Adventure Mode from Super Smash Bros. Melee returns. It has a similar function in this game as well. Adventure Mode takes place on the worlds from the main series of Nintendo. It features some side-scrolling levels, only available in Adventure Mode. Players can select the number of lives and the difficulty, like in Classic Mode. Unlike in Melee, players here can pause whenever they desire and save their progress, because Adventure Mode features far too many worlds to complete within 15 minutes. When completing Adveture Mode with a certain character, players are awarded with that character's Entrance Trophy, a trophy of the character's Entrance, a new type of trophy only available in Super Smash. Bros. Global Apocalypse.

Adventure Mode

Mario Universe
Stage 1-1: Mushroom Kingdom This side-scrolling level is completely influenced by the Mushroom Kingdom's appearance in Mario games. It features classical Mario enemies, namely Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Koopa Paratroopas, as well as Warp Pipes and Brick Blocks. Players must reach the end and capture the flag.
Stage 1-2 Players must face a team of 2 Mario characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, NES Mario). The player also gets a Mario teammate. They fight either on The Stage, Starship Mario or Star Carnival. In other occassions, players must face Geno in his home stage, alone with no teammates.
Donkey Kong Universe
Stage 2-1: Jungle Hijinx

Players must reach the end of the side-scrolling level, influenced from the original Jungle Hijinx in the Donkey Kong games. The stage features caves, rivers and ancient temples. Enemies include Kritters and Tikis.

Stage 2-2 Players face a giant Donkey Kong or a Giant Diddy Kong in Temple Topple. If the difficulty is Hard or higher, players do not get a teammate.
Professor Layton Universe
Stage 3-1: Curious Village The player must reach the summit of the Tower from the Curious Village. To do this, you must pass through the Curious Village, to the rooftops and then ascend upwards by climbing the tower. There are many hidden paths the player can take to get there.
Stage 3-2 The player battles Professor Layton either in London, Mobile Fortress or Miracle City.
The Legend of Zelda Universe
Stage 4-1: Arbiter's Grounds A side-scrolling level that takes place in Arbiter's Grounds. Players battle enemies such as Bulbins, Lizalfos, Stalfos, Dodongos, Octorok and Bokoblin. Players must access 4 hidden locations to defeat Link, Zelda, Midna and Ganondorf (the two latter if unlocked). There is also Darknut is one room who serves as a mino-boss and an ambush.
Stage 4-2 Players fight a team of 2 Zelda characters, along with a teammate either at Ganon's Tower or Skyloft.
Kirby Universe
Stage 5-1: Dream Land Players must reach the end of Dream Land, a side-scrolling level very similar to the original Dream Land. It features a lot of enemies from the Kirby games. The stage is relatively easy.
Stage 5-2 Players fight a team of 25 Kirbys, all having copied abilities from other characters, three at a time. If the difficulty is set on Hard or higher, the player fights King Dedede and Meta Knight instead.
Metroid Universe
Stage 6-1: Bottle Ship Players fight either Samus or Ridley on Bottle Ship.
Stage 6-2 Players then get to a small side-scrolling level, where they have to jump to the top platform to evacuate the exploding ship.
Star Fox Universe
Stage 7-1: Lylat Base Players must find their way through the metal maze of a base, similarly to the one in the Zelda universe. Fox, Falco and Krystal can be found and fought in certain rooms.
Stage 7-2 Players fight a team of 2 Star Fox characters, along with a teammate (Fox, Falco, Krystal), on Lylat Wars stage.
Pokemon Universe
Stage 8-1: Viridian Forest Players fight various Pokemon, which serve as common enemies, which are controled by Team Plasma, who is sitting in the background. They will use Pokemon like Cofagrigus, Trubbish, Garbodor, Swoobat, Sandile, Krokorok, Krookodile and Yamask. The stage is a simple stage in the forest, near another Pokemon Stadium. The only items here are Poke Balls.
Stage 8-2 Players fight a giant Pokemon character (Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Zoroark, Mewtwo), along with an ally, in Pokemon Stadium 3.
Yoshi Universe
Stage 9-1: Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Island is a side-scrolling level and is the same as the first level from Super Mario World. Players must reach the end of the level by battling their way through various Mario-related enemies.
Stage 9-2 Players battle either a team of 12 Yoshis or a single Metal Yoshi in Yoshi's Story.
Kid Icarus Universe
Stage 10: Angel Land Players must battle their way through Angel Land, a stage very similar to Sky World. Players will stop at some points and have to battle a team of Centurions. At the end of the level, players fight Pit.
Punch-Out!! Universe
Stage 11: WVBA Boxing Tournement Players must face Little Mac in WVBA Boxing Ring. However, each player has a life gague. The match is best out of 3 and there are no items to spoil the match here.
Mother/Earthbound Universe
Stage 12-1: Saturn's Valley Players must reach the end of the side-scrolling level, heavily influenced by the original Saturn Valley from the series.
Stage 12-2 Players fight either a team of 3 Ness', a normal battle against Ness or a normal battle against a Metal Ness in Winters or Magicant.
Golden Sun Universe
Stage 13-1: Mount Aleph This stage is unique. Players must run down the mountain and defeat many enemies in their path. They will also stop at some points to defeat some enemies. The mountain is very steep and has ice in the summit.
Stage 13-3 Players battle Matthew and Tyrell, if unlocked, with no allies on Mount Aleph. The only item here is the Assist Trophy and Karis, Ulysses, Atlanta and Cybele are quite common to encounter here.
Fire Emblem Universe
Stage 14-1: Castle Doom Players must reach the end of this side-scrolling level, which is influenced by the stage Castle Doom. It features many enemies to defeat, as well as many hidden doors and paths to take.
Stage 14-2 Players battle Marth and Ike, if unlocked, at Castle Doom.
Wario Universe
Stage 15-1: Stonecarving City Players must reach the end of this side-scrolling level, directly taken from the original Stonecarving city in the series. Once they reach the end of the level, they must hit a switch and then go back to the start within a time limit, a remiscent to the gameplay in Wario games. There are multiple enemies in this stage to defeat from the Wario series.
Stage 15-2 Players must face Wario in WarioWare,Inc..
Excitebike Universe
Stage 16-1: Excitebike World Rally Players must beat Excitebiker in a race, on foot, in a race track field. There are no enemies or items in this stage. However, there are multiple paths players can take in order to outrun him.
Stage 16-2 Players must face Excitebiker in Canada within a time limit. The time limit depends on the difficulty.
Chibi-Robo Universe
Stage 17: Sanderson Residence Players must face a team of minimized Chibi-Robos in Kitchen. The number of Chibi-Robos depends on the current difficulty.
F-Zero Universe (Optional)
Stage 18-1: F-Zero World Grand Prix This stage is optional and will only appear once Captain Falcon is unlocked. Players must reach the end of this side-scrolling level, which is influenced by the stage Outer Space. Players must complete it on foot, with no items or enemies. However there are some hazards. Aside from the multiple pits and gravity, F-Zero drivers will pass them. Players have to avoid the racers by getting into places the racers cannot.
Stage 18-2 Players battle Captain Falcon, either a normal one or a Metal one, in Outer Space.
Super Smash Bros. Universe
Stage 20-1: Final Destination Players battle 20 Fighting Bros., 3 appearing at a time.
Stage 20-2 Players will randomly fight only one of the following opponents in Final Destination: Bowser, Ganondorf, King Dedede, Mewtwo or Ridley, all of the playable Nintendo villains.
Stage 20-3 If the difficulty os set on Normal or higher, while completing the past stages in less than 25 minutes, without continuing, players will fight the Final Form of the villain they faced in stage 20-2. They will fight either Giga Bowser, Ganon, Dark Dedede, Psychic Armored Mewtwo or an oversized Meta Ridley. They only fight one of them and each of them has their own, custom moveset. They have a life gague and do not have to be KO'ed off stage.

