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Developer(s) Bandainamco


Publisher(s) Nin10
Designer(s) SGY
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogoBlack
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Release Date(s) Flag of the United States March 29, 2018

Flag of Japan March 29, 2018

Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer, Online multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB 10 Pegi 12

Super Smash Bros. Infinite is a upcoming game in the Super Smash Bros. series set to be released on Nintendo Switch. The game will come on March 29, 2018. 



Super Smash Bros. Infinite has the same formula from the past games, the pace of the battles is stated between Melee and Brawl like in SSB4.

The moveset, visuals and some veterans were changed with completely new moves (such as Link). The game uses Unreal Engine 4, the game ofters the most beautiful visuals in the Super Smash Bros series. Some stages have rain and mud effects (Battlefield for example), that applies to the character, leaving wet or dirty effects, the game also features Battle Damage Effect for some characters.

The main menu was updated to look like a lobby from games like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Splatoon. Players can walk and visit every place from the lobby, find secret items and patchs.



Classic Mode


This time the Classic Mode is set up as a Chess game between Master Hand & Crazy Hand against the player. Players starts with 3 stocks (It can be moved during the gameplay), the opponents will be moving too, so sometimes the players will fight against more characters or in team battles.

After beating all the characters, enemies and Mini-Games, Master Hand and Crazy Hand will transform the Chessboard into Final Destination to the final battle. During all rounds, opponents may hold trophies, equipment, custom moves, coins or credits.

Fusion Between Worlds

Something's gone wrong in the happy-go-lucky world of Nintendo.
Fusion between Worlds introduction.

280px-World 1 - Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World Map

This Mode serve much like as The Subspace Emissary, in a similar vein to Super Mario 3D World Map, The Fusion World is a clash between franchises like Mushroom Kingdom between Hyrule, get ready for fusion with enemies, bosses and stages. You can use the Fusion Stone to do fusion moves (Falcon Punch + Sonic Boost) you can do a Falcon Punch releasing a Sonic Boost. Somes bosses have a Fusion Stone, get ready for really scary monsters like Yveridley.  Players can collect a Custom Icon (Lighting, Fire and Ice) to fusion with a item like Bumper in the inventory, so you can use a Fire Bumper or Ice Ray Gun in the adventure mode.

Custom Icon
Icon Function

Fire Icons turns some items into fire variations:

  • Fire GunSGY  Throws faster fireballs, but ends more quickly than the normal Ray Gun.
  • FireBumperSGY Bumpers turns into a explosive throwing item or a obstacle.
  • FireShellSGY The Fire Shell will follow the enemies and will cause a big explosion.
  • Mr Fire SaturnSGY This angry Mr. Saturns don't change so much, Throwing a Mr. Saturn it causes to bounce, firing fire with random direction.

Electric Icons turns some items into electric variations:

  • Electric GunSGY  With this variation, players can shoot balls of electricity, this variation paralyzes the targets for 8 seconds.
  • ElectricBumperSGY Bumpers turn into a electric throwing item or a obstacle. If some enemy approach, the Bumper will send a ball of electricity.
  • ThunderShellSGY Thunder Shell act like a regular green shell, but every time player step in the shell, it will charge a powerful electric energy.  
  • Smart ThunderSGY  With this variation, players can attack or throw this bomb. The explosion will spin electricity around the bomb.

Frozen Icon turns items into ice variations:

  • Ice GunSGY With the Ice Gun, players can shoot ice beams for a limited time, it will frozen the enemy for 15 seconds.
  • IceBumperSGY Bumpers turns into a ice throwing item or a obstacle, with this variation, players can throw the bumper to freeze a enemie.
  • Ice OmbSGY Bob-Ombs turns into a ice bomb, who going to follow the enemies and freeze them.
  • IceShellSGY Just like the fire shell does, Ice Shells follows the enemies. If ice shell hits the enemy, they will freeze in one spot.
  • XIcebombSGY X-Bomb turns into a explosive ice bomb, with the same role from the original X-Bomb, but now keeps the enemies frozen for a long time.
  • Freeze SaturnSGY Mr. Freeze Saturn still with the same function of the normal Mr. Saturn, after breaking a shield, the enemy will be frozen for 15 seconds.
Dark IconSGY

