This page lists all of the in-game special taunts that can be activated in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. Fusion.

God's Telepathy

Taunting repeatedly as Pit on the City of Souls stage will activate a conversation between Pit and some of the various deities (Dark Pit, Palutena, Hades, Medusa, Viridi, Pyrrhon, Phosphora and, in a special case, Mist from Fire Emblem) that appear in Kid Icarus: Uprising. These often focus on one of the characters Pit is fighting, though sometimes they go off on tangents and give Pit no advice at all.

Target Conversation

Pit: Oh hey, it's Mario!

Viridi: I really hate that guy.

Pit: Why? He's Mario! Everyone loves him.

Viridi: A- he's a human. B- he kills my babies with his fire.

Pit: Are there any humans you don't hate.

Viridi: Not really. All humans are scum.

Pit: Magnus will probably kill you.

Viridi: My babies can take care of him.


Palutena: Oh, it's Princess Peach!

Pit: She's not much of a warrior, is she?

Palutena: Not like you're attacking her. Is it because she's a girl?

Pit: What!? No. I took down Phosphora and Pandora, remember?

Phosphora: "Took down" is a strong way to put it.

Pit: Yeah right.

Palutena: Ladies, ladies. Settle down.


Pit: Who's he?

Hades: Big bad Bowser of the Koopa Troop.

Pit: I wasn't talking to you.

Hades: Oh come on Pitty Pat. I answered your question, didn't I?

Pit: You didn't really tell me much about him. Like, how do I beat him?

Hades: I'm not into that sort of thing. You may want to try pretty Palutena for that.

Pit: (sighs) Who do you think I was asking?

Donkey Kong

Pit: Dee Kay! Donkey Kong! Dee Kay! Donkey Kong is here!

Viridi: Don't ever do that again.

Pit: Someone doesn't like the DK Rap.

Palutena: You know, Viridi, singing releases more carbon dioxide....

Viridi: So?

Palutena: Your plants grow with carbon dioxide, no?

Viridi: Feel free to keep singing, Pit.

Pit: That's actually the only part of the rap I know.

Diddy Kong

Hades: We got a chimp!

Viridi: Actually, that's Diddy Kong.

Hades: Isn't he a chimp?

Viridi: He's not exactly your ordinary chimp, though. He carries a gun called the "Peanut Popgun" and a jetpack.

Pit: It's always bugged me that even Diddy Kong can fly longer than I can.

Viridi: I'm pretty sure you can destroy his jetpack while he's using it.


Pit: The Hylian Warrior is back.

Palutena: Do you need my help again?

Pit: Last time you "helped me" with him, we ended up fighting each other.

Palutena: Well go on then, Mr. Hero.

Hades: Little Pitty-Pat is growing up.

Pit: Shut up, you.

Princess Zelda

Magnus: Hey, it's Princess Zelda.

Pit: Magnus? How can you...?

Magnus: Your green-headed girlfriend's lending me her powers to give you some advice.

Pit: Green-headed girlfriend? Lady Palutena is not my girlfriend.

Magnus: No, the kid.

Pit: Viridi isn't either.

Magnus: You two would be a cute couple.

Pit: Really?

Magnus: No.

Pit: So, what can you tell me about Zelda?

Magnus: She uses magic-based powers, and is also skilled with her sword.

Pit: Uh-huh. And you know this, how?

Magnus: Because Palutena's always guiding your flight, you never get lost. When you have to get directions from people in small towns, sometimes you can end up in some strange places.

Pit: Ever been to the Chaos Vortex?

Magnus: Ever been to Dreamland?

Pit: Fair point.


Pit: Pikachu!

Palutena: Everyone's favourite Pokémon.

Pyrrhon: Mine's Magmortar.

Viridi: Lilligant.

Palutena: Okay, Phosphora's favourite Pokémon.

Phosphora: Actually, I prefer Zebstrika.

Pit: Does anyone even like Pikachu much?

Viridi, Pyrrhon, Phosphora: Nope.

Palutena: (Yes)

Hades: He'd make a good power source in the Underworld, then.

Pit: Don't you guys have light?

Hades: No. Pretty Palutena doesn't think we deserve it.

Palutena: I could give you light, but I don't think you'd like the view.

