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Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle (Japanese: 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズスイッチ銀河系の戦い Dairantō Sumasshu Burazāzu Gingakei no Tatakai) is a game that was be released for the Nintendo Switch system in Summer 2020. The game is the sixth installment of the Super Smash Bros. franchise (seventh if the 3DS and Wii U versions of Smash 4 are considered their own installments) and is the sequel to the previous installment Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Galactic Battle features several elements from previous games, such as the return of Spirits from Ultimate, as well as a Cinematic Story Mode titled The Elemental Labrynith.

Series creator Masahiro Sakurai and the previous teams of both Sora Ltd. and Bandai-Namco return to develop the main game once more, with the Elemental Labrynith and several other new modes are being created by Sactown Studios in order to let the previous development teams balance the roster while letting Sactown add more content. Sakurai is the executive producer for the game, and Sactown Studios founder Dennis Muldrew takes on the mantle of game director. Sactown confirmed that Sakurai insisted on taking a back seat for development in order to allow a new director to bring fresh ideas for the series.


The Super Smash Bros. series is a dramatic departure from many fighting games. Instead of winning by depleting an opponent's life bar, Smash Bros players seek to knock opposing characters off the stage. In Super Smash Bros., characters have a damage total, represented by a percentage value, which rises as they take damage and can exceed 100%. As a character's percentage rises, he can be knocked progressively farther by an opponent's attacks. To KO an opponent, the player must send that character flying off the edge of the stage, which is not an enclosed arena but rather an area with open boundaries, usually a set of suspended platforms. When a character is knocked off the stage, he may use jumping moves to (attempt to) return; as some characters' jumps are longer-ranged, they may have an easier time "recovering" than others. Additionally, some characters are heavier than others, making it harder for an opponent to knock them off the edge but likewise harder to recover.

Smash Bros.'s play controls are greatly simplified in comparison to other fighting games. While traditional fighting games such as Street Fighter or Soul Calibur require the player to memorize button-input combinations (sometimes lengthy and complicated, and often specific to a character), Smash Bros uses the same one-attack-button, one-control-stick-direction combinations to access all moves for all characters. Characters are not limited to constantly facing their opponent but may run around freely. Smash Bros. also implements blocking and dodging mechanics, which can be used both on the ground and in the air. Grabbing and throwing other characters are also possible, allowing for a large variety of ways to attack.

One additional major element in the Super Smash Bros. series is the inclusion of battle items, of which players can control the frequency of appearance. There are conventional "battering items" with which a player may hit an opponent, such as a baseball bat or a sword, as well as throwing items, including Bob-ombs and shells, and shooting items, either single shot guns or rapid fire blasters. Recovery items allow the user to lose varying amounts of their damage percent. From the Pokémon franchise come Poké Balls that release a random Pokémon onto the battlefield to assist the user; Brawl introduces a new "Assist Trophy" item which serves a similar purpose, albeit being capable of summoning a wider range of characters from a variety of franchises. Brawl also introduces items called Smash Balls, which allow fighters to perform powerful character-specific attacks, known as Final Smashes.



  • Smash ~ The main mode of Galactic Battle! 4 to 8 Players battle it out in multiple styles!
    • Time ~
    • Stock ~
    • Stamina ~
  • Smashdown!
  • Special Smash
  • 8-Player Smash
  • Tourney

Single Player

  • Classic Mode ~ Select a style and battle through an arcade-style mode complete with battles, minigames, and bosses!
    • 64 Style ~ Party like its 1999! Every battle from the original that started it all has been recreated, complete with all of the minigames, and a battle with Master Hand at the end!
    • Melee Style ~ Enter the Millennium of 2001! All battles from the popular second installment have been recreated, with some new twists to shake it up!
    • Brawl Style ~ The Brawl of 2008 is back! All battles from the third installment of the franchise are here, and recreated!
    • 3DS Style ~ Travel a map to your next location! Pick the pathway you wish to fight!
    • Wii U Style ~ Move the trophy around, the fights here get shaken up a LOT!
    • Ultimate Style ~ Every fighter has a unique route and boss!
    • Galactic Battle Style ~ Battle through a classic arcade-style! Travel the world to your next fight!
  • All-Star Mode ~ Take on every fighter in the game with limited recovery items!
  • Training Mode ~

