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Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse
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Developer(s) Sora Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Fighting, Action
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png June 21, 2011
25px-Flag of USA.png June 21, 2011
25px-Flag of Europe.png June 21, 2011
25px-Flag of Australia.png June 21, 2011
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) PEGI: 12+


Media Included 3DS card

Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse is a fan-made, Fighting, Action videogame, developed by Sora Ltd. and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the 4th installment of the Super Smash Bros. (series). This page will no longer be updated as of June 21, 2011.



Super Smash Bros Melee Orchestra - Opening

Opening Theme for Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse.

Following its predecessors, SSBGA uses a battle system unlike that of typical fighting games. Players can choose from a large selection of characters, each attempting to knock their opponents off the screen as they fight on various stages. The characters in Brawl include most of the same ones as the predecessors, such as the well-known Mario, Professor Layton and Pikachu. Instead of using traditional health bars that start at a maximum value and lose value, Brawl characters start the game with 0%; the value rises as they take damage and may rise over 100% to a maximum of 999%. As a character's percentage increases, the character flies further back when hit. When a character is knocked beyond the boundaries of the stage and disappears from the screen, the character loses a life, a point or coins depending on the mode of play. The characters in SSBGA fight each other using a variety of attacks and methods. Players execute each move by pressing a button in conjunction with a tilt of the control stick.


General Actions


Players move around the stages using the Analog Stick, and can jump by pressing it upwards. It is possible to jump again in the air a single time. Some characters also have the ability to multi-jump in the air. By pressing the Analog Stick downwards, the player can crouch or move a layer down on the stage. Gameplay is mainly on the above screen, wich is wider. However, players can alter that in Screen Adjuster.

Smash Attacks

Smash Attacks, which are the basic attacks for each character, are performed with the A Button or the X Button. When moving the Analog Stick to a direction, the player can attack upwards, downwards or to either sides. These attacks are usually weak and do not do very much damage. When the A or X Button is pressed repeatedly, the character performs a standard combo, a fast sequence of weak attacks. When the Analog Stick is tilted fast and the X or A Button is pressed in time, the player can perform a Smash Attack. These are very powerful which cause a lot of damage. Each character's Side, Up and Down Smash is different.

Special Moves

In addition to the Smash Attacks, each character has his/her own set of special moves, which are performed with the B Button or the Y Button. When pressing the Analog Stick at a certain direction, or not moving it at all, a different special move is performed. The Special Moves are influenced by the character's individual personality and have various effects rather than just damaging opponents such as sleeping, dizzying, reflecting, projectiles etc.

Item Use

Items appear on the stage at random and can be used by the players. Items have various effects and some trigger by themselves. They can also grant players with a special Effect like explode when hitting or used as a weapon. When the players are standing next to an item, they can press the A or X Button to pick the item up and press the R Button to throw it away.


By pressing the L Button, the player can activate his/her shield. Shields can be used to prevent any kind of attack from a character or an item, only grabbing cannot be prevented. The shield's power decreases every time it is used, and when the shield breaks, the player will be unable to move for a short amount of time.

Other Actions

Each character has 3 Taunts which are unique to him/her and are inputed by pressing certain arrows in the D-Pad.

Playable Characters

Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse/Character Roster

The game features a total of 40 characters (excluding Zero Suit Samus, making it 5 more than Brawl). There are three categories in which each playable character is categorized. Veteran Fighters are the fighters who have previously appeared in the Super Smash Bros. Universe, Newcomers, who are already acquired from the start of the game and are new to the Super Smash Bros. Universe, and Secret Fighters, which have to be unlocked by completing a certain task. Secret Fighters can also be Newcomer fighters. There are 8 Newcomers, 18 Veterans and 15 Unlockables.


Sample Name Series Description
Lopoa.jpg Professor Layton Professor Layton Professor Layton, the renowned professor of archaeology joins the fray! Professor Layton is a well-balanced, smooth fighter who uses many devices for combat, in combination with his intelligence.
2jhbs.jpg Matthew Golden Sun Directly from the Golden Sun series, it's Matthew, Isaac's Venus Adept son, here to represent his series. Matthew's moveset is entirely based on his Psyenergy powers, which makes him a strong fighter.
Ei4col.jpg Little Mac Punch-Out!! Little Mac, the eponymous protagonist of the Punch-Out!! series is finally here. Little Mac is a fast mediumweight with powerful ground attacks. As a professional boxer, Little Mac fights with only one thing: punches.
2z8oxo9.jpg Zoroark Pokemon Zoroark, the Master of Illusions's Dark powers are now in your command! Zoroark is a fast, mediumweight, flexible character, whose attacks involve a lot slashing and darkness.
Brawla.png Ridley Metroid Ridley, Samus's arch-enemy joins the fray! While his actual size has been minimized, Ridley still remains as one of the biggest fighters in the game. He is fast, flexible and can even glide. However, he is heavy.
Nffp6p.jpg Krystal Star Fox Krystal is a fast, agile, lightweight character who uses her staff on most of her attacks. Although she's one of the weaker characters, Krystal specializes in swift movement, not power.
11soze0.jpg Excitebiker Excitebike The Excitebiker appears as a newcomer, with a redesign. Excitebiker is the fastest fighter in the game and is constantly on his bike. Despite being a heavyweight, Excitebiker brings a total new taste to the game.
Epymh.jpg Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! Chibi-Robo's moveset revolves around strategic methods, often relying on its Standard Special Move in dealing lots of combos. It is somewhat heavy for its size and has rather weak attacks.