Dark Icons turns items into dark variations:

  • DarkBoxSGY This Cannon fires a dark ball, if the dark ball touch into a enemy or character, will cause a big explosion and will turns the character into a trophy.
  • DarkGunSGY Throws a powerful dark energy, but ends more quickly than the fire variation.
  • DarkShellSGY The Dark Shell works just like a Spiny Shell and they causes a large explosion.
  • XDarkBombSGY X-Bomb turns into a dark bomb, explode and reveals a vortex. The vortex sucks in the enemy, deals damage (around 50%) and launch them.

Common Enemies



Color variant of enemies with some unique attributes.

RedParaGoombaSGYRedKoopaSGYYellowKoopaSGYBlueKoopaSGYBull's-Eye BillSGYFireBroSGYBoomerangBroSGYIceBroSGYBlueKritterSGYRedKritterSGYBrownKritterSGYBlueBokoblinSGYBlackBokoblinSGYGoldenBokoblinSGYSilverBokoblinSGYGoldenCuccoSGY

Fusion Enemies


Enemy Description
BokoombaAWSGY This fusion between Goomba and Bokoblin is a strange, but a strong one. Bokoomba can attack like a regular Goomba, he can also attack with a strong but slow Boko Club.
LakirachaAWSGY The Lakitu still the same old guy from the past games, but this time he throws Arachas. The cloud have a new form now, it can attack with the tail.
SamuraiBroSGY Samurai Brothers are very tough foes, don't mess around or they will cut you down with the katana.
OctroidSGY Octroid do everything a regular Octorok do; Shooting rocks projectiles, but at this time fused with Metroid, Octroid can grab character's head just like the regular Metroid and sap their health.

These scary creatures are extreme powerful. Mick-Doo can shoot a laser out of its button eye,split out plasma and attack with their tongue.

BrontoBatartSGY Those cute creatures are rare and dangerous, BrontoBat can attack with headbutt, supersonic and Cross poison move. Be careful to not become dizzy!
BooffingSGY Booffing attacks with Ghosts Clouds which makes characters stunned for a few moments.
BorbingerSGY Borbinger appears as a powerful enemy. It can attack running to stomp the player, biting and they are covered in spikes and they will fly vertically, horizontally or in a Circular path just like a regular Zinger.
Helix-ChompSGY A new creation made by Dr. Coyle and Fusion. They have created a powerful Helix fused with Chain-Chomps, The Chain Chomps can bite players from a really good distance.
MotoShellSGY Looks like a regular Moto Bug, but they are REALLY fast with that great shell. The Red ones will follow you at the speed of the sound.
BonzukaSGY Bonzukas are really dangerous, they can shoot explosive coconuts and TNT Barrels. Banzukas can also attack with the Bazooka, just like a hammer!
Chase Enemies




Mid-Boss Descripton
Knight Junior and Slime Car This fusion can be a dangerous one. The Slime Clown Car can jump around the stage to smash you and attack with the sword, The Slime Car can shield projectiles.
BowstoiseSGY Bowser with the Fusion stones can make so much trouble, this time, Bowser has fusied with a guy who looks like him.

Bowstoise is a heavy enemy with two powerful cannons. He has super-armor, he can also use moves like Hydro Pump and Surf.

Uka-GuySGY The first of the Maskhood, Uka-Guy can flight and protect his wearer. Uka-Guy can use a spear to attack.
Majora-GuySGY Majora-Guy is the second from Maskhood, He can flips the stage updside-down, inverting the direction of the fighters' movements. He can also grow tentacles.
Hed-GuySGY The head from Maskhood, Hed-Guy uses every ARMS to attack the fighters. It can escape from Shy Guy's body and attack from itself.
Coyle-MobileSGY Dr. Coyle and Dr. Eggman are working together and they made a powerful body for Coyle. She can attack with very strong punchs and fire missiles.