Appearing once again is Adventure Mode, this time with a new story known as the Elemental Labyrinth. The newest take on the Adventure Mode concept sees a return to the platforming levels of The Subspace Emissary, while also utilizing the concepts of explorable maps from World of Light. The story is cutscene heavy and features the entire base roster facing off against six gods and goddesses of the elements, Hearth, Floe, Boreas, Allumviem, Amperage, and Pura as the six deities summon the various villains to battle for control of the Galaxy within their own image. Having taken control of everyone, six surviving heroes, one for each of the six realms, must now travel through the Labyrinth, saving the fighters, as well as the spirits that have fallen under the control of the six deities before the Universe turns into chaos with the elements.


  • Multi-Man Smash ~
  • Master Orders/Crazy Orders ~
  • Tower of Smash ~
  • Boss Battles ~
  • Break the Targets!! ~
  • Board the Platforms! ~
  • Race to the Finish! ~
  • Home-Run Contest ~


Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle/List of Spirits



All 80 fighters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate return as playable fighters. In addition, a total of 35 newcomers have been confirmed so far. Galactic Battle's roster focuses on lesser known gaming characters in order to provide a number of unexpected surprises. A full list of all Mega Smashes and Final Smashes for each fighter can be found here: List of Mega and Final Smashes.


Mario Donkey Kong Link Samus Yoshi Kirby Fox Pikachu Luigi Ness Captain Falcon Jigglypuff Peach Bowser Ice Climbers Sheik Zelda Dr. Mario Pichu Falco Marth Young Link Ganondorf Mewtwo Roy Mr. Game & Watch Metaknight Pit Zero Suit Samus Wario Snake Ike Pokemon Trainer Diddy Kong Lucas Sonic King Dedede Olimar Alph Lucario R.O.B. Toon Link Wolf Villager Mega Man Wii Fit Trainer Rosalina & Luma Little Mac Greninja Mii Brawler Mii Swordsman Mii Gunner Palutena Pac-Man Lucina Robin Shulk Bowser Jr. Duck Hunt Dark Pit Ryu Cloud Corrin Bayonetta Inkling Daisy Ridley Simon Richter Chrom Dark Samus King K. Rool Isabelle Ken Incineroar Piranha Plant Joker Hero Banjo & Kazooie Terry Bogard Byleth Min Min ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


Dr. Luigi Pauline King Boo Hellen Captain Toad Toadette Plum Midbus Funky Kong Lord Frederik Dixie Kong Cranky Kong Tiny Kong Midna Skull Kid Lana Linkle Impa Urbosa Sylux Kamek Bandanna Dee Adeline & Ribbon Marx Susie Leon Krystal Fay Miyu Raichu Diantha & Gardevoir Calire & Gothitelle Mimikyu Decidueye Suicune Cynthia Team Rocket QuestionMarkGBTile.png Ninten Kumatora Paula Blood Falcon Samurai Goroh Black Shadow Kate Lily Lyn Black Knight Soren Alfonse Sharena Fjorm Hrid Niles Azura Tharja Aversa Ceclia Veronica Tsubasa Medusa Viridi Captain Syrup Mona Ashley Rudy

Digby Doc Louis Great Tiger Narcis Prince Elma Rex & Pyra Addam & MythrraMalos Octoling Spring Man Ribbon Girl Dr. Coyle Ninjara Mechania Lark Kiwi Ray MK III Trendsetter Aisya Sami Ryota Akari Ricky Saki Ashley Mizuki YuriGBTile.png Tethu Esna Musashi AkiraTwinsGBTile.png ChorusKidsGBTile.png Euden Zethia F-Type Mike Jones Ayumi Tachibana Protagonist TakamaruGBTile.png Lip Captain N Primid Tabuu Liquid Snake Shadow Tails Amy Proto Man Bass Ms. Pac-Man Sakura Zack Jeanne Balder Alucard Goro Heroine Gruntilda Kyo Mai Marco Rayman Globox Rabbid Cranky Bomberman Heihachi Jin Cooking Mama KOS-MOS Travis Touchdown Shinobu Shantae Risky Boots Mappy Asuka Katsuragi Crash Bandicoot Coco Bandicoot Spyro Cynder Frogger Professor Layton Katrielle Morrigan Lilith Leon Kennedy Jill Valentine Dante Nero Lady Joanna Dark Magician Girl Lara Croft Shovel Knight Ryu Hayabusa KasumiAkiho JunGBTile.png

Alternate Characters

Additional characters are present on the roster, via alternate character swaps of other fighters. Many of these alternate characters have their own voices and are acknowledged by the announcer as separate characters. Although some of them are able to have some of their own animations, they are treated as the same character.

