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This is the Story Mode for Super Smash Bros. Duel. It was originally called Adventure Mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl but there is a seperate mode named Adventure Mode that appears in the game. Co-op play returns. The Bosses names make a reference to boss names in The Legend of Zelda as they have titles before there name (EG: Greedy Dragon, Gobblegut). The Legend of Zelda bosses also make up most of the bosses in Story Mode.

The story is set in an updated World of Trophies, with more floating islands that lye around the outside of the World of Trophies. One day, huge meteors come crashing down to Earth. The open and many Nintendo villans emerge, searching for something that can destroy the World of Trophies. The Story is called "The Hunt for the King"

Part 1 - Trophian Dock

A figure all in red and blue, with a hat directioned forward on his head, stands impatient at the dock. It is the Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, waiting for a shipment of new heroes to arrive from another island. Tapping his foot, Mario eagerly awaits the arrival of these two famed hero's. On the horizon, a blue shadow emerges; it is the boat. With waving hands and happy cheers, Mario directs the boat to the port. The boat docks into the single port and the ramp slowly drops down from the boat. Spire and Victini, two tremendous hero's, begin to make their descen toward Mario. With a friendly smile, Mario greets them and welcomes them to the World of Trophies. With a loud crash, a meteor suddenly crashes down in the sea behind them. Smoke drifts from the water, bubbles evade into the atmosphere and Gobblegut , a dragon with a huge bulging stomach, red in colour and luminoulsy glowing, emerges like a geyser of water. They prepare to fight him. (Boss 1: Greedy Dragon, Gobblegut) (Playable Characters: Mario, Spire, Victini). Gobblegut groans and roars as his body beings to expand and without another moments hesitation it explodes and a small, blue, perfectly circular medallion shoots through the air and remains at their feet. Mario examines it closely, studying the symbol embedded in its structure. He then decides that his memory has no recognition of its existence, so, puts it in his pocket and, with agreement of Spire and Vicitni, decide to head in the direction of the cliff, where black smoke is being emitted.

Part 2 - Target Range

In a savannah type area, where many targets lay broken and rotten, Fox is training himself to become more powerful. He is disturbed when Yoshi, a dinosaur, green in colour and small in stature, runs in and points outside. Fox relectantly looks outside and sees a swarm of mechanical ogre's, spewing oil, cluncking and spluttering. Fox points to the back exit and Yoshi follows him. However, the Ogre's had surronded the target range. Courage surged within them as they prepare themselves to fight them. (Level 1: Target Range) (Defeat 25 Mechanical Ogre's) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi). Suddenly, a passage opens on one of the targets. With caution, Fox and Yoshi make their way toward the entrance. Peering inside they see steps descending into the darkness below. After many a thought had passed through their minds, they decide to head down the passage. (Level 2: Ancient Cistern Part 1) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi). On their way through the cistern, Yoshi and Fox run into Link, whom is looking for the Sacred Flame of Farore. Link tells the pair a fated story that a hero is a green tunic would descend and unite and army to defeat a beast of pure hatred. Link believing himself to be it, pursed the quest for the flames to enhance his sword. Fox and Yoshi decide to join Link on his quest, as his story was much a believable one. (Level 3: Ancient Cistern Part 2) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link). The team, now exhausted from the endless Cistern, find the secret key. This key, odd in shape but gold in resemblance, would lead them to the first of the flames. However, one entered, Ghirahim, a deadly villain, known for being the minion of Demise, is already there, standing before his secret weapon. Swiping his sword, Ghirahim disappears in an array of black and the robot behind them comes alive. The machine began to rev and clank, its eyes began to glow a deep shade of yellow ochre, the parts began to form into a terrifying beast. The parts formed together, sounding a crashing noise on impact. The beast, roaring in revenge, slammed his hands against the floor, causing the ground to shake. Armed with swords, lasers and eggs alike, the team readied themselves for the beast that stood before them. (Boss 2: Ancient Automaton, Koloktos) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link) The beast eventually roared one last time and his shining armour became a dull sight, dismembered and clattered on to the floor. Through these old parts a snake slithered quickly, heading toward Link. it snatched a yellow medallion within its posioned fangs and slid away back into the Cistern, not concerned about it, Link continues his journey with his newfound team.

