Super Smash Bros. Forever is a 2023 fighting/party game for the Nintendo Switch, and the 6th entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. It is also the first game in the series not to be directed by creator Masahiro Sakurai, who serves as the producer of the game instead. Who is standing in for him is yet to be announced.



Almost every fighter who has appeared in the Smash Bros. series prior returns, the only ones being exempt from this are Dr. Mario, Pichu, Young Link, Dark Pit, Incineroar, Piranha Plant, Lucina, Daisy, Chrom, and Corrin. Dr. Mario and Dark Pit serve as alternate costumes for Mario and Pit respectively, Chrom returns as an assist trophy, while the others appear as collectible Spirits in game. Most newcomers in the game were chosen to subvert expectations in certain niches.

Portrait Bio

Mario (Veteran)

Dr. Mario (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Luigi (Veteran)

Peach (Veteran)

Daisy (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Bowser (Veteran)

Rosalina & Luma (Veteran)

Bowser Jr. (Veteran)

Waluigi (Newcomer)

Donkey Kong (Veteran)

Diddy Kong (Veteran)

King K. Rool (Veteran)

Link (Veteran)

Sheik (Veteran)

Zelda (Veteran)

Ganondorf (Veteran)

Toon Link (Veteran)

Beedle (Newcomer)

Samus (Veteran)

Zero Suit Samus (Veteran)

Ridley (Veteran)

Dark Samus (Veteran)

Yoshi (Veteran)

Kirby (Veteran)

Meta Knight (Veteran)

Dark Meta Knight (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Galacta Knight (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

King Dedede (Veteran)

Fox (Veteran)

Falco (Veteran)

Wolf (Veteran)

Pikachu (Veteran)

Jigglypuff (Veteran)

Mewtwo (Veteran)

Pokemon Trainer (Veteran)

Lucario (Veteran)

Greninja (Veteran)

Incineroar (Veteran)

Ness (Veteran)

Lucas (Veteran)

Captain Falcon (Veteran)

Blood Falcon (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Black Shadow (Newcomer, Echo)

Ice Climbers (Veteran)

Marth (Veteran)

Hector (Newcomer)

Ike (Veteran)

Robin (Veteran)

Robin (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Byleth (Veteran)

Byleth (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Mr. Game and Watch (Veteran)

Pit (Veteran)

Dark Pit (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Palutena (Veteran)

Wario (Veteran)

Captain Syrup (Newcomer)

Solid Snake (Veteran)

Old Snake (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Liquid Snake (Newcomer, Echo)

Sonic (Veteran)

Doctor Eggman (Newcomer)

Olimar (Veteran)

Alph (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

ROB (Veteran)

Villager (Veteran)

Isabelle (Veteran)

Mega Man (Veteran)

Proto Man (Newcomer, Echo)

Zero (Newcomer)

Wii Fit Trainer (Veteran)

Wii Fit Trainer (Male) (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Little Mac (Veteran)

Mii Brawler (Veteran)

Mii Swordfighter (Veteran)

Mii Gunner (Veteran)

Mii Mage (Newcomer)

Pac-Man (Veteran)

Shulk (Veteran)

Elma (Newcomer)

Duck Hunt (Veteran)

Ryu (Veteran)

Ken (Veteran, Echo)

Chun-Li (Newcomer)

M. Bison (Newcomer)

Cloud (Veteran)

Cloud (Advent Children) (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Cloud (Kingdom Hearts) (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Terra (Newcomer)

Bayonetta (Veteran)

Bayonetta (Original) (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Jeanne (Newcomer, Echo)

Jeanne (Original) (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Rodin (Newcomer)

Inkling (Veteran)

Inkling (Male) (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Octoling (Newcomer)

Simon (Veteran)

Richter Belmont (Veteran, Echo)

Alucard (Newcomer)

Joker (Veteran)

Hero (Veteran)

Banjo & Kazooie (Veteran)

Terry (Veteran)

Geese (Newcomer)

Ryu Hayabusa (Newcomer)

Ryu Hayabusa (Classic) (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Doom Slayer (Newcomer)

Doom Slayer (Classic) (Veteran, Alternate Costume)

Dante (Newcomer)

Dante (Devil May Cry 3) (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Sol Badguy (Newcomer)

Sol Badguy, real name Frederick, is an immortal Gear, bounty hunter, former Holy Knight, and Queen fan in a world where the future is governed by magic. He travels the world on a quest to hunt down and defeat That Man, the creator of the Gears and his former friend. He wields the powers of the Absolute World to fight many colorful foes in his post-apocalyptic world, including his rival Ky Kiske.