Donkey Kong Jr. James Mr. L Rick Wheeler Shadow QueenDr. Peach Dry BowserWario Pokemon Trainer Villager Wii Fit Trainer Robin Larry Roy Wendy Iggy Lemmy Morton Ludwig Koopa Kid Boom Boom Pom Pom Corrin InklingDr. Daisy Azalea Hero Hero Hero Heroine Heroine Heroine Octoling ToadDr. Toad Toadette Noire Mio and Mayu Miu Lif Chris Redfield Billy Cohen Jake Muller Claire Redfield Rebecca Chambers Sheva Alomar BylethMusashi Tarma Ralf Clark Fio Eri Trevor

Downloadable Fighters

Returning from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the Fighters Pass, with each of the five releases containing a fighter, a stage, and a selection of music. As a pre-order bonus similar to both Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS, and Ultimate, a free fighter is able to be added to the game. On October 11th, Marin was confirmed to be a bonus fighter for the game, who in the same vein as both Piranha Plant and Mewtwo in previous installments, is a pre-order bonus. On the official Twitter account, Conker, Earthworm Jim, Anges, Scorpion, and Sly Cooper were all teased as the DLC fighters on October 12th. Another Fighter's Pass was later confirmed for the upcoming year.

Marin Conker Earthworm Jim Anges Scorpion Sly Cooper

The second Fighter's Pass was confirmed, with Tom Nook as a Bonus Fighter. The fighters were later revealed to be Stanley, Master Chief, Sophita, Black Mage, and Klonoa. A Parallel Pass Comprised of Echo Fighters, and a Final Fighter's Pass were confirmed after the reveal of the Second Fighter's Pass Fighters.

Tom Nook Stanley Master Chief Sophita Black Mage Klonoa

The third pass is the Parallel Pass and features 8 new Echo Fighters added to the roster, comprised of Birdo (Yoshi), Wart (Bowser), Dark Meta Knight (Meta Knight), Mighty (Sonic), Roll (Mega Man), Ray (Tails), Ray MK II (Ray MK III), and Samantha Nishimura (Lara Croft).

Birdo Wart Dark Meta Knight Mighty Roll Ray Ray MK II Samantha

The final Fighter's Pass was confirmed with Pheonix Wright as the Bonus Fighter. The fighters featured were later revealed to be Glover, Chun-Li, Haohmaru, Squall, Ty, and Carmen Sandiego. Unlike the previous fighter passes, a total of 7 fighters were made with the pass. Coincidentally, this was the same amount of DLC fighters from Smash 4.

Pheonix Glover Chun-Li Haoumaru Squall Ty Carmen Sandiego

Summonable Characters

Non-playable characters that can be summoned for battle. These characters are separated into both Assist Trophies and Pokeballs.

Assist Trophies


Image Name Franchise Defeatable? Description


New Stages

Image Description

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

Returning once more, Battlefield appears with a new design! Battlefield's famous three platforms return, but this time with the views of an autumn setting with Japanese architectures and a city down below. It's almost as if it was before the Elemental Labyrinth occurred, hmmm...
Big Battlefield
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png
With more platforms, Big Battlefield can be considered to be the better stage to use for those 8-player Smash battles that folks love to have. Save for more platforms, there's not much difference here!
Final Destination
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png
Returning once

Subspace Gunship

Returning for the first time since Brawl's Subspace Emissary, the Subspace Gunship makes its grand debut as a playable stage! Travel around the Island of the Ancients, and witness the world become engulfed in Subspace, and witness the world return to normal once again. Perhaps a special boss will appear in Subspace?

Bowser's Kingdom
SSB Mario Series.png

Super Mario Odyssey Logo DSSB.png
Bowser's Castle makes its Smash debut in Galactic Battle! Normally looking like a castle out of the Middle Ages, it has taken on a much elegant makeover, with influences from Japanese buildings. Watch out for the poisoned water!

