runs, which causes her to avoid some low attacks if timed right. Alongside this, she has one of the best jumps in the game. She can use drawn weapons to her advantage, such as super-animated swords and tethers.
  • Neutral Special- Stick Figure: A stick figure is sketched up and then attacks. He will dash forward with a sword towards an enemy, and if it hits they'll initiate a three-part combo towards the opponent, launching them afterwards and then disappearing. The stickfigure doesn't do much damage and can be easily defeated, however using it can easily overwhelm your opponent. Only one can be out at a time, but immediately after one disappears you can draw a new one. It has a charge time of one second, however you can drop it early to summon an unfinished stick figure, which usually just runs forward to its best ability and trips, falls and disappears. Using this with Rewind can allow you to chase enemies behind the stick figure after the initial slash, while pause can allow you to juke out enemies who shield your attacks.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Bounce Back: Inspired by this well known, iconic flipnote, Bounce Back has the Flipnote Frog summon two 2D men. One is crouching down with his behind in the air. They are relatively close together, unlike the original Bounce Back. The shirt man will jump and kick the pants man, which will cause the pants man to fly out. It is similar to Pac-Man's fire hydrant, as the pants man acts as a powerful but short ranged projectile. The shirt man will dissipate after the attack, but the pants man will linger a bit longer. If enemies are also hit by the shirt man's kick, they will be greatly damaged. While short ranged, it is a great zoning attack, as well as a great edgeguard- as if the man goes off the cliff, he will keep falling until reaching the floor/blastzone. Using reverse or pause is very effective in this, as you can cause the shirt man to kick the pants man twice or delay the attack as well. Charging it up a bit before sending out the shirt guy will increase power but slow him down. If the black pants guy is hit by an opponent, it will be sent in the direction hit.
  • UP SPECIAL- Toss: A giant animated hand cups and then tosses Flipnote Frog into the air. While the hand is carrying her, you can charge it up to launch yourself higher. If paused or rewinded, you can return yourself to the hand but only for a short time afterwards, or lightly stop your hurl before leaving it wil pause.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Pause, Rewind, Play: Using Down Special, in the style of Shulk's new Monado Arts, you can choose to Rewind, Pause and Play some of your special and even normal attacks. Rewind will reverse certain effects of it, Pause will stop them in midair, and Play will revert them back to their normal actions. Using this costs offscreen "energy", though- you can only rewind .5 seconds per move, and pause it for 1 second total. If multiple moves are active, each move on screen will have the effect of it.
  • FINAL SMASH- Animated Attack: A trapping Final Smash- Flipnote Frog uses her tongue to catch opponents and warp them into a canvas-like world where she summons tons of animated troops- dinosaurs, stickmen, even volcanoes- to simultaneously attack the trapped opponents, launching them after the cutscene ends.
  • Up Taunt- Flipnote Frog draws a heart over her, and then winks.
  • Left Taunt- Flipnote Frog summons a stick figure that then precedes to do a small dance.
  • Right Taunt- Flipnote Frog hops up and down excitedly
  • Down Taunt- Flipnote Frog ducks down, as a drawn up Mario sprite jumps over her
Special Accessory
Red Pen causes all of Flipnote Frog's drawn attacks to become red, meaning they do more damage than usual- however, owning a red pen will slow down Flipnote Frog considerably. This accessory offers a completely alternative style to Flipnote Frog.

Mach Rider
The Broken City's Vigilante

SSB Mach Rider SeriesMachlogo
Mach Rider (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985)
Mach Rider, the titular protagonist of the Mach Rider series, is a vigilante biker who roams the destroyed cityscapes of 2112. When aliens crashed down to Earth and took over, Mach Rider took to her bicycle, and she rides around the broken skyline with her motorbike at her side, taking down Quadrunners with her trusty machine gun. That's it really, sadly the only things she's been riding these days are the train of obscurity. Poor Mach Rider here hasn't gotten a new game since 1985. But that didn't stop her from earning a spot in Smash Bros.!
Mach Rider is extremely unique. Instead of fighting on foot consistently like nearly every other Smash fighter, Mach Rider is constantly riding her motorcycle. Like King K. Rool, her bike has super armor- but only when it's moving. However, if it gets hit too much, some parts, like some of the wheels, may break temporarily- causing her mobility to be stunned. However, like K. Rool, damage heals quickly.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Machine Gun: Using her futuristic light blaster (gotta keep it PG), Mach Rider rapid fires a stream of light bullets forward. It can be shot while moving, however, after every 20 bullets she must reload for a short amount of time.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Drift: Mach Rider "drifts" to the direction she's facing, suddenly stopping her bike and turning around. This will not only increase her speed when she moves in the other direction after drifting, but it will create a cloud of dust, which will create a visual diversion but also slightly stun opponents.
  • UP SPECIAL- Ramp: A move taken from Excitebiker, another bike-related game from the NES days- Mach Rider will "ramp" quicky off of a suddenly created ramp, sending her upwards at an incline. This can be followed out of by inputting.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Oil Slick: Mach Rider drops an oil slick behind her bike. Similar to Diddy Kong's banana, this acts as a dropped item that will cause players to keep momentum- but continue to slip and slide- if they run over it. It will dissipate after 7 seconds of being active, and spawning a new oil slick will delete the old one. Mach Rider can slip up on it too, so be careful!
  • FINAL SMASH- Quadrunner Attack: Another cutscene Final Smash, Mach Rider will dash forward quickly, running over opponents. Suddenly, a cutscene happens, where characters trapped will be buried in a road from Mach Rider's games. Many Quadrunners will suddenly run over them, doing massive damage, before Mach Rider lands the final blow, then ending with an epic shot of Mach Rider posing in front of an explosion, in a "classic sci-fi movie"-esque shot.
  • Up Taunt- Mach Rider puts her shotgun over her shoulder.
  • Left Taunt- Mach Rider puts a thumbs up at the camera.
  • Right Taunt- Mach Rider does a donut in her place.
  • Down Taunt- Mach Rider jumps on her bike, holding on to the handlebars- a reference to tricks from Mario Kart.
Special Accessory
Overclock Bike gives Mach Rider a faster bike which has the ability to make turns faster- however, Overclock Bike's super armor breaks more easily than the Mach Bike.
The Fun Gang's Leader
SSB Undertale SymbolDeltaruneLogo
Deltarune (PC, 2018)
Kris is the "protagonist"(?) of the sequel to the hit game UNDERTALE, Deltarune. They live in a world populated by monsters alongside humans, which live in peace and harmony- unlike the original story of UNDERTALE. Kris (and bully-turned-friend Susie) ended up falling into a strange place called the "Dark World" on a trip to get more chalk. There, they go on a heart warming quest of "friendship" with new friend Ralsei, battling enemies (and Susie) on the way- or sparing them, whichever.
n Smash, Kris fights by... fighting... yes, in Deltarune, you can spare opponents- however, this isn't about choices, is it? They fight with swords, as well as having the option of shields as well as magic. Kris is somewhat of an amalgamation character, as they represent the Fun Gang in total- In fact, Ralsei, Lancer and Susie pop in to assist during many of Kris' moves- also, they sometime uses Deltarune's bullet hell system in combat.

Kris was added in a collaboration with Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces, with a trade off between crazy fighters to add to said games.

  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Pirouette: Kris Pirouettes. Similar to Mr. Game and Watch's 9, this attack can have multiple effects, including defending you, healing you, lowering a random opponent's defense, etc.- however, Pirouette leaves you vulnerable, and has negative effects. One pirouette effect can be active at a time.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Spades: Kris sends out a flurry of white projectiles shaped like a deck of cards through Lancer's help, sticking their finger out like a finger gun. Lancer appears behind you and will flee if you stop the attack or get hit. The particles have long range and damage, as well as being able to be held for a while- but starting it up is laggy, so is ending, and said particles can be reflected and oil'd.
  • UP SPECIAL- Susie: Susie uses her strength to fling Kris upwards, allowing her to gain massive vertical height. Since Susie is.... well, Susie, this does do a bit of damage to Kris themself.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Pacify: A counter, Kris calls Ralsei behind her as they "counter" with her sword. If successful, Ralsei will use pacify to put the opponent to sleep for a very short time, allowing for a follow up attack. To compensate, the vulnerability period is longer for this counter than others.
  • FINAL SMASH- Spare: Kris traps an opponent in front of them, causing the background to turn into Deltarune's battle and Ralsei and Susie to emerge behind them. They then rapidly attack the opponent, doing damage to them- before attempting to spare. If the opponent's % is above 100% when the attack ends, Spare will be successful, making the opponent instantly K.O.
  • Up Taunt- Kris gestures forward, heart symbols appearing in front of her, like her ACT animation.
  • Left Taunt- Lancer rides across the screen, behind the fighters.
  • Right Taunt- Kris poses as the rest of the FUN gang appear behind her, all striking poses.
  • Down Taunt- Kris skims through Ralsei's book before putting it away.
Special Accessory
Rude Buster replaces Pacify as a more... "rude" counterpart. Pressing Down B will summon Susie to launch a projectile which acts quite similar to Cloud's Neutral B. If you call upon Rude Buster too much, Susie will become annoyed and won't appear for a while.
The Earth Shaker
SSB Golden Sun SymbolGolden Sun logo DSSB
Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance, 2001)
Isaac is the main protagonist of the Golden Sun series, a series that has been forgotten to time. Isaac's role in a Super Smash Bros. game has been heavily requested since early games, and his addition to Ultimate through an Assist Trophy proved that he wasn't completely left in the dust. Now, he finally gets his moment in Ingenuity. Isaac is a Venus Adept, and has powerful control over the ground.
As a playable character, Isaac uses multiple "move" based abilties, with the giant glove he uses appearing for several of his specials. His moveset is inspired by SSF2's interpretation of the character. Isaac sometimes pulls out his sword for some attacks, though his normal attacks are a mix of magical abilities and his sword. Shaking the ground and stage control is kind of Isaac's thing, so don't expect to have too much reign over the air.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Earthquake: Isaac puts his palm to the ground, causing the earth around him to shake. This will stun opponents on the ground near Isaac temporarily, but will also leave him vulnerable to attacks.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Move: Isaac shoots a giant white hand slowly out from the direction he's facing. Isaac's Move attack can simply push opponents away, or it can act as a command grab, by pressing the grab button while holding his move- allowing him to fling the opponent in whatever direction he wants. He can also fling the hand up or backwards while pushing, letting him do quick mixups with the hand. Isaac is left immoble during this move.
  • UP SPECIAL- Growth: Growth has two uses, depending on if Isaac is on the ground or airborne. Using this on the ground causes powerful vines to rise up on both sides of Isaac, which can trap opponents and stun them. Using this airborne causes vines to act as a trampoline, launching Isaac upwards.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Ragnarok: Isaac strikes forward with his sword. If it hits, a powerful follow up attack will strike the opponent, stabbing through them with a giant, firey sword. This attack will do more damage if Isaac presses B at the exact moment the firey sword stabs through. It is quite similar in execution to Marth's Side B.
  • FINAL SMASH- Grand Gaia: Isaac raises his hands in the air, as giant boulders begin to fall all around the stage out of nowhere, damaging opponents if they hit. The boulders will break on impact with the ground, but also cause small (and eventually healing) craters to appear in the surface of the stage, making Isaac's final smash have long term effects on the battle.
  • Up Taunt- Many light orbs surround Isaac, before going into his body.
  • Left Taunt- Isaac raises his arms, as rocks rise from the ground.
  • Right Taunt- Isaac kneels, as yellow orbs spawn around him.
  • Down Taunt- Isaac turns his back to the camera as he does in Golden Sun, mimicking the battles from said game.
Special Accessory
Psynergy ^ powers up all of Isaac's special attacks in turn for his normal attacks. He will have an increased focus on using said Psynergy attacks, with each of them having a different effect than usual.
Wii Fit Dog
Canine Athlete
SSB Wii Fit SymbolWiiFit
Wii Fit (Nintendo Wii, 2007
The Wii Fit Dog/Frisbee Dog, affectionately shortened to Puppii for the intents of this game, is a little good boy who helps you exercise in the game Wii Fit, much like the other Wii Fit rep Wii Fit Trainer. However, Puppii represents the fun and games part of Wii Fit- the jogging and frisbee games he stars in as well as the other less serious modes in Wii Fit, such as aerobics and balance. Many of Puppi's standards represent games such as Rhythm Parade and Rhythm Karate, where the dog quite comedically pulls off poses.
Wii Fit Dog is a highly agile but light fighter, with a similar stance to Duck Hunt. While he does have ranged moves, his main attribute is getting physical and all up in your face, so even the projectiles are best used in combination with normal ones. Precision and timing is key with Puppii's specials, so, in turn, he is a very hard fighter to pick up. A lot of his moves can be controlled manually.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Snowball Fight: Puppii stands up comedically on his hind legs, and an aimable cursor appears in front of him (which can be moved by using the control stick). He can then shoot up to three snowballs in rapid succession by pressing B again, causing a snowball to fire in the direct place the target is in. They move in arcs, which makes them a powerful edgeguarding tool.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Jogging: Puppii dashes forward. This is a simple move, and exists simply to let Puppii get closer to you. If you gain enough speed, Puppii will be surrounded by a firey aura. Also, there's a windbox behind Puppii when he runs, which might be usefull when trying to shoo someone from the stage- however, it's easily jumped over and isn't a very strong wind anyhow.
  • UP SPECIAL- Birds Eye Bullseye: Puppii "flaps" in midair, causing him to rise upwards. Pressing B while using this will cause Puppii to flap with each button press, allowing him to recover. While it does leave Puppii vulnerable, there's also something very unique about this move- When the move is used, there's a small "target" placed on the stage. If Puppii lands his adorable little body on the target, he gets bonus points- which means a buff in a random stat.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Obstacle: Puppii ducks down, as a downsized wrecking ball swings above him. A powerful defense measure, but projectiles as well as low to the ground opponents can still get through. The Wrecking Ball can be controlled with the control stick, but only slightly making it go faster in the direction its swinging. When you let go of Down+B, the wrecking ball will disappear and Puppii will get up.
  • FINAL SMASH- Volcano: A trapping Final Smash. Puppii dashes forward, and if he hits anyone, he initiates a cutscene where the characters he trapped are running after him on Wuhu Island. They're at the top of the volcano, and Puppii jumps in, causing the others to follow him in. Puppii then flies out using his Birds Eye ability, while the volcano explodes behind him. The fighters are then launched.
  • Up Taunt- Puppii jumps around happily
  • Left Taunt- Puppii gets headbumps an off screen soccer ball, spawning a useless soccer ball item that's just there for visuals.
  • Right Taunt- Puppii wags his tail and looks at the camera excitedly.
  • Down Taunt- Puppii rolls around on the ground, tussling a squishy toy in the shape of a Wii Remote.
Special Accessory
Soccer Ball Headbutt replaces Snowball Fight, allowing him to roll a singular Soccer Ball forward to bounce off of walls and damage enemies.
Mortal Kombat logo
Mortal Kombat (1992, Arcades)
Sub-Zero is an ice-controlling ninja hailing from the Mortal Kombat series. A man of mystery, Sub-Zero isn't the original Sub-Zero. In fact, his brother was originally the Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, however his death lead to his brother Kuai Liang taking the monicker of Sub-Zero. Now, he's more skilled than his brother. He's one of the main characters of the MK franchise, reappearing just about as much as the main character Scorpion.
For Smash, Sub-Zero's violence from Mortal Kombat has been toned down, quite obviously. Sub-Zero's playstyle revolves around ice attacks. Sub-Zero's normal attacks have been designed to reflect Mortal Kombat's gameplay as much as possible. He has extra animations for more than just jab combos- in fact, it might be fun coming up with different comibnations of tilts, smash attacks and aerials to see what Sub-Zero might follow it up with- for example, his dash attack is his Slide- and if you attack directly after it, he will preform a special follow up move. Sub-Zero can play defense or offense, but struggles in FFA. Sub-Zero has a special version of freezing on his ice attacks, which act as a stun instead of the normal "freeze enemies in a block of ice".
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Ice Wave: Sub-Zero shoots a blast of ice forward, similar to Ryu's Hadoken. It moves slowly forwards, but if it hits, it will freeze the enemy in place. However, if you spam this attack, it'll lose its effect due to overuse. It's especially good for edgeguarding purposes. The button can be held down and charged, and if you charge it enough, it instead becomes an Ice Beam.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Ice Clone: Sub Zero summons an Ice Clone of his current position, which will mimic the pose he was making when he used the move. It will damage and/or launch enemies that touch it. The Ice Clone will disappear after 3 seconds, but has a variety of uses-
    • The clone will stay in its position, even if its in the air, allowing for Sub-Zero to combo into set clones for smart combo potential.
    • The clone can be picked up and tossed at enemies, giving him a powerful tool. It is a heavy, large but slow projectile that will break when it comes in contact with anything.
    • Sweetspots of the move Sub-Zero froze in will also be sweetspots for the clone- for instance, if Sub-Zero freezes a kick move, opponents that get hit by the foot will do more damage.