Mechanics: Guilty Gear is considered one of the most complex and stylish fighting games thanks to all the techniques it's characters can perform. Having all of them in one character would probably break the game, so Sol sticks to two.

The first is an extra move called Dragon Install. By using the input Down, Down-Left, Left twice and then the Special button, Sol can get faster, dish out more damage, and have his specials be enhanced.

He also has Instant Kill. If an opponent is over 100% damage, or at one-third of their HP in Stamina Mode, Sol can combines his attacks and Specials and can start a brief window where Sol can use a quarter-circle forward attack to unleash a trail of flames leading to a pillar of fire to destroy an opponent. That is, assuming the opponent can't use a quarter-circle back attack in time to defend.

Neutral Special: Gun Flame- Sol will unleash a row of flaming pillars in front of him. Only usable on the ground.

Up Special: Volcanic Viper- A flaming uppercut that brings opponents into the air and can finish with a kick if the input is used again.

Side Special: Bandit Revolver/Bandit Bringer- Sol leaps forward in the air and does an axe kick. If you press the button again he'll come crashing back down with Bandit Bringer, which is a slower but more powerful flaming punch.

Down Special: Break- A flaming kick downwards that ends with an explosion upon impact. Sol will automatically jump if he is on the ground.

Final Smash: Tyrant Rave- Sol's arm will engulf in flames, and he'll charge forward in a powerful flaming punch that can catch many opponents in the blaze before he launches them all away when the flames come off his hand.

Up Taunt: Throws his sword into the ground and says "Yare Yare Daze..." Down Taunt: His traditional Guilty Gear taunt in which he turns his back to the opponent and gives a thumbs down. Side Taunt: Sol puts his left hand on his right forearm and puts two backwards fingers on his right hand up. In England, this is an offensive gesture.

Heihachi Mishima (Newcomer)

Heihachi Mishima (Young) (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Master Chief (Newcomer)

Steve? (Newcomer)

Alex? (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Jill (Newcomer)

Jill (Resident Evil 3) (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Leon (Newcomer, Echo)

Leon (Resident Evil 2) (Newcomer, Echo, Alternate Costume)

Heavy (Newcomer)

Bomberman (Newcomer)

Scorpion (Newcomer)

Kazuma Kiryu (Newcomer)

Travis Touchdown (Newcomer)

Travis Touchdown started out as a wannabe pro wrestler, but the brutal death of his parents at the hands of his ex-girlfriend (and half-sister, ew) put him on the path of a wannabe assassin. Conned into joining a massive tournament of death by the beguiling Silvia Christel, Travis does his best to support his life in the No More Heroes Motel all while still saving money for beam katanas, video games, anime merchandise,, home videos, even if it means facing the deadliest people in Santa Destroy.

Mechanics: In the No More Heroes games, Travis' beam katanas had limited energy. It's depleted by using it too much in either blocking or attacking. Travis did have a certain way of getting power back, and that gimmick carries over here. Over time, Blood Berry's battery will wear down from attacking, and Travis can use his Down Special to replenish the special power meter. Additionally, he has a small, slot-machine esque graphic near his HUD that spins every time he uses a Smash attack. If he gets three in a row of certain icons, he'll be granted a special ability for a very short amount of time.

Strawberry on the Shortcake (Triple Bell): Travis can move at dizzying speeds even exceeding that of Sonic's run speed, allowing him to dish out combos at ease.

Blueberry Cheese Brownie (Triple Dog Face): Travis can now use a projectile with his beam katana.

Cranberry Chocolate Sundae (Triple BAR): The stage fades to black and white, and now Travis can deal fatal critical hits at random.

7 (Triple Cherry): Travis gains a small "7" icon by his HUD. Get three of these to turn the tides in his favor.

Anarchy in the Galaxy (Triple 7): After obtaining three 7 icons, Travis unleashes his (second) best attack, and summons a laser through where he is standing on the stage, a la PK Starstorm or Aura Beam.

