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Super Smash Bros. Duel is the next Super Smash Bros. game in the series and the second for the 3DS. It will be released between Winter 2012 and Summer 2013.

Super Smash Bros. Duel
Super Smash Bros. Duel Box
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Side Scrolling
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe Winter 2012

25px-Flag of USA Spring 2013
25px-Flag of Japan Spring 2013
25px-Flag of Australia Spring 2013

Mode(s) Single Player

2-4 Player

Age Rating(s) 3Rating

Selection Screen

Selection Screen DLC


The game includes a total of 63 characters, with 2 alternate characters: Zero Suit Samus and Toon Sheik. There are 8 Newcomers, 27 Veteran and 29 Unlockable. Also, each of the characters are put into one of the 6 Skill Groups: Balanced, Technical, Power, Speedy, Tricky and Ranged


Image Name Series Skill Group Description Moves
Ghirahim2 Ghirahim Legend of Zelda Tricky

Ghirahim is quite a powerful character, relying on his rapier to perform most of his attacks. Ghirahim is quite fast and agile combined with good aerial movement. But, he has bad recovery.

Standard Special Move: Red Glowing Hand
Side Special Move: Charge
Up Special Move: Rapier Slash
Down Special Move: Rapier Whirlwind
Final Smash: Ghirahim Evolution

Plusle and Minun SSBD Plusle and Minun Pokemon Speedy

Plusle and Minun are very speedy, and complement each other with their attacks. They have good recovery and are very agile but their attacks have little to no power.

Standard Special Move: Power Surge
Side Special Move: Speeding Bullet
Up Special Move: Speed Shot
Down Special Move: Helping Hand
Final Smash: Battery Attack
Victini SSBD Victini Pokemon Technical

Victini is a very speedy character but not that agile. It has average power attacks and knockback. It has good aerial movement and recovers well.

Standard Special Move: Searing Shot
Side Special Move: Stored Power
Up Special Move: Flame Burst
Down Special Move: Zen Headbutt
Final Smash: Overheat
Spire Artwork Spire Metroid Powerful

Another bounty hunting fighter. Spire is quite a slow character but has amazing recovery and power. He can also use his rocks on his hands to reflect laser or bullet attacks.

Standard Special Move: Wax Attack
Side Special Move: Magmaul Blast
Up Special Move: Spiked Barrage
Down Special Move: Spire Peaks
Final Smash: Magmaul Explosion
Matthew SsbD Matthew Golden Sun Technical Matthew is a speedy fighter, relying on his psyenergy powers for most attacks. He has average recovery and aerial movement. His power is below average. Standard Special Move: Growth
Side Special Move: Ragnarok
Up Special Move: Spire
Down Special Move: Earthquake
Final Smash: Stone Spire
Tom Nook SsBD Tom Nook Animal Crossing Balanced Tom Nook is quite a slow fighter and rely's on items for most of his attacks. His recovery and power are below average but has very good aerial skills. Standard Special Move: Tail Spin
Side Special Move: Axe
Up Special Move: Fishing Rod
Down Special Move: Shovel
Final Smash: Nook Slingshot
Balloon Fighter SSBD Balloon Fighter Balloon Fighter Tricky Balloon Fighter is quite a slow character with one of the best aerial movement the game has to offer. His recovery and power are average and his balloon's are required for most of his attacks Standard Special Move: Balloon Pop
Side Special Move: Helium
Up Special Move: Up, Up and Away
Down Special Move: Stamp
Final Smash: Hot Air Balloon
Mii SSBD Mii Nintendo All Round Mii is the most customizable of them all. The Mii can designed to have whatever skills the player desires. Up to 5 bars can be put for each of the 5 statistics with only 18 bars being equipped. Standard Special Move: Mii Spin
Side Special Move: Mii Throw
Up Special Move: Propeller Mii
Down Special Move: Change Mii
Final Smash: Mii Parade


Image Name Series Skill Group Description Moves
Mario - Nintendo All-Stars Mario Super Mario Balanced

Mario, the Nintendo Mascot returns to the brawl. Mario has balanced stats and occasionly uses power-ups for his attacks.

Standard Special Move: Fireball
Side Special Move: Star Spin
Up Special Move: Flame Tunnel
Down Special Move: Spin Drill
Final Smash: Flame Spiral
Luigi - Nintendo All-Stars Luigi Super Mario Balanced

Luigi is quite a speedy character and combined with average strength attacks, Luigi can deal some very strong attacks. His aerial movement is rather low and his recovery is average for a fighter his size.