Boss Description
Big BullSGY A new Black Bull made by G.U.N., Big Bull can fly fastly and attack with strong side attacks, Big Bull can use Missiles and a machine gun. Perfect for a villain like Black Shadow.
MinchBrainSGY That fusion is a dangerous one. Brain Minch can create balls of energy, send Porky-Bots and can fire a powerful laser blast from Mother Brain's eyes.
VegoraSGY Vegora is very fast, but with weak melee combos. However he can do fast combos to send you flying, Vegora call use a powerful and fast Ultra Combo.

Assist Characters

These characters appears in some stages in form of background or helping you like a Assist Character.


Character Info
Red Paint Guy The Paint Guys appears in hidden places in every world. If the player helps the Paint Guy find a paint can, Paint Guy will be a assist character who attack with the pain can or turns the enemies into stickers.
HyruleSoldier The Hyrule Soldiers appears in the first world against the Fusion Battle, some of the soldiers will be possessed by Fusion and the others will be helping you in some battles against the Fusion.
PokemonTrainerSSB4 The Pokémon Trainer is back, sometimes you need to help in his conquest to find some pokéball around the Fusion World. He appears as a Assist Character to help the heroes against the bosses, throwing pokéball into the enemies!
Tamagon3D Tamagon appears fighting against the evil in the Fusion World, you can help him to find Crossses around the map, with the Crosses, he can breathe fire and help you.
Doshin Doshin will appear in some levels and help the player to enter in secret areas.
MinMin Min Min will appear fighting against enemies at World 4, if you help her to defeat all the enemies, she will be part of your Assist Team. Min Min can charge her left arm into a dragon.

Tower of Challenges

Tower of Challenges is a new mode for 2-players. The players they go through various challenges like Normal Battle, Special Battle, Team Battle, Boss Battle, Home-Run Contest, Multi-Man Smash, Target Blast, Horde and Break the Targets. Passing each tower, you will have to defeat the boss of the tower betting everything earned during challenges, you can choose a franchise tower or a mix tower, in Franchise Tower you will beat challenges of a franchise and a boss (example:Super Mario Tower will have challegens based on Super Mario series). In Mix Tower you will beat challenges and bosses from various franchises.

Franchise Towers
Icon Description


Super Mario Tower

Super Mario Tower, in this tower players play challenges from Super Mario series, get ready to fight with foes like Petey Piranha.
Color Challenge
BossSGY Purple Challenges means Boss Battles, the final challenge of a tower.
NormalSGY The players must defeat a regular character.
SpecialSGY Players must defeat a character with special effects like Metal Battles, Giant and Vanish characters.
JackpotSGY A special battle for a Gold Prize.



There two Team Battles, battles, players must defeat a certain number of characters or fight like a classic Team Mode from the past games.
TargetHomeSGY Players need to play some bonus game to win prizes.
ChaseSGY Players need to beat a horde of enemies from differents franchises.
HordeSGY Players need to chase a enemy with a special prize.
Types of prizes
Prize Description

Mario BagSGYZeldaBagSGYKirby BagSGY Sonic BagSGY

Colorful Bags

Means prizes based on a franchise.(Red Bag:Super Mario's Rewards)


Gold Bag

Means update on character stats, coins and increases the double of yours prizes.


Bowser's Icon

Means Boss Rewards, If you beat the boss, you will still with all yours rewards and will win a Boss Trophy.

Chase Mode

You need to chase a enemy to collect a new item like Custom moves, Trophy, Masterpieces and Music, but you have a certain time to chase him.

Character Stage


Running Man

350px-South Hyrule Field

Hyrule Field

Nabbit, New Super Mario Bros. U


MS Rio2016 OlympicStadium

Olympic Stadium



Pumping grand

Pumpkin Grand


Doc Louis


The Street




Ice Slide



FZeroGrandPrix copy

F-Zero Grand Mix



Diagonal Valley Rally

Diagonal Valley Rally



The Plain

The Plains

Brawl Sticker Snowman (1080 Avalanche)


Frosty Shadows

Frosty Shadows


Bullet Bill


Cloudtop Cruise

Cute metalsonic

Metal Sonic (Available after update 1.0.2)

Stardust SpeedwaySGY

Stardust Speedway


Klobber (Available after update 1.0.2)


Pirate Panic


Home-Run Contest

Home-Run Contest follows the same rules as in the previous installment but now players can upgrade the Home-Run Bat and unlock others Bat.

