Super Smash Bros. Forever is a 2023 fighting/party game for the Nintendo Switch, and the 6th entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. It is also the first game in the series not to be directed by creator Masahiro Sakurai, who serves as the producer of the game instead. Standing in for him is Katsuhiro Harada, known for directing the Tekken franchise.



Almost every fighter who has appeared in the Smash Bros. series prior returns, the only ones being exempt from this are Dr. Mario, Pichu, Young Link, Dark Pit, Incineroar, Piranha Plant, Chrom, and Corrin. Dr. Mario and Dark Pit serve as alternate costumes for Mario and Pit respectively, Chrom returns as an assist trophy, while the others appear as collectible Spirits in game. A notable majority of newcomers to the game were formerly assist trophies, as well as a few major, highly requested newcomers.

Character Bio
240px-Mario SSBU

Mario (Veteran)

250px-Luigi SSBU Small

Luigi (Veteran)

250px-Peach SSBU small

Peach (Veteran)

250px-Daisy SSBU Small

Daisy (Veteran, Echo)


Bowser (Veteran)


Rosalina & Luma (Veteran)


Bowser Jr. (Veteran)

Geno kfad

Geno (Newcomer)


Captain Toad (Newcomer)

DonkeyKong SSBUltimate

Donkey Kong (Veteran)

232px-DiddyKong SSBU

Diddy Kong (Veteran)

450px-Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Dixie Kong (Newcomer, Echo)

KingKrool SSBUltimate

King K. Rool (Veteran)

120px-Link-Alt1 SSBU

Link (Veteran)

Impa - HW

Impa (Newcomer, Echo)

6.10.Sheik standing on her hand

Sheik (Veteran)

1.2.Zelda Brushing her Hair

Zelda (Veteran)

Midna Obliteration

Midna (Newcomer)


Skull Kid (Newcomer)

Ganondorf SSBU Artwork

Ganondorf (Veteran)


Toon Link (Veteran)

Samus Remix

Samus (Veteran)


Zero Suit Samus (Veteran)

DarkSamus SSBUltimate

Dark Samus (Veteran, Echo)

1.2.Ridley roaring

Ridley (Veteran)


Fox (Veteran)


Falco (Veteran)

Krystal Assist Trophy (SSBU)

Krystal (Newcomer)

3.3.Wolf Howling 2

Wolf (Veteran)

3.6.Pikachu Sleeping

Pikachu (Veteran)

1.3.Mewtwo Powering Up

Mewtwo (Veteran)


Pokemon Trainer (Veteran)


Gardevoir (Newcomer)

1.10.Lucario using Double theme

Lucario (Veteran)

1.11.Greninja falling

Greninja (Veteran)

4.15.Jigglypuff Puffing Up

Jigglypuff (Veteran)

Lucas SSBU Artwork

Lucas (Veteran)

PSSB Kumatora

Kumatora (Newcomer)

0.5.Ness preparing to swing his Bat

Ness (Veteran)

CaptainFalcon SSBUltimate

Captain Falcon (Veteran)


Samurai Goroh (Newcomer)

F-Zero NX made a splash with the modern gaming community and patient F-Zero fans, so it's little wonder that the series not only receives not one, but two new reps! And being one of the most popular F-Zero racers in canon and in fanon, Samurai Goroh now rightfully breaks out of his Assist Trophy prison!

Like other F-Zero fighters, Goroh is an exceptionally fast fighter. His bulky structure, however, limits his recovery greatly, but this also makes him a lot harder to launch. Goroh puts his katana to good use as well, and he seems to be quite in touch with his home series, considering most of his attacks reference mechanics used in F-Zero races. Surely, it sounds peculiar, but if Falcon can stay in Smash for so long, then what's holding Goroh back?

Neutral Special: Boost Power- Above Goroh's HUD, there are three icons that all appear to look like a green "S". These are, in fact, a reference to the Super Jets in the original F-Zero on Super Nintendo. These build up subtly over time. When activated, Goroh will go into Boost Power, where he becomes extremely fast, but it also takes a toll on his damage, which will slowly build up the longer Goroh is in Boost Power. 

Up Special: Rules of Nature- A missile comes charging straight at Goroh, and, if the player presses the button again at the right time, Goroh will leap upon it and ride it! Goroh's primary method of recovery functions similarly to Snake's Side Special. If the player presses an attack button in flight, Goroh will slice the missile in half, causing it to explode! Again, timing is everything in this attack, but the missile alone makes a potent attack if the player simply jumps out of it's way.

Side Special: Stingray Fin- Pressing the button causes Goroh to charge forth. If the button is pressed again during the attack, Goroh will use his arms in a powerful cross attack, that can even reflect projectiles. It's...adequate for horizontal recovery.

Down Special: Boost Fire- Goroh raises his katana, and soon begins to wheel the blade around him, as it starts to catch fire. When the button is released, Goroh will charge forth, and slice straight through opponents, causing explosions in his wake. When fully charged, the attack's explosion power will be equivalent to that of a Smart Bomb!