Standard Special Move: Star Spin
Side Special Move: Tornado
Up Special Move: Ghost
Down Special Move: Ice Spike
Final Smash: Poultergust 5000
Peach - Nintendo All-Stars Peach Super Mario Technical

Peach is a light character with very weak attacks. But Peach has good recovery and aerial attacks. Peach also now has better and more elevated jumps.

Standard Special Move: Toad
Side Special Move: Love Arrow
Up Special Move: Peach Parasol
Down Special Move: Heart Bullet
Final Smash: Love Daze
Bowser brawl Bowser Super Mario Power

Bowser is the slowest character in the game. Bowser uses strong and dominating attacks to KO his opponents. Bowser has bad recovery and elevation in his aerial attacks.

Standard Special Move: Koopa Slash
Side Special Move: Breath of Flame
Up Special Move: Spiked Peak
Down Special Move:
Final Smash: Giga Form
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Power

Donkey Kong is quite a weak Power character. Donkey Kong uses a range of items and pure strength to win. He also has quite average recovery for a Power Character.

Standard Special Move: Konga Punch
Side Special Move: Slide Attack
Up Special Move: Kong Clap
Down Special Move: Konga Jump
Final Smash: Donkey Punch
BrawlDiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Technical

Diddy Kong is a speedy character than has very good recovery and aerial moves. Diddy Kong has quite weak strength, so he uses items for most of his attacks.

Standard Special Move: Peanut Popgun
Side Special Move: Monkey Jump
Up Special Move: Charged Punch
Down Special Move: Diddy Stamp
Final Smash: Radial Peanuts
BrawlYoshi Yoshi Yoshi Speedy

Yoshi is one of the most speediest character in the game but has very bad recovery and takes along time to slow down after sprinting. Yoshi uses his eggs for some attacks.

Standard Special Move: Yoshi Roll
Side Special Move: Egg Throw
Up Special Move: Headbutt
Down Special Move: Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash: Para Yoshi
Wario SSB Wario Wario Power

Wario is a very heavy character despite his size but still has very strong attacks. Wario bases most of his attacks on WarioWare creations.

Standard Special Move: Big Mouth
Side Special Move: Bike Rider
Up Special Move: Wario Bomb
Down Special Move: Wario Slide
Final Smash: Gassed Attack
220px-Brawlrsamus Samus Metroid Ranged

Samus is quite a powerful character and uses equipment in her armour. But she has quite slow recovery and speed.

Standard Special Move: Charged Bullet
Side Special Move: Missile Bomb
Up Special Move: Radioactive Punch
Down Special Move: Bomb
Final Smash: Zero Gun
ZeroSuit Samus Zero Suit Samus Metroid Tricky

Once Samus has used her Final Smash, her armour breaks and she turns into Zero Suit Samus. She now has much better speed and recovery but her attacks are much weaker.

Standard Special Move: Jump Kick
Side Special Move: Plamsa Whip
Up Special Move: Somersault Kick
Down Special Move: Laser Blast
Final Smash: Power Suit Samus
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon F-Zero Ranged

Captain Falcon is an averagely strong character with good recovery, but has very slow speed and aerial movement. His attacks are very slow but are very powerful.

Standard Special Move: Falcon Punch
Side Special Move: Raptor Boost
Up Special Move: Falcon Dive
Down Special Move: Falcon Kick
Final Smash: Blue Falcon
Link SSBD Link Legend of Zelda Balanced

Link is an averagely balanced character with good speed and power but low recovery and aerial movement. Link bases his moves on standard combat weapons. His shield can reflect lasers and bullets.

Standard Special Move: Sacred Bow
Side Special Move: Whip
Up Special Move: Beetle
Down Special Move: Bomb
Final Smash: Skyward Strike
Zelda SSbD Zelda Legend of Zelda Technical

Zelda is quite a weak strength character with good aerial movement and recovery. She has a medium pace and uses magic for most of her attacks.

Standard Special Move: Din's Fire
Side Special Move: Farore's Wind
Up Special Move: Nayru's Love
Down Special Move: Rapier Slash
Final Smash: Goddess Power
Ganondorf2 Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Power

Ganondorf is a very strong character with very slow movement and bad recovery. He also has bad aerial movement but good aerial attacks.

Standard Special Move: Gerudo Fire
Side Special Move: Phantom Charge
Up Special Move: Twilight Punch
Down Special Move: Warlock Stamp
Final Smash: The Beast Within
Kirby ssbb Kirby Kirby Balanced

Kirby, despite his size, is a really good fighter. Kirby has over average strength attacks and has very good recovery, good speed and good aerial moves and attacks. He also has the ability to multiple jump.