Super Bell Hill
SSB Mario Series.png
Sunshine Airport Mario Kart 8 logo DSSB.png
Maple Treeway Mario Kart Wii logo.png
Wario Coliseum Mario Kart Double Dash logo DSSB.png
Battle Theater
Dr. Mario World Dr. Mario World logo.png
Last Resort Luigi s mansion 3 logo png by mrjrock dda2qgq.png
Marina Stadium
Beehive Brawl
SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Bright Savannah
SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze logo.png
Gangplank Galleon
SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Donkeykongcountry ssbulogo.png
Fruity Factory
SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze logo.png
Windmill Hills Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze logo.png
Eldin Caves
Ganon's Tower

HWDE Palace of Twilight.png

Palace of Twilight

Hyrule Warriors Logo 2.png
Tal Tal Heights
Lavender Tower
Making its Smash debut, the creepy Lavender Tower has shown up to be battled in!
Bell Tower

Zenith portal.png

Askr Summoning Gate

Fire Emblem Heroes logo.png

Hailing from Fire Emblem Heroes, the Askr Summoning Gate appears once more! As fighters battle on the grounds of Askr Castle, various members of the Order of Heroes will drop by to say hello, or perhaps lend a helping hand, or maybe attack the fighters on stage, you never know what will happen within the Summoning Gate of Askr! Maybe a boss or two will show up!


Kingdom of Nifli
SSB Fire Emblem Series.png

Fire Emblem Heroes logo.png

Battle within a frosty and icy Kingdom, of which the Nifli royalty, Fjorm, and Hrid call home!

Officer's Academy
Underworld Castle
Thundercloud Temple
Greenhorn Ruins
SSB Wario Series.png
S.S. Teacup

New Los Angeles
SSB Xenoblade Series.png

Xenoblade Chronicles X logo DSSB.png
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Logo.png

S Stage Saltspray Rig.png

Saltspray Rig
SSB Splatoon Series.png

Splatoon logo DSSB.png
Savvy Boutique
Fashion Show

Pilotwings X
SSB Pilotwings Series.png

Pilotwings series logo DSSB.png

Travel around the Pilotwings Islands once again, this time with new locations from Pilotwings 64! Enjoy the views of the many islands, and prepare for wonderful evenings in the sky as the stage has now been upgraded with both day and night cycles! Watch out for Mount Rushmore here, a large number of attacks will turn it from our favorite hero Mario to our notorious Wario!

Golden Forest
JSSB 1080 symbol.png
1080 Avalanche logo.png
Sunset Bay Wave race blue storm logo by ringostarr39 dckg3rf-fullview.png
Lake Juliet
SSB AnotherCode.png
Pac-Maze Remix
SSB Pac-Man Series.png
Pac-Man Logo.png
Cleopactra 829d86fe-23a1-403f-abfb-cb227989adb6.png
City Escape
SSB Sonic Series.png
Battle Harbor
Kasugano Residence
SSB Street Fighter Series.png
Street Fighter Alpha 2 logo.gif

Gruntilda's Lair

Banjo-Kazooie Logo.png
Bogard Arena


All Aboard for Smash! Fighters fight within the classic Bogard Arena, which actually isn't an arena, but rather an actual moving freight train! See oceans, cities, deserts, and plains at all times, as the train NEVER stops! Be on the lookout for various characters from the King of Fighters, as they will jump to battle the fighters on board! Perhaps it will be someone simple like Yuri Sazaki, or perhaps Geese Howard will appear to plan your doom! You never know WHO could be showing up!

Scuttle Town
Risky's Ship
Layton Logo.png
Forever Crossing
Umbrella Labs
Aensland Castle Darkstalkers logo by urbinator17-d5a2u3p.png
Santa Destroy NoMoreHeroesLogo.png
City After Dark Tekken-logo-600x257.png
Hanzo Academy
N. Sanity Beach

Returning Stages

Image Description

NewDonkCityHall SSBU.png New Donk City
SSB Mario Series.png


Returning from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the famous New Donk City Hall. During the battle, members of the Super Mario Players will appear playing their instruments. When the song Jump Up Super Star is playing, the band members will play an instrumental version, with each instrument adding to it! Pauline will appear singing, but if she's in the battle, a generic female New Donker will take over.