Only one Ice Clone can be active at a time.

  • UP SPECIAL- Tombstone Teleport: Sub-Zero disappears in an icy form, and reappears in the direction he points the control stick, similar to a faster but shorter version of Mewtwo's. If used above the stage, he can follow up with attacks, and is one of the few recoveries to be incorporated directly into the fighter's playstyle. It can be used as a recovery, but is better for horizontal over vetical.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Ground Ice: Sub-Zero freezes the floor, enabling tripping around the area he froze. It disappears shortly, but is useful for some mix-ups. Obviously, it isn't very useful for air fighters.
  • FINAL SMASH- Fatality: Sub-Zero looks forward and strikes with an icy dash forward. If he hits anyone, he'll initiate a cutscene, where he freezes anyone he's caught. He then will use icy shards and projectiles of the like and throw at the opponent's frozen bodies. To finish it off, Sub-Zero will dash forward and deliver a punch, destroying the ice. Damage is rapidly done during this final smash. If opponents are above 100% when it finishes, they will completely disappear and die, similar to Zelda's. Otherwise, they're simply launched. If everyone caught in the FS gets the 100% finisher, the word "FATALITY" along with the voice from Mortal Kombat will appear on the screen before the cutscene ends.
  • Up Taunt- Sub-Zero beckons in front of him.
  • Left Taunt- Sub-Zero mimics the idle animation from Mortal Kombat 1.
  • Right Taunt- Sub-Zero tosses a shard of ice into the air and crushes it with his fists.
  • Down Taunt- Sub-Zero freezes the ground under him.
Special Accessory
Melting Ice decreases the clones' damage, but clones will keep Sub's momentum at the time he used the ability, meaning you can launch clones from afar, as well as do some other cool manuevers.
Cranky Kong New
Cranky Kong
Back in my day, we didn't have such a thing as "Smash Brothers", we fought characters from our OWN series. We should go back to the old days when villains fought their rivals and not their friends! I remember when this new fangled Smash Brothers thing came out and my grandson wasn't here to defend Kongo Bongo for a while, so I had to do it all by myself! This totally happened, the Donkey Kong Country series just doesn't TELL you about it because they always forget old Cr-
SSB Donkey Kong SymbolDonkey Kong Country logo DSSB
Donkey Kong Country (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1994)
Cranky Kong is an old Kong living in Kongo Bongo alongside Donkey Kong and the other Kongs. Obviously, Cranky is a cranky old man who's past his prime. He's a rambler and is prone to shattering the 4th wall like it's nobody's business. Cranky, however, is still very kind and cares deeply about the DK Crew, offering them potions and a variety of help in battle. Cranky is actually the original Donkey Kong- appearing in the original arcade game. His relationship to DK is vague. He's either his father or his grandfather. Everything else surrounding the family tree is a blur. Good luck trying to figure THAT out. (But the joke's on them, cause I wrote the book!)

Cranky is a surprisingly agile but light fighter with some amazing techniques. He is an upclose brawler with attacks from his cane giving him some disjoint ability. In Tropical Freeze-style gameplay, his attacks are fast and swing together nicely. Cranky also pulls some moves from the original Donkey Kong games, where he can be found rolling barrels. He shares a move or two with Donkey Kong (as DK got an overhaul in Ingenuity).

  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Barrel Roll: Cranky rolls a barrel forward. It will stick to the ground and is an extremely heavy item, however it is easily dodged. Unlike DK's similar new move, it is not tossed through the air- but in turn is more durable and won't break. He also can hold down B, which will allow him to roll forward on the barrel like a circus act, allowing him to plow over opponents.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Denture Popgun: Cranky launches chattering dentures out of his cane. He can have up to 3 dentures out at a time, and if they hit an opponent, they'll "stick", doing repetitive damage over time similar to Olimar's Pikmin- but on a lower and shorter time scale.
  • UP SPECIAL- Pogo: Cranky pulls a McDuck, allowing him to bounce around the stage on his pogo stick. Similar to Link's Dtilt, if he lands on an opponent he will bounce off, allowing him to bounce again on the opponent or another opponent. It will do more damage if you chain up bounces on enemies.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Phonograph: Cranky plays a Phonograph, with the original Donkey Kong arcade theme playing on it. It takes a bit to set up, but after he's done winding it up for 4 seconds, it begins to somehow play by itself, allowing Cranky to leave it be and go off on his own. The catch is that, when Cranky is near the phonograph, he will get his attack and defense stats raised. However, the Phonograph can be destroyed easily. Since the Phonograph doesn't have a time limit, destroying it while fighting Cranky is key- and it is pivotal to Cranky's playstyle.
  • FINAL SMASH- Good Ol' Days: Cranky jumps up and becomes his original arcade appearance, before firing off a barrage of barrels at opponents. The attack will last a short while but the barrels can either bury or launch opponents. The sound effects will be replaced with the classic DK arcade sound effects during this final smash
  • Up Taunt- Cranky Kong sits in a rocking chair and whacks the ground with his cane.
  • Left Taunt- Cranky beats his chest, before tiring out.
  • Right Taunt- Cranky takes out a DJ turntable and plays it until the taunt is cancelled. The song resembles "Crocodile Cacaphony" from DKC2.
  • Down Taunt- Cranky nods off to sleep before reawakening.
Special Accessory
DK Remix puts another tune in Cranky's phonograph, a remixed version of the classic Donkey Kong theme. When in the range of the Phonograph, after winding it up, he will now gain Speed and Jump boosts, instead of Attack and Defense. It's good for players who prefer mobility over strength.
Geno Nibroc-Rock
The Starsend Savior
SSB Super Mario SymbolSmrpglogo
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1996)
Hailing from the stars, Geno makes his grand entrance. Geno is a popular character to be requested for Smash, with fans rallying for the doll to get into the game for decades. Even Sakurai himself commented on the doll's popularity, with him saying how he considered to include him in Brawl. Finally, the starsend savior himself, Geno shoots for the stars! Geno is a star spirit taking control of a wooden doll named Geno. The star is actually named ♡♪!?, but for simplicity state he's called by the doll's name. In Super Mario RPG, Geno helped Mario due to Star Road being crashed through by Exor, spreading seven star pieces throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Since wishes can't come true without Star Road, it's very important that it returns!

Geno in Smash is a timing based fighter for his specials, and is all around a ranged fighter. Many of his specials include shots out of not only his arms but his elbows, fingers, and more. His aerials can call upon starry powers. Geno has abilities such as firing off his arms for Smash attacks. Since Geno hails from an RPG game, liberties are taken with his moveset and animation. Geno emotes in the game as well, a contrast from the "edgy" personality fans seem to have given him.

  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Battling Borealis (Geno Blast): Geno charges up, and then releases up to 4 beams of light from the sky depending on how long he charged. Despite the origin, it does not actually fall from the top blast zone- instead, they form about 2 meters above Geno (in game measurement, not on the screen). They will, however, continue downwards if they're used over air. If trapped in one, it will do rapid (albeit low) damage before launching the opponent. It's like a pseudo command grrab. Each Boost Tier will increase the damage and size of this move.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Geno Whirl: Geno shoots a disc of light forward. It doesn't do much damage nor knockback on its own- however, if Geno presses B again just at the right time (when the enemy is in the center of the light disc) it will do 2x more damage and send the enemy flying. Each tier of boost will increase knockback and damage.
  • UP SPECIAL- Star Spirit: Geno flies up in Star Spirit form, pulling his doll form like a ragdoll on a long starry rope (think the gravity gun from Garry's Mod in terms of interaction). He can move freely for a second with this move in all directions, however when the move is done the Star Spirit will return to where Geno (Doll) is, not where Geno (Star) is. This means that cleverly placing Geno himself and not the star spirit is very beneficial. If the doll form falls below the blast zone while being tugged, it doesn't count as a K.O. The move can be cancelled by Geno with B (leaving him in freefall) or by a player hitting Geno (Doll). Each tier of Geno Boost will increase the speed of the Star Spirit form.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Geno Boost: Using a separate concept from his original attack in SMRPG, Geno Boost is now used to power up Geno's specials. In Smash, Geno holds B while stars appear above his head. Each star is a certain "tier" for his special moves, and the stars will linger and slowly fade away one by one as Geno battles. It's like a "resource meter", so Geno can recharge it and keep his charge by pressing down b often. It's like a toned down, faster charging Limit Meter. Geno is very vulnerable while charging, so be careful!
  • FINAL SMASH- Geno Flash: Geno turns into a giant cannon and shoots a huge ball of energy (with a face) at the battlefield, which will rapidly damage fighters trapped in it before exploding, doing major launch damage. The quality of this move actually DOES increase with Geno Boost- the size of the fireball will increase based on the charge.
  • Up Taunt- Geno tilts his head back and laughs, before returning to battle.
  • Left Taunt- Geno's star spirit leaves his body and strikes a pose, before returning.
  • Right Taunt- Geno rises into the air for a second, before descending.
  • Down Taunt- Geno falls to the floor, as if defeated, before returning to his feet.
Special Accessory
Geno Beam is an alternate form of Geno Whirl. It's a consistent laser beam that fires forward, and can damage opponents all across it. However, Geno Beam does considerably less damage, though it does not require timing.
Pokken Scizor
All the Buzz
SSB Pokémon SymbolPokemon Gold Logo
Pokemon Gold & Silver (Game Boy Color, 1999)
Scizor, the Pincer Pokemon, is a bug/steel type Pokemon- making it the second Bug type to make its way into Ingenuity! Scizor was introduced in Generation 2, a generation without a unique rep in Smash. Scizor is a large bug-like Pokemon who evolves from Scyther. It trades "scythes" for large claws in its Smash appearance, its pincers being able to beat things to scraps (yes, the Pokedex said this.. not me) with ease.
Scizor is a relatively close-range bruiser with high air capability. There are clear sweetspots on his claws in moves that use them, with jabs and such using quick snaps and such. Scizor has an extra jump and is pretty light and quick, so aerial moves are optimal to get the most out of Scizor. Along with his wide array of melee based attacks, Scizor has a few options for attacks from afar.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Buzzsaw: A move taken from Pokken Tournament, Scizor fires a Buzzsaw forward. Acting as a more powerful and faster (yet less spammable) version of Pikachu's lightning bolt ability, Buzzsaws will move around the platform they are on, looping around them. Only one Buzzsaw can be out at a time, and you must wait for one to disappear before using another. The move is multi hit, similar to a weaker Greninja Water Shuriken.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Bullet Punch: Scizor strikes forward in a dash. If it connects, he will initiate a multi hit move similar to Marth's Side B, where he hits the opponent multiple times before launching them with glowing claws. Missing it and falling off midair will end poorly for you.
  • UP SPECIAL- Steel Wing: Scizor dashes up with glowing steel wings. If it connects with anyone, it will raise Scizor's defense stat. It will simply slash through opponents while dealing damage if it hits them, and will never launch the opponent. It also doesn't have much vertical height, to make up for Scizor's third jump advantage.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Swords Dance: Semi-transparent swords appear behind Scizor's back as he charges this move, and multiple will appear visually. When he's done charging, his fists- er, claws- will glow brightly, signifying that he is now powered up. His next attack will now be super powered, similar to Incineroar's counter ability. The price is that, if he's hit before he can land an attack with Swords Dance, his defense stat is lowered, making Scizor extremely vulnerable.
  • FINAL SMASH- Mega Finisher: Scizor turns into his Mega Form, and then conducts a few moves in a short span. First, he uses Razor Wind to blow opponents to the right, while a large amount of his (now upscaled) Buzzsaws fly through the wind. Then, the fighters he hit with this move will be subject to Scizor's Iron Claw (if they survived the Buzzsaw), where he will trap them in a cutscene and deliver a mighty claw punch to them before returning to battle.
  • Up Taunt- Scizor spins around, snapping its claws.
  • Left Taunt- Scizor does a sort of "come here" beckon.
  • Right Taunt- Scizor cracks a PokeBall between its claws.
  • Down Taunt- Scizor hovers in midair, intimidatingly.
Special Accessory
Kee Berry will cause Scizor to tank up when he recieves multiple blows in a short amount of time: each time he gets hit by a physical move in his shield in a row while standing still, he will begin to gain super armor and increased defense, making it easier to fight back. However, after doing this, Scizor will be slowed down a lot.
The Cavalry
Ssb overwatch symbolOverwatch
Overwatch (PC/Xbox/PS4, 2016)