Part 3 - Wiggler Forest

Peach is walking through the forest, when an army of angry Wigglers: red faced and glaring eyes charge toward her. Suddenly, Peach hears a rustle from trees some distance away. Diddy Kong flies out of the trees blasting a peanut from his popgun. The peanut flies through the air hitting the wiggler, paralyzing it momentarily. They prepare to fight the invading army. (Level 4: Wiggler Forest South) (Defeat 15 Angry Wiggler's) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong). After they finish off the final Wiggler, Peach and Diddy Kong decide to head in the direction of a tree, shrouded in Black Matter, north of the location that they are at this moment. (Level 5: Wiggler Forest East) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong). Peach and Diddy Kong finally reach the tree, but this time, much darker than before. Suddenly, Bowser Jr flies out of the side of the tree, the bark plummets down with him. A minor tremor occurs on impact. They help him up and ask what happened. He said that something attacked him, monstrous and devilic. They decide to venture to the top of the tree to find out. (Level 6: Cosmic Tree) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr) They finally reach the top and find that Cosmic Mario and Spike have taken over the tree and poisoned it will Liquid Ztar. They prepare to fight the duo. (Boss 3: Cosmican Disaster, Cosmic Mario and Pierced Mammalia, Spike) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr).

Part 4 - The Cliff

Mario, Victini and Spire are heading towards some smoke on the cliff side. Suddenly, a Lakitu bursts through some bushes, scattering leaves and insects down into ravine below. Summoning Spinies, Lakitu throws numerous at the heroes. The heroes rebound them one after the other, continuos for many minutes. After a while, they make a break for it and Lakitu begins to chase. (Level 7: Rocky Cliff Front) (Lakitu Chase) (Playable Characters: Mario, Victini, Spire). The team are trapped on a cliff edge with Lakitu preparing to attack them, rocks tumble into the spiked abyss below. Suddenly, a arrow, glowing blue, flies through the air like a speeding bullet, and embeds itself into Lakitu's Cloud. The cloud violently erupts, knocking Lkaitu down the cliff side. Then from behind the bushes Pit , hero from above, emerges. (Level 8: Cliff Descent) (Playable Characters: Mario, Victini, Spire, Pit) When they reach the bottom, they find swirling black matter, much like the appearence of the smoke from a distance. It suddenly forms into Link, they prepare to fight it. (Boss 4: Incantation of Darkness, Link) (Playable Characters: Mario, Victini, Spire, Pit). The form turns back into black matter, and is dragged into a cave by an unknown force. Spire proposes that they follow it.

Part 5 - Cherry Blossom Mountain

Zelda is sitting beneath a Cherry Blossom Tree, catching leaves on their fall. When suddenly, Falco jumps in and protects from incoming Bullet Bill's. (Stage 9: Cherry Blossom Mountain Peak) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco) On their journey, they team reach a deads end, blocked by many a rock, but Zelda happens to find a secret entrance to a cave. (Stage 10: Cherry Blossom Cavern Part 1) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco) Whilst venturing through the cave, the team run into Marth, who is studying a White Medallion, tracing the outline of the jutting pattern. He claims that he defeated Gohma on his travels. Marth suggests that they should go forward, as it is the only way which none of them hadn't been. (Stage 11: Cherry Blossom Caverns Part 2) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth). The team make there way into a large temple, with many writings along the walls. Suddenly, a gigantic spider drops down from the ceiling. It's eyes, bulging with a yellowish tint and a black line shot don the middle to signify the pupil of the beast. Writings along the main body of the spider, encase its body, protecting it from weak attacks. Its legs jutting from its armour spindled across the web and its fangs dripped saliva. The team prepare to fight this evolutionised beast. (Boss 5: Twilt Arachnid, Armogohma) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth). They defeat the spider and Zelda uses Farore's Wind to warp away.