Mushroom Kingdom
SSB Mario Series.png
SuperMarioBros MakerLogo.png
Mushroom Kingdom II
SSB Mario Series.png
SuperMarioBros2 MakerLogo.png
Princess Peach's Castle
SSB Mario Series.png
Golden Plains
SSB Mario Series.png
Great Plateau Tower
Breathofthewild ssbulogo.png

Pirate Ship

BridgeOfEldin SSBU.png

Bridge of Eldin

SaffronCity SSBU.png

Saffron City

KalosPokemonLeague SSBU.png

Kalos Pokemon League

Corneria SSBU.png

SSB Star Fox Series.png

Returning from Super Smash Bros. Melee is the famous Corneria stage. Retaining its Star Fox Zero style update, the stage allows fighters to battle on top of the Great Fox. Be careful, as both Star Fox and Star Wolf will appear in their Arwings shooting at each other, and even the fighters too!

Venom SSBU.png

SSB Star Fox Series.png

Also returning from Super Smash Bros. Melee, Venom returns with its upgraded look. This time, the battle takes place on the wings of the Great Fox rather than the top of the ship. As with Corneria, Venom features dogfights between Star Fox and Star Wolf! Be careful that they don't shoot you off the stage!
Lylat Cruise
Boxing Ring
Green Hill Zone
Windy Hill Zone


Image Name Franchise Description
Smash Ball SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Fake Smash Ball SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Healing Field SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Home-Run Bat SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Beastball SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Food SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Ray Gun SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Banana Gun SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Barrel SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Assist Trophy SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Beam Sword SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Black Hole SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Blast Box SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Cracker Launcher SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Rage Blaster SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Ultra Hand SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Timer SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Team Healer SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Motion Sensor Bomb SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Healing Sprout SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Drill Arm SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Cloaking Device SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Capsule SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
Bumper SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
CDVaporwave.png CD SmashBrosSymbolSSBV.png
SuperMushroomNSMB2.png Super Mushroom SSB Mario Series.png
SMP Poison Mushroom.png Poison Mushroom SSB Mario Series.png
T730SuperStar.png Super Star SSB Mario Series.png
MK8 GreenShell.png Green Shell SSB Mario Series.png
T730RedShell.png Red Shell SSB Mario Series.png
LaunchStar.png Launch Star SSB Mario Series.png
FireFlower10 .png Fire Flower SSB Mario Series.png
IceFlowerMK8.png Ice Flower SSB Mario Series.png
T730Freezie.png Freezie SSB Mario Series.png
Bob-omb OSSB.png Bob-omb SSB Mario Series.png
T730SpinyShell.png Spiny Shell SSB Mario Series.png
T730BananaPeel.png Banana Peel SSB Mario Series.png
Boomerang SSB4.png Boomerang SSB Mario Series.png
WiiBulletBillMK8.png Bullet Bill SSB Mario Series.png
BMBRFireBar.png Fire Bar SSB Mario Series.png
HotheadSSB4.png Hothead SSB Mario Series.png
T730LightningBolt.png Lightning Bolt SSB Mario Series.png
MetalBox.png Metal Box SSB Mario Series.png
POWBlockMK8.png POW Block SSB Mario Series.png
T730SuperLeaf.png Super Leaf SSB Mario Series.png
Grass OSSB.png Grass SSB Mario Series.png
DoubleCherry.png Double Cherry SSB Mario Series.png
T730SpringMushroom.png Spring Mushroom SSB Mario Series.png
SSBUHammer.png Hammer SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Spring-0.png Spring SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Orange Grenade DSSB.png Orange Grenade SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
CoconutGun.png Coconut Gun SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Animal Crate SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
BarrelCannonMKBlitz.png Barrel Cannon SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Watermelon Fuse Bomb SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Banana Juice SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Heart Container ZeldaSymbol.png
Deku Nut ZeldaSymbol.png
Gust Bellows ZeldaSymbol.png
Fairy Bottle ZeldaSymbol.png
Bunny Hood ZeldaSymbol.png
Bombchu ZeldaSymbol.png
Cucco ZeldaSymbol.png
Beetle ZeldaSymbol.png
Magic Rod ZeldaSymbol.png
Blast Mask ZeldaSymbol.png
Lantern ZeldaSymbol.png
Screw Attack SSB Metroid Series.png
Grapple Beam SSB Metroid Series.png
YS Watermelon.gif Watermelon SSB Yoshi Series.png
Dragoon SSB Kirby Series.png
Maxim Tomato SSB Kirby Series.png
Warp Star SSB Kirby Series.png
Superspicy Curry SSB Kirby Series.png
Star Rod SSB Kirby Series.png
Parasol SSB Kirby Series.png
Bomber SSB Kirby Series.png
Prism Shield SSB Kirby Series.png
Timed Dynamite SSB Kirby Series.png
Smart Bomb SSB Star Fox Series.png
Poke Ball SSB Pokémon Series.png
Master Ball SSB Pokémon Series.png
Empty Poke Ball SSB Pokémon Series.png
Ramblin' Evil Mushroom SSB EarthBound Series.png
Mr. Saturn SSB EarthBound Series.png
Franklin Badge SSB EarthBound Series.png
Killing Edge SSB Fire Emblem Series.png
Angelic Robe SSB Fire Emblem Series.png
Ore Club
X Bomb
Killer Eye
Back Shield
Demon Vine Plant
Poison Cloud

