This page lists all three taunts that a character can perform, in Super Smash Bros. Fusion.

Series Characters Taunts
Animal Crossing Villager Ponders before grabbing an apple out of thin air.
Pulls a butterfly out of their inventory and shows it off.
The Shrunk Funk Special from Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Bravely Default Agnès Oblige Creates a small orb of blue magic in her hand, before it disperses in a furry of sparkles.
Stands facing the player, hands on her hips, as her dress sways in the wind.
Puts her hands behind her back and smiles, as magic glows around her.
Classic Ice Climbers Place their hammers on the ground before jumping up and down repeatedly.
The two cross their hammers and say "Yo!" as wind blows around them.
Nana slams the ground, and a Topi pops out of it, before Popo slams it back into the ground.
Mr. Game & Watch Mr. Game & Watch rings a bell four times.
Mr. Game & Watch pulls out his pan and flips two sausages before missing them.
Jumps up and down thrice.
R.O.B. Moves his head around, firing a small laser from his eyes.
Spins his arms and head in a circle.
Projects an image of Professor Hector above him.
Sheriff Shoots his guns up in the air while hollering.
Tosses a beer bottle in the air and shoots it.
Tosses his hat in the air, before catching it and putting it back on his head.
Dillon's Rolling Western Dillon Swipes twice through the air, leaving blue lights where he did.
Rolls in place, before jumping in a spin.
Tilts his hat down over his eyes and punches the air in front of him.
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Shrugs towards the player, making a confused grunt.
Beats his chest.
Pulls out the DK Bongos and hits a few beats on them.
Diddy Kong Jumps from one foot to the other, clapping his hands.
Sits on the ground and pulls out a 3DS, before dropping it.
Does a backflip. His hat falls off his head and lands on his tail as he does so.
EarthBound Lucas Creates a sparkle of light on his fingertip and waves it around.
His rope snake comes out and speaks to him
A frog hops onto his head, and he smiles, before it disappears.
Ness Faces the camera, nods, and says "Ok!"
Poses with his baseball bat held out in front of him.
Buzz-Buzz flies around his head, before going under his hat.
Eternal Darkness Alexandra Roivas Flips through the Tome of Eternal Darkness as a blue glow raises from the pages.
Pulls out a flashlight and looks around.
Looks at her watch, saying "3:33" as she does.
Fire Emblem Marth Holds up his sword, emitting light from the tip.
Swings his sword while saying "Minna, miteite kure!".
Spins his sword before re-sheathing it.
Ike Holds his sword out and says "prepare yourself".
Sticks Ragnell into the ground, as wind blows his cape.
Holds Ragnell at an angel, as it flows with a fiery aura.
Lyn Holds her sword pointed to the ground in front of her, and says "watch out".
Hold her sword out in front of her, and smiles competitively.
Looks away from the player as wind blows her dress.
F-Zero Captain Falcon Saluts and says "show me your moves!".
Holds out his hand, and says "come on!".
Curls his fist, towards him as fire rises towards the sky, as he says "let's go!".
Jody Summer Flips her hair, as she smiles towards the player.
Swipes twice in front of her, saying "cat got your tongue?".
She looks up at the sky with her hands together, saying "this is for you, dad".
Kid Icarus Pit Spins his blades above his head, whilst saying "the fight it on!".
Opens his wings and floats upwards slightly, as golden sparks fall from his wings.
Swings his sword, while saying "that all you got?".
Magnus Crosses his arms, grunting.
Leans against his sword, saying "ready?".
Looks towards the sky as a dark aura surrounds his sword.
Kirby Kirby Waves his hands as he says "Hi", extending the "I" syllable.
Performs part of his victory dance.
Kirby blasts upwards with a gust of wind before crashing downwards.
King Dedede Spins in a circle, chanting.
Holds his hammer up and spins it in victory.
Laughing as he spins his hammer.
Meta Knight Spins around, akin to his entrance animation.
Points his sword towards the screen as he says "fight me".
Opens his wings and growls "come".
The Legend of Zelda Link Navi flies out of Link, before returning to him.
Performs a pose whereby he stands on one leg and holds his sword in an attack position.
Swings his sword, then sheathes and unsheathes it.