Part 6 - Eldin Volcano

To their amazement, Fox, Yoshi and Link have succeeded in collecting the first of the sacred flames. There search leads them to the Eldin Province, where volcanoes erupt and spew lava and monsters roam and survey the land from huge turrets of wood. (Stage 12: Eldin Volcano Part 1) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link). After finding the Fireshield Earrings, Red and Coral shaped, that would withstand the heat from parts of the volcano, Link and his team head toward the Volcano Summit, known for its everlasting heat and unbeatable locking mechanism's, believing that the flame would be there, as it is in the most highest place to reach. (Stage 13: Eldin Volcano Part 2) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link) The team finally reach the Volcano Summit and are swiftly attacked by Ghirahim. Ghirahim chants some evil text, unknown by the heroes, and revives the Horde Swarm. (Boss 6: Swarm of Devils, Horde Battle) (Playable Characters: Fox, Link, Yoshi) After defeating the Horde Swarm, Link finds a second key on the floor, similar colour and design to the first one but much different in shape. They continue to head into the Volcano Summit.

Part 7 - Wiggler Forest

After defeating, Spike and Cosmic Mario in the Cosmic Tree, Peach, Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr head northward toward the island transportation station, where they would be able to reach the islands from. (Stage 14: Wiggler Forest North) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr). The team finally reach the transportation station and discover that it has been infested with Titanian's.. The team decide to defeat the beats to regain the rod that controls the tram line. (Stage 15: Transportation Station) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr). After restoring the station back into working order, the team take the skytram to Isle Pianta. When they arrive, they discover that the Pianta's have been taken hostage by an army of Koopa Troopa's. The team get ready to save them. (Stage 16: Isle Pianta) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr) The team finally save all the Pianta's and head toward the next island, to the west of Isle Pianta.

Part 8 - Spirit Marshland

Kirby is walking throught his Marsh, dragging his feet through the endless sludge when spirits and ghosts invade it, Boo's mainly, but oddly shaped and unknown ghosts aswell. Kirby hears some wimpering, from somewhere within a couple of metres radius. He then spots Luigi hiding behind a tree, shading his face from the ghosts sight. Kirby and Luigi join forces to eliminate the spirits. (Stage 17: Spirit Marshland) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Luigi). Kirby and Luigi reach a tall building in the middle of the Marshland. It was old and grey and ghost-like aura floated in and out of the windows. They decide to investigate it. (Stage 18: Unbenownst Building) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Luigi). The finally reach the top of the tower. They find a green medallion. Suddenly, they are knocked out. When they wake up, the medallion is gone.

Part 9 - Sacred Cave

Mario, Victini, Spire and Pit are exploring the cave, reading diagrams on the wall left by monsters or ancestors, noticing many different footprints, shaped and sized unlike theirs and beware of monsters that may lye hidden in above crevasses and hidden wall carvings. (Stage 19: Sacred Cave) (Playble Characters: Mario, Victini, Spire, Pit). They then reach a fork in the caverns; one went left and one went right. With a hasteful decision, Mario and Pit go left and Victini and Spire go right. (Stage 20: Sacred Tunnel Left) (Playble Characters: Mario, Pit). Mario and Pit enter a large room encased in ivy and plants, tropical and normal alike. In the middle of the room, Pikachu is surronded by Walking Trees, holding their wooden trunk-like fists up in the air. (Stage 21: Wildlife Hideout) (Playable Characters: Mario, Pit, Pikachu). Back on the right tunnel, Victini and Spire are studying some enscriptions on the wall, when suddenly, an army of evil pokémon attack them; numerous including Tepig's, Dewott's and Riolu's. (Stage 22: Sacred Tunnel Right) (Defeat 100 Evil Pokémon) (Playable Characters: Spire, Victini). After they defeated the Pokémon, they find a key on the floor, jagged and tattered by still useable, which they use to enter a sealed door ahead of them. (Stage 23: Jungle Hideout) (Playable Characters: Victini, Spire). Mario, Pit and Pikachu head into the next room and prepare to face the enemies inside. After a while there is nothing, until Stalfos emerge from the ground. (Stage 24: Desert Hideout) (Playable Characters: Mario, Pit, Pikachu)