Chosen Undead (Newcomer)

Filia (Newcomer)

Kunio (Newcomer)

Riki (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Akira Howard (Newcomer)

Wondeful 101 (Newcomer)

Nester (Newcomer)

Marshal (Newcomer)

Hanafuda (Newcomer)

Haohmaru (Newcomer)

Marco Rossi (Newcomer)

Tarma Roving (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Fio Germi (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Eri Kasamoto (Newcomer, Alternate Costume)

Amaterasu (Newcomer)

2B (Newcomer)

Arthur Morgan (Newcomer)

Kratos (Newcomer)

Kat (Newcomer)

Darth Vader (Newcomer)

Tabuu (Newcomer)


Portrait Series Description Stage Stage Description Other Content


Devils Third logo DSSB.png

Bandana Dee




Pyramid Head




Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Logo.png


Lara Croft

Tomb Raider Curse of the Sword Logo.png

Darth Revan



White-Danganronpa V3 Logo.png



Scribblenauts logo.png


Curly Brace (Alternate Costume)



Professor Layton






JC Denton

Adam Jensen




Max Brass

ARMS logo DSSB.png


Scott Pilgrim VS The World The Game logo.png


Senran Kagura logo.png


Parasite Eve Logo.png




BlazBlue Logo.png



Killer Instinct series logo DSSB.png

Assist Trophies

Portrait Series Behavior

Hammer Bro

Latiku & Spinies


Flies & Hand


Chain Chomp

Piranha Plant



Attacks foes from long range with his gun arm and uses special attacks like Geno Whirl and Geno Boost


Dixie Kong & Kiddie Kong




Majora's Moon





Mother Brain



Chef Kawasaki

Knuckle Joe






Samurai Goroh

Jody Summer

F-Zero logo.png
Armed to the teeth, she'll fire at enemies with a blaster pistol and plasma rifle. She'll enventually switch to hand-to-hand combat and chase down adversaries to suplex and throw them. She can even break shields.

Black Knight



Brings down her axe on enemies to dish out powerful attacks. Sometimes, her Crest will let her deal additional damage to fighters.






Gray Fox

Revolver Ocelot

Mgs logo.png
He's limited to 12 bullets in his two revolvers, but he'll make them count. They can ricochet off walls and bring airborne foes crashing down. He normally stays on a stationary level of the stage.

Senator Armstrong

Pounds foes into next week, shouting some of his classic one-liners from his home game. If anyone tries to attack him, he will, of course, make use of his nanomachines and his body will harden in response to the attacks.



Amy Rose


Burrowing Snagret

Emperor Bulblax


K.K. Slider

Tom Nook

Wily Capsule

Tron Bonne



Glass Joe

Blinky (Red), Pinky (Pink), Inky (Cyan), Clyde (Orange)




Logo 0000 StreetFighter1.png
Crouches in place and hits foes from afar with his famous Sonic Boom. If anyone gets too close, he'll keep them away with Flash Kick. It's almost like someone online is playing him!


Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy VII logo DSSB.png
Her swiftness being close to unparalleled, she'll beat the gil out of opponents with her most trusted weapon; her own two fists. Among the many attacks to watch out for include Falcon Dive, Whirling Uppercut, and Somersault.

Masked Lumen

Bayonetta 2 logo DSSB.png
Uses his Holy Glaive to impale opponents and harasses stragglers with fire-based attacks. He can also summon one of the Auditio of Paradiso in a pinch in a similar fashion to Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves.

Squid Sisters

Soma Cruz

Jack Frost

Persona logo DSSB.png
Relentlessly uses icy attacks of the Bufu family that will freeze any that hit directly and severely injure others in it's path. Hee-ho!


Mai Shiranui


Lu Bu


Millia Rage


As soon as he appears, Yoshimitsu attacks with his inexplicable moves like Manji Spin Slaps, Poison Wind, and of course his Fubuki to navigate. He'll finish off opponents (and himself) with his Harakiri attack.


Halo logo.png
Uses Active Camoflauge and stalks the stage. Fighters who aren't careful will be pinned down and stabbed in the back by him. He has a brief opportunity to be KOed right before he strikes.

Iron Golem

Minecraft Universe.png
Meanders around the stage, grabbing and throwing opponents who come into contact with it. It will directly target fighters who attack it's summoner.


He'll rush around the stage with his lightning-quick attacks, and shoots opponents with his Samurai Edge gun. If he takes enough damage, he will assault any and all opponents with Phantom Dance.


Whacks nearby fighters upside the head with his bat, complete with "Bonk!" sounds made with his mouth.


Mortal Kombat logo.png
He teleports around the stage, firing Lightning Bolts from his position. Before he departs, he unleashes Electric Fly on any opponent in front of him.

Goro Majima

Yakuza logo red.png
The Mad Dog of Majima will shank any nearby enemies with his knife. If an enemy is too far away, he'll somersault at them and show them no mercy. If Kiryu is in play, he'll be the first to know.