Tracer is a time traveling adventurer and the main character of Overwatch. A time skipping brit, Tracer was originally a pilot for the peacekeeping Overwatch- until an accident caused her existence in time to become unstable. Thanks to her buddy Winston's help, she now is able to control her own position in time at will, being able to simulate teleporting at the blink of an eye.

Many of Tracer's normal attacks involve her Pulse Pistols, which won't knock the opponent back much, but do rapid fire damage. As a zoner, she's good at getting away, but it's easy to be left vulnerable if you get too obnoxious with it.


Tracer's HUD looks as pictured, where the arrows signify how many Blinks (Side B) she has stored.

  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Bubble: Tracer gets help from one of her teammates Zarya, who will cast Bubble on Tracer. Bubble Shield can only withstand 25% damage, and will not defend knockback from extremely heavy attacks- but paired with Tracer's high speed, a bubble shield to defend damage while still moving might be a perfect addition for such a speedy hero. Bubble has a cooldown of 8 seconds, however, so use it wisely.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Blink: Tracer can store 3 blink charges, each charge coming back 3 seconds after its use. Each use of blink will use up one of those charges. Blinking is exclusively horizontal, and you can only use it once in midair- yet it's still an extremely good ability in many scenarios. It is an instant dash forward which will place Tracer a few meters from her current position- not as huge as many other teleportation moves, but it's certainly something. While she is left slightly vulnerable in terms of movement directly after Blink, she can use standard attacks during the blink animation.
  • UP SPECIAL- Recall: Tracer's Recall Up B allows her to return to her position 2 seconds ago after a slight delay- problem is, it's also on a cooldown. It will also return Tracer to her health she was at the point she's teleporting to. It has a cooldown of about 3 seconds, starting when the recall ability ends.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Pulse Bomb: Being modified from its Overwatch appearance, Tracer's Pulse Bomb appears as a short range sticky bomb like usual, however it acts more of a slightly-more-powerful-but-less-range version of Mega Man's Crash Bomber. It will stick on to enemies it lands on, or just sit on the ground, and cause a small explosion that will do moderate damage but below-normal-but-not-terrible knockback. Only one Pulse Bomb can be out on the field at a time, and there's a slight cooldown (1.5 seconds after last bomb explodes)
  • FINAL SMASH- Team Attack: A cutscene Final Smash, it starts with a similar Black Hole to Mega Man's, instead being Zarya's Graviton Surge. Zarya yells "Ogon po gotovnosti", initiating a cutscene where Tracer and her teammates (being Genji, Zarya, Winston, Ana, and Zenyatta) all out attack on the characters trapped in Graviton. Winston will first leap onto the black hole, placing a shield around it, continuing to Tesla Cannon his foes as his teammates come in. Genji jumps in using his Ultimate, and rapidly strikes the ball of characters with his sword. While this happens, Zenyatta is constantly firing orbs at the circle. Finally, Ana is heard Nano Boosting Tracer, who then dashes into the orb and drops a Pulse Bomb, the final blow in the cutscene which launches opponents.
  • Up Taunt- Fist pumps in the air, yelling "Yeah!"
  • Left Taunt- Spins her bomb on one finger, before fumbling and almost dropping it, comedically trying to catch it before it hits the floor.
  • Right Taunt- Takes a step forward, pumping finger guns towards the opponent.
  • Down Taunt- Does the Charleston Dance from her origin game. This taunt will not end until acted out of.
Special Accessory
Repair pack
Repair Pack makes it so, instead of Zarya sending Tracer a Bubble Shield, Brigitte sends Tracer a Repair Pack. Armor acts as additional "defense", adding on to her original % as extra "Dummy" percentage. While she can still flinch and be hit, it will instead damage the 20% of armor she has been given instead of Tracer's base percentage. It also has a slightly shorter cooldown of 6 seconds.
DOOM Slayer
The Doom of Demons
SSB DOOM SeriesDoomlogo
DOOM (MS-DOS, 1993)
Doomguy is a mysterious armored slayer hailing from Hell on Mars. Whenever Hell tries to invade anything in our world or others, Doomguy will be sure to be hot on their trail. Armed with countless amounts of weapons, Doomguy rips and tears through any monster in his way; the only thing to be feared in Doom is Doomguy himself.
Doomguy is a brawler. While very low on defense, he excels in speed and attack capabilities, making him a glass cannon. Since he's a shooter character, he has ranged attacks, but is also great at close combat using his chainsaw and meaty fists. He's basically an all around, extremely powerful attacker. The only problem is his meek defense. Playing Doomguy requires you to be constantly on your toes. As a special cosmetic, the render in Doomguy's UI will change based off of Doomguy's status in game.
  • PASSIVE- Ammo Limit: Doomguy has an ammo limit that depletes as he uses gun attacks; this includes his shotgun and plasma rifle. To keep things simple, all guns pull from the same ammo pool. Ammo can only be refilled in one way, and that's through hitting your opponent with said gun attacks. Hitting your opponent causes them to drop a surplus of ammo packets, which means you both have to aim AND keep on your toes to get the most out of your character. Also, all gun attacks can be freely aimed and used without hindering your movement, to be clear. You start with a total of 300 ammo, with this amount replenishing each stock.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Plasma Rifle: Doomguy uses the Plasma Rifle to shoot a consistent stream of light orbs forwards. They do rapid damage but don't stun or knock your opponent back, like Fox's blaster. However, keeping your opponent in a consistent stream of them for a while can eventually stun them and then launch them a tremendous amount, but you have to keep your aim. on them the whole time.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Super Shotgun: Doomguy holds his Super Shotgun forward and does a single blast with it. This works as you'd expect; a funnel of projectiles which does increased damage if it hits a close up opponent. It has beginning lag, however hitting an opponent when they're extremely close can result in power comparable to an uncharged Smash attack.
  • UP SPECIAL- Grapple: Doomguy uses his Grappling Hook from Doom Eternal to latch on to a ledge or opponent. Unlike Joker's, this is best used to give Doomguy more air velocity. Grabbing onto an opponent brings Doomguy towards them instead of the other way around. The travel time is slow, however Doomguy can also let go of the grapple and jump off at any time.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Siphon Grenade: Doomguy tosses a grenade forwards, and it bounces before emitting a red aura around it. It doesn't do knockback, but if an enemy gets trapped in its aura, it'll slow down their movements and leech life from them, giving 50% of health taken to Doomguy. However, this does cost a good amount of ammo (even though its not a gun attack), and has a bit of recharge, so use them wisely. Also, when this hits, it doesn't drop ammo packets, either.
  • FINAL SMASH- BFG: Doomguy pulls out the "Big Freakin' Gun" and fires a huge energy orb out of it. Any fighters that get close to the energy orb have it "lock on" to it with a bolt of electricity, before being delivered a huge amount of damage. This move instantly K.O.s anyone above 100%.
  • Up Taunt- Doomguy grabs a miniature action figure version of himself, and fist bumps it.
  • Left Taunt- Doomguy turns his back to the camera and does a thumbs-up
  • Right Taunt- Doomguy kracks his knuckles with his hands.
  • Down Taunt- Doomguy wipes his visor, as if getting blood off of it.
Special Accessory
Rabbit's Foot
Doomguy keeps his pet rabbit Daisy's foot on his "belt". It doesn't give him luck, but it instead makes his physical attacks do even more damage with his rage; at the cost of his gun attacks not doing as much damage, and dropping less ammo. Also, his defense is even worse in this mode.
Chorus kids ssbi
The Chorus Kids
Synchronized Smashers
SSB Rhythm Heaven SeriesRhythm Heaven logo DSSB
Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo DS, 2008)
The Chorus Kids are three young children in a singing group together. Lead by the conductor, these three seem to be experts at synchronized singing, with their "AAAAAA"s being unrivaled. In this game, they represent the Rhythm Heaven series as a whole, summoning objects from the game similar to how Duck Hunt and Game & Watch work. Like Game and Watch and Paper Mario, the Chorus Kids are truly 2D!
Chorus Kids walk in a group as one character, similar to the Ice Climbers- but they act as one entity, similar to Duck Hunt. As with their home game, the Chorus Kids are primarily timing based, even moreso than Geno- with every attack needing proper timing to be successful. The Chorus Kids are light, though, so be careful.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Glee Club: The Chorus Kids line up single file in the direction they were initially facing, as a small piano tune begins to play. An indicator appears above the Chorus Kids, showing which times to press the buttons. Each button press will have the Chorus Kids sing "AAAA", which causes a small area of effect damage that does more the better timed it is. Each consecutive Chorus Kid will do more damage than the last. If you can time it all near perfectly, after each Chorus Kid sings you get a "Together Now", which will cause each to scream at the same time, which is a large shockwave to damage opponents.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Karate Man: The Chorus Kids duck behind as Karate Joe spawns in front of them. Then, as the Chorus Kids are frozen in place, objects fall from the camera into the screen, where Karate Joe can punch them if timed correctly, launching these projectiles forward- but only if timed right. Sometimes, an offscreen voice will say "Hit 3!" which will cause 3 projectiles to launch quickly. Effective, but leaves you vulnerable.
  • UP SPECIAL- Drummer Duel: A Drum from Drummer Duel spawns below Chorus Kids, launching them upwards like a trampoline. If timed correctly, it will have extra bounce to it.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Rat Race: A projectile move, Chorus Kids send three small mice running forward. They will damage the enemy a bit, but if you press Down+B while they're out, they will stop. This might not seem like much, but they will also stop things like projectiles in place for a short time, as well as other fighters. They aren't super effective, but they can save your butt in many areas.
  • FINAL SMASH- Ringside: Large versions of the interviewer and wrestler appear in the middle of the screen. You basically play a large version of the game from Rhythm Heaven. The Wrestler's movements will damage the opponents greatly, especially if you time it right- so be careful and get the most out of the Final Smash!
  • Up Taunt- The Chorus Kids sing, but one hits a high note, prompting the others to disappointedly glare at him.
  • Left Taunt- 2 Stepswitchers appear on either side of the Chorus Kids, bobbing their heads up and down.
  • Right Taunt- The Chorus Kids pose for a crowd, forming a cheerleader pyramid for some reason.
  • Down Taunt- 3 Frogs appear around the Chorus Kids, shaking their hips.
Special Accessory
Easy Timing makes the timing for abilities much more lenient, allowing you to get the bonuses fairly easy- however, said bonuses are no longer as rewarding as usual.
Monster from the Depths of Brinstar
SSB Metroid SymbolMetroid logo DSSB
Metroid (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986)
A gargantuan foe, Kraid enters as the fifth Metroid rep for Smash. A strange addition, Kraid is a gargantuan monster from Brinstar, who impedes Samus' trip through said area in many of her missions. The obese reptile is the biggest enemy Samus has ever fought- taking up two whole screens! Kraid is part of the space pirates, the same group Ridley is from- it almost seems like they're dedicated to taking down Samus.
Kraid's design has taken some liberties, as he is near immobile due to his morbid obesity- his belly has been pulled back a tiny bit, and his legs have been lengthened. Kraid is by far the biggest and heaviest fighter, and also does a lot of damage to boot. However, his aerials aren't great, his jump height is low, and his recovery is awful. Basically, he's a tank to the extreme.

As Kraid still appears as a stage hazard in Brinstar Depths, if Kraid joins the battle, Meta Kraid's beta design from Metroid Prime's concept art appears. Meta Kraid: Leave it to me!