Part 10 - Rubic Desert

Captain Falcon is walking through the desert when an Iron Knuckle, much smaller than most, attacks him. He uses his falcon punch to defeat it. The strength of the punch breaks parts of the armour off. He does it again, smashing its axe and destroying the rest of the withheld metallic armour. Ike emerges from the rubble of the armour. He claims to have been trapped in this armour by two witches, ugly and rode on broomsticks, with heads of elements; fire and ice. Ike suggests they head north. (Stage 25: Rubic Desert South) (Playable Characters: Captain Falcon, Ike). The team then run into Olimar who is overhearing a conversation between Ghirahim, Koume and Kotake {The two witches} behind a stone monument, planted in the middle of the desert. They discover that the two witches plan to resurrect someone in the Spirit Temple. Then the Kotake, Koume and Ghirahim disappear in a blast of light. Olimar tells Captain Falcon and Ike that the Spirit Temple is north of here. With out a moment's hesitation, their journey north begins. (Stage 26: Rubic Desert North) (Playable Characters: Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar). They eventually reach the Spirit Temple, when Marth, Falco and Zelda jump down from the statue they are standing under. Reacting to the sudden drop, Captain Falcon and Ike move backward fractionly. They walk up to the Spirit Temple and find that it is locked with a magcial bond. Zelda pulls out her harp, gold and elegant with silver strings and diamond embelishments, and plays the requiem of spirit, unlocking the temple, door ahead. They enter the temple and prepare to find Kotake and Koume. (Stage 27: Spirit Temple Part 1) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar). After finding the secret entrance, the team run into King Dedede, who is investigating the statue of the Gerudo Queen. He reacts to the team arriving and runs into the statue, making it become a part invisible. The team decide to follow him, edging their way through the statue, they discover a chest which contains the key to the bosses lair. (Stage 28: Spirit Temple Part 2) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar). They use the boss key to follow King Dedede into a large room. Suddenly, Kotake and Koume emerge from the walls. They prepare to fight the two witches. (Boss 7: Sorceress Sisters, Twinrova) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar, King Dedede).

Part 11 - Bowser's Castle

Bowser is standing in his castle, when two portals open above him. Donkey Kong and Samus fall out of them surronded by Magikoopa's. Bowser pulls out a hypnotising gun and aims it at Donkey Kong and Samus. He blasts the gun, when suddenly it is blocked by a PK Thunder. He turns around and it is Ness. Ness then attacks him again, knocking him out. Donkey Kong and Samus then defeat the surronding Magikoopa's and prepare to escape Bowser's Castle. (Stage 29: Bowser's Castle) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Samus, Ness). Once escaped, they run into Toon Link, who is running away from an army commanded by Ganondorf. They prepare to fight them. (Stage 30: Castle Bridge) (Defeat 60 Enemies) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Samus, Ness, Toon Link). They defeat the army and pursue Ganondorf toward the Desert.

Part 12 - Volcano Summit

Fox, Yoshi and Link have just left the main area of Eldin Volcano and are searching for the Sacred Flame of Din. They have just entered the Volcano Summit (Stage 31: Volano Summit) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link). The team eventually discover the location of the Fire Temple and head inside. (Stage 32: Fire Temple) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link). The team enter a large room with Ghirahim standing in he middle, rolling a snake from one hand to the other. He drops the snake on the floor and traps it beneath his foot. Behind him, Link spots a statue. Ghirahim raises his arm and draws energy from the statue and forces it into the snake. Ghirahim disappears as the snake forms into a monster. (Boss 8: Armoured Serpentine, Troitete) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link). After they had dealt the final blow, the snake falls on to the floor. The energy rises from his body forming into a Yellow medallion. Suddenly, the statue begins to form cracks. BANG!!! It explodes, leaving a pile of rubble. From beneath the rubble, a form jumps out. It is Meta Knight. Meta Knight uses his newly found energy to open the door ahead of them. The team decide to follow Meta Knight.

Part 13 - Fire Island

Peach, Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr have just left Isle Pianta and are heading toward the next island, Fire Island. (Stage 33: Fire Island) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr). The team reach a huge tower engulfed in flames, they decide to explore it. (Stage 34: Fire Tower) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr). At the top of the tower, Peach finds a Red Medallion and keeps it for safe keeping. They decide to head to the next island. They arrive at the next island and discover that the Kikwi's have been kidnapped. They decide to go and save them. (Stage 35: Kikwi Island) (Save the 4 Kiwi's and Kikwi Elder) (Playable Characters: Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr).