Sample Name Series Description
456px-BrawlMario.jpg Mario Mario Mario has always been a balanced character. His strength is mid-tier and has medium weight and speed. He is one of the most popular characters in the video game franchise.
Link.jpg Link The Legend of Zelda Returning with a new design from Skyward Sword, Link is a middle-heavy weight. His Smash Attacks and Special Moves have been upgraded. His shield can reflect projectiles and is a master of many different weapons.
Kirby.jpg Kirby Kirby Like in the previous SSB games, Kirby is a very light character, and has very strong attacks. He is fairly fast on ground, but his attacks are rather slow. He has great aerial combat.
3DPikachu.jpg Pikachu Pokemon Pikachu is a light character with very powerful attacks, as well as aerial combat. He is one of the fastest fighters in the game and has very good recovery.
BrawlDK.jpg Donkey Kong Donkey Kong As usual, Donkey Kong is heavy and strong. He has the unique ability to capture opponents and carry them for a short distance. He has powerful attacks and very good speed for a heavyweight.
Brawlrsamus.jpg Samus Metroid Samus has a relatively slow pace, and is a medium to heavyweight. Most of her attacks involve projectiles, which are quite powerful, and her smash attacks have been upgraded in terms of knockback.
Zero Suit Samus as she appears in SSBB. Her appearance in SSBGA is based on her appearance in Metroid Other M. Zero Suit Samus Metroid Once Samus uses her Zero Laser, her armor breaks and Zero Suit Samus enters the battle. She is light, fast, flexible but has weak attacks. Her Final Smash allows her to turn back into Samus
Fox as he appears in SSBB and SSBGA. Fox Star Fox Fox is a very fast character in attack speed and running speed. His strength is avarage in both damage and knockback. Fox is a light character, but heavier compared to SSBB.
592px-YoshiBrawl.jpg Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi is a fast and somewhat heavy character. Some of his attacks are slow and powerful, whereas some of them are quick and weak. His Up Special now allows him to recover more easily.
459px-Pitart.jpg Pit Kid Icarus Pit can multi-jump in the air. He uses a bow in battle, which he can break into two blades for brawl battles. He attacks with very fast slash moves in the air and on the ground. He may have a good projectile and weight, but he is somewhat weak.
BrawlPeach.jpg Peach Mario Peach has excellent aerial techniques, including her ability to float in mid-air, good horizontal recovery and high priority attacks. However, she is light and one of the weaker characters.
384px-BrawlZelda.jpg Zelda The Legend of Zelda Zelda is a medium weight and is fairly slow. All of her attacks revolve around magic that are hard to control, but pack a punch when used successfully. If these attacks are not controlled, she will be weak in battle.
BrawlMetaKnight.jpg Meta Knight Kirby Meta Knight can multi jump in the air and glide. He has very fast combo attacks and is fast in speed himself. His Special Moves are also quick and his Smash Attacks pack a punch.
490px-BrawlDiddyKong.jpg Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Diddy Kong is fast, light and abundant with a set of unique attacks, including the ability to throw bananas. His tilts and Smash attacks are powerful and has great combo attacks.
BrawlNess.jpg Ness


Ness appears as a starter character. He uses the same moveset he used in the previous games, a PK based moveset. He is a medium-weight and has adequate strength.
Bosa.jpg Bowser Mario Bowser is the heaviest and slowest character in the game, but has powerful attacks, and is hard to hit off of the stage at low percentages. He can use his weight to crush the characters he grabs.
BrawlWario.jpg Wario Wario Wario is a very strange character. He is a small heavyweight with great aerial game and recovery, but he has poor range and somewhat slow attacks. He also has his overalls as an alternate attire. He has avarage strength for his weight.
MarthBrawl.jpg Marth Fire Emblem Marth appears as a starter character. He chooses speed over raw power, specializing in strategic offensive and defensive play. His sword does more damage at the tip of the blade. He is also the fastest walker in the game.