  • PASSIVE- Weighty Landing: Due to Kraid's weight, when he falls from a height higher than his single jump height and is not in freefall, Kraid will cause a small shockwave around him when he lands.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Spikes: Kraid launches 3 spikes out of his stomach in succession. This attack can be held on to for as long as you want, but holding it for too long will begin to damage Kraid. The spikes do average damage but also can be stood on, making them great for mix ups.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Boulder: Kraid launches a sole boulder in an arc, which will roll along the ground briefly after it drops. It's a weak projectile that has edgeguarding potential.
  • UP SPECIAL- Lava Boost: A stream of lava erupts below Kraid, pathetically boosting him in midair. It's more useful as an attack than a recovery, as it does rapid burn effects if someone gets hit with the lava.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Kraid's Thorns: Kraid stomps the ground, as the ground grows the thorns seen in Super Metroid (in his boss room) above them. These act as a trap, and Kraid is able to leave these here- causing them to stay still and allow for easy setups for combos. However, these also damage Kraid, so evade them as well as you can!
  • FINAL SMASH- Gargantuan: Kraid imitates his role as a stage hazard in Brinstar Depths, jumping into the background and temporarily causing the stage to rotate 90 degrees, shifting blastzones and platforms. While platforms will come in to make it escapable on some stages, you have to think fast. Kraid will be in the background for the duration of this ability, and it will revert to normal in 10 seconds.
  • Up Taunt- Kraid lets out a mighty roar.
  • Left Taunt- Kraid rubs his stomach, opening and closing his jaw.
  • Right Taunt- Kraid strikes a pose, with a translucent overlay of lava appearing over his body.
  • Down Taunt- Kraid stomps the ground.
Special Accessory
Acid Plume replaces his "Lava Boost" attack, which does the same thing, basically. The difference is that it can be walked through by opponents, but instead of rapidly fire damaging them it gives them an over time "poison" effect.
Shrouded Under Purple
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (2015, PC)
Out of all the evil characters in Ingenuity, Springtrap takes the cake as one of the contenders for "most evil". His backstory is grotesque and one I'd rather not get into- let's just say he's the sole reason the Freddy's pizza chain has a history of hauntings, child deaths and shutdowns. Springtrap, the costume, is a combination suit and animatronic found in an old Freddy's location- only to be locked in a safe room after... someone... used it for... something. Springtrap, the person inside, we won't touch upon any more.
Springtrap is a heavy hitting bruiser with low projectile options. His attacks are quick but he moves quite slowly. Springtrap has an ability where, when he walks (not runs), he will gain extended Super Armor when he's under 50% and walks. This means that he can get close to his enemy with low consequences, but at a slow pace. As he takes damage, he will visibly wear and tear.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Puppet Strings: Springtrap summons a downsized Puppet in his hands held by the... puppeteering holding thing, who, after a short charging period, will float on its own. This acts as a "familiar" to Springtrap for its duration. Like Ice Climbers and the new Dark Samus, the Puppet will attack alongside Springtrap (seemingly reluctantly given their history), dealing damage alongside his with Springtrap's inputs. Lasts for about 10 seconds. Springtrap will be left fatigued for a few seconds after summoning the Puppet, and cannot use him.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Springlocks: Springtrap swipes forward, holding a Spring Bonnie head. If it attaches with someone, the Spring Bonnie head will stay on the character. After 1.5 seconds of having the Spring Bonnie head, it will do rapid damage and some knockback, allowing for Springtrap to do some timed combos with the Springlocks.
  • UP SPECIAL- Shadows: Springtrap becomes shrouded in darkness, with his teeth and eyes illuminating to resemble RWQFXFASC. This causes him to glitch around completely for a few seconds- also allowing him to ascend and descend freely for this time. It leaves him invulnerable while using, but he's also left completely helpless after.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Shock Panel: Springtrap hooks up a Shock Panel from Sister Location to deliver an AoE stun around him. It has a circular range but has slow start up time. It is good for anti-air and people ambushing him, but the stun doesn't last very long.
  • FINAL SMASH- Incinerate: Springtrap cackles as the stage lights on fire. The fire won't do knockback and lasts for about 8 seconds, but it does do damage over time to people caught in the flames. Alongside this, the Phantom animatronics will appear while the fire ranges on to attack the opponents caught in the flames.
  • Up Taunt- Springtrap bobs up and down, similar to Spring Bonnie in FNAF3's Stage-01 minigame.
  • Left Taunt- Springtrap hurdles backwards, attempting to get out of the Spring Bonnie costume.
  • Right Taunt- Springtrap reaches forward and says "I ALWAYS come back."
  • Down Taunt- The Purple Guy's sprite from FNAF2 replaces Springtrap briefly, the text "you cant." glowing above him for a short time.
Special Accessory
Titanium Endoskeleton gives Springtrap a suit upgrade, allowing his Super Armor perks to go up to 80% damage- however, this increases his weight, making it harder for Springtrap to recover from offstage.
Test Subject #1
SSB Portal SeriesPortal Logo
Portal (Steam, 2007)
Chell is the test subject featured in Portal. Locked away deep in Aperture Laboratories, Chell goes through a handful of tests while being antagonized by passive aggressive A.I. GLaDOS, armed with her wits and a Portal Gun. Sadly, Aperture Science isn't very fair, and other than puzzle solving, she might need to break behind the scenes during the game as well. GLaDOS appears on Chell's gun in her Potato form, and will give very insulting remarks towards both Chell and the enemy.
Chell relies purely on her enemies not knowing her plan of attack. Since she has what might be the most unique Neutral Special, she has to use it to her full advantage; or else enemies can take advantage of it as well. You have to be smart to play Chell correctly.
  • NEUTRAL B- Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device: Chell can aim two portals to stick on different surfaces- the second one will link to the first one. You can aim them by holding down B and standing still, aiming with the control stick. Once portals are set up, they will work.. like portals. Any object or person who goes through them will continue momentum out of the other side. While temporary, they offer amazing combo potential. There are certain surfaces you cannot stick portals on, such as ones that would end in an instant K.O. like the bottom of the stage.
  • SIDE B- Companion Cube: A Companion Cube appears held by Chell's Portal Gun. The Companion Cube can be either launched forward at high speeds by pressing B again, or dropped in front of Chell by Z-dropping. Companion Cubes will be destroyed slowly if another is spawned, as it does in Portal. They can also be used to block attacks, or to be dropped through Portals.
  • UP B- Aerial Faith Plate: An Aerial Faith Plate will appear below Chell, launching her at an angle towards the stage. Can be coupled with Portal Gun to do some unique moves.
  • DOWN B- Propulsion Gel: Using Propulsion Gel will cause the orange substance to launch out of Chell's Orange Portal at an angle, painting the floor around it with orange. It only sticks for a little while, but running on it causes players to go much faster than usual, with the cost of slippery movement. The momentum also carries over into jumps.
  • FINAL SMASH- Full Moon: The moon appears visible in the background, and Chell shoots an orange portal on it- the blue one appears in the middle of the stage if it doesn't exist before the portal begins sucking people into it. If opponents are over 100%, they will not be able to make it back through the Moon Portal and back on the stage at the end of the Final Smash.
  • Up Taunt- Chell pulls out the Weighted Companion Cube and smiles at it, before putting it away.
  • Left Taunt- Chell pulls out a slice of cake and almost takes a bite out of it, before dropping it on the floor.
  • Right Taunt- Bendy appears in front of Chell, waves at the camera and then disappears.
  • Down Taunt- Chell holds Wheatley on her Portal Gun, who will say a line and then be launched towards the closest blastzone.
Special Accessory
Repulsion Gel
Chell's Down B now uses Repulsion Gel, a blue substance that places the same way as its counterpart but instead has a bouncy property instead of a speed booster.
Dr. Eggman (Sonic Lost World)
Dr. Eggman
Genius (in theory)
SSB Sonic SymbolSonic the Hedgehog logo DSSB
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis, 1991)
Dr. Ivo Robotnik, also known as "Doctor Eggman" by his nemesis, is a genius technician and evil mastermind behind all of the robotic enemies that show up in Sonic's world. Eggman's machines do most of the work for him, as his empire grows. The only thing getting between complete world domination and Eggman is the blue blur himself. Maybe some day the man will overcome Sonic, but for now, he'll have to stick to exploding the moon. His inventions are unmatchable and neither are his wits! Good luck beating this guy on the battlefield!
In battle, Eggman pilots a hovercraft known as the "Egg Mobile", however the Egg Mobile's powers have been expanded to include a variety of Eggman's mechanical feats, and thus will include abilities the original Egg Mobile couldn't do. Like Bowser Jr., the Egg Mobile itself will take slightly less damage; coupled with the fact that he hovers off of the ground, removing a floor hitbox. Eggman's attacks are all slow yet powerful, so choose wisely.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Volkan Cannon: Eggman's Egg Mobile miraculously grows robotic legs similar to Eggman's vehicle in Sonic Adventure 2, and locks on to the nearest enemy, rapid firing projectiles at them. The fire rate is very fast, and the small projectiles move fast but slow enough that the stream can be dodged by jumping as well as fast falling. It'll take a bit for the lock on to update its position, so move quickly. However, shielding is a bad idea, as he can pile on the damage and might break it!
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Wrecking Ball: Eggman floats slightly into the air, charges forward, and begins to swing a (downsized) wrecking ball with a checkerboard pattern on it, similar to its appearance in Sonic 1. It does heavy damage, and will knock the opponents back at the angle it hit them. but Eggman is left vulnerable from above, as the Wrecking Ball cannot hit above him.. Look for his weak spot there!
  • UP SPECIAL- Copter: A propellor pops out of the top of Eggman's Egg Mobile, allowing him to hover upwards and then slowly descend downwards. Better for horizontal movement over vertical movement.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Tonkachi: Eggman prepares a giant hammer that pops out of his vehicle, smiling at the camera before focusing back on battle. Like a Smash Attack, this move is charged up, however it is instead charged by pulling back the large mallet, before swinging it at its highest. It leaves Eggman vulnerable and has a margin of error, but landing it will instantly break shields and do tons of damage.
  • FINAL SMASH- The Moon: Eggman dashes forward in his Egg Robo, before unleashing a cutscene. The opponents are pinned on the moon, and Eggman uses his Eclipse Cannon to fire a deadly, huge laser at the moon, destroying half of it and greatly damaging opponents pinned on it.

much thanks to Athena for helping me out with the moveset!