Part 14 - Luigi's Mansion

After leaving the tower, Luigi and Kirby spot a huge mansion, they go there and find Rosalina outside. Once Rosalina has realised that they were there, she runs away into the mansion. The team decide to venture inside. (Stage 36: Luigi's Mansion Ground Floor) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Luigi). They find a key which they can use to get to the next floor. (Stage 37: Luigi's Mansion First Floor) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Luigi). They find the entrance to the next floor. (Stage 38: Luigi's Mansion Second Floor) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Luigi). In one of the corridors, Kirby sees some strange light coming through a door at the end. They enter it and find False Bowser sucking the life energy out of Rosalina. False Bowser reacts to the team and prepares to fight them. (Boss 9: Demonised Life-Form, False Bowser) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Luigi). They defeat False Bowser, freeing Rosalina from the chamber. Rosalina offers her assitance to Luigi and Kirby, as well as a Green Medallion.

Part 15 - Multi-Terrain Hideout

Mario, Pit and Pikachu enter the door ahead and find a room full of everything: Sand, Snow, Fire, Water, Jungle, Death, Darkness. Suddenly, creatures awake within the room, hundreds of them. Spire and Victini run in from the other room to help. (Stage 39: Mulit-Terrain Hideout) (Defeat 100 Mystic Beings) (Playable Characters: Mario, Spire, Victini, Pit, Pikachu). They exit the caves and find that they are standing on some old ruins, they head downward and explore. (Stage 40: Old Ruins) (Playable Characters: Mario, Spire, Victini, Pit, Pikachu). Down in the southern-most part of the ruins, the find a portal. They decide to venture into it. Once through, they come out at the Trophian Dock, where the spot Lakitu.

Part 16 - Tanooki Tree Meadow

Mona is walking through the meadow, when she is attacked by an army of Yarn Waddle Dee's. Suddenly, Pokemon Trainer emeges from one of the tree's and joins her in the fight. (Stage 41: Tanooki Tree Meadow Part 1) (Playable Characters: Mona, Pokemon Trainer). They defeat the Yarn Waddle Dee's and decide to head toward a large fortress. (Stage 42: Tanooki Tree Meadow Part 2) (Playable Characters: Mona, Pokemon Trainer). They reach the fortress and find Mr. Game and Watch running away from it. He tells them that there is a huge monster in there. So, they decide to investigate. (Stage 43: Stony Fortress) (Playable Characters: Mona, Pokemon Trainer, Mr. Game and Watch). In there, they find Plusle and Minun chained to wall. They tell them that the monster who has the key, is in the next room, the team go and investiagte. In the room, Hades stands staring at them, they prepare to fight. (Boss 10: Feirce God, Hades) (Playable Characters: Mona, Pokemon Trainer, Mr. Game and Watch). They defeat Hades and take the key. They head back outside to free Plusle and Minun, and they are gone.

Part 17 - Abandoned Ship

Plusle and Minun awake chained up on a sailing vessel in the Trophian Sea. At the bow of the boat, Wario stands glaring at the pair. Suddenly, Lucas sends a PK Thunder toward him, knocking him off the boat. Lucas frees Plusle and Minun and heads down into the main part of the ship. (Stage 44: Trophian Ship) (Playable Characters: Plusle & Minun, Lucas). The team continue to head through the ship until they reached a dead end. They turn around and Wario is standing there. Wario prepares to attack, when Shadow Lugia rips the ship apart. (Boss 11: Black Dragon, Shadow Lugia) (Playable Characters: Plusle & Minun, Lucas, Wario). After the team defeat Shadow Lugia, his body morphs into Kamek, who destroys the entire ship. Minutes later, the team find themselves in a city under the sea.

Part 18 - Fossil Isle

After defeating Koume and Kotake, Zelda and her team realise that the temple is beginning to crumble. They head for the door, when suddenly it disappears. After, a blinding flash of light occurs and takes them outside the temple. From the heavens, Toon Zelda floats down and tells them that Koume and Kotake were going to resurect her, but for evil purpoeses and thanks them for saving her. Toon Zelda then uses her magic to warp them to Fossil Isle. (Stage 45: Fossil Isle) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar, King Dedede, Toon Zelda). Once they reached the top, the team discovers a hidden base inside. (Stage 46: Hidden Military Base) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth. Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar, King Dedede, Toon Zelda).