Sample Name Series Description
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!
QuestionMark.jpg ??? ??? Warning! Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared!


The game features 45 stages. Some are available from the start while others have to be unlocked.

Sample Name Universe Description
Arenascreenshot1.jpg Battlefield Super Smash Bros. Battlefield is a simple stage. It consists of a floating platform in the centre of a huge stadium with invisible audience. There are no hazards here.
Starship-Mario-super-mario-galaxy-2-12801698-600-600.jpg Starship Mario Mario Starship Mario is the main hub world from Super Mario Galaxy 2. The battle takes place mostly on the starship. It passes through several galaxies and will sometimes stop to some locations which become playable stages.
London 1.jpg London Professor Layton Like Starship Mario, London is a travelling stage. Combatants fight in various famous locations from London, including on top of the Big Ben.
1474632-golden sun dark dawn scenario art 01 super.jpg Mt. Aleph Golden Sun Combatants fight on a long bridge. When it takes a lot of damage, the bridge will break and players will fall to a new arena, a canyon with Matthew's house.
Wgow7l.jpg Temple Topple Donkey Kong A site of ruins of an ancient temple, deep within a jungle. Combatants fight on top of a small temple and some large, breakable rocks with fountains and a sundown.
1066381-wii sports resort wii 022 super.jpg Wuhu Island Wii Sports Resort Much like London, Wuhu Island is a traveling stage which takes players throughout multiple sites of the Wuhu Island. It is from the Wii Sports Resort game.
Mom bottleship.jpg Bottle Ship Metroid A massive, relinquished spacecraft in the shape of a bottle, players battle on a nearly-destroyed, metal platform with multiple hazards. It is a medium-sized stage.
Icarus5.jpg That First Town Kid Icarus Kid Icarus Uprising
Ganon s Castle by super fergus.jpg Castle Doom Fire Emblem Castle Doom is actually Castle Siege, after a huge attack. It is not from any particular Fire Emblem game. Like Castle Siege, it takes players in 3 different stages.
640px-Partytent.png Star Carnival Mario A stage from the Mario Party series, this stage takes players into 6 different locations to fight on permenantly. The battle starts off from the tent.
Legal Luke's Huge Machine.png Mobile Fortress Professor Layton Mobile Fortress is a stage from Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. It is the largest stage in the game, with multiple platforms and hazards.
Sky.png Skyloft The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
830px-Quilty Square.jpg Quilty Square Kirby A world made out of fabric, this medium-sized stage is very similar to Onett, as it features three buildings, one next to each other. It is a simple stage, suitable for beginners.
Pokemon Stadium 2.jpg Pokémon Stadium 3 Pokémon Similar in appearance to the two previous Pokémon Stadiums but not the same, this stage transforms into 4 enviroments. These are Bug, Dragon, Dark and Steel.
193px-Winters.png Winters Earthbound This stage features a medium sized plateau covered in snow and trees. There are also some tents and sheds on the background. It is foggy and sometimes it snows.
Tetris-original1.jpg Tetris Tetris Players are put inside a tube-like stage, with the Red Square as a background, and multiple Tetris parts constantly fall from above. It is a very dangerous stage. It is quite large in size.
Surprise!!65.jpg Yoshi's Story Yoshi A stage from Yoshi's Story, this stage consists of a medium-sized platform on top of a series of trees, with clouds serving as mid-air platforms. There are several hazards in this level.
01-LastTime.jpg CloudRunner Fortress Star Fox A peaceful, medium-sized stage. It consists of a nearly submerged, ancient temple with a small, wooden bridge and some small platforms floating in the water. There are also dinosaurs here
Chibi robo screen1.jpg Kitchen Chibi-Robo! Combatants fight on a large portion in the kitchen, which features an oven, a refrigerator, various cups and other hazards. All of the character's size has been minimized in this stage.
Combat.jpg The Stage Mario This stage is particularly from the Paper Mario series. It is a very simple stage, taking place, literally, on a stage with an audience.
Canadas.jpg Canada Excitebike Canada is a stage from Excitebots: Trick Racing. It is a very similar stage to Mario Circuit from Brawl. The stage is located in a forest in real-life Canada.
Outerspace02.jpg Outer Space F-Zero Outer Space is a very hazardous stage. Players battle on top of a floating platform which travels in a 3-D perspective, taking players in various locations.
TheWanderingNewbie-Let-s-Play-Punch-Out-Wii---Piston-Hondo-TD---Challenges-e11010461.jpg WVBA Boxing Ring Punch-Out!! WVBA Boxing Ring is a very neutral, flat stage, very similar to Smashville. It is also the smallest stage in the game.
Sargosso.jpg Lylat Wars Star Fox This stage takes place on a series of platforms, below a huge starship. In the background, there is a space battle, making the fight more intense.
Gangplank.png Gangplank Galleon Donkey Kong The second largest stage in the game, it is King K. Rool's ship. Players can fight on the deck of the ship and inside it.
SteelDiver.jpg Steel Diver Steel Diver A traveling stage, players fight on top of a medium-sized submarine which serves as a platform. Players will also encounter large battleships in their way and battle on them.
Wario Ware.INC demo 0.7.png WarioWare,Inc. Wario This stage is very similar to the one in Brawl. However, it is larger, the platforms are different and it features new mini-games and backgrounds.