  • Up Taunt- Eggman cackles maniacly, and then switches his arm in front of him to point, like his boss intro in Sonic Forces.
  • Left Taunt- Eggman puts his fists on his hips and then omves his arm to the side, as he does in SA2's moon scene.
  • Right Taunt- Eggman pumps his arms up and down angrily and yells "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!"
  • Down Taunt- Eggman crosses his arms in an x before lashing his arm out, yelling "FIRE!"
Special Accessory
Flying Eggman replaces Rapid Fire with a move similar to Mega Man's Leaf Shield, where he summons a bunch of steel spherical orbs to orbit his vehicle and protect from incoming attacks, however it slows Eggman down and keeps him from using attacks. If he uses another attack, the orbs will disappear. The orbs will damage opponents on contact but will be destroyed on both damage and contact.
The Singular Super Ninja
SSB Ninja Gaiden SeriesNinjagaiden
Ninja Gaiden (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1988)
Ryu Hayabusa is not a Street Fighter but is instead a brutal modern ninja. Ryu Hayabusa routinely takes down his enemies and whatever threat to Japan he must deal with, Ryu is extremely skilled with a wide arsenal of weaponry. He is also extremely agile, and can get over any obstacle that comes between him in the enemy. With this, you probably don't want to get on his bad side.
Ryu Hayabusa is a fast fighter who acts like a combination of Joker and Greninja. Ryu has a large arsenal of weapons he can use in battle, but also has mobility options. It's hard to say whether he'd be considered a glass cannon or just an all around fighter.
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAL- Shuriken/Pinwheel Shuriken: Ryu tosses forward a small Shuriken projectile, which travels forward in a straight line. He can throw about 3 at a time, and can throw while he's moving. These shurikens don't do much damage, however they act as a stun and can be used in a pinch. If held down instead of tapped, instead of throwing a normal shuriken, Ryu throws a powerful Pinwheel Shuriken, a more souped up shuriken which acts as a boomerang; however, you can also dodge the shuriken to keep it circling around Ryu. The range of the "circling" decreases every time it crosses Ryu, but it can also hit multiple times. However, you can only throw a single Pinwheel Shuriken at a time.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Blink: Pulled from his appearances in Dead or Alive, Ryu immediately disappears and reappears in the horizontal direction you're pressing towards in a puff of smoke. He can use this almost instantly, however overuse can cause Ryu to get a shield break effect due to being disoriented. It also can be predicted, as the distance he teleports is consistent.
  • UP SPECIAL- Flying Jump: Ryu presses his legs down and then springs into the air, shooting upwards with the force of a Peregrine Falcon. This move can be used both on the ground and in midair and does put him in free fall, however at the end of his jump, the user can press A at the peak of it to give him an extra slash. If used in midair, a piece of rubble appears below him to allow him to spring off of.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Weapon Swap: A mechanic unique to Ryu, Ryu can swap weapons for his normals between his Falcon's Talons and his Dragon Sword. The Falcon's Talons are quick and snappy albeit with short range, similar to Wolf's claw swipes. They're better for agile movements. They do a bit less attack damage than Dragon Sword, allowing for combo potential. Dragon Sword, on the other hand, are slower but stronger and more ranged attacks like typical sword users.
  • FINAL SMASH- Art of the Piercing Void: Ryu holds back a powerful, void-like projectile and then throws it. The void will slowly travel around the stage for a short time, and Ryu can use his attacks to try to knock opponents into the traveling void. Those who get hit by it experience tremendous damage, and potential instant death.
  • Up Taunt- Ryu closes his eyes, and then looks up in shock, with a text box saying "What the..." above his head.
  • Left Taunt- Ryu brandishes his sword, and then puts it away.
  • Right Taunt- Ryu takes a knee, putting his sword in front of him, the tip facing the ground.
  • Down Taunt- Ryu sheathes his sword.
Special Accessory
Smoke Bomb removes the quickness and spammability of Ryu's blink attack in favor of range, leaving a powerful smoke effect where he leaves as well.
Dante SpookyMajora
The Legendary Devil Hunter
SSB Devil May Cry SeriesDevil May Cry logo
Devil May Cry (2001, Playstation 2)
Dante is a half-demon Devil Hunter who runs a bounty hunting shop in Red Grave City. A somewhat flamboyant showoff, Dante's usual work consists of stylishly blasting through demons that he was paid to crush. While this might be normal work for him, most of his games involve major jobs he's had to conquer, which even involve his family (such as battling his evil twin brother Vergil and.... well, that's spoilers) at times. While his adventures might seem zany, Dante knows when to get serious, and is a truly fierce and good-hearted warrior at heart.
Dante's playstyle is very unique compared to other characters. He wields a large sword for most of his attacks, but many of them are multi hit combos which can be strung together- they don't do too much damage on their own, so you have to capitalize on Dante's strengths. His main gimmicks are his Style Switching, which will be explained later, and his Devil Trigger meter. Filling up the gauge near his HUD by dealing damage and avoiding attacks will eventually allow him to pull his Devil Trigger, temporarily transforming into a powerful demon form. In execution, it acts sort of like Arsene- powering up all of Dante's attacks, however Dante can control when he activates it by inputting Shield-B, but in turn does not get an auto-charge like Joker's Rebel's Guard..
  • NEUTRAL SPECIAl- Style Switch: Dante's other gimmick is that he can change the "Style" he chooses. Similar to Shulk's monado, inputting neutral b and then the respective direction will cause Dante to switch his style based off of the input chosen. Skilled Dante players will quickly pick this up, as unlike Shulk's moves, there's no limit to Style Switches, and they change multiple aspects of Dante's moveset.
    • Trickster style is activated by pressing B and then up. Trickster excels in speed and dodging- Dante's control on both land and in the air are improved in this form. Additionally, Dante's Roll and Air Dodge capabilities are increased, and his Double Jump allows him to propel himself in multiple directions. Unfortunately, this also decreases his base Shield Bubble size, and decreases his damage slightly when he's not actively moving, such as in jabs and smash attacks.
    • Swordmaster style is inputted with B and then right. By tapping in to Swordmaster, Dante's multi hit attacks are increased, and attacks that use his sword are powered up, allowing him to execute said combos easier. While this is mostly a complete buff to Dante, it slightly nerfs his mobility, as his dodging ability is decreased in this form. Additionally, his combos might be harder to keep up, as the individual hits will launch easier.
    • Gunslinger (B and then left) is a unique style, and does not increase or decrease stats, really. Instead, Dante's Gunslinger is focused on combo potential, and allows him to pull out Ebony and Ivory to follow up on his attacks. By attacking directly after using a normal attack, he will hit the opponent again by firing Ebony and Ivory, allowing him to keep up combos while preparing for another move to be used. If you hold on to this form, you will be able to continue firing Ebony and Ivory as long as needed- by pressing down in midair with them, you can activate Rainstorm to fire below you as well. The downside is that his singular sword moves will lack in power, and unskilled Dantes will have a bit of a hard time using this move.
    • Royal Guard, inputted with B and then down, focuses on Dante's defensive capabilities. Powerful for neutral interactions, Royal Guard gives his Shield Bubble even more defense. On top of this, Perfect Shielding will cause Dante to automatically follow up with an AoE burst attack. Spotdodging is also given an extra, quick counterattack just like Terry's similar ability. However, this ability makes it so it's harder to attack directly after letting go of shield, and as it encourages on-stage play, his air movement is less effective.
  • SIDE SPECIAL- Stinger: Dante rushes forward, holding his sword out in front of him. This attack is fairly simple, doing a good amount of damage but having a slight startup before executing it. In Swordmaster style, this attack has an added bonus of doing more shield damage, and in Gunslinger style, he can follow up by turning around and firing Ebony or Ivory behind him. When used in midair, it has Dante use a similar move, although it sends him downwards diagonally towards the stage- a reference to a move Nero possesses. With Devil Trigger, this attack becomes a multi hit, sending opponents with you and your sword as you plunge forward.
  • UP SPECIAL- High Time: Dante preforms an uppercut with his sword, exclaiming "Up you go!" and sending him and his opponent upwards. In Swordmaster style, he can follow up with a short combo if he hit an opponent by continuing to press the button. In Trickster, he can press Jump directly after using the attack to use any opponent he caught in the attack as a platform, footstooling them. With Gunslinger, he can input this directly into Rainstorm, and with Devil Trigger activated, this attack becomes more versatile of a recovery, sending him higher and allowing more horizontal movement.
  • DOWN SPECIAL- Over Drive: Dante charges up with his Devil Sword Dante held behind him. There are three tiers to this attack, depending on how long the attack is held. Once released, Dante will fire forth an arc-shaped energy wave projectile with a swing of his sword. However, for each tier, he will swing an additional time, adding another energy wave, sent in the same direction, but might be rotated differently. In Royal Guard, this attack is given Super Armor during the swinging animation, but with Swordmaster, the attack will charge slightly faster. In Devil Trigger, Dante's swings will be faster, and the projectiles will increase in range.
  • FINAL SMASH- Sin Devil Trigger: Dante transforms into his most powerful form, the demonic Sin Devil Trigger, and charges forth. If he connects with an opponent, he will unleash a powerful, flashy series of attacks on the opponents he hit, an overcomplicated and extended combo which does a huge amount of damage with each strike. With this, visually during this attack a "Style Meter" will show on the screen, and as it reaches SSS (Smokin' Sexy Style!!!), Dante will deliver the final blow, with a dramatic zoom in effect shown as he transforms back and strikes a pose.
  • Up Taunt- Dante sarcastically beckons the opponent, saying Come on, you can do it, over here!
  • Left Taunt- Dante points, turns around and puts his hands on his hips, saying Man..... I'm bored...
  • Right Taunt- Dante beckons, backs up and says You aren't scared, are ya?
  • Down Taunt- The Faust Hat appears on Dante's head, as he points to the opponent and says YEAH!
Special Accessory
Coyote-A replaces Ebony and Ivory in Gunslinger style, which allows him to preform powerful blasts which do more burst damage but also have less combo potential, and remove some options such as Rainstorm.

Echo Fighters

Character Differences from Original
14ε Dry Bowser


  • Dry Bowser has slightly different animations, as well as different taunts and victory poses.
  • Dry Bowser's hit noises are clackity clackity.
  • Dry Bowser's voice lines are the same as Bowser's, however with an echo effect.
  • Dry Bowser is lighter than Bowser, but is also speedier- at the cost of damage done.
  • Dry Bowser's fire is blue instead of red.
  • Dry Bowser's Up Special doesn't spin on the ground when used on the ground, and instead goes up as if it were used in the air.
Shadow ASR
38ε Shadow

Sonic Adventure 2 logo DSSB

  • Shadow is one of the most differing echoes- while his main attacks are the same, two of his specials have been changed.
  • Shadow has different animations, voice lines and victory poses, but he has a different victory theme than Sonic, too.
  • Shadow's Up B has been taken from Mewtwo, now allowing him to Teleport in any direction.
  • Shadow's Drop Dash doesn't give him as much speed as Sonic's, but it will allow him to do more damage.
  • Shadow's Final Smash has been changed to his Assist Trophy ability, Chaos Control- which slows down everyone on the battlefield for a short amount of time, allowing him to attack them over and over similar to the Stopwatch. Eventually, time will stop for an extremely small amount of time, allowing him to get his final attack in before the effects wear off.
55ε Ms. Pac-Man


  • Ms. Pac-Man is faster than Pac-Man, but less damaging.
  • Ms. Pac-Man has different fruit-
    • Cherry- Bounces forward lazily, works the same as normal Pac's
    • Strawberry- Bounces back and forth before disappearing
    • Orange- Goes forward in a zigzag motion.
    • Pretzel- Loops in a pretzel formation, similar to the Galaxian.
    • Apple- Spins around Ms. Pac-Man three times before disappearing, defending from projectiles.
    • Pear- Doesn't do as much damage, but homes in on opponents.
    • Banana- Goes diagonally down. When it hits a surface, it splits into three smaller projectiles.
  • Ms. Pac Man's Orange Ghost in her smash attacks is now purple.
Meta Ridley Art
65ε Meta Ridley

Metroid Prime Logo

  • Meta Ridley is heavier than Ridley due to his metal implants, but is stronger and faster than him.
  • Meta Ridley has a different design than the alternate costume in Smash Ultimate, featuring one closer to his original appearance in Metroid Prime
  • Meta Ridley's Neutral Special now shoots missiles instead of fireballs. They don't come out in a steady stream like Ridley's fireballs, but they shoot in a straight line and have an explosive property.
68ε Tom Nook


  • Tom Nook has various animation changes in Smash. Some of his normal attacks use different tools than Isabelle despite acting the same way.
  • Tom Nook has Isabelle's Ultimate Final Smash, where he instead builds the house himself.
  • Tom Nook is slower but more powerful than Isabelle.

DLC Fighters


Stages can be selected before Character selection. They are the battlefield you fight on, and each stage has different scenery and a different layout which differs it from other stages. Each character also has a complimentary home stage, which they'll be fought during unlocking sequences.

Nearly every stage returns in Super Smash Bros. Ingenuity- excluding:

  • PAC-Land- Removed because it's terrible
  • Pictochat 1 and 2- Replaced by Pictochat X, a stage with hazards from both games.
  • Flat Zone 1 and 2- Removed due to Flat Zone X's existence.
Stage Canon In Smash...
Peachs Castle SSBU
Peach's Castle (64)
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64, 1996)
One of the few renditions of Peach's Castle in Ingenuity, this stage takes on a more simplistic approach. Taking place on a tower suspended in the skies above Peach's Castle, you overlook the throne of the Mushroom Kingdom. Sometimes, a 64-styled Mario will fly around the stage in his wing cap- if Mario hasn't been picked already, of course.
A small stage, Peach's Castle takes advantage of two opposing Bumpers to knock characters around if they hit them. A curved platform and a flat platform make up the main meat of Peach's Castle, but a block below the stage will extend and distend, causing interesting situations.
Mushroom Kingdom SSBU
Mushroom Kingdom
Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985)
Mushroom Kingdom is a stage heavily based off of the original World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., with graphics made to match the original game. Each model piece uses textures from the old game to appear as authentic as possible- even if they're all actually 3D models.
Mushroom Kingdom is a walkoff stage. A long platform of brick blocks levels off the left side in half. Piranha Plants will pop out of the green pipe, and players can use the 8-bit POW Block to shake the stage up. The Scale platform will fall and rise with character's weights- each fighter's weight value determining the scale's action.
Dream Land SSBU
Dream Land
Kirby's Dream Land (Nintendo Game Boy, 1992)
This is the place Kirby first battles Whipsy Woods, an apple tree who's gotten pretty angry, to say the least. Whispy is usually the boss Kirby comes across first- but this area is based off of Green Greens specifically, from Spring Breeze as well as Kirby's Dream Land.
A classic from the 64 days, Dream Land is essentially a battlefield clone. The main difference is that Whispy Woods will turn left and right and will occasionally blow air in the direction he is facing, pushing characters in said direction.
Fountain of Dreams SSBU
Fountain of Dreams
Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1993)
The Fountain of Dreams is the place that gives everyone in Dream Land their dreams. The fountain is powered by the powerful Star Rod, and if said Star Rod goes missing, the dreams disappear from Dream Land, hosting only bad dreams. However, what Kirby didn't know is that putting the Star Rod in place would bring Nightmare to attack the poor puffball, who had taken residence in the fountain.
Another relatively simple Battlefield stage, Fountain of Dreams has 3 platforms over 1 main platform. The main gimmick is that the "fountains" that keep the platforms suspended in midair will rise and fall at certain intervals, making the stage more dynamic.
Green Greens SSBU
Green Greens
Kirby's Dream Land (Nintendo Game Boy, 1992)
An alternate rendition of the classic Dream Land stage, this takes on a more complicated approach to the Green Greens area. While originating from Dream Land, this stage bears a higher resemblance to Kirby 64's rendition of Green Greens.
3 platforms in a side by side layout, connected by Star Blocks. Said Star Blocks have one Bomb Block in the middle, and breaking it will explode around the star blocks, temporarily destroying them and blowing up nearby people. Whispy Woods is in the middle of the stage, and besides blowing wind gusts to the left and right of the stage, he also will shake apples to heal players onto the main platform.
Halberd SSBU
Kirby Super Star (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1996)
Halberd is Meta Knight's signature airship. Flying over the sea, it takes a similar appearance to the Knight himself. In Revenge of the Meta Knight, Meta Knight has less good intentions than usual- he is trying to take over the land of Dream Land with his crew, but Kirby's not having it.
A travelling stage, the stage begins inside a hangar before rocketing out of it, leaving any too lazy to get on the platform K.Od. It then will fly over the sea, with a platform you fight on observing the Halberd from afar, flying around it as Kirby did in his adventure. After a while, fighters land on the deck of the ship, where the Combo Cannon will shoot lasers, cannonballs and swipe with its mighty arm.