Zelda Puts her hands together in a prayer and creates a small flame in the space between.
Holds up her hand, and magical sparks fly out of her palm.
Wolf Link Sits before howling towards the sky.
Midna playfully taps him, and he jumps around in anger.
Scratches his ear with his foot while Midna yawns.
Sheik Stands on one hand.
Pulls out her whip-chord.
Poses intimidatingly; her hand in front of her face.
Ganondorf Spins while hovering, laughing maniacally.
Slams his fist into his other palm, dark magic covering it.
Takes out his sword and looks at it, darkness emitting from the tip.
Young Link Takes out a Bottle of Lon Lon Milk, drinks it, and then wipes his mouth.
Pulls Majora's Mask out, showing it towards the screen as darkness emits it.
Navi flies around him saying "hey" or "listen", and he catches her with his hat.
Vaati Shakes his fist at the screen as a dark fire consumes it.
Ruffles his cape, and a Keese comes out of it, flying away.
A small, stone statue of Princess Zelda appears in his hand, and he crushes it with no might.
Mega Man Mega Man Shows off his arm cannon, then pumps his fist.
Turns his back to the screen and poses.
Warps out, then back in.
Metroid Samus Aran Places her hand behind her, and the jets on her back engage.
Part of her arm cannon comes out, before replacing itself.
Thrusts her arm cannon behind her, then in front of her.
Zero Suit Samus Throws her paralyzer upwards; catches it; asks "is that all".
Spins her plasma whip around her, saying "I've got this".
Lashes out with her plasma whip, angrily saying "try me".
Adam Malkovich Salutes, saying "good luck".
Lowers his blaster and wipes his forehead.
Stretches with his arms above his head.
Pac-Man Pac-Man Places his hand out and a circle of Pac-Dots appear above it followed by a random Namco sprite.
Lays on the ground, while music notes and ghosts fly around him.
Faces the camera, winking. He also gives a thumbs-up.
Paper Mario Paper Mario Jumps up, waving his hands around, before lying down on the ground. References his hurt animations from Super Paper Mario.
Looks at a map before looking around and pointing excitedly.
Kersti flies around him and he smiles.
Pikmin Captain Olimar Rolls around slightly while laying on the ground.
He and the Pikmin jump up and down quickly.
Swings his hips while the Pikmin jump up and down.
Pokémon Pikachu Waves at the camera, yelling "Pika, Pika!"
Charges up its cheeks with electricity and glares at the screen, saying "Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..."
Lies on the ground, curls and rolls around, saying "Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Squirtle Jumps and does a backflip in mid-air, before chanting "Squirtle, Squirtle!"
Withdraws into its shell and spins around.
Spins around in mid-air, water coming from its shell. It then says "Squirtle!" once it has finished.
Ivysaur Shakes itself, spinning its plant.
Stands on its front legs and walks around in a circle, saying "Saur, Ivysaur!"
Throws out its vines and spins, chanting "Ivy, Ivy!"
Charizard Faces the camera and roars.
Slams his foot down in anger, before igniting a flame from his mouth while looking at the sky.
Roars while facing the sky as embers float around him.
Jigglypuff Breathes all the air out of itself and falls to the ground, flattened. It inflates itself upon contact.
Twirls around many times, then poses with a smile.
Spins around on one foot, then looks at the camera inflated, winking and saying Jigglypuff.
Mewtwo Crosses its arms whilst floating, laughing evilly.
Creates a rainbow light around itself while looking at the sky.
A Mew appears before him, says "Mew" before teleporting away. He growls in anger.
Blaziken Looks to the sky and growls, flames engulfing him.
Stomps his foot, calling "Blaziken!" as embers fly around him.
Jumps up and kicks downwards, calling "Blaze!".
Victini Spins around as he flies upwards, before posing and falling to the ground.
A star appears behind him as he poses.
Jumps upwards whilst standing on a single foot.
Punch-Out! Little Mac Punches a few times before posing. Doc Louis will sometimes say "Show 'em what you got, Mac baby!".
Looks to the camera and poses. Doc Louis will sometimes say "Hit 'em, baby!".
Makes a circular motion with his left glove. Doc Louis will sometimes say "Let 'em have it, Mac!".
