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This is the full list of Tippi's Tips, Paper Mario's version of Palutena's Guidance, for Super Smash Bros. Emerald.

Mario Platinum


Tippi - Tippi's Advice Oh, so this is what Mario looks like in 3D, he looks so realistic.
Mimi - Tippi's Advice Not as realistic as my beautiful eyes.
Count Bleck - Tippi's Advice Don't even start now Mimi.
Mimi - Tippi's Advice Fine.
Tippi - Tippi's Advice He's here with his hat Cappy this time. Be careful of this new long range attack Paper Mario!
Nastasia - Tippi's Advice (Sighs) I wish my hat was alive. My lonely days would be so much better.
Count Bleck - Tippi's Advice I'm sorry you have been feeling down Nastasia.
O'Chunks - Tippi's Advice I feel bad for Nastasia.

Peach Platinum


Tippi - Tippi's Advice The princess must have recovered from her fall well.
O'Chunks - Tippi's Advice What fall?
Nastasia - Tippi's Advice She fell when returning to Flipside.
Tippi - Tippi's Advice This isn't helping Paper Mario. Anyway, careful of her parasol. She is quite defensive, so try to get close to attack.
Count Bleck - Tippi's Advice She put up a good fight with me and Dimentio.
Mimi - Tippi's Advice I beat her though.
Nastasia - Tippi's Advice No you didn't Mimi.
O'Chunks - Tippi's Advice I bet Mimi is better than that froofy princess.
Tippi - Tippi's Advice Take my advice Paper Mario.

Daisy Platinum


Mimi - Tippi's Advice Ooooh, I like Daisy's style. Too bad I'm going to have to fight against her, that dress is to die for.
Nastasia - Tippi's Advice Really? I thought orange was "off-trend" right now.
Mimi - Tippi's Advice I hate to admit actually Nastasia, but you're right. Since when are you such a fashion guru?
Count Bleck - Tippi's Advice Hehe. I've taught her a few tips over the years. But as for her fighting, it is near identical to Peach's attacks.
Tippi - Tippi's Advice Good, so we don't have to remember a totally new moveset.
Mimi - Tippi's Advice She doesn't look like the copycat type though.
Nastasia - Tippi's Advice She is Peach's cousin.
O'Chunks - Tippi's Advice Ehh, she is still too froofy.
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