Final Smash: Fire Stingray- Goroh will exclaim, "Let's make this fun!", and performs a horizontal kick that causes him to travel a short distance. If opponents are caught in the kick, they will be stuck to the side of Goroh's trademark F-Zero machine, the Fire Stingray. Opponents are then taken to a desert of some sort, and are launched off of the Stingray. The machine will then circle trapped enemies, causing a trail of fire to be blazed. Then Goroh will leap over the crest of the flames, with a kabuki sound effect in tow, before he does a spinning slash, and the flames all attract to Goroh's blade, before he slashes down, and the fires virtually rain down on opponents!

Black Shadow (Newcomer, Echo)

It's about time that Falcon can finally face his mortal nemesis up close and personal in Smash Bros., when the cold-blooded Emperor of Brutality joins the battle; introducing Black Shadow! That title isn't carried around because he thinks it sounds cool; he's earned that nickname because of how much of a destructive maniac he is!

Considering the two are archenemies and almost have a "yin-yang" relationship between them, it's a little odd to see Black Shadow as Captain Falcon's Echo. But if imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Falcon must feel insulted right now, as Black Shadow puts his own violent spin on Falcon's trademark moveset. Falcon's fire effects are replaced with electricity and poison, and Black Shadow also inherits Captain Falcon's old Final Smash (where players are taken to an F-Zero track and run over by machines) since Falcon now uses a powerful (and familiar) Falcon Punch in his. Black Shadow also isn't as fast as Falcon, but that's not to say he's a slouch either; in a sense, Black Shadow emulates a fighting style similar to Ganondorf back in the Melee days, back when the Triforce-wielding Gerudo tyrant was a last-minute addition to the cast, who just happened to become a core Smash Brother.

Neutral Special: Bull Charge- Black Shadow makes a fist, and pulls it closer to his torso. During this process, a dark cloud-like vision of a bull is crafted out of thin air, before he sends his fist and the bull forward in a powerful electric punch. While it's charging up, the player can quickly turn around Black Shadow to unleash an even more powerful punch in the opposite direction.

Up Special: Vulture Dive- Black Shadow leaps into the air with an electric shock sound. If he grabs an opponent on his ascension, he will seemingly break their neck and launch them away. In addition to being a great method of KOing enemies in mid-air, Black Shadow won't be left in a fall state if the attack connects.

Side Special: Reaper Fist- Black Shadow will dash forward and launch opponents with an electric uppercut. If he misses, he will trip and fall to the ground, making him temporarily vulnerable to attacks.

Down Special: Tyrant Kick- Black Shadow delivers a fast, multi-hit electric kick that can go straight through opponents. If done in mid-air, the kick will go diagonally downwards.

Final Smash: Dark Million- Black Shadow will either shout "Welcome to hell!" or "Come forth, my horsemen!" as he snaps his fingers and an entire brigade of F-Zero machines comes zooming right in front of him. This includes his Black Bull, which he will leap onto in the process. If the attack connects, fighters caught in the trail of machines will be taken to an unknown track (that bears a striking resemblence to Lightning) as the same horde of F-Zero machines start riding up on the horizon. Among the machines are the Sonic Phantom, Big Fang, Mad Wolf, Fat Shark, Dark Schneider, Death Anchor, Moon Shadow, Wild Boar, Green Panther, Dirty Joker, Blood Hawk, Screaming Firefly, and of course, the Black Bull, and soon the other machines run over fighters caught in the attack. Before the attack ends, Black Shadow steps opens the cockpit of the Black Bull and delivers a powerful backhand slap to his opponents (in slow motion), which launches them and ends the attack.

Victory Theme: Same as all the F-Zero characters; a heavy-metal remix of the Finish fanfare from F-Zero GX, which itself was used in F-Zero NX.

Down Taunt: Black Shadow breaks into a fit of maniacal laughter.

Up Taunt: An illusory skull forms in Black Shadow's palm. While it forms, he states, "Is this a joke to you?!", before he angrily crushes the skull into dust.

Side Taunt: Black Shadow pulls off his mask...revealing the face of one of his opponents! He does a throat-slice gesture, chuckling while he does it, before the illusion fades and his mask is back on.

Victory Animation 1: Black Shadow walks angrily toward the screen, before it cuts to a shot of him picking up one of his opponents by their throat, barking "Get up! If you want to survive, you serve me now!"

Victory Animation 2: The camera pans into Black Shadow as he presses the button on some kind of device. Nothing happens, and Black Shadow smacks the device by it's side, causing a massive explosion and fire. He smiles at the carnage. (Note: This is a reference to the movie The Dark Knight based on the comic book hero Batman. The exact scene being referenced is where primary antagonist the Joker, portrayed by Heath Ledger, walks out of an exploding hospital disguised as a female nurse. During the scene, the explosions stop, much to the Joker's confusion, so he smacks the detonator a few times, which causes the rest of his bombs to explode)

Victory Animation 3: Black Shadow stands over the bodies of his defeated opponents, and grabs the camera, sarcastically remarking "Yep, that's a keeper."