Bat Stats


Home-Run Bat

  • Power: 8/10
  • Normal Attack: 6/10
  • Throw: 6/10
  • Speed: 7/10


Wooden Home-Run Bat

  • Power: 9/10
  • Normal Attack: 8/10
  • Throw: 4/10
  • Speed: 3/10


Fire Flower Bat

  • Power: 6/10
  • Normal Attack: 9/10
  • Throw: 8/10
  • Speed: 6/10

*This bat have a fire effect.

Ogre Club

Ogre Club

  • Power: 10/10
  • Normal Attack: 9/10
  • Throw: 3/10
  • Speed: 1/10


Sun and Moon Bat

  • Power: 7/10
  • Normal Attack: 4/10
  • Throw: 5/10
  • Speed: 7/10

*This bat have a lighting effect.

Wii Remote and Nuchuk

Wii Remote & Nunchuck

  • Power: 5/10
  • Normal Attack: 8/10
  • Throw: 10/10
  • Speed: 6/10

Smash Sports

Boss Room

Boss BattlesSGY

Just like the Boss Battles from Brawl, Boss Battles is a unlockable stadium mode up to 2 players, the goal still the same, beat bosses from the Adventure Mode, very similar to All-Star Mode. Once a boss is defeated, the player will come back to the rest arena. The rest arena will display all defeated bosses as trophies, The player cannot use customs fighters in Boss Battles.

Boss ModeSGY

In this new multiplayer mode, one player controls a Boss, while three other players try to defeat the Boss. All Bosses from the Tower of Challenges are playable with four attacks buttons, all stage from the game are avaiable in Omega version. The game will start with 3 playable bosses, players need to unlock others beating them in Tower of Challenges, bosses have around the half of HP they do in Tower of Challenges mode. 

Special Event Smash


After the update 1.0.6, Super Smash Bros. Infinite has been update with a new online mode. Every month a new event appears. If the player wins the event, will unlock a new costume for a character. To enter in the Event, players must pay with Smash Coins. 

A Online Leaderboard will save players' records, If the player enters on the Top 5, it will earn 1000 Smash coins.

Name Icon Objective Reward
You Got a Moon! IconEventSGY Collect more Star Moon than Mario.


Melee Mario - Mario

Tri Forces Heroes EventLinkSGY Defeat Giant Ganondorf and 3 Bokoblins.

HW Link - Classic Tunic

Classic Tune - Link

The Mega Custom Armor SaveRaySGY Defeat Mega Man, Metal Mega Man and Vanish Mega Man. Save Ray MK III.


Ray MK III - Samus

The King of Iron Wooden Fist...? MokuSGY Defeat Mokujin, Metal Mokujin (Tetsujin), Faster Mokujin, Mini Mokujin and Giant Mokujin.


Mokujin - Heihachi

Decision Time FoxFoxSGY Defeat Fox, Giant Wolf and Metal Falco.

StarFox Fox

Old School Fox - Fox

Ghost Hunt...? GhostEventSGY Defeat King Boo and collect 150 Halloween coins.


Polterpup and Crow- Duck Hunt




You can use filters

Just like in the past game, you can share snapshots with friends, but now the game has new filters to make a good snapshot. Players can use stickers and stamps to customize the snapshot, you can use 100 stickers and stamps.

Character Editor


The example of colors textures and outlines

Sakurai has confirmed a Color Editor mode for the characters, the mode looks like the same Color Editor on Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers. You can choose sections like hair, hat, gloves, clothes or shoes. You can use shaders, like metal shaders. Some characters have exclusive shades like Link and Toon Link with a Cell-Shaded look or Mario with his Brawl visual, and you can use outlines on the characters or even aura an flames just like Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Players can adjust the color saturation and brightness, the Color Editor will have 10 slots. After update 1.0.2, players can customize the damage meter with icons or create their own.