Unlockable Stages

350qz5c.jpg Final Destination Super Smash Bros. Final Destination is a medium sized, completely flat, neutral stage. It travels throughout time and space. No surprises here!
Professor layton artwork.jpg Miracle City Professor Layton Miracle City is a very live stage. It features many lights, music, balloons and even a parade. Players fight on top of a few buildings and some balloons which serve as platforms.
ElfKitty Magicant.jpg Magicant Mother Magicant is an extremely bizzare stage. It takes place inside the sobconscious of Ness. It is a medium sized stage with water, meteorites and purple platforms.
Jq Kid Icarus 13.png Space Pirate Ship Kid Icarus Kid Icarus Uprising
Ganon'stower.png Ganon's Tower The Legend of Zelda Ganon's Tower is a medium-sized stage, taking place inside a completely redesigned replica of Ganondorf's throne room. It features many hazards.
FountainofDreams.jpg Fountain of Dreams Kirby While graphically changed from its appearance in Melee, Fountain of Dreams is a simple stage, except the constant flow of water which slows players down.
Forest Maze.png Forest Maze Mario Forest Maze is Geno's home stage and is seperate from the Mario universe. It is a simple stage surrounded with dark trees and has a nostalgic atmosphere.
Nintendo 3D Mario by NES still the best.png.jpg Mushroom Kingdom Mario This Mushroom Kingdom is quite different from the others, as it retains its original 8-bit form from Super Mario Bros.. It is a very hazardous stage.
Weather trio.png Battle of Origin Pokémon Battle of Origin is more like an event rather than a stage. It is the place where the Weather Trio battled long ago, shaping the continents and seas of the pokemon world.
Bomberman Battle.gif Bomberman Vs. Maze Bomberman This stage is very lloyal to the maze where Bomberman battles takes place. It is very large, with some few adjustments from the original.
Western Town by kasplode.jpg Ranch Sheriff A custom stage made exclusively for Sheriff, this stage represents Sheriff's character and is based on a typical, classic, Western little town. It is not based on any location from the series.
Stage31 080311a-l.jpg Flat Zone 3 Game & Watch This stage is pretty much the same as the other previous Flat Zones, except that the layout changes into different Game & Watch games.
Famicom biography3.png Famicom Nintendo A stage that changes into six stages: Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, Gyromite, Kid Icarus, Balloon Fight and Ice Climber.
Advancewars.jpg Westside Base Advance Wars Players battle on top of a series of ruined buildings, while a battle with tanks and soldiers is themed in the background.
Endlessocean.jpg Endless Ocean Endless Ocean A moving stage that features day and night system. Players battle on a beach resort, then taken to the back of a huge whale.

Special Stages

33omdkz.jpg Special Stages The King of Stories 3 different stages, each one from a different location in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse's Story Mode The King of Stories.


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Game Modes

Since the game is only for the Nintendo 3DS, thus a portable game, if a player wants to battle against a human player 2, he/she must battle them via Wi-Fi Connection. This can be done in all modes. Up to 4 players can play online. The following modes without links mean that they have remained the same from Brawl.


Story Mode

Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse/Story Mode

Classic Mode

Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse/Classic Mode

Adventure Mode

Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse/Adventure Mode

All-Star Mode

Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse/All-Star Mode


Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse/Stadium

  • Training


  • Free for All
  • Tournement
  • Special Vs. Mode


  • Challenges
  • Trophies
  • Coin Launcher
  • Snapshots
  • Replays


Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse/My Music

  • Screen Adjuster
  • Deflicker
  • Sound
  • Controls
  • Erase Data

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

  • Free for All
  • Friend Roster
  • Team Multi-Man Battle
  • Home-Run Contest

Unlockable Content

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Tier List

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