Unique Animation: Black Shadow holds Captain Falcon's helmet in his hands, and shouts, "Get a load of this, Mr. Zero!" as he crushes his rival's helmet to smithereens. This animation is only triggered in VS. matches with Captain Falcon.

Availability: Unlockable (Play on the Neo Mute City stage 3 times, encounter him in Apocalyptic Lineage, or play 150 VS. matches)

Classic Mode: Total Anarchy- All enemies have some sort of diplomatic influence, referencing Black Shadow's anti-government implications in his F-Zero NX interviews.

Round 1: Vs. Peach and Daisy on Peach's Castle (Music: Devil's Call in Your Heart)

Round 2: Vs. Villager and Isabelle on Smashville (Music: Brain Cleaner)

Round 3: Vs. Marth, Roy, and Lucina on Arena Ferox (Music: Eastern Dust Settles)

Round 4: Vs. King Dedede and King K. Rool on Pirate Ship (Music: One Ahead System, Free-for-All)

Round 5: Vs. Zelda, Ganondorf, and Link on Hyrule Castle (Music: Thirty Heroes, One Legend)

Round 6: Vs. Giant Bowser on Bowser's Castle (Music: Escape from Ecstacy)

Bonus Game

Final Round: Vs. Deathborn (Music: Death Wind, Boss Battle)


209px-IceClimbers SSBU

Ice Climbers (Veteran)


Marth (Veteran)


Lucina (Veteran, Echo)


Roy (Veteran)


Robin (Veteran)


Anna (Newcomer)

Byleth Avatar

Byleth (Newcomer)


Ike (Veteran)

250px-Pit SSBU

Pit (Veteran)

Palutena SSBUltimate 2

Palutena (Veteran)


Viridi (Newcomer)

Wario SSBUltimate 2

Wario (Veteran)

The Waluigi

Waluigi (Newcomer)

217px-Ashley Pose Gold

Ashley (Newcomer)

Olimar Render Remix

Olimar (Veteran)

240px-LittleMac SSBU

Little Mac (Veteran)

PSSB Villager

Villager (Veteran)


Isabelle (Veteran)

Rex & Pyra

Rex & Pyra/Mythra (Newcomer)

Shulk SSBU

Shulk (Veteran)


Spring Man (Newcomer)


Astral Chain (Newcomer)


Drew & Thuban (Newcomer)

250px-Sonic SSBU

Sonic (Veteran)

S.T.H. - Artwork - 8 (Shadow)

Shadow (Newcomer, Echo)

Inkling Girl SSBU Artwork

Inkling (Veteran)


Octoling (Newcomer, Echo)

Isaac SSBU

Isaac (Newcomer)


Takamaru (Newcomer)


Mach Rider (Newcomer)

0.6.Mr. Game and Watch Resting

Mr. Game & Watch (Veteran)

ROB SSBU Artwork

ROB (Veteran)

DuckHunt SSBUltimate

Duck Hunt Duo (Veteran)


Mega Man (Veteran)


Ryu (Veteran)

250px-Ken SSBU

Ken (Veteran, Echo)


Monster Hunter (Newcomer)

Dante (Project X Zone)

Dante (Newcomer)

Let's rock, baby! Another one in the long line of world-famous beloved series joining the lineup of Super Smash Bros. Forever, the iconic action series Devil May Cry joins the countless universes colliding for this once-in-a-lifetime crossover event! And who better to represent the long-running series than it's adored poster boy, Dante, the son of Sparda!

As opposed to many of Dante's previous crossovers (most of them involving a certain group of superheroes), Dante's incarnation is an amalgamation of his designs in fan-favorite Devil May Cry games! He pulls off the same getup as Devil May Cry, the smoldering "Uncle Dante" face of Devil May Cry 4, and the mussy hair of Devil May Cry V like he was born in the look. And don't worry, he still has a shirtless alt, and it's the same one that makes him appear like the stud he was in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

Solid Snake (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Solid Snake (Veteran)

Smash Brothers? Metal Gear? Explosives in an E10+ game? Psycho Mantis?!

Snake sneaks his way back into Super Smash Bros. Forever!

Simon SSBU

Simon Belmont (Veteran)

250px-Richter SSBU

Richter Belmont (Veteran, Echo)

Bomberman Ultimate by GildedPudding

Bomberman (Newcomer)


Steve? (Newcomer)


Banjo & Kazooie (Newcomer)

Cloud SSBU

Cloud Strife (Veteran)

Cloud is back, baby! And he's back with a venegeance!