Standard Special Move: Inhale
Side Special Move: Hammer
Up Special Move: Final Cutter
Down Special Move: Stone
Final Smash: Mass Attack
Meta Knight Meta Knight Kirby Speedy

Meta Knight is the best fighter in the game. He has exceptional attacks and speed combined with good recovery and multiple jumps.

Standard Special Move: Mach Tornado
Side Special Move: Drill Rush
Up Special Move: Shuttle Loop
Down Special Move: Sword Stab
Final Smash: Four Swords
Ness Ness Earthbound Technical

Ness is an average fighter. He has good speed and average strength attacks. But has bad aerial movement and recovery.

Standard Special Move: PK Flash
Side Special Move: PK Igniter
Up Special Move: PK Storm
Down Special Move: PSi Attract
Final Smash: PK Orb
BrawlLucas Lucas Earthbound Technical

Lucas is quite a strong fighter with the best knock back ability in the game. His speed and recovery are average for some his size but his aerial movement is very bad.

Standard Special Move: PK Blizzard
Side Special Move: PK Burn
Up Special Move: PK Eruption
Down Special Move: PSi Repel
Final Smash: PK Explosion
Fox McCloud Fox Star Fox Ranged

Fox is quite a weak fighter, relying on weapons for most of his attacks. His combat attacks are very weak but are good at knocking back. His speed, aerial movement and recovery are average.

Standard Special Move: Blaster
Side Special Move: Fox Illusion
Up Special Move: Fox Fire
Down Special Move: Reflector
Final Smash: Landmaster
FalcoBrawl Falco Star Fox Balanced

Falco is similar to Fox, as he relies on weapons for most of his attacks but his combat is much better than Fox's. His speed and aerial attacks are average. But his recovery is very quick.

Standard Special Move: Blaster
Side Special Move: Falco Phantasm
Up Special Move: Fire Bird
Down Special Move: Reflector
Final Smash: Landmaster
Pit Pit Kid Icarus Tricky

Pit is quite a strong fighter using his bow and duel swords for most of his attacks. His speed and recovery are average but his aerial moves are above average.

Standard Special Move: Bow
Side Special Move: Claws
Up Special Move: Staff
Down Special Move: Palm Whack
Final Smash: Palutena's Gift
Captain Olimar Olimar Pikmin Ranged

Olimar is a reletavely weak fighter, with his combat and speed being between bad and below average. But, his aerial moves and recovery are exceptional.

Standard Special Move: Pikmin Pluck
Side Special Move: Pikmin Throw
Up Special Move: Pikmin Lasso
Down Special Move: Pikmin Rabble
Final Smash: End of the Day
3DPikachu Pikachu Pokémon Speedy

Pikachu is a very quick character, relying on speed and power to outwit his opponents. His aerial moves are below average and his recovery is bad.

Standard Special Move: Thunder Jolt
Side Special Move: Skull Bash
Up Special Move: Quick Attack
Down Special Move: Thunder
Final Smash: Volt Tackle
Pokemon Trainer SSBD Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Power Pokemon Trainer is back with an all new roster of pokemon - Sawk, Poochyena and Empoleon. Each Pokemon has it's own seperate moves and abilities. Sawk
Standard Special Move: Karate Chop
Side Special Move: Aerial Kick
Up Special Move: Airbound Bullet
Down Special Move: Ground Spin
Final Smash: Karate Power
Standard Special Move: Bite
Side Special Move: Poochyena Claws
Up Special Move: Assurance
Down Special Move: Sucker Punch
Final Smash: Crunch
Standard Special Move: Metal Claws
Side Special Move: Bubble Beam
Up Special Move: Aqua Jet
Down Special Move: Whirlpool
Final Smash: Hyrdopump
BrawlMarth Marth Fire Emblem Speedy

Marth is one of the most speediest characters in the game. He has average aerial and recovery skills and below average power.

Standard Special Move: Shield Breaker
Side Special Move: Blade Jab
Up Special Move: Dolphin Slash
Down Special Move: Counter
Final Smash: Critical Hit
Ike Ike Fire Emblem Speedy

Ike is one of the most speediest characters in the game. He is quite good at recovering but his power are, aerial moves are bad.

