Stadium is a mode in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. It has the same mini-games it had in Brawl, with some new ones. Here is a list of all the mini-games it contains.

Target Smash

Like in SSBB, players must break certain targets in a level within a certain time limit. There are 4 difficulties (Easy - Normal - Hard - Very Hard). Each level changes depending on the difficulty.

Board the Platforms

Board the Platforms return from Super Smash Bros. Similarly to Target Smash, players must board certain platforms within a time limit. It has 4 difficulties. This mode is unlockable, and is unlocked by completing Classic Mode with any character.

Multi-Man Battle

Players battle against the Fighting Bros., humanoid mechas similar to the Fighting Alloys from Brawl. There are multiple kinds of battles:

  • 10 Man - Defeat 10 Fighting Bros.
  • 100 Man - Defeat 100 Fighting Bros.
  • 3 Minute - Battle endless Fighting Bros. for 3 minutes.
  • 15 Minute - Battle endless Fighting Bros. for 15 minutes.
  • Endless - Battle endless Fighting Bros. with no time limit.
  • Cruel - Battle endless, overpowered Fighting Bros. with no time limit.

Various awards are obtained from the Challenges in this mode.

Home-Run Contest

Home-Run contest returns from SSBB with absolutely no adjustments made. Players select a character and has 10 seconds to damage the sandbag. Within ten seconds, players must knock the Sandbag as further as they can using a bat. Prizes can be unlcoked from Challenge Mode by playing this mode.

Boss Battles

Boss Battles return from SSBB and have the exact same function. Players pick a fighter and fight all 14 Bosses from Story Mode, Classic Mode and oen random Boss from Adventure Mode in random order. Once they lose a life, it is game over and players must start all over again. Various prizes are awarded the player in Challenge Mode. Here is a list of all Bosses in Story Mode.

Sample Name Series Description
KingK.Rool MSS King K. Rool Donkey Kong King. K. Rool's size has been maximized. He is a relatively easy Boss. His attacks include rushing towards his enemies, jumping high, throwing barrels and ripping with his claws.
Decol Jean Descole Professor Layton Descole, as a Boss, is fought inside his machine. He has the same size as Proky and is somewhat easy. His attacks include laser beams, chomp, claw ripp, stomp, rockets, gatling guns and more. In the cutscenes, Descole is seen without it.
Medusa-kid-icarus-13175512-673-1103 Medusa Kid Icarus Medusa is a small Boss in size. She uses her staff in most of her attacks to deliver attacks from afar, as she doesn't move much from her spot. In spite of that, her attacks are very powerful and can even disable the player by turning them into stone. Her snake hair can also provide her with very good defense. She is encountered quite early in the game and thus, her difficulty isn't very high.
MotherBrain (570 x 321) Mother Brain Metroid Mother Brain is a semi-difficult Boss. She uses the same attacks from the Metroid series and retains her design from there. She has excellent defensive play.
644Zekrom Zekrom Pokemon Although not necessarily evil. Zekrom has been brainwashed by Bowser and Descole, attempt to help them gather the magical gemstones. Zekrom has very good stamina and defense. His attacks are very slow but extremely powerful and unprecedented. He has numerous projectiles and physical attacks, all based on his Thunder powers. The player requires a stretegy in order to defeat Zekrom, by destroying the 3 chains attached to him.
Fepr-Blackknight Black Knight Fire Emblem The Black Knight's size has been maximized, in order to be a larger target. He is incredibly slow and does not even move from his spot. His attacks are very slow, but hard to avoid and are extremely powerful. He does have some quick moves too. Not only does he use physical attacks, but also his sword, to execute very powerful attacks.
930025-darkmatter thumb Dark Matter Kirby Dark Matter is accompanied with Dark Dedede, his minion that appears solely as a Boss in Classic Mode, during the Boss fight. He is very large in size and constantly floats in mid-air, so that players have to rely mostly on their aerial attacks. Dark Matter's attacks are very quick. He uses tentacles formed by darkness and many projectiles. He can also change his shape and transform into various transformations to attack.
Giygas by Lord Zymeth Giygas Mother Giygas's debut in a 3D game. Giygas is a red entity that simply floats like a puff of dust. Therefore, players must rely on their aerial attacks. Giygas will also take various shapes and transformations during his battle. He will use his arms and legs to attack directly, or summon small minions of himself to attack indirectly, by screaming very loudly. He is very terrifying.
King booster King Boo Mario While at first glance he may look like an easy Boss, King Boo is one of the most difficult ones. He is fought in a location inside the Crystal Ice Palace. King Boo will plunge the stage into complete darkness so the player must find a switch and press it to switch on the lights. He uses many Boos to attack indirectly, but also his tongue.
Picture-unavailable Giyboodross Super Smash Bros. A fusion of Andross from the Star Fox series, King Boo from the "Mario" series, and Giygas from the Mother series, this creature features a white, ghostly, demon-like replica of Andross's face, with Giygas's red aura covering him, as well as his powers. He is very powerful and very difficult. His attacks are very quick and very unpredictable.
1389938-raimi large Kuraz Super Smash Bros. The true main villain of the game, who created a world of complete chaos and distortion by merging all of the worlds of Nintendo. He is a being made of blue energy. Kuraz gathered an army of Nintendo villains to find the seven power gems in order to revive him. Kuraz is not really evil, but a corrupted, good soul. His attacks are much more powerful than Tabuu's. He uses many tentacles formed by blue energy to attack, as well as many attacks borrowed from Tabuu. He is extremely powerful. He is fought on a neutral stage similar to Final Destination.
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