Being arguably the most iconic JRPG character of all time, Cloud's reveal in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS was bombshell news. Unfortunately, the representation he brought from his legendary source material was...underwhelming, to say the very least. Now, however, it's water under the bridge with Nintendo and Square Enix, and Super Smash Bros. Forever represents the Final Fantasy series (as a whole) like a museum! A garden variety of fan-favorite songs on his home stage Midgar, several unforgettable (and some who are...rather forgettable) characters present as Spirits, and now Cloud has an English voiceover generously provided by Steve Burton!

Aside from content, Cloud's moveset represents his character down to a T. He even carries his "Limit Break" system with him, which he can charge to make his Special Attacks more powerful. That Buster Sword of his wears it's weight well, and allows for Cloud to perform Smash Attacks that can launch enemies at even the lowest of damage percentages.


Zack Fair (Newcomer, Echo)

Bayonetta (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Bayonetta (Veteran)

Jeanne Bayonetta 2 render

Jeanne (Newcomer, Echo)

Jeanne is Bayonetta's Echo Fighter. Considering the two are practically best friends and the last surviving Umbra Witches, this makes sense, especially when they play quite similarly in their own games. Jeanne has spent more than enough time getting herself saved by her old friend Bayonetta to finally get the spotlight here in Smash! Should her old pal be brainwashed by Lumen Sages or dragged down to Inferno by the demons she is bound to by contract, Jeanne will provide a just-as-fun alternative to the flirtatious Umbra Witch (though, when exactly is she going to go through either of those in a Smash Battle?)

Like most Echoes, Jeanne fights almost exactly like her template, but she also carries her own aesthetic differences. For example, all of Jeanne's Wicked Weaves summon the demon Cutie J as opposed to Bayonetta's demon Madama Butterfly. Jeanne also has her own sword she can use in her attacks, the soul-stealing Muramasa. She, of course, is not a pure swordfighter and mostly shares her attacks with Bayonetta, and that includes Witch Time. Speaking of which, just like Bayonetta, how fast Witch Time runs out now no longer depends on frequency of use, but based on a "Magic Circle" gauge that can build up or fall down by making combos or getting damaged respectively. 

Less pale pacman

Pac-Man (Veteran)


Ms. Pac-Man (Newcomer, Echo)

Marvel vs capcom 3 heihachi mishima by kingoffiction-dbjobgp

Heihachi Mishima (Newcomer)


Joker (Veteran)

Rayman Spirit

Rayman (Newcomer)

220px-Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot (Newcomer)

Character Arle Puyo15thAnniversary

Arle Nadja (Newcomer)


Ryu Hayabusa (Newcomer)

220px-Doomguy (Doom 2016)

Doom Marine (Newcomer)

Character-portrait Shantae

Shantae (Newcomer)

Kirby SSBU Artwork

Kirby (Veteran)


Meta Knight (Veteran)


King Dedede (Veteran)


Bandana Dee (Newcomer)


Mii Fighters (Veteran)


Sora (Newcomer)


Yoshi (Veteran)

DLC Characters


Lloyd Irving (Newcomer)


Yuri Lowell (Newcomer, Echo)

Resident evil 2 remake leon s kennedy by xgamergreaserx dcu4vex-pre

Leon S. Kennedy (Newcomer)

250px-Incineroar SSBU

Incineroar (Veteran)

Corrin-Alt1 SSBU

Corrin (Veteran)

250px-Piranha Plant SSBU

Piranha Plant (Veteran)

Kratos and Atreus

Kratos (Newcomer)


Chell (Newcomer)


Master Chief (Newcomer)

Kazuma Kiryu

Kazuma Kiryu (Newcomer)

3.This Scorpion is Transparent

Scorpion (Newcomer)


YoRHA 2B (Newcomer)

Assist Trophies

Once again returning to the Smash series is the inclusion of guest characters in the form of assist trophies, an item that summons a character to aid a fight for a brief period of time. Like in Ultimate, they can be KOed. The majority of assist trophies have been overhauled and reworked due to many previous assists becoming playable fighters in this entry.


Hammer Bro

600px-NewSuperMarioBrosUDeluxe Peachette


Mallow RPG


Flies & Hand SSBU

Flies & Hand

King Wart






HW Lana




MetroidSamusReturns Metroid



Mother Brain

Sylux render by nibroc rock


Adeline render by nibroc rock-da2fjuh



Knuckle Joe

ChefKawasaki SSBUltimate

Chef Kawasaki

KSA Magolor artwork


Andross Assist Trophy (SSBU)


SFZ-Slippy Toad

Slippy Toad

Jeff clay


GX Zoda


Wanted by the Galactic Federation on multiple accounts (mostly homicide), this alien serial killer and racer on life support has several screws loose, and his vicious assist trophy definetely portrays that trait very well. Upon being summoned, he'll crouch like a stealthy predator before he becomes invisible, and starts to randomly (and fatally) stab other opponents with a futuristic knife. There's a brief window of oppurtunity to foil his attempt to launch you when his shadow becomes visible for a few seconds before he strikes. You should hope he is your ally the next time you encounter him.