Miss Fortune

Karate Joe


Fries his enemies with powerful lightning bolts taken directly from God of War III. He can also create clones of himself to pester and confuse opponents.


Darth Maul

Rushes down opponents and unleashes brutal combos on them with his double-bladed lightsaber. It can even deflect projectiles.

Master Core



Arcade Bunny

Spring Man


Color TV-Game 15




Dr. Wright


Dr. Kawashima



Ring Fit Adventurer

Mike Jones


Reckless Safety Man

Anything and everything around him becomes a danger to others while he's in play. This can mean items or even parts of the stage. If there isn't really anything he can take advantage of, he always has his trusty Wii remote and complete lack of awareness to fall back on.

Arle Nadja

Gilius Thunderhead


Virtua Fighter Logo.jpg
Unleashes his Bajiquan skills on unlucky opponents, among them being his iconic Tetsuzanko. Juunen Hayain Da Yo!




She'll pursue enemies on land and in the air. If any come close, she'll use Shadow Blade to send them flying, but she will primarily attack with Soul Fist.

Sam Bridges

Joanna Dark




Uses Flowmotion Combat to trap opponents in sword-swinging chain attacks. In a pinch, he'll use Thundaga, Blizzaga, or Firaga to finish off an opponent or use Curaga on his summoner.

Bill Rizer & Lance Bean

Yuri Kozukata


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Remake Logo.png
He'll charge his foes with his sword, shield, and axe. When his opponents are at high damage, he'll try to finish them off with a good, old-fashioned "Fus Ro Dah!"

Carl "CJ" Johnson

1200px-Grand Theft Auto San Andreas logo.svg.png

Crash Bandicoot

Sly Cooper


Shovel Knight


Shantae series logo DSSB.png
Belly dances to transform into a monkey, elephant, or harpy to attack her foes in combo attacks like the now defunct Sable Prince used to. She'll use her current form to her advantage if she is knocked off-stage to recover.

Hat Kid


Untitled Goose Game logo transparent.png
Steals items off the stage, trips fighters, gets in the way of projectiles, interrupts combos, and just tries to be annoying, really.


Marvel Universe.png
Using his webs, he can get himself in the stage, but prefers the air. He'll disable fighters with a Web Ball, or attack nearby opponents with Web Sling or Spider Sting. Occasionally, he'll go all out on opponents and attack them with Crawler Assault or Maximum Spider.

Kid Goku


Jojo s bizarre adv logo hd by muums-d464ymu.png
Pummels foes at a distance with his Stand, Star Platinum. Sometimes, he'll freeze time with The World to deal damage to immobile opponents. "Yare yare" and "Ora Ora!" included.


Geralt of Rivia


Picture Series Description


Final Destination

Peach's Castle

Mushroom Kingdom (64)

Princess Peach's Castle

Mushroom Kingdom II

Yoshi's Island (Melee)

Figure-8 Circuit

Rainbow Road 2

Delfino Plaza

Mushroomy Kingdom

Mario Bros.

Luigi's Mansion

Mario Galaxy

Mushroom Kingdom U

Super Mario Maker

New Donk City Hall

3D World

River Twygz Bed


Bowser's Keep


Last Resort Hotel

Icon of Sin


When he finally arrives at the nexus of Earth and Hell, the Doom Marine comes face-to-face with a beast known as the Icon of Sin. In this recreation of DOOM II's final battle, fighters do battle in front of the imprisoned demon, who will throw a wrench into the fight every now and then by summoning a small band of monsters or one giant demon from the DOOM series. It can summon creatures like:

  • Zombieman
  • Imp
  • Cacodemon
  • Pinky
  • Revenant
  • Mancubus
  • Baron of Hell
  • Cyberdemon
  • Spider Mastermind

Players are able to KO any of these enemies that join the fray, and they also count toward the player's score.

oremoR nhoJ em llik tsum uoy MOOD niw oT

The Pit

Mortal Kombat logo.png

Bathed in pale moonlight on Shang Tsung's Island, The Pit is the home of the Stage Fatality. A somewhat larger stage, players fight with little headroom on the bridge over the spiky chasm below. By using a fighter's up throw, they can push an opponent off the bridge and down to the spikes, which obviously do damage and launch fighters back up, opening a window for combos. At 100% damage, it's an instant KO. Fighters do have enough time to recover and make it back on the bridge, however. In addition to bringing a gimmick from it's home game, The Pit also includes several Mortal Kombat characters fighting in the background and even at the Pit Bottom. These cameos include:

  • Scorpion (if he is not in play)
  • Sub-Zero
  • Raiden
  • Liu Kang
  • Kitana
  • Jax
  • Sonya Blade
  • Kano
  • Johnny Cage
  • Ermac
  • Sindel
  • Mileena
  • Baraka
  • Sektor
  • Cyrax
  • Reptile (at the bottom)
  • Noob Saibot (in the shadows)
  • Smoke (behind the pillars)
  • Jade (behind the pillars)
  • Quan Chi
  • Kenshi
  • Shang Tsung (occasionally appears after a background fighter defeats another background fighter)


At the climax of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi duels his rouge apprentice Anakin Skywalker on the hellish landscape of Mustafar. Battles take place on a stage that travels around the Separatist hideout that refines the lava as it rapidly collapses. The areas fighters travel to are largely based on maps from Star Wars Battlefront II and the Revenge of the Sith video game adaptation, but it can also stop at locations like Darth Vader's Castle from Rouge One, the ash forest from Rise of Skywalker, or Obi-Wan's infamous high ground.

Wrecking Crew

Living Room

Nintendogs logo DSSB.png

Light Plane

Pilotwings series logo DSSB.png

Balloon Fight


The Fantasy Zone

Welcome to The Fantasy Zone. Get ready to avoid obstacles like enemy robots, dragons, statues, aliens, and more as fighters follow the titular Harrier in the faithful recreation of the pseudo-3D SEGA classic. NPC Enemies can not only launch fighters, but any who get directly in their path and be pushed to the screen and instantly KOed. If the map moves too fast, players can stop the adventure temporarily by knocking out Harrier.

Kamiki Village

Okami Logo.png

District Court


Willamette Mall

Dead rising logo.png

Tower of Salvation

Talesofsymphonia ssbulogo.jpeg

Traverse Town


Scramble Crossing

Throat of the World

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Remake Logo.png

Scuttle Town

Shantae series logo DSSB.png


Uncharted logo.png

Floral Fury

Cuphead Universe.png


Tetris logo DSSB.png


ROBLOX Current Logo.png
Created by some of Roblox's earliest developers, Crossroads is one of the most widely used template worlds on the MMO service game. In Smash, it functions somewhat similarly to the Spiral Mountain stage, with a pseudo-3D element. Fighters travel across the map to all four of it's regions, occasionally moving backwards. NPC Robloxians will battle and play with each other with their gear in the background.




Easily one of the most recognizeable multiplayer maps in the Call of Duty series, Nuketown takes place in a fake suburb set up to test nuclear weaponry. Players fight in two houses opposite of one cul-de-sac, and can leave said houses to fight in said cul-de-sac as well. Sometime in the match, a nuke will actually be tested and everywhere outside of the two houses are bathed in white light. If fighters can't return to the houses in time before the nuke explodes, they will be instantly KOed.

Rampage World Tour

Conch Street

SpongeBob SquarePants logo.png
Located in peaceful Bikini Bottom, Conch Street is where the eponymous Spongebob lives with his neighbors Squidward and Patrick. There aren't any real hazards here, and the most trouble fighters might have (other than, of course, other fighters) is scaling the iconic trio of rock, Moai, and pineapple houses.

Nintendo Offices

Nintendo All-Stars logo (DMSAR).png
Kyoto, Japan; a gaming giant sleeps here at Nintendo Offices

Windows XP

Windows XP was a Microsoft operating system in the windows family released to the public in October 2001. It was one of the longest-running operating systems in Windows' history and one of the last systems developed by Bill Gates. The stage functions as something of a museum of classic Microsoft computers; it takes place on the default "Bliss" background, cluttered by icons, and hazards can actually be activated by fighters and take the forms of built-in tools and games like Clippy, Solitaire, Minesweeper, and more, and the stage can actually "crash" if fights get too intense; the infamous blue error screen will obscure the entire map and leave fighters blind.


Portrait Description

Master Hand

Crazy Hand

Master Core






Beast Ganon






Jubileus is the creator of the Bayonetta world and ruled over the realm of Paradiso before war broke out among her angels and she lost her physical form. At the end of the first Bayonetta game, the evil Lumen Sage Balder resurrects her by reuniting the Eyes of the World, but Bayonetta is saved by Jeanne, now free of Balder's brainwashing, and teams up with her to take down the queen of Paradise and save the world.


Emperor Bulblax



The Reaper

The Wither



Doctor Neo Cortex3.png

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