Due to the very large size of the page (32 bytes), all items from Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse will be listed here. Assist Trophies and Poké Balls from the game can be found on this page.


Items will randomly fall on the stage. Players can adjust how often they will appear and which ones will appear. Certain new items have appears wheres some have been removed. Most of the items are from the Mario series.

Sample Name Series Description
Smash Ball Smash Ball Super Smash Bros. Attacking one of these until it breaks gives the ability to use a Final Smash.
Assist Trophy Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros. Summons a random character to help the character who used it. Scroll down to see a list of all the Assist Trophies.
640px-ChainChompMP8 Chain Chomp Mario A rare melee item, it can be used as a mace to attack opponents. It is very powerful, but hard to obtain, as it can bite when touched.
Poké Ball OSSB

Poké Ball

Pokémon When thrown, it will summon a random Pokémon to assist the user. The list of all the Pokémon in Poké Balls can be seen below.
BrawlMetalBoxArtwork Metal Box Mario Turns the user temporarily into metal. They get heavier and get greater resistance.
BrawlHome-RunBat Home-Run Bat Mother Performing a Side Smash while holding this item will make a home-run-sized swing that sends opponents flying. It's rare and very strong when thrown.
BrawlDragoonArtwork Dragoon Kirby When a player manages to collect all 3 parts of it, he/she can then ram into the stage, knocking out all players within the crosshair.
Il 75x75.162718719 Music Box Mario All players fall asleep, except the summoner. The duration depends on the distance the players were from the box. If they are hit, they immediately wake up.
BrawlBeamSword Beam Sword Super Smash Bros. When performing a Smash Attack, the player can perform a slash with the sword. The longer it is held, the more powerful it gets.
BrawlFood Food Super Smash Bros. Heals the player who eats them. There are 28 of them which reduce the player's gauge in a different percentage.
BrawlWarpStar Warp Star Kirby The user take a ride on the Warp Star to launch a vicious attack from above on the opponents.
BrawlSuperMushroomArtwork Super Mushroom Mario The user becomes huge for 6 seconds.
Homming Homing Launcher Star Fox Fires up to 3 very powerful rockets.
Propellor Mush Build Propeller Mushroom Mario Floats around in the sky. When a player grabs it, they get equipped with a propeller on their head, allowing them to perform up to 5 mid-air jumps and even glide. It lasts for about 20 seconds.
BrawlHammer Hammer Donkey Kong The user unleashes a barrage of hammer swings. It is very powerful, but the user cannot use any other attack or mid-air jump while using it.
Banana Peel Banana Peel Donkey Kong Makes opponents trip.
BrawlMotion-SensorBomb Motion-Sensor Bomb Perfect Dark When thrown, they will be attached to the floor or wall and will detonate when a player walks on them. They are very powerful and can ahrly be seen.
Crossbow Crossbow The Legend of Zelda Fires an arrow straight forward. It has 10 amoes. It can be charged. Deals 6-8% uncharged, 12-15% fully charged.
BrawlBumper Bumper Super Smash Bros. When thrown, it lies on the ground or floats in the air and hits back all characters touching it. It is common but powerful.
BrawlSoccerBall Soccer Ball Mario This item cannot be picked up, but when hit with a powerful attack, it will burst into flames and fly into the air, hitting anyone in its path. It is very powerful.
BrawlSuperScope Super Scope Mario This beam gun lets the user choose between attacking with rapid-fire or charged shots.
BrawlHeartContainer Heart Container The Legend of Zelda Heals the player who eats it by 100 percent.
Cucco Cucco The Legend of Zelda If the player jumps while holding it, he will descend slowly. Also, if one hits the bird too many times, a flock of them will appear and attack at him.
BrawlCrates Barrels & Crates Super Smash Bros. Can be carried and thrown to opponents. They have items inside them.
StarmanSM3DW Starman Mario The user gets invincibile for 10 seconds.
WAND.Z.1 Zodiac Wand Golden Sun Very similar to the Star Rod, it fires purple star projectiles. If charged, their power increases as well as their size. Each star deals 6% damage, 16% if fully charged.
Trophy112 Cloaking Device Perfect Dark Makes the player invisible for 10 seconds.
BrawlMr.Saturn Mr. Saturn Mother Can be thrown to opponents. He is very weak but very useful.
PitfallArt Pitfall Animal Crossing Can be set on the ground. Other characters fall straight into a pit when walking over it, or if hit directly with it.
BrawlLightning Lightning Mario Makes all opponents very small for 10 seconds.
BrawlMaximTomato Maxim Tomato Kirby Eating one of these reduces the consumer's damage by 50 percentage points.
Powerbomb Power Bomb Metroid A very powerful throwable explosive, similar to the Bob-Omb.
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Fire Flower Fire Flower Mario Shoots a stream of fire.
Ice Flower Ice Flower Mario Shoots a stream of ice that freezed enemies.
Balance-Board-–-R699-99 Wii Fit Balance Board Wii Fit When a player stands on it, they will either get faster and lighter but weaker, or heavier, slower and stronger for a few seconds.
G25390ufdpz Blast Barrel Sheriff The Blast Bos has 3 X's on it and the face of the smoking vulture. When carried, it will leave a trace of petrol, which makes the floor slippery. When it is hit by a fire attack or a very powerful one, it explodes violently, causing anything in the area to be blown away and leaving a stream of fire on the location where the oil was spilt.
500314499090 lrg Oran Berry Pokémon Heals the player by 30%.
Firebarpanel Fireball Panel Mario When thrown, it will spin around clockwise, buring wit its fireballs. It is in 2D. More information about the item can be found here.
Franklin Badge Franklin Badge Mother Reflects any projectile.
BrawlDekuNut Deku Nut The Legend of Zelda A throwable item that makes people dizzy for a short amount of time.
BrawlCapsule Capsule Super Smash Bros. Break open these little capsules to find items. They are also effective as a throwing item. Capsules will explode on occasion.
BrawlUnira Unira Clu Clu Land Throwing an Unira into the ground or attacking it causes its spikes to extend, damaging opponents who bump into it.
BrawlGreenShell Koopa Shell Mario Throw, hit, or jump on this shell to send it sliding along the ground.
Poltergust3000 Trophy Poltergust 3000 Mario The user that is equipped with this can release small Boos to spin around the opponent's head and inflict them a lot of damage. It has limited Boos.
BrawlTimer Timer Super Smash Bros. Slows opponents down for a few seconds.
Wiibowl Wii Bowling Ball Wii Same as the Koopa Shell, but deals more knockback and damage and accelerates faster. It is also much heavier and powerful.
Smart Bomb Artwork Smart Bomb Star Fox A bomb that explodes with a large blast radius when thrown, destroying anything in its reach.
BrawlSandbagArtwork Sandbag Super Smash Bros. Beating Sandbag up make it drop items and food. As Sandbag accumulates damage, it gradually becomes easier to hit far distances.
BrawlBunnyHoodArtwork Bunny Hood The Legend of Zelda Makes the player who wears these lighter, faster and jumps higher.
Gooey Bomb Gooey Bomb Super Smash Bros. Can be attached to the ground or a character and explodes after a few seconds.
Wapo Unknown Weapon Kid Icarus Future Release
Unola Unknown Weapon Kid Icarus Future Release
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