"I eat reckless morons like you for breakfast!" (Upon being summoned 1)

"I'll take good care of you...*chuckles*" (upon being summoned 2)

"I'll have my revenge!" (upon being KOed)

"No...only F-Zero can quell my bloodlust." (upon leaving 1)

"Oh, this is glorious!" (upon leaving 2)


Jody Summer

Known to be compassionate and rather soft while off-duty, this Galactic Federation soldier and Mobile Task Force detective is tough-as-nails and fierce toward enemies. When she is called to battle, she will rush at foes with an elbow charge, uppercut them, and then meteor smash them before she pulls out a futuristic pistol and opens fire on nearby opponents. Before she departs, she throws a flashbang, stunning enemies caught in it, and then calling down a satellite laser.


"Federation Police! Hands where I can see 'em!" (upon being summoned)

"End of the line!" (upon trapping an opponent in her elbow combo)

"Take this!" (upon pulling out her pistol)

"Bombs away!" (upon using the satellite laser)

"Rick, you copy?" (upon leaving 1)

"Jack, I got another one." (upon leaving 2)


Black Knight

Ike's mysterious archrival, who antagonizes him through both games in the Tellius saga. The two of them seem to have a history. When he appears in the battle, he will meander around the stage. While he may seem slow (if not slightly unintelligent), players should make no mistake, as the Knight proves himself to be a competent threat to you, attacking players unfortunately close enough with slashing attacks bearing immense launching power. Don't lose hope, through all his heaviness and deadly swipes of the blade, Black Knight can still be KO'ed.


"Here I go!" (Upon being summoned)

"Know your place!" (Upon leaving

"Can't...move...!" (Upon being KO'ed)

Tiki2 Heroes


Chrom SSBU Artwork






Kat & Ana SSBL

Kat & Ana

WarioWare logo
A duo of Kindergarten ninjas-in-training. Being loyal "friends" of Wario, their microgames are bestsellers, and their earnings from them are as big as their appetites...when they're able to get Wario to pawn over a share of them. Here in Smash, they put their ninjutsu skills to work, and slash across the screen diagonally, their attack range extending after every attack. They cannot be KOed.


"Ninja!" (upon being summoned 1)

"Shuriken!" (upon being summoned 2)

"Katana!" (upon being summoned 3)




Captain Syrup


Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja

Metal Gear Solid logo
In another life, he was the closest ally of Solid Snake, when the legendary soldier had first been sent into Outer Heaven to save the world. After seemingly "dying" a war criminal after being beaten by Snake in the Zanzibar Land incident, Gray Fox was recovered by the mysterious shadow government known as the "Patriots", and transformed into a cyborg ninja, and later served as an enemy and ally to Snake in the Shadow Moses incident. In Smash, he uses a high-frequency blade that can build up damage very quickly and launch enemies far, not to mention it can reflect projectiles.

"Make me feel alive again..." (upon being summoned 1)

"You can't defeat me with a weapon like that!" (upon being summoned 2)

"Hand-to-hand. It is the basis of all combat." (upon being summoned 3)

"Like old times, Snake..." (upon being summoned with Snake in play 1)

"That's it! I've been waiting for this pain!" (upon being summoned with Snake in play 2)

Raiden Metal Gear


Knuckles Rio 2016


220px-Amy Rose Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Amy Rose

Sonic tails cg

Miles "Tails" Prower

270px-Emperor Bulblax

Emperor Bulblax





Wily Capsule Assist Trophy (SSBU)

Wily Capsule


Glass Joe

Joe isn't going to fight for you, but he will be fought for you. There's victory in defeat for him, as he will sacrifice himself to take all the blows from your opponents. He is instantly KOed by powerful attacks like Falcon Punch or Shield Breaker, giving you the opportunity to quickly retaliate.

Quotes (Translated from French):

"Don't worry about me!" (upon being summoned)

"Saw that coming..." (upon being KOed)

"Huh? I'm still standing?!" (upon leaving)

Party Phil

Party Phil/Charlie

Ghosts Obliteration




XC2 Elma


Guile SSBUltimate


StreetFighterII Logo2
Noctis Final Fantasy




Bayonetta logo DSSB
A fallen angel and weaponmaker, as well as one of Bayonetta's closest allies, Rodin is a fearsome demon of awesome power, rightfully giving him the title of "the Infinite One". When he is summoned, he will chase fighters around the stage, and summon his own giant fists in the same manner as Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves. If he is knocked off the stage, he will attempt to recover with a flying horizontal kick. More often than not, he will leave behind an item before he departs.