Standard Special Move: Eruption
Side Special Move: Quick Draw
Up Special Move: Aether
Down Special Move: Counter
Final Smash: Great Aether
Mr. Game and Watch Mr. Game and Watch Game & Watch Technical Mr. Game and Watch is one of the most hardest to control characters in the game. His speed and power are average for a character his size. His recovery is very bad but his aerial movement is above average. Standard Special Move: Chef
Side Special Move: Judge
Up Special Move: Fire
Down Special Move: Oli Panic
Final Smash: Octopus



Image Name Series Description
BattlefieldSSBB Battlefield Super Smash Bros. Battlefield is a simple stage with no hazards. It consists of a huge rock in the air. Good for beginnners.
350px-SMG Cometobservatory2 Comet Observatory Super Mario Comet Observatory is quite a complex stage. Players move around the observatory using platforms and warp pads. There are no hazards. Toads and Luma's commonly appear in the background.
Sherbet Rink Sherbet Rink Super Mario Sherbet Rink is a basic stage. It takes place on one section of the arena with one of the bouncy stars. Penguins walk through the stage every once in a while and will rebound anyone who hits them.
Paper Stage The Stage Paper Mario The Stage is a basic stage with no hazards. Players brawl in the location shown. Occasionly, Paper Mario will be visible in the background
Jungle Hijinx Jungle Hijinxs Donkey Kong Jungle Hijinxs is a basic stage. It takes place under DK's treehouse. A Necky will occasionly walk through the stage damaging any player it hits.
Yoshi Valley Yoshi Valley Yoshi Yoshi Valley is a basic stage and takes place in the area with the Chain Chomp. The Chain Chomp will occasionly walk through, along with Shy Guys racing around the track.
Wario Galleon Wario Galleon Wario Wario Galleon is an intermediate stage. It takes place in one section of the course, with two pipes which lift you up into the air at either side. Sidesteppers commonly fall through the course damaging any players they hit.
Skyview Temple SSBET Skyview Temple Legend of Zelda Skyview Temple is a basic stage. It takes place outside of the Skyview Temple. There are no hazards here.
Quilty Square SSBET Quiilty Square Kirby Quilty Square is an intermediate stage. Players must move around the quilty town jumping on roofs and platforms. Giant yarn wheels will occasionly roll through the stage damaging any players hit.
Titania Star Fox Titania Star Fox Titania is a complex stage. Players follow the Landmaster around Titania. Players must dodge bombs and bullets which will fly into the stage from any direction. It is a moving stage.
ReaperFortress Reaper Fortress Kid Icarus Reaper Fortress is a intermediate stage. Players must move around the fortress dodging many hazards. It is a moving stage.
Serenes Forest SSBET Serenes Forest Fire Emblem Serenes Forest is a basic stage. Players move along the bottom of the rock and along the top of it. There are no hazards here.
Manor Manor Earthbound Manor is a basic stage. Players move around the area shown (without the people). Occasionaly, a barrel will roll down the stairs on the left and give a random item.
Hocotate SSBET Hocotate Pikmin Hocotate is a complex stage. Players start on the base of Hocotate. Then a ship comes up and players then battle of the ship. As they are travelling the ship will turn, so the players have to stay on the top. It is a moving stage.
Aeropolis Aeropolis F-Zero Aeropolis is an intermediate stage. Players are on one section of the track which they can move around on. F-Zero cars will often fly through the course.
Pokemon Stadium 2 Pokémon Stadium Pokémon Pokémon Stadium is an intermediate stage. Players will fight on this small floating stadium which will change into other terrains: Air, Forest, Sand, Ice, Volcano and City.
Tourian Tourian Metroid Tourian is a basic stage. Players fight on this small stage in the Metroid world. There are no hazards here.
Mercury Lighthouse SSBET Mercury Lighthouse Golden Sun Mercury Lighthouse is a complex, moving stage where the players travel to and around the lighthouse all the way to the top.
Beach (Stage) The Beach Animal Crossing The Beach is a basic stage. The players brawl along the shore with the sea sometimes rolling in shore.
Balloon Fight Balloon Fight Balloon Fighter Balloon Fight is a complex, moving stage where the players complete a balloon fight level. Follow the moving stage whilst dodging the enemies.
Nintendogs Plaza Nintendogs Plaza Nintendo Nintendogs Plaza is an complex stage that takes place in the location of Nintendogs. Players start in the house and follow on into the street, the park and the shop and then back to the house. The dogs will hassle you whilst fighting.



Classic Mode

Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Duel/Classic Mode

Story Mode

Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Duel/Story Mode

Unlockable Content



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