Part 19 - Shadow Valley

Whilst chasing after Ganondorf, the team run into a valley shrouded in shadows and mist. They lose sight of Ganondorf and decide to explore it. (Stage 47: Shadow Valley) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Samus, Ness, Toon Link). The valley finally ends and the team end up at a village covered in snow. (Stage 48: Pinewood Square) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Samus, Ness, Toon Link). In the snow, Toon Link finds a Black Medallion.

Part 20 - Lanayru Province

After the team follow Meta Knight through a vast field, they end up in the province of Lanayru. (Stage 49: Lanayru Province) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link, Meta Knight). They eventually reach a huge pyramid, the location of the final sacred flame - The Sacred Flame of Nayru. (Stage 50: Sand Pyramid) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link, Meta Knight). Link finally finds the last sacred flame and forms the Master Sword. Suddenly, a black portal above them opens and draws them in, instantly closing behind them.

Part 21 - Icicle Mountain Base

The Ice Climbers are sitting happily on the summit of Icicle Mountain, when Wolf appears and blasts them down the mountain. On there descent, they are picked up by a mysterious flying man, who takes them safely onto the mountains. They discover that it was Balloon Fighter. (Stage 51: Icicle Mountain Base) (Playable Characters: Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter). The team continue there ascent of the mountain. (Stage 52: Icicle Mountain Summit) (Playable Characters: Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter). They reach the top and find a Purple Medallion.

Part 22 - Military Unit 1

After saving the Kikwi's, Peach, Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr use a cannon to head back to the mainland. But, the cannon goes out of control and blasts them toward Fossil Isle. The team crash through Fossil Isle and land in the Military Base and find Zelda and her team. The teams join up and explore the base. (Stage 53: Military Unit 1) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar, King Dedede, Toon Zelda, Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr). A the end of the unit, the team finds a glowing orb, they detropy it and discover that another one needs to be destroyed. So, they head to Unit 2. On there journey, the team runs into Bandanna Dee, who offers his assistance to the team. (Stage 54: Military Unit 2) (Playble Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Olimar, Ike, King Dedede, Toon Zelda, Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr, Bandanna Dee). The team destroy the final orb and shuts down the unit, when suddenly, Mother Brain attacks. (Boss 12: Doomsday Robotoid, Mother Brain) (Playable Characters: Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar, King Dedede, Toon Zelda, Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr, Bandanna Dee). After defeating Mother Brain, a Bronze Medallion appears, Bandanna Dee collects it.

Part 23 - Alien Base

Deoxys is exploring the Alien Base, when he runs into Jolteon. They continue to explore the base, when they find Little Mac and Tom Nook trapped in two transparent containers. They volunteer themselves to find the key to unlock the containers. (Stage 55: Alien Base Part 1) (Defeat 100 Aliens) (Playable Characters: Deoxys, Jolteon). They defeat the enemies and head to find the key. (Stage 56: Alien Base Part 2) (Playable Characters: Deoxys, Jolteon). They find the key and free Tom Nook and Little Mac from the containers.

Part 24 - Graveyard

After saving Rosalina from False Bowser, Luigi and Kirby head into the Graveyard, where they are attacked by Boo's. (Stage 57: Graveyard) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Luigi, Rosalina). After defeating the Boo's, Jack emerges from under one of the Headstones and joins them on their adventures. (Stage 58: Wicked Woods) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Luigi, Rosalina, Jack).

Part 25 - Trophian Dock Revisited

Mario and his team have just arrived back at Trophian Dock, and caught up with Lakitu. Lakitu then absorbs the Dark Matter and forms into Lakithunder. (Boss 13: Gentically Fused Cloud-Rider, Lakithunder) (Playable Characters: Mario, Spire, Victini, Pit, Pikachu). The team decide to down the river. (Stage 59: Trophian River) (Playable Characters: Mario, Spire, Victini, Pit, Pikachu). On the way down the river, they meet Tyrell, who joins their group. The team then reach the Bridge of Hylia. (Stage 60: Bridge of Hylia) (Defeat 130 Enemies) (Playable Characters: Mario, Spire, Victini, Pit, Pikachu, Tyrell).