New Stages

Stage Canon In Smash...
Vista Hill
Super Mario RPG (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1996)
Vista Hill is a mountain overlooking Bowser's Castle, where Mario can view the damage made to the fortress of his main enemy. This time, the huge sword Exor crashed right through the middle of the castle. Mario and the gang must get to the castle the long way around, thanks to the broken bridge. It's one of the most iconic places in the game.
Vista Hill is a single platform stage, where the now-upsized cliff is centered. The stage is flat. Hazards may come through- for instance, a meteor shower may occur, dropping stars and other items onto the stage. Also, flying enemies from the source game might come through and attack. Players can view Bowser's Castle from afar.
Endless Stairs
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64, 1996)
The Endless Stairs are.... an endless flight of stairs with seemingly no top. Found in Peach's Castle, this was the final obstacle to Mario's journey to Bowser's Sky to fight him. To get up there, he must gather enough star power to reach the end of the flight of stairs- or.... long jump up it. Either way.
This scrolling stage has you move upwards through the stage of a forever climbing staircase. The interesting thing is that only the downwards part of the stairs has a blastzone- the front one, when pressed against, moves the stairs, as the blastzone moves forward with the stage. This means that, if you play strategically, running up the stairs to make people fall back into the blastline is a legitimate strategy. As they are called the Endless Stairs, the top is never reached.
Bowser's Castle
Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2007)
Bowser's Castle takes on its appearance as a race course in Mario Kart Wii. Racers will wind through the dangerous terrain of Bowser's keep, with strange obstacles such as waving bridges, toppling Thwomps, lava geysers and, in this case, a giant mechanical Bowser statue.
The stage takes place on the tubed track facing the giant Bowser statue. The mechanical Bowser will move back and forth, and will shoot fireballs from the background into the foreground. Podobos will jump from the grates at the side of the stage, arcing from one lava pool to the other. Sometimes Swoopers will swoop through, and Thwomps will fall from the sky.
Waluigi Pinball
Waluigi Pinball
Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS, 2005)
Waluigi's own ego fueled giant pinball machine. In its origin game, drivers traverse the innards of this pinball machine, avoiding pinball-themed obstacles, but it also made its appearance in other games, such as Mario Sports Mix. There's rumors that Waluigi may have rigged the odds in his favor.
In Waluigi Pinball, you fight in the "Pinball Table", in front of the electric flippers. The stage's camera is facing upwards through the pinball table, so incoming Pinballs and such can be spotted coming down. There are two added platforms that momentarily show up, which are styled after Waluigi, of course. The main hazards on this map are the giant pinballs which will roll down and run towards the camera sometimes, which you must dodge to avoid being launched. There's also a bouncer in the middle of the stage, which will bounce players who touch it.
Neo Bowser City
Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS, 2011)
Neo Bowser City is a futuristic City that Bowser has taken control over. It is unknown if this is some sort of parallel universe or simply an unexplored area in Bowser's Kingdom. Either way, this metropolis is a sight to behold, with large skyscrapers and a marvelous skyline, though eternal rain isn't exactly ideal.
While Neo Bowser City is based off of a Mario Kart track, the track itself is nowhere to be seen, leaving the huge, beautiful sprawling metropolis known as Neo Bowser City to be the main focus. Neo Bowser City is a traveling map where the platform will take you all around the jumbo city. Places the platform will land you include the tops of multiple different shaped buildings, atop one of the futuristic glass tubes which transport cars, on top of a series of neon signs, and on a street with futuristic cars driving everywhere.
Divine beasts
Divine Beasts
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Wii U/Nintendo Switch, 2017)
These large mechanical statues are the key to keeping the calamity away. Vah Ruta, Vah Rudania, Vah Medoh and Vah Naboris. Once piloted by the champions of hyrule, they now act as big dungeons possessed by the spirits of their respective champions- but when the Calamity got out, they were overtaken by Ganon's Malice.
A stage which alternates between each Divine Beast. Vah Ruta will begin with a fight on its back, and when Ruta bellows out a mighty BARAAG (this is correct, look it up), prepare for an onslaught of water (like the Pikmin stage) to spill over the stage. Next we travel to Rudania, where the salamander’s back is where we’ll be fighting, dangerously close to the volcano’s caldera. The stage will sometimes shake and an eruption will signify that lava bombs will be falling over the stage for a period of time. Next is Vah Medoh, where you battle in the middle of it, where you can battle on its wings or use the artificial gusts of wind to carry you sky high. Finally, you battle on the humps of Vah Naboris in the lightning storm, which causes lightning to strike in random, telegraphed locations on the battlefield. The cycle then repeats.
Lost Woods
The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986)
The Lost Woods is a recurring location in the Zelda series, but its appearance in this is based off of a general combination between each of them. The area is covered in a misty fog, and getting through them is no easy task. Myths say that if you travel the forest too long, you'll become a monster. Follow the trail to get through.
The Lost Woods is a walkoff stage, with the grassy landscape being interrupted by platforms made out of the stone structures found in the Lost Woods. A simple stage, sometimes fog will overtake it, making it hard to see temporarily. Otherwise, torches will illuminate the area. Maybe if you stand in a certain place, you'll find a Korok!
Wind fish egg
Mt. Tamaranch
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Game Boy, 1993)
On Koholint Island resides a mountain called Tamaranch which houses the Wind Fish's oversized egg on the top of it. It is smack dab in the center of the island! On Link's journey, he had to traverse through the winding caverns of this mountain in order to reach the top. It's also where Link fights the final boss!
On this stage, it's relatively simple in the beginning. The map is set on clouds hovering in the sky to the side of the mountain, with some parts of the mountain itself being traversable as well. The mountain is oriented to the right of the screen, as shown in the picture. However, unlike in the original game, if the Wind Fish's egg cracks by taking enough damage, it will hatch, causing high winds to pick up and the clouds to begin blowing in the wind. After hatching, the egg's shell will remain. Eventually, the winds will die down, however you can damage the broken egg again to upset the Wind Fish again and cause the gusts to pick up.
Planet Earthfall
Kirby Star Allies (Nintendo Switch, 2018)
One of the many levels in the final world in Kirby Star Allies, Kirby and his pals stumbled upon this vibrant orange world stuck in an eternal fall. The crunch of leaves interrupts the quiet adventure- well, that and the abundance of enemies. Kirby makes it through in no time- he's ready to restore peace! Look at him go!
The stage is large and takes place in the "platforms" area of the stage, right before the goal. This stage has multiple platforms that you can drop through by pressing down. Multiple cannons will randomly appear in the stage, which will fire cannonballs at players. A well timed Smash attack will break the blocks to the left of the level, opening up a corridor to fight in with a hidden power up goodie. You can also fight on the ground, where there are now multiple added hills and trees to make the battle more interesting.
Royal Road
Kirby Triple Deluxe (Nintendo 3DS, 2014)
The (not) final boss stage of Kirby Triple Deluxe, Royal Road is where you fight Queen Sectonia. It's practically at the top of the dream stalk, and the fight here is technically not the final phase. Kirby also fights Kind Dedede's masked form here, which is a tricky boss battle (and its sound track is a BOP).
The stage itself is a mostly flat carpeted stage with walk off blastzones. When you get Queen Sectonia to 50% health, the stage changes to a ruby platform, and back to the flat stage when she's defeated.
KSA Another Dimension
Another Dimension
Kirby's Return to Dreamland (Wii, 2011)
Another Dimension is, well.. a parallel dimension to Kirby's own universe. It consists of warped and strange terrain and objects, and is mostly completely comprised of space and space junk. It's only accessed through dimensional rifts, so don't expect Kirby to visit it too often. Another Dimension also houses some parallel versions of Kirby's friends and foes- better hope you don't see them, because they can be mean!
This stage has a relatively simple layout, being comprised of multi leveled solid platforms in the style of Kirby Star Allies'. It's got a bit of a strange shape to it. Sometimes, random Kirby-related objects, space junk and more will fly through the foreground (as well as the background) allowing for temporary platforms- they also can be pushed around and into opponents in their low gravity state. You can even hit and break some of them! If you're lucky, you might even spot some of the fighter's amiibo, or some Kirby plushies, or even a giant item box to crack open.
Gangplank Galleon - Overworld - Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)
Gangplank Galleon
Donkey Kong Country (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1994)
Gangplank Galleon is King K. Rool's pirate ship and the final level of DKC. Donkey Kong went here to defeat the grand crocodile and earn back his banana hoard. King K. Rool's ship sank at the end of Donkey Kong Country 2, meaning the Gangplank Galleon is at the bottom of the ocean currently- but fear not, in Smash, it's still up and running!
Gangplank Galleon is another "big" map, similar to Hyrule Temple. Not only can you fight on the large, flat, ship deck, but also in many rooms inside the Pirate Ship, including a place to store the banana hoard, a jail cell, and more. You can even camp in the bird's nest, or swim in the waters- but look out for sharks!
Sunset Shore
Donkey Kong Country Returns (Nintendo Wii, 2010)
Sunset Shore is the first level in Donkey Kong Country Returns to feature the silhouette mechanic- which blanks out everything in the stage save for a few accessories of DK's. A beautiful view, this stage overlooks a large ocean. The darkened items in the foreground only increase the majesty of the sunset over Donkey Kong's country.
Sunset Shore is practically a 1 to 1 recreation of the level from Donkey Kong Country Returns. Alongside it comes the silhouette mechanic- every fighter is completely blacked out, excluding a certain accessory they have to show which alt color they are as well- such as Mario's hat, Pikachu's cheeks, etc. but to go along with the art style, these objects are simplified to flat colors instead of actual texturing.
Restricted Lab
Metroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance, 2002)
An emergency laboratory meant as a last hope, the lab is a detachable component of Sector 6. It is a breeding ground for Metroids, for studying them. Surprisingly to Samus, the galactic federation's goal wasn't to exterminate all Metroids. In Metroid Fusion, however, this component ended up detaching from the ship, killing the Metroids (all but one) inside.
This stage consists of two large square rooms connected by a staircase, with glass chambers featuring Metroids in the background of the stage. The walls on the horizontal sides of the stage, while visible, aren't solid, and you can go through them. The chambers with the Metroids in them can be broken with high enough damage, releasing them to do damage to the fighters on screen.
Po Town
Pokemon Sun & Moon (Nintendo 3DS, 2016)
A walled in town that's also Team Skull's base of operations. Team Skull is a less evil team than usual, and is even willing you help you out in some cases- but it doesn't mean their home base is a nice place to be. It's eternally raining, and the concrete barriers block out the beautiful scenery of Alola. Look our for the big boss Guzma, he's no laughing matter.... usually.
Team Skull's base, the walled in town Po Town makes for an extremely simple stage. Fighters fight on the walkway up to the Shady House, and in the courtyard. It is a flat stage with two obstacles, being the cars parked in the yard (for some reason) and the bushes on both sides of the walkway. Sometimes, Team Skull members will watch the fight from the background, mostly doing their weird stupid dances. A big hazard is when a platform picks up all the fighters and drops them on top of the Shady House, a whole new fighting area. This change makes the fight switch from a walk-off blastzone to a fall-off blastzone. You can fight on the roof or the triangular elevated part of the roof. The stage will alternate between these two.
Wyndon Stadium
Pokemon Sword & Shield (Nintendo Switch, 2019)
The home of the Galar Region's Championship Finals, the Wyndom gym is the final step you must take as a Pokemon trainer in order to challenge the champion on your journey. A huge crowd watches as the undefeated champion Leon battles whoever stands against him. It's extravagant and celebratory, and you can hear the crowd chanting as you fight.
The Wyndon Stadium stage takes place on the stadium field. The actual layout is extremely simple, it's a very large and completely flat map with walkoffs. The reason for its simplicity is because of its gimmick. In the background of the stage, a huge Pokemon battle rages on. There is a set amount of Pokemon battles that go on, each with their own animations and matchups that alternate every time you battle. These Pokemon include Charizard, Snorlax, Garbodor, Orbeetle, Centiskorch, Alcremie, Coalossal, and Corviknight. The Pokemon in the background, every so often, will Gigantamax for a certain amount of time. The effects of the Pokemon Battle will take form on the stage. For example, Corviknight will use his Wind ability to cause a heavy wind storm on the stage, while Alcremie will make the ground sticky with frosting, and Centiskorch's long body will slither across the battlefield, forcing you to stand atop a fast moving obstacle. Both Pokemon can gigantamax at the same time, meaning you can be dealing with up to two threads at once.
Deepsea Metro
Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion (Nintendo Switch, 2018)
Deepsea Metro is the hub world of Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion. Deep underground, this area is home to many creatures that you'd rarely see on the surface- that being said, they're not allowed on the surface. This area isn't suitable, but its usually the main area that Octolings begin their adventure to the surface... all 1,000,008 of them.
The Deepsea Metro stage takes place on the station platform of said metro, and has 2 gaps on either side where trains come in, the main fighting happening on the platform itself. An extremely simple stage, but sometimes trains will come in on either side, noted by headlights blaring in the distance of the tunnels. Some will simply barge through and damage anyone in the air above the train tracks, but sometimes they'll stop at the platforms- letting passengers such as several "denizens of the deep", and some major character appearances, such as Pearl and Marina in their casual outfits, Captain Cuttlefish, C.Q Cumber, and even Agent 8 and 3 if Inkling and Octoling aren't on the battlefield. These characters will temporarily join the background as an "audience", and will eventually leave on the train they came on.
S2 Stage Salmonid Smokeyard
Salmonid Smokeyard
Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch, 2017)
One of the many stages of Splatoon 2's side mode Salmon Run, Salmonid Smokeyard is one of the many places young Inklings fight off Salmonids to earn some well-earned dough. It's quite a dangerous job, but fear not. The bombardments of Salmonids are easily fended off with your tools. Powerful boss salmonid emerge from the toxic sea to attack- collect their golden eggs and run for it.

Salmonid Smokeyard's main stage is fought on 2 opposing platforms with a large gap in the middle. The large gap is connected with a propeller platform that, when hit, sends the platform to the other side, allowing quick transportation between sides. During the match, you may have to dodge Boss Salmonids (who's entrances are signified by the boss horn) which only attack once per spawn- however, some of them can be defeated, which will drop Golden Eggs. Golden Eggs will power up the user who uses them, so they're an important part of battle. Below the propeller platform is green acid.