"Let the games begin!" (Upon being summoned)

"Outta the way!" (Upon attacking 1)

"Boo!" (Upon attacking 2)

"Drink's on the house!" (Upon leaving)


Squid Sisters

Splatoon logo DSSB
Alucard Assist Trophy (SSBU)


Castlevania logo DSSB


Tekken Logo (New Gen)
DSBIconAssist Lady


250px-DQ Slime (1)



Jack Frost

Ssbc saki amamiya css artwork

Saki Amamiya

120px-Starfy SSBU


Dr Kawashima 3DS

Dr. Kawashima




Shovel Knight

Rathalos SSBU


Yuri Kozukata SSBU

Yuri Kazukato

Akira Assist Trophy (SSBU)

Akira Yuki


Neku Sakuraba


Chorus Kids

Wright SSB Wii U

Dr. Wright



Nightmare SSB4


N-Stars ArcadeBunnyBaito

Arcade Bunny






Savvy Stylist




Picture Series Description
Battlefield Remix



Big Battlefield


Final Destination


Peach's Castle


Princess Peach's Castle

MushroomKingdom SSBU

Mushroom Kingdom

MushroomKingdomII SSBU

Mushroom Kingdom 2

Mushroom kingdom 3 ssb stage by admiraln30 d6p7id1-pre

Mushroom Kingdom 3 (art by AdmiralN30)


Figure-8 Circuit


Mario Circuit

Delfino Plaza SSBL

Delfino Plaza


Mario Galaxy

GoldenPlains SSBU

Golden Plains


3D Land

Papermario2new april17

Paper Mario 2

1200px-SSBU-Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion

NewDonkCityHall SSBU

New Donk City Hall


Bowser's Castle


Yoshi's Island (Melee)


Forest Maze


Hyrule Castle

BridgeOfEldin SSBU

Bridge of Eldin

Skyloft SSBU



Great Plateau Tower

Dream Shrine Inner Chamber-300x238

Dream Shrine

Temple SSBU Stage



Gerudo Valley

KongoFalls SSBU

Kongo Falls


Gangplank Galleon


Jungle Japes



Brinstar SSBU Stage


Brinstar Depths SSBU Stage

Brinstar Depths





150px-SSBU-Lylat Cruise

Lylat Cruise

OrbitalGateAssault SSBU2

Orbital Gate Assault

DreamLand SSBU

Dream Land (64)

GreenGreens SSBU

Green Greens





DreamLandGB SSBU

Dream Land (GB)

SuperHappyTree SSBU

Super Happy Tree


Yoshi's Story


Crafted World


Pokemon Stadium 3

PokemonStadium SSBU

Pokemon Stadium

PokemonStadium2 SSBU

Pokemon Stadium 2


Poke Floats 2

SaffronCity SSBU

Saffron City


Neo Mute City

It was kind of hard to pick just one track based on the Mute City Venue in F-Zero NX.

So we chose them all.

Neo Mute City serves as a replacement for previous F-Zero stages like Mute City in Melee, or the long-standing Port Town Aero Dive. Like the aforementioned two stages, players are taken around the track (or in this case, tracks) and left to stop and fight on random locations. Often times, the F-Zero racers will be driving in the middle of the battle, and won't pay attention to fighters at all; these machines can KO at very low damage percentages!

All 51 F-Zero machines are present on each of the courses in this stage. The position is shifted most of the time, but the machines present on each track will always be there, even if the pilot is fighting in the match.

Mute City I: Blue Falcon, Golden Fox, Wild Goose, and Fire Stingray (there is a 2 in 10 chance of the machines appearing in their original, 16-bit forms from the original F-Zero on SNES)

Figure Eight: At the starting/finish line of the map, all the six new racers (and four from F-Zero GP Legend) will race through to seize victory, and won't let any fighter stop them. Occasionally, Mr. Zero will give commentary on one of the fighters.

Tube: Takes place at the bottom of the titular pipe. The F-Zero AX racers will be visible entering the tube, which gives the player the oppurtunity to get out of the way before they are launched.

Intersection: The White Cat will be competing with the Black Bull and Blood Hawk for the finish line at the underpass of this map. More often than not, at least one of the machines will be wrecked in the fight, making them an even more dangerous hazard than they would be unscathed.

Championship Circuit: On a rise near the end of this track, players will temporarily stop and be able to fight. But those not careful will be run over by the ten machines from F-Zero Maximum Velocity.

In addition to tracks from F-Zero NX, players will also be dropped off at hazardless background elements like billboards, trains, or booths for the audience.


Mute City SNES

F-Zero logo DSSB
Here's where the fastest, most punishing race in the history of the galaxy began: the glittering metropolis of Mute City! And unlike the new incarnation from F-Zero NX, the city has been restored to it's original, 16-bit glory. Players will fight on two adjacent platforms and on top of one or two of the original four F-Zero machines. And don't get left behind; that road is dangerous to get off on! But it might make for a risky recovery...
BigBlue SSBU

Big Blue

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Arguably the second most iconic track in the world of F-Zero, Big Blue is a planet covered almost entirely in water, colonized by above-surface dome cities. It's also a popular resort area, and because of this, F-Zero racers often find themselves coming back to this area to entertain tourists looking to experience the race up close. They probably didn't expect to be carrying around a battle between Nintendo All-Stars.