Rhythm Heaven Karate Man Puts on sunglasses and punches, before they fall off.
Clenches and relaxes his fists before shaking them out and resuming a fighting posture.
Droops sadly, before resuming a fighting posture.
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Runs in place, taunting by saying "You're too slow!"
Does a flip, before doing the same pose he is in his Super Smash Bros. Brawl artwork.
Sonic pulls a chili dog out from thin air, and begins to eat it. Should he not be attacked during the taunt, he will regain 3%.
Star Fox Fox McCloud Leans back and calls "Come on!".
Flames engulf him as he calls "Here I come!".
Throws his blaster upwards and catches it.
Falco Lombardi Spins on one foot, then poses with one of his arms in front of him, saying "Hands off my prey!".
Kicks his reflector around and says "Piece of cake" before catching it.
Holds out his hand and slowly raises it, saying either "Don't try me!" or "Get some!".
Krystal She says "Here we go" whilst posing.
Tosses her staff up and catches it, saying "Enemy down!".
She taps the back of her foot with her staff, saying "Stop joking around".
Super Mario Mario Grows to three times his size, as if he obtained a Mushroom, before shrinking again.
Jumps up into the air and spins with his arms and legs spread out, landing on his back.
Does the peace sign to the screen as a short fanfare plays.
Peach Spins around and winks at the player, saying "sweet".
Takes out her parasol and twirls it behind her head.
Dancing, singing in a taunting fashion.
Bowser Throws his head back, spinning in a circle while roaring.
Snaps furiously five times.
Throws his head back, blowing a small plume of fire from his mouth from a roar.
Luigi Crosses his arms behind his back and performs a small kick saying "hm".
Performs five quick poses: 1st pose: Luigi flashes a V-Sign. 2nd pose: Luigi clicks his fingers imitating guns, while looking to the right. 3rd pose: Luigi takes on a thinking pose, his eyes looking offscreen. 4th pose: Crouches down to the floor with his back turned to the player. 5th pose: Luigi puts his hands up to his face and teeters lightly on one leg. The final pose is similar to his Luigi's Mansion artwork.
Stands straight up with hands on hips, falls forward stiff on the floor, then seems to balance himself back up again.
Toad Pulls a turnip from the ground and holds it above his head happily, before dropping it.
Jumps around before posing.
Puts his hands on his hips, saying "Hey!".
Rosalina Waves her wand up, similarly to when she summons Luma; Luma dances around.
Puts her hand on her hip, leans back, and waves her wand; Luma nods its head.
Rosalina and Luma lean forward and spin, like a planet on its axis.
Super Smash Bros. Primid Jumps up in shock, with Shadow Bugs flying from him.
Deconstructs into a pile of Shadow Bugs before reforming.
Mites cover him and he knocks him away.
Wario Wario Laughs, before unhinging his jaw. He then closes it with his hands.
Makes three "W"'s with his fingers, chanting "wa wa wa!"
Turns away from the player, giggling, as he shakes his butt.
Ashley Holds a rabbit doll, whose eyes glow evilly and she smiles.
Holds her wand up above her head, with it glowing.
Disappears in a cloud of smoke before reappearing, candy flying out as she does.
Captain Syrup Holds a coin up and laughs.
Plays with her hair, humming the first few notes of the Stonecarving City theme.
Takes a replica of Wario's hat and stomps on it angrily.
Xenoblade Shulk Holds out his right hand and says, "Now it's Shulk time!".
Fistpumps with his left hand and says, "I'm really feeling it!".
Activates the Monado, poses with it, and says, "This is the Monado's power!".
Wii Fit Wii Fit Trainer Stretches her arms out above her head.
Stretches out her shoulders.
Sits down, stretching out her legs.
Yoshi Yoshi Spins, waving his hands up and down, before saying "Yoshi".
Chases his tail, before raising his arm up.
Spits out a berry, but catches it with his tongue and swallows it with a smile.
Kamek His wand glows a plethora of colours as he laughs.
Holds his wand forward, as it radiates magical particles.
Fixes his glasses angrily.
Baby Mario Bros. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi high five happily.
Baby Mario pulls out a small chain chomp that barks twice before bouncing away, and they cry.
They sit down and pose, saying "Baby Bros. win!".
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