Icons (After update 1.0.2)


Victory Editor

You can also change the colors of the victory screen and put exclusives things

Players can change the victory of a character with items.

like fireworks or items from the character's game like Mario with Super Mario Bros blocks and Goomba, you can change the victory theme to more 3 victory themes for a character, the players must unlock new items for a character by beating modes like Classic Mode, or beating some events to unlock exclusives items for a specific character.


Trophy Machine


The Machine

Players can earn trophies just playing this mode, the player will need 3 credits to enter in the machine and get a trophy, use the stick to right or left and press A to try to grab a trophy. Don't try to grab a bomb, you can lose coins and credits. Players can get a credit playing Classic Mode or All-Star Mode, the most trophies you grab, most dificulty will be to earn.

Online Modes

For Fun

Smash Royale
Smash RoyaleSGY

Smash Royale is a 20-Player Mode with Battle Royale aspects. Players will fight at The Great Cave Ofensive, players can change the game rules, like % to HP or enable items. The Top 5 will receive a special Smash Box with exclusives prizes like Mii costumes, coins or even shades for characters.

For Glory

Master Smash 

Master Smash allows players to observe and react to the match going on between the champion and the next challenger as they wait to play the defending champion. Players can earn Smash Coins with the spectators rate the winner of the battle out of 10. This mode is similar to King of the hill from Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat X/XL. press 16px-NS Y Button to chat with other players in spectator mode, press AButtonNS to react during a match, press XButtonNS to see a profile, press BButtonNS to exit a Master Smash and press LButtonNS to watch in full screen. 

Rate Gold
0 0G
1 5G
2 10G
3 15G
4 20G
5 25G
6 30G
7 35G
8 40G
9 45G
10 50G








 The Costumes: Mii Costumes List

The Weapons: Mii Full Weapons List

The Mii Fighters are cut from this game, now you can create a Mii freely. You can put and customize all of the moves; from the basic moves to special moves also you can add weapons like Fighting Gloves, Swords, Guns and Magic Beams to all moves. The Mii's Creation Mode remembers character creation from games like Soul Calibur.

Boss Mode Characters

The playable characters from the Boss Mode, bosses can be unlocked beating them in Tower of Challenges mode.

SSBWIIU Master Hand
Petey Piranha MPSR
Yellow Devil SSB4
Master Hand

Petey Piranha

Yellow Devil

Koloktos2 Ridley SSB4 Bashmaster




CrazyHandSSB4 RobotSGY Big MontgomerySGY

Crazy Hand


Big Montgomery

Susie mech Rayquaza SSB4 Evil Sag



Evil Sage

KingBooInhibitionArt True Ogre TTT2
King Boo True Ogre

Master Core's Unlockable Costume


Every character in this game have a unlockable 10th color, to unlock the color, players will need to beat Master Core at hard difficulty (8.0-9.5)





Unlocking Criteria

Downloadable Content


All-Stars Pack


All-Stars Pack vol.2


More information



Super Smash Bros. Classic Pack



Release Date: 03/29/18 (Special Edition), 04/25/18 (For everyone).

Stages Features 5 stages from the first game: Final Destination, Yoshi's Island, Sector Z, Metal Crystal and Planet Zebes.
Alternate Costumes Classic costumes for Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link, Samus, Captain Falcon, Ness, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu and Jigglypuff with a unlockable 10th color based on Fighting Polygon Team.
Classic Mode A Classic Mode from the past based on the 1P Game from Super Smash Bros.
Other games For the 12 characters from the first game, players can play the classic Break the Targets and Board the Platforms.