Fighters will spawn on the Falcon Flyer, floating just a few feet above an F-Zero race, where all the 30 racers of F-Zero X are competing. Eventually, the Falcon Flyer will, well, fly away, and players will be left to duke it out on top of the F-Zero machines. Between at most five of them and a few floating platforms, players don't have much of a battleground. And don't bother trying to fight on the road; those F-Zero machines are way too fast and will probably run you over if you stand in front of them, and standing in the back will just pull you offscreen and KO you!

Onett SSBU Stage





Devil Machine

CastleSiege SSBU

Castle Siege

ArenaFerox SSBU

Arena Ferox


Church of Seiros- Officer's Academy

Coliseum SSBU


Skyworld Beyond Ultimate


PalutenasTemple SSBU

Palutena's Temple

Gamer SSBU




ACSS Campground


BoxingRing SSBU

Boxing Ring


Argentum Trade Guild

GaurPlain SSBU

Gaur Plain


New Los Angeles


Moray Towers


Venus Lighthouse


Ramen Bowl

FlatZoneX SSBU

Flat Zone X

Gyromite stage DSSB


DuckHunt SSBU

Duck Hunt

Summit SSBU



Wii Fit Studio


Wuhu Island



GreenHillZone SSBU

Green Hill Zone

WilyCastle SSBU

Wily Castle

SuzakuCastle SSBU

Suzaku Castle

Pac-Maze SSBGR


Midgar SSBU



Dracula's Castle


N. Sanity Beach




Glade of Dreams






Bomb Factory

ShadowMosesIsland SSBU

Shadow Moses Island

UmbraClockTower SSBU

Umbra Clock Tower


Spiral Mountain

MH4U-Ancestral Steppe Screenshot 004

Ancestral Steppe

Temen-ni-gru Antiblaze


Mexican Temple DSSB

Mexican Temple




Scuttle Town


Sky City Tokyo


Destiny Islands



NSwitch AstralChain 01 image500w


TomodachiLife SSBU

Tomodachi Life

FindMii SSBU

Find Mii




Daimyo Castle

Pictochat Remix SSBL

Pictochat X


Virtual Boy

Trapper dimension

Trapper Dimension

WreckingCrew SSBU

Wrecking Crew

3b77029f-7736-4dd6-bca4-1399a8adb0f2 WaveRace

Wave Race

LivingRoom SSBU

Living Room

Destroyed megalopolis sniper

Urban War Zone


Portrait Description

Master Hand


Crazy Hand

250px-MasterCore render

Master Core

Spirits 0 tabuu



Giga Bowser

MTOCG Fawful


1.1.Beast Ganon Standing




DJ Octavio Remix

DJ Octavio


Black Knight



3d porky render by machriderz-d5h8arv


Doctor Eggman Sonic Forces 2

Dr. Eggman

Masked Lumen Sage Bayonetta 2 render

Masked Lumen

Wily Capsule Assist Trophy (SSBU)

Dr. Wily

Akuma UMVC3






Liquid Snake (MGS1)

Liquid Snake & Metal Gear REX

Dracula Phase 1 SSBU


Sephiroth Dissidia Artwork



Ultra Necrozma

Hades smash bros trophy render by nibroc rock-da26jh8


270px-Emperor Bulblax

Emperor Bulblax


The Wither

Story Mode: Apocalyptic Lineage

Just like in Ultimate, Super Smash Bros. Forever has an Adventure Mode. Though it is technically a follow-up to World of Light, the gameplay is more akin to the Subspace Emissary in Brawl. The plot moves away from the "Characters are toys" idea present in previous entries in favor of a larger-scale crossover. Since Katsuhiro Harada's philosophy on cutscenes are different from that of Masahiro Sakurai's, there are several cutscenes in this mode featuring the characters in the game interacting more often, with dialogue, in many dramatic or comedic scenarios.

Some time has passed since the apparent deaths of Galeem and Dharkon, and the restoration of the universes in Smash. Now, the fighters constantly cross over and meet each other, often forming bonds with heroes of other worlds. Suddenly, Tabuu, the mastermind behind the Subspace incident who had taken advantage of the World of Light chaos to recover a physical form, reappears and kidnaps a princess of another dimention named "Celeste". The mysterious butterfly man then kills the Master Hand and Crazy Hand, and brainwashes Bowser into handing over a mysterious Koopa heirloom that not even he dare take advantage of. In response, the arranged husband of Celeste, a prince named Synthise, forms a team of villains across the Smash Bros. worlds to rescue his bride in exchange for their own one wishes. The team consists of Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Skull Kid, Fawful, Black Shadow, Deathborn, Marx, the Black Knight, Sephiroth, Liquid Snake, Dracula, DJ Octavio, Vergil, Akuma, Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, Porky, and the Masked Lumen. 