Voice Cast

A list of all voice actors and actresses that participated in the game.


Name Characters
Charles Martinet #01 ~ Mario
Takashi Nagasako #02 ~ Donkey Kong
Kengo Takanashi #03 ~ Link
No Voice Actor #04 ~ Samus
Kazumi Totaka #05 ~ Yoshi
#06 ~ Kirby
Mike West #07 ~ Fox
Hunter Mackenzie-Austin #07ε ~ Fay
#08 ~ Pikachu
#08ε ~ Raichu
Charles Martinet #09 ~ Luigi
#10 ~ Ness
#11 ~ Captain Falcon
#11ε ~ Blood Falcon
Rachel Lillis #12 ~ Jigglypuff
Samantha Kelly #13 ~ Peach
Kenny James #14 ~ Bowser
#15 ~ Ice Climbers
Ayumi Fujimura #16 ~ Sheik
Ayumi Fujimura #17 ~ Zelda
Charles Martinet #18 ~ Dr. Mario
Charles Martinet #18ε ~ Dr. Luigi
#19 ~ Pichu
Mark Lund #20 ~ Falco
#20ε ~ Miyu
Yuri Lowenthal #21 ~ Marth
Fujiko Takamoto #22 ~ Young Link
Tosihide Tsuchiya #23 ~ Ganondorf
Christopher Corey Smith #24 ~ Mewtwo
Ray Chase #25 ~ Roy
No Voice Actor #26 ~ Mr. Game & Watch
Eric Newsome #27 ~ Meta Knight
Antony Del Rio #28 ~ Pit
Alesia Glidewell #29 ~ Zero Suit Samus
Charles Martinet #30 ~ Wario
David Hayter #31 ~ Snake
Cam Clarke #31ε ~ Liquid Snake
Greg Chun #32 ~ Ike
#32ε ~ Alm
Billy Bob Thompson #33/34/35 ~ Pokemon Trainer
Michelle Knotz #33 ~ Squirtle
Justin Anselmi #34 ~ Ivysaur
Shinichiro Miki #35 ~ Charizard
Katsumi Suzuki #36 ~ Diddy Kong
Lani Minella #37 ~ Lucas
Roger Craig Smith #38 ~ Sonic
Masahiro Sakurai #39 ~ King Dedede
No Voice Actor #40 ~ Olimar
No Voice Actor #40ε ~ Alph
Sean Schemmel #41 ~ Lucario
No Voice Actor #42 ~ R.O.B.
Sachi Matsumoto #43 ~ Toon Link
Jay Ward #44 ~ Wolf
No Voice Actor #45 ~ Villager
#46 ~ Mega Man
October Moore #47 ~ Wii Fit Trainer
Kerri Kane/Yuya Takezawa #48 ~ Rosalina & Luma
#49 ~ Little Mac
Billy Bob Thompson #50 ~ Greninja
#51/52/53 ~ Mii Brawler/Swordfighter/Gunner
Brandy Kopp #54 ~ Palutena
Martin T. Sherman #55 ~ Pac-Man
Regina Regan #55ε ~ Ms. Pac-Man
David Vincent #56 ~ Robin
Kyle McCarley #56ε ~ Soren
Laura Bailey #57 ~ Lucina
Adam Howen #58 ~ Shulk
David Menkin #58ε ~ Malos
Catey Sagoian #59 ~ Bowser Jr.
No Voice Actor #60 ~ Duck Hunt
Antony Del Rio #61 ~ Dark Pit
Kyle Herbert #62 ~ Ryu
Steve Blum #63 ~ Cloud
#63ε ~ Zack
Cam Clarke Corrin
Hellena Taylor Bayonetta
Grey DeLise Jeanne
Deanna Mustard Daisy
No Voice Actor Ridley
Keith Silverstein Simon
David Vincent Richter
Matthew Mercer Chrom
No Voice Actor Dark Samus
Toshide Tsuchiya King K. Rool
No Voice Actor Isabelle
No Voice Actor Digby
Ruben Langdon Ken
No Voice Actor Piranha Plant
Xander Mobus Joker
Hero (Luminary)
Chris Sutherland Banjo & Kazooie
??? Terry Bogard
??? ???
Peter Von Gromm Spring Man
Ribbon Girl
Caitlin Glass Elma
Norio Wakamoto Black Shadow
Christina Vee Shantae
Christina Vee Risky Boots
Captain Syrup
Stephanie Sheh Mona
Robert Atkin Downes Travis Touchdown
Kimberly Brooks Shinobu
Dixie Kong
Funky Kong
Jess Harnell Crash Bandicoot
Debi Dewberry Coco Bandicoot
Tom Kenny Spyro
Felicia Day Cynder
Kate Higgins Tails
Kirk Thorton Shadow
Cree Summer Medusa
Mai Shaurnai
Kyo Kasunagi
Alisia Glidewell Krystal
Makiko Omoto Bandana Dee
Billy Bob Thompson Mimikyu
Kate Higgins Pauline
Cranky Kong
Rabbid Cranky
No Voice Actor Ray MK III
Lily Flyer
Rena Stober Azura
Roger Rose Niles
Peter Von Gromm Bomberman
Kathleen Barr Frogger
Cooking Mama
Adeline & Ribbon
Al Weaver/Skye Bennett Rex & Pyra
Paul Thornley/Skye Bennett Addam & Mythrra
Riley Inge Doc Louis
Brittney Lee Harvey Sakura
King Boo
Erica Lindbeck Sami
Samantha Kelly Captain Toad
Samantha Kelly Captain Toadette
No Voice Actor Sylux
Chris Savor Gruntilda
Skull Kid
Vanessa Gardner/Michelle Knotz Diantha & Gardevoir
Miriam Pultro/Emily Jenness Caitlin & Gothitelle
Scott Kurtz Mappy
Sumit Seru Great Tiger
Narcis Prince
Jessica Chism Plum
Tiny Kong
Samurai Goroh
Danielle Nicolet Kate Alen
Emily Jenness Cynthia
Erica Lindbeck Ashley
Matthew Mercer Leon Kennedy
Michelle Ruff Jill Valentine
No Voice Actor F-Type
Cindy Robinson Amy
Professor Layton
Robert Clotworthy Black Knight
Stephanie Sheh Tharja
Cindy Robinson Aversa

