This page features all Assist Trophies and all Poké Balls in the game Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. The Items will be listed here, whereas the Assist Trophies and the Poké Balls here due to the very large memory size of the page.

Assist Trophies

There are 38 Assist Trophies in total, 8 of which must be unlocked.

Sample Name Series Description
MP8 Birdo Birdo Mario Birdo is a normal rarety Assist Trophy. When summoned, it will throw eggs from its large mouth, like it did in Super Mario Bros 2, at the opponents. It works similarly to Yoshi's Final Smash, only it is less harmful.
NintendogSSBB Nintendog Nintendogs The Nintendog is a common Assist Trophy. When summoned, it will distract the players by covering the screen, and start barking and clawing. It works only in human players.
Metroid Metroid Metroid Once released, Metroid will float around the stage latching onto any players it encounters and sucking their health away. It is a normal rarety Assist Trophy
Takamaru SW3 Takamaru Nazo no Murasame Jo Takamaru is a normal rarety Assist Trophy. Once summoned, he will rush towards any opponent he finds, slashing them with his sword. He will also throw some in the air and midair slash them, delivering great damage.
PrincessRosalina Rosalina Mario Rosalina is a rare Assist Trophy. When summoned, she will cover the summoner in a large force field that resembles a bubble, reflecting any enemy projectiles, similarly to Gardevoir's effect.
Assist13 071214a Stafy Densetsu no Stafy Performs Spin attacks on any opponent he finds. Opponents can attack him and send him flying.
2gxqwkk Isa Jo Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Isa Jo will appear frequently. He will use his blaster and other shooting weapons to attack any opponent he finds on stage. He works very similarly to Saki from Brawl.
Bowser Jr by wilt b Bowser Jr. Mario Boswer Jr. will use his Paint Brush to rapidly attack enemies. He will also wipe the floor with paint, causing players to constantly trip. Plants will also grow from the paint on the floor and bite at the players. He is common.
RambiDKBarrelBlast Rambi Donkey Kong Rambi is extremely rare. The summoner gets to ride Rambi on his back and the player takes direct control of Rambi. Rambi will charge at any opponent he finds, delivering great damage and knockback. He lasts for about 15 seconds.
Eternal 1 2 The Eternal Diva Professor Layton Once summoned, she will start singing this song. It does not affect any player on the stage. It is simply to encourage the player. While singing, the background music stops and bright light illuminates her.
Puncha Mike Tyson Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Yup. That's right. Mike Tyson, the Boxing Legend appears as an Assist Trophy. Once he's summoned to the field, he will start punching any opponent he finds, sending them sky high.
480px-Skull Kid (Twilight Princess) Skull Kid The Legend of Zelda Skull Kid is a rare Assist Trophy. Once summoned, he will blow his horn and summon several Puppets to attack any opponent on the stage. These Puppets will slash the opponents and use black magic to inflict them damage.
Assist08 070926a Mr. Resetti Animal Crossing Mr. Resetti simply stands on one spot and lectures the players through a bubble speech. He is a semi-rare Assist Trophy.
475px-WhispywoodsKSS Whispy Woods Kirby Whispy is the largest Assist Trophy of them all. Once summoned, it will sit on the background of the stage and blow powerful stream of air from its mouth, pushing every opponent away. It will also leave some apples, sometimes, which can be used as throwabe items or healing items. It is a rare Assist Trophy.
334px-GSDDKaris Karis Golden Sun Karis is a rare Assist Trophy. Once summoned, she will cast spells on the stage, which affects all players, except the summoner. Each time, Karis will cast a different spell, each one with different effects. Some of them are very powerful whereas some of them are weak. All of them revolve around her Jupiter-Adept powers.
Ray01ty9 Ray MK III Custom Robo Ray MK III is a common Assist Trophy. He is also very small in size. He fires missiles from his right hand and bullets from its right hand. He is also very fast in speed.
398px-Micaiah Micaiah Fire Emblem Uses Thani, a white magic spell, on an opponent that causes them multiple damage. It can inflict up to 25% damage. She is a very common Assist Trophy.
Lucas Lucas Mother Lucas acts as if he were a playable character, using exactly the same moves he used when he was playable in Brawl, including PK Fire, PK Thunder and PK Freeze. He is a normal rarety Assist Trophy.
Ballon Fighter By Eltario Balloon Fighter Balloon Fight Balloon Fighter will fly around the stage, stomping at opponents and spiking them. He is somewhat slow and weak, but if there's no platform below him, the opponent will instantly be spiked. He is common whatsoever.
Samurai Goroh Samurai Goroh F-Zero Samurai Goroh uses his katana to slash opponents at a horizontal range. He can also jump. He is a common Assist Trophy.
Drlobe good Dr. Lobe Big Brain Academy Dr. Lobe doesn't last for much. All he does is stands on one place and hits players with his ruler, as if he's pointing at something to the viewer. His attacks are very weak and thus, he's very common.
DrakeRedcrest Drake Redcrest Chibi-Robo! Drake Redcrest is weak and common. He will charge weak attacks on any opponent he finds, using a Chibi-Blaster, as well as punches and kicks.
Jessie & James Team Rocket Pokémon Jessie amd James will appear inside their Meowth Balloon. They will float around and try to grab an opponent with their net. If they do, they will electrecute the victim so hard, inflicting up to 25-30% damage. Afterweards, the Balloon will explode, sending the victim sky high and anyone near the explosion. They are very rare.
Kawashima Dr. Kawashima Brain Age Dr. Kawashima's head will simply float in one place and will give various tips to the summoner. Sometimes, he will talk about irrelevant math problems.
Muddy Muddy Mole Mole Mania Muddy Mole will hide underground until he appears in a different spot and shoot a big cannon ball to any opponent he finds. He is common and not much powerful.
Assist16 080314awk03 Infantry & Tanks Advance Wars The Infantry and the Tanks are returning Assist Trophies from Brawl. They do the same they did there, shooting at opponents with bullets and cannons. They are common.
EBA 1 Elite Beat Agents Quendan These guys will do nothing but dance, altogether. While dancing, they release weak shockwaves which damage opponents and their own music theme plays along.
Portrait atalanta Atlanta Golden Sun Atlanta is one of the tree super rare Assist Trophies, along with Ulysses and Cybele. She is extremely rare and powerful but also very big in size. Once summoned, she will float above the stage. Then, she uses a series of rays of blue energy from the sky to strike down at the stage, dealing immense damage. It is very powerful and nearly unavoidable. When she is summoned, the audience will gasp in surprise. Players also receive a notice whenever they encounter her.
Portrait ulysses Ulysses Golden Sun Ulysses is one of the three super rare Assist Trophies, along with Atlanta and Cybele. He is extremely rare and powerful but also very big in size. Once summoned, he will float above the stage. Then, he uses a series of blue rays of blue energy from the sky to actually bite at opponents on stage, dealing immense damage. He is very powerful and nearly unavoidable. Players receive a notice whenever they encounter him and when summoned, the audience will gasp at surprise.
Ty Cybele Golden Sun Cybele is one of the three super rare Assist Trophies, along with Atlanta and Ulysses. She is extremely rare and powerful but also very big in size. Once summoned, she will lie on the ground. Then, she will summon her frog to go under the stage and erupt various vines from below, dealing immense damage. She is very powerful and nearly unavoidable. Players receive a notice whenever they encounter her and the audience will gasp in surprise when summoned.

Unlockable Assist Trophies

Sukapon Sukapon Joy Mech Fight Sukapon is common and relatively weak. He simply uses punches and kicks in his arsenal to attack at any opponent he finds. He is unlocked by clearing Classic Mode with 10 different characters on Normal difficulty or higher.
251848-rr mr 05 large Mach Rider Mach Rider Mach Rider works similarly to the Excitebiker. He will drive around the stage, shooting at opponents with his guns and driving them over. He is very powerful due to being very fast. He is unlocked by clearing Classic Mode with the Excitebiker.
Img19222158 Stanley Game & Watch Stanley the Bugman appears in his Game & Watch form. He is a common Assist Trophy. Once summoned, he will move in Game & Watch Quartams and spray opponents with his insecticide pump. The attack is only as powerful as Mr. Game & Watch's combo attack. He is unlocked by unlocking Mr. Game & Watch.
Sheriff - 1979 - Nintendo Bandits Sheriff/Bandido The Bandits appear in their original, blue, pixelized, 2D form. Once summoned, they will make a sound effect, borrowed from the original game, and will walk around the stage horizontally, shooting at opponents. They are similar to the Excitebike Assist Trophy from Brawl. They are unlocked by unlocking Sheriff.
Uil Wild Gunman Wild Gunman The Wild Gunman appears in his NES, 8-bit, pixelized form as well. Once summoned, he will walk slowly, than aim at the viewer and shout "FIRE", then fire at the viewer, damaging any opponent that was infront of or near the gunman, delivering good knockback. He is unlocked by defeating Crazy Hand in Classic Mode.
Captain rainbow conceptart vxyk8 Captain Rainbow Captain Rainbow Captain Rainbow will simply use his very own little, custom moveset to attack at any opponent he finds. He has many attacks, as well as projectiles. He is unlocked by clearing All-Star Mode with any character on Normal difficulty or higher.
Pikmin2 Pikmin & Olimar Pikmin Olimar will stand on one place and pluck Pikmin with various colours, each one having a different effect, and then throw them repeatedly to opponents. Pikmin will start inflictiing them a lot of damage and cause various effects. He is unlocked by playing the game for 10 hours.
Reaper Reapette Uprising Reaper & Reapette Kid Icarus The Reaper will send Reapettes to an opponent he picks and inflict him a lot of damage. He himself stands on one place. He is very rare through. He can be unlocked by playing Pit 10 times.

Poké Balls

There are 40 Poké Balls in total.

Sample Name Description
Mball03 070717a Deoxys Flies into the sky and uses Hyper Beam, which shoots a very powerful beam of light directly downards onto the field. He is a very rare Poké Ball.
426Drifblim Drifbilm The summoner can grab hold from Drifblim and fly around the stage. It can also provide him with extra midair jumps. It is a common Poké Ball.
Mball06 071017a Meowth Meowth uses Pay Day to rapidly throw coins towards the opposing players. It is a very common Poké Ball.
009Blastoise Blastoise Blastoise uses Hydro Pump to shoot many high pressured shots of water at foes. They are very powerful and they are used best when near a ledge to stop opponents from getting back on the stage. Blastoise is a common Poké Ball.
BrawlBellosom Bellossom Makes opponents close falll asleep. It is a very common Poké Ball.
225Delibird Delibird Delibird is also a common Poké Ball. When summoned, Delibird will throw healing food from his sack, which can be eaten by opponents as well. However, sometimes, Delibird will also throw powerful bombs, which can also damage the player. Very rarely, he may also throw a collectible trophy. He is based on Team Rocket's Delibird.
428Lopunny Lopunny Lopunny uses Bounce, to jump high in the sky, off screen. Then, a crosshair appears on the floor and Lopunny violently lands on that spot, after a few seconds. Opponents who get hit by it are sent flying, receiving 34%. It is a rare Poké Ball.
Shy-diglett-2922 preview Diglett Uses Dig, to dig underground. When an opponent walks beneath the spot it buried, the Diglett will pop from the floor, sending opponents that touched it flying in the air. If it is sweetspoted, it deals up to 40% damage. It is a common Poké Ball.
197Umbreon Umbreon Umbreon is rare. When summoned, it will simply stand still. If an opponents comes near it, it will use Chomp to instantly bite them and send them out of the stage, similar to the Chimera from Earthbound. If no one comes near it, it will disappear within 8 seconds.
Enteino Entei Creates a vertical pillar of fire where Entei is. It does multiple damage and Entei is a very rare Poké Ball itself.
511Pansage Pansage Uses Seed Bomb to throw seeds into three directions. Some of the seeds will explode, causing 15% damage. If they do not, they explode afterwards and have the same effect as a Deku Nut. The latter is more powerful in terms of knockback. Pansage is a common Poké Ball.
515Panpour Panpour Uses Scald to spray hot water to any foe it finds. The water will push them back and may cause a burn effect. Panpour is also a common Poké Ball.
513Pansear Pansear Uses Flame Burst. Pansear splits a bullet-like flame to the closest foe it finds. When it hits an opponent, it spilts into two small sparks, which fly into another direction. These sparks disappear when they hit an opponent. Each fire bullet causes minor damage and knockback. Hence, it is a common Poké Ball.
592Frillish Frillish Uses Hex to create a huge, black eye with tentacles in the middle of the stage. Then, Frillish disappears and the eye will stare at an opponent. Once it chooses an opponent, it will create a dark dust above their head, which will continuously inflict them damage, reaching up to 25%. Then, the eye will disappear. Frillish is a very rare Poké Ball.
129Magikarp Magikarp Magikarp will do nothing but splash around, unaffecting players. However, very rarely, Magikarp will use Frail. He wriggles around, hitting enemies multiple times, causing multiple damage but slight knockback. It is a very common Poké Ball
485Heatran Heatran Heatran will walk around, sometimes in a fast pace and sometime slowly, even on walls, and will eject fire from itself. Anyone who touches it receives a lot of damage and can even get trapped by the fire ejected. It will also use Flamethrower in some cases which also deals the same amount of damage.
302Sableye Sableye Sableye uses Shadow Claw. Once summoned, it will charge as it stands in one place. The entire screen goes dark and suddenly, it instantly slashes an opponent with its claws, throwing them away with great knockback. It is very similar to Lyn's attack from Brawl.
Charizard Charizard Uses Flamethrower to breathe a stream of fire alternatively left to right, but stays in one place. He provides good defense and is a common Poké Ball.
003Venusaur Venusaur Venusaur uses its whip and seeds to attack players, very similarly to Ivysaur's Standard Special Move and Neutral Attack. It is quite powerful and common, making him a very useful Poké Ball.
494Victini Victini When Victini is summoned, it shoots a powerful V-blast shockwave from its forehead which damages anything it hits on its way, delivering great damage and knockback. It is not very rare.
531Audino Audino Audino is very common. It uses Heal Pulse to reduce the damage percentage of the summoner sometimes by 20% and on very rare occasions, by 50%.
254Sceptile Sceptile Uses Leaf Blade to slash at any opponent he finds. He is very fast and can jump very high. He is quite semi-rare.
635Hydreigon Hydreigon Hydreigon is extremely rare. Once summoned, it flies to the centre of the stage and uses Draco Meteor. Anyone who gets in contact with the attack gets serious damage and is sent skywards.
628Braviary Braviary Braviary is quite common. It will use Crush Claw to grab any opponent it finds with its claws and deal 15%-20% damage. Sometimes, it might also take them for a ride to the sky.
Primape Primeape Primape is very common. It simply punches and kicks any opponent it finds, similarly to Little Mac in Brawl, only less powerful.
143Snorlax Snorlax Snorlax uses Body Slam to leap into the air, and then slam down again, causing heavy damage to the opposing players.
302518-anime190 large Aipom Aipom is very common. He will simply attack at any opponent he finds with his tail, repeatedly and very fast. He is also fast on foot and weak.
202Wobbuffet Wobbuffet Wobbuffet is very common. He does the same stuff as in Brawl, stays in one plays and acts as a punching back, hitting back whenever he gets hit.
323 Camerupt Camerupt will stand in one place and then perform an Earthquake, causing 30% to 35% damage, either burrying or knocking enemies offstage. The damage he inflicts as well as the knockback depends on the length the opponent is from him. He is semi-common but not very powerful.
336Seviper Seviper Seviper is rare. It uses Poison Tail to snatch an opponent in inflict up to 30% damage. It does not deal any knockback however.
Tyran Tyranitar Tyranitar is a rare Poké Ball. Once summoned, it uses Stone Edge to launch any enemy near it, into the air, causing up to 40% damage.
212Scizor Scizor Scizor is very common. It will use Fury Cutter to slash at opponents multiple times, then teleporting into another part of the stage and slashing at other opponents towards many directions.
Lugia Pokemon-s325x251-52255-580 Lugia Lugia is very rare. It uses Aeroblast to make a huge moving whirlpool in the air that does massive damage. It can also damage opponents just by touching them directly.
Suicune v 2 Normal Coloration by Xous54 Suicune Suicune is extremely rare. Once summoned, it fires a white beam in front of it. The beam only lasts for a split second. This has a considerably low attack range, but is almost an instant KO every time it hits.
491Darkrai Darkai Darkai is one of the extremely rare Pokémon. Once summoned, it uses Dark Void to create a black hole in the centre of the stage, so massive, that covers nearly an entire Final Destination. It inflicts a lot of damage and has decent knockback.
393Piplup 2 Piplup Piplup uses Surf and slides across the ground on a wave of water, washing away anyone it hits. It is very common.
497Serperior Serperior Serperior is a rare Poké Ball. Once summoned, it uses Leaf Tornado to trap opponents into a small tornado for a few seconds, inflicting a lot of damage.
438Bonsly Bonsly Bonsly is very heavy and common. When tossed, it doesn't fly far, but can deal damage exceeding 30%, and knockback comparable to a Homerun Bat. However, It can also be used by players who did not summon it.
175Togepi Togepi Togepi is a rare Poké Ball and will use Mentronome to do various kinds of effects, the very same ones it had from Brawl.
638Cobalion Cobalion Cobalion is extremely rare. Once summoned it will randomly pick an opponent and the summoner will take direct control of that opponent for a short time, doing everything the player does. Blue aura surrounds the chosen opponent for as long as it dures.
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