Part 26 - Undersea City

After falling into the Undersea City, Plsule, Minun, Lucas and wario begin to explore their surrondings. (Stage 61: Undersea City) (Playable Characters: Plusle & Minun, Lucas, Wario). The team find a huge tower, which they believe will take them back to the surface. (Stage 62: Undersea Tower) (Playable Characters: Plusle & Minun, Lucas, Wario). They reach the top but find out it doesn't lead to the surface, but they do find a Silver Medallion. So, instead they head for the temple. (Stage 63: Undersea Boulevard) (Playable Characters: Plusle & Minun, Lucas, Wario). They reach the temple and begin to explore. (Stage 64: Undersea Temple) (Playable Characters: Plusle & Minun, Lucas, Wario). The team run into Porky Minch, who attacks them. (Boss 14: Aquatic Robot, Porky) (Playable Characters: Plusle & Minun, Lucas, Wario).

Part 27 - Skyworld Part 1

Once at the summit of the Ice Mountain. Ice Climbers and Balloon Fighter find a secret path to the heavens. Once there, they find Matthew, who joins them on their journey. (Stage 65: Skyworld Part 1) (Playable Characters: Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter, Matthew). The team find Magnus fighting an army of Reapers. They help him. (Stage 66: Skyworld Part 2) (Defeat 150 Reapers) (Playable Characters: Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter, Matthew). Magnus joins the team in the fight. (Stage 67: Skyworld Part 3) (Playable Characters: Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter, Matthew, Magnus). The team then run into Medusa, who summons Toon Zelda and possesses her. (Boss 15: Puppet Toon Zelda) (Playable Characters: Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter, Matthew, Magnus). Toon Zelda is depossessed and hands over a gold medallion for saving her.

Part 28 - City in the Sky

Fox, Yoshi, Meta Kinght and Link have just fell through the Black Portal into the City in the Sky. In front of them is Midna. She explains that she needs help to defeat the Dragon. So, they follow her through the City. (Stage 68: City in the Sky) (Playable Characters: Fox, Yoshi, Link, Meta Knight, Midna). They finally reach the lair of the dragon. (Boss 16: Twilt Dragon, Argorok) (Playable Ch. aracters: Fox, Yoshi, Link, Meta Knight, Midna).

Part 29 - Path to the Realm of the King

After defeating Argorok, Midna explains that the medallions that had been collected were all part of a plan to summon the King, after an evil being had trapped him in the underworld. Link suggests that they summon all the heroes and villains of the land to the nearest point to the evil being's realm. Midna then transports them to the King's Point {The Nearest Point to the Evil Being's Realm}. Then, from other portals around them the remaining heroes and villains fall down from: - Mario, Spire, Victini, Pit, Pikachu, Tyrell, Luigi, Kirby, Rosalina, Jack, Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter, Matthew, Magnus, Toon Zelda, Plusle & Minun, Lucas, Wario, Deoxys, Jolteon, Little Mac, Tom Nook, Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr, Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar, King Dedede, Bandanna Dee, Donkey Kong, Samus, Ness, Toon Link, Mona, Pokemon Trainer, Mr. Game and Watch, Ghirahim, Bowser, Ganondorf, Kamek, Medusa and Wolf, And two new villains, Masked Man and Blados.

Using her twilitic powers, Midna creates a path that would lead to the evil being's realm. (Stage 69: Path to the Realm of the King) (Playable Characters: Link, Fox, Yoshi, Meta Knight, Midna, Mario, Spire, Victini, Pit, Pikachu, Tyrell, Luigi, Kirby, Rosalina, Jack, Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter, Matthew, Magnus, Toon Zelda, Plusle & Minun, Lucas, Wario, Deoxys, Jolteon, Little Mac, Tom Nook, Peach, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr, Zelda, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike, Olimar, King Dedede, Bandanna Dee, Donkey Kong, Samus, Ness, Toon Link, Mona, Pokemon Trainer, Mr. Game and Watch, Ghirahim, Bowser, Ganondorf, Kamek, Medusa, Wolf, Masked Man, Blados).


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