Mii Costumes and Weapons


SmashBallSGYAssistTrophySGYCDSGYBeamSwordSGYBumberSGYCapsuleSGYRayGunSGYMotionSGYBarrelSGYCratesRollingSGYBlastBoxSGYOilDrumSGYTimerSGYSmokeBallSGYGooeySGYTeamHealerSGYKOGloveSGYFoodSGYSandBagSGYPlushToySGYBabyYoshiSGYFreezeSGYBombBooSGYParabombSGYHotheadSGYBoomerangSGYFireFlowerSGYIceFlowerSGYBananaPeelSGYBoltSGYGaloombaSGYGreenShellSGYRedShellSGYBlueShellSGYSuperMushroomSGY1UpMushroomSGYSpringMushroomSGYSuperStarSGYHammerSGYGoldenHammerSGYKuriboSGYPOWBlockSGYWingCapSGYMetalBoxSGYVanishSGYBulletBillSGYCannonBoxSGYWarpBoxSGYAnimalCrateSGYSpringSGYRocketBarrelSGYWatermelonSGYKleeverSGYTNTBarrelSGYHeartContainerSGYStaminaVesselSGYChestSGYCuccoSGYBunnyHoodSGYGust BellowsSGYBeetleSGYBombchuSGYDekuNutSGYSpikedBokoClubSGYScrewSGYDaybreakSGYKillerEyeSGYOreClubSGYMedusaHeadSGYEggplantbombSGYXBombSGYBackShieldSGYAtlasFootSGYPoisonCloudSGYDrillSGYUrinaSGYMaximTomatoSGYStarRodSGYDragoonSGYWarpSGYSuperspicySGYSmartBombSGYMr.SaturnSGYBadgeSGYPokéBallSGYMasterBallSGYBeastBallSGYPitfallSGYBeehiveSGYHocotateSGYPowerUpLensSGYCameraObscuraSGYSploosh-o-maticSGYBurstBombSGYSuperScopeSGYUltraHandSGYRocketBeltSGYStickSGYXSpikeSGYUltrawingSGYBossGalagaSGYSuperFlagSGYWispCapsuleSGYTekkenBallSGYAku-AkuCrateSGYDiamondAxeSGY

Assist Trophies

LakituSGYHammerBroSGYAmazingFlyingSGYChompSGYBirdoSGYInkySGYBoomBoomSGYHarietSGYKamekSGYKat&AnaSGYAshleySGYYoungCricketSGYStanleySGYLankySGYTVColorSGYSheriffSGYAranRyanSGYHockeyPlayerSGYUrbanChampionSGYTingleSGYSkullKidSGYMidnaSGYGhirahimSGYDaruniaSGYSukaponSGYDevilSGYMotherBrainSGYMetroidSGYDarkSamusSGYPhosphoraSGYMagnusSGYKnuckleJoeSGYPoppyBrojrSGYPrinceFluffSGYEllieneSGYLynSGYTakumiSGYJeffSGYStarmanSGYMoleSGYGorohSGYArwingSGYAndrossSGYWrightSGYSabléSGYSakiSGYInfantryTanksSGYGamecubeSGYStarfySGYIsabelleSGYFiery BlowhogSGYNintendogSGYKawashimaSGYZipSGYDillonSGYHelixSGYWonderWhiteSGYFiendSGYTetrisBlocksSGYPacGhostSGYPhantomBomberSGYChunLiSGYProtoSGYClassicEggmanSGYAmySGYKazuyaSGYSephirothSGYTinyTigerSGYLumenSGYOpaOpaSGYPhoenixWrightSGYDoubleDragonSGY

Animal Crate


Poké Ball




Special Edition

The Super Edition     
Super EditionSGY
  • The game
  • Exclusive box art
  • 3 Amiibo
    • Mario
    • Link
    • Samus
  • Early access to the Classic Pack

Pre-Release and unused content

Fusion Characters

Fusion Characters were originally to debut in the Adventure Mode, but was scrapped because was too complex.




  • Simon Belmont and Knuckles were originally planned to make a debut in Super Smash Bros. Infinite. They were scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • A character involving various NES sports as part of moveset was scrapped due to time constraints.



  • Cardboard Croc 


Box art


Supporting Artwork


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