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This is the page for the Story Mode of Super Smash Bros. Galaxy.

The Story Mode is around the same length of its Super Smash Bros. Brawl|predecessor. The mode will utilize many different modes from Nintendo games, which can be chosen in the Customisation Mode. The game will also us mysteries from the Professor Layton series, but doesn't include Zelda boss names like the previous.

The story will be called Shrine and Sanctum. The story will take place in the World of Trophies, where the annual comet passing occurs. However, a machine rips through the barricade of the night sky and sucks in the comet. Mario and Peach, who had been observing the event from the balcony of Peach's Castle, head into the night to find the comet.

Chapter 1: Here comes the Fleet!

Mario and Peach are now on the pursuit of the comet. Their quest leads them to Toad Town, where a fleet of airships are bombarding the city. Atop the highest airship, Bowser is commanding the airship. He spots Mario and Peach and order the airships to fire at them. (Stage 1: Toad Town) (Playable Characters: Mario, Peach). They escape Toad Town and decide to head toward the forest. (Stage 2: Shroom Valley) (Playable Characters: Mario, Peach. They get far away from the fleets, when Dynablade attacks them. (Boss 1: Dynablade) (Playable Characters: Mario, Peach). They continue into the forest, where they meet Link. He is standing by a sword implanted into a rock. He clasps it with his hand and pulls it out raising it to the sky. Fi emerges from the sword and gives Link some advice on Mario and Peach. He takes her advice and asks for them to follow them. (Stage 3: Midnight Forest) (Playable Characters: Mario, Peach, Link). Link shows them something marked onto a tree, (which is unseen by the player) and they react in shock.

The story then changes to a Lush Field, where Yoshi is hunting Goomba's in the long grass. He spots something moving in the grass and prepares to attack. He sticks his tongue out and it hits a glass surface. He peers through the blades and sees Olimar. He wipes the saliva off of Olimar's helmet and follows him through the field. (Stage 4: Green Fields) (Playable Characters: Yoshi, Olimar). They are then attack by a swarm of enemies. (Stage 5: Field Outskirts) (Defeat 30 Enemies) (Playable Characters: Yoshi, Olimar). They then are attacked by a large Goomba, but a skyward strike erupts from the trees and defeats it. Mario, Peach and Link emerge and make a team with Yoshi and Olimar.

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