Boss Salmonids randomly spawn over the course of the battle. Some drop ink which will linger for a few seconds before dissipating. Ink works exactly like the Inklings' does, however the Salmonid color is different from every Inkling color to avoid confusion. As the battle rages on, Boss Salmonids will appear more frequently

  • Flyfish: Flyfish will appear flying above the stage and will fire off one set of Tenta-Missiles at every player, which must be dodged to avoid being launched. You can alternatively take cover. Attacking the central "pilot" is key to defeating the Flyfish
  • Maws: Maws will swim on to the battlefield and target a single person, and then attempt to chomp them. Dodge it and keep out of its warning circle, or else you'll be fishfood to a fish which will attempt to drive you off of stage after eating you. You can wiggle free from the Maws' jaws if you spam directions hard enough, however.
  • Stinger: Stingers will launch a Sting Ray on to the battlefield from the left side, which will attempt to target players. Hit its pans until it falls on to the fire below it.
  • Steel Eel: The feared Steel Eel will go on to the stage and chase players down, with much of its back covered with damaging ink sprayers. However, the Smash version of a Steel Eel is luckily much smaller, and it's easier to jump over it and attack the pilot.

Sky City
Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox, 2008)
In Ninja Gaiden, modern ninja Ryu Hayabusa traverses through metropolises and other familiar environments. This one so happens to be one of the former! Ryu Hayabusa sneaks and climbs through this place, slashing through any foes that came in his way. His enemies here weren't all normal mooks; he also fought a huge statue of Buddha, as well as a giant half-man half-spider.
Another simple map, this is fought on a roof, overlooking a vast cityscape at nighttime. You can break some of the structures around, however most of this map is flat and low on gimmicks. The gimmick comes in with the giant Buddha statue. At certain intervals, the giant Buddha statue fought in Ninja Gaiden II will appear in the background, and begin slamming his hands onto the roof the stage is fought on, crushing anyone at or around where they slam.
Hell On Earth
Doom Eternal (Multiplatform, 2020)
When the demons began invading Earth, this is what eventually became of it. They acted like... you'd expect demons to. Large tentacles burst out of the ground, destroying buildings and entangling entire cities. Giant skyscraper sized demons roamed around. And the rest of the demons set the world ablaze. This obviously poses a huge threat to the human race. One beam of hope is in humanity's favor; one pissed off beam of hope.
This map is fought in the middle of piles upon piles of rubble, on a street contained within a broken down city. A fire rages on in the background, and in the background you can see some buildings topple to the ground. The piles of rubble and the destroyed terrain makes this fight an abnormal example of a walkoff- there's even some platforms, including a toppled crane's hook. Another gimmick on this stage is that enemies from Doom, such as Cacodemons, Imps, Revenants, Hell Knights, Zombiemen, Archviles, Pain Elementals, and more will appear. These also appear in the Against All Odds mode. (((or will eventually))).
Everybody Votes Channel
Everybody Votes Channel (Nintendo Wii, 2007)
The Everybody Votes Channel was a service offered on the Wii where Wii users could connect to the internet and vote on a certain subject. It was basically a primitive "Would You Rather", but with mii characters on the screen. I still love it.
This stage is somewhat simple, where characters fight on a replica of the channel's "ring" where there's a green and pink segment. The gimmick of this stage is that sometimes an opinion question will show up at the top of the screen and you can position your character to choose an option, and after it's chosen the online playerbase's popular choice will display and people who chose the less popular choice will be launched.


There are many items in this game, however this section will only cover the new ones. Items spawn randomly in battle when they're turned on. You can change the frequency in which they appear, as well. Certain items such as Smash Balls unlock other parts of characters, and others summon allies to fight for you or the opponent.

Item Item
Smash Ball SSBUltimate
Smash Ball
A glowing orb that floats around and grants the person who breaks it a Final Smash.
SSBU AssistTrophy
Assist Trophy
A statue that spawns an ally to help you in battle, from the "Assist Trophy" pool of fighters. See the section "Assist Trophies" for more information. Assist Trophies now can rarely spawn two characters. Pump up the craziness!
Poké Ball OSSB
Poke Ball
A PokeBall can spawn an assist from a selection of Pokemon, similar to the Assist Trophy- however, Poke Balls are thrown, and come in four variants- Poke, Great, Ultra, and Master. These tiers are progressively rarer and feature different pools of Pokemon.
Back Shield
A limited time shield that can block all attacks and projectiles from behind, making your only weakness your front half.
Banana Gun
A shooter with one round, firing a powerful but small Banana forwards which can kill at low percents, and then leaving behind a Banana Peel in the user's hand.
Banana Peel
A throwable that stays on the floor and can trip opponents that walk over it. Also used in Diddy Kong's moveset.
A container that most likely contains items from the Donkey Kong series, as well as Banana-related items, food, and others. You can also throw it for it to roll forwards and bury opponents.
Beam Sword
A swinging weapon, its already impressive range increases as you deal damage with it. Does more damage than your usual attacks as well.
A throwable that disappears after travelling a short distance, and then reappears in a firey blaze next to the opponent, striking them.
A throwable that swarms the opponent that's hit by it with bees, damaging them over time and making them flinch. If it misses, it will simply swarm the nearest person.
A throwable travels forward, latches on to the opponent it hits and attempts to carry them above the blast zone.
Black Hole
Sucks players and items into the center of it, even if they almost get launched out. They're vulnerable, and it can mean easy item grabbing.
A Smash-original item, this cartoonishly proportioned Mallet acts like Dedede's Fsmash, with a new use. If the opponent hit with the end of the mallet is over 70%, they will somehow be hit through the stage, being propelled under it. It's a death sentence, but can only be used once before disappearing.
The Ultra Hand
Practically gives every character Spring Man's grab. Allows you to launch a long range projectile forward which can grab opponents and bring them to you for combos. One time use.
Ticket Roll
The Ticket Roll allows the player to toss a roll of tickets forward like a chain whip, keeping the role itself in their hand. If it attaches to someone, it not only doubles rewards for taking their stock (2 points/2 stocks taken off), but it also decreases their speed slightly, tangling them in the tickets. It lasts for about 10 seconds.
Power Glue A single shot projectile, when you fire the Power Glue, you squirt it out of a tube. It moves slowly and, when it collides with an opponent, it sticks them to the ground, or a wall if it's in proximity. The difference between this and a bury is that while a bury gives people knockback when hurt, you can keep damaging a person glued without launching them.
IceFlower LTL
Ice Flower
The user turns into their Ice form temporarily, a powerful form which speeds them up and leaves ice in a trail behind them, which causes opponents to trip. It will also turn water into a walkable surface with ice if touched.
Item Box
When thrown, it stays in place for 6 seconds and then spawns 1-3 random Mario items.
Bomber OSSB
An item which walks around the stage, waiting to be grabbed. If grabbed, it will be held above the user's head for about a second, before a slow screen effect leading into a huge explosion that will grandly damage opponents around it.
Cell Phone
Upon use of this item, your character will appear to call something on a cell phone. Then, the item is consumed, and 3 Kirbys of different colors appear to fight alongside you. They have relatively simple A.I and will despawn after about 12 seconds. They will each take on one opponent- or, in 3 player matches, two will take on one, and one will take on the other- or in a duel, they'll all swarm one person.
Portal Gun
The Portal Gun allows you to shoot 2 Portals (orange and blue) before disappearing. These portals will stay active for 20 seconds after spawning. These portals are interconnected. You can use them to make quick getaways, or place them in inconvenient places to throw your enemies into. Your momentum is kept when you go through these portals, so falling fast through them will make you pop out high in the sky if both are on the ground.
The Turret will spawn in but will not shoot until being thrown. After being placed, it will rapid fire Ammunition Pellets at the first enemy to cross its path, which will rapid fire damage them before launching them. You can disable them with a few hits.
Freddy Plush
The Freddy Plush acts as a hot potato. You can pick it up and throw it at others to force the Freddy Plush onto them. As the Freddy Plush is in play, Freddles will begin to spawn over it, who will damage and bite fighters who hold it. After some more time passes, the Freddy Plush will disappear, and Nightmare Freddy will attack the player holding it out of nowhere, launching them to extreme levels.
Health Pack
Overwatch's Health Pack will spawn and remain stationary for a duration of 30 seconds. Anyone who walks through it will use up the health pack and regain about 15% health. The health pack will then take 5 seconds to respawn, and then is able to be used again. This process can be repeated until the Health Pack despawns.
Golden Axe
A slowly swinging weapon, it's an extremely powerful yet cumbersome Battering item. It is also great for cutting down utilities such as Pac-Man's hydrant and Villager's tree, but it excels at breaking shields as well. Breaks in a few swings.
The Supercharge gives the fighter who uses it 50% worth of "Dummy" damage. It basically gives you 50% worth of hitpoints to take before your main percentage is deducted and you take more knockback, sorta like typical armor in FPS games.
Fire Wheel
The user gets surrounded by a wheel of fire. The fire wheel will surround you as you move around and damage any enemies that come near, similar to Mega Man's Down B.


Please note that, like much of the information in the main article, this is only listing the Assist Trophies that are new to the game. Likewise, every Assist Trophy and Pokemon that is not a Playable Character now is in the game.

Assist Trophies

Assist Trophies are items that summon an Assist Character out of them, who will.... assist the user in battle. Assist Trophies can be K.Od, but any kills that they get will count for your kills.