Alternate Characters

Name Characters
#02 ~ Donkey Kong Jr.
#07 ~ James McCloud
Charles Martinet #09 ~ Mr. L
Christian La Monte #11 ~ Kent Akechi
Greg Abbey #11 ~ Rick Wheeler
Samantha Kelly #13 ~ Shadow Queen
Samantha Kelly #13 ~ Dr. Peach
Kenny James #14 ~ Dry Bowser
Kenny James #14 ~ Dr. Bowser
Charles Martinet #31 ~ Dr. Wario
Kate Bristol #33-35 ~ Pokemon Trainer
No Voice Actor #45 ~ Villager
Steve Zinke #47 ~ Wii Fit Trainer
Lauren Landa #56 ~ Robin
#59 ~ Larry Koopa
#59 ~ Roy Koopa
#59 ~ Wendy O. Koopa
#59 ~ Iggy Koopa
#59 ~ Lemmy Koopa
#59 ~ Morton Koopa Jr.
#59 ~ Ludwig Von Koopa
#59 ~ Koopa Kid
#59 ~ Boom-Boom
#59 ~ Pom-Pom
Marcella Lantz-Pope #64 ~ Corrin
#65 ~ Inkling
Deanna Mustard #67 ~ Dr. Daisy
#79 ~ Hero (Erderick)
#79 ~ Hero (Solo)
#79 ~ Hero (Eight)
#89 ~ Mio
#89 ~ Mayu
#89 ~ Miu
#107 ~ Octoling
Samantha Kelly #128 ~ Toad
Samantha Kelly #128 ~ Toadette
Roger Craig Smith #142 ~ Chris Redfield
Steve Van Wormer #142 ~ Billy Cohen
Troy Baker #142 ~ Jake Muller
Stephanie Panisello #143 ~ Claire Redfield
Erin Cahill #143 ~ Rebecca Chambers
Karen Dyer #143 ~ Sheva Alomar
Stephanie Sheh #151 ~ Rhajat
#151 ~ Noire


Other Characters

Other Content

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A sequel to the game, titled Super Smash Bros. Life or Death has been confirmed. The game will once again feature all playable fighters from previous installments, including DLC, and will feature newcomers based around fan favorites and the theme of Life or Death.



  • This is the first Super Smash Bros. game to feature:
    • Newcomers from both the Yoshi and F-Zero series which both have been present since the first installment, but haven't received new playable characters since their debut.
    • Playable representatives from the Pilotwings series.
    • Feature a second playable Legendary Pokemon in addition to Mewtwo, being Suicune.
    • Feature a third-party semi-clone of a third party veteran.
    • Feature a third party Echo Fighter of a first-party newcomer.
    • Feature an assist trophy from the Pokemon series, being Officer Jenny.
    • Feature bosses from the Fire Emblem and F-Zero franchises.
    • Feature a hybrid original boss since Melee.
    • Feature Bowser, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, King K. Rool, Mega Man, and Pac-Man with full voice acting.
    • Feature Cloud with his English voice.
    • Feature the Red Shell, Cracker Launcher, Flipper, and Invisibility Cloak as items since their last appearances in Melee (Red Shell, Flipper, and Invisibility Cloak), and Brawl (Cracker Launcher).
  • Galactic Battle marks the first physical appearance of many different characters in many years.
    • It marks the first appearance of Lily Flyer in over 16 years, her last appearance in F-Zero GX being her only appearance to date prior to her inclusion on Galactic Battle's roster.
    • Likewise, Galactic Battle also marks the first physical appearances of Kate Alen, Blood Falcon, Black Shadow, and Rick Wheeler in over 15 years, their last appearances being in the Japan-only Game Boy Advance game, F-Zero Climax. Although their machines have made many cameos since Melee, Galactic Battle marks the first time that all three have made a physical appearance within Smash.
    • Previously Blood Falcon and Black Shadow both appeared as trophies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. 4. They also appeared as Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Kate Alen notably didn't appear in any of the three previous installments, despite having her machine present. Rick Wheeler notably has made no appearances within the series, save for one of Falcon's alts in Smash 4 and Ultimate being a vague reference to him.
    • The first appearance of Kent Akechi in over 18 years, his last appearance in F-Zero Maximum Velocity, which was his only appearance to date prior to his inclusion on Galactic Battle's roster via a shared slot with Captain Falcon.
    • The first physical appearance of Plum in over 20 years, her last appearance being in Mario Golf (GBC), although she made a cameo as a trophy in Melee.
    • The first physical appearances of Lark and Kiwi in over 23 years, their only appearance prior to their inclusion in Galactic Battle, being in Pilotwings 64.
    • The first physical appearance of both Ryota Hayami in over 18 years, his last appearance being in Wave Race: Blue Storm. Although Ryota appeared as a sticker in Brawl, and a spirit in Ultimate, Galactic Battle marks the first physical appearance of Ryota.
    • The first physical appearances of Akari Hayami, and Ricky Winterborn in over 16 years, their last appearances being in 1080 Avalanche. Although Ricky appeared as a sticker in Brawl, and Akari appeared in Ultimate as a spirit, Galactic Battle marks the first physical appearance of both in the series.
    • The first physical appearance of Koopa Kid in over 14 years, his last appearance being in Mario Party 7. Although Koopa Kid previously appeared as a sticker in Brawl, Galactic Battle marks his first physical appearance in the series.
    • The first physical appearance of Donkey Kong Jr. in over 19 years, his last appearance being Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. Although he made many cameos since then, Galactic Battle marks the first physical appearance of the character.