Medusa: Doing make-up would be easier.

Pit: Hey, remember Pikachu?


Pit: A turtle?

Dark Pit: A Squirtle.

Palutena: Pittoo's right. Squirtle is a Water-type Pokémon.

Pit: You sound like a PokéDex.

Dark Pit: You know about PokéDexes, but not about Squirtle?

Pit: I've seen the anime.

Dark Pit: Didn't the main character have a Squirtle at one point?

Pit: Uhh...

Palutena: He's got you there.


Viridi: Aww. It's so cute!

Palutena: Ivysaur?

Virdi: That bud on its back must bloom into the most beautiful flower. I bet its almost as beautiful as mine.

Pit: Very humble.

Viridi: Pit, can you catch it for me?

Pit: I'm no Pokémon Trainer.

Viridi: C'mon. Are you scared?

Palutena: I think Pit should focus more on the battle then getting you a new playmate.

Viridi: Well, sorry mom. (Pit, catch it anyway!)


Pyrrhon: Ho ho! What do we have here!?

Pit: Charizard?

Pyrrhon: Charizard's hot.

Pit: Okay...

Pyrrhon: He's on fire.

Pit: Are you done?

Pyrrhon: Watch out, the fight is about to heat up.

Pit: Agh!


Palutena: Ever ride on a Yoshi's back?

Pit: No. The way Mario does it makes it look like fun.

Palutena: Just don't get in the way of its mouth.

Pit: Yeah, yeah. It turns stuff it eats into eggs.

Palutena: Have you ever been trapped in an egg?

Pit: Does walking inside of Hades' stomach count?

Palutena: He's not a hen.

Pit: He is a chicken, though.

Palutena: Fair point.

Hades: The Goddess of Light and her royal servant are so mature.

Pit: Says the guy who eats people's souls.

Hades: Ever eaten one?

Pit: The more I hear about you eating them, the more it makes me want to try it.

Fox McCloud

Pyrrhon: The great fox of the stars!

Pit: You mean "Fox". With an uppercase "F", right?

Pyrrhon: Yes of course.

Pit: What can you tell me about him, Pyrrhon?

Pyrrhon: Well, let's see. He.... uhhhh.... hmm.... I've got nothing.

Pit: Seriously?

Pyrrhon: Sorry Pit. You'll have to figure him out on your own.

Viridi: He uses a blaster and reflector. He can also create fire to throw himself upwards, or dash sideways at high speeds.

Palutena: And his Final Smash has him calling in a Landmaster.

Pit: Thanks guys.

Pyrrhon: No problem.

Pit: I wasn't talking to you.

Samus Aran

Pit: I don't see any Metroids around, but Samus is here.

Viridi: Shut up! Metroids don't exist to us, remember.

Pit: I'm pretty sure just seeing these other all-stars is enough of a fourth-wall break to me.

Viridi: SHUT UP! They might hear you.

Pit: The players?

Viridi: Shutupshutupshutup!

Pit: I think the players are interested about us game characters.

Viridi: If you don't stop talking, I will kill you.

Dark Pit: Don't you dare.

Pit: Oh hey Pittoo.

Dark Pit: You're lucky I can't kill you without myself dying.

Pit: I wouldn't call it "luck".

Viridi: I can kill you without dying, though.

Pit: I'll just shut up, now.

Viridi: Good idea.


Pit: He's Lucas, right?

Palutena: Yes. Lucas has psychic powers like Ness. In fact, many of their moves are the same.

Pit: So what are the differences?

Palutena: Lucas' PK Thunder move goes through opponents.

Pit: Is that really it?

Palutena: He can also freeze you.

Pit: It's probably better than being turned into an eggplant.

Palutena: I don't know. His PK Freeze attack is said to be at extremely cold temperatures. To put it in perspective, it's about 25x colder than where you are now.

Pit: The City of Souls isn't that cold....

Palutena: ...During the winter.

Pit: Okay then.


Viridi: Awww, he so cute!

Palutena: I'd have to agree.

Pit: I don't get it. He's just a smaller.... cuter.... better Wario.

Hades: I can't believe I have to agree with young Pitty Pat.

Viridi: How can neither of you find this pink puffball cute!? He's adorable!

Hades: I think it's his.... niceness. It makes him so ugly.

Palutena: I guess an evildoer like yourself would find the hero of Pop Star as disgusting. But you, Pit?

Pit: Hey, when you get sucked into his black hole of a mouth, he turns from a cream puff into a monster.

King Dedede

Pit: Is this guy really the king of something?

Viridi: Dedede? Of course not! He's just a big, lazy penguin.

Pit: How does that not make him king?

Palutena: Apparently he just popped up in Pop Star one day, and declared himself king, stealing all of the snacks on the planet.

Pit: So he's evil? He seems really..... not.

Viridi: Yeah, he and Kirby are arch enemies. Even though they can eat anything. Dedede's pretty much just a mutant Kirby.

Palutena: Be weary of him Pit, as his hammer has hidden jets inside of its head. His final smash has him put on a mask, that enhances his power and speed.

Captain Olimar

Viridi: Here is one of the few Humans I can actually tolerate.

Palutena: Viridi has a soft spot for a Human. I'm surprised.

Viridi: Please. He cleans up the environment. He's not as bad as some of the others.

Pit: Actually his Pikmin do. He uses your babies as slaves.

Viridi: I never actually made the Pikmin. I made the sutera cordata flower that blooms on their head, but not the creatures.

Medusa: That was actually my fault.

Palutena: That surprises me.

Medusa: The Pikmin are "failed" Daphnes.

Viridi: Failed!?

Medusa: They're brainless. They need a commander to function. Apparently, I wasn't good enough.

Palutena: I big-nosed spaceman with no mouth is a better commander then you. Are you jealous?

Medusa: I'm not afraid to turn you to stone again.

Pit: You won't be able to.

Medusa: Would you like me to test you?

Palutena: I think Pit doesn't want to try your test.

Viridi: Old Lady Palutena's afraid of becoming a statue.

Palutena: Even Goddesses have fears.


Hades: Man, that scent is horrible! I can smell it all the way from the Underworld!

Palutena: That's Wario.

Viridi: He's pretty much a ticking time bomb of noxious fumes.

Pit: He farts, he smells. What else does he do?

Hades: Let me guess. Eat?

Palutena: Legends say that he ate a magical garlic clove that transformed him into a superhero alter ego: Wario-Man!

Viridi: He eats a magic garlic clove and transforms himself into a superhero?

Hades: That is hard to believe.

Palutena: He also has a motorcycle that he rides around on.

Pit: What? Why!? This is Smash Brothers, not Mario Kart!


Pit: What is this.... thing!?

Viridi: Villager. He's the worst of all the Humans.

Pit: Oh? How so?

Viridi: His down special has him planting a tree...

Pit: Wouldn't you like that?

Viridi: And then cutting it down to attack his opponents!

Pit: That's gonna seriously hurt.

Viridi: He also throws saplings around! Why is this guy hating on all of my beautiful plants!?

Pit: Are you done?

Viridi: Pit! Let me take your place!

Pit: Wha-? No! Lady Palutena gave me this duty, and I must fulfill it. Besides, I'm having fun!

Palutena: That's the spirit, Pit.


Pit: Is that Seliph or Ephraim?

Viridi: No, I think that's Hector.

Pit: Oh wait. It may be Chrom...

Viridi: It could be Eliwood if he dyed his hair...

Palutena: That is Marth. He's the prince of Altea. To be completely honest, I have contradicting reports on him. Apparently he's also a girl half of the time...

???: No, that would have been me.

Pit: And you are...?

Lucina: My name is Lucina.

Palutena: So half of this information I have on Marth is actually you. Care to shed some light on Marth.

Lucina: Marth is the Hero-King prince of Altea. When he was young, his father, the king of Altea, left the country in order to go to war, leaving behind his wife, Marth and his older sister Elice.

Viridi: Fascinating, fascinating.

Pit: What about his abilities.

Lucina: ...

Lucina: Well, to be completely honest, I've never met him. I'm his descendant, so I'm just telling you what I know.

Palutena: Here Pit, I've found some things: Shield Breaker, Dolphin Slash, Dancing Blade and Counter are his special moves, with Critical Hit being his Final Smash. Critical Hit deals massive knockback, so watch out!

Ice Climbers

Viridi: Well if it isn't the Ice Climbers.

Pit: They're like a team, or, well, they are. But what confuses me is their relationship.

Viridi: I think they're siblings.

Pit: I think they’re friends.

Hades: They're probably dating…. Like the two of you are.

Pit: WHAT!!! We are not that close!

Hades: Oh, I jest.

Hades: ...Or do I...?

Magnus: Why not? The two of them would look perfect together.

Pit: Really?

Magnus: ....

Magnus: No.

Virdi: Yeah as if. What would even make you think that?

Palutena: Well bickering can show how much you really care.

Viridi: Our bickering only gets us into more trouble.

Palutena: Oh really? You looked like you had fun being with Pit during adventures.

Pit: Really?!

Viridi: No way! I'd never--

Hades: ♪ Pit and Viridi sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N… ♪

Pit and Viridi: STOP IT!!!


Pit: Pitto?

Dark Pit: Yeah?

Pit: Where are you right now?

Dark Pit: Nowhere near you. Why?

Pit: I'm fighting me.

Dark Pit: Sounds familiar.

Pit: I'm serious I'm fighting me.

Dark Pit: It's no different than fighting me, then, is it?

Pit: Except you use different weapons than I do. This doppelganger has my same weapons, my same looks.... he's just wearing different clothes.

Dark Pit: I thought you learned your lesson about looking into the Mirror of Truth.

Pit: It was destroyed, remember?

Dark Pit: Nice excuse.

Wii Fit Trainer
Little Mac
Sonic the Hedgehog
Wolf Link
Zero Suit Samus
Young Link
Falco Lombardi
Captain Falcon
Adam Malkovich
Meta Knight
Captain Syrup

Pit: Lady Palutena, are you there?

Palutena: Of course. I'm not one to sleep on the job.

Pit: Unless Dyntos is involved.

Palutena: ...

Pit: What can you tell me about Ike?

???: Ike? Ike, is that you?

Palutena: Seems like we've got an intruder.

Pit: Who are you?

Mist: Mist. Are you the people who have been talking to me?

Pit: No. I'm just trying to get information on the blue-haired quarterback.

Mist: Ike? He's my brother. He wields the sword Ragnell with only one of his arms.

Pit: Yeah, he's kind of scary.

Mist: He also uses fire-based magic in his attacks, so watch out.

Palutena: You wouldn't want your wings to burn up. Again.

Pit: Thanks, Mist.

Paper Mario
Mr. Game & Watch
Mega Man
Baby Mario Bros.

Pit: Why am I fighting two babies?

Palutena: Those two are actually Mario and Luigi as babies.

Pit: The flame-babies?

Pyrrhon: Someone call me.

Palutena: If you're a flame baby, then yes.

Pyrrhon: I've been called many things. Poseidon called me the Hot Spring.

Pit: What's so bad about that? Hot Springs are awesome!

Pyrrhon: Unless you're a deity made primarily of fire.

Pit: Fair point.

Alexander Roivas
Karate Man

Pit: Primid! Is Tabuu back!?

Palutena: Actually, the Subspace Army turned neutral six years ago.

Pit: What?

Palutena: The members of the Subspace Army were controlled by Tabuu. After he was destroyed, most of the remaining members became harmless.

Pit: This one doesn't seem harmless.

Palutena: It is also fighting against Nintendo's greatest all-stars.

Pit: I'm an all-star?

Palutena: I mean, some of the fighters here aren't all-stars.

Pit: Like...

Palutena: ......

Pit: Of course.

Jody Summer
Dixie Kong

Pit: Who's this?

Viridi: It's a Human. Kill it.

Pit: Subtle.

Palutena: Actually, Viridi, it is a Mii.

Pit: A Mii.

Viridi: That's the dumbest name I have ever heard.

Pit: Is Nintendo out of names?

Hades: I think they ran out when they named you after a hole in the ground.

Pit: I happen to really like my name.

Hades: You don't need to be so defensive over such a bad name, Pitty-Pat.

Pit: I think Toro Osawa created a great name.

Viridi: Can you guys ever go five minutes before breaking the fourth wall?

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