Voice Cast


Adam Howden- Shulk

Alésia Glidewell- Zero Suit Samus, Knuckle Joe, Krystal

Ali Hills- Palutena

Antony del Rio- Pit/Dark Pit, Crash Bandicoot, Banjo-Kazooie

Beau Billingslea- Samurai Goroh

Billy Bob Thompson- Greninja

Brandy Kopp- Zelda (Cutscenes), Amy Rose

Caety Sagoian- Bowser Jr.

Cam Clarke- Liquid Snake

Cara Theobold- Sami, Tracer

Charles Martinet- Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi

Craig Blair- Ivysaur

Crispin Freeman- Captain Falcon, Masked Lumen

Cristina Vee- Shantae, Kumatora

Dameon Clarke- Black Shadow

Dan Falcone- Roy Koopa

David Hayter- Solid Snake, Big Boss

David Vincent- Male Robin, Richter

Deanna Mustard- Daisy

Eric Newsome- Meta Knight

Eric Vale- Phoenix Wright

Greg Chun- Ike

Haley Joel Osmet- Sora

Hellena Taylor- Bayonetta

Ja Green- Wolf

Johnny Yong Basch- Zero

Justin Briner- Isaac

Kate Bristol- Female Pokemon Trainer

Crowd Cheers

  • All cheers are repeated about three times.
  • "Let's a-Go! Mario!" (Mario)
  • "Wee-gee!" (Luigi)(*Reference to Super Mario Adventures manga)
  • "Prin-cess-Peach!" (Peach)
  • "Hey, it's Daisy!" (Daisy)(*Reference to her repeated catchphrase in Mario Kart: Double Dash)
  • "Bow-ser!" (Bowser)
  • "Junior!" (Bowser Jr.)
  • "Trea-sure Track-er!" (Captain Toad)
  • "Paper Mario!" (Paper Mario)
  • "Let's go, Ge-no!" (Geno)
  • "D-K, Donkey Kong!" (Donkey Kong)(*Reference to DK Rap)
  • "Did-dy Kong!" (Diddy Kong)
  • "Kremling Krew!" (King K. Rool)
  • "Go Link!" (Link/Toon Link)
  • "Zel-da!" (Zelda)
  • "Sheik!" (Sheik)
  • "Im-pa!" (Impa)
  • "Skull! Kid!" (Skull Kid)
  • "Ghi-ra-him!" (Ghirahim)
  • "Twi-li Mid-na!" (Midna)
  • "Champions of Hy-rule!" (Champions)
  • "Sa-mus!" (Samus)

Cut Content

  • The characters who almost made the cut for the roster include Shovel Knight, Jin Kazama, Elma, Terra Branford, Chun-Li, Blood Falcon, Black Knight, Sans, the Champions of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Diskun, Paper Mario, Hilda, Chrom, Big Boss, and Tom Nook.
    • Shovel Knight had already appeared in several other Smash-like crossovers featuring indie characters, such as Runbow, Blade Strangers, and Rivals of Aether, and the developers decided on using an indie character less present in said crossovers, and thus used Wayforward's Shantae. Shovel Knight was kept as an Assist Trophy.
    • Jin Kazama was planned, but shafted in favor of Heihachi due to Harada's own bias as well as a way to pay respects to his deceased voice actor.
    • Elma was considered due to fan demand prior to Smash Ultimate, but Rex had much more fans and was considered more recognizable than her, and thus Rex was added over her. Xenoblade Chronicles X content appears in the form of a stage, Spirits, music, and Elma's own Assist Trophy.
    • Terra was considered because of the Western popularity of Final Fantasy VI as well as Sakurai's own statement that he had considered her over Cloud back in the days of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. However, she was ultimately decided against due to Final Fantasy VI not having as large of a fanbase in Japan.
    • Chun-Li actually still has a model and animations present in the game's files. Apparently, she was being developed, but Harada didn't want to overrepresent Capcom, and felt the same third party shouldn't have two unique characters. Modders were later able to get her to work in game, albeit without any victory poses, taunts, and has reused voice lines. The game also crashes if the player attempts to use her in Classic Mode.
    • Originally, Samurai Goroh was supposed to be the only new F-Zero rep, but the dev team decided that Ganondorf was now too unique, and an Echo for Captain Falcon was necessary to satisfy fans of his old clone moveset. Blood Falcon was supposed to fill this role at first, but Black Shadow was decided over him due to his higher popularity in the F-Zero fanbase, and a Blood Falcon alt was a staple for Captain Falcon. Instead, said alt was updated to appear closer to Falcon's clone, though the announcer still refers to him as "Captain Falcon" and none of Falcon's voice lines are changed.
    • The Black Knight was in development as an Echo of Ike, but was cut because Harada felt Fire Emblem would be overrepresented, and thus his Assist Trophy from Ultimate was re-used. After release, modders made him playable in the same fashion as Chun-Li, though before he was cut, Black Knight had a Classic Mode, but had no ending.
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