Assist Assist
LakituNSMBU Lakitu's Assist Trophy finally makes the jump from 2D to 3D. Lakitu will move across the top of the stage, tossing Spinies onto the ground to walk forward and back. While easily defeatable, said Spinies will damage you both on the way down and if you touch their tops.
MP9 Chain Chomp Bust Chain Chomp will stay pegged into the ground, waiting for passerby. It will patrol its area, and when someone approaches it will angrily launch towards it, grappled by its chain. It does major damage but has very low range. Attack its peg to set it free.
Thwomp SMG model Thwomp will remain way above the stage, waiting for someone to stand under it. Once someone's in its range, it will crash down, attempting to crush whoever lies under it. Unlike the previous game, you can stand on the Thwomp's now flat edges.
Hammer-Bro-NSMB-U-Official-Art-Render Hammer Bro. will jump around the stage, throwing hammers in an arc at opponents.
Birdo MP9 Birdo is a strange creature once appearing in Mario's nightmares, shooting Eggs at him. Later on, Birdo became a mainstay of the Mario cast, appearing multiple times over the course of the franchise. Birdo will appear at the left of the screen, and will jump up and down- spitting eggs at the enemies which will travel forward. These eggs also act as platforms, similar to Gogoat's Pokeball action.
WartLeap Another character first appearing in Mario's dreams, Wart didn't get the lucky break that Birdo did. Wart has instead fallen obscure to time, and hasn't appeared in a Mario game in years! Wart will stand at a side of the battlefield and rapid fire bouncing bubbles at the stage, which will damage opponents.
Flies &amp; Hand SSBU A swarm of flies flutters in the foreground, zipping around the stage. A hand will proceed to follow said flies, attempting to swap at each of them. If it swats on top of a player, said player will be launched. Assist will continue until it swats each fly.
Ghirahim Hyrule Warriors Ghirahim fights opponents with his sword. Also throws knife projectiles from afar, damaging opponents.
TPHD Midna Artwork Midna deals damage to opponents by using a large hand to fling them around. Good for displacing enemies. Can throw them either towards or away from you.
TingleHW Tingle pulls a random effect, including attaching balloons to opponents, spawning items or change up the camera- whatever Tingle deems the most useful.
Moon assist The Moon crashes into the screen from the background, causing a massive explosion near the left of the stage. Can K.O at extremely early percentages, so stay cautious.
Revali Revali will fly above the screen, launching arrows down onto the screen from above. His arrows will pin players to the ground temporarily. It will also grant the user "Revali's Gale" after he leaves, allowing them to fly upwards extremely high by holding down Jump.
Kingharkinian King Harkinian will say "Dinner.", spawning dinner-like Food items (such as the chicken and steak food items) around the stage to rain from above. Directly after 7 seconds pass, he will say "scrub all the floors in Hyrule!" causing all items on stage, not just his food, to disappear.
Chef Kawasaki Assist Trophy (SSBU) Places enemies in his pot, cooks, and then launches them, releasing food around along with the damaged opponent.
KnuckleJoeSSB4 Locks onto an enemy, delivering a powerful combo attack before launching them.
Nightmare SSB4 Nightmare blinds every player, blocking the stage's view and shrouding it in darkness.
Adeleine- Star Allies Adeleine attacks and assists by drawing up multiple images that can move around and fight. She can draw miniature Kracko, Ice Dragon, and Waiu as she does in Star Allies, with their paint powers about matching their roles in Star Allies, and she can also summon a fridge to drop a good amount of food if its user has a high percentage.
MetroidSamusReturns Metroid Sucks the life force out of opponents, but can be shaken off. Only dies to ice.
3.3.Mother Brain&#039;s glass is broken Mother Brain uses her rainbow beam to damage enemies, sitting at the left end of the stage. Is guarded by some of Metroid's enemies.
Black Knight Assist Trophy (SSBU) Black Knight will slowly trudge around the stage, striking unlucky enemies with his sword, and has a high defense stat.
Lyn Assist Trophy (SSBU) Lyn appears suddenly next to an opponent and slashes powerfully, sending opponents flying.
Tiki SSBU Tiki transforms into a dragon and uses her fire breath to cause chaos.
Burrowing Snagret Assist Trophy (SSBU) Burrowing Snagret digs into the ground and pecks at unsuspecting opponents powerfully.
1.2.Klaptrap with it&#039;s mouth open Klaptrap follows opponents and latches on to foes before knocking them away.
1.4.Jeff Preparing a firework Jeff fires rockets from his launcher, exploding on his enemies and launching them away.
StarmanEarthbound The Starman teleports around the stage, firing energy objects at opponents.
Kapp&#039;n Assist Trophy (SSBU) Kapp'n drives his bus, carrying opponents that make contact with him off stage; or at least trying to.
Phosphora3D Phosphora teleports herself around the stage, casting electric attacks on the players.
RikiSSB4 Riki uses a set of his abilities from Xenoblade, like Yoink and Freezinate to damage the enemies.
Callie&amp;Marie The Squid Sisters will preform as the camera zooms in on their singing, the blastzones zooming in as well.
RathalosSSBU Rathalos works as his boss does, damaging everyone with fire attacks and charges.
Akira Assist Trophy (SSBU) Akira will move around the stage, attacking players with moves from Virtua Fight. He's pretty low-poly!
Arcade Bunny Assist Trophy (SSBU) Arcade Bunny summons a claw from thin air to grab from the top of the screen, pulling enemies into the blastzone.
Bomberman Smashified Bomberman bounces around, placing bombs which explode in an X formation around the stage.
Color TV-Game 15 Assist Trophy (SSBU) Color TV-Game 15 spawns two paddles and a ball to play a game of Pong on the stage, the ball damaging opponents that it hits.
DevilSSB4 Devil will point and move the stage's camera, moving the blastzones along with it.
Dillon Assist Trophy (SSBU) Dillon attacks enemies with a "spin-dash" esque attack, before using an increasingly powerful attack that can launch enemies far.
Dr Kawashima 3DS Dr. Kawashima launches in numbers from the background of the stage to be knocked around; when the math adds up, the numbers explode!
Wright SSB4 solo Dr. Wright summons contact damage buildings from the ground, causing heavy stage control in the user's favor.
Ghostspacman Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde dash around the stage, damaging opponents they touch; before becoming increasingly faster before the assist ends.
Guile SSBUltimate Guile throws projectiles while camping in a corner, blocking attacks and avoiding physical intervention. Talk about an unfair player!
Sonic z knux Knuckles crawls underground before emerging, uppercutting. Can also make use of a homing attack.
Nikki Nikki draws a number of sketches on stage, including Banzai Bills and the Tri Force itself.
NintendogAssistrender Nintendog appears as a random dog and covers the screen, playing/licking the camera.
RodinSSBU Rodin uses attacks resembling Bayonetta's Smash Attacks and other aerials, and then tosses an item at the summoner before his departure.
SablePrinceSSB4 Sable Prince changes into his two animal forms; frog and snake; to attack the enemies.
GX Samurai Goroh Samurai Goroh uses his swords to attack his enemies and chase them down.
Sheriff SSB4 Sheriff shoots a powerful pistol at his enemies, moving up and down.
Shovel Knight Assist Trophy (SSBU) Shovel Knight bounces off of enemies using his shovel, as well as flinging dirt at his enemies.
Starfy Assist Trophy (SSBU) Starfy spin attacks opponents that cross his path. A ruthless killer.
Takamaru SSB4 Takamaru uses his weapon to throw from afar or slash rapidly at his opponents.
Vincessbu Vince uses his paintbrush to block the view of enemies using his paintings in the foreground.
Wily Capsule Assist Trophy (SSBU) Wily Capsule spawns Dr. Wily to teleport and fire elemental projectiles at the enemies, just like in his Mega Man boss fight.
Yuri Kozukata SSBU Yuri Kozukata uses her camera in the foreground to snap photos of opponents, stunning them.
MaxBrass Max Brass is the champion of the ARMS league, an old and toned fighter who lives off of winning. He remains undefeated, and challenges whoever dares to attack his glory. Max Brass will appear on screen and attempt to preform an ARMS Grab on opponents, which will cause him to preform a damaging combo on them. He will attempt to repeatedly do this until he despawns.
714 The Mangle is a beaten and bruised animatronic once used as a normal Kid's Play animatronic- but when the kids kept trying to break her apart, Fazbear Entertainment opted to instead save money and stop repairing the animatronic. That coupled with a child's soul equals a murderous, wall scaling robot. Mangle, when spawned, will quickly disappear into the top of the screen. Then, a short time after, it will drop on an unexpecting opponent, biting their head which will do major damage. The screen will flicker before Mangle's attack, so opponents should prepare to shield or dodge to block the attack.
Dig Dug Sprite Dig Dug is a relic of the old Namco days, running around underground with a nozzle and tunes playing in the background, popping Pookas and lizards left and right. Dig Dug will chase an opponent and attach a nozzle to them, "inflating" them until they "pop", which launches them. If interrupted, Dig Dug's nozzle will detach, causing his victim to, while not pop, remain bloated for a short period of time- making them slow but floatier. Dig Dug will chase people down and attack for 13 seconds before disappearing.
Mercy2 Mercy is the Overwatch team's medic, healing countless soldiers in battle with her Cadecus Beam, increasing damage and "carrying" them throughout time. Mercy will fly up to you and follow you until she is K.Od. She will use her Healing Staff to damage boost you while you're attacking, which adds a 1.5x modifier to your attacks, and will heal you while you shield. However, she is very easy to kill.
Roadhog2 Roadhog is an obese junker who's hellbent on destruction, although he's more sane than his partner, Junkrat. He and Junkrat work together with heists, burglaries, demolition, and more. It's debatable if he's a hero or not. Roadhog stands near the side of the stage, shooting his Hook at people around the stage and attempting to pull them off. He also acts as a body barrier, players unable to pass by him.
DJOctavio DJ Octavio appears piloting his giant "DJ stage" hovercraft, jumping into the background. He will launch powerful punches into the foreground, which will knock enemies away, until he disappears. They will also leave some purple "ink" on the ground, which acts as the Inklings' do. Before leaving, he uses a powerful Killer Wail attack.
GamecubeG The Gamecube startup appears large in the center of the screen. It acts as a "black hole"-ish area, and players nearby will get sucked into the center of it during its duration. While people are in it, they will take damage- before the huge block hits the middle to solidify the logo into its normal form, playing the classic sound effect and launching every fighter inside of it.
Cacodemon Doomtroid A Cacodemon will fly around the stage, shooting blue energy projectiles at opponents. Cacodemons are only hurt by projectile attacks when they open their mouths. If you get too close to a Cacodemon, it will snap at you, biting you for a big of damage.


Pokemon work almost exactly the same as Assist Trophies, but they spawn out of a seperate item called a Poke Ball. There are also Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls. While Pokemon of any tier can spawn out of Poke Balls, the "tier" of the Pokemon determines whether it will spawn out of respective Balls. Great, Ultra, and Master Balls have their tiers where only Pokemon from that tier and above can spawn.

Assist Assist
Poke Ball

Magnemite uses an unknown move to pull nearby opponents towards it and drop them down. It will then move somewhere and repeat the process. It will do this 3 times before disappearing. The summoner is not effected by the pull of Magnemite.

Pokken Magikarp
Great Ball
Magikarp is a pathetic excuse for a Pokemon. All it does is uselessly flop around the stage. However, attacking it comes with a cost, as it DOES have the most powerful move in the Pokeball Assists, which is why it earned its Great Ball status. If players hurt Magikarp too much, he'll evolve into Gyarados. Gyarados will fly around the stage and fire huge, extremely powerful Water Blasts at the stage, like Samus' Final Smash but watery. It is advised that players do NOT hurt Magikarp.
Great Ball
Primarina uses Sparkling Aria, where she lobs a large water bomb to damage opponents. It can hit multiple times in midair, and when it lands it will leave a puddle which is slippery and can cause you to slip in.
Master Ball
Zeroara uses Plasma Fists to strike the ground, causing the ground to become charged with electricity. Touching platforms will cause you to survive, but standing on the main surface will stun you until the attack is done. It will effect all except the user of the attack, which allows the user to go around and smash the stunned victims.
Poke Ball
Scorbunny will dash around the stage, leaving a weak trail of fire which will lightly damage enemies over time who walk in it. He will also sometimes run towards enemies and hit them with strong but small kicks.
Great Ball
Garbodor will slowly trudge back and forth around the stage, with an aura of poisonous gas surrounding him. If touched, characters will be temporarily stuck to Garbodor.
Ultra Ball
Decidueye jumps up and down at the left corner of the stage, firing multiple arrows in a fan pattern. Sometimes, he will soar across to the other corner of the stage, raining arrows upon the stage.
Poke Ball
Mareanie's head spike will attach to enemies who draw near her as he moves back and forth, and will trap them for a second or two, giving them a poison effect and attacking them with their tentacles.
Great Ball
This Wishiwashi will turn into a school of Wishiwashi and charge at enemies before reverting back into their normal form to look for another target. The school of Wishiwashi is more powerful when there's more players fighting.
Ultra Ball
Arcanine will pounce on enemies and use Fire Breath, burning them before pouncing on another enemy. Is very larged, and can be ridden like Gogoat.

Boss Fights

Bosses are characters who will appear in a variety of modes. They are super powerful enemies that you must take down in either-

  • Classic Mode- at the end of each classic mode run.
  • Against All Odds- Randomly appearing at the end of waves that are multiples of ten.
  • Smash- Some bosses appearing as Stage Hazards or Assist Trophies.
Giga Bowser is a Classic Mode boss. Giga Bowser is a huge, monstrous version of Bowser's, and its moveset reflects that. All of his attacks are beefed up versions of Bowser's normal ones, as well as a couple of exclusive moves- for instance, an attack where he leaps into the sky and drops down, causing shockwaves to anyone on the ground. He also can jump off to the left of the stage, standing halfway through the bottom blastzone as if he was dipped in lava like in the NSMB games, and slash at the stage itself.

Giga Bowser can sometimes jump into the background and spray fire breath on the stage from the background. Giga Bowser has about 800HP.

Giga Bowser
Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)
Ridley Clone appears as the boss fight of "Pyrosphere" (as a stage hazard), as well as appearing at the end of some characters' classic mode routes. He is separate from the Ridley character, though both coexist in the game. Ridley Clone is a huge boss. Ridley Clone will deliver huge damaging attacks such as large fireballs, slashes, stomps, coming in through the background, damaging/tipping the stage, and more. In Classic Mode, Ridley has around 1000 HP.

As a Stage Hazard, if you hit him enough times, he will eventually fight for you against your opponents. This means that he will not attack you, and any kills Ridley gets will count as yours. Similar to his role in Dead or Alive, Ridley has a new cutscene-based attack, where he sits on the side of the stage for a few seconds, waiting for prey. If someone touches him in this form, he will initiate a cutscene where he grabs the character and drags them across the wall of Pyrosphere before flinging them, effectively killing them if they're above 100%.

Ridley Clone
Metroid: Other M (2010)
Mega Rayquaza is a semi-new boss, partly returning from Brawl's Rayquaza boss, with a new shine to it. Mega Rayquaza mostly borrows its original counterpart's boss battle, including electricity attacks and burrowing moves. However, Mega Rayquaza is now fought on a platform floating through the sky, surrounded by storm clouds over Hoenn. Not only is Mega Rayquaza attacking you, but the environment is, too. Watch out for slippery rain pouring sessions, as well as lightning striking the stage.

Mega Rayquaza's battle arena will sometimes move to areas where Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon will attack over the seas or a large arid desert. These do not have much effect on gameplay, with the Primal Pokemon not having much to do with the battle- however, waves will crash over the stage in Kyogre's section, while a strong dust storm rages in Groudon's. Mega Rayquaza has 750HP.

Mega Rayquaza
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (2014)
The Wither appears as an Assist Trophy, Classic Mode Boss, Against All Odds Boss, and a Stage Hazard. The Wither is a powerful, fast new boss in Ingenuity. Hailing from Minecraft, the Wither's main ability is firing off Wither Skull projectiles, which will explode upon contact with you. He can shoot up to three at a time. The Wither can also summon the Nether's Mobs- namely Wither Skeletons (which wield swords and will run towards you, inflicting Wither damage on you) and Blazes (floating creatures that fire Fireballs at you).

When the Wither reaches half of his health, he will gain a shield which will protect him against most projectile attacks, like Link's shield, requiring you to get up close. Likewise, the Wither will also be forced to lower itself to the ground in this mode. It will also gain the ability to fire off Blue Wither Skulls, more destructive and damaging yet slower versions of said Wither projectiles. He can also teleport, as well as temporarily transform the ground below you into Soul Sand to sink into. In the arena the Wither is fought in, as well as Minecraft's stage where he is the Stage Hazard, the Wither has the ability to destroy the environment.

As an Assist, he will disappear after a little bit of time. As a Stage Hazard, he will only spawn if the players find all 3 hidden Wither Skull items in the stage.

The Wither
Minecraft: Pretty Scary Update (2012)

Agent 8 Intercoms

Agent 8 has a series of intercoms that can be activated on the Deepsea Metro stage. The collection of dialogue is listed here.


The Vault returns from previous games. The Vault is a stash where you keep your collectibles, such as Music, Smash Cards and Trophies. The menu will also keep guard of Character Customization options, and a shop using in game currency. With Smash Card Binder, you can view a nostalgic binder filled with all of your collected Smash cards. Decorate it with cards and sort it out to your wants. View how many cards you have out of the complete amount, and simply admire your collection!

In Trophy Gallery, View up close shots with your trophies, with descriptions, origins and more, while in Trophy Collection, you can look at an organizable shelf with all of your collected trophies. In the Shop, use collected Gold and spend it on a randomized selection of shop items. Shop items can include Smash Cards, Trophies, Music and more.

You can also check out Replays to view saved Replays of recent battles, save them on to your device and edit them with all sorts of cool effects, similar to Mario Kart TV. You can upload them to Youtube or Twitter directly from your device. You can now fast forward in Replays, too, in case you just want to catch the cool parts.

In Smash Studio, you can edit your characters- include preferred Alternate Costume (to save for when you pick the fighter next time), Accessory, Control Scheme, and more. You can even save these options to a Joy-Con for easy tournament play, as well as to your Pro Controller.

Smash Cards

Smash Cards are the new collectible system similar to Spirits, fightable within Card Battles and then equippable. Please see Super Smash Bros. Ingenuity/Smash Cards for more.


  • Most of Waluigi's moveset is taken from Ender's entry in a Moveset Contest game.
  • Knuckles was planned as an addition to this game, however his inclusion felt rushed and made the creator feel like a basic bitch so he was reduced to a stage hazard.
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