Bosses in Adventure Mode

Giga bowser1
Giga Bowser

Giga Bowser does that same attacks as Bowser's Final Smash version Giga Bowser does. He has very good defensive play, very powerful attacks and great stamina. However, he is very slow and hardly moves from his spot. His attacks involve using Ice power, Fire Power, Electric Power and even Black Magic. He mostly uses his claws to attack. More about the character can be seen here.


225px-DarkBeastGanon TP
Ganon is Ganondorf's Final Smash. He uses the exact same moveset as Ganondor'f Final Smash. He is very fast, in both terms of speed and attacks, and mostly focuses on offense rather than defense. His attacks are motly about Black Magic, similarly to Ganondorf. They are not as powerful as Giga Bowser's. Ganon will also use many projectiles and chareg at the opponent for close attacks at the same time. He is very dangerous and veyr difficult to defeat.

Dark Dedede

Although Dark Dedede never appeared in any Kirby game, he appears in the Story Mode of the game, when Dark Matter poisons his body. Dark Dedede is slightly larger than King Dedede and is completely black with red eyes and Dark Matter attached to his stomach, who serves as an attack and can bite opponents, as well as shoot various projectiles. Dark Dedede doesn't use his Hammer in most of his attacks, rather than darkness related attacks and projectiles. He is easier to defeat than Giga Bowser and Ganon cause of his size. However, he is lighter than King Dedede himself and much faster. He can also teleport.

Psychic Armored Mewtwo

Mecha mewtwo-216x300
Psychic Armored Mewtwo only appears in the anime and does not appear as Mewtwo's Final Smash. In spite of that, he has hos own moveset, completely original and different from Mewtwo's. Psychic Armored Mewtwo is Mewtwo equiped with a powerful armor. His attacks involve many projectiles and psychokinesis. He will try to grab opponents and ultimately KO' them indirectly. His attacks are not very powerful, but he is very fast, he can float and jump very high and his attacks can combo with each other quite well. He is the rarest of all 5.

Meta Ridley

Meta Ridley

Meta Ridley's moveset, mechanics and animation remains the same as in Brawl. Meta Ridley's size is his original, big size, unlike Ridley. He mostly remains on one spot, usually on the edges of the stage, where he attacks with his claws, tail and fire breath. Occassionally, he will glide through the stage, attacking with more powerful and versitile moves, many of them taken from Brawl. His attacks are very quick and is also quick himself. However, some of them are rather weak. He uses a lot of projectiles in his moveset.


Whenever the player clears Adventure Mode, they are awarded with the character's Entrance Trophy, the trophy which decipts the character's Entrance in each